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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1872)"

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.i^JL.i:.J>X^?LrNJJ &: <l;C>., TNo. 'rt) Second " street, 

















Warerooms, 350 W. Baitimore St. 

AND Nos. 1, 3, 5, AND 7 N. EUTAW STREET. 




S. Cliai;' es-st. 




GAPITAI. $10,000;,000. 

J. J. JACKSON, General Agent, 
Mo. B South Street. 




HARTFORD FIRli] IN bITKANCE CO, - - . . Assets, $2,544,000. 
HOME INSTJRANGE CO., New York, ... - Assets, $4,576,000. 
NORTH BRITISH AND MERCANTILE INS. CO., Assets, $14,865,000, Gold. 

^ors iFiiRPi^A <;PRiNr. RFn Awn rHAwimnN cpRrNf. rnr iRoifimnr 


•^1 ISO! Ill ?-i^rjJi:ii:^\ 




$3,000,000 00. 

Losses Paid in 
52 Years. 

Jl 000 000 00. 



)., MASS. 

:K WiRKS. 






Fire Mortar. Ground Fire Clay. 

Vitrified Steam-pressed Drain and Sewer Pipe, 

f:x Lihris 



* ^ 

m %m 

1%^ n^^ 


X-^i^4^^ ^<.^CC' 






m.^'m f 

















\ Xl> 

Daiiib VV^arlaif 

For Warehouses and Stores. 


Tliii5MacliiiiG was Patciitel April 11, '?l. 

Tliis AfiU'luiie is now at work 
ill some of tlie best Government 
and Private l-5uiklings all over 
theeounliy, from IMaiiie to Cal- 
itornia; having put tliem up in 
almost every rity, they are now 
<"nsi<lered tlie best ever invent- 
'•<i; for the proof 1 refer to tlf' 
'"^ business men of tliis city wlio 
have thr'Ui in use. 







Patented April 18th, 1871. 

Fur, Factorie.s, Sioie.s, .^ 
Ploteis, Hospitals and every place 
wliere MercLandise, &c., is trans- 
ferred froui one story to another. 
There are huncireds of them in oji- 
rration in ditterent cities and town.'^, 
fur which f^end for circular.'^ for 
names and price li.-t. 

s^^mS^] iilL;l 

— A\U— 




Scienlific Principles 

— KdK— 


JAS. BATSS;, Iron Foundry^ 


l:S<>:ii'<I <>r 1 >ii-oot<>i*}< : 

Aut!uilu< J. Albert. IIukIi Uolton. .lami'S Lucas, Williiim Simula. 

Frederick Arcliey. .Iiiuies .M. Antler:<()ii. J. Alex. Shrivrr, \Vm. II. Stan. 

Thomas W. I.eveririK. Samuel Hart. Herman J. Reitz, J. (V.K.-imSHV, 

George J. Appulil, K. \V. Bennett. .lohn M. foilt, .lames .\l.ver, 

Joshua Dryden. .los. James Titylur. Henry K. I.oudernian. James M. Jacksrm. 

Ocorife \V. Flack, .lolin (J. Heaney. Caleb Parks, Tliomas J. Wilson, 

MeDdea I. Cohen. Auitiii Jenkin.i. (ieorge Franck, Jnhn T Cullimore. 
(ieorge S. (ilbson. 

HENRY P. DUHURST, President. 

Republic Life Insurance €o. 


Rialto Building, Cor. of Second and Holliday Sts. 

CAPITAL $5^000^,000! 

Insurince Effected Since Organizatiou iJuly, 1870) Over $20,000,000. 

Largest Company of its Age in the World. 

Insures on the Low Rates of Stock Plan. 


WM. WUODWAIU), I'rpsident. .\ . L. (;URXKV, Scctetirv. 

JAME.S A. GARY, l8t Vice-Prcsideiil. WM. WOODWARD, Jr.," Asst. Sei'v, 

C. F. McCAY, 2il Vicc-Prcsidcnl. CIlAHLRS IC. PHELPS, Attorney. 
JOHNS HOPKINS, Tiensurcr. 

.•^AMTEI, I,. FUANK, .M. I) » ., ,„ ■ • 

KDSH-VD R. WAI.KKK, M. I). } KxamininB 1 liy.Mcian.<. 



INSUEllil i«Pll¥, 

OF Bi^Jii'TXiMioi^:^:. 

"N, S. Gor. South & Second-sts> 

This Company, Established nearly Half a Century, 



And all kinds of Goods subject to Loss or Damage by FIRE, in both ' j 
Town and Country, on the most Favorable Terms. 


Inland Route viii Delaware and Km il;in. mill (:lic«api-;ikc und Dt-lawure Canals. Comprising eighteen 
SfRmer.-! an<l BarK.-!» of aveinRc capacity of 130 tons each. For the conveyance of Merchandise. Produce, 
rnrkagft, Unrtrr. Cnllh. Cnrriaga:. Finviliire and Oonds nf all sorts, at ver;/ Inir rates. 


A ^iteiinhoit U-ivcs Ilaltiinorf lUil.v. rxcopt Snndnvs, from Comtmny'n Wharf. K()(lT KKKKEKICK ST. , 
' ' ' DOCK (T^Kl''. CflK.N'KR'S WHARF,) at 4 P. M. 

A Steamboat Icavo.i in like niiiniHi for lialtimorr. Daii.v. c.\cc|it Siinilays. from NORTH RIVKR, Tier 

7. at .'. P M i 

SSf('''iiM\s df.'itined for places hcvond Haltiiuorc or New Ti ork, fonvarded inimediately with care — Free 

of nil charers for comniiHsion. i 

The SHfelv. Hfirularity and Ilispatch of ihi.s lino, totjcthcr with tlic moderate ratco cliarsert, commend it i 

to the piihlic Hs !i d'-Mial>li' nu'dium for conveying every description of Froiifhl. 

WFSTKRX FKKICIITS from the Baltimore and Ohio R. K. Co. received at the LOCUST POINT DEPOT, , 

handled carefully an<l forwarded with the utmost dispatch immediately on arrival. ThroUKh receipts can he 

ohtninefl over this r..iile from any of the A».'< nt.n. of the H. ,^- (I H. I". Co. for Roods deliverable in X. Y. I 

J. A. SHRIVER. Agent. No. 3 Light-st. Whf. Bait. 
W. DALZELL. Agent. Pier 7 North River, N. Y. 

e&iiiMOR[ JiiiD piJi[io[[p[iiii mmm co. 


fiir tiif, transportation of pas 

skngkrs, mkrchandise, produce. 

packages. horses, carriages. 

fi;rniturk. and goods of am- 


B E T "W" ;ti: E nsr 


I'Olt l»Ilir^7VT>Kr_,l»HIA., 

Onrof the Company* Sleamboat.i leaves No. 3 LIGHT STREET AVHARF, Evert ApTBRNoosatS 
o'clock. ArrivinK in Philadelphia at .'> o'clock the next morninR, in ample time for the New York trains. 

Leaves Diii.T. at.'! orlork from No l!i ^OITll WHARVES (ionds forwarded immediately with Care- 
Kri« of nil ehnricr for Commission 

.r. A. SHRIVER, Agent. No. 3 Light-st. Whf. Bait. 
A. GROVES, Jr., Agent, No. 34 South Wharves, Phila 

DECK " 1 50. 



tALT«-QEE T-0 WiLMtN-GT-Oft. N: 

Coini)c>sed of the iollowiiis t^lfiiiiisliip.-i : 

BOLIVAE, - Capt. Wm. Evans. LUCILLE, - Capt. D. J. Price. 
E. CLYDE, - " D. C. Childs. JAS. A. GARY, " Henry L. Hall 



Through Bills Lading given tn all points in Xorth and South Carolina, and to iioiuls iu 
Georgia and Alabama. 

Freight received daily and ))roperly t-aied for on Wharl'and iu Waicliou-c. hisuiaiu'c 
effected in Good Companies at Low Rates. 

The attention of Shippers is called to the LOW RATKS, QUICK TI.MK. and great 
facilities offered by this Route. No Charges at Wilmington, and losses promptly paid. 
Fur Through Rates Classilications, Kills Lading and other informatiuu. 
Apply to 

ANDREWS & CO., G-eneral Agents, 

Or to 73 Stnitirs WlKuf. HALTIMOHE. 




Cm^iRTEE-EXD 3VC^^I^GH: 29, 1864:. 

Nos. 15, 17 and 19 N. EUTA^^ STREET. 

This Company having been organized and chartered in .April. 1864, in conjuction with the well known 
firm of GAElil.E & CO.. as a .loint Stock Company, composed e.vclusirely of practical Piano .Makers, who 
have held prominent positions fur many years, in some of the best Piano Forte K.stablisliments in this Coun- 
try and Europe, and havinj; now one of the largest and most successful manufactories in operation, are able 
to furnish an instrument which, for durability and elegance of workmanship volume and sweetness of tone, 
can find no sufierior. 

In consequence of their organization, the Company is enabled to sell at lower prices than any other fac. 
tory in the country, giving at the same lime a guarantee for five years and the usual privilege of exchange. 

Kepaix'ing and Tuning promptly attended to. 

Kythe public is respectfully invited to give us a call before purchasing eUewher>^. 




M > 

V^ ^ A 

\ t^V 

\h^\^>;^ M ^^ 


store, No. 1^ North Charles Street. 



Cranks and Hammered Shapes, 





^ OTTO, 





w liiriefl 





nir 1 

300i W. PRATT STiaEET, 



Constantly on hand the best qualities of Pure Curled Horse and Cattle Hair ; Mixed 
and Hog Hair. 

All orders received through the Post Office or Agent will be promptly attended to. 
The highest prices paid for Cattle and Horse Tails and Hog Hair. 


Weigh-Lock, R. R. Track, Depot, Hay. Coal, Dormant, Warehouse, Platform, 
Counter, Union, Family, Butchers', Druggists', Jewelers' and Bank Scales. 

Receiyed the First ,# 






FAIRBANKS & CO., 166 W. Baltimore Street. 


Cor. North •& Monument Sts., Baltimore. 



Engines ^ IBoilers^ 


Mines, Iron Furnaces, 

Portable Cori) arid Wl^eal IVlills, Bark IVIills, Extract Works, 





Coal, Lime, Hair, Plaster, Cement, &c. 

56 E. Monument Street 

WM. i;f;is!N(;i-:i;. 




111,* If eii^iiiireF 

Dealers lu all kinds oi' NEW AND SECOND HAND 

xiriilrnrey S'taTe§9 


Nos. 1 and 3 Portland and 49 Columbia Sts. 

1 5 ,^V I,.' i- S > I O 11 1^: . 

Branch Store— Cor. Ohurcli and Green Streets, Annapolij;, Md. 

**->-i-cr_-. TAYLOR'S 


Patented July 5, '70. 

Manufactured and for sale by 


4 and Brniil FiH kn. 


Opp, Greenmounl Cemetery Gale, 

^ J S .^siiMis 




-^L, ''\ Bi@°All orders in. my line, such as Monuments, 
f'^ __1 Ilead Stones, Curbing for Lots, will be filled with 
■^~-- --^ promptness and on the most reasonable terms. 




Between Fayette and Lexington. Lovejoy's Old Stand, 


L'mbrellM, Neck Ties, Collars, Suspenders, }Tandkerchiefs, Worsteds, Canvass, Embroidered Silk, Clienille, 

Patteriu, Macbinu Silk, Spoul Cotton, Threads, Needles, Pins. Wool .Jackets, (Jam Cloth, 

Fancy So»(>j. Corsets. Notions, kv... kc. 



Cotton and Wool Machine Cards, 




Orders for Cotton and Vyool Machinery Promptly filled. 



€ MerciBnis^ 


Oysters, Grain, Fruit & Produce, 

No. 4 HoUingsworth Street, 



M^Ml^Jkl® BBII^J^lFlflJ. 


"Willi mil lloliiis^i, 


Plating & Wholesale Room, 12 Bank Laiin: Factory. 40 N. Holliday Street, 



No. 24 Conway Street, 

Horses and Carriages taken at Livery by the day, week or njonth. 

Horses, Bnggies and Carriages to Hire l)y tlie month, 

week or hour. Horses for Sale or Exchange. 

1 W6k e 




Successors to J. W. Harper & Co. 

Jarvis Building Basement, No. 12 North Street. 

^;;^~Wp have over 300 Bill Boards on the principal corners in ibe city, 
and on all the AValls and Fences. 


^ %t?r 1^^ 'W ^i 1^ 1^ 












Dancing & Waltzing Academy 


AT CENTRAL HALL, Cor. Baltimore and Charles Streets, 

Residence 243 SARATOGA ST. 

U iili iiKTfased t'liciliiit'sof nft'ordiiig to Youiif; L;i(iiej, Miosis, .Masters and Gentlemen, 
n Ihorough nnd pnictical Unowledt^e of the iil.ove elegaul accomplishment, his course of in- 
struction is ilioroucrhlv systematic, and embraces all the new and fashionable Dances. 

isr o ^T E L TY YTJ^ s< k: s . 


-Engineers and Machinists^ 


Manufacturers of KI.OL'K.GRI.^T AND GUANO .MILLS, both Portableand Stationary. Also, CIRCULAR, 
SINGLK and (JANG SAW .MILLS. AH other Machinery and .Models to ordur. 

Nos. 40, 42 and 44 York-st. near Light," BALTIMORE, MD. 

.^~i;l>ArK.-!;.\UTlll.\(; in all its bmuclics. RErAlUlXG laomiilly attended to. 

Smi Bill ct iiii BJ 

*^^^ The Great National Through Route 

1(1 K ALL POINTS (iL TllK 



And CINCINNATI, and via 



NEW ORLEANS, &c., <Scc. 


_ -liilLs of Lading by tins Line, WITIKirT (■liAN(;i': OF CARS, to prominent 
points, will be furni-shrd at the LOWEST HATKS, al all Kaslern Cities, to all Western, 
Houlhwcstern and Northwestern Cities, inclndinp points on the Pacific Coast— Time prompt, 
and nil cluimd promptly .Tdrntcd For R itos nnd all other information, applv at 

______ FREIGHT OFFICE, Camden Station, Baltimore. 








BARLEY MALT, RYE MALT iiiid HOPS as required bv Brewers, Bakers ami Distiller: 

lunstatitlv on hand. 


Horse-Shoeing Establishment, 

No. 116 aERMAN STREET, ^near G-reene.) 

J. B. CULEMAN. Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Eijgland, 
calls the attention of Horse and Cattle owners, to the failowine- specialties in his practice 

LAMENESES OF HORSES — Arisincr from various causes, and some of very long- 
standing, have been treated by him with surprisingly successful results. ''No cure, no 
pay." See Circular for References. 

merous testimonials from owners of large herds of Cattle in Australia, which have been 
inoculated by him, in order to prevent the spreading of this disease, sufficientlv attest the 
importance and value of this process when properly applied, and the remarkable results 
achieved by his special mode of its application. 

-Mr. C. contracts for Shoeing and supplying all medical requirements for Horses &c. 
Please send for Circular. 


CAPT. T. FORREST, Maeine Iss?zctoe. 


ISr. ^V. SLA^DE & OO. 

No 172 W. Pratt Street, 


Igricnltaral Imp l©m©Eti^ 

Improved Double and Triple Screen Grain Fans, 

Farm Mills for Grinding all kinds of Grain, 
Horse Powers, Thrashers and Separators, for Wheat & Rice. 

Improved Straw Cutters, 

Superior Corn Shellers with Separators, 
Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, &c. |j 




Mouldings, Brackets and Building Materials 

Ol" Iliv«»i'y D«;soriptioii. 


Sash Weights, and all Kinds Building Castings, 

WMBKB Eoimiie Mtcsn & wmis. 







/ S L ATE \ (]pp srrt Balt i mo r t CitV J a il, , 

MAN TiE^ V_;b A L T I MX) R B, MIK^ j 

'" °<?>^ MONUMENTS. 

V M A B B t^E. 

Trvr IE) ^\ 









Soutii Kast GorMex* 




it® il 







:tTE"V7" iroTti^ 




No. 29 West Baltimore Street. 




Lexington Market, 43 N. Eutaw Street, 
Belair Market, Cor. Gay and Forrest Streets, 



WimA® p. MAI 


eikLf IMOiE, IMP. 


Importer of the best Golden Flax 



Gentlemen^s f iirnisllig datii 


Maimrrtiliired fur llu- WIioIcsmIo 'I'lado from my own liincns, or fiom Linens furnished. 

Price List. 

I'cr Doz. 

Best at 





Made in 



Made to Order out of "best Stock, and warranted to 

fit perfectly or no sale. 

- ' < • ■ 

Keeps eoiislantly on Imiid a very larj^e stock of 


of all, from ll-indi nock up to ]'.)i iiiclies, regular sized. Also, 

$20,000 worth of Gents' Furnishing G-oods. 

60 N. Eutaw Street, Baltimore, Md. 


O O 3D Q, 





Engraved Map of the City, 

A Street Directory, 

Aijd aij ^ppeijdix of njuclj Useful Iijformafioij. 



Over Farmers and Planters Bank. 

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two, by John 
W. Woods, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, 




Ak'-xaudtr J. I.(Lintliicuni & A.)272 Lexington 

Ariuslronj; E., Howard lioiise 

Arnold Wni. E. clerk, 241 n Cixrey 

Arthurs John, liib. Chajiei nr Eastern :iv 

Halliird Geo. E. elerk, 13.'1 Division 

IJiiliz Edwaid, liutelier, 9 Liifajette market, dw 

WiM.dvear nr Fre;?stiuau 
BARKLEY & IIASSON, (J. C Barkley, A. A. 

llasson) prop IS Enterprise Coffee and Spice 

mills, 50 3 diaries 
Barkley J. C. (H. & ilas^on) 311 e Eager 
Bauernfeind Henry, watchman, 13 s Durham 
Bayly Edn"»r. clerk, 62 s Cay 
Bayly (Jeo. W., Howard house 
Berry »t Jauiiso i, (N. E. Berry. J. M. Jamison) 

l)roduce com. merchis, eor Bowly's whf and 

Bevens Thos D.. Loyola College 
Blick Thos. 11. asst. suji't J. M. Bradstreet & 

Son's Mereantile agene_\ , over 30 South, dw 

302 e Baltimore 
Brewbter H. P. manager Louisiana Equitable 

Lift' lii3. Co of New Orleans, 41} St. Paul 
Biicheimer Geo. restaurant, 442 I'enna av 
Buehler (Jeo. E. 182 Franklin 
Clark & Evans, (L. Clark, R. II. Evans) anc- 

lioners and com. nierchts, 107 w Baltimore 
Creery Win. U. siip't Public Schools, 176 n 

'Creery \Vm. T. clerk, ITG n Republican 
Cutt'.e Gecjrge, iilH w Lombard 
Demiith O. O. piano rooms, 109 w Fayette 
l)i.\iin kV (arson, nrchilecls and measurers, over 

IH n Charles 
Goldsborough A. \V. (G. & Juliiiston) 13 .Mc- 

.Dorsett J. H.(l)., Harris ■& Co.)28:'. .Madison av 

Dor.^ett, Harris k Co. (J. H. Dorsett, W. V. 
Harris) wholes, grocers and com, merclil.-?; 
94 s Charles 

Goldsborough &: Johnston, (A. W. Goldsbor- 
ough, Upshur Johnston) produce coui. mer- 
chants, 118 s Eulaw 

Gordon John B. 7 German 

Harris W. V.(Dorselt, H. .fe Co.) ,56 Lexington 

Harvev Wm. (Heed. Sticknev k Co.) 147 Park F. (II,, Jackson k Plielps) 326 Lex- 

Heukelinan, A. H. Jack.son, J. B. T. Phelp.«. 
R. .M. S|)iller) importers woolens and good- 
for men's wear, cor Baltimore and Hanover 

Jackson Arthur H. (Henkelman, J. k Phelps) 
Waverly, York rd 

Jay Edwilrd G. 18 s Howard 

Jay Ileury D. clerk, 18 s Howard 

Johnston Upshur, (Goldsborough k J.) 66 w 

Lewis J. Frank, directory publisher and adver- 
tising agent, 30 Second 

Louisiana Ecjui table Life Ins. Co. of New Or- 
leans, H. P. Brewster, manager, 46 St. Paul 

McConkey W. H. & Co.(\V.H. and Jas.Mct^n- 
key)coal and wood, cor C.ithedraland Biddle 

Pheli(s J. I>. T. (Henkelman, Jackson & P.) 

Pusey Nathan .M. attorney, 71 w Fayette, dw 

Richardson W. S. restaurant, 20 s Bond 

Spillcr R. M. (Henkelman, Jackson & Phelps) 
384 Eutaw pi 

Vesper O. M.(0. ^^ Vesper .t Co.) 40 Lexington 

Vesper 0. M. & Co.(0. AL Vesper) ship brokers 
and com. merchants. fiO s Gay 


Corrections. Additions, &c. back of title. 

Adjutant General State Militia, . . 916 

Adverlisen^jnts, Index to, . . . 4 

Aged Men's Home, . . ... 938 

Afrcd Women's Home, . . . 938 

Allston Association, .... 936 

Almshouse Trustees, . . . . 921 

American Mechanics (0. U. A.M.) . . 936 

American Mechanics (Junior 0. U. A. M) 936 
Appendix, . . . from 916 to 944 

Arbeiter Beneficial Association, . . 935 

Athena'um. 937 

Baltimore Association for the Improve- 
ment of the Condition of the Poor, . 936 
Baltimore, Calverton and Powhatan R. R. 931 
Halt. Chapter, Am. Institute of .\rchitects, 935 
Baltimore Manual Labor .School, . 938 
Baltimore Urjihan Asylum, . . . 939 

Banks, 925 

Bavvievv Asylum. 939 

Beils— Fire Departrtient, . . . 920 

B'nai B'ritli, Independent Order . . 936 

Board of Trade, 937 

Board of Public Works, . . .916 

Board of State School Commissioners, 916 

Boys' Home .Association of Baltimore, . 939 

Biiildinp: Committee of New City Hall, 917 
Business Directory, . . from 783 to 890 

Cadets of Temjerance, .... 934 

Catonsville and EUicolt City Railway, 931 

Cemeteries, 940 

Children's Aid Society, . . . 936 

Churches 940 

Citizens' Railway Company. . . 931 

City Government, ..... 917 

City Commissioner, . . . . 917 

City Council, 917 

City Passenger Railway, . . . 931 

City Police and Fire Alarm Telegrapl), . 920 

Colored Orphans Home, . . . 938 
Colored Persons, . . . 673 to 782 

Commissioners of Public Schools, . . 918 

Commissioners for Opening Streets, . 917 

Concordia Club, 935 

Consuls and Vice-Consuls, . . . 925 

Cooper Union T. and B. Society, No, 2, . 935 

<Jorn and Flour Exchange, . . . 937 

Coroner, .916 

Courts, 924 

('ustom House, ..... 922 

Dispensaries, ..... 939 

Kpiphaiiy House of Mercy, . . . 939 

K.Npress Companies, .... 930 

Fire Department, ..... 920 

Gas Company of Baltimore, . 937 

German Society of .Maryland, . . 935 

German Orphan Asylum, . . . 939 

Germania Club, ..... 935 

Germania Maenneichor, . . . 936 
Government of the United States, . .916 

Government of the State of Maryland, 916 

Grand Army of the Rei)ublic, . . 939 

Health Department, . . . . 918 

Hebrew Orphan Asylum, . . . 938 

lleptasophs, or S. W. M. . . . 934 

Hibernian Society of Baltimore, . . 935 

Home of the Friendless, . . . 938 

Home for Girls, 938 

House of Refuge, .... 937 

House of the Good Shepherd, . . 93fe 

Infirmaries, Hospitals, &c. . . . 940 

Inspector of Gas Meters, . . . 917 

Internal Revenue, .... 937 

Judges of Appeal Tax Court, . . 917 

Knights of Pythias, .... 933 


from 17 to 782 
. 918 

List of Names of Residents, 
Magistrates, ...".. 
Male Free School and Colvin Inst, for Girls 
Managers of the Poor, 
Map of City, corrected to date, in front 


Maryland Academy of Art, 

Maryland College of Pharmacy, . 

Maryland Club, 

Maryland Deaf and Dumb Asylum, 

Maryland ?<ye and Ear Infirmary, 

Maryland Gas Works, 

Maryland Hospital for the Insane, 

Maryland Inebriate .Asylum, 

Maryland Industrial School for Gii 

Maryland lu.^titute, 

Maryland Inst, for Instruction of B'ind, 

Marvhind Sunday School Union, 

Masons, 931 

McKim Free School, .... 939 

Merchants Kxchange and News Rooms, 9.i7 

Notaries Public .928 

Odd Fellows, (1. 0. O. F.) . . 932 

0rf)hans Home, • ^ '• • • • ^*^'^ 

Park Commissioners, % . . . 917 

Pay Office U. S. N 937 

Peabody In.^iitute, .... 937 

People's Gas Company, .... 937 

Police Organization, . " . . 916 

Portable Giis Light Company, . . 938 

Port Warden, . . .' . . 917 

Post (Jffice, 921 

Prisoners' Aid .Association, . . 938 

Public Schools, Locations and Teachers. 918 

Railroads .928 

Red Men, (Improved Order,) . . 932 
Red Men, (Independent Order, ) . . 932 
Registers in Bankruptcy, . . . 937 
Resident Commissioners, . . . 937 
Safe Deposit Companj-, . . . 927 
Scheutzen Park Association, . . . 935 
Scheutzen Park (West Baltimore) Asso- 
ciation, ...... 935 

Societies, . . . . . 931 

Sons and Daughters of America, . . 934 

Sons of Temperance, .... 934 

St. Andrew's Society, .... 935 

St. Anthony's (R.C.') Ger. Orphan .Asylum, 938 

St. Francis Orphan Asylum, . . 938 

St. George's Society, .... 935 

St. Joseph's House of Industry, . . 938 

St. Joseph's General Hospital, . . 938 

St. I^Iary's Female Or|ihan Asylum, . 938 

St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys, . 938 

St. Paul's Orphan Asylum, . . 938 
St. Paul's Boys' Home, . . .938 

St. Peter's (Epis.) Orphan Asylum, . 938 

St. Vincent de Paul's Orphan Asylum, . 939 

St. Vincent's Infant Asylum, . . 938 

Stages, 930 

Stamp Duties, 923 

State Normal School, . . . .916 

StateDepartment of Labor and Agriculture, 916 

Steamers and Steamboats, . . . 929 

Street Directory, 891 

Tax Department, . . . . 917 

Telegraphs, 931 

The "Home," . . - . . 93S 

Union Club, 936 

Union Orphan Asylum, . . . 939 

United Ancient Order of Druids, . 932 

United Brothers (I. 0.) . . . 932 
Vaccine Physicians, . . . .918 

Water Department, . . . . 917 

York Road Railway, .... 931. 



R. J. Hakcr k Co. (see front cover) 

Agricultural Implements. 

N. W. Slade & Co. H 

Bill Posters. 

A. T. Houck & Co. 11 

Bone Dust Manufacturers. 

JosliiKi Ilorii'T. (lines top putie?) 
JosliiKi Iloiuer, jr. (lines luji pages) 

Boiler Makers. 

T. C. Basshor & Co. 400 

Denmead & Son, 8 

Murray, Clark k Go 12 

Geo. Page k Co. f 3 

Bristle Dealers. 

Will. Wilkeiis & Co. 7 

Britannia Ware. 

William Holmes. 11 

Building Materials. 

Robinson it Cunningham. 14 


Murray. Clark & Co. 12 

Murrill & Kei7X'r, 11 

Cement, Plaster, &c. 

Noble k Wilson, (back cover) 

J. Henry Giese, (card top of pages) 

B. Nolle, 9 


R. J. Raker k Co. (see front cover) 


Noah Walker & Co. 17 


15. Nolle, 9 

Coal Tar. 

Noble k Wilson, (back cover) 

Coal Tar Products. 

Bnltimcre Coal Tar .Manufacturing 
Co. line front cover and [>. 38 

Commission Merchants. 

J. Henry (iiese, (card top pages) 

Daiger k Bramble, 10 

Joshua Horner, jr. (lines top page? 

Curled Hair Manufactory. 

\\'\n. ^^'ilkens k i'o. 1 

Dancing and "Waltzing Academy. 

Charles L. 8pies, 11 

Drain and Sewer Pipes. 

Geo. C. Hicks, (inside front cover) 

Dumb Waiters. 

James Bates, 1 

F. L. Bated, (opp. inside back cover) 

Dye Woods. page. 

R. J. Raker & Co. (see front cover) 
Engravers— Wood. 

Mar.x M. Hart, 16 

J. H. Rark.s 15 

Engineers and Machinists. 

T. C. Basshor & Co. 4oo 

Den mead & Son, 8 

Murray, Clark & Co. 11 

Munill & Keizer. 12 

George Rage k Co. 3 

Fancy Goods. 

Jacob Kiupp, jr. 10 


Joshua Horner, (lines top pages) 
Joshua Horner, jr. (lines top pages) 


R. J. Halllday, 6 

Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

J. Henry Giese, (cards top of pages) 

Furniture, &c. ■ 

W^ni. Reisinger & Son, 9 

Gas Fitters. 

Andrew Hunter. 1(J 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. 

Jacob Knifip, jr. 10 

Wra. P. Magee, (opposite title page.) 

Hoisting Machines. 

¥. L. Bates, (opp. inside back cover.) 

James Bates. 

Robinson k Cunningham, 

Hosiery, Yarns, Gloves, &c. 

Jocob Knipp, jr. 

Wm. I'. Magee, (opposite title page.) 


R. J. Baker & Co. (see front corer.) 


Allmand &Co. (top lines front cover.) 

Firemen's Insurance Company of Bal- 

Gardner & Rigby, 

George B. Coale & Morris, (see front 

Gurney & Woodward, 

Hartford Fire Insurance Co. (front 

Home Insurance Co. of New Vork, 
(front cover.) 

Merchants' Mutual (Marine) Insuronce 
Co. (fiont cover.) 

North British and Mercantile Insur- 
ance (Jo. (front cover.) 

J. G. Proud & Sons, (inside front 

Royal Insurance Company, (see front 






Iron Works. 

Denmead & Son, 8 

Murra}', Clark & Co. 12 

Labor-saving Machines. 

James Bates. 1 

F L. Bates, (opp. inside back cover) 

Leather Belting and Hose. 

J.H.Haskell, 10 


B. Nolte, . 9 

Livery Stables. 

C. H. Bredemever. (lines top of pages.) 

H. S. Garber, " 11 

Machine Cards. 
J. H. Haskell, 

Machinists, &c. 

Denmead & Son, 
Murray, Clark & Co. 
Murrill & Keizer. 

Malt and Hops. 

Boyd ife Ricketts, 


R. J. Baker & Co. (front cover.) 
Joshua Horner, (lines top of pages.) 
Joshua Horner, jr. (lines top of pages.) 
George Page & Co. 
Waison & Otto, 

Manufacturers' Supplies. 

J. H. Haskell, 

Marble Workers. 
Alex. J. Abrams, 
Wills & Hanna, 


Noble k Wilson, (back cover.) 


Murray, Clark & Co. 

Notions, Hosiery, &c. 

Jacob Knipp, jr. 

Nurserymen and Florists. 

R. J. Halliday, 6 


Wra. Knnbe & Co. (front cover.) 

Oyster and Fruit Packers and 

Daiger & Bramble, )0 

Paper Hangings and Window- 

Howell k Bros, (fore edge.) 

Paper Warehouse. 

Wheelwright, .Mudge & Co. 18 


Joshua Horner. (lines top of pages.) 





Gaehle's Manufacturing Co. 5 

Wm. Knabe & Co. (see front cover.) 

Planing Mills. 

Robinson & Cunningham, 14 


Andrew Hunter, 10 

Produce, &c, 

Daiger & Bramble, 10 


Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 12 

Retorts and Fire Brick. 

George C. Hicks & Co. (inside front 


Noble & Wilson, (back cover.) 

Sash Factories. 

Robinson & Cunningham, 14 

Saw Mills, Stationary and Portable. 

Denmead k Son, 8 

George Page & Co. 3 


Fairbanks & Cu. 8 


R. J. Halliday, 6 

Shirt Manufacturers. 

Wm. P. .Magee (opp. title page.) 

Silver Plated Ware. 

William Holmes, 10 

Steam Forges. 

Watson k Otto, 7 

Tailors (Merchant.) 
Noah Walker & Co. 

Tea Dealers. 

The Great New York Tea Co. (opp. 
title page.) 

Transportation Lines. 

Baltimore and Philadelphia Steam- 
boat Company, 

Baltimore and Newbern,N. C, steam- 

New York and Baltimore Transporta- 
tion Line, 

Southern Transportation Company, 


Jacob Weaver, 


Eureka Spring Bed and Champion 
Spring Cot (bottom lines front cover.) 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Joseph B. Coleman, 

Yarn, Gloves, &c. 

Jacob Knipp, jr. 







Patent Articles, 


I'atent Medicines, . . . • • 


l*;itleru Makers 

■ 802 

Pjivers, Graders and Contractors, . 


Pawnbrokers, . . . . • 


Phosphaies, ....•• 


I'liolographers, . . . . • 


Piiotographers' Stock, . . . . 


Physicians, . . • • • 


i'iano Dealers and Manufacturers, . 


Pickling and Preserving, . 


Picture Frame Manufacturers, . 


Plane Makers, 




Plaster Mills, 




Pocket Hook and Jewelry Case Manufac 

turers, ...-•• 


Potteries, . . . • • 


Printers — Book and Job, . 


Printers — C'opperlale, 


Printers' inks, 


Produce Dealers, .... 


Provision Dealers, . . .• . 


Provision .Merchants — Wholesale, . 


Pump and Klock Makers, . 


Pyrotechnists, .... 


Railways, (Marine,) .... 


Ranges and Furnaces, 


Re^ralia Makers, 


Registers in Bankruptcy, 


Restaurants, ... 


Riggers, ...... 


liolling Mills, 


Roofers, ...... 


Itope Makers and Dealers, . 


Saddle and Harness Makers, . 


Saddlery and Coach Hardware, . 


Safes — Fire Proof, .... 


Sad Makers, ..... 


Salt Dealers, 


Sand Dealers, 


Sash, Door and Blind .Manufactarers, 


Saw .Manufacturers 


Saw and Planing .Mills, . 




Schools, Academies and Colleges, . 

. 874 



Sewing Machines, .... 

. 875 

Ship Builders and Marine Railways, . 


Ship Chandlers, . • . . 

. 876 

Ship Joiners, ..... 


Ship Smiths, ..... 

. 876 

Shipping Musters, .... 


Shipping .Merchants, 

. 876 

Shirt .Manufacturers, .... 


Shoe Findings, .... 

. 877 

Show Cards, ..... 


Show Card Finisher, 

Show Case .Manufacturers, 

Silk Weavers, .Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Silver Platers and Plated Ware, 


Slaters, ..... 

Slate Roofers, 

Smokers' Articles, 

Snuff Miinufacturera, 

Soaji and Candle Manufacturers, 

Spices. ...... 

.Stamping, Pinking and Fluting, 
Stationery, Blank Books, &c. . 
Steam Forges, 

Steamship and Steamboat Lines, 
Steam and Water Heating, 
Stencil Cutters, . . . ' 
Stone Cutters, .... 

Stone Masons, 

Storage, ..... 

Stove Dealers, 

Sugar Refineries, 

Surveyors, .... 

Tailors' and Clothiers' Trimmings, 

Tanners and Curriers, 

Tea and Coffee Dealers, 


Tin Plate and .Metals 

Tin Ware and Sheet Iron .Manufacturer 

and Workers, .... 

Tobacco and Cigars — Retail, . 
Tobacco Dealers and Manufacturers 

Wholesale, . . . . 
Toilet Articles, Perfumery. &c.. 
Tonic Beer, .... 
Trimmings, Laces, &c. 
Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, &c 


Type Founders, 

Umbrella and Par.asol Manufacturers Mnd 

Repairers, .... 

Upholstered Furniture, . 
ITpholsteiers, .... 
Variety, .... 

Veterinary Surgeons, 
Vinegar Makers, 
Watches and Jewelry, 
Watch Case Makers, 
Weighers . . . - 
Whips and Canes, . 
Wig Makers, ... 
Wire Workers, 
Wood Dealers, 
Wood — Sawed and Split, 
Wooden and Willow Ware, 
Wool Dealers, 
Yeast Makers, 






1. 8 7 3 . 


"n. north; «. south : e. east; w. west; st. street; ct. court; av. avenue; aZ. alley: la. Ian 
dw. dwelling; cor. corner; ext. extended; rd. road; nr. near; L. P. Locust Point. 
N'ote: The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers. 



Aaron Augustus, carpenter, 106 Battery av 
Aaron Geo. clerk, 106 Battery av 
Aaron Geo. W. lieut. police, 147 Bank 
Aaron Marcellus, pilot, 238 Hanover. 
Aaron Marcellus, carpenter, 106 Battery av 
Aaron Martha, teacher, 147 e Bank 
Aaron Samuel, shipcarp. 202 .s Charles 
Aaron Samuel, canniaker, 106 Battery av 
Abbe Frank. lab. 251 s Durham 
Abbes Francis H. collector, 250 e Pratt 
Abuichsun Gustav, tobacconist, 50 Albemarle 
Abbot Charles, 273 n Eutaw 
Abbott Alexander, 329 e Baltimore 
Abbott -Mrs. Barbara, 102 Battery av 
Abbott Cornelius F. manager Commonwealth 

Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. over Union Bank, dw 

210 Conway 
Abbott Daniel E. R. carp. 114 Jefferson 
Abbott David M. carp. 34 Constitution 
.\bbott Edson A. ins. agt. 406 n Eden 
Abbott Edwin A. 113 s High 
Abbott Mrs. Elizabeth J. 143 Battery av 
Abbott Elizabeth J. 25 Hollins 
Abbott Mrs. E. B. 13 Mulberry 
Abbott Francis, moulder, Druidville 
Abbott Geo. T. puddler, 12 Clinton 
Abbott Horace, Hoiiiestead, Baltimore co 

prest. cor Burke and Hudson, Canton 
Abbott James A. boilermaker, 102 Henrietta 
.Abbott James F. (McAllister, Abbott & Co.) 

156 Jefferson 
Abbott James L. carp. 191 Montgomery 
Abbott James W. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John, mariner, 94 Orleans 
Abbott John, mariner, 114 York 
Abbott John F. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John N. carpenter, 293 e Fayette 
Abbott John, laborer, 25 Brown 
Abbott Joseph B. jr. bookkeeper, Gibbons hotel 


Abbott J. Walter, clerk, 143 Battery av 
Abbott Mrs. Julia, 60 n Gay 
Abbott Samuel, laborer, 16 Armistead la^ 
Abbott Wm. tobacconist, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm. H. brickraoulder, 163 Hamburg 
Abbott Wm. H. H. clerk, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm W. mariner, 198 s Charles 
Abel Dorothea, 355 e Lombard 
Abel John, laborer, 418 Canton av 
Abel John, tailor, 357 e Lombard 
Abel John, baker, 71 n Pine 
Abel Joseph, cooper, 357 e Lombard 
Abel Wm. gilder, 257 Mulberry 
Abell A. S. (A. S. A. & Co.) 83 Saratoga 
ABELL A. S. & CO. (A. S. and George W. 
Abell) prop'rs and publ'rs of the Sun, Suu 
Iron Building, s e cor Baltimore and South 
Abell Charles S. editor, 83 Saratoga 
Abell Charles T. printer, 226 n Fremont 
Abell David T. printer, 49 n Howard 
Abell Edward M. butcher, 48 Centre and 32 

Lexington markets, dw 177 Penna av 
Abell Franklin M. butcher, 24 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw 164 Penna av 
Abell Geo. W.(A.S.A. & Co.) 340 Madison av 
Abell Ignatius, police, 164 s Paca 
Abell Mrs. Margaret, boarding, 182 s Paca 
Abell Morris H. canvasser, 19 n Holliday 
Abell Walter R. editor, 83 Saratoga 
Abell Wm. carpenter, 164 s Paca 
Abeln Theodore, shoemaker, Calverton read. ■Qr 

Abendschein Andrew, barber, 168 s Bond 
Abendschein John, provisions, 438 Canton av 
Abendschein Joseph, paver, 6 Hasselberger ct 
Abendschoem Rudolph, shoemkr, 2.2.2 Freder- 
ick av 
Abendschoen Clement, carpet weaver, 232 s 

Abendschoen Geo. tailor, 200 Montgomery 

Coaches and Barouches for 



Shopping, Weddings, &c. 

Abendsclioeii Louis, shoemkr, 843 \v Prall 
Abes Walter, hosiler, Ciilverton road 
AbercrumbieMrs. Chri.-»tiiin, 81 Chew 
Abercronibie David, treas. Halt. News Co., Ill 

w Baltimore and 5 South, t^un building, dw ! 

7s Chew 
Abercroiiiliic John,. sec' ry Bait. News Co. Eden 

near Chase 
Abercroiiibie Wni. H. dairy, 182 Linden av, dw 

232 w Hoffman 
Aberle Anthonv, boileimkr, 794 w Baltimore 
Aberle Mrs. Elizabeth G. millinery, 794 w Bal- 

Abev Alex, clerk, 37 s Chester 
Ahev Elizabeth, teaclier, 37 s Chester 
Abev Geo. T. halter, Cboptank nr Pratt 
Abey Geo. B. clerk, Chuptank nr Pratt 
Abey John, uiacbiuist, 37 s Chester 
Abe3 Joshua, j.rinter, 37 s Chester 
Abev John S. coUccior, 144 William 
AbeV Joseph C. (J. H. Freberger & Co.) 326 

Abev Michael IJ. caulker, 103 Johnson 
.U.ev Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 98 Fort av 
Abev W. Alex, clerk, 37 s Chester 
Abe"\ Wm. H. grocery, 144 William 
Abev Wm. tin and sheet iron worker, 144 

Abhau Charles II. carpenter, 90 s Howard 
Abigail John N. brakenia-i. 837 w Pratt 
Abraham Mrs. Caroline, Ills Wolfe 
Abraham Frederick, laborer, 235 s Eutaw 
Abraham Geo. F. plasterer, 24 n Sharp, dw 

3,")2 .Mulberry 
Abraham Isaac, tailor, 16 Sterrett 
Abraham John Charles, mariner. Ills Wolfe 
Abraham Louis, butcher, Cross-st. market, dw 

344 William 
.\i)raliani Nathan, rags, 44 Hill 
Abrahams Barnett, cigarmkr, 45l e Baltimore 
Abrahams Charles E. clerk. Port Deposit 
Abra hams Elizt\, 3jj2 e Monument^ 
.Abrahams John J. shipbuilder, Pbilpot and 

Thames, dw I'ort Deposii" 
Abraliauis Joseph, 34 < e i^animore 

'Abrahams Simon, trader, 302 e Monument 
Abrahams Wm.H. 286 e Baltimore 
Abrahams W^ood ward, (Cochran & Co ) 22 s 

Abrahame Woodward, (A. A. Johnson & Co.) 

i.'l n Charles 
Abrahams Wm. II. clerk, 22 s Broadway 
Aliraliauis Woodward, (Cochran & Co.) 245 

Garden nr Lanvale 
Abrams Ale.x. J. marblecutter, Greenmount av 

opp cemetery. [See AJvertisemenls.] 
Abranig Charles H. driver, 286 Canton av 
Abrame Jai'ub D, builder, Broadway & .Madison 
Abrams James K. P. carpenter, 60 n HoUiday 
Abrams Mary A. tailjress, 94 s Caroline 
AbraiiiE Mrs' Mary, 583 Belair av 
Abrams Mary, teacher, 583 Belair av 
Abrame M. 279 Madison av 
Abt .Mrs. Christina, boarding, 378 Eastern av 
Abt Frederick, laborer, 378 Eastern av 
Abt Henry, brushmaker, 378 Eastern av 
Abt John", moulder, 372 fclastern av 
Aburn -Mrs. Emily J. board'g, Madison nr Ann 
Aburn John, grocery, Thames and Philpot 
Aburn .Mrs. .Mary, 583 Belair av 
Aburn T. Harry, clerk, 232 n Broadway 
Aburn Wm. B. sparmaker, 61 Block 

Academy of the Holy Cross, 108 s Broadway 
Accinelli J. B. bookkeeper, 27 s Chester 
Achenback Henry, butcher, Belair, Centre antl 

Hanover markets, dw 145 Greenmount av 
Achenback John H. plasterer, 4 Walsh 
Achenl)ack Mrs. Marv, dressmaker, 4 Walsh 
Achey Chas. F. (F. Achey & Son) 132 German 
Achey Frederick & Son, (F. and C. F. Achey) 

curriers, 22 s Liberty 
Achey Frederick, (Frederick Achey & Son) 129 

Achey Thos. S. currier, 194 Walsh 
Aclniiger Charles, cabinetmaker, 125 Franklin 
Achtermann Henry, cigarmkr, 4 Park 
Achziger Frederick, grocery, 440 Canton av 
Acker Peter, shoemaker, 282 Aisquith 
Ackerly Anne, Itl e Baltimore 

Ackeriuan , whibkey, Starr hotel 

Ackerinan Andreas, tailor, 448 Canton av 
Ackerman Charles, canmaker, 256 e Pratt 
Ackermau Cluis. H. (Helil & Co.) 10 Park 
Ackerman Geo. jr. tailor, 92 s Castle 
Ackerman Geo. sec. hand store, 63 Harrison 
Ackermin Geo. sawyer, 92 s Castle 
Ackerman Henry, laborer, 88 AlOemarle 
Ackerman Henry, jr. laborer, 88 Albemarle 
Ackerman Joshua, liquor dealer, 19 w Fayette. 

dw Starr hotel 
Ackerinan John, tailor, 100 n D.illas 
Ackerman Mrs. Kuniguuda, grocery, Pratt and 

Ackerman Mrs. Mary, confect'y, 165 s Wolfe 
Ackerinan Nicholas, dolhg cutter, 165 s Wolf»f 
Ackerman Nicholas, jr. laborer, 165 s Wolfe 
Ackerman Wm. barkeeper, 281 w Pratt 
Aches Nicholas, (Sisson, Loane & Co.) Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Acklcr Jacob, shoeculter, 321 Saratoga 
Ackler Joseph, shoemaker, 222 n Central av 
Ackler Wm. F. confectionery, 193 e Eager 
Acorn Henry, laborer, 179 s Caroline 
Aiquia Creek Line, (J. P. Irvine, agent, piers 

8 and 9 Lighl-st wlif, office 138Li^ht-st whf 
Acton Elijah, blacksmith, 154.McHenry 
Actual Business College, E. K. Losier, pres't, 

over n e cor Baltimore and Charles 
Adair Harry H. clerk, 49 .Mt. Vernon {•! 
Adair John, machinist, 6 O.xford 
Adair Roltert, clerk, G O.xford 
Adair Robert, U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Adaiu August, laborer, 339 n Cent! a! av 
Adam John, 25 Hillen 
Adams Adam, 89 n Chapel 
Adams Albert, shoemaker, 94 Druid Hill av 
Adams Miss A. E. school, 206 n Howard 
Adams Ann M. tailoress, St. Peter's Home, P. 

E. 197 Penna av 
Adams Benjamin F. police, 90 Warner 
Adams Benjamin F. jr. carpenter, 90 Warner 
Adams, Bowen & Co. (P. A. Bowen, E. T. 

Jackson,) wholesale liquors and grocers, 57 

w Pratt 
Adams & Buck, (Wm. H. Adams, Irving A. 

Buck,) china, glass, &c. 437 w Baltimore 

and 52 German 
Adams Capt. Cadmus, mariner, 70 s Eden 
Adams Mrs. C. J. 374 n Oay 
.Vdams .Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 89 n Chapel 
ADAMS CH.VllLES S. apothecary, n w corner 

Monument and I'^nsor 
Adams Charles, grocery, (VDonnell and East 
Adams Charles T. salesman, Starr hotel 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyej 

Adams Charles E. clerk, 278 Hollins 

Adrtins Charles H A. boilermaker, 10 Church 

ADAMS EDWARD & SON, (E.and John W. 

Adam?,) frrocers and produce, n e cor Hollins 

and Reiiublican 
ADAMS & DREXEL. (J.C. Adams, F.Drexel,) 

wholesale drugs and glassware, 24 8 Sharp 

and M e cor LUiertv and German 
Adams Edwd. (E. Adams & Son,) 276 Hollins 
Adafiis Kdward F. machinists aOl e Baltimore 
Adams Eliza, teacher, 2<;9 Druid Hill av 
Adams Mrs. Elizabeth, 214 a Kutaw 
Adams Elizabeth, 204 George 
Adams Emelius, coal yard, s w cor Caroline 

and Dock. and n \v cor Central av and Gough, 

d\v 408 e Baltimore 
ADAMS' EXPRESS CO. 164 w Baltimore, and 

depot 227 and 229 s Howard, John Q. A. 

Herring, supt 
Adams' Express stables, Mich'l Hartline, man- 
ager. North nr Saratoga 
Adams Mrs. F. E. 7.3 s ('hester 
Adams Fred, cabinetmaker, 21 Somerset 
Adams Geo. gardener, s w cor Gist aud Gough 
Adams Geo. painter, 230 s Sharp 
Adams Geo. muriner, 79 Battery av 
Adams Geo. C. driver, 574 w Baltimore 
Adams Geo. F. boukkeejier, 184 Chesnut 
Adams Dr. Geo. F. 196 Druid Hill av 
Adams Geo. W. boatman, 104 Hamburg 
Adams Geo. W. engineer, 335 e Monument 
Adams Geo. W. bricklayer, 341 s Sharp 
Adams Mrs. Hannah, lailoress, 574 w Baltimore 
Adams Henry, pianoniaker, 258 s Sharp 
Adams Henry, jr. moulder, 186 George 
Adams Henry, shoemaker, 186 George 
Adams Jacob G. laborer, 64 St. Peter 
Adams Jacob I. clerk, 124 w Baltimore 
Adams James, 214 n Eutaw 
Adams James B. engineer, 163 s Chwptank 
Adams Jas. C. (A. k Drexel) 220 vv Lombard 
Adams James M. clerk, 204 George 
Adams Mrs. James .M. 192 Saratoga 
Adams James N. bricklayer, 90 Warner 
Adams James W. 193 Mulberry 
Adams Jane, Hollins nr Mount 
Adams Mrs. Jane, 20 \v Lombard 
Adams Mrs. Jane, St. Peter's Home (P. E.) 197 

Penna av 
Adams Mrs. Johanna, 163 s. Choptank 
Adams John, mariner, 276 Battery av 
Adams John Adams, caulker, 202 s Bethel 
Adams John, pickler, 87 n Chapel 
Adams John, U. S. A., Fort .McHenry 
Adams John, junk, 131 s Bond 
Adams John, 132 n Charles 

ADAMS JOHN A. salesman for L. 
H. Miller's Safe and Iron Works, 
265 w Baltimore, dw 295 Walsh 

Adams John C. plasterer, 238 Lee 
Adams John C. stevedore, 70 s Eden 
Adams John K. carjienter, 154 n Fremont 
Adams John T. 193 Mulberry 
AdauiS John C. paper hanger, 19 n Eden 
Adams Capt. John E. stevedore, 70 s Eden 
Adams John F.(S.H. & J. F. A.) 600 w Fayette 
Adams John G. plasterer, 7 Wyelh 
Adams John H. sailmaker, s e cor Block and 
West Falls av, dw 65 William 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

EosVndale Cement and Plaster. 

Adams John H. jr. sailmaker, 65 William 
Adams John Q. (Carroll, A. & Neer) 127 n 

Adams John W. (E. A. 4" Son) 276 Hollins 
Adams Joseph, oyster packer, cor Caroline and 

Alicoanna, dwelling 117 Jackson Sq av 
Adams Joseph, plasterer, 238 Lee 
Adams Joseph jr. plasterer, 178 .Montgomery 
Adams Jos'-ph W. mariner, 20 w Lombard 
Adam.s Joshua A. gas inspector, 256 n Eden 
Adams Julia, 87 Camden 
Adams Mary, boarding, 87 Camden 
Adams .Marv. 154 Lijrht st whf 
Adams Martha, St. Peter's Home, (P. E.) 197 

Penna av 
Adams .Mrs. Mary J. 210 w Biddle 
Adams Mathias, mariner, 317 Aliceanna 
.Adams .Matthew W. clerk, Eden nr Orleans 
Adams Capt. McH. mariner, 70 s Eden 
Adams Michael, grocer\% O'Donnell ext 
Adams & Jfoulton. (Wm. Adams, J. D. and 

J. F. Moulton. jr.) wholesale hosiery, gloves 

and fancj' goods, 3 Hanover 
Adams .M. W. clerk, 93 n Eden 
Adams Robert A. mariner, 32 n Bond 
Adams Roger A. clerk, 56 n Liberty 
Adams R. S. salesman. Fountain hotel 
AD A MS SAMUEL, watchmaker, 20 e Pratt 
Adams Samuel, teacher, 103 Pearl 
Adams Samuel, teacher, 20 n Strieker 
Adams S. H. & J. F. carpenters and builders, 

Barnet nr Charles 
Adams Samuel H. (S. H. & J. F. A.) 223 n 

Adams Samuel S. drayman, 5 Maccubbin 
Adams Samuel T. 66 n Paca 
Adams Mrs. Susan, 90 Warner 
Adams Susan, 154 Light st whf 
Adams Mrs. Susannah, 184 Chestnut 
Adams Sidney, clerk, 194 e Fayette 
Adams Stephen W. police, 417 n Gay 
Adams Thomas, caulker, 284 s Bond 
Adams Thomas, drayuian, 117 L. Greene 
Adams Tliomas D. plasterer, 166 n Dallas 
ADAMS -MRS. T. W. manuf. shirts, over 230 

w Baltimore, dw 2 n Ann 
Adams Wm. watchman, 166 n Dallas 
Adams A\'m. carpenter, 186 George 
Adams Wm. (A. ^ Muulton) 309 Lexington 
Adams Wm. E. fireman, 69 William 
Adams W. J. clerk, 106 Lee 
Adams Wm. H. (A. & Buck) 216 n Republican 
Adams Wm. H. pilot, lii8 s Washington 
Adams Wm. R. huckster, 312 Harford av 
Adams Wm. T. prod. com. raercht. 106 Lee 
Adams Wm. W. mariner, 128 Johnson 
Addicks Diedrich, shipcarp. 174 s Washington 
Addicks Diedrich, shipcarp. 160 s Wolfe 
Addington Jos. C. bookkeeper, 262 .Myrtle av 
Addison, A. Merrill, attorney, 5 St. Paul 
Addison Mrs. Catherine A. 26 s Carey 

Joshua Horner, Jr. Ma nufac'r and Com. Merchant, 




Addison Edward, carver, 247 Hollins 
Addison E. Viriiinia, teMchcr, 7 Warren 
Addison G. C. siioecutter, McMechin nr John 
Addison Geo. M. asst. weigher C. II. G16 Fayette 
Addison John A. boolvlceeper, 75 William 
Addison John W. clerk, 7 Warren 
Addison John W. police, 31 Scott 
Addison John W. machinist, 28 Scott 
Addison Jos. I. shoecutter, McMechin nr John 
Addison Jos. T. shoecutter, 50 Valley 
Addison Lewis P. clerk, 2<> s Carey 
Addison Mrs. Sally D. 7 Warren 
Addison Samuel S. shoe store, 230 w Pratt, dw 

1 McMechin nr John 
Addison Taylor, bookkeeper, 75 William 
Addison Theodore, engineer, 54 s Poppleton 
Addison Win. car[)enter, L. Church nr Wil- 
liam, dw 75 William 
Addison Wm. E. bookkeeper, IGO Barre 
Addison Wm. W. shoecutter, 194 n Fremont 
Adeiniaii .Michael, laborer, 32 s Burke 
Adelnian Charles, grocery, 376 e Eager 
Adi'rlcv Luke, hostler, 32 Barre 
AUKISSON DR. W. H. H. bookseller, stationer 
and printer, 224 w Baltimore, dw York rd 
liey(md tollgate 
Adleaman John J. laborer, 98 Hanover 
Adier Aaron, c.Utle broker, 55 Jefferson 
Adier Aaron, (A. Bros. & Co.) 252 e Baltimore 
Adler Al)raham,(A.Bros.t|- Co.)252e Baltimore 
Adier Abraham sr. (A., Clement & Weil) 96 e 

Adler Abraham, clerk, 134 Saratoga 
Adler A. S. 68 n Front 

Adler, Bros. & Co. (L. Adler, A. Adler, JI. 
Juhn) mannf. oil clothing, over 124 w Pratt 
Adfer, Clement k Weil, (A. S. Adler, J. Clem- 
ent, P.Weil )whoies. shoe manufs.35 s Charles 
Adler Charles E. clerk, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Charles (11. Frank & Co.) 275 Lexington 
Adler Henry, laborer, 269 s Wolfe 
Adler Henry, clerk, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Henry M. ta.\ department, 358 e Pratt 
Adler John, brewer, 364 Penna av 
Adler Josei)h, i)roperly agent, 64 s Eden 
Adier Julius, 252 e Baltimore 
Adler L. C. (Adha- & Gardner) 8 s High 
Adler Levi, bookkeeper, 166 w Lombard 
Adler Louis, cattle dealer, 191 s Regester 
Adler Louis, (A.,Bro. & Co.) 252 e Baltimore 
Adler L. M. 16 Columbia 
Adler M. boots and shoes, 242 Lexington 
Adler Mannes, 16 Columbia 
Adler Marcus, dry goods, 132 s Broadway 
Aillcr Michael, j^lioes, 166 w Lombard 
Adier Pauline, tobacconist, 134 Saratoga 
Adler Philip, wheelwright, 143 Peirce 
Adler Philip, 46s Eutaw 

Adler Wm. ( S. Rosenblatt & Co.) 62 Aisrjuith 
Adolph (Catherine, 20 Fountain 
Adolph (Jeorge. laborer, 152 s Charles 
Adolph Henry, ijoat builder, 52 n Spring 
Adol[)h Henry, brickniaker, Ramsay nr Monroe 
Adolph John, laborer, 20 Fountain 
Adolph Wni. pnddler, 99 s Cliajiel 
-Vdrain Christopher, laborer, 179 s Caroline 
Adrean John, 54 Curtis al 
Adrean Elizabeth, seamstress, 54 Curtis al 
Adreon Ilarri.son, U. S. Pension Agent, and 

attorney. U.S. courthouse, dw 145 Bolton 
Adreon Dr. L. dentist, 139 Penn'a av 
.\dreon Stephen A. clerk. 28 n Liberty 

Adreon, Thomas & Co. (W. Adreon, E.L. Thomas 
Wm. T. Adreon.) auctioneers and commis- 
sion merchants, 18 s Charles 
Adreon Wm. T. (A., Thomas & Co.) 620 Lex- 
Adreon Wm.( A., Thomas & .Co.) 110 Hanover 
Adrcy William, mariner, 366 Canton av 
Adrian John, UUwrer, 41 Elliott 
Adiington Ann, 53 e Lombard 
Adt Joiin B. (Frank & A.I 3 s Ann 
Advent Mission (P. E.) Chapel, Battery av nr 

Ady James, variety store, 153 Sharp 
Aeckelmaii Joseph, 71 Somerset 
Aerman Heron, laborer, Belair av ext 
Aesel Joseph, laborer, 84 Johnson 
Aesel Mrs. Mar^', grocery, 84 Johnson 
yEtna Fire Insurance Co. of Harltbrd, Conn. 

21 South 
Curley & Robertson, managers, 3 Post 
Office av, J. (j. Proud & Sons, asst. ageuts, 
21 South 
Aey Fred'k, puddler, 7 Cambridge 
Affelder Max, secy. Permanent Land Co. of 

Baltimore, 310 w Lombard 
Aifayroux Epaulete, carpenter, 311 c Biddle 
Atfayroux Francis P. blacksmith, 190 East 
All'ayroux James, carjjcnter, 190 East 
Atfayroux John, carpenter, 190 East 
Aftung John, shoemaker, 223 Hanover 
Aged Men's Home, cor. Calhoun & Lexington 
Aged Women's Home, Lexington nr Calhonn 
Agee Deitrich, barkeeper, 185 Lexington 
Agness Ann, 86 1 w Baltimore 
Agnew John D. bookkeeper, 134 Mosher 
Agnew Mrs. Mary M. 134 Mosher 
Agnew Sarah, chambermaid, 649 w Fayette 
Agnew Thos. J. clerk, 46 Fawn 
AGNEW THOMAS A. grocer, 293 w Pratt,dw 

64 Barre 
Agular Joseph, canmaker, 228 s Ann 
Agnus Fi'lix, cashier American office, 14 n 

Ahaus Fred, piano maker, 71 Conway 
Ahern Daniel, feed, 120 s Chester 
Ahem Ellen, 294 Raborg 
Ahern Francis, clerk, 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern Geo. 2 Griffiss ct 
Ahern James, mariner, 2 Griffiss ct 
Ahern Jeremiah, laborer, 138 e Lombard 
Ahern John, brick manufacturer, yards C.nn- 

ton, dw 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern John T. laborer, 138 e Lombard 
Ahern .Michael, laborer, 14 Curley, Canton 
Ahern Wm. S. clerk, 253 n Eutaw 
Aherns Wm. yeast, 225 e Baltimore 
Ahl Henry, ship carpenter. Hunter al nr John 
Ahl Romeo, painter, 23 Mott 
Ahl Wm. watchmaker, 36 Orleans 
Ahlborn Julius, dollar store, 156 Lexington 
Ahles Daniel, cooper, 217 Bond n of .Vbbot 
Allies .John, cigar maker, 5 n Durham 
Ahles Wm. H. huckster, 217 n Bond 
Ahlsleger k lIopper,(W. Ahlsleger, G. Hopper) 
wh'lsale fish k cheese, 47 Light & 18 Ellicotl 
.\hlcger Wm. (A. & Hopper,) 678 w Fayette 
.Mirendt Henry, moulder, 215 Bank 
Ahrens Adolph, (Stirling, Ahrens & Co.) old 

^'ork road extended 
Ahrens Adolph jr., clerk, 123 Madison av 
Ahrens Charles, tailor 32 Liberty 

Offices, 54 S. Gay, an d Corner Chew and Stirling. 

Ahreiis Ciiroline, umbrellas, 31 McElderry 
Ahrens Christiiin, cabinetmaker, 220 Bank 
Ahrens Gcorsrc Ad. (Stirling, Ahrens & Co.) 

123 w Madison 
Ahrens Henry, Vjnker, 239 w Pratt 
Ahrtiis Jacob, driver, 31 McElderry 
Ahrens Julius, confectioaery and baker, 239 

w Pratt 
Ahrlino^ H. Henry, tavern, 72 Buchanan's whf 
Aichele Jacob, coal yard, 265 s Sharp, dw 246 

Aichele John, laborer, 338 s Charles 
Aicklcr Wm. blacksmith, 146 n Eden 
Aidt Lewis, shoemaker, .58 Druid Hill av 
Aidt Mary, seamstress, 26 St. Mary 
Aigin Catherine, 3 'Watson al 
Aigin Wm. laborer, 3 Watson al 
Aiken Geo. B. clerk, 44 n Calhoun 
Aiken .Matthew K. book keeper, 614 Lexington 
Aiken Wm. H. clerk, 614 Lexington 
Aikin Dr. Wm. R. A. prof, chemistry Univer- 
sity of Md., office 178 w Baltimore, dw Balti- 
more CO 
Ailman Harriet, Mt. Yernon M'Us 
Ail worth James. ]»ainter. 11 Hill 
Aires A. J. k Co. (A. J. 'Aires, Thos. A.Hogg) 

restaurant, 53 Thames 
Aires Andrew J. (A. J. Aires <fe Co.) tavern, 

138 s Broadway, dw 245 Gough 
Aires Aiidrew J. shipjoiner. 245 Gough 
Aires James, engineer, 67 s Washington 
Airey Elias, huckster, 326 n Howard 
Airev Edward H. carter, 209 Eusor 
Airey Dr. Geo. W. 102 Mosher 
Airey Hiram, laborer, 19 Oxford 
Airey James, butter 178 Druid Hillav 
Airey James P. drover, Calverton hotel 
Airey James, engineer, 71 s Caroline 
Airey Joseph, laborer, 127 Division 
Airey Nathan W. clerk, 73 Lexington 
Airey Philip, driver, 63 Chatsworth 
Airey Sinclair, carpenter, 109 s Eden 
Airey Wm. F., Peoples Gas Co. 109 s Eden 
Aisquith Charlotte E. teacher, 494 w Fayette 
Aisquilh George G. clerk, 494 w Fayette 
Aisquith Mrs. Mary H. 494 \v Fayetie 
Aisquith Street (il. P.) Cliur'^h,' Aisquith and 

Aisquith Street Presbyterian Church, corner 

Aisquith and Edward 
Aitcheson James, brass founder, 74 North, dw 

228 w Iloifman 
Aitken Andrew, (Hanna & Co.) 139 n Gay 
Aitken J. B. auctioneer, 2 German, dw StCiair 

Aitken Mrs. Margaret ta. 139 n Gay 
Akers Dan'l, boilermaker, 6 Barney 

AKEES EDWARD, Watchmaker 
and Jeweler, 126 Hanover. 

Akers Edwin, dry goods, 138 Lexington 
Akers Edwin, jr., salesman, 138 Lexington 
Akers Gabriel C. watchmaker, 126 Hanover 
Akers George W. engineer, 200 s Charles 
Akeis Henry, shoemaker, 8 Ridgely 
Akers James P. salesman, 138 Lexington 
Akers John, 86 Towson 
Akers John H. laborer, 200 s Charles 
Akers Joseph, salesman, 138 Lexington 
Akers Basin T. boilermaker, 208 William 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster 

Akers Wm. H. boilermaker, 182 William 

Akers Wm. H. cigarmaker. 31 Frederick av. 

Akhurst -lohn, engineer, 19 Parrish 

Alamo Hall, 60 n Republican 

Alband ^- Cullison, (C. Alband, Jesse M. Cul- 

lison,) flour and feed, 4 Penna av 
Alband Chas. (A. & Cullison,) 262 Frankliu 
Albaugh Alex, wheelwright, 114 Pfuna av 
Albaugh Mrs. Caroline, 232 William 
Albaugh DeWitt, j'ainter, 86 n Paca 
Albaugh Edward W. produce and market 

master, office 5 Dover, dw 170 Barre 
Albaugh Elder D. (Leber & A.) 162 Peana av 
Albaugh George, produce, 170 Barre 
Albaugh George, shoecutter, 137 n Bond 
Albaugh George, painter, 86 n Paca 
Albaugh Grafton, shoemaker, 177 n Eutaw, 

dw 123 Preston 
Albaugh Henry C. carpenter, 355 Penna av 
Albaugh Hiram, boilermaker, 232 William 
Albaugh Jacob, carpenter, 232 Franklin 
Albaugh John, (White dj* Co.) 114 Penna av 
Albaugh John, paver, 22o n Caroline 
Albaugh Joseph, blacksmith, 76 Beason 
Albaugh Thomas, painter, 155 n Central av 
Albaugh Wm. A. brushmaker. n w" cor Cam- 
den and Howard, dw 4f<5 n Fremont 
Albaugh Wm. E. salesman, 131 n High 
Albers Albert, laborer, 265 s Dallas 
Ambers Anton, clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Tharles F. cashier, 360 n Eutaw 
Albers Frederick, brickmaker, 132 s Wolfe 
Albers Henry, drive?, 283 n Dallas 
Albers Dr. Henry, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Henry, jr., clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Henrv, brickmaker, 132 s Wolfe 
Albers Mrs. Mary, 132 s W-lfe 
Albers Wm. cutter, 132 s Wolfe 
Albert Adelbert, paver, 100 Somerset 
Albert Anna M. 12 xMulberrv 
ALBERT A. & H. J. paper hangings, &c. 18 n 

Albert Augustus, (A. ^- H, J. A.) 18 n Eutaw 
Alljert Augustus J. (Aloert & Bro.) Balto, Co. 
Albert Augustus J. jr., (Augustus J. A. jr., & 

Co.) Baltimore Co. 
Albert & Bro. (A. J. Albert and Wm. J. Al- 
bert, ) office 8 s Charles 
Albert Augustus J. jr. & Co. (Aug. J. A. jr., 
J. T. Albert,) imps. Sheffield cutlery, 8 s 
Albert Casper, laborer, 22 Patterson Park av 
Albert Charles, laborer, 28 Fell 
Albert Charles, carpenter, 196 Presion 
Albert Christopher, blacksmith, Aliceanna nr 

Albert Daniel, boot crimper, 39 L McElderry 
Albert Daniel, haruessraaker, 7 Constitution 
Albert Francis, (Peauimaa & Bro.) 242 Druid 

Hill av 
Albert Frank, tailor, 10 a Durham 

Coaches and Barouches for Shopping, "Weddings. &;c> 




Albert Fred, clerk, 433 w Fayette 

Albert Georjre, tailDr, 164 s Bund 

Albert George, laborer, 205 s Diirbam 

Albert Henry J. (A. cj- II. J. Albert,) 378 w 

Albert Henry, shoemaker, 113 Henrietta 
Albert Henry 0. carpenter, 3<! Bolton 
Albert Henry, brewer, 173 s ('hoi)tiuik 
Albert Henry, brewer, Belvidere 
Albert Mrs. Isaliel, grocery, 314 Jlontffomery 
Albert Heury S. ( A. & H. J. Albert, ) 378 w 

Albert .Jacob E. clerk, 309 Saratoga 
Albert Jiicob, lal)()rer, 314 Montgomery 
Albert John, brewer, 49 Fsse.x 
Albert John, butcher, 93 Lexington, l.'inol- 
lius. and ,50 Hanover markets, dw Garrison 
la nr Western cemetery 
Albert John, jr., boolfitter, 57 Bank 
Albert John, sr., booilitter, 57 Bank 
Albert Joseph H. (•ar[)enter, 3of) Saratoga 
Albert J. Taylor, (Aug. J. A. jr. k Co.^) Tow- 

sontown, Ballo. Co. 
.Mbert Mrs. Maria E. rear 97 Hanover 
.Mbcrt Martin, laboier, 173 s ("ho[)tank 
.\lbert .Michael, butcher, 31 Lexington and 21 
Kichniond markets, dw Penna av n of North- 
ern av 
Albert Nicholas, laborer, 132 e Pratt 
Albert Sebastian, laborer, 68 s Central av 
Albert 'I'albot J. attorney, 52 Cathedral 
Albert Wm. conductor, 4 s Republican 
Albert Wm. J. (Albert k Bro.) 52 Clathedral 
ALBERTl, PRIOR k CO. (C. Alberti, E. A. 
I'rior, S. Holte, ) importers fancy goods, 348 
w Baltimore 
Alberti Chas. A. (A., Prior & Co.) 190 w Lom- 
.Albertson Isaac, proprietor Mansion house, n 

w cor Fayette and St. I'aul 
Alberts Wn'i. cutter. 132 s Wolfe 
Albcrton Cotton Mills, office 24 German 
Albiker John, butcher, Lexington and Hano- 
ver markets, dw Garrisoti la 
Albion House. Jlrs. Eliza V. Conway, jiroprie- 

tress. (.'athedral and Richmond 
Albrccht Alexander, carver, 325 u Central av 
Albrecht August, driver, 120 Henrietta 
Albrecht August, paver, 276 n Central av 
Albrecht Chas. cigarmaker, 24 n I'klen 
Albrecht Christian, coo[)er, 14 Sterrett 
Albrecht Chas. co()i)er, 920 w Pratt 
Albrecht Frederick, carjienter. 437 w Baltimore 
Albrecht Frederick, laborer, 79 Leadenhall 
Albrecht Frederick, laborer, 1 1 7 s Eden 
Albrecht Frederick, cooper, 109 Frederick av 
Albrecht (ieorge, laborer, 244 n Central av 
Albrecht Henry, cooper, 231 Frederick av 
.Mbrecht Jacob, sr., cooper, 923 w Pratt 
Albrecht Jacob F. conpei-, 923 w Pratt 
Albrecht Joseph, laborer, 135 Saratoga 
Albrecht Philipinn, lager beer, 363 s Eutaw 
Albrecht P. A. (A. & Schroeder, ) 185 e Monu- 
Albrecht & Schroeder, (P. A. Albrecht, L. 

Schroeder,) Iraf lobacco, (;2 s Calvi-rt 
Albrecht Timothcus, joiner, 14 Sterrett 
Albrecht Timothcus, booilitter, 24 n Eden 
Albrecht Werner C. barber, 147 w .Madison 
Albrecht Wm. carver, 363 s Eutaw 
Allirecht Wm. hibonr. 423 Canton 
Albrecht Wm. sugar boiler, 116 e Pratt 

Albright Aug. G. boilermaker, 7 Hollins al 
Albritiht Ernest, shoemaker, 96 Hillen 
Albright Georue. carver, 31 Stirling 
Albright Mrs. Henrietta,' 299 William 
Albright Jesse P. bricklayer, 142 Columbia 
Albright .luliiis, blacksmith, 292 Lexington 
All)right Lewis, brass finisher, 134 s Poppleton 
Alcock Fredk, C. 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Geo. H. clerk, 293 w Biddle 
Alcock James, hostler, 6 Diamond 
Alcock Wm. H. D bookkeeper, 293 w Biddle 
Alcorn John, salesman. 209 w Lombard 
Alden J. M., Manager Florence Sewing Machine 

Co. 40 n Charles, dw 19 Forrest pi 
Alden .Mrs. Mary Ann, 219 e Baltimore 
Alder John, stonemason, Druidville 
Aider Ophelia, Druidville 
Alderdice Mrs. Sarah, 214 s Charles 
Alderson Geo. D. clerk, 26 Barnet 
Aldred Mrs. Sarah A. 228 Aisquith 
Aldridge Andrew, sr. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge k Brewer, (G^o. Brewer) dry goods 

com. merchants, 5 German 
Aldridge Edwin, 124 n Charles 
Aldridge Geo. W. carpenter, 78 Warner 
Aldridge Mrs. Hester, 50 Columbia 
Aldridge Dr. John IL 124 n Charles 
Aldridge John, conductor, 38 McHenry 
Aldwell Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 39 Stirling 
Aler Mrs. Anna J. 79 Hollins 
Aler Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 Hollins 
Aler Jeremiah, finisher, 72 s Carey 
Aler Jcdin, machinist, 9 s Oregon 
Aler John, moulder, 175 Mulberry 
Aler John, 82 n Eutaw 
Aler John T. pumpmaker. 103 Mulberry 
Aler John W. clerk. 82 n Eutaw 
Aler Nancy, 108 n Bond 
Aler Reub( n J. clerk. 31 Garden 
Aler WM.-^hington Z. <'l('rk, 103 Mulberry 
Aler Wm. H. jr. moulder, 466 w Lombard 
Aler Wm. H. sr. laborer. 423 Lexington 
Aler Wm. H. laborer. 6 Leminon 
Alers Mrs. Katrina, 164 s Washington 
Alexander Andrew D. clerk, 231 George 
Alexander Benjamin, tsiilor, 131 Jlontgomery 
Alexander .Mrs. Caroline, 213 w Pratt 
Alexander ('has. weigher C. H. 192 Hanover 
Alexander Eliza A. 231 Franklin 
Alexander F. W. ass' t assessor, 272 Lexington 
Alexander Herman, second hand clothing, 28 

Alexander James A.brakeman, 38 Lemmon 
Alexander Jas. (Mettee .S,' A.) 175 \wLomliard 
Alexander Jas. R. butcher. Point la nr Ais(|iiitli 
Alexander Julian [. attorney, n e cor Charles 

and Lexington, dw 272 Lexington 
Alexander Mrs. John H 272 Lexington 
Alexander Latiiaii E. laborer, 15 s Oregon 
Alex inder .Airs. Margaret H. dressmaker, S e 

cor ('harles and Pleasant 
Alexander Myer, tol)acconist, 213 w Pratt 
Alexander Mrs. Rachel, 163 William 
Alexander Richard, 187 w Pratt 
Alexander Thomas, salesman, 204 Gough 
Alexander Win. treas. Georiies Creek Coal and 

Iron Co. 19 South, dw Eutaw house 
Alexander Wm. att'y and solicitor in equity, 

32 St. Paul, dw li? e Baltimore 
Alford Chas. IV. sec'y Md. Steamboat Co. 18 

Jackson sq av 
Alford Geo. C. clerk, S2 s Eden 

At Central Stables,_lll Lexington, C H. Bredemeyer, 

23 ALL 

ALF : 

Alford James E. insurance agent, 26.1 Second, 

d\v 132 s Hiuh 
Alfofii James II. clerk, 132 s Hifrli 
Alford Samuel M. car].enter, 132 s Hi<:h 
Aljjer Porter R. (Russell <^- A.) Baltimore co 
Aluie James, paper bloekiiiiiker, 86 n (Caroline 
Alaier Joliii. cloth cutter. 1 ::;!.} s Caioliiie 
Aliieit Adam, blacksmith, 5G0 Penna av, d\v 

4y0 n Fremont 
Alheit GeoriTc, hjacksmiih, 204 Columbia 
Alheit John G. blacksmith, 204 Cohimbia 
Allair Henry, baker, 185 e Baltimore 
Aihiire J(ise[Ji, 17 n Front 
Alhu-d Albert A. tinner, 88 Chew 
Allaid car[). 199 ii Bond 
Allard JMlwiird C. carp. 402 e Monument 
Alliiril Fd\v;ird C. sr. c;irp. 335 n Gav 
.^.liard J(ilin F. shoemaker, 320 n Broadway 
Allard John II. carp. 335 n Gay 
Allard .loscph, carp. 22o n Broadway 
Allard Mis Marv C. 4 Raborsr 
Ailard Thos. B. inspector C. ll. 156 s Paca 
Allard W'm. carp. 346 n Gay 
All.ird Wm. H. H. 2i'4 e Fager 
Alias John, cigarmaker, 96 s Castle 
AUecamp Henry, switch tender, 200 s Entaw 
Alleniand Chas. clerk, 46 w Biddle 
Allen A. F. silesman, 3 Camden 
Allen Alexander, 204 Aisijuith 
Allen Alexander, engraver, 166 Scott 
Allen Alfred D. pi-inier, 117 s Ann 
Allen .Mrs. Anne, 111 n Pine 
Allen Arthur, clerk, Merchant's hotel 
Allen Mrs. Billize[)])i, Lemnion nr Carev 
Allen Belle, 101 n High 
Allen Byron L. salesman, 419 n Central av 
Allen Chas. H. i)rinter, 13 s Caroline 
Allen ('has. salesman, Gibbons hotel 
Allen Chas. P. condiicior, 155 Cross 
Allen l)a\iri. brakeman, 46 s Oregon 
Alh'u Edward Gray, U. S. N. n e corEulaw pi 

and .Mc.Mechin 
Allen Fdward F. canmaker, 61 Holland 
Allen Flizai)elh. 12 Pearl 
Allen .Mrs I'^lizabeth. 217 Linden av 
Allen .Mrs. Elizabeth, 97 s Bond 
Allen (ieo. W. fireman, 229 Lee 
Allen (leo. AV. b;iker, 142 n Central av 
Allen Geo. W. pdiiter, 205 n Eutaw 
Allen (Jeo. W. lire de|)t. 205 n Eutaw 
Allen GeralbusS driver, 107 Walsh 
Allen & Harden, (Wm. A. Allen, J. Harden,) 
Coal and wood. Frederick av nrCalverton rd 
Allen Henry (Timson & A.) 159 e Baltimore 
Allen Henry, carpenter. 1 n Ann 
Allen Henry A. ])rof. of music Peabody Insti- 
tute, n e cor Eutaw pi and .McMcchin 
Allen Heiirv L. baker, 119 e Pratt 
Allen Isabella, 101 a High 
Allen Isaac, jr. caulker, 52 Cross 
.^llen Isaac, ferryman, 56 Cross 
Allen James, machinist, 204 Aisquith 
Allen James, printer, 200 Barre 
Allen James, (Quillin <|- Allen.) 3 Ponltncy 
Allen James, paper carrier, 61 Holland 
Allen James W. cooper, 339 w Lombard 
Alleu John T. peddler, 15()'I)oiinell 
Allen John, cooper, 133 L. Greene 
Allen John R. machinist, 163 n Fremont 
Allen John T. puddler, 36 O'Donnell 
Allen John W. blacksmith, 38 n Poppleton 
Allen Joseph, huckster, 9 Centre Market sp 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


CO.SSTAN ll.V F^Ot ,-<.\I.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Al'en Joseph, laborer, 56 Tross 

Allen Joseph S. carp. s9 Jackson sq av 

Allen Mrs. Laura, 419 n Centriil av 

Allen Lawrence, baker, 173 n Sprin<j; 

Allen Lewis, U. S.N., Eutaw |)! ;uid McMechin 

.Vllen Lewis F. carpenter, 46 s Reimblican 

Allen Mrs. Maggie, 218 e Monument 

Allen Margaret, 31 Biuik 

Allen Martha, dressmaker, 50 n Paca 

Allen R. R. clerk, 86 n Charles 

Allen Reuben, tinner, 61 Holland 

Allen Rhodes G. sign paintei.Leinmon nr Carey 

Allen Robert, laborer, Clipper Mills 

Allen Robert J. bricklayer, 372 Franklin 

Allen Russell W. [ininter. 68 s ('arey 

Allen .Mrs. Sarah A. 71 C(duinbia 

.\llen Sarah, sec. hand clothing, 266 s Bond 

Allen Solomon, carpenter, 98 Lee 

Allen Thomas, painter. 56 

Allen Tliomas. machinist, 71 Columbia 

Allen Thomas F. .shoemaker, 125 Leadenhall 

ALLEN & UPTON, ( B. Upton. Win. Coath, 

J. T. Upton) steam furniture works, 13 and 

15 Granby, lumberyard, 56 West Falls av 
Allen W. A. insurance and wood, 12 South, 

Union Mut. Life Ins. Co. dvv 1 n Carey 
Allen Wm. carpenter, 71 Columbia 
Allen Win. carpenter, 20:! Geor.e 
Allen Wm. rags, 55 s Burke 
.Allen Wm. vinei>'ar,Chesnut al dw 2:-!7Fr.inklin 
Allen Win. laborer, 7 Donnelly's ct 
Allen Wm. R. overseer, .Mt Vernon Mills 
Allen Wm. weaver. <.'li]iper .Mills 
Allen Wm. shi[i carpenter. 98 Fort av 
Allen Wm. B. gunsmith. 225 n Ivlen 
Allen Wm. H. architect ;ind builder, cor I.e.x- 

ingtim and North, dw 265 e Baltimore 
Allen Will. H. shoemaker, 125 Leadenhall 
Allen Wra. H. laborer. 26 s ('aroline 
Allen Wm. 11. 75 Penn ;iv 
Allen Wm. M. jr. clerk, 24 s Strieker 
Allen Wm. M. restauiant, S Light 
Allen Wm. .M. briek niaiiufac' r, Washington 

av, dw 24 s Strieker 
Allen Wm. N. (A. & Harden) (182 w Lomba.rd 
Allenhaugh Chas. T. plumber, 184 Pearl, dw 

80 George 
Allenbau^h Geo. W. jilasterer, 17 Monroe 
Allenliaugh John O. carjienter, 368 e Monu- 

n>eiit. dw 49 .Milliman 
Allenhaugh Wm. 11. shoemaker, 499 .Saratoga 
Allender (Jeo.H. car]), 7 Wolfe n of .Monument 
Allenton Benj. mariner, 10 e Lombard 
Allers Diedrich H. groc'y and feed, 140 s Eutaw 
A Hers Herman E. laborer, Calverton hotel 
A Hers Harman E. laborer, 404 s Charles 
Alters John A. brickmaker, Gilmore & llollins 
Allers John A. brickmaker, 410 s Charles, dw 

532 w Fayette 
Allester ('has. pressman, 165 Chesnut 
Alles Philip, (Heins k A.) 20 Centre Market sp 



Dust and Phosphates, 


24 AME 

Allevvelt John Q. (Klinefelter, Etzler & Co.) 

68 e Eager 
Allbeit Frederick, slioeiuakcr, 149 e Favette 

s Sharp, d\v 15 Lexiujitun 
Allison Mrs. Ann, 67 s Kden 
Allison James S. clerk, Starr hotel 
Allison James S. sr. weigher, Starr hotel 
Allison John T. engineer, Mt. Vernou Mills 
Allison Noah, distiller, 31 Holland 
Allison Philip S. bookkeeper, 209 e Pratt 
Allison Richard S. dept. clerk Supreme Bench, 

dw Baltimore co 
Allison Robert H. grocery, 321 e Baltimore 
Allison Wm. T. carpenter, 35 Woodyear 
Allmack Geo. W. blacksmith, 317 Mulberry 
.\llman John, blacksmith, 70 Greenraount av 
AUniaii John, 347 s Charles 
AUman Wm. carpcnt.'r, 76 Greenmount av 
Allmand John U'G.( A. &Williams)84 Cathedral 
S. Williams) general ins. agents, 79 Second 
\^See Lines on front cover.'] 
Allmendenger Christopher, chairmaker 159 s 

Allmendenger Jacob, carpetweav. 72 Walnut al 
ALLNUTT E. S. c|- Co. (Edmund S. A., M. B. 
Johnson) boots and shoes, wholesale, over 
258 w Baltimore 
Alluutt Christiana V. 100 Lee. 
Allnutt Geo. 121 McCulloch 
Allnutt Edmund S. (E.S.A.&Co.) 137 Bolton 
Allnutt Randolph, screwman, tobacco ware- 
house No. 3, dw 100 Lee 
Allnutt Thomas A. clerk, 100 Lee 
AUowav Geo. N. clerk P. 0. 55 Lexington 
ALLSfuN ASSOCIATION, 59 Franklin, Geo. 

Wm. Brown. i)res't, H. ('. Wagner, sec'y 
ALLSTON JOSKPIl BLYTII, attorney, 32 St. 

Paul, dw 20 Mulberry 
Alls William, shoemaker, 16 n Schroeder 
Alluisi Salvator, figure and modelmaker, 202 

Allwell Ste])hen D. ropemaker, 94 Mullikin 
All well Wm. J. bricklayer, 555 e Fayette 
Almaudingcr Jacob, weaver, 72 Walnut al 
Almond John, butcher, 40 Oxford 
Almond John F. butcher, 40 Oxford 
Almoney Mordecai, carpenter, 167 Chesnut 
Alnutt Ilenry, clerk, Merchants hotel 
Alnutt Mrs. J. A., 177 Saratoga 
ALNUTT JAMES W. prest. Bank of Com- 
merce, 177 Saratoga 
Aloalher John C. bill poster, 429 Canton av 
Aloney Daniel, clerk, Franklin house 
j\lpater George, 289 u Howard 
Alpright Ilenry G. 783 w Baltimore 
Alpsteg Jacob, cooper, 158 s Spring 
Alose Joseph, tailor, 28 Liberty al 
Alridge Sarah, 162 n Howard 
Alrick Mrs. H. 121 w Madison 
Alt Casper, broonimaker, 106 McElderry 
Alt ras[)er, shoemaker, 536 w Baltimore 
Alt John, shoemaker, 39 s Oregon 
Alt Juhn, shoemaker, 167 Sarah Ann 
.\lt Peter, grocery, 557 n Gay 
Altemus W. E. clerk, 87 s Eden 
Altenborg Wm. mariner, Nicholson nr Towson 
Altevogt Wm. laborer, 351 Aliceauna, Canton 
Altevogt Herman, lab. 351 Aliceanna, Canton 
Altevogt Frederick, beer, cor Third av and 
Trappe rd 

Altevater John, bricklayer, 48 n Eden 
Altsier Jacob, carpenter, 77 Grindall 
Althouse Geo. AV. produce, 226 w Pratt 
Allhrieth David, clerk, 17 Brown la 
Altinger Daniel, fireman, 70 Decker 
ALTPETKR GEO. beer, Howard and Rich- 
mond, dw 289 n Howard 
Altpeter Geo. jr. barkeeper, 289 n Howard 
Altnmn Rev. Nehemiah, 37 Conway 
Alton George T. laborer, lOO Lee 
Alton Lewis, carpenter, 15 Choptank 
Altrieth Christian, grocery, 259 Hanover 
Altrieth David, druggist, 259 Hanover 
Altrieth Wm. confectioner, 259 Hanover 
Altvater Charles, clerk, 88 Pearl 
Alvater Charles, stone cutter, 38J w Baltimore 
Altvater Conrad, tailor, cor Burke and Alice- 
Altvater Conrad, bill poster, 148 s Washington 
Altvater Harriet, 67 n Exeter 
Altvater Henry, potter, 196 Eastern av 
Altvater Jacob, clothing cutter, Sarah Ann nr 

Altvater Mrs. John, liquors. 110 Eastern av 
Altvater John, bricklayer, 59 Milliman 
Altvater John, bricklayer, 40 n Eden 
Altvater Joseph, helper, Burke and Aliceanna 
Altvater Lewis, liquors, 112 Eastern av 
Altvater Lewis, boots and shoes, 331 n Gay 
Altvater William, carpenter, 48 n Eden 
Alvater John, paperhanger, 165 e Lombard 
Alvater Joseph, blacksmith, Burke & Aliceanna 
Alvater Garuch, chemist, 343 e Pratt 
Alvater Dr. Garrett, 343 e Pratt 
Alvater Garrett, jr. granitecutter, 343 e Pratt 
Alvather Conrad H. jr. bill poster. 248 s Wolfp 
Alvey, Coale& Co. (J. F. A., S. R. Coale) 
importers and jobbers dry goods, 17 s Sharj) 
Alvey .lohn F. (A , Coale & Co.) Eutaw housn 
Alveys Teresa, 447 n Gay 
Amaral .Antonio, shoemaker, 187 Chesnut al 
Ambach David, (Burgunder, Ambach <kCo.) 

257 w Lnmbard 
Ambach .Mikc,(Burgunder, A. & Co.)42sSharp 
Amberg Charles, laborer, 126 s Durham 
Ambeig Fulton, laborer, 120 s Durham 
Amberg George, tailor, 83 Lancaster 
Amberg Valentine, laborer, 126 s Durham 
Ambler Dr. J. M. (Hollyday & A.) Frederick 

av nr Monroe 
Ambracht Joseph, laborer, 78 Frederick av 
Ambrose Annie S. teacher. 66 William 
Ambrose Geo. sloneniason, 57 Woodyear 
Ambrose Geo. bl-icksinith, 272 s iJond 
Ambrose Jeremiah, laborer, 126 s Chester 
Ambrose John, painter, 276 s Sharp 
Ambrose W. R. police, 241 Conway 
Ameluug August, merchant tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Amelung August, baker, 266 s Eutaw 
Amelung Frederick, tobacconist, 7 e .Monument 
Amelung Julius, salesman, 293 w Pratt 
Amend Christoph, laborer, 58 West 
Amend CotnmodoreC , U.,S. A., Fort McHenry 
Amend John, junk, 98 s Edeii 
Amend John L. blacksmith and wheelwright, 

237 s Ann, dw 235 
Amend Matthias, blacksmith, 235 s Ann ' 
Amend Valentine, shoemaker, 12 Spruce al 
Amendt Jacob, tinner. 59 Bank 
Ainent Andrew, laborer, 144 Johnson 
Anient Andrew, shoemaker, 195 Eastern av 
Ameni Mattice, hay huckster, 478 Penna av 

Offices, 54 S. Gay. and Co r. Chew and Stirli ng. 
~I A ME 



Amer Jiif-ob, currier, 61 Bureu 

American Coloiiiziition Society, Dr. Jas. Hall, 

agent, over 87 Second 
American Earth Closet Co., Fiivette nr St. Paul 
A.MERICAN FARMER, Samiiel Sands & Co., 

publishers, over 9 North "^ 
American Fire Insurance Co. of Baltimore, 6 

South, James \j. Armstrong:, [iresident 
American Fire Ins. Co. of Jersey city, N. J., 

agencvlHRialto hldgr.corHoliidav and Second 
A.MERICAN FIRE INS. CO. of Philadelphia, 

agency 9 and 11 North 
American Gas Coal Co., James Boyce, presi- 
dent, 1 and 3 German 
AMERICAN HOTEL, Mrs. R. C. Fairchilds, 

proprietress, n w cor Franklin and Calvert 
American Life Ins. Co. of Philadelphia, E. B. 

Tyler, agent, 131 \v Baltimore 
American Sewing Machine Co., Robert Booth, 

agent, 46^ Lexington 
American Shoe Co.(E. Pels &Son) 81 n Eutaw 
American Steam Fire Proof Safe Co.. salesroom 

131 w Baltimore, E. B. Tyler, agent 
American Tea Co., EUinger & Co., proprs., 153 

Amerien Joseph, carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Ames Rev. A. H. 99 .Mulberry 
Ames Daniel R. clerk, 705 Le.xington 
Ames Edward, tailor, 56 Tvson 
Ames Rev. Edward R. 184'M(Culloh 
Ames E. .M. clerk, 303 w Baltimore 
Ames Frank A. clerk, 100 Saratoga 
Ames Geo. T. (Tucker, Smith ^- Co.) 40 Le.x- 
Ames Hud.son N. collector, 98 Myrtle av 
Ames Preston A. machinist, 648 w Lombard 
Ames Wm. H. fancy goods, 163 n Ga^-, dw 9 

Forrest place 
Amey George, moulder, 439 w Lombard 
Ame\- James, furn. wagon, 121 s Poppleton 
Amey Michael, laborer, 73 s Chapel 
Amey Peter, fisherman, 139 Battery av 
Amey Wm. bricklayer, 121 s Poppleton 
Amey Wm. fisherman, 144 Battery av 
Amey Wm. E. fisherman, 139 Battery av 
Amick Henry, ropemkr, Harford av nr Townsend 
Amick .Mrs. Maria, tailoress, Harford av nr 

Amick Wm. ropemaker, Aisquith nr Point la 
Amliug George, lager beer, 276 s Broadway 
Amling Henrv, lager beer, 265 s Wolfe 
Ammel Philip, boot crimper, over 43 Harrison 
Ammer George, currier, 98 s Wolfe 
-Ammer Georjze, cur;ier, 106 s C«nlral av 
Amnur Jacob, tanner, 61 Buren 
Ammert Christopher, laborer, 141 West 
AMMIDUN ^- CO. (J. P. Ammidon, D. F. 

Haynes, ) kerosene oil, lamps and glassware, 

60 jGerman 'lud 347 w Baltimore 
Ammidon John P. (A. ,fe Co.) 263 Linden av 
.\mmold Mrs. Frances, laundress, 74 Jasper 
Amon .Mrs. -Mary, 137 s Wolfe 
Amos Mrs. Ann"^M. 284 Orleans 
.\mos Benj. F. tobacconist, 176.^ e Baltimore 
Amos Berry B. 244 n Eden 
-\mos Charles, laborer, 311 Harford av 
-\mos Chas. L. clerk, 277 Druid Hill av 
.■\.mos Fred'k A. bricklaver, 277 Druid HiU av 
Amos Rev. J. Edwin, 83 w Biddle 
Amos Jas. A. huckster, 18 Richmond, dw 305' 

n Eutaw 
-Imos Jas. E. deputy sheriff, 328 n Caroline 



Flour, Grain beeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Amos Jas. T. wagoner, 396 Harford av 
Amos .Mrs. Joseph, 177 Preston 
Amos S. R. (S. R. A. & Co.) Lutherville, Bal- 
timore CO 
Amos S. R. & Co. (S. R. Amos,) blank book 

manuf. and bookbinders, 123 w Baltimore 
Amoss Alfred P. jr. 83 e Pratt 
Amoss Mrs. Annie il. 284 Orleans 
Amoss Chas. K. musician, 240 n Caroline 
Amoss Chas. F. agent, 139 .Mulberry 
Amoss .Mrs. Rebecca, 187 n High 
Amoss Robt. salesman, n Central av nr HofiTman 
Amoss Wm. F. laborer, 240 n Caroline 
Amoss Wm. W. carjienter, 139 Mulberr}' 
Amrein Casper, cooper, 173 Madison al 
Amrein Eva, grocery, 80 Harrison 
Amrhein Andreas, laborer, 5 Smith al 
Amrhein Casper, cabinetmaker, 9 n Bethel 
Amrhein Casper, cabinetmaker, 9 President 
Amrhein Chris, baker, 22 Patterson Park av 
Amrhein George, laborer, 203 s Wolfe 
Amrhein Henry, shoemaker, 59 s Regester 
Amrhein Jacob, shoemaker, 198 Harford av 
Amrhein Philip, cooper, 318 .Aliceanna 
Amrsback Leonard, tailor, 22 Anthony 
Amsine Eva E. 456 n Gay 
Amthor Dr. Robert, 124 n Central av 
Anacher John, grocerv. 71 China 

Jersey, 3 Johnson bldg. Fayette w of Calvert, 

Frank Markoc, manager 
Anchor Line of Steamers, Thos. D. Loney & 

Co. agents, 4 s HoUiday 
Anchuiz Albert, clerk, 98 n Exeter 
Anchutz Ferdinand, laborer, 228 s Ann 
Anchutz Frederick, engineer. 4 Swan 
Anderfuhren AbrahamL.wood turner, 63Raborg 
Anderfuhren Abraham L. wood turner, rear 

347 Saratoga 
Anderfuhren Christopher, toys, 240 and 242 w 

Anderfuhren Edwd. G. shoemkr. 134j- Saratoga 
Anderson Ann .M., 2 .Miller 
Anderson Agnes, school, S-'S n Gay 
Anderson .Andrew, clerk through line B. & 0. 

R. R. 82 Camden 
Anderson .Andrew, cook, 240 s Broadway 
Anderson Mrs. Ann, huckstress, 137 Ensur 

importers hardware, n w cor Light and Pratt 
Anderson Chaney, carpenter, 40 Cli.its worth 
Anderson Chas. E. Alesman, 42 s Eutaw 
Anderson Chas. blacksmith, 214 German, dw 

451 Franklin 
Anderson Mrs. Catherine, 2 Gould's la 
Anderson Chas. H. blacksmith, 451 Franklin 
Anderson Charles, baker, 124 Duncan al 
Anderson Clifford, clerk, 29 w Biddle 
Anderson David, horse sheer, 102 German, dw 

94 n Pine 
Anderson Edward, carpenter, 47 Pine 

Coaches and Baronclies for Shopping. Weddings^ &c. 

Anderson Rev. Eld red R. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Anderson Mrs. Eliziibeih, 1.50 Lanvale 
Anderson F-'.liziitjelli, 137 P^iisor 
Anderson Elizahelli, dressmaker, 7.'> n Charles 
Anderson .Mrs. K. J. fancv jioods, lSr» Walsh 
Ander.-on Hlizaheth, ivrodm-e. IIG York 
Anderson Klizahelh. 144 William 
AXDKR.-^OX El'llKAI.M F., U. S. appraiser, 

Howard co 
Anderson George H. laborer, loO Ramsay 
Anderson Kred'k, bridge builder, Wilkins nr 

Calverton rd 
Anderson Frederick T. jirinter, 385 n Gay 
Anderson George F. (See vers & Anderson, ) G40 

Anderson (Jeo. \V. nKuhinist, 30.5 s Paea 
Anderson Harry A. machinist, Williams la nr 

Frederick av 
Anderson Mrs. Harriet E. 112 s Bond 
Anderson .Mrs. Henrieita, 55 Greenvvillow 
Anderson Henry, mariner. 177 s Wolfe 
Anderson Herbert VV. clerk, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Hugh, painter, 111 Mulberry 
Anderson, Capt. Isaac J. IDG n Broadway 
Anderson Mrs. Isabella, 73 Eislcin 
Anderson James, clerk, 209 Mulberry 

(James M. Anderson, W. S. An- 
derson,) Engravers, Printers, Sta- 
tioners, Blank Book Manufac- 
turers, and Dealers in Fancy 
Goods, 148 W. Baltimore. 

Anderson James, hackman, 22 G.irden 
Anderson James D. police, 116 York 
ANDERSON JAMK.S M. (James M. Anderson 

& Son, ) 18;-! n Calvert 
Andei-.-;on James, cooper, rear 332 William 
Anderson .lames, enirineer, 55 Hambur;.' 
Andeison, Jas. N. (Wheat k A.) 4G n Liberty 
Anderson Mrs. Jnie, 210 Lindeu av 
Anderson .leaneite, nurse, 65 Forrest 
Anderson Jesse N. ])lasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson John, tailor, 22 .Jasper 
Andcr.^on John. shoemaUer, 134 Camden 
Anderson John, hackman, 141 w Madison 
Aixlerson John, hackman. 20 Garden 
Anderson John, laborer, 224 e Pratt 
Anderson Jiio. W. bbicksmiih, 20s Republican 
Anderson J. (• . 104 Lee 

AND'.IiSON JOHN W. & CO. (.John W. .An- 
der.son, ) o\slir and fruit packers, 9 Albe- 
Anderson, jr. mariner, 23 Thames 
Anderson John \V. (John W. A. & Co.) 160 

Anderson John, tavern. 23 Thames 
Anderson .lohri. tinner. 10 Jackson 
Anderson John C. carpenier, 301 w Hoffman 
Anderson Jotm, machine agent, 114 Lee 
Anderson John G. pioce^-r, 55 Greenvvillow 
Anders m J. W. i;i7 .Visijuiih 
Andeison Jos. cigarmaker, 124 Duncan al 
Anderson Joshua. cKrpenter, 43 George 
Amlerson Julius H. accountant. 74 w Biddle 
Anderson Kale, milliner, 94 n Pine 
Anderson L. T. 41 Lee 
.\ndersoii .M tv, 207 e Lombard 
Anderson .Mrs. Mirtxaiel. shoes, 82 Camden 
Anderson Mrs. .Mary, milliner, IGU Hanover 

Anderson Mary, dressmaker, 75 n Charles 
Anderson Mrs. Mary J. 57 St. Paul 
Anderson (iliver, police, 145 8 Wolfe 
Anderson Peter, carpenter. 19 w Biddle 
.■\nderson Philip A. 33 n May 
Anderson Mrs. Rebecca, confectionery, 6 n 

Central av 
Anderson Richard, coojjcr, 92 Hamburg 
Anderson Richard, blacksmith, 129 Duncan al 
Andeison Robert .M. carpenter, 104 Lee 
Anderson Robert S. clerk, 29 Pleasant 
Anderson Mrs. Rosa, liquors. 23 n Amity 
Anderson Samuel R. 15 Myrtle av 
Anderson Samuel P. G. bookkeeper, 210 Lin- 
den av 
Anderson Sirs. Sirah, 15 Myrtle av 
Anderson Mrs. Sarah, diessinaker. 48 George 
Anderson Stephen, proofreader, Geu'l Wayne 

Anderson Theodore, engineer, 55 s Pojipleton 
Anderson Thomas B. modeller. Franklin House 
Anderson Thomas, pilot, 206 Bank 
Anderson Thomas, carpenter. 212 n Caroline 
Anderson Thomas, jr. carpenter, 212 n Caroline 
Anderst)n Thos. D. (Anderson Bros.) Hamp- 
ton, Baltimore co 
Anderson Thomas, canmaker, 41 Henrietta 
.Anderson Thomas J. enjiineer, 147 William 
Anderson \V. R. & Co. (Wm. E. Anderson, 
Wm.' R. Sherwood.) furniture. 8 & 10 Second 
.Vuderson .Mrs. Wm. E. (W.E. Anderson &Co.) 

210 Linden av 
And. rson Wm J., U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Anderson W. S.(J. M. A. & Son, ) 183 n Caivcrt 
Anderson Wm. grocery, s e cor Buren and 

Anderson Wm. painter, cor Walsh and Lan- 

AXDKRSOX WM. H. painter, 3 n Sharp, dw 

358 Le.xingtoii 
Anderson Wm. II. 11. attorney, Anne Arun- 

dell CO, (Ivv 23 Lexington 
Anderson Win. T. cigar maker. 222 Bank 

Selliy c^- Miller, agents, 44 Second 
Anderton Walter E. oyster i)acker,89 n Calvert 
Andre Christopher ^ Son, (C. and Geo. .\n- 
dre,) painters and dealers in paints, glass, 
3n8 Liuht 
.Vndre Christopher. (C. A. ,j-Son,) 308 Light 
.VndreGeo. (C A. &Son,) William nr GiUings 
.A.ndre Dr. J. Ridgway, 121 e Balliniors 
Andrea Henry, shoemaker, 206 s Bethel 
Andrea Wm. provisions, 202 s Enlaw 
Andreae Mrs. Christiana, 292 s Charles 
Andres John, cooper, 3*^3 Kastern av 
Andresen Peter, mariner. 27G s Ann 
Andrew Charles, 1 18 s High 
Andrews Alonzo .M. mariner, 23 Holland 
Andrews .Mrs. Amanda, 23 Holland 
Andrews Henj. letter earlier. 215 Gough 
Andrews Beiij. F. signpaiiiter, 2G5 Saratoga 
Andrews Chas. II. iiunsmilli, 337 Eastern av 
Andrews, David S. laborer. 144 .McHenry 
Andrews Mrs. Kliza, 17G Pearl 
Andrews .lai ob, buicher, York road nr limits 
ANDREWS <^- CO., (J. W. Andvews, I. P. 
Burgess. ) shi|i brokers and yenl. com. nier- 
chants, and general ngts. Balio. and New- 
bern, N. C. steamers and Sonilurn transpor- 
t.ition '/O., 73 Smith's wharf. — [See Adver- 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer. 




Andrews Elizabeth, dress maker, 52 n Paca 
Andrews Mrs. Klizaheth, 215 Gough 
Andrews Mrs Elizabeth. 450 Canton av 
Andrews G. Wansey, 237 n Eutaw 
Andrews Geo. M. machinist, 231 e Madison 
Andrews Geo. hod carrier, 214 Canton av 
Andiews Geo. 237 n Eutaw 
Andrews Col. George, 33 Hamilton 
Andrews Gottlieb, grocery. 37 n Frederick 
Andrew.? Harry C. clerk, 265 Saratoga 
Andrews Henry, miller. Risine Sun hotel 
Andrews Hercules R. W. 66 Barre 
Andrews J. carpenter, 25 s Frnmont 
Andrews James, shucker, 193 s Chester 
ANDREWS JAMES B. ast. Balto. and Savan- 
nah Steamship Co., office 73 Smith's wharf, 

dw 231 n Fremont 
Andrews James, blacksmith, 37 s Calhoun 
Andrews John W. sailmaker, 23 Holland 
Andrews John H. machinist, 20ii n Exeter 
Andrews John H. shoemaker, 20 Penna. av 
Andrews Joliu J. undertaker, 4 Druid Hill av 
Andrews Joseph W. (Andrews & Co.) 231 n 

Andiews Louisa J. grocery and provisions, 141 

n Exeter 
Andrews Ringgold, miller, 141 u Exeter 
Andrews Robt, Druid Hill av nr Northern av 
Andrews Robert, carter, Druid Hill av nr Presst- 

Andrews Robert, 282^ Mulberry 
Andrews Robert, law student, 82 n Calvert 
Andrews R. Snowden, architect, 184 n Calvert 
Andrews Samuel, huckster, 171 w Pratt 
Andrews .Mrs Sophia, laundress. 191 Chesnut 
Andrews Stephen, weigher, Millingtou la nr 

Frederick av 
Andrews Dr. T. P., Barnura's hotel 
Andrews Thos. B. i^nnsmilh. 141 n Exeter 
ANORE\VS& THO.\1PSON.;W.S. Thompson,) 

drutrgists and chemists, 5 w B;iltimore 
Andrews W. A. clerk, 265 Saratoga 
Andrews Wm. T. shoemaker, 277 s Charles 
Andrews W. A. painter, 3 Brune 
Andrews Wm. laborer. 7 H 11 al 
Andrews Wm. driver, 20 Green willow 
Andri'ws Wm. E. clerk, 1 n Paca 
Anfang John, laborer, 67 s Wolfe 
Angel Geo. carter. 12 Durham n of Monument 
Angel James R. clerk, 175 w Lombard 
Angel John T. stonecutter, 8 Harford av 
Angel Loroudo, clerk, 129 Druid Hill av 
Angel Thomas, laborer, 53 s Sihrneder 
Angelniier .Matthias, carter, 537 Saratoga 
Angern;an Henry, coachtrimmer, 250 George 
Angerman Win. H. clerk, 250 George 
Anoermeyer John, lithographer, 261 n Fremont 
Angle F.'328 e Piatt 
Anglim Edward V. clerk, 10 w Fayette 
Anglim Jas. (Joseph Xcal & Co.) 84 w Fayette 
Anker Francis, paver, 257 Aisquith 
Afiker John, tailor, 246 e Chase 
Anker Joseph, shoemaker, 232 n Central av 
Anker .Mich'l.shoemak'r, cor Eagerand Aisquith 
Ankeriuan Wm. cook, 207 Lee 
Annacker Elizabeth, grocery, 71 China 
Annacker John, laborer, 71 China 
Annan Roberdeau. clerk. 318 w Fayette 
Annandale Wm. J. bookkeeper, 142 s Broadway 
Annen Henry, huckster. 226 n Dallas 
Annen John, paver, 226 n Dallas 
Anreith Chas. sawmaker, 211 n Dallas 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


( ii.N.-T.A.VTI.Y KoK .S \I,E 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Anreith Mrs. Catherine, 211 n Dallas 
Anreith Geo. bricklayer, 211 n Dallas 
Anreith John, bricklayer, 211 n Dallas 
Anshutz Chas. locksmith. 217 Canton av 
Anthony G. W. edge tool grinder. 62 .MuUikin 
Anthony Geo. W. jr. printer, 62 .Mullikin 
Anthony Henry, carpenter. iO .Maccutiin 
Anthony Henry A. (John D. Hammond & Co.) 

150 Myrth- av 
Anthony Jenny, 261 Hollins 
Anthony John Vi . dairy, 20 Bank 
Anthony John, 103 s (xilmor 
Anthony Jordan, clerk, 20 Mulberry 
Anthony Wm. carpenter, 265 n Central av 
Anton Adam, lager beer, 247 s Wolfe 
Anton Henry, tailor, 216 e Kager 
Anton Henr}', cooper, 336 e Lombard 
Antoni John, tobacconist, n e cor Eutaw and 

Anzniann Joseph, bootmaker, 173 German 
Anzmann Anthony, notions, 227 Lexington 
Apel Adolph. tailor, 159 e Pratt 
A(ipe Jacol), laborer, 184 Peirce 
APPEAL TAX COURT, City Hall, n w cor 

Fayette and Calvert 
Appel Adam, butcher. Garrison la nr Baltimore 
Appel Mrs. Barbara, 4 West Falls av 
Appel Conrad, 5 James al 
Ajipel Christian, cabineimakf r, 30 Pearl 
Appel Edward, tailor, 29 n Dallas 
Appel Mrs. Elizabeth, 344 Eastern av 
Appel Frederick, laborer, 243 s Durham 
Appel Frederick, laborer, 47H Canton av 
Appel George, butcher, :-!3 Hanover and 11 

Cross St. markets, dw Frederick road 
Api)el Henry, restaurant, 28 n Gay 
Appel Henry, drayman, 36S s Charles 
Appel John, tailor, 87 s Regester 
Appel John, tailor. 104 Boston 
Apiiel John, carjienter, 217 Hamburg 
Appel John C. mariner, 317 Aliceanna 
Appel John H. tailor, 87 s Regester 
Appel Leonard, laborer, 89 Fort av 
Api)el Lewis, driver, 18 s Eutaw 
Appel .Martin, tailor, 66 Mullikin 
Appel Nicholas, tailor, 87 s Regester 
Ai)pel Wm. shoemaker. Sweet Air 
Apple Henry, laborer, 5 Bran nan ct 
Apple .Mrs. .Margaret, confectionery, 30 Pearl 
Appleby Addie, dressmaker, 8-19 w Baltimore 
Apf)leby Andrew J. printer, 1(»9 n Ann 
Appleby Chas. patternmaker, Woodbury 
Appleby Geo. printer, 31 e Lombard 
Appleby Geo. H. blacksmith, rear Bolton depot 
Appleby Edward H. patternmaker. 3')4 n Eutaw 
Aiiplt'by Horatio, blacksmith, 77 .Milliman 
Ai»pleby Lemuel, overseir. Woodbury 
"Appleby Reazon, store, Woodbury 
Appleby Wm. machinist. Sweet Air 
Applegarth Alex. 153 Saratoga 
Applegarth Chas. L. packer, 24 Warren 

Joshua Horner. Jr. M annfac 'r and Co m. Merchant, 

28 " 



Applejrarth Elizabeth, 18 Patterson Park av 
Apiilejranli Elizabeth. 102 Fell 

Frame, ) attorneys, 40 St. Paul 
Applegarlh Henry C. clerk, 79 s Fremont 
Apple^'artli Ilcnry, jr. clerk, 79 s Fremont 
-A-Pplefrartli John A. commission merchant, 109 

Smith's wharf, dw 191 Townsond 
Applegarth Capt. Lawson J. com. merchant, 
3 Hollintrsworth and 41 Grant dw 28 Fawn 
Applegarth Nathaniel J. ship broker, dw 153 

Applegarth Nathaniel, (Wm. A. & Sons)48 Fawn 
Applegarth Robt.,cigarnikr, 2(38 Hanover 
Applegarth Robt. H.jr., cigarmkr, 200 Hanover 
Applegarth Robt. H. gas fitter, 79 s Fremont 
Applegarth Rufus W. (A. & Frame) 153 Sara- 
Applegarth Thos. M.(Wm A.& .Sons)12 s High 
Applegarth, Nathaniel & T. M. Ai)i)legarth) 
ship brokers and commission) merchants, 37 
w Pratt, cor Buchanan's whf 
Applegarlh Capt "\Vm. (^Wm. Applegarth & 

Sons) 12 s High 
Applegarth Wm. pilot, 92 s Chester 
Applegarth Wm. mariner, 92 s Chester 
Applegarth Wm. H. 28 Fawn 
Applegarlh Wm. J. clerk, 48 Fawn ' 
Appier John, shoemaker, 152 Raborg 
Appier Orlando M. paper hanger, 6 s Poppleton 
Appier Thos. clerk, 256 Lanvale 
Applcton Thomas, laborer, 15 Stockton 
Applewaite M. M. 199 Druid Hill av 
Appold Andrew, bark mills, s e cor Caroline and 

.AIcEldcrry, dw 420 e Monument 
Appold Geo. laborer, 272 s Dallas 
it W. H. Ai)pold) hide and leather dealers, 8 
and 10 Water, tannery North nr M.idison 
Appold Geo. A. clerk, 420 e Monument 
Appold Geo. J. (Geo. A. & Sons,) 262 a Charles 
Appold Geo. N. clerk, 2G2 n Charles 
Appold Howard A. clerk, 214 n Calvert 
A|ipold James, tanner, Friendship, York rd 
Appold Samuel, (Geo. A. & Son.s. )214 ri Calvert 
Apjiold Siimuel A. engineer, 93 .McElderry 
Appold Theo. R. com. merch't, 174n Eutaw 
Apj.old Wm. H. (G. A. & Sons) 214 n Calvert 
APPRAISER'S OFFICE, (U. S.) cor Gay and 

Arbin Heury J. butcher, 19 Hanover and 25 

Belair markets, dw Jenkins lane 
Arliiter Hall and Workingmen's Union, 5 s 

Arbuckle Fred'k J. laborer 65 s Republican 
Arch Wm. laborer, 176 Burgundy al 
Archer Ruck, hatter, 109 Bank 
Archer CaU-b, carpenter, 222 Saratoga 
Archer Cornelius, laborer, 7 Abbot 
Archer Geo., artist, 25 George 
Archer (Jeo. draftsman, 25 George 
Archibald Thos. laborer, 2 L. Second 
Ardeeser Christopher, painter, 8 Washington 
Ardin D. ladies shoemaker, 61 Lexington, dw 

314 n Eutaw 
Ardis Edward T. tailor, 59i^ Lee 
Ardl Casper, laborer, 4 Jackson ct 
Ardl Maggie, tailoress, 4 Jackson ct 
Ardle Wm. laborer, 364 Penua av 
Arens Arrends, tailor, 32 Liberty al 

Arens Henry, (Von Kapff & Arens) 113 Park 
Arens Nicholas, shoemaker, 246 s Charles 
Arens ^Vm. mariner, 201 s Regester 
Arien Mrs. Elizabeth, midwife, 255 Preston 
Aring Ernest. 114 n Central av 
Aring Jas.W^. furniture wagon, 16 Stockton al 
Aring Sam'l, furn. wagons, 333 w Hoffman 
Armacost Amos, stonemason, Falls rd ur Boun- 
dary av 
Armacost Calvin A. carpenter, 293 n Eutaw 
Armacost Calvin A. conductor, 136 w Hoffman 
Armacost Geo. W. huckster, McElderry nr Castle 
Armacost James M. bricklayer, .31 Etting 
Armacost Malcolm, well digger, 267 Walsh 
Armacost Margaret, 23 Lewis 
Armacost Melchoir, stonemason, 1 mile house, 

York road 
Armacost .Melchoir,stonemason,l'J8 nCentral av 
Armacost Thomas C. mason, 291 w Pratt 
Armager Chas. W. 186 Hanover 
Armager Jesse, combmaker, 186 Hanover 
Armager Jesse, brickmaker, 2 Clement 
Armager L. teacher, 186 Hanover 
Armaudt John, laborer, 43 s Durham 
Armandt John, laborer, 79 Johnson 
Armandt Louis, cigar maker, 167 Hamburg , 
Armandt Paul, washing fluid, 27 n Chapel 
Armat Sarah, 38 ilulberr_y 
Armbrust John, sr., painter. 276 s Sharp 
Armbrust John, painter, 270 s Sharp 
Armbruster George, filemaker, 140 Raborg 
Armbruster John, blacksmith, 140 Raborg 
Armeger John L. hatter, 332 Aisquith 
Armeling George, agent, 122 Bank 
Armeling John, blacksmith, 122 Bank 
Armendt John E. gunsmith, 261 s Broadway. 

dw 24 s Chester 
Armesworthy Benj. blacksmith, 32 Conway. 

dw 93 Lee 
Armiger Alien, carpenter, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Hinj. F. carpenter, 375 e Fayette 
Armiger Benj. F. cooper, 59 Holland 
Armiger Eli G. printer, over 162 vv Baltimore 

dw 87 Chew 
Armiger Miss Elizabeth, dry goods, 414 n Eden 
Armiger (ieo. dyer and scourer, 156 Mulberry 
Armiger Mrs. Isabella, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger James R., Edmondson av nr Repub- 
Armiger John, boiler maker, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger John, boiler maker, Druidville 
Armiger John, book l)inder, 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Jose[)li, combmaker, 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Joseph, mariner, 1.'! Henrietta 
Armiger .loshna E. cari)entcr, 414 n Eden 
Armiger Peter, coachmaker, 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Richard, house furnishing store, 13") 

n Gay, dw 321 e Eager 
Armiger Robt. B. carpenter, 54 e Pratt, dw 

375 e Fayet'e 
Armistead Anderson H. 223 n Charles 
Armistead C. Hughes, 103 w Monument 
Armistead Geo. bookkeeper 103 w Monument 
Armistead J. J. clerk, 223 n Charles 
Armistead J.Ryan, col. clerk, 103 wMouumeni 
Armitage Geo. T. painter, 180 Chesnut al 
ARM IT AGE DR. JAMES. 14 a Paca 
Armitage James, machinist, 619 w Pratt 
Armitage Mrs. Kate, 238 w Fayette 
Armitage Mrs. Rebecca 619 w Pratt 
Armor Chas. G., Custom House, 54 s Bond 

Offices, 54 S. Gay, and Corner Chew and Stirling. 
"^ ARM 



Armor Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 296 s Charles 
Armor Geo. F. glassware, lamps and oils, lti4 

Franklin, d\v 143 n Eutaw 
Armor Mrs. Joseph G. 86 n Greene 
Armor Leonidas, clerk, 228 Conway 
Armory Fifth Nat. Guard, Centre and St. Paul 
Armpreister Geo. painter, 89 s Strieker 
Armstrong Mrs. Adeline,seamstress, 160 German 
Armstrong And'w S. machinist, 177 e Fayette 
Armstrong k Berry. (Geo. H. Berry) publishers 

and booksellers, 156 w Baltimore 
Armstrong Benj. H. machinist, 205 Jefferson 
Armstrong Mrs. C. S. 55 Courtland 
F. Cator, J. F. Bealmear, \V. J. H. Watters, 
W. H. Pagon) silk and millinery goods, 237 
and 239 w Baltimore 
Armstrong & Co. (James Armstrong, Wm. E. 

Poulton) carpenters, 454 w Baltimore 
ARMSTRONG & DENNY, (W. A , John Den- 
ny) furn. manufac. cor Light & Montgomery 
Arrasirong Edward A. plumber, cor Canton 

and O'Donnell 
Armstrong Mrs. Elizabeth, 280 Madison av- 
Armstrong Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 President 
Armstrong Mrs. Eliza, 329 w Fayette 
Armstrong Frank, huckster, 188 Burgundy al 

Armstrong, J. S. Hopkins j Provi- 
sion Commission Merchants, 5 
Exchange place. 

Webb, Thomas Armstrong,) Soap 
and Candle Manufacturers, keep 
constantly on hand a large assort- 
ment of Soap and Candles of the 
best quality, manufactured at their 
Factory, Concord street, between 
Lombard and Pratt. 

Armstrong Mrs.J.L. school, 174 e Pratt, dw 228 
Armstrong James, clerk, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong James, 241 n Eutaw 
Armstrong Jas. (Armstrong & Co.) 198 Walsh 
Armstrong James, 108 s Washington 
Armstrong James, gen'l agent Armstrong & Co. 

manufs. stoves and hollow ware. 64 Light 
Armstrong James L. pres't American Fire Ins. 

Co. of Baltimore, 6 South, dw 52 n Greene 
Armstrong Mrs. James D. 166 McCulloh 
Armstrong James, Union hotel 
Armstrong James W. painter, 189 Battery av 
Armstrong John, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong John, 231 n Eden 
Armstrong John. 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong John B. clerk, 55 Courtland 
Armstrong John A. 19 Cathedral 
Armstrong John C. stonemason, Hampden 
Armstrong John M. teacher, 187 Battery ar 
Armstrong Josephine, teacher, 228 e Pratt 
Armstrong Mrs. Leonora, 50 Rue 
Armstrong Mrs. Mary, dressmkr. 229 Henrietta 
Armstrong Mrs. Matilda E. 128 Pearl 
Armstrong Nora, 1 Donnelly ct 
Armstrong Mrs. Mary, 180 n Calvert 
.\rmstrong Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 229 Henrietta 
Armstrong R. D. (A. & Hopkins) s w cor .Mad- 
ison av and Mosher 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &.C. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Armstrong Robert L. clerk, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong Mrs. Robt. W. millinery, 128 Lex- 
Armstrong Dr. R. W. dentist, 153 n Eutaw, dw 

128 Lexington 
Armstrong Robert, ironworker, 142 Hudson 
Armstrong Sam'l E. tinware, Waverlj', York rd 
Armstrong Samuel S. printer, 104 Chew 
Armstrong Mrs. Sarah, cor Canton av and 

Armstrong Mrs. Susan, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong Mrs. Thomas, 73 n Paca 
Armstrong Thomas G. clerk, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong Thos. (J. A. k Co.) 236 n Calvert 
Armstrong Victor C. (Tomlinson & A.) 571 

Armstrong Wayne, traveling agent, 325 w 

Armstrong Wm. J. (Hoffman, Staley & Co.) 

7Y n Charles 
Armstrong Wm. K. bricklayer, Hampden 
Armstrong Wm. (A. & Denny) 187 Bat- 
tery av 
Armstrong Wm. F. wagoner, 169 Orleans 
Armstrong Wm. H. canraaker, 240 s Bond 
Armstrong Wm. assist, sec'ry American Fire 

Ins. Co. 52 n Greene 
Arnd Francis, laborer, 261 e Lombard 
Arnd Richard, tobacconist, 261 e Lombard 
Arndt Henry, porter, 83 Penna av 
Arnet Wm. laborer, 56 Penna av 
Arnett C. Smith, derk, 5 McT^lderry 
Arnett Charles H. laborer, 161 Elliott 
Arnett Geo. clerk, 5 McElderry 
Arnett Henry, mariner, 405 Canton av 
Arnett Henry, mariner, 89 s Wolfe 
Arnett Joseph H. laborer, 161 Elliott 
Arnett Levi, shoemaker, 357 n Gay, dw 359 
Arnett Wm. H. salesman, 5 .McElderry 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 7 s High 
Arnold Adam, provisions, .Montgomery and 

Arnold Adam, grocery and liquor, 29 China 
Arnold Andrew J. carpenter, 170 Druid Hill ar 
Arnold August E. clerk, 125 Mulberry 
Arnold Charles A. baker, 239 n Gay and 419 

Penna av 
Arnold Charles, baker, 479 Penna av 
Arnold p]dward, clerk, 125 .Mulberry 
Arnold Mrs. blizaljeth, 264 e Madison 
Arnold Charles, carpenter, 275 Aisquith 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold .Mrs. Elizabeth, milk, 304 Johnson 
Arnold Francis, stirgical instrument maker, 15 

s Sharp, dw 343 w Lombard 
Arnold Frank, clerk, 239 n Gay 
Arnold George, laliorer, 304 Johnson 
Arnold George, sawyer, 137 s Spring 
Arnold Geo. W. bakery, 239 n Gay 
Arnold Henry, confectioner}-, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Henry, laborer, Druidville 

Coaches aiid^ar ouches for Shopping, Weddings,^c. 
"" ARN 



Arnold Henry, Merchants hotel 

Arnold Henry, carpenter, 5 Bevaa 

AriU'ld Isaac" 'M Holland 

Arnold James H. bricklayer, 25 McHenry 

Arnold John, lirickraaker, Washington av 

Arni'ld John, clerk, 262 Aisquith 

Arnold John, finisher, 960 w Baltimore 

Arnold John, tailor, 312 s Bond 

Arnold John W. clerk, 313 w Lombard 

Arnold John W. (Gibbons .t A.) 83 Hill 

Arnold Mrs. Margaret, 262 Aisquith 

Arnold Michael, lanoer, 194 n Front 

Arnold Nicholas, tailor, 7t Bank 

Arnold llichard H. rubber weather' strips, 125 

Arnold R.' W'm. 125 Mulberry 
Arnold Samuel, clerk, 239 n Gay 
Arnold J homas, driver, 70 Ridgely 
Arnold \Vm. U. clerk, 25 McHenry 
Arnold \Vm. H. brickmaker, 8 Stockholm 
Arnold Win. bricklayer, 2 Sterrelt 
Arnold \\"m. J. shoemaker, 264 e Madison 
Arnold Dr. \Vm. T. dentist, oflice 65 n Paca, 

d\v 343 w Lombard 
Arnieich John, shoemaker, 66 Clay 
Arnsi Edward, halter, 67 8 ilegesler 
Arns \Vm. shoemaker, 1 West al 
Arnt Henry, clerk, 34 George 
Ariitz Jacob, basketmaker, 1 Biddle al 
Aro John, labort-r, 30 Abey al 
Aro John, plasterer, 313 llaiford ar 
Aro Joseph J. driver, 313 Harford av 
Aro John 15. lager beer. Amity and Leramon 
Aro, Joseph, gardener, 313 Harford av 
Aro Lewis, butcher, 470 Light 
Aro Wm. laborer, 30 Abey al 
Arold Christian, shoemaker, 190 s Bond 
Arold JolHi, cooper, 107 s Dallas 
Arold Joseph, paver, Walsh nr Cooke 
Arold Mrs. -Mary, 658 w Baltimore 
Aron Samuel, laborer, 2o2 s Charles 
Arras Frederick, supt. -Md. sugar refinery, 71 e 

Arriuaton Mrs. Sophia, 174 s Wolfe 
Arscott Mrs. Ann, 54 Henrietta 
Arscott Richard, mariner, 134 s Regester 
Arscott Samuel G. M. sheet iron work, 54 

Arratto Mrs. Anna, grocery, 61 President 
Arratto John, liquors, 61 President 
Arthur Bridget, 81 Booth 
Arthur Chas. bill poster, N. C. R., 45 Valley 
Arthur David, 212 Aisquith 
Arthur David, butter, 167 e Madison 
Arthur Ldward, shoemaker, 104 s Eden 
Arthur Frauk, messenger, 112 Harford av 
Arthur Henry, clerk, 134 s Howard 
Arthur Henry, jr. law student, 53 n Kntavv 
ARTHUR HE.NRV, baker, 53 n Kutaw, and 32 

Camdi-ii, dw 53 n Liilaw 
Arthur James D. U. carpenter, 479 n Fremont 
Arthur James, fin man, foot of Howard 
Arthur James, fireman, 141 Ridgely 
Arthur J. Flemming, teacher, lb8 .Mulberry 
Arthur John, blacksmith, 15 n Exeter 
Artiiur John, laborer, 350 Washington av 
Arthur John C. overseer, Mt. Vernon .Mills 
Arthur Jost;ph, clerk. Starr hotel 
Arthur Joseph, 167 e Madison 
Arthur I'atrick, hod carrier, 167 s Chapel 
ARTHUR DR. RuBERT, dentist, 1 17 n Charles 
Arthur Thomas, coach painter, 13 Valley 

Arthur Wra. C. agt. Citizens' Pass' r Railway, 

719 LcKington 
Arthur VV'm. D. salesman, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthur Dr. Wm. S. 53 n Eutaw 
Arthur Wm. W. hat manuf. and dealer in la- 
dies' furs, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthurs .Mrs. Am C. 267 St. Paul 
Artman Jacob, la'iorer, 62 n Dallas 
Artz Henry, shoemaker, 118 Lancaster 
Arubnister Joseph, lager beer, Frederick av nr 

Calverton rd 
Arvey Na[)oleon, shij)carpenter, 44 s Burke 
ASBECK LOUIS, restaurant, 13 s Eutaw 
Asbury Life Insurance Co. of Niw York, Rey- 
nolds (k Savin, gen'l agts. 44 Post Office av 
Aschmeyer Wra. tailor, 522 Penna av 
Asendorti' Albert, 146. Pearl 
Asendoiff Bros. (John & Henry A.) carpenters, 

107 Cider al 
Asendorff George, box maker, 5 Chatsworth 
Asendorff Henry, (A. Bros.) 166 Mulberry 
Asendoiff John, (A. Bros ) 42 .McHenry 
Ash Mrs. Emma, dressmaker, 141 s Bond 
Ash & Franks (G. T. Ash, W. W . Franks) ship 
brokers and com. merchts. 104 Dugan's whf 
Ash George T. (A. k Frank) ship chandlery, 
and junk store, 104 Dugjin's whf. dw 372 e 
Ash, Isadore, clerk, 685 n Carey 
Ash Israel, 176 Hanover 
Ash John, laboier, 17 Hillen 
Ash Louis, (M. Gutm^m & Co.) 68 n Carey 
Ash Michael I. wool, cotton, furs, &c., 104 

Light St whf. dw 176 Hanover 
Ash Mrs. Susan, milliner}-, 176 Hanover 
Ash Wm. clerk, 2.S5 n Front 
Ashberger John, tailor, 463 Saratoga 
Ashburii A. J. carpenter, Wolfe n of Biddle 
Ashburn Benjamin S. tobacconist, 280 w Balti- 
more, dw 33 n I'iue 
Ashburner Charlrs II. pres. Abbott Iron Co. 

cor Burke and Boston, dw 331 e Pratt 
Ashbury Annie, 8 s Front 
Ashbury Joseph .M. grocer, 301 Light, dw 174 

Ashby Charles, baker, 367 Light 
Ashby John R. conductor, 106 llollins 
Asliby Lulie, 136 n Central av 
Ashby Mis. Mildred, 340 e Eager 
Ashcom .Mis. Alc.\. 74 s Broadway 
Asiicom George W. mariner, 105 s Washington 
Ashcom John L. pilot, 95 Gough 
Ashcom Nathaniel, Ins. agent, 703 vv Lombard 
Aslicroft Robert, shipbuilder, n e cor Thames 

and Wolfe, dw 54 s Broadway 
Ashcroft Robert J. clerk, 54 s Broadway 
A.shcroft Wells, ship joiner, 74 s Ann 
Ashe Charles W. salesman, 285 n Front 
Ashe Thomas P. gastiiter, 2.')0 s Eutavy 
Asher Abraham, baker, 42 n Spring 
Ashley Charles C. bo.K maker. 177 Hudson 
.\shley Wm. M. currier, cor John and Eden 
Ashlock Mrs. Mary, St. Peter's Home, (P. E.) 

192 Penna av 
Ashman -Mrs. Mary A. 53 n Fremont 
Ashman .Mrs. Susanna, seamstress, 20 Ryan 
A.shman \Vm. H. huckster, 20 Ryan 
Asliton Clinton J. printer, 15 n Strieker 
Ashton George C. scourer and repairer, 83 

Ashton Isabella, 176 e Monument 
Ashton John, U. S. storekeeper, 324 w Fayette 

At Central Stables, 11 1 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer 

AshtoD Jolin M. coach painter, 231 e Lombard 

Ashtuii Mori is, grocery, 25 n Fremont 

Ashton Mary, 141 Raborg 

Asliton Thomas, nicssenjier, 15 n Strieker 

Ashton Wm. 11. clerk, 65 Barre 

Ashway Mrs. Catherine, cake stand opp I'hila. 

de[)0t, dv\- G.3 Albemarle 
Askew Albert C. upholsterer, 50 n Paca 
Askew Charli s L. carpenter, 50 n Paca 
Askew Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaking, Pine and 

Askew Jehu B. asst. postmaster, 45 s E.xeter 
Askew John, engineer, 173 s Washington 
Askew Wm. Henry, postal clerk, Druid Hill 

av ext 
Askey James, salesman, 215 e Fayette 
Askey James R. clerk, 215 e Fayette 
Askey Joseph, carter, 83 Granby 
Askey Wm. cooper, 56 Stiles 
Askins .Mrs. Kancy, 372 n Re.rester 
Asman Conrad, junk, 176 s Caroline 
Asnian Jacob, coojjer, 168 Hamburg 
Asmus Daniel, cari)enter, 200 L Hu^rheg 
Asmus John, wbeelwright, 482 Penna av 
Aspelmeyer Fred'k, liquors, 251 Kastern av 
Asprey John, tailor, 463 Saratoga 
Aspril David S. stevedore, 140 s Bond 
Asshaner Henrv. provisions, 405 .Aliceanna 

4 South, Thos. J. Flack, president 
Astfalk Julius, pianomaker, Blackberry al nr 

Atack Sylvester, machinist, 16 Bevan 
Athraan Henry, (Saudmann & Co.) 15 Green- 
mount av 
Atkins George, St. Clair hotel 
Atkins Sarah, dressmaker, Druidville 
Atkinson Allen, quarryman, 939 Lexington 
Atkinson Allen, quarryman, 273 Franklin 
Atkinson Mrs. Aiaminta, 9 McElderry 
Atkin.-^on & Brothers, (J. H., W. C. and S. E. 

Atkinson) grocers and liquor dealers, 186 s 

Atkinson Dudley, clerk, Fayette and Gilmor 
Atkinson Edward T. clerk, 67 w Centre 
Atkinson -lizabeth J. 163 Linden av 
Atkinson George, clerk, 69 w Ontre 
Atkinson George sr. butcher, 27 Centre, 14 

Lexington and 32 Hanover markets, dw 431 

Penna av 
Atkinson George, clerk, 18 Smith 
Atkinson .Mrs. George, 431 Fenua av 
Atkinson Mrs. Hannah, seamstress, 900 w Pratt 
Atkinson Mrs. Hannah A. 143 w Biddle 
Atkinson Dr. I. E. 143 w Biddle 
Atkinson Israel S. conveyancer, 106 Saratoga 
Atkinson James H. barber, Ensor and Hillen, 

dw 54 Chew 
Atkinson James II. s'one quari-y, 14 Brune 
Atkinson John P. clerk, 181 Aisquith 
Atkinson John W. dry goods, 298 n Gay 
Atkins(jn Joseph, cabinetmiker, 5:')3 Saratoga 
Atkinson Joshua H. (Atkinson & Bros.) 285 e 

Atkinson Laura J. teacher, 248 n Caroline 
Atkinson Mrs. Mary E. 248 n Caroline 
Atkinson Mrs. Mary J. 181 Aisquith 
Atjcinson M. T. school, 54 Chew 
Atkinson Matthew S.(Locher & A. )143w Biddle 
Atkinson Dr. Robert, teacher, 84 w Monument 
Atkinson Robi. M. laborer, Potomac nr Hudson 
Atkinson ilrs. Sallie, 128 Park av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


C'iNsT.W Ti.V KDK SAM'. 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Atkinson Saml. E. ( A. ij" Bros.) 277 e Lombard 
Atkinson Sophia, dressmaker, 355 Lexington 
Atkinson Mrs. Dr. Thos. C. sciiool, 07 w Centre 
Atkinson Thomas F. carpenter, 156 n Eutaw 
Atkinson Wallis, agent Francis J. Rue & Co. 

over 5 German, dw Mansion bouse 
Atkinson Wm. B. wireworker, 69 Frederick av 
Atkinson Wm. George, clerk, 279 n Caroline 
Atkinson Wm. butcher, 27 Centre, 14 Lexing- 
ton and 34Hanover markets,dw43l Penna av 
Atkinson Wm. C. (Atkinson & Bros.) 27 s 

Atlantic Fire and Marine Ins. Co. 8 South, 

Isaac S. George, president 

V. 26 PostoEBce av 
Atlee Isaac R. clerk, 178 w Lombard 
ATLEE JAMI^IS, agent Grover<k; Baker^s sew- 
ing machines, 17 n Charles, dw Baltimore co 
Atler Francis, bricklayer, 230 L"e 
Atier Gfo. W. coachsmith, 94 n Poppleton 
Atler Wm. A. salesman, 94 n Poppleton 
Atwell Mrs. Barbara A. boarding, 118 Hanover 
Atwell Mrs. Charlotte, trimmings, 264 e Monu- 
Atwell Daniel, carpenter, 219 Gough 
Atwell Geo. ^I. ship carpenter. 250 s Ann 
Atwell Geo. A. (J. H. Spencer'& Co.) junk, 18 

Thames, dw 76 s Choptank 
Atwell James R. ship carpenter, 256 s Ann 
Atwell John, harnessmaker, 336 w Pratt 
Atwell John R. tinner, 250 s Ann 
Atwell Margaret, 294 Raborg 
Atwell Mrs. Martha, 219 Gough 
Atwell Richard H. clerk, 23 Courtland 
Atwell Thos. E. carpenter, 203 n Dallas 
Atwell Wm. carpenter, 219 Gough 
Atwell Wm.F., U.S storekeeper. 118 Hanover 
Atwell Wm. W. carpenter, 311 Orleans 
Atwell Wm. shipcarpenter, 134 William 
Atwood Mrs. Mary, 548 w Baltimore 
Atwood Richard' A. (Winter & A.) Fishing 

Island, Somerset co 
Atzell Frederick, shoemaker, 136 e Pratt 
Aubel Adam, driver, 245 Aliceanna 
Aubel Adam, driver, 286 Canton av 
Anbel Mrs. Annie, variety, lOSterrett 
Aubel Christian, laborer, 245 Aliceanna 
Aubel Conrad, huckster, 409 e Fayette 
Aubel Frederick, pianomaker, 8 St. Peter 
Aubel John, cabinetmaker, 16 Sterrett 
Aubrey & Co. (Wm. Aubrey,) com. merchts. 

18 Commerce 
Aubrev Lewis, clerk, 62 Saratoga 
Aubrey Wm. (A. &'Co.) 62 Saratoga 
Aubry Louis, French teacher, 93 n Charles 
Aubry Mad. L., French fluting, 93 n Charles 
Aucaigne Madame. French jewelry, 167 Madi- 
son av 
Aucaigne M. Felix, editor Evoning Journal, 167 
Madison av 




Dust and 





Audibert Mrs. Anna E. fancy goods, 227 Lee 
Audouii & liruscup, (J.H. A., T. Brusi'iip)n'al 

estate brokers, 10 Law bldg. St. Paul 
Audoun Jos. A. patternmaker, cor Broadway 

and Monument 
Audoun Joseph II. (A. & Bruscup, ) attorney, 

Bro;idway and .Monument 
Audoun Louis, carpenter, U4 s Ann 
Audoun Uliver, (Binyon & A.) 132 Bank 
Audoi.n Uliver, jr. carpenter, 1.32 Bank 
Audwine Susette, 51 n Front 
Auel Adam, shoemaker, 261 Battery av 
Auer .Mrs. Catharine, GL» I'ark 
Auerbach Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Hamburg 
Auerback Christian, drayman, 158 Henrietta 
Anerback Mrs. J. L. 23 n Liberty 
Auerman Jacob, japanner, 157 Welcome al 
AntJ'hart George, laborer, 158 .Madeira al 
Auger Jacob P. (J. P. A. cj- Co.) 58s Ann 
Auaer J. H. oyster packer, 5S s Ann 
Auger J. P. & Co. (J. P. Auger, R. Wilson,) 

oyster packers, 6G Boston 
Aul John, lager beer, n e cor Chase and Cen- 
tral av 
Aul Michael, shoemaker, 316 n Gay 
Aulabaugh John H. grocer, 179e Eager, d\v 17 

e Eager 
Aulabaugh Zephaniah N. teacher, 100 Chew 
Aulbach Mrs. John A. butcher, \ I and 26 Fell's 

Point market, dw Belair road nr city limits 
Aulbach John G. laborer, 19 Liberty 
Aulbaugh Geo. Initcher, Belairav nr city limits 
AuldBenj. F. lieut. police, 255 Gough 
Auld Edwin J., 383 Saratoga 
Auld ('apt. Edward IL, 383 e Baltimore 
Auld Fanny, teacher, 383 e Bnltimore 
.Vuld Haddaway, lime and feed, 29^ n Greene. 

dw 383 Saratoga 
Auld Jolin E. shipsmith, 83 William 
Auld Jos. H. (Bowen & A.,) 83 William 
Auld Mrs. Maria, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Philip, ship carpenter, 177 Hughes 
Auld Samuel, ship carpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Auld -Mrs. Sophia, 383 e Baltimore 
Auld Wilson, engineer, 338 e Lombard 
AuU Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 s Bethel 
AuU Henry, fireman, 5 Watson ct 
.Vull Jacob, shoemaker, Waverley, York rd 
AuU Jacob H. carpenter, 25 s Fremont 
.Vull Lewis, carpenter, Waverley, York rd 
AuU Louis, clerk, 56 President 
.Vull Louis, clerk, 79 S Bethel 
AuU .Mary, dressmaker, 79 s Bethel 
Ault Conrad, watchman, lyosllegester 
Ault Wui. nuvchinist, 176.McHenry 
Aultgiet .Margaret, 77 Grindall 
Auman Wm. C. manuf. cigars, 269 w Pratt, 

dw 14 s Greene 
Auman Wm. clerk, 14 s Greene 
Aurtaung Martin, baker, 197 Orleans 
.\usbach Henry, hostler, Lombard and Addi- 
son al 
Ansbuetel Frederick, coppersmith, 28 n Gay 
Austen Geo. C. carjjcnter, lo3 West 
Austen Dr. Philip 11., 8 Cathedral 
Austen Wm. C. Ijricklayer, 103 West 
Austin Alex. Pi. bookkeeper Citizens' National 

Bank, .Maryland av e.\tended 
Austin James K. P., 75 Hillen 
Austin John T. stove mounter, 97 s Chester 
Austin Sophia, seamstress, l02 n Eden 
Austin Theodore D. chairmaker, 363 s Sharp 

Austin Theodore G. teller People's Bank, 5(i i 

Austin Wm. shipsmith, 213 Bank 
Austin Wm. F. carpenter, 228 West 
Austrian Robt.. (R. A. & Co.) 213 s Broadway 
Austrian Robt. & Co. (R. Austrian, B. Levy,) 

hat and cap manufacturers, 9 s Liberty 
Auth .Mrs. Barbara, 122 Johnson 
Auth John, laborer, 122 Johnson 
Auth Nicholas, tailor, 122 Johnson 
Auiliurs Patrick, hod carrier, 20 s Chapel 
Avard Thomas, tailor, 27'J Orleans 
Avard .Martha, 276 Orleans 
Avden Joseph, tailor, 189 w Pratt 
Averill Edward S. clerk, 21 n Calvert 
Avery & Bowen, (Salem Avery, Thos. Bowen,) 

oysters, Granby and Central av 
Avery Salem, (A. & Bowen,) 132 Granby 
Await Ferdinand, shoemaker, 18 Sterrett 
Await Geo. shoemaker, 18 Sterrett 
Aw-brey Andrew J. cigarmaker, 306 e Monu- 
Avvbrey John S. plasterer, 241 n Eden 
Awbrey Priestly, shoemaker, 241 n Eden 
Awbrey Thomas P. painter, 316 e Manument 
Awpler Henry, tinner, Ramsay nr Frederick rd 
Ax Christian, (G. W. Gail tj- A.x) 59 Barre 
Axt Mirtin, cigarmaker, 131 Camden 
Aydelott Wm. confectioner, 132 Pearl 
Ayers Annie, Qd Chew 
Ayers, Mrs. Ann, 7 Fell 
Avers Mrs. E. W. 343 Lexington 
Ayers Geo. W. mariner, 414 Eastern av 
Ayers Geo. W. 198 s Broadway 
Ayers Mrs. Lydia, 66 Chew 
Ayers Owen, helper, 212 s Bond 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 s Ann 
Ayers, Samuel jr. waterer, 61 s Ann 
Ayers Thomas, teacher, 85 Saratoga 
Ayers Walter, hatter, 198 s Broadway 
Ayers Wesley, laborer, Patuxent nr Boston 
Ayler Elizabeth. 86 McElderry 
Ayler Elizabeth, Hampton 
Ayler Jesse, painter, 86 McElderry 
Ayler John W. clerk, 86 McElderry 
Ayler Wm. H. engineer, 23 ii Gay 
Ayler Wtn. H. engineer, Hampton 
Aymold Benj. laborer, 385 s Charles 
Aymold Lewis, painter, 385 s Charles 
Aymold Mrs. Maria, 385 s Charles 
Aymuld Robert, cooper, 37 Brown la 
A\ res Edmund, blacksmith, 77 n Liberty 
Ayres Mrs. Harriet, 163 s Cluster 
Axle Christian, beer, 154 Eastern av 
Azafer Christopher, stevedore, 221 s Bond 

Baackle Tobias, cooper, 143 Hamburg 
Haader Catherine, 20 .Mott 
Babb Mrs. J. D. jr. cake baker, 68 s Charles 
Babbestella Francis, shoemaker, 114 s Durham 
Babbestella George, shoemaker, 114 s Durham 
Babcock James, laborer, 404 Eastern av 
Babendrier Louis, (Gable k Co.) 9 I'ine 
Babendrier Louis, pianomaker, 9 n Pine 
Babendrier Mrs. Sophia, 9 n Pine 
Bacciguiloppa Nicholas, fruit stand, dw 61 

Bach Adam, groceries, flour & feed, 329 Aisquith 
Bach Mrs. Catherine, 47 Chatsworth 
Bach Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 62 n Wolfe 

Offices, 64 S. G-ay, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 

BAE ' 



Bach Geo. laborer, 391 s Eutaw 

Uach Henry, sr. (Hartman, Bach & Co.) Druid 

Hill av nr Dolphia 
Bach John, laborer, 52 n Wolfe 
Bach .John C. carpenter, 418 s Charles 
Bach John H. clerk, Druid Hill av ur Dolphin 
Bach Peter, shoemaker, lU-l u Central av 
Bach Mrs. tiophia, teacher, Waverly, York rd 
Bacharach Aaron, 164 e Lombard 
Bacharach Abraham, dry goods, 77 Ensor 
Bacharach Simon, salesman, 77 Ensor 
Bacharach Solomon, salesman, 77 Ensor 
Bachert George, brewer, 2 Bradford al 
Bachler Jacob F. confectioner, 70 Druid Hill av 
Bachman Adam, whitewasher, 189 s Wash- 
15achiiian Andrew, lager beer, 64 Mulberry 
Bachman August, shoemaker, 7 Montgomery 
Bachniau August, packer, 1 William nr Forlav 
Bachman Balthuser, lab. rear IS'J s Washington 
Bachman Ernest, tailor, 19 Barnes 
Bachman Frederick, tavern, 254 s Eutaw 
Bachman Frederick, shoes, 215 s Eutaw 
Bachman Frederick, wagoner, 141 Johnson 
Bachman Francis, blacksmith, 101 Fort av 
Bachman lieury, tailor, 78 n Durham 
Bachman Henry, grocery, 214 s Caroline 
Bachman John, liquors, 209 Hollins 
Bachman John, caoineimaker, 140 s Castle 
Bachman John, tailor, 13 Stirling 
Bachman John M. cigar manufacturer, 153 w 

Pratt, dw 60 Albermarle 
Bachman Joseph, laborer, 140 s Castle 
Bachman Ludwig, tailor, 133 Vine 
Bachniann Chas. \V. tinuer, 254 s Eutaw 
Bachmann Kev. Marcus, 127 Bank 
Bachrach David, furniture, 186 Pearl 

grapher, cor. Lexington and Eu- 
taw, dweUing 186 Pearl. 

Bachrach Isaac, 128 e Pratt 
Bachrach Edward, saloon, 62 Lancaster 
Bachrach Henrietta, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach iSalhau, chinavvare, 12 u Caroline 
Bachrach Joseph, clerk, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach Moses, clerk, 186 Pearl 
Bachter Joseph, laborer, 189 s Bethel 
Bachtler John, tiostler, 63 Monroe 
Back Adaui, wagoner, Wilmer al nr Hoffman 
Back John, oysters, 312 w Hoffman, dw Wil- 
mer al ur HoUman 
Backel Louis, woodsawyer, 48 Stiles 
Backer Anna, tailoress, 28 Fort 
Backer John, laborer, 363 s Charles 
Backert Andreas, shoemaker, 146 s Cliapel 
Backes Peter, shoemaker, 255 e Pratt 
Backman Geo. A. pattern maker, 57 Columbia 
Backman Jas E. pattern maker, 57 McHenry 
Backus Kev. Dr. John C. 126 w Madison 
Bacon tjf Co. (F. X. Lipp, James Lipp) coffee 

manufacturers, 476 w Baltimore 
Bacon Edwards, conductor, 952 w Baltimore 
Bacon liev. Leonard W. 135 Lanvale 
Bacon Mary J. 39 Hollins 
Bacon Thos. shoemaker, 22 Arbel al 
]5acon Capt. James, 121 s Broadway 
liadders Henry H. carpenter, Foster al near 

Hotfnian, dw 68 Park av 
Badders Andrew T. (Street & B.) 120 Forrest 




Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Badders Jackson, ofC. H., Black Horse hotel 
Badders Nicholas, carpenter, Farmers hotel 
Baden Mrs. Frances E. 50 n Charles 
Bader Mrs. Helen, notions, 50 e Eager 
Bader Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 268 s Sharp 
Bader Henry, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bader Jacob, varnish, 268 s Sharp 
Badger Benj. carpenter, 5 Columbia 
Badger Charles, stonecutter, 617 w Pratt 
Badger David E. carpenter, 5 Columbia 
Badger Edward, clerk, 632 w Baltimore 
Badger Ezekiel, shoemaker, 617 w Pratt 
Badger James, carpenter, 5 Columbia 
Badger Joseph, Adams' Exp. Baltimore near 

Badinger Jacob, laborer, 172 s Wolfe 
Baeckel John, shoemaker, 258 e Fayette 
Baemister E. clerk, Washington hotel 
Baenneng Geo. boxmaker, 332 Hamburg 
BAFR ARTHUR P. & CO. (A. P. Baer, C. E. 

Savage, special,) bides and leather, 37 and 

39 s Calvert 
Baer Arthur P. (A. P. Baer & Co.) 144 Lanvale 
Baer August, laborer, 522 Penna av 
Baer Bankard, gard'nr, Patterson Park av nr 

Eastern av 
Baer & Bro. (Geo. H. and C. W. Baer) gen'l 

com. merchants, 22 Spear's wharf 
Baer Chas. W. (Baer & Bro.) 48 McCulloh 
Baer Christopher, laborer, 114 Orleans 
Baer Christopher, cigarraaker, 114 Orleans 
Baer Dr. Edvv. R. exam'g physician Custom 

House, dw 142 Bolton 
Baer Geo. laborer, 98 s Spring 
Baer Geo. H. (Baer k Bro.) 175 n Howard 
Baer Henry, porter, 98 s Spring 
Baer Henry jr. clerk, 98 s Spring 
Baer Henry, cabinetmaker, 144 n Caroline 
Baer Isaac, furs, rags, &c., 13 Camden, dw 166 

Baer Jacob, blacksmith, 32 s Bond 
Baer John, tailor, 79 e Lombard 
Baer John, cooper, 41 Goodman al 
Baer Rev. John, 48 McCulloh 
Baer John 11. gen'l agt. 15 s Gay, dw 203 w 

Baer John H. blacksmith, 521 Light, dw 527 
Baer John, gardener, Patterson Park av or 

Eastern av 
Baer John W. special agent. Custom House 
Baer Mrs. Julia, millinery, 193 n Gay 
Baer Lewis, junk, 11 Camden 
BAER & McGLONE, (T.S. B., J. T. McGlone) 

attorneys, 15 St. Paul 
Baer Mrs. M. S. 144 Lanvale 
Baer Peter, blacksmith, 114 Orleans 
Baer Mrs. Rebecca, 116 Low 
Baer Rev. Robt. N. 249 n Caroline 
Baer Solomon, sec. hand clothing, 145 Columbia 
Baer Thomas S. attorney, (B. & McGlone) 48 


Coac hes and Baronches for Sho p ping, Weddings. & c 




Bder Will. H. storek'per Int. Rev., Presstm:in 

and Gilmor 
Baer Win. potter, 114 Orleans 
Baenistein Solomon, dry goods. 109 Ciunden 
Baester Herman, l:il)orer, l.iG s Sprinn: 
BaetjtT J. Georjie, (Colton <f B.) ,3S2 Franklin 
Baeijer Mrs. Louisa, 234 w Lombard 
BaetjtT Wni. clerk, 234 w Lombiud 
Bagby Ruth, 79 Lee 
Bager John, laborer, 433 Hamburg 
Bagger David E. carpenter, 5 Columbia 
Bagger .James, carpenter, 5 Columbia 
Baggoit Thos. wire worker, 18;') Madison av 
Ba;4ley Dr. Joseph H. ai)othecary, n e cor Bal- 
timore and Ann 
Bdgnall Dr. Richard D. 4 n Calhoun 
Bagwell Mrs. Catharine, 7 St. Paul 
Bagwell John W. moulder, 159 Bank 
Bagwell Thus. P. clerk, 238 w Baltimore 
Balian Mary, cook, 143 n Charles 
Bahlka Frederick, tailor, 113 McElderry 
Bahlka William, coufect'r, over 88 n Broadway 
Batilmann A. ci^armaker, 15 Greenmount av 
Bahlmann Clement, laborer, 108 West 
Bahlmann Garrett H. laborer, 454 Light 
Bahlmann Garrett II. jr. brickmkr. 454 Light 
Bahlmann John L. clerk, 454 Light 
Bahlmann John N. laborer, 108 West 
Bahlmann Mrs. Jlargaret, grocery, 108 West 
Bahner Nicholas, tailor, 39 Cambridge 
Bahnlein Fred, laborer, 97 Hattery av 
Bahnleiu John G. cooper, 16 Klizabeth la 
Bahnlein John, laborer, 99 Battery av 
Bahnlein Jos. varnisher, 50 Durst al 
Bahnlein John, laborer, 29 Goodman al 
Balm Frederick, bricklayer, cor Monument and 

Bahr Casper, laborer, 225 s Durham 
Baier .\ndrew, brewer, 390 Canton av 
Baier George, laborer, 'M> s Wolfe 
Baier George, laborer, 428 Canton av 
Baier Paul, Ijrewery, O'Donnell and Second av 

Baierlip John, tailor, 222 s Paca 
Baiers Chas. shoeujaker, Third av nr Eastern av, 
Baile Lena, 237 Barre 
Bailer Joseph, shoemaker, 184 Madeira al 
Bailey B. N. civil engineer, 70 n Calvert 
Bailey Mrs. Catharine, 171 Preston 
Bailey Charles, ship carpenter, 178 Gough 
Bailey Chas. W. engineer, 143 William 
Bailey Charles W. carpenter, 10 Park av 
Bailey Charles, carpenter, 10 Park av 
Bailey David, brass finisher, 265 n Dallas 
BAlT.EY E. & CO. (E. Bailey, W. Kelley, ) ship 

chandlers, 105 Thames 
Bailey Edward, carpenter. 170 Gough 
Bailey Edward, mariner, 36 Cross 
Bailey Edward A. painter, llo Preston 
Bailey Edwin, (E. B. &; Co.) 16 s Broadway 
JBailey & Fifer, (Wm Bailey, Wm. F. Fifer, ) 

groceries, 367 Cathedral 
bailey Edwin, carpenter, 170 Gough 
Bailey Ellen, 61 Elisor 
Bailey George, 75 w Centre 
Bailey George W. hatter, 363 Cathedral 
Bailey lleury, brass finisher, 291 n Dallas 
Bailey Henry, pilot, 178 Gough 
Bailey Jacob, laborer, 9 s Eden 
Bailey Jacob W. clerk, 161 s Eden 
Bailey James, stonecutter, 52 n Howard 
Bailey James, shij) carpenter, 178 Gough 

Bailey James ^V . P. machinist, 3o2 e Pratt 

Bailey Jane M. 59 Henrietta 

Bailey John, engineer, 26 n Republican 

Bailey John, puddler, 83 Harrison 

Bailey J(din, carpenter, 227 Dolphin 

Bailey John, mariner, 30 Abbey al 

Bailey John E. locksmith, 129 Cross 

Bailey lohn R. pniujimaker, 47 s Ann 

Bailey Lewis V). (Cusliings& B.)237 w Lombard 

Bailey Mrs. Lucy S. confectionery, 61 Ensor 

Bailey Levin, carpenter, 59 Henrietta 

Bailey .Margaret, 1.34 Bank 

Bailey Maria, huckstress, 61 Ensor 

Bailey Marion E. 462 Lexington 

Bailey Mattha A. teacher, 462 Lexington 

Bailey .Mary H. 462 Lexington 

Bailey .Mrs. Matilda A. 37 Cross 

Bailey Mrs. Nancy, 123 Penna av 

Bailey Parks D. turn, wagon, 100 Battery av 

Bailey Robt. M. trainmaster, 264 e Eager 

Bailey Mrs. Susan, 142 s Sharp 

Bailey Thos. jr laborer, rear 142 William 

Bailey Thos. mariner, 50 Jackson sq av 

Bailey Wm. (B. Jj- Fifer,) 367 Cathedral 

Bailey Wm. boois and shoes, 108 Lexington. 

dw 462 
Bailey Wm. A. tailor, 59 Henrielta 
Bailey Wm. C. joiner, 21 Henrietta 
Bailey Wm. H. blacksmith, 42 Cross 
Bailey W. L, agt. 0. A. & M. U. R., 149 w 

Baltimore, dw Fountain hotel 
Baillie John, carpet weaver, 234 n Caroline 
Bailiss .Mrs. Maria, lailoress, 164 e Chase 
Bailoue Pascal B. carpenter and builder, Centr* 

nr Front, dw 38 Jackson 
BAILY, CALDWELL & lO. (Geo. B., Wm. 
M. Caldwell,) cutlery and tiardware, 22 « 
Baily Geo. (B., Caldwell & Co.) 75 w Centre 
Baily Geo. jr. clerk, 75 w Centre 
Baily James, chemist and druggist, 70 s Cal- 
vert, dw '6ij s Greene 
Bain Geo. W. builder, 121 Mosher 
Bain John W. cooper, 128McHeniy 
Bain Joseph, 205 Dover 
Bainer Harry, shoemaker, 53 s Liberty 
Bair Bros. (VV'm.and Geo. B. Bair, ) mauufs. 
copper paint, cor Pratt and Buchanan's whf, 
Bair Edward, tobacconist, 89j Camden dw 224 

Bair Geo. B. (B. Bros.) 80 s Paca 
Bair Wm. (B. Bros.) 80 s Paca 
Bair Wm. jr. clerk, 80 s Paca 
Baird Alexanders, clerk, 7 n Gilmor 
Baird Miss E. bj. 87 n Charle.-^ 
Baird Geo. W., U. S. N. 6!,» Pearl 
Baird lleiuiter, machinist, 7 n Gilmor 
Baird Henry, machinist, 7 n Gilmor 
Baird Henry, jr. clerk, 7 u Gilmor 
Baird James, blacksmith, 35 Millimaa 
Baird Ophelia, 69 Pearl 

Baird Thos. D. principal Baltimore City Col- 
lege, 87 n Charles 
Baird Wm. L. teacher, 87 n Charle.-f 
Baitz Wm. 11. cabinetinaker, 32 Bank 
Buitzel Charles H. clerk, 155 n Fremont 
Baitzel Jacob G. carpenter, 155 n Fremont 
Baitzel John, bricklayer, Clinton s of Boston 
Baitzel Win. E bookkeeper, 155 n Fremont 
Baitzmain John, blacksmith, Falls id nr gate 
Bakenhause Henry, mariner, 205 s Ann 
Baker Mrs. Alfred, 245 n Charles 

At Central Staloles, 111 Lexin gton. C. H. Bredem eyer. 




Bilker Mrs. Annette, 80 e Pratt 

Bilker Arthur, shipcarpeiiter, 13 Willhimson al 

Baker Asbury, clerk, 5 k Ann 

Bilker August, cigiiraiaker, 38 s Scliroeder 

Biiker August, laborer, 15 Bevan 

Bilker August, catiinaker, 293 s Bond 

J. Baker, Wm. Baker, jr., Charles 
E. Baker,) Manufacturers Balti- 
more Window Glass ; Importers 
Druggists' Glassware and Bottles, 
Bicarb Soda, Sal-Soda, and other 
Chemicals, Paints, Colors, Oils, 
Glue, &e. 32 and 34 s Charles. 

BAKER. BRUFF& Co. (J. W. Biiker, J. E. 
Bruff, A. B. Faulkner) wholesiile dry goods, 
245 w Baltimore 
Bilker Barbitra, 315 Aliceanna 
Baker Mrs. Catherine, dressmaker, 55 Oxford 
Bilker Captain Caleb H. 131 Dolphin 
Baker .Mrs. Catherine, dressmaker, 214 e Chase 
Baker Chas. G. eari)enter, 173 .Jefferson. 
Baker Chas. A. (Wm. B.'& Bro.) 238 Barre 
Baker C. H. clerk, 791 w Ballimure 
Baker Ch;is. laborer, 305 Aliceiiuna 
Baker Chiis. R. carpenter, 210 n Bond 
Baker Charles J. (Baker Bros. & Co.) prest. 
Franklin B;ink, prest. Life Association of 
America, and prest. CiUiton Co. dw Athol, 
Frederick road 
Baker Chas. E.( Baker Bros i;Co.)247 Linden av 
Bidver Chas. H. milk, 240 w Fayette 
Baker Chas. coachpainter, 3t! Boyd 
Baker Chas. T. Initcher, 542 Penna av 
Baker Conrad, laborer, 180 Madeira al ■ 
Bilker Davis, niiiriner, 69 Harford av 
ii.iker Edward J. (.Dickey, Baker & Co.) Biil- 

tiiuorc Co. 
3aker Edward M. clerk. 16 s Caroline 
iaker Edward, boilermaker, 139 Columbia 
iaker Eiirnest, clerk, Postoffice, dw 71 Green- 
mount av 
5aker IJlijiih, coachtrimraer, 348 n Gay 
Jaker Mrs. Eliza, 210 a Bond 
Jiiker Mrs. EliZii, milk, 529 u Gay 
Jaker Mrs, Eliz;ibeth, seamstress, 4 Newmiiii'sct 
3aker Elizabeth, 51 Diamond 
Jaker I'raucis, carter, Monroe nr Pratt 
Jaker Francis, carpenter, 75 n Chiipel 
Jaker FriincisN. coitchtrimmer, 176 s Paca 
Jaker Frank, cooper, 74 s Central av 
Jaker Frank, puddler, 191 s Chester 
Jaker Fred, clerk, Bond and Pralt 
Jaker Frederick, Walsh nr Cooke 
■Jaker Frederick, harnessiuaker, 340 Mulberry 
Jaker Frederick, tailor, 218 n Caroline 
iaker Frederick, blacksmith, 6 Fell 
iaker Fredk. H. boilermaker, 139 Columbia 
iiiker Frederick, jr. cooper, 198 Bank 
iaker Fredk. W. coachmaker, 210 n Bond 
laker Frederick, shoemaker, 198 Bank 
Iaker Geo (B. & lloos) 38 Holland 
iaker Geo. cabinetmaker, 57 Gough 
iaker, Geo. confectionery, 91 Hanover market, 
; dw 99 s Sharp 

iiaker Geo. varnisher, 340 Mulberry 
li.iker Geo. clerk, 106 Mosher 
^iker Geo. machinist, 185 Lee 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Kosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Baker Geo. milk, 529 n Gay 

Baker Geo. W. dry goods, 64 s Ann 

Bilker George, laborer. Chase e of Wolfe 

Baker Greenbury, milk, 93 n Ann 

Bilker Mrs. Greenbury, milk, 529 n Gay 

Baker Gideon, nightman, 343 e Fayette 

Baker Hiiman, ship carpenter, 57 Block 

Baker lliuriet A. 77 Ptarl 

Baker Harriet Ann, Druidville 

Baker Capt. Henry, 65 n (Caroline 

Baker Henry, butler, 502 n Gay 

Bilker Henfy, laborer, cor Pratt and Castle 

Baker Henry, coachpainter, 210 n Bond 

Baker Henry, carp'r, McMechin and Division 

Baker Henry, tailor, 192 .Montgomery 

B^ker Henry, tiiilor, 75 s Bond 

Bilker Henry, undertaker, 38 Holland 

Baker Henry, hiborer, Boston e of Clinton 

Baker Henry, milk, Second av nr Boston 

Bilker Henry, toolgriiider, 26 Clay 

Bilker Henry W. clerk, 245 w Bitltimore 

Baker Henry, broomm:iker, 212 e Chase 

Bilker k Hoos, (Geo. Baker, John Hoos) lam{)S 

and oil, 306 n Gay 
Baker Jacob, laborer, Frederick av nr Wiikens 
Baker Jacob, grocery. 213 Henrietta 
Baker Jacob, brickhiyer, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Jacob, police, 455 n Gay 
Bilker Jacob, brakeman, 42 e Rager 
Bilker Jacob, butcher, 100 Centre, 59 Lexing- 
ton and 55 Hanover mkts, dw 540 Penna aT 
Bilker James, porter, 198 e Lombard 
Baker Jam s, machinist, "Woodberry 
Baker Jiimes, laborer, 46 Essex 
Baker James, bricklayer, 31 Hiirford av 
Bilker James R. furniture wagon, 76 n Ann 
Baker Jiimes C. ship carpenter, 175 Biink 
Baker James M. bricklayer, 224 n Howard 
Baker James, machinist, 399 Saratoga 
Baker James, driver, 76 n Ann 
Baker John, laborer, 72 Towson 
Baker John, tailor, 138 s Washington 
Baker John, Laborer, 76 Somerset 
Baker John, stone cutter, 4 Point la 
Baker John, police, v; Lombard nr Monroe 
Baker John J. mariner. 100 s Chester 
Baker John, shoemaker, 198 Bank 
Baker John, ship Ciirpenter, 135 Thames 
Baker John W. brickniiiker, 86 Henrietta 
Bilker John W. (Baker, Bruff & Co.) 245 w 

Baker John G. canmaker, 3 Orleans 
Bilker John T. police, 263 n Diillas 
Baker John L. ship joiner, 343 e Fayette 
Baker John C. boilernuiker, 76 n Fremont 
Baker John T. baker, 440 Lexington 
Baker John M. shoemaker, 32 Milliman 
Baker John M. 238 Barre 
Baker John W. laborer, 86 Henrietta 
Baker John, clerk, 4 Milliman 
Baker John G. colporteur, 71 Aisquith 

Joshua Horner, Jr. Mannfa c'r and C o m. Mercliant, 



Baker John V. police, 244 e Monument 

Hrtker John J. clerk, 37 Stockton 

IJaker John, machinist, 139 Columbia 

liaker John \V. coal and wood, 406 Harford av 

Itaker John W. sr. 105 n Hro.idway 

Baker John W.jr. otlicer Penitentiary, 105 n 

Baker John M. confectionery. 46 Chesnnt 
Baker John M. shoemaker, 32 William 
Baker Mrs. Joseph, ly4 Saratoga 
Baker Jose|)h, blacksmith, 205 Ramsay 
Baker J. \'ictor, police, 348 n Gay 
Baker Mrs. I.aura, 71 w Biddle 
Baker Lawrence W. clerk, 31 n Fremont 
Baker Levi, bricklayer, 63 n Fremont 
liaker Lewis \V. manager Eagle Tobacco works 

219 w Pratt 
Baker Mrs. Lizzie, 272 s Caroline 
Biker Lycurgus A. 66 n Paca 
Baker .Margaret, teacher, 131 Dolphin 
Baker Marion, coachtriminer, 116 s Paca 
Baker & McCracken, (.\'. Baker, J. McCracken,) 

paper and rags, \'ln w Lombard 
Baker .Mrs. .Mary. 186 n Central av 
Baker .Mrs. .Mary, china and glass, 199 Ham- 
Baker Mrs. Mary A. dressmaker, 791 w Baltimore 
Baker Mrs. Mary, 47 President 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. dressmaker, 453 n Gay 
Baker .Milton, carpenter, 60 Barre 
Baker Nelson, (B. &, McCracken,) 133 Montgo- 
BakerNicholas, upholsterer, 90 s Central av 
liaker Philip, clerk, 53 s Ann 
Baker Philip, boxmaker, 29 Harrison 
Haker Reuben, hreman, 417 \v Lombard 
Baker Mrs. Rachel, 23 .McHenrv 
RAKER R. J. iic CO. (R. J. Baker, R. J. Hol- 
lingsworth, ) manufacturers dye wood, dye 
stuffs, chemicals and oil of vitriol, 36 and 
38 s Charles [<See Advertisement Jronl Cover.'\ 
Baker Richard J. (R. J. B. & Co.) Liberty rd 
Baker Robert, laborer, 109 Peach al 
Baker Robert B. jr., cabinetmaker, 77 Pearl 
Baker Robert B. cabinetmaker, 31 n Fremont 
BMker Robert J. canmaker, 455 n Gay 
Baker Rosanna, seamstress, 15 Bevan 
Baker Mrs. Rose, lagi-r beer, Pratt and Castle 
Baker Samuel G. coachman, 18 St. Mary 
iJakcr Sarah, 348 n Gay 
Bilker Sarah R. boarding, 171s Ann 
Baker Mrs. Sophia, 335 e Lombard 
Baker .Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 75 s Bond 
Baker .Mrs. Sophia, 50 s Ann 
Baker Mr.*. Susanna, 6 Gough 
Baker Theresa, laundress, 74 w Monument 
Baker Theoilore H. cabinetmaker, Belair av nr 

Baltimore cemetery 
Baker Thomas, drayman. 6 East 
Baker T. Otis, attorney, 28 St. Paul, dw 243 w 

Baker Valentine, baker, Lombard and Payson 
Baker i Wagner, (11. Baker, W'. Wagner.) 

boxniakers, Frederick nr Fayette 
Baker Wra. laborer, 3o5 Eastern av 
B.iker Wni. shoemaker, 147 e .Madison 
Baker Wm. shucker, 315 Aliceanna 
Baker Win. .M. ((iriffith, B. k Co.) 39 George 
Baker Wm. huckster, 171 Columbia 
Baker Wm. W. coojar, 233 n Bond 
Baker Wm. K. clerk, lo7 s Broadway 
Baker Wm. H. huckster, lu6 lleBrietta 

Baker Wm. printer, 31 n Fremont 
Baker Wm. engineer Bayview Asylum 
Baker Wm. laborer, 308 Canion av 
Baker Wm. C. engineer, 100 s Chester 
Baker Wm. patternmaker, 417 w Pratt 
Baker Wm. H. clerk, 240 Lexington 
Bakt-r Wm. W. coflee cleaner, 233 n Bond 
Baker Wm. jr. (Baker Bros & Co.) Balto. Co. 
Baker Wm. W. ropemaker, Register n of Chase 
Baker Wm. J. hardware, 479 w Baltimore 
Baker Wm. H. K. shoecutter, 15 Pearl 
Baker Wm. A. shipcarpenter, 13 Williamson al 
Jiaker Wm. A. city missionary, 281 n Eden 
Baker Wm. (Wm. B. ^i Bro.) 72^ Columbia 
Baker Win. & Bro. ( Wm. and Chas. A. Baker) 

confectioners, &c., 2'.iu w Baltimore 
Baker Wm. junk, 92 Thames, dw 100 s Chester 
B.ilbiruie .Mrs. Ann L. teacher, 39^ Courtland 
Balch Mrs. Eliza, 127 s Paca 
Balch Rev. L. P. W. 275 Lanvaie ' 
Balch Lelaiid, photographer, 235 Madison av 
Balch Wm. E. photographer, 50 n Charles, dw 

St. John's Hotel 
Bald Frederick W. gunsmith, 91 Penna av 
Balderston Dr. A. Holmes, dentist, 105 St. Paul 
Balderston Hugh & Sou, (J. Balderston,) wire 

workers, 12 s Calvert 
Balderston Jacob, (Hugh Balderston & Son,) 

515 w Fayette 
Balderston John C. (B., W'ard & Co.) 48 w 

Balderston Dr. Isaiah, 105 St. Paul 
Balderston Isaac, shoemaker, Gi e Fayette 
Balderston .Marcellus. ironw'ker, 13 Jackson ct 
Balderston Thos. wire worker, 515 w Fayette 
Balderston, Ward lV: Co. (J. C. Balderston, J. 
H. Ward,) boot and shoe commission mer- 
chants, over 273 w Baltimore 
Baldner John, 254 Mulberry 
Biddner Siuah, 254 Mulberry 
Baldus Mrs. Catherine, 153 Stirling 
Baldus Elizabeth, Harford av nr Point la 
Baldus Wm. clerk, Harford av nr Point la 
Baldwin Caleb C. cigarmaker^ 171 e Fayette 
Baldwin Chas. E. engineer corps, 70 n Calvert 
Baldwin Charles W. salesman. Fountain hotel 
Baldwin Christopher C. (Woodward, Baldwin 

k Co.) New York 
BALDWIN k CUGLE, (T. P. Baldwin, C. 
Cugle, ) commission merchants, and whole- 
sale cotton yam, 21 German 
Baldwin D. W. 64 St. Paul 
Baldwin David, treas. Savings Bank of Balti- 
more, 70 McCulloh 
Baldwin Dr. Edwin C. 124 n Exeter 
Baldwin E. Francis, (B. & Price) 50 McMecliin 
Baldwin Geo. K. D. machinist, 33 e Eager 
Baldwin Henry N. machinist. Ml Vernon mills 
Baldwin H. T. oyster packer, 219 Gough 
Baldwin James, ovster packer, 109 s Chester 
Baldwin John H. '118 St Paul 
Baldwin .las. T. clothing cutter, 201 Mulberry 
Bahlwin John 11. oyster packer, lo9 s Chester 
Baldwin John T. driver, 356 Eastern av 
BaMwin John H. of A. carp. 109 s Chester 
Baldwin John H. carjienter, I 2o u Eden 
Baldwin John P.wagoner,Chapel nr Eastern av 
Baldwin Jose|)h, machinist, 348Bamsay 
Baldwin Joseph J. carpenter, Clipper mills 
Baldwin Le Rov E. storekeeper C.H. 393 Druid 

Hill av 
Baldwin Mary A an, Woodbury 

Offices. 34 S. Gay, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 




Baldwin Oliver P. asst. editor Sun, Wayerley, 

Ist toll erate. York road 
Baldwin Oliver P. jr. Waverlev. Balto. Co. 
BALDWIN & PRICE, (E.F.Baldwin, Bruce 

Price,) architects, s w cor Lexington and 

Baldwin Robert, carpenter, 109 s Chester 
Baldwin Robert, jr. 3?.5 Madison av 
Baldwin Robert, "laborer, 64 St Peter 
Baldwin Robt. T. prest. Nat. Mechanics Bank, 

dw 335 Madison av 
Baldwin R. \V. (B. cj- Tripj.e,) Gilmor nr Win- 
Baldwin Surarnerfieid.(Xorris & B.)289 Park av 
Baldwin Dr. Silas, jjliysician .Md Penitentiary, 

dw Townsend and Myrtle av 
Baldwin Thos. police, 38 n Wolfe 
Baldwin Thomas P. (B. & Cugle,) Pleasant nr 

Baldwin Theodore, ovster packer. 219 Gough 
Baldwin & Tiippe, (R. W. Baldwin, A. C. 

Trippe, ) attorneys, 42 St. Paul 
Baldwin Wm. H.'jr. (Woodward. B. ^i" Co.) 

115 Park 
Baldwin Wm. H. blacksmith, 526 w Lombard 
Balke Adolph, carpenter, 130 n Eutaw 
Balke Fred'k, carp. 33 Clay, dw-130 n Eutaw 
Balke .John, tailor, 233 s Bond 
Bail .Airs. Ann, 34 Pearl 
Ball David, brick nianuf. n w cor Putnam and 

Washington road, dw 601 w Fayette 
Ball David C. clerk, 238 e Payette 
Ball George W. laborer, 29 Thames 
Ball Henry S, bricklayer. 57 Pearl 
Ball John, clerk, 142 s Bro-idway 
Ball .lohn L. shoemaker, 193 East 
Ball John il. bricklayer, 71 Pearl 
Ball John L. bricklayer, 171 s Chester 
Ball J(din D. carpenter, 335 n Howard, dw 40 w 

Ball Joseph, carpenter, 162 German 
Ball Joseph M. tinner, 34 Pearl 
Ball Lizzie, dressmaker, 79 Pearl 
Ball .Mrs. .Margaret G. millinery, 51 Pearl 
Ball Mrs. M. X. dressmaker, 34 Pearl 
Ball Philip A. salesman, 103 Towiisend 
Bali Robt. laborer, cor Monument and Castle 
Ball .Samuel T. shoemaker. 2 Parrish 
Ball T. i^ewell, boots and shoes, 1 n Calvert, 

dw 194 .Madison av 
Ball Walter, jr, clerk, 89 Pearl 
Ball Walter, treasurer Balto. Steam Packet Co, 

8 South, dw 128 Bolton 
Ball Walter S. clerk. 128 Boltou 
Ball Wm. 108 n Calvert 
Ball Wm. D. 79 Pearl 
Balla Charles, caniuaker, 120 Chesapeake 
Balla John R. machinist, 364 n Gay 
Ballard Chas. L. asst. weigher, 71 Exchange 

pi, dw 257 w Hoffman 
Ballaid Chas. blacksmith, 108 Greenmount av 
Ballard Chas. B. letter car' r, 108 Greenmount av 
R 1' u-d Cvrus, 227 e Favette 

rd .Mrs. Edward J. 24 .Mc.Mechin 
id Mrs. Eliza A. 24 McMechin 
li:! i.ird Eliza J. teacher, 43 Mc.Mechin 
'; nd Fredk, coachmkr, York rd nr city limits 
rd Fred'k, .jr. painter. York rd nr citylmts 
rd Geo. E. clerk, 133 Division 
.^j.M.iid Geo. blacksmith, 219 Canton av 
I Ballard Jas. blacks'h, 77 Garden, dw 12 Forrest 
Ballard James T. painter, 59 e Eager 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


Cll.V>T,A.\ll,V KoR S.\LE 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Ballard James T. coach smith, 12 Forrest pi 
Ballard John P. clerk, Maltby house 
Ballard Joseph R. clerk, 24 McMechin 
Ballard Loula, teacher, 24 McMechin 
Ballard Laura V. teacher, 24 Mc.Mechin 
BALLARD LEVIN E. dining rooms and res- 
taurant, 57 Second and 58 Exchange place 
Ballard Nicholas, carpenter, Slreet's hotel 
Ballard Samuel H. clerk, 257 w Hoffman 
Ballauf Augustus, feed and produce, 67^ Har- 
rison, dw 69 
Ballauf Augustus, (B. ^-Son) J. P. 69 Harrison 
Ballauf A. Z. clerk, 69 Harrison 
Ballauf & Son, (A. and C. E. Ballauf,) tanners 

and curriers. 69 Harrison 
Ballauf Chas. E. (Ballauf cj- Son) 69 Harrison 
Ballantine Ale.x ship carpenter, ]i 2 s .\nu 
Ballentine Archibald, plasterer, 191 s Paca 
Ballentine Mrs. Eliza, 191 s Paca 
Ballen Chas. T. can maker, 120 Chesapeake 
Ballenger J. T. of Adams Exp., Maltby house 
Ballet Christian, tailor, 108 n Eden 
Ballman Frank, beer, 258 n Bond 
Balloch Rev. James, 403 Lexington 
Bally Mrs. Annie, peddler, 63 Raborg 
IJalfweder Conrad H. tailor, 195 Orleans 
Balm Fred'k, shoemaker, 75 Y'ork 
Balman Fred'k, laborer, 326 Easiern av 
Balster Chas. cigar m^ker, 132 s Chester 
Balster Geo. oysters. 228 s Ann 
Balster John C. police. 255 Canton av 
Bait Francis, laborer, 1 s Dewberry al 
Bait Geo. cattle drover, 1 s Dewberry al 
Bait Fred'k, butcher, 110 Battery av 
Bait Wm, shoemaker, 30 Clement 
Baltimore and Bremen Steamship Line, L. P., 

A. Schumacher & Co agents, 9 s Charles 
Baltimore Athenicum, cor. St. Paul and .Sara- 
toga, occupied by Baltimore Library Co., 
.Mercantile Library Association and Md. 
Historical Societv 
CIAL ADVERTISER, C. C. Fulton # Son, 
proprietors, 128 w Baltimore 
w Fayette 
Baltimore Automatic Laundry, De Witt, agent. 

8 n Gay 

INSUR.\NCE CO., 17 German 
Baltimore Bridge Co. 49 Lexington 
Baltimore Business College and Telegraphic 

Institute, 8 n Charles 
Baltimore Butchers' Hide and Tallow Associa- 
tion, No. 1, A. L. Wolf, pres't, s w cor Bu- 
ren and Fall 
Baltimore Can Company, 138 and 140 Camden 
Baltimore Calf Hide Association, Bernard Gil- 
ner, p'rest, 2 and 4 Neighbor 

Coaclies and Ba ro-gc hes for 


Shopping, Weddings, &c. 

Baltimore Car Wheel and Foundry Co. "\Y. J. 
Cochran, Wni. Hyson, and E. W. Robinson, 
foundry Essex ^ Concord, Canton, ofiRce 172 
w Pnvtt 

Baltimore Can Works, S. T. Taylor 3f Co. pro- 
prietors, )«2 s Howard 

HALTIMORE CUT JAIL, Madison e of Jones 

and Loniliard 

Siiiiili, Pa^'e cV Co. 59 s Charles 

Huihlin^'S. Second near Gay 

W.\y CO., office s e cor Baltimore and Cal- 
vert. Henrv Tvson, president 

Court House la 

Baltimore. Catoiisville and Ellicott City Rail- 
way, office Baltimore near .Mount 

Baltimore Ohemical, Paint and Varnish Works, 
cor Wolfe and Lancaster, office 104 w Lom- 

Baltimore City College, n e cor Ilolliday and 

P.altimore City Fertilizing and Manufacturing 
Co. n e cor Lancaster and Central av, J. M. 
Jacobs, sup't, John A. Thompson, treas., 
office 4 Wood 

Thos. Wilson, pres't, L. R. Colbert, sec'y 
aiid treas., Cemetery Belair av extended 

ii.iltimore College of Dental Surgery, cor Han- 
over and Lombard 

Robinson, pres't, John -M. Miller, sec'y and 
treasurer, 5 Postoffice av 

agent, 2 South 

Baltimore City Bayview Asylum, Eastern av 
w of East av 

Baltimore Coal and Union R. R. Co., Charles 
F. I>iggs and James I'iggs, agents, 2 South 

Baltin.ore Cheii;ical Works, Clinton, Canton, 
Henrv Martin, proprietor 

Baltimore Chrome Works, 10 Block, office n w 
cor Charles and Lexington, Je.sse Tyson, pres't 

Baltimore Chrome Mining Co. Joseph Wilkins, 
prest. 5 Posioffice av 

Baltimore Collar Factory. 110 w Favette 

ton, Canton, office 21 and 23 German, Wm. 
Key.ser, pre-ident 

Baltimore Eye and Ear Infirmary, s w cor 
Greene and Lombard 

Baltimore I)ef)artment Southern Life Ins. Co. 
7 German, John B. Gordon, president 

timore, Glenn k Co., proprietors 
Baltimore Dulcimer Co., Z. Jordan Morse,pre.-t 

2.30 w Baltimore 
Baltimore and Drum Point R.R.,D.B.Magru(l 

president, offire ?>\ .St. Paul 

suring houses from loss by fire, office 19 

South, Francis A. Crook, treasurer 
Baltimore Episcopal Methodist, Rev. John 

Poisal and Rev. S. S. Roszel, editorial 

managers, 49 Lexington 
Baltimore Evening Journal, Col. E. M. Yerger 

proprietor, 132 w Baltimore 
Baltimore Female College, 53 St. Paul, N. C. 

Brooks, principal 

cor South and Water, Wm. G. Harrison, 

Baltimore Fire Department. — (See Appendix.) 

LINE OF STEAMERS, H. W. Corner, ag't, 

118 Spear's wharf 
Baltimore Free Eye and Ear Dispensary, 42 n 

Baltimore Free School and Colvin Institute for 

Girls, 39.V Courtland 
Baltimore General Dispensary, n e cor Liberty 

and Fayette 
Baltimore Glass Works, (Baker Bros. & Co.,) 

Ostend iir Eutaw 
Baltimore HomoRopathic Pharmacy, 19 n Eutaw, 

F. E. Boerick 
Baltimore Galvanizing and Terne Sheet Iron 

Company, 40 e Monument, John Lippincott, 

Baltimore Infirmary, s w cor Lombard and 

B.iltimore Laundry, 155 w Baltimore, Auue 

Clark, proprietress 

Geo. R. McGee, manager, 22 n Eutnw 
Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of Mont- 
gomery, Marcus L. Dudley, proprietor 
Baltimore .Museum, a w cor Baltimore and 


Andrews & Co. agt"s, 73 Smith's whf 
BALTIMORE NEWS CO (H. Taylor, pres't,) 
111 w Baltimore and 5 South, Sun building 
Baltimore Nickel Plating Worl<s, Ikiishaw k 

Greenleaf, iiroprietors, IG7 w Lombard 
Baltimore Oil". Maniificturing Co., CM. Dough- 
erty, pres't, John J. Kelly, secy, 1 Cross 
Baltimore Oil Works, Robt. Read, prop'r, cor 

Canton av and Eden 

Bio. proprietors, Baltimore-st l)ridge 
Baltimore Orphan.Vsyhim, Strieker ni-Lcvingta 
BALTIMORE A.\D"0I110 R. R. CO'S Euro- 
pean Freight and Emigrant Wharf, L. P., 

k foot of Fell, F. P., L. F. Beeler, agent 

office Camden Station, Camden street. — [See 


TICKET OFFICE, s e cor Baltimore and 

Calvert. W. W. Browning, agent 

Browning, agent, s c cor Ballinioreand Cal- 

At Central Stables, ll^exingtoii^^. K^Bredemeyer. 

39 BAN 


liallimore and Ohio Railroad Go's Central Sta- 
tion, foot of Mill. J. B. Patterson, a<r't 

Baltimore and Uliio Throu^^l. Freitrht Ofhce, s 
ecor Baltimore and Calvert, Buckingluim 
cl- Freji', accents 

B\LTIM()R1-: PEARL Hd.MlXY CO., corner 
North and Belvidere, Val. Winters, pres t 

chant's Exchange Reading Rooms, George 
U. Purler, publisher 

BOAT CO., 3 Lijrht-st whf, J.Alcx. Shnver, 
ao-ent. — [&e Adverliseinent.'\ 

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Co., (Jden 
Bowie, pres't, 70 n Calvert 

B.tltimore Permanent Land Co., P.M. bnowdeii, 
prest, 83 w Fayette 

Rivet and Spike 

1 E. Pratt 

^Y, P,rr.Mn^ oi ^"^• 


Baltimore. James H. ^V()o(i. a>:ent 
CO., Flannitran's whf. and 73 Smith's whf. 
James B. Andrews, agent 
Baltimore Schuizen Park, Belair rd iir North- 
ern av 
Baltimore Sheep Butcher's Wool Association, 

No. 1. 50.5 Penna. av 
Baltimore Shoe and Leather Board of Trade, 

284 w Baltimore 
Baltimore Special Disfiensarv. .59 North 

s Front, 0. W. Bentley, president 
Baltimore Steam Forge, s w cor Canton av and 

Baltimore Stove Range and Hollow Ware Co., 
Henry R. Robbins, prest. J. II. Forbes, sec. 
32 Light 
Baltimore Steam Laundry, 4 s High, Chr. 

Search, proprietor 
BALTIMORE SUN, s e cor Baltimore and 

South. .\. S. Abell k Co., proprietor.s 
office Union Dock, office over 8 South, R. L. 
l'(;ijr, general agent 
■ ''imore and Texas Steam Transportation Co., 
'. R. de LaReintrce. pres't, 34 Pustoffice av 
I'O., Joseph J. Taylor, ag't, office 212 West 
Fall? av 
'imore Transfer Co., P. S. McLaughlin, 221 
" raloea 

•Imsone, publishers, Marble building. 3 
'usi'.ffice av 

\TION, n e cor Neighbor and McKiin 
':\LTIM0RE WECKKR. daily and weekly 
Gt-nnaii newspaper, 88^ w Baltimore, Wm. 
"^chnauffer and Wm. Rapp, proprietors 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Baltimore T'ni(/n R. R. Co.. office 2 South 
s Eutaw, 4, 5, G, and 10 Union Dock, and 
49, 51, 53 and 55 s Frederick, 2 O'Donneil's 
whf, and 66 Conway, office 2 Rialto Build- 
in sr, J. Hooper, pres't 
general agts. 73 Smith's whf, steamers whf 
Lee and Light 
Baltimore While Lead Works, Fort av ur 

Baltimore and Wilmington Steamers, Andrews 

k Co agent.<, 73 Smith's whf 
Baltz Wm. butcher, 35 Belair and 34 Hanover 

markets, dw Belair av nr Balto. co 
Baltzell A!e.x.. 220 Franklin 
Baltzell Chas C. paper hang's, 52 Jackson sq av 
Baltzell Cbas. R. lo n Calhoun 
Baltzell Mrs. Catherine E. 10 n Calhoun 
Baltzell Dr. Frank E. 175 St. Paul 
Baltzell George, carter. 148 s Wolfe 
Baltzell Dr. Wm. H. 175 St. Paul, dw 149 

Balz Adolph, currier, 225 Battery av 
Balz Anton, paper carrier. 233 3 Dallas 
Baiz Henrv, driver, 286 Canton av 
P.alz Justus, caulker, 214 Canton av 
Balz Rhinehard, raovision. 331 w Fayette 
Baizer John, huckster. Homestead 
Balzer Nicholas, porter. 16 s Chapel 
Baizer Valentine, carter, 181 s Wolfe 
Bambach Joseph. laborer, 28 Albemarle 
Bamber James, machinist. Clifton nr Pecna av 
Bamber Thos. machinist, Woodberry 
Bamberger Abraham, Go n Spring 
Bamberger Ansel, (Bamberger & Eihiu) 107 S 

Bamberger Casper, laborer, 30 s Wolfe 
Bamberger Chas. wheelwright, 29 n Gay 
Bamberger David, auction goods, hosiery, kc. 

69 n Howard and 103 Lexington 
Bamberger E. office 247 w Baltimore, dw 170 

w Lombard. 
Bamberger k Eilau, (A. Bamberger, A. Eilau) 
trimmings and fancy goods, 247 w Baltimore 
Bamberger Isaac, 153 Lexington 
Bamberger Joseph C. bricklayer, 310 Green- 
mount av 
Bamberger Julius, clerk, 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger Louis, clerk, 170 w Loaibard 
Bamberger Moses, 235 Saratoga 
Bamberger Moses, fancy goods and notions, 
57 n Howard and 143 Lexington, dw 235 
Bamberger Wm. H. grocery and sewing ma- 
chines. 243 e Madison 
Bamberger Wm. W. letter carrier, 62 Bruue 
Bamble Wm. carpenter, Hampton 
Bancroft Chas. bookkeeper, 39 n Gay 
Bancroft Chas. F. bookkeeper, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft Lieut. Eugene A. legimental quarter- 
master, U. S. A., Fort McHeury 



Dust and Phosphates. 


40 BAN 

Bancroft Mrs. John, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft Jolin D. biicklayef, 22 e Fayette 
Banilfl Andrew J. atjcnt Home Life Ins. Co. .5 

Geriuiin, dw 62 e Baltimore 
Baudel Decatur A. (Jolui .M. Bmdel & Sons) 

365 e Pratt 
Bandel Edward, carpenter, 185 n Eden 
Bandei F. B. clerk, 02 e Baltimore 
Bandel Franklin, painter. 202 e Fayette 
iiandei Grafton, cabinctniaker, 00 Holland 
Bandel Henry M. shoemaker, 18.5 n Eden 
Bandel I. Cook, tinware, ICG e Baltimore 
Bandel James L. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
Bandel John M. & Sons, (J. M., J. W., Martin 
L. and I). A. Bandel) shipping and com. 
merclns, 119 Smith's wharf 
Bandel John .M . (J. .M. B. & Sons) 365 e Pratt 
Bandel John W . (J. M. B. & Sons) 365 e Pralt 
Bandel Leonard J. block and purapmaker, 97 

ilcElderrv's whf dvv 96 s E.xeter 
Bandel .Mar"lin L. (John M. B. & Sons) 365 e 

Bandel Philip, shipping mercht. 202 e Fayette 
Bandel Philip H. (BooUi, B. ^ Collins) 202 e 

Bandel Samuel G. letter carrier, 62 e Baltimore 
Bandell Alice H., 2(i7 n Broadway 
Bandell Mrs. Ann M., 185 n Eden 
Bandrll Geo. W. carver, 212 s Sharp 
Bandell (ieo. V\'. jr. dyer, 187 e Baltimore 
Bandell Geo. W. dyer, 187 e Baltimore 
Bandell John T. clerk, 52 n Howard 
Bandell Mary L. millinery, 212 s Sharp 
Bandell Samuel L. salesman, 267 n Broadway 
Bandell Mrs. Sarah, doctress. 112 s Caroline 
Bandell AV'illiam, 207 n Broadway 
Bandell Wm. II. clerk, 267 u Broadway 
Bandmann Chas. butcher, 275 Orleans 
Bando Frederick, barber, 267 n Bond 
Bando Wilhelmina, tobacconist, 267 n Bond 
Bane Julia, cook, Oregon nr Mosher 
Bange Frank, barber, Frederick av nr tollgatc 
Bange Geo. F. tailor, G Laurel 
Banger Clement, laborer, 108 West 
Bangert Ferdinand, potter, 59 n Dallas 
Bangcrt Frederick A. salesman, 16 Miller 
BuDgert (Jeorge, driver, 3^5 Eahtern av 
Bangert II 'ury, carpenter, 59 n Dallas 
Bat)gert James, clerk, 1 16 McElderry ' 
Baugert John H. ship joiner, 188 s Chapel 
Bangert Joseph, yeast, 385 Eastern av 
Bangert Philip, coal oil and lamps, s w cor Cen- 
tral av and Chew 
Bangert Rudolph, hatter, 116 McElderry 
Bangs Mrs. Adeline, 2o3 Columbia 
Bangs .Mrs. Amanda, 197 vv Holfnnin 
Bangs Charles, clerk, 197 w Hoffman 
Bangs David A. clerk, 298 w Baltimore 
Bangs Edward, 41 n Eutavv 
Bangs Frank, clerk, 232 Barre 
Bangs J. Wesley, 52 n Dallas 
Bangs Laura, teacher, 232 Barre 
Bangs Mary Ann, 113 s Bund 
Bangs Mrs. .Melvina, 2.'!2 Barre 
Banister Wm. D. c()m.inercht.46 Jackson sq av 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South, James W. 

Alnutt, president 
Bank-st. Chapel, (Ev. Luth.) Bank ext 
Bankard David, eari)cnter, 27.'i Preston 
Bankard Geo. musician, 172 Canton av 
Bankard H. N. & Co. (H. N. Bankard) real es- 
tate agents, 5 St. Paul 

Bankard Henry D. shoemaker, 8 Oxford 
Bankard Henry N. (H. N. B. #Co.) Hooks- 
town, Balto. Co 
Bankard .Jacob, baker, 18 n Wolfe 
Bankard Jacob J. provisions, 74 and 76 Light 

st whf. dw Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, 414 e Baltimore 
Bankard Jacob J. jr., Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard James M. butcher, 366 n Regester 
Bankard James M. butcher, 266 n Gay 
Bankard John, laborer, 341 e Eager 
Bankard John, laborer, 19 Wolfe 
Bankard John L. butcher, 22 Fell's Point mkt, 

dw 4 38 e Baltimore 
Bankard Martin A. tailor, 126 S Spring 
Bankard Mich.iel, laborer, 269 Aisquith 
Bankard Nicholas 1). carjjenter, 132 .Mosher 
Bankard Philip, laborer, 269 Ai.-jquith 
Bankard Wm. salesman, Franklin house 
Bankart John B. cooper, 126 s Spring 
Bankerd Dennis, 226 Franklin 
Bankerd Josiah, clerk, 229 Saratoga 
Bankerd \Vm. grocery, 213 w Biddle 
Bankhead Robert, clerk, 27 n Fremont 
Bankhead Robt. L. jjlasterer, 27 n Fremont 
Bankner John, shoemaker, 325 n Central av 
Banks. Amanda, teacher, 9 n Gilmor 
Banks Benj. F. furn. wagon, 132 Orleans 
Banks Chas. W. S. clerk, 396 e Baltimore 
Banks Daniel H. prest. Union Manf. Co. office 

Howard nr German, dw 194 Franklin 
Banks Frank W. clerk, 59 South 
Banks Frederick moulder, Burke nr Aliceanna 
Banks Geo. W. M. stencil cutter, 243 Dolphin 
Banks Geo. W. ta.v department, 9 n Gilmor 
Banks Henry, shoemaker, 59 s Burke 
Banks Henry P. shoemaker, 148 e .Madison 
Banks James E. butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks John, machinist, 7 s S(diroeder 
Banks John .M. machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks John W. machinist, 243 Doli)hin 
Banks John W. clerk, 52 n Dallas 
Banks Joshua E. tinner, 182 n Eutaw 
Banks Lewis, machinist, 11 Etting 
Banks Mrs. M. A. 52 n Dallas 
BANKS MORTON D. furniture and chair factory 

59 South, dw 137 n Broadway 
Banks Samuel, clerk. 52 n Dallas 
BANKS R. T. & SON, (R. T. and R. T. Banks. 

jr.) china and glassware, 53 South 
Banks Robert T. ( R. T. B. & Son,) n e cor 

Calvert and Madison 
Banks Robert T. jr. (R. T. B. & Son) n e cor 

Calvert and Madison 
Banks Samuel, macliinest, 243 Dolphin 
Banks Samuel, porter, 52 n Dallas 
Banks Samuel, machinist, 131 e Eager 
Banks Wm. H. tinner, 8 n Pop|)leton 
Banks W. 11. S. painter, Hamburg nr Paca 
Banks W E. (S.vain & B.) 199 n Calvert 
Banks Wm. J. butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks Wm. J. grocery, cor Bond and E-iger 
Bankstahl John, slioemaker, 277 n Dallas 
Bannan Hugh, stonecutter, 194 Montgomery 
Bannan James, barkeeper, 12 Decker 
Bannan John, j)icture dealer, 41 Stockton 
Bannan John, painter, 211 Dolphin 
Bannan John A. engineer, 105 n Poppleton 
Bannan Kate, servant, 1G8 n Oregon 
Bannan Lawrence, machinist, 79 York 
Bannan Peter, laborer, 352 Ostend 
Bannenberg Fred, shoemaker, 135 s Fremont 

Offices, 54 S. Gay, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 




Banning Alexander, 235 Hollins 

Banninsr Catherinp. 280 Lexington 

Banning Henr»-, 73 n Liberty 

Banning Miss Maud, (Scott & B.) 73 n Liljerty 

Bannin'jf Mary E. servant, 250 L.invale 

Banninir Maria. 280 Lexington 

Banning M. E. 2S0 Lexington 

Banniiter Mrs. Maria T. 42 Frederick av 

Bannon Bridget, housekeeper, 181 w Fayette 

Bannon Mrs. Emma, 42 Mulberry 

Bannon Frederick, machinist. Union hotel 

Baunon I^,uilding, 32 St. Paul 

Bannon .Michael, attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

Anne Arundel co 
Bannon Owi-n, 120 Scott 
Bannon Patrick, drayman, 120 Scott 
Bannon Thos. laborer, 56 n Washinorton 
Bansemer G. A. (W. G. B. & Co.) 202 w Hofif- 

BAXSE.MER W. G. & Co. (W. G. and G. A. 

Bansemer) wholes, grocers and commission 

merchants, 45 German 
Bnnsemer Wm. G. (W. G. B. & Co ) 206 w 

Banthem Bros. (Chas. W. & Geo. Banthem) 

milk dairv, 276 s Charles 
Banthem Chas. W. (B. & Bros.) 276 s Charles 
Banthem Geo. (B. & Bro.) 276 s Charles 
Banthem James, coacbmaker. 276 s Charles 
Banthem .James M. painter, 105 Hamburg 
Bantz Andrew, ci^armaker, 109 n Spring 
Bantz Dr. Edward, ins. agent. 30 South, dw 

22 Columbia 
Bintz Euirene H. 305 Lexington 
Bantz Gideon, clerk, 22 Columbia 
Bantz Henry H. salesman, 168 Saratoga 
Bantz Theodore S. 305 Lexington 
Banz Albert; turner, 55 Watson 
Banzer Frederick, liquors, 239 s Bond 
Baptist Church, Waverley nr York rd 
Baptist Chapel, cor Etting and Dolphin 
Baptist Church, Broidvvay and Pratt 
Baptiste Mrs. Ann, 21 s Chester 
BAQUOL k CO. (J. Baquol) wholes, manufs 

French and American coufectionerr, 242 w 

Baquol Jules (B. & Co.) 242 w Pratt 
Bar Levi, (L. B. & Co.) tailor, 12 n Charles, 

dw 39 Ai-squith 
Bar L. & Co. (Levi Bar, S. Truttman) fancy 

goods, 152 Lexington 
Barb Nicholas, laborer, 150 s Regester 
Barber, A. F. clerk, Millers hotel 
Birber Ji)hn G. sewing machines. 64 Brune 
Barber John T. police, 149 Choptank 
Barber John W. stonemason, 461 n Fremont 
Barber Joseph .M. mariner, 14'i Choptank 
Barber Michael, riarqrer, 149 Choptank 
Barber Philip J. police, 55 Valley 
Birber Sirah, dressmaker, 53 n Fremont 
Barber Walter T. clerk. Division nr L mvale 
Barl)er Walter, butcher. Homestead 
Barbine Jacob F. bricklayer, 235 William 
Barbine Ji)seph S. turnkey police, 152 Hamburg 
Barbine Wra. E shif)carpenter, 157 Battery av 
Barbour Daniel N huckster, 166 McElderry 
Barbour David .M. clerk, 357 Hollins 
Barbour Lloyd E. ironworker, 98 Chesapeake 
Barcher Fred. shoemaker, Sarah Ann nr Oregon 
Barcher Geo. upholsterer, 150 s .\nn 
Barcher John, upholsterer, 101 Jackson sq av 
Bitrcher Mrs. Susan, huckstress, 150 s Ann 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Barching Ludwig, laborer, 102 Lancaster 

Barclay Capt. Richard, mariner, 24 n Ann 

Bard Frederick, butcher, 616 Light 

Bard Tlios. P. travelling agent, 278 Lexington 

Bardel Mrs. Fredrica, 173 Aisquith 

Bardel John L. 173 Aisquith 

Barden Henry, cooper, 182 s Regester 

Barden John, cooper, 182 s Regester 

Bardon .Michael, laborer, 237 e Biddle 

Bardou Mrs. Martha, 237 e Biddle 

Baidroff Josejih, plasterer. 20 Rock 

Wood Dealer, 45 Boston street, 
dw 62 S. Chester. 

Bardroff Peter, pianomaker, 20 Rock 

Bard well Carlos (B.. Castle & Co.) Xew York 

Bardwell, Castle &'Co. (C. Bardwell. S. A. 

Castle, R. E. Hitchcock, H. 0. Magrane) 

commission merchants 17 German 
Bardwell Geo. S. clerk, 7 Lloyd 
Bardwell Horatio J. clerk, 222 .Madison av 
Bare H dines B. druggist, 701 w BiUimore 
Bare Michael, laborer, 46 Barnes 
Bargar, Deeter. bricklayer, 65 Franklin 
Bargar Geo. W. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar Henry, bricklaver, 172 Miiiberrj' 
Bargar Jose[)h A. bricklayer, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar S. M. 239 Franklin 
Bargar Washington, brklayer, 97 Druid Hill av 
Bargi- Henry, bartender, 746 w Baltimore 
Barickinan Jacob, cedar cooper, 200 e Baltimore 
Barke (Jbristian, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 
Barke John, bookkeeper, 332 s Charles 
Barker Adam, carpenter, 9 Stirling 
Barker Alfred, patternmaker, 262 n Front 
Barker Alfred, jr. clerk, 262 n Front 
Barker Benj. screwman, 178 s Eutaw 
Barker Benj. 189 w Lombard 
Barker Bridget, servant, .Mt. Vernon hotel 
BARKER & CHANDLKE, (W. K. Barker.H.P. 

Chaiidlee) wholes, tobacco and cit^ars, 26 s 

Calvert, and manufs. cigars, 268 Hanover 
BARKER CHARLES U. pharmaceutist, cor 

Fayette and Chajiel 
Barker ('has clerk, 4 Franklin 
Barker Chas. F., Huntingdon av w of Charles 
Barker Edward W. (B. & Fisher) Huntingdon 

av w of Charles-st av 
Barker Evan T. 154 Oregon 
BARKER k FISHER, (Ed. W. Barker, C. D. 

Fisher) flour, grain and gen'l com. merch'ts, 

71 South 
Barker .Mrs. Frank, 15 McCulloh 
Barker Geo. E. music teacher, 188 Aisquith 
Barker James H. draughtsman, 130 w Hoffman 
Barker James T. mariner. 357 s Sharp 
BARKER JOHN A., real estate agent, 42 St. 

Paul, dw Baltimore co 

Coaches and Bpcrouclies for Shopping. 'Weddings, &;c- 




Barker John, stevedore, 150 Canton av 

Barker Joseph, laborer, 70 Dc-ker 

Barker J. iseph H. (Woods, Weeks & Co.) 90 

B.irker Lewis R. iiatternmaker, 262 n Front 
Barker Mrs. Mary D. 237 n Eden 
Barker lioliert, ship cirpencer, -373 e Lombard 
Barker Thoiuus M. (Goldsborough & Co.) 72 

Park av 
Barker Win. ship carjjenter, 120 Gough 
Barker Win. 4 Franklin 
Barker Wui. machinist, Franklin hotel 
Barker Win. ])olice, S (i.udcn 
B.irker Win. C. laborer. 700 Li;jht 
Barker Wm. H. clerk, Oretron nr Mosher 
Barker Win. K. (B. & Chandlee) 172 n Oregon 
Barkert Leonard, carpenter, 239 William 
Barklajre Mrs. Gertrude, 05 Pearl 
Barkla^e & lleniieman, (11. A. Barklaire, John 

Henneiiiau) packing ho.K makers, 15 Cow- 
pen al 
Barklage Henry A. (B. & Ilennerain) 95 Pearl 
Barkley Geo. L. provisions. 267 e Lonil)ard 
Barklev James, bookkeeper, 43 Eastern av 
Barkley .lohn C, 311 e Eager 
Barkley .Marcus C. engineer, 61 s Ann 
Barkley Robert, jr. 43 Eastern av 
Barkley Robert, tailor, 4;-i Eastern av 
Barkraan Jacob, com. merchant, 119 Columbia 
Barkman Janus S. bookkeeper, First Nat. Bank, 

21 slligh 
Barkman Joseph, bricklayer, 327 Saratoga 
Barkman John .M. bricklayer, 76 PiMrce 
Barkman Jose|)h, ciKarmaker, 76 Peirce 
Barkman Wm PI. cigarmaker, 76 Peirce 
Barkmeyer Fred. W. grocery. 61 s Strieker 
Harlage Herman II. milk, 4 Rock 
Barlage Herman H. jr. milk, 4 Rock 
Barley John, laboivr, 2S6 Franklin 
Barley John T. engineer, 286 Franklin 
Barley Nicholas, fruit stand, d\v 4 Albemarle 
Barly John, milk, 50 u Amity 
Barling Ann, 231 George 
B.irling Edward, carjienter, 152 n Beihel 
Barlow .Mrs. Ann, grocery, 7 Fell 
Fiarlow .Mrs. Ann, laundress, 12 s Front 
Barlow IJeruard, cigarmaker, 260 Moutgomer}' 
Barlow Charles E. bookbinder, 232 ii Front, n 

of Foundry 
Barlow Frank, trrocerv, 260 Montgomery 
Barlow Jaims W. clerk, 25 n Paca 
Barlow James T. paperhanger, s w cor Aisquith 

and Laiivale 
Barlow John II. painter, 1 n Sharp, dw 232 n 

Barlow Joseph, mariner, 7 Fell 
Barlow Thos. carpenter, 232 n Front 
iJarliiw Win. upholsterer. 37 Penna av 
BARNARD CHARLES P., Sherwood house, s 

e cor Harrison and Favette 

STORE, n e cor Baltimore and 
North streets. 

Barnard John, bricklayer, 141 n Fremont 
Barnard I{aiid(>liih, bricklayer, 141 u Fremont 

DICING ROOMS, 18 St. Paul and 
72 w Fayette street. 

Barnard Thos. B. draughtsman, 287 Lexington 

on the European plan, eor Pay- 
ette and Harrison streets, opposite 
Mai'yland Institute. 

Barndt Charles, U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Barnes Ale.x. M. luinbi-r insp. 183 s Chester 
Barnes Benj. 40 n Poppleton 
j Barnes Benj. F. painter, 40 n Poppleton 
j Barnes Bernard, grocery, 226 s Ann 
I Barnes Mrs. Catherine, 107 s Strieker 
; Barnes Christojiher, brickluyer. 43 n Wolfe 
j Barnes Daniel J. blacksmith, Ills Chester 
j Barnes D. Wilton, clerk. 349 n Broadway 
I Barnes Deborah, tailoress, 2 Gould ct 
Barnes Edmund L. printer. 111 s Chester 
Barnes Mrs Eliza, trimmings, 300 Light 
Barnes Mrs. Eliza, 327 Saratoga 
Barnes Emory, cabinet maker, 107 Eastern av 
Barnes Emma, dressmaker, 300 Light 
Barnes Fletcher, bookkee[)er, 70 n Charles 
Barnes Frederick, cigarmaker, 3 Essex 
Barnes Geo laborer, 209 Bank 
Barnes Geo. .A., laborer, 281 Canton av 
Barnes Geo. L. boilerniaker, 49 Woodyear 
Barnes Hanson P. oysters and produce, over 

150 w Pratt, dw 106 n Broadw.ay 
Barnes Henry A. oys packer, 52 s Washington 
Barnes Henry B. blacksmith, 11 Georire al 
Barnes Henry E. oyster packer, 434 w Lombard 
Barnes Henry, laborer, 15 Washington av 
Barnes Mrs Hester, 35 l"]iliott 
Barnes .Mrs. Hester, 127 n E.xeter 
Barnes Jacob S clerk, 106 n Broadway 
Barnes James E. wheelwright, 281 Canton av 
Barnes James F. constable. 134 s Wolfe 
Barnes S. brass moulder, 153 w Ilolfman 
Barnes Mrs. Jane, grocery, 153 w Ilotl'iuan 
Barnes .lohn H. 281 Canton av 
Barnes John R. clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes .^)hn H. attorney, 366 e Bakimore 
Barnes John A. grocery, 364 e Baltimore 
Barnes John M blacksmith. 53 Milliman 
Barnes John M. carbuilder, 502 w Lombard 
Barnes John R.( Walton & B.) Biddle and Eden 
Barnes Jolin W. millwright, 46 ii Schroeder 
Barnes Josejih, carpenter, 73 s Central uv 
Barnes Joseph, car|ientcr. 91 Hollins 
Barnes Joshua, stair builder. Franklin liotel 
B.\RNES J. T. MASUN, deputy ci[\ collector, 

30 Pleasant 
Barnes Leakin, mariner. 59 s Gilinor 
Barnes Capl. Louie M. mariner, 366 e Baltimor* 
BARNES MRS. M. A. 20 I'eirce 
Barnes .Mary C. tobacconist, 280 e Monument 
Barnes John M. blacksmith, 53 .Millimau 
BaiiHS .Mary E. teacher, 205 e Pratt 
Barnes Marion, locksmith, 61 Booth 
Barnes Mich'el, laborer, 12 Kssex 
lianies Reuben M., Diuidville 
Barnes Richiird, ship carpenter. 425 e FayetH 
Biiriies Robert C, sr. 26 Bowly's wharf, dw 

Baltimore co 
Barnes Salina Iv teacher. 305 w Fayette 
Barnes Samuel F. moulder, 20 Ramsay 
Barnes Samuel A. carpenter, 29 Wycth 
Barnes Sarah A. Druidville 
ISarnes Sarah A, tailoress, 2 Goulds ct 
Barnes Susan, tailoress, 49 u Front 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 

Barnes Thomas B. 281 Canton av 
Barnes Capt. Thos. H. 14 Williamson al 
Barnes Thos. H. cleik, 6 s Ann 
Barnes Rev. Wm. M. 319 n Eutaw 
Barnes Wm. R. clerk, 106 a Broadway 
Barnes Virginia. 198 s Fremont 
Barnes Wesley, laborer, 20 n Amity 
Barnes Wua. M. mariner, 281 Canton av 
Barnes Wm. H. carpenter. 319 n Eutaw 
Barnes Wm. Jackson sq av nr Castle 
Barnesley John J. carpenter, Sweet Air 
Baruet John H. cigarmaker, 596 w Lombard 
Barnett Amelia E. millinery. 67 n Charles 
Barnett Geo. W. salesmati, 286 \v Pratt 
Barnett James, caulker, 213 William 
Barnett James H. milkr, 85 Mound 
Bu-tiett John F. wheelwright, 434 Saratoga, 

dw 122 n Poppleton 
Barnett .Mrs. Mary, boardino;. 104 Hanover 
Barnett Rosana, tailoress, 125 Battery av 
Barnett Thomas, painter, 525 Choptank 
Barnett Wm. bricklayer, 3 Hope al 
Barnett Wm. oysters, Charles and Montgomery 
Barnett Wm. P. clerk, 52 Saratoga 
Barnette John, currier, Bulls Head hotel 
Barnev Elizabeth dressmaker, 64 s Caroline 
BARXEY J AMES H. city collector, 76 n Charles 
Barnhart Charlotte C, Druidville 
Baruhart Wm. X., Woodberry 
Baruhill Andrew H. salesman, 364 e Eager 
Barmckel John F. tailor. 115 McElderry 
Barnitz A. H. bookkeeper U. S. Treasury, dw 

Mt. Washington 
Barnitz Augustus M. law student, 29 George 
Barnitz Covington D. attorney, 71 w Fayette, 

dw Linden av nr Northern av 
Barnitz Michael, 29 George 
Ijarns John M., blacksmith, 53 Milliman 
Banisticker Jesse, machinist. Washington nr 

Barnsticker Michael, laborer, Washington av ext 
IJarnum Allen S., 2-^2 W.Jsh 
BARNUMS CITY HOTEL, fronting Calvert, 
St, Paul and Fayette, Bainura & Co. propr's 
IJARNUM & Co. proprietors Barnum's ('ity ho- 
tel, cor Calvert and Fayette 
Barnum Edward T. clerk, 282 Walsh 
Marnum Henry H. collector, 282 V»'alsh 
Barnwell Mr~. Rose, grocery, 18 Union 
Barou Geo. W. shoemkr. Slerrett nr St. Peter 
Barou Edwin G. paints, oil and glass, 60 n Eu- 
taw, dw Sterrett nr St. Peier 

Barphenwerlfer, , vinegar, 100 Thames 

B irr Bankard. shoemaker. 29 s Choptank 

Barr Geo. Y brakesman, 293 w Pratt 

Barr Letitia. 101 n Poppleton 

Barranger Andrew, gardener, 331 Harford av 

Barranger C. C. (G. W. k C. C. Barranger,) 

Penna ave ext 
Barranger Francis, gardener, York rd nr 1st 

toll gate 
Barranger Geo. W. (G. W. &; C. C. Barranger, ) 

Penna av extented 
Barranger G. "W. & C. C butchers, 34 Centre, 

71 Lexington and 63 Hanover markets 
Barranger Henry C. butcher, 168 Myrtle av 
Barranger John F. provisions, s w cor McEl- 
derry and S[)ring 
Barranger John A. l)Utcher, 288 Saratoga 
Barranger John L. police, 326 e Madison 
Barranger Lewis L. sr. butcher, 77 Lexington, 
34 Centre and 63 Hanover markets, dw 169 
Penna av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, <S:C. 


Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Barranger Lewis L. jr., butcher, 62 Centre, 44 
Lexington and 65 Hanover markets, dw 169 
Penna av 
Barranger Lewis, wagoner, 86 n Spring 
Barrenger Thomas, police, 196 n Caroline 
Barranger Taylor, stonecutter, McElderry e of 

Maryland Hospital 
Barranger Wrn hostler, 63 .McElderry 
Barrett A., 124 Park av 

liquors. 139 n Front 
Barrett Catherine, millinery, 546 w Fayette 
Barrett David, watchman, C. H. 107 Pierce 
Barrett Edward, carter, 53 s Central av 
Barrett Edward, dravrnan. Bank nr Central av 
Barrett Francis 0. ( J. Post <^- Co.) 124 Park av 
Barrett George, cooper, 152 n Central av 
Barrett George, laborer, 20 n Castle 
Barrett Geo. W. carpenter, 208 Mulberry 
Barrett Geo. (B. &: Rosendorn, ) 476 Lexington 
Barrett George B. musician, 288 n Howard 
Barrett Geortie E. cutter, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Geo. W. teamster. Fort av and William 
Barrett Gregiry. sr., 115 n'Frernont 
Barrett Henry, carpenter, McHenry nr Monroe 
Barrett & Higgins, (W. D. Barrett, J. T. Hig- 

gins, ) wholes, hats and caps, 244 w Baltimore 
Barrett James, musician, 17 McElderry 
Piarrett James, laborer, 8 St. Peter 
Barrett James, laborer, 4 Emory 
Barrett James, laborer. 202 Cathedral 
Barrett James H. clerk, 31 o n Howard 
Barrett James J., Fulton nr Franklin 
Barrett James L. carpenter, 17 .McElderry 
Barrett John M. clerk. 162 Lanvaie 
Barrett John, laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Barrett John wheelwright. 30 n Amity 
Barrett John, driver, 40 Penn 
Barrett John, grocery, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John L., 36 s Eden 
Barrett Leo, laborer, 20 n Castle 
Barrett L. Z. clerk, 264 w Baltimore 
Barrett .Margaret, 162 Lanvaie 
Barrett Margaret E., 18 s Fremont 
Barrett .Margaret, 99 Eastern uv 
Barrett .Mrs. Mary, 40 Penn 
Birrett Mrs. Mary, 239 w Fayette 
Barrett .Mrs. Mary E. confectionery. Fort av and 

Barrett .Michael, maltster, 139 n Front 
Barrett Nathan, (B., Nephews & Co.) Staten 

Inland. N. Y. 

Nathan, Edward & Joseph Heal. A. C. Wood,) 

Staten Island Fancy Dyeing Establishment, 

1 10 w Baltimore. 
Barrett Patrick, mariner, 134 s T heater 
Barrett Rosj^lie, teacher, 209 e Baltimore 
Barrett Samuel, clerk, 108 n Fremont 
Barrett & Rosendorn, (G. Barrett, F. Rosen- 
dorn,) silversmiths and electroplaicrs, 2 


Joshua Horner, Jr. Maimfac'r and Com. Merchant, 




Barrett Susie, hairdresser, 89 n Howard, d\v 

115 e ilonument 
Barrett Thomas, fish, 371 s Eutaw, d\v cor Eu- 

taw and Stockholm 
Barrett Thomas, maltster, 139 n Front 
Barrett Wm. D. (B. k Higgins, ) 193 McCulloh 
Barrett Wm. J. blacksmith, 20 n Castle 
Barrett Wm. H. 8 St. Peter 
Barrett Win. T. clerk, 162 Lanvale 
Barrick Wm. E. carpenter, 380 s Charles, dw 

91 Hollins 
Barrick nvn Marietta, teacher, 169 n Paca 
Barrier Isadore, cook, 57 a Front 
Barrington Edward P. bookkeeper, 663 w Fay- 
Barrington Frank T. prof, music, 14 Harlem av 
BarriugtoD J. T. clerk. Broadway n of Madison 
BarroU Benj. C. attornev, 54 SaratoQra 
BARRULL BENJ. C. JR. agent CounellsviUe 

Gas Coal I'o., 25 s Gay, dw 54 Saratoga 
BarroU Edmund, clerk, 286 Madison av 
Barroll J. W. Jf Co., real estate brokers, 6 St. 

Barroll Jas.W.(J.W. B. &Co.) 286 Madison av 
Barroll Richard, 87 Camden 
Barroll Wm. V. law student, 286 Madison av 
Barron Anton, laborer, 44 Barnes 
Barron Daniel, machinist, 219 Bank 
Barron Edward T. horseshocr, 207 w Biddle 
Barron James, carpenter, 137 e Lombard 
Barron Jane, chambermaid, 139 St. Paul 
Barron John, carpenter, 89 Walsh 
Barron John, ( Delcher & B.) 79 s Paca 
Barron John, lahorCr, 141 Chew 
Barron John .M. 370 Hollins 
Barron Patrick, driver, Franklin hotel 
Barron Thomas, police, 146 George 
B.irron Thos. dresstrimniings, 72 Lexington 
Barron Thomas F. veterinarian, 97 Walsh 
Barron Thomas D. ship, and com. raercht. 60 

South, dw 169 w Lombard 
Barron Wm. D. silesmin, 160 w Lombard 
Barron Wm. barkeeper, 162 w .Madison 
Barroot .Mrs. John G. huckstress, 141 s Spring 
Barroot Mary, huckstress. 141 s Spring 
Barrow Alexinder R. clerk, 214 w Lombard 
Barrow Charles, laborer, 13 Abbott 
Barroa Daa'l D machinist, B^nk nr Castle 
B.irrow Frank, wagoner, Wolfe n of Biddle 
Barrow Henry T. bookkeeper, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow Jacob F. house furn. goods, 13 n Gay, 

dw John nr Spring 
Barrow Joseph, laborer, 15 Barnes 
Barrow Joseph, cooper, 16 Abbott 
Barrow Muttliias, tailor, 36 Barnes 
Barrow Philip, laborer, 46 Barms 
Barrow Thomas, laborer, 14 Al)bott 
Barrow Thos. H. salesman, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow Rev. Thomas, 227 e Baltimore 
Barrus Daniel, tinner, 116 n Central av 
Barrus Frank, tinner, 116 n Central av 
Barrus (>eo. J. painter, 116 n Central av 
Barrus Geort:e W. cooper, 116 n Central av 
Barry .Mrs. Arietta, 503 w Fayette 
Barry .Mrs. Bridget. 17 FJank 
Barry cj- Bro. (J .M. and J. W. Barry, ) wholes. 

and retiiil game, 1 Camden 
Barry Mrs. Catherine, 172 R.imsay 
Barry D C. collector, 92 Saratoga 
Barry Jf Hoogewerff, (J.C. Barry, S.E.Hooge- 
werff. ) merchandise brokers, 4 Grocers' Ex- 
change, Commerce 

BARRY & COOK, (Wm. R. Barry, 
Samuel G. B. Cook, i Hardware 
Manufacturers' Agents, 19 South 

Barry & Claby, ^P. T. Barry, L. F. Claby,) 
plumbers and gas fitters, 149 Dolphin and s 
e cor Pratt and Sharp 
Barry Mrs. Elizabeth, 32 Etting 
Barry George E, cierk. 360 w Fayette 
Barrv Henrv A. coal, 32 Postoffice av, dw 232 

BARRY HALL, John Kellv, proprietor, 12 St. 

Barry James, jr. plumber, 17 Harford av 
Barrv James, carter, 17 Harfoid av 
Barry Jas C. (B. & Hoogewerff,) 11 McCulloh 
Barry John, clerk, 255 Lexington 
Barry John, laborer, 122 Stirling 
Barry Capt. Jno. J. bookkeeper 503 w Fayette 
Barry Joseph W. (Barry & Bro ) 182 Haiiover 
B.irry Joshua H. clerk, 350 Franklin 
Barry John W. clerk, 503 w Fayette 
Barrv John W. produce, 63 L .Montgomerv 
Barry J. Marshall. (B. & Bro.) 182 Hanover 
Barry Mary, IIS Stirling 
Barry .Mrs. .Mary, Forrest and Truxton 
Barry Michael, engineer, 548 w Pratt 
Barrv Philip, collector, 115 w Monument 
Barry Patrick T. (B. & Claby,) 17 Harford av 
Barry Richard, watchman, 248 e Fayette 
Barry Standish, currier, 87 L Montgomery- 
Barry Sarah. 29 Abbott 
B irry Samuel, mariner, 42 e Ei>ger 
Barry Thomas, laborer, 154 s Washington 
Barry Thomas, stone mason, 118 Preston 
Barry Wm. millwright, 118 York 
Barry Wm. E. clerk, John nr McMechin 
Barry Wm. laliorer, 230 n Front 
Barrv Wm. porter, 69 Vine 
Barry Wm. R. (B. i- Cook,) 258 Druid Hill av 
Barry Wm. J. collar maker, 69 Vine 
Bart Barney, quarryman, Frederick av nr toll 

Bartell Christopher, feed, &c. 283 w Pratt 
Bartell El vert, shoemaker, 137 s P^xeter 
Barlells Henry, carpenter, 24 Calleudar al 
Bartels Henry, cigar maker, 131 s Chapel 
Bartenbackir George P. junk. 9u9 w Pratt 
Bartenshlager John, laborer. 74 Somerset 
Bartgis Caleb E. clerk, 303 Aisquith 
Bartgis Charles C. n e cor Biddle and Eden 
Bartgis .Mrs. Elizabeth L. cor Biddle and Eden 
Bartgis John .M. clerk, 3ii3 Aisquiih 
Bartgis Mrs. Mary C. 3o3 Aisquiih 
Barih Chris, boots and shoes, 182 Lexington 
Barth Christian E. trunkmaker, 182 Lexington 
Barih Daniel, harnessmaker, 8 St. Mary 
Barth John, marble cutler, Belair av nr Balti- 
more cemetery 
Barth Lewis, locksmith, 4 Fountain 
Barth Lewis, blacksmith, 4 Fountain 
Barth Samuel, com. merchant and importer of 
liquors, wines, cigars, &c., warehouse 53 Ex- 
change pi, office 21 South, dw 316 Lexington 
Barth Capt. Wm. mariner, 357 Eastern av 
Barthil Philip, laborer, 71 s Castle 
Barthol F;rnsl, scowman, 58 Essex 
Barlhold Henry shoemaker, 69 Orleans 
Bartholmay August, tailor, 57 Gough 
Barlholme Michael, 53 s Castle 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay, and Cor. Cliew and Stirling. 


Bartbolomaeus George, printer, 6 Baker ct 
Barthofbmaeus Leouaid, cabiDetmkr.249 n Gay 
Bartbolomaeus Mrs. Sophia, 6 Baker ct 
Bartholomav Geo. cabinetmaker, 147 S Spring 
Bartholomee Jno.J.cio;arpacker,811w Baltimore 
Bartholomee T. M. & Co. (T. M. Bartholomee, 

R C. Jlaclellan) produce, 90 w Lombard 
Bartholomee Theodore M. (T. M. B. & Co.) 9G 

n Gilmor 
Bartholomew Henrj-, salesman, 338 Ramsay 
Bartholomew John, shoemaker, 28 s Poppleton 
Bartholomew Thos. harnessraaker, 20 Bank 
Bartholow And'w J. carpenter, T2 n Poppleton 
Bartholow B. F. (G. P. Thomas & Co.) Cal- 
houn and lloUins 
Bartholow Christian, tailor, 246 n Central av 
Bartholow Geo. McK. dairy, 822 w Baltimore 
Bartholow John, butcher, 459 Lexington 
Bartholow P. H. 232 Walsh 
Bartholow Samuel, carpenter, 344 Franklin 
Bartholow T.M.C. (Chase, Stuwart & Co.) N.Y. 
Bartholow Mrs. Thomas, 344 Franklin 
Bartle Mrs. Harriet, 1 17 Duncan al 
Bartleson Alonzo D. clerk, 1 Chatsworth 
Bartleson Marv A. 1 Chatsworth 
Barllett Chas.W. boat builder, William nr West 
Bartlett David L.( B.,Robbins & Co.)57 HoUiiis 
Bartiett Edward L. (B., Robbins & Co.) 21(5 

Linden av 
Barilett George, 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett George W. B. hardware, 8 n Howard, 

dw «5 n Liberty 
Bartlett George W. varnisber, 135 Saratoga 
Bartlett James, boat builder, foot Montgomery, 

dw 424 Light 
Bartlett James, boat builder, 415 Light 
Bartlett James F. boat builder. Light and West 
Bartlett James L. tobacconist, 15 s Chester 
Bartlett John, clerk, 58 St. Paul 
Bartlett John M. clerk, 58 St. Paul 
Bartlett Joseph, apothecary, Bay view asylum 
BARTLETT, RUBblNS & CU. (D. L. Bartlett, 
H. W. Bobbins, E. L. Bartlett, T. J. Hay- 
ward,) wholes, stove warehouse and archi- 
tectural iron works and heating apparatus, 
24 Light, foundry Piatl and Scott 
Barilett Thomas, blacksmith, 15 s Chester 
Barilett Mrs. Virginia, 9 Watson 
Bartlett Wm. S. boat builder, 217 Bank 
Bartliiig Fred'k, laborer, 6 Herring ct 
l>arttuau Catherine, 14.^ s Regester 
Bartmau Christ, brass finisher, 143 s Regester 
Bartol & Bockmiiler, (Henry B. B., Wm. P. 

Buckmiller) carriage mauufs. 94 n Calvert 
Bartol Henry li.{B. ic BockmillerJ219 Aisquith 
Hanoi James L. chief judge Court of Appeals, 

n e cor Chase and Eden 
Bartol Mrs. Sophia, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol Sophia A. 01 Courtlaiid 
Barton Mrs. Ann E. 1*3 n Front 
Barton Augustus, laborer, rear 252 Montgomery 
Barton Beal K. (Shipley ic B.) 258 e .Madison 
Barton Dr. Boiling W. 128 w Madison 
Barton Daniel, miller, 270 Battery a^4 
Barton Edward, laborer, 369 Canton av 
Barton Edvv'd, processor, Canton av nr Wash- 
I>arton Esau, miller, 28 n Front 
Barton Eugene, tailor, 144 e Lombard 
Barton Frank, laborer, 34 Thames 
liarton Frank, laborer, 10 Etna la 
Barton Frederick, tinner, 203 Canton av 


Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Barton George, machinist, Druidville 
Barton Ignatius D. printer, 28 n Caroline 
Barton James, bricklayer, 31 Frederick av 
Barton James, ship joiner, 45 n Wolfe 
Barton James I.(B.& Keyworth)30 s Broadway 
Barton Jennings, ship joiner, 142 s Chester 
Barton John T. collector water department, 62 

s Washington 
Barton Joseph, wagoner, 152 n Spring 
Barton Joshua, finisher, 291 William 
Barton Joshua H. finisher, 47 Fort av 
Barton & Keyworth,(Jas. 1. Barton, C. B. Key- 
worth) merchant tailors, 2 Light 
Barton Lazarus, engineer, 47 Fort av 
Barton .Martha, seamstress, 36 n Front 
Barton Martin, laborer, Potomac nr Hudson 
Barton .Mrs. Mary, 369 Canton av 
Barton Mary J. dressmaker, 162 e Fayette 
Barton .Mrs.' .Margaret, 198 Eastern av 
Barton Patrick, laborer, 369 Canton av 
Barton Philip A. tanner, currier and leather, 

7 and 9 Cheapside, dw Baltimore co 
Barton Randolph, (B.& Wilmer) 181 w Fayette 
Barton Mrs. Rebecca, 258 e .Madison 
Barton Samuel, police, 423 e Lombard 
Barton Samuel S. sailmaker, 162 e Fayette 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 217 n Bond 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 225 n Eden 
Barton Selab, 61 Duncan al 
Barton Seler, gatekeeper Patterson park, dw 

256 s Ann 
Barton Stephen, millwright, Druidville 
Barton Thad. J. theatrical manager, 174 e Pratt 
Barton Theodore, employ m't agt. 18 u Liberty, 

dw 155 Saratoga 
Barton Thomas L. finisher, 87 Boyd 
Barton Willard G. provisions, 190 s Eutaw 
BARTON & WILMER, (R. Barton, S. Wilmer) 

attorneys at law, 35 St. Paul 
Barton Wm. 128 s Durham 
Baiton Wm. L. printer, 34 e Baltimore 
Bartons Frederick, carpenter, 10 Etna la 
Bartram Horace, driver, 118 n Spring 
Bartram Wm. potter, 260 e .Monument 
BARTSCH FREDERICK, passe partouts and 

show cards, 1 s Sharp, dw 183 Aisquith 
Bartscher Christ'r M. shipwright, 22 s Chester 
Barwick John W. laborer, 31 O'Donnell 
Basch Balthazar, carpenter, 17 Arch 
Basch Henry, tailor, 209 Druid Hill av 
Base Daniel F. tailor, 339 e Eager 
Base Frederick baker, 334 Mulberry 
Basel Joseph, shoemaker, 114 s Chapel 
Bash Edward H. (Small & B.) 82 w Monument 
Bash Henrv M. 82 w Monument 
Bash John'H. (Patterson & B.) 244 Linden av 
Basbford James A. engineer, 125 Chew 
Basil John, 126 e Madison 
Basil John, clerk Custom House 
Basler Frederick, cigarmaker, Frederick road 

near Calverton road 
Basler John F. cabinetmaker, 120 Burgundy al 

Coaches and Bar o uche s for Shopping, Weddin gs, & c. 




Basler Matthew, cooper, Frederick av and Cal- 

vertun rd 
Bass George B. carpenter, 270 s Charles 
Bass yigiiiund, pedler, 113 s Caroline 
Bass Wiu. [iriuter, 34 e Baltimore 
Bassetl .Mrs. Caroline, 30 Hill 
Bassett Freeman, Ijoilermaker, 228 Montgomery 
Bassett George G. clerk, 290 Light 
Bassett George T. moulder. 338 Ramsay 
Bassett .Mrs. Henrietta, confectionery, 235 Cross 
Bassetl Richard, agent, 259 s Wolfe 
Bassey Lewis V. cigarmaker, 80 Harrison 
Basset Wm. II. huckster. 235 Cross 
Bassfoid Mrs. AUiert L., Oregon and Franklin 
Bassford Gl-o. of tobacco wareh. 38 n Wolfe 
Bassford Mrs. Maria 0. 118 Park av 

shor, W. Stebbins, ) eng'rs and manuf. heat- 

ingapparatus, 26 Light. {See Adcertisemenf.) 
Basshor Thomas C. (T. C. Basshor & Co.) 269 

Linden av 
Bast John, bakery, 98 e Lombard 
Bast Mrs. Louisa L. boarding, 121 Hollins 
Bastable Alvin N. (Bevan & B.) 64 McCulloh 
Bastable James G. salesman, Eutaw house 
B istert August, hamuienuan, 35 s Cannon 
Bastert Mrs. Dorc/ihea, trimmings, 35 Cannon 
Bastert Wm. moulder, 35 s Cannon 
Bastiiuelli .Mrs. Ade. saleswoman, 17 Forrest pi 
Bastian Henry, cigarmaker, 28 L Hampstead 
Bastien .Mad. F. laidies' hairdr. 89 Lexington 
Baswilz Henry, booKkeepcr, 188 n Gay 
Baswitz -Moiitz, millinery, 187 n Gay 
Batcheder, James W. cutter, 86 s Ann 
Batchelor Adam, laborer, 275 William 
Batchelor And. J. ship carp. 17 s Washington 
Batehelor Mrs. Annie B. 208 W^illiam 
Batchelor Beiij F. sailmaker, 222 e Lombard 
Batchelor Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 275 William 
Batchelor Chas. painter, 9 Mullikin 
Batchelor Christopher C. carpenter, .'lO Aisqiiith 
Batchelor Uavid, shoemaker, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Geo. W. roofer, 87 n Ann 
Batchelor Joseph, police, 3()7 Aisquith 
Batchelor Capt. John, uiMriner, 88 Johnson 
Batchelor Louis F., messenger Adams F.xpress, 

590 Penna. av 
Batehelor. Mrs. Mary A.confection'y. 50 Aisquith 
Batchelor Mary A. 26 Miller 
Batchelor Samuel K. 87 n Ann 
Batchelor Thomas, painter, 39 Holland 
Batehelor Wm. ?hip carp. 17 s Washington 
Batchelor, Wm. 11. jiaiiiter, 41 Holland 
Batchelor Wm. watchman, 17 s Washington 
Batchen Conrad, bookkeeper, 189 Barre 
Bateman A. W. attorney, cor Lexington ami St. 

Paul, dw Howard house 
Bateman Benj .M.G. tinandsheet iron worker, 

270 Light 
Bateman Charles, marble yard, 130 n Central 

av, dw 48 n Fxeter 
Bateman Frank, clerk, 195 e Monument 
Bateman Howard, huckster, 76 n Fden 
Bateman Jacob, painter, 130 Jefferson 
Bateman J. F. k T. B. grocers, 115 n High 
Bateman James J. bookkeeper, 239 Penna av. 
Bateman Jas. S. toliacco & coal oil, 120 Hillen 
Bateman John L. boilermaker, 40 s Oregon 
Bateman Jos. E (J.H. &T.B.B.) 195 Monument 
Bateman Sam'l, jr. brickmaker, 224 Light 
Bateman'l D. iinnter, 206 Harford av 
Bateman Samuel H. packer, 361 Lexington 

Bateman Samuel, sr. moulder, 224 light • 
Bateman Mrs. Sarah, notions. 239 Penna av 
Bateman Thos. B. (J. F cj-T.B, B.)209 Aisquith 
B.iteman Thos E. sa/esman, 195e .Monument 
Bateman Dr. Wm. L 89 s Fremont 
Bateman Wm. L. sugar refiner. 609 Belair av 
Batenkanft" Mrs. 384 n Gay 
Bates .\nna, 245 n Caroline 
Bates Dr. Benjamin, tonic beer, 19 s Gay, dw 

254 Madison av 
Bates Benj. jr, 254 Madison av 
Bates Charles VV. machinist, 47 Granby 
Bates ('lara, 245 n Caroline 
! Bales Edward, monlder, 21 Parkin 
j Bates Franklin L. manufacturer patent eleva- 
tors and hoisting machines, 9 Harrison, dw 
I 394 e Baltimore 

\ Bates I'^rederica, seamstress, 66 Sarah Ann 
Bates Dr. J. Anson, s e cor Baltimore and 

Bales Dr, J. W. P. 73 e B.iltimore 
! Bates James, coach painter, 5i)5 w Lombard 
] BATES J.A..MES sr. iron founder and hoisting 
j wheel manuf. s v/ cor Pratt and President, 

dw S s Broadway. [See Advertisement.) 
i Bates Jas. W . clerk, 7 s Broadway 

Bates John, clerk, 8 s Broadway 
I Bates John, laborer, 86Towson 
[ Bates John A. distiller, 1033 w Baltimore 
I Bates Joshua A. foreman, 8 s Bi'oadway 

Bates Oscar, clerk, 254 Madison av 
' Bates Wilbur F. carp. 8 s Broadway 
j Bates Wm. wheelwright, Castle nr Orleans 
! Batesell John, bricklayer, Clinton s of Boston 
I Batham Eugene H. blacksmith, II s Greene 
Bathgate James, fireman, 52sSchroeder 
Bathgate John, fireman, 52 s S,:hroeder 
Bathon George, tailor, 175 Harford av 
Bath(jn Josejih G. barber, 175 Harford av 
Bathschatis Albert, shoemaker, 9 Barnes 
Balhschatis Henry A. agent, 9 Barnes 
Batiste John, stonecutter, 298 Harford av 
Batsou Sarah, 228 Mulberry 
Balson Benj. F, janitor, U. S. Courthouse 
j Bailee John, carpenter, 461 e Baltimore 
Bailee Rich.ird Ridgely, attorney, 5 St. Paul, 

dw 327 Druid Hill av 
Batten Samuel, (Horsey, Miller .j- Co) 60 Mosher 
I Battenfield .Vnna, confectionery, 369 Canton av 
I Battenfield Daniel, tailor, 98 Leadeuhall 
I Baltenfield Daniel, tinner, 369 Canton av 
Battenfield Henry, huckster, 218 l'",astern av 
Batierdcn Patrick, lal)orer, 249 Forrest 
Baitin Harinan, trimminj; maker. 3 3 Exeter 

Balling Charles, laborer, 377 w Pratt 

Ballon Wm. bottler, 31 F'awn 

Batlory Ignatius, property agent, 240 Mulberry 

Batty Jose[>h, engineer, cor Orleans k Durham 

Batz Nicholas, laborer, 24 Clinton 

Batzer .Vlphonse, tailor. 249 e Eager 

Batzer Geo, saloon, 4 Pleasant 

Batzer John, tailor, 243 e Eager 

Bttzer John, jr, tailor, 243 e Eager 

Batzer .lohn .\. tailor, 249 e Eager 

Batzer John G. tailor, 225 e Eager 

Batzer Joseph, tavern. 249 e Eager 

Batzer Jo.seph, culler, 243 e Eager 

Batzer Mrs, .Mary, grocery, 225 e Eager 

Batzold John, biitcher, 27 Abbot 

Ban Henry, tailor, 109 s Register 

Bauch Jose[)h, tailor, 263 n Central av 

Bauch Philii>, tailor, 239 e Eager 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexina rton. C. H . Bredemeyer. 

47 ~ 


Baucbardt Simon W. panisols and umbrellas, 

75 ri Eiitavv 
Baudrv Prof. Alfred, teacher, 108 w Biddle 
Bauddiii Godfrey, bookkeeiDer, 106 Frederick av 
Bauer Dr. Adolphus, Woodberry 
Bauer Adam, cooper, 247 e Lombard 
Bauer Adam, piano maker, 511 w Baltimore 
Bauer Alex. I!, telegraphist, 211 George 
Bauer Andrew, grocery, 163 n Eutaw 
Bauer Andrew, paver, 6 Point la 
Bauer Andnw, carpenter, 138 Hamburg 
Bauer Anton, laborer, Homestead 
Bauer Mrs. Barbara, 494 Sarato>ia 
Bauer Casper, shoemaker, 31 n Chapel 
Bauer (,'liarles, saloon, 54 Hillen 
Bauer Christ, baker, 204 Eastern av 
Bauer I'hristopher, lager beer, 1 1 Ensor 
Bauer Mrs Christiana, grocery, 12 Penn 
Bauer Edward, tailor, 476 Canton av 
Bauer .Mrs. Eliz'th, seamst. Hanover & Hamburg 
Bauer Mrs. Eliz.ibeih, trmngs. 542 w Baltimore 
Bauer Mrs. Klizabeth, dyeing and scouring, 172 

n Eutaw, dw 542 \v Baltimore 
Bauer Ferdinand, wireworker, 61 Cbalsworth 
Bauer Francis, cooper, 150 s Spring, dw 68 Bank 
Bauer Francis, wireworker, 23 1 J Mulberry 
Bauer Frederick, betr, Eastern av and Exeter 
Bauer Geo. baker, 284 Aliceanna 
Bauer Geo. confectioner, 308 Canton av 
Bauer Geo. L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
Bauer Geo. cabinetmaker, 12 n Schroeder 
Bauer George, tailor, Biddle and Central av 
Bauer Henry, tailor, 90 s PJutaw 
Bauer Henry, huckster, 234 Canton av 
Bauer John, bakery, 358 Canton av 
Bauer Jolui, lailur, 290 n Central av 
Bauer John, laborer, 178 s Washington 
Bauer John, grocery, 257 e Monument 
Bauer John, laborer, 321 s Bond 
Bauer John A. teacher, s e cor Aisquith and 

Harford av 
Bauer John, Inoommaker, 19 Hull la 
Bauer John, driver, 234 Canton av 
Bauer John B. tinner, 259 n Gay 
Bauer John, laborer, 308 Canton av 
Bauer John A. wireclothmaker, 60 s Calvert, 

dw 61 Ciiatsworth 
Bauer John H. clerk, 257 e Monument 
Bauer John C. harnessmakcr, 61 Chatsworth 
Bauer Josej)h, dry goods, 140 u Eden 
Bauer Mrs. Margaret, rear of Federal 
Bauer Matthew, tailor, 136 n Eden 
Bauer Michael, agt, 135 German 
Bauer .Michael, milkman, 12 Penn 
Bauer W'm. tailor, 41 King 
Bauer \Vm 11. telegraphist, 25 Park Frederick, brewer, Eastern av ext 
Bauerfeind Christopher, lab'r, Lancaster nr 

Bauerfeind John, tavern, 70 s Wolfe 
Bauerlein .Mrs. Barbara, milk, 1 St. Peter 
Bauerlein Geo barber, 31 w Pratt 
Bauernschub Geo. cooper, 362 n Register 
Bauernschub John, laborer, 126 s Wolfe 
Bauernschinidt Geo. rags, 113 s Castle 
Bauernschmidi John, cigar mauiif,116 sDurbam 
Bauernschniidt John, laborer, 56 Guugh 
Bauernschinidt John, brewery, foot Ridgely, 

and 281 w Pratt 
Bauernschniidt Kuhn, cigar mkr 116 s Durham 
Bauernschinidt Mrs. Maggie, 102 Boston 
Bauers Adam, laborer, 320 Aliceanna 




Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 


CON.-^T.ANTI.Y K()R .S.A [,F, 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Bauersiss John, brewer, Belair road, nr North- 
ern av 
Bauers Chas. laborer, 320 Aliceanna 
Bauers Francis, cooper, 152 s Dallas 
Bauers Henry, laborer, 19 n Payson 
Bauers Samuel, laborer, 5 Cotton row 
Bauersfeld Frederick, beer, 73 Park 
BAUGHER & CO. ( \V. H. Baugher, A. R. Red- 
seeker, ) proprietors Calverton hotel 
Baugher Clement, laborer, 108 West 
Baugher John A. barkeeper, Calverton hotel 
Baugher John P. clerk, 78 George 
Baugher .Mary, boarding. 78 George 
Baugher \\m. H.(Redsecker k B.and B. & Co.) 

Calverton hotel 
Baugert Adam, laborer, 19 Port 
Baughman Mrs. Ann, 79 Park av 
Baughman Baulus, shoemaker, 78 J Harrison 
Baughman Chas. W. G. shoemaker, 13 Cooke 
Baughman Daniel, carp'r, Saratoga nr Strieker 
Baughman Mrs. Elizabeth, 434 w Fayette 
Baughman Geo. cabinetmaker, 133 Henrietta 
Baughman Joseph K. painter, 467 Lexington, 

dw 134 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joshua, painter, 108 Battery av 
Baughman Samuel \V . painter, 9 Oxford 
Bauhaus Wm. tailor, 70 Somerset 
Bauhaus Wm. tailor, 58 Portland 
Baulig John, boxniaker, 120 Curley 
Baum Adam, wheelwright, 498 Penna av 
Bauni Eliza, 81 Pearl 
Baum Elizabeth, 218 Saratoga 
Baurn Ellen, dry goods, 81 i'earl 
Baum Hannah, 38 Pearl 
Baum Isiac, grocery, 527 e Fayette 
Baum John, laborer, 59 Gough 
Baum John, cooper, 237 s Durham 
Baum Kushinan, butcher, 3 Fell's Point mkt, 

dw 554 e Fayette 
Baum Lewis, painter, 218 Saratoga 
Baum Mrs. .Margaret, rag picker, 272 s Caroline 
Baum Valentine, shoefitter, 131 Peirce 
Bauman Chas. (John H. Farber & Co.) s e ror 

North and Pleasant 
Bauman Conrad, shoemaker, 7 Hillen 
Bauman George, boxiL'aker, 36 Marion 
Bauman Geo laborer, 162 Preston 
Bauman John, cooper, 193 Frederick av 
Bauman Joseph, laborer, 68 Somerset 
Bauman Zecharias, shoemaker, 43 Tessier 
Bauniann August, 166 Raburg 
Baumann John T. musician, 223 e Madison 
Baumann Nicholas, shoemaker, 265 M'est 
Baumann Philip, lager beer, 43 n Frederick 
Baumberger John, laborer, 25 Shaksjiear 
Bauineister Eugene, clerk, Washington hotel 
Batimer Leonard, laborer, 20 Bank 
Baumgaiten Charles, carpenter, 15 L Gough 
Banmgarten Fred'k tailor, :;46 e Eager 
Bauuigarten Louis, engraver, 45 e Fayette 
Banmgarten Mrs. Rosalie, trim'ngs, 43 Brown hi 
Baumgarten Selig, (S. 1>. ii Sun, )45 e Fayette 



Dust and 





HAU.MGARTEN S. & SON, (Selig and Win. S. 

liiumigailen, ) engravers, 45 e Fayetle 
Biuimgaiten Wui. iS. (S. B. & Son,) 45 e 

Bauingaitner And. jr. clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Bauiugartuer And. lager beer, 47 Aliiemarle 
Bauru^artner Geo. plumber and gas filter, 174 

e 15,illiriiore 
Jiauiugartner John, cabinetmaker, 118 Johnson 
Baumg.irtiier Jobn, clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner Robert, clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Jiaumliauer Augustus, paperhuiiger, 9 Baker ct 
Bauniliuuer Edward, cabinet maker, over 3 

Clay, dw 9 Baker ct 
Bauuiliauer Ralpb, cabinetmaker, 9 Baker's ct 
Baumhauer Robert, printer, 9 Baker's ct 
Baummiller Gephart, lithogr.iph printer, 268 

Pennsylvania av 
Baunishia Henry, tailor, 284 s Charles 
Baunislila Henry, jr. tailor, 284 s Charles 
Baumuller John, shoemaker, 331 \Villiam 
Bauergelt Rebecca W. 1 IG Lee 
Baur Charles, laborer, 19 Monroe 
Baurnbach Andrew, tailor, 68 ii Eden 
Baurintaind Henry, watchman, 13 s Durham 
Bans Conrad, huckster, 5 Chesnut al 
Bausch Callieriue, confect'y, 305 Canton av 
Bausch Conrad, laborer, 305 Canton av 
Bausch George, baker, 305 Eastern av 
Bausman Mrs. Anna, 304 w Fayette 
Bausman Lawrence H. 55 e Eager 
Bausmith Chas. moulder, 133 n Bethel 
Bautner Fritz, beer, Lancaster e.\t. Canton 
Bavis James, driver, 77 Ilillen 
Hawden John II. clerk, 108 n Broadway 
Bawden John, 108 n Broadway 
Bavvn James, tinner, 97 Peirce 
Bawn Robert, clerk, Howard house 
Bawn Thomas, weaver, 97 Peirce 
Baxley Mrs. Ann, 57 .Monroe 
Baxley Mrs. C. V. cor Wilson and Division 
Baxley Mrs. Eliza, yeast cakes, Ibo Chesnut 
Baxley I. Rieman, attorney, 31 n Calvert, dw 

154 Park 
Baxley J. Brown, pharmacist, s e cor Howard 

and Franklin 
Baxlt-y James, blacksmith, 25 Chew 
Baxley Mrs. Mary, 154 Park 
Baxley Mrs. Sarah, 106 Orleans 
Baxley Wm. H. tinner, 125 llollins 
Baxter Mrs. Abigail, grocery, 30 Fell 
Baxter James R. sup't Balto. chemical works, 

e end O'Donnell 
Baxter John, florist. Homestead 
Baxter Jos. V. bailiff tax dep't, 314 William 
Baxter Mrs. Martha J.. 366 Lexington 
Baxter Mrs. Mary E. grocery, 85 Jackson sq av 
Baxter .Michael, laborer, 544 Hanover 
Baxter Peter, machinist, 37 n Front 
Baxter .Mrs. Rebecca, seamstress, Falls rd nr 

Boundary av 
Baxter Thos. W. (Norvell & B.) 260 n Charles 
Baxter \V. P., 85 Jackson sqav 
Baxter Wra. B. laborer, 85 Hampstead 
Baxter Wm. stonecutter, 45 Preston 
Baxter Wm. cooper, 122 Orleans 
Baxter Wm. laborer, 30 Fell 
Bay Geo. E. carpenter, n e cor German and 

Kutaw, dw 219 w Hoffman 
J{ay James H. clerk, 211 Franklin 
J5ay Jane, 81 w Biddle 
JJay John W., 16 n Bond 

BAY JOHN W. feed, field seeds, fertilizers, &c. 

39 s Frederick, dw 16 n Bond 
Bay Oliver, carpenter, 211 Franklin 
Bayer Adam, cigarraaker, 185 s Caroline 
Bayer Christian, tailor, 74 Hanover 
Bayer Conrad, paver, 157 Stirling 
BAVER Gl!;ORGE,mer. tailor, 453 w Baltimore 
Bayer Geo. baker 86 Ensor 
Bayer Geo. beer, Madison av nr Northern av 
Ba^er Geo. C. confectionery, 182 Barre 
Bayer Joseph, upholsterer, 71 s Regester 
Bayer John, carpenter, 166 Raborg 
Bayer Lewis, bill poster, 71 s Regester 
Bayer Mrs. Marg't, tailoress, 6 Baker ct 
Bayer Mich'l, laborer, 120 Boyd 
Bayer Peter, comb maker, 151 Stirling 
Bayfield & Gregg, (John and James Gregg) 

tanners, s e cor HoUiday and Centre 
Bayfield James, 93 n Pine 
Bayles Bernard, (Royston & B) 272 Hanover 
Bayles Lamdin, confectioner, 272 Hanover 
Bayless Albert J. bookkeeper, 28 Bowly's whf 
Bayless John T. carpenter, 226 Harford av 
Bayless Wm. laborer, Jobn nr (idea 
Bayley Chas. grocery, 22 n High 
Bayley Chas. jr. 22 u High 
Bayley R. P. k Co. (R. P. Bayley) glass and 

queensvvare, 20 Hanover 
Bayley R. P. (R. P. B. k Co.) 633 w Lombard 
Bayley Wm. carpenter, 27 Jackson 
Baylies Chas. F. & Bro. (C. F. and E. Baylies) 

grocers, s e cor Eden and Jefferson 
Baylies Chas.F.(C.F.B.&; Bro.) 400 e Balltimore 
Baylies Edw.(C. F. B. k Bro.) 350 e Baltimore 
Baylies Geo. H. grain, 127 McElderry's whf, 

dw 22 Aisquilh 
Baylies James L. bookkeeper, 538 w Fayette 
Baylies John II. (Ilumrichouse, B. & Co.) 350 

e Baltimore 
Baylies Thos. laborer, Potomac nr Hudson 
liajlies Wm. T. (Humrichouse, B. & Co.) 402 

e Baltimore 
Baylis Edgar J. gas fitter, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis James R. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis John W. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Bayliss John, cabinet maker, \Valsh nr Cooke 
Baylor Robert B. bookkeeper, 7'J Courtland 
Bayly Chas. B. clerk, 525 w Fayette' 
Bayly Geo. J. clerk, 525 w Fayette 
Bayly xMrs. Hamilton J., 127 w Biddle 
Bayl_) Henry, shoemaker, 7 Ridgely 
Bayly Julian, clerk, 52 Saratoga 
Bayly Mrs. jNlargaret, 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Mrs. Sarah A. 22 s Calhoun 
Bayly Mrs. Sarah U. dressmaker, 9O2 Lee 
Bayly Thomas R. clerk, 127 w Biddle 
Bayly Thomas W. mariner, .TIS Eastern av 
Bayly Wm. L. tailor, 315 Eastern av 
Bayn Dashield, paperhauger, 253 Bank 
Bayn James F. rigger, 253 Bank 
Bayn John, bricklayer, 198 n Caroline 
Bayuard Mrs. Eliza, 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Dr. Geo. 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Wm. H. bricklayer, 277 Franklin 
Bayne Benjamin 0. pilot, 264 e JjOinbard 
Bayne Benj. C. jr. coppersmith, 264 e Lombard 
Bayne G. C. D. & Co. (G. C. D. Bayne) pro- 
duce, 6 Barre 
Bayne George C. D. (G. C. D. B.& Co.) 253 

Bayne Patterson & Co. (P. Bayne, II. Sim- 

monds) whole's grocers, 4 Commerce 

Office s, 54 S . G-ay. an d 

Cor. Chew and Stirling. 



Bayne Daniel K. (Wm.B.& Co.) 162 Townsend 
Bayne Richard, ailorney, 31 St. Paul dw 162 

Bayne Patterson, (P. B. & C6.) 45 Gilmor 
BAYNE WiM.& CO.(Wm.&D.K.Bayne)wboles. 

grocers and corn, merchts, 14 Commerce- 
Bayue Wm. C. conductor, 590 Liglit 
Bayne Wm. B. clerk, cor Bank la aud St. Paul 
Bayne Wm. (Wm. B & Co.) Townsend nr 

Bayner Conrad, brickmaker, 51 Johnson 
Bayues Geo. B. bookkeeptr, 151 a Republican 
BAYNES JAMl<:S & SUN, (James and John B. 

Baynes) wool, Hollin^svvorth nr Lombard 
Baynes James, carpenter, 97 Chew 
Baynes James, foreman, 64 s Chester 
Baynes James, carpenter, Spring al nr Antho- 
ny, dw 97 Chew 
Baynes Jas.(J. Bayues & Son) 151 n Republican 
Baynes John, hay presser, 207 e Madison 
Baynes John B. (J. Baynes & Son) 151 n Re- 
Baynes John H. salesman, 23 Harford av 
Baynes Joseph P. hay and straw, s e cor Mon- 
ument aud Eden, dw 2()7 e Madison 
Baynes Wm. ^^•. bookkeeper, 64 s Chester 
Bayrle George, shoemaker, 131 s Fremont 
Bayview Asylum, Eastern av ext, betw Phila- 
delphia aud Mt Carmel cemetery roads, 
office 23 Cheapside 
Bayview Brewery, Eastern av ext, opp Bayview 

Bayzand Wm. H. magistrate, 9 Law buildings, 

St. Paul, dw Mansion house 
Bazel, scissorgrinder, 87 s Chapel 
Beaber Adam, stoveniounter, 75 Battery av 
Beach Geo. clerk, 50 Jefferson 
Beach Harry L. photographer, 149 e Monument 
Beach Mrs. Mary J. 163 u (Jay 
Beach Thos. E. police, 562 Lexington 
Beach Thomas E., 562 Lexington 
Beach Wm. H. collector Court Com. Pleas, 

199 e Fayette 
Beach Wm. J. photographer, 432 w Lombard 
Beach Wm. J. carpenter, 88 n Paca 
Beach Wm. conductor, Bulls Head hotel 
Beacham Fred. B. (G. A. Kirby & Co.) 670 

Beacham Gi-o. grocery, Clinton and Boston 
Beachiim J. S. & Bro. (J. S. Beacham, S. T. 
Beacham) marine railway aud ship yard, 
Covington foot of Warren 
Beacham Jno.S.(J.S.B.& Bro.) 273 w Lombard 
Beacham J. Summers, (Macneal & B.) 707 

Beacham Lenox, sparmaker, 58 Lee 
Beacham Levin, laborer, 69 Cross 
Beacham Mrs. Rose, receiver Citizens Pass. Rail- 
way Co. 73 Jackson square av 
Beacham Samuel T. 670 Lexington 
Beacham Wm. brakeman, 94 St. Peter 
Beacham Capt. Wm. 307 Saratoga 
Beacham Wm. T. sexton, 50 e Fayette 
Beachamp Chas. E. clerk, 11 Warren 
Beachamp Geo. R. carpenter, 11 Warren 
Beachamp Mrs. Mary E. 11 Warren 
Beachamp Wm. A. bookkeeper, 11 Warren 
Beacher Robt. H. carpenter, 201 Lee 
Beadenkopf Charles, batter, 9 w Baltimore; dw 

16 Ensor 
Beagger Herman, cigar box maker, Mulliki.a 
and Eden 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Beahan Edward, clerk, 70 Lexington 

Beahan John S. grocer, 21 New (jhurch 

Beahan John E. clerk, 70 Lexington 

Beal Hayward, sashmaker, 283 Hanover 

Beal Levi, laborer^ 434 Penna av 

Beale John, collector, 367 n Gay 

Beale John R. carpenter. 93 n Bond 

Beale Robert A. (S^mford & B.) 4G Barre 

Beale Mrs. Sarah, notions, 367 n Gay 

Beale Mrs. Wm. E. 93 n Bond 

Beall A. B. bookkeeper, 30 Pleasant 

Beal) Benjamin B. 191 Franklin 

Beall Mrs. Benjamin L. 55 McCjalloh 

Beall .Mrs. Cluirlotte, dressmaker, 294 Franklin 

Beall Edward S. bookkeeper, 92 SMratoga 

Beall Geo. T. jr. attorney, 49 w Fayette, dw 

25 Linden av 
Beall J. H. bookkeeper, Fountain hotel 
Beall & Stonebraker, (T.B. Beall, Jos. R. Stone- 

braker) wholes, cutlery, 344 w Baltimore 
Beall Thos. B. (B. & Stonebraker) 191 Druid 

Hill av 
Beall N. E. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Beall W. Francis, police, 408 e Fayette 
Bealle G. T. attorney, 105 n Charles 
Bealmear J. Francis, (Armstrong, Cator & Co.) 

48 n Calhoun 
Bealmear Samuel, millinery, straw and fancy 

go(jds, s e cor Liberty and Lexington, dw 

147 n Republican 
Bealmer James A. 661 w Lombard 
Bealraer Thos. clerk, 68 Columbia 
Bealmer Wm. B. clerk, 432 w Fayette 
Beam Mrs. Annie E. dressmaker, 364 Myrtle av 
Beam Esaias K. druggist, n w cor Charles and 

Beam Francis, U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Beam Geo. W. milk, 364 Myrtle av 
BEAM ISAAC R. apothecary, n w cor Charles 

and Read 
Beam Henry, carpenter, 204 n Fremont 
Beam Mrs. Maria, Calverton 
Beam Wm H. carpenter, 207 Peirce 
Beamer Mrs. Priscilla, 580 w Fayette 
Bean Benjamin, cabinetmaker, 212 Gough 
Bean Benjamin, laborer, 212 Gough 
Bean Mrs. Christina, 110 s Chester 
Bean Mrs. Elizabeth, 222 Gough 
Bean George, [dumber, 60 Block 
Bean John H. pilot, 74 s Washington 
Bean John R. carpenter, 56 Thames 
Bean Mrs. Lotta, 505 w Fayette 
Bean Mrs. Mary, 211 e Baltimore 
Bean Robert M. pilot, 71 s Ann 
Bean Thomas C. pilot, 222 Gough 
Bean Wm. oysters, 11 n Poppleton 
Beans Edward, proprietor Franklin hotel, High 

and Hi Hen 
Beans Elias, engineer, 253 William 
Beans Henry, traveling agent, 253 William 
Beans Howard, messenger, Aisquith nr Fayette 
Beans Howard, clerk, 214 Aisquiih 

C oaches an d Barouc h es for Shopping, Weddings, & c . 
"bEA 50 BEC 

Beans Jonathan, 99 Jackson Square av 

Bear John W. special agt. U. tj. treasury, 120 

Beard Mrs. Catherine, huckstress, 56 Penna av 
Beard Daniel, bricklayer, 124 Conway 
Heard Klizaljeih A. 439 u Gay 
Beard Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 105 Vine 
Beard Elizabeth, confectionery, 24 Miller 
Beard Elizabeth, 2o7 w Biddle 
Beard George, U. S. N., 13 n Strieker 
Beard Geo. \V. tinner, 72 Greeumount av 
Beard Henry, (H. A. Gable & Co.) Williams- 
port, Pa 
Beard Henry C, Adams Express, Russell nr 

Beard Isaac, fireman, 1 1 Hudson al 
Beard J. F. clerk, 98 Myrtle av 
Beard Capi. John, collector, 60 Lee 
Beard Joseph, 19 n Front 
Beard Joseph, jr. 19 n Front 
Beard Louis J. printer, 57 Columbia 
Beard Maria, bearding, 57 Columbia 
Beard Mollie, saleswoman, 134 Pearl 
Beard O. A. helper, 487 Saratoga 
Beard Robt. C. machinist, 95 Jackson sq av 
Beard Samuel, coachmaker, 24 Miller 
Beard \Vm. 1). carpenter, 60 Lee 
Beardsley Isaac, machinist, Aisquith nr Point la 
Bearham Peter, laborer, 323 Cathedral 
Bearsch GcO. shoemaker, 217 Canton av 
Bear.-sch Philip, barber, 64 s Ann 
Beastell Augusta, dressmaker, 31 George 
Beastell Margaret, 31 George 
Beastell Win. H. clerk, 31 George 
BEaSTEN CHARLES, Jr. attorney, 48 St. 

Paul, dw 318 Madisou av 
Bealch Conrad, turner, 280 w Pratt 
Beatin Malcolm, ship carpenter, 91 Patuxent 
Beatley B.tldwin, laborer, 196 s Charles 
Beatley Mrs. Frances, tailoress, 196 s Charles 
Beatley John T. shucker, 129 s Bethel 
Beatley Nathaniel, mariner, 4o6 Eastern av 
Beatley Wm. lai)orer, 129 s Bethel 
Beatson George H. coal, 312 vv Lombard 
Beatson John, teller National Exchange Bank, 

dw 210 w Lombard 
Beatty Amelia A. dressmaker and millinery. 

156 e Baltimore 
Beattv Mrs. Caroline P. 312 e Baltimore 
BEATTV CHAS. W. agent Bellona Gunpowder 

Co., 155 w Pratt, dw Baltimore co., near 

Beatty Eli, moulder, 247 Bank 
Beatty Dr. G. VV. 226 w Hoffman 
BEaTTV JAMES & CO. (James B., Geo. R. 

Skillmar) cracker bakers, 92 Dugan's whf 
Beatty James, (Jas. B. & Co.) 35 Courtlaiid 
Beatty James L. 244 iJollins 
Beatty John T. bricklayer, Orleans and Wolfe 
Beatty John B. cleik, 85 Walsh 
Beaity Joseph, baker, lu8 s High 
Bwatty Mary, grocery, 75 s Dallas 
Beatty Mary, tailoress, 6 Mulberry 
Beatty Michael laborer, 116 Towiisend 
Beatty Win. R. moulder, 247 Bank 
Beatty Wm. 11. conductor, 156 e Baltimore 
Beatty Wm. blacksmith, 37 Bane, dw 46 
Beaily Wm. J. A. baker, 130 s High 
Benlty Wm. (Jas. J. Lacy Jt Co.) 94 s Ciicster 
Beauchamp Geo. H. maiiner, 283 Ihuiover 
Beauchamp John T. painter, 136 s Howard 
Beauchamp John S. shoemaker, 136 s Howard 

Beauchamp Robt.S. merch. tailor, 189 w Pratt 
Beauer Fanny, 91 Raborg 
Beaufort Fanny C. teacher, 12 Walsh 
Beaufort .Mary E. teacher, 12 Walsh 
Beaufort Sarah J., 12 Walsh 
Beaumont Alex, finisher, Milton av ur Freder- 
ick av 
Beaumont Tbos. J. miller, Calverton 
Beaver Mrs. James W. 215 u Dallas 
Beaver James S. police, 21 s (Caroline 
Beavers .Mrs. Elizabeth, rear of Federal 
BebeJohn, brickmaker, 241 Battery av 
Becher Edward, coUarmaker, 175 Lee 
Bechler George, carpenter, 117 Low 
Bechler John, carpenter, 117 Low 
Bechler Sigmund, tailor, 714 w Baltimore 
Bechner Adam, shoemaker, 150 Eastern av 
Becht Conrad, cooper, 208 w Pratt 
Becht John, driver, 9 Port al 
Bechtel John W. plumt)er and stove dealer, 93 

n Eutaw, dw 93 Mulberry 
Bechtold John, laborer, 58 Ellicott 
Bechtold Wm. cabinetmaker, 148 n Central av 
Beck Adam, beer, 166 ii Central av 
Beck Adam, tailor, 51 s Durham 
Beck Anton, laborer, 75 Bank- 
Beck Annie E., 38^ w Baltimore 
Beck August, of Tnomas, 695 w Fayette 
Beck August, lager beer brewery, Garrison, la 

nr Frederick rd 
Beck August, clerk, Frederick av nr tollgate 
BECK CHAS. R. R. Eutaw and HoflFraan, dw 

26 s Carey 
Beck Charles, laborer, 63 Burke, Canton 
Beck Conrad, shoemaker, 84 s Fremont 
Becii Conrad, barber, 467 n Gay 
Beck Conrad, laborer, 259 s Bond 
Beck ErnesiVV. letter carrier, 71 Greenmount av 
Beck Miss Emma J. teacher, 319 iMulberry 
Beck Francis, laborer, 192 s Wolfe 
Beck Francis, tailor, 186 Aliceanua 
Beck Frank, stove fitter, 9 Centre Market sp 
Beck Frederick, tailor, 463 n Gay 
Beck Fred'k, canemaker, 147 w Baltimore 
Beck Fred'k, rear Md. Lead Works, Fort av 
Beck Fred'k, A. shoemaker, 143 Burgundy al 
Beck Fred'k W. (F. VV. Beck & Co.) 279 e 

Beck Fred'k, laborer, 993 w Pratt 
Beck Geo. beer brewery, 360 Penna av 
Beck George, furniture, 42 Harrison, factory 

llampstead nr Bond 
Beck George, laborer, 69 Centre Market sp 
Beck Geo. restaurant, 76 (..eiiire Market sp 
Beck G. Herman, (B. & Ha_\eu,) 133 German 
Beck & llayen, (G. Herman Beck, E. Haven) 

com. merchts. and imprs. of leaf tobacco and 

cigars, 60 s Gay 
Beck Henry, optician, 249 e Pratt 
Beck Henry, beer, s vv cor Fayette and Durham 
Beck Henry, laborer, 304 Canton av 
Beck Herman, U. S. A., Fort Mclleury 
Beck J. Adam, butcher, 55 Lexington and 50 

Hanover mkis., dw Garrison la 
Beck Jacob, porter, 36 s Strieker 
Beck Jacob, tobacconist. Gay and Caroline 
Beck Jacob, cabinetmaker, 212 Aliceanua 
Beck Joanna, 4 Windsor 
Beck John, cooper and ooopers' tools, 28 and 

30 \\ illiam, dw 147 .Montgomery 
BecK John, laborer, Frederick rd nr tollgate 
Beck John, barber, 278 s Ann 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer. 
BEG 51 BEG ' 

Beck John, shoemaker, 94 Leadenhall 

Beck John, butcher, 95 Lexington, and 46 Hol- 

lins mkts., dvv Hollins ext 
Beck John, restaurant, 325 Cathedral 
Beck John, laborer, 190 Cross 
Beck John, varnisher, 359 e hager 
Beck John G. piano maker, 327 s Sharp 
Beck J. Harry, bookkeeper, 115 n Gay 
Beck John M. clerk, 147 Montgomery 
Beck Joseph, laborer, 192 s Wolfe 
Beck Joseph, shoemaker, 46 Oxford 
Beck Joseph A. painter, 10 Orleans 
Beck Louis, shoemaker, 63 Thames 
Beck -Mrs. Maria E. furuish'g store, 115 n Gay 
Beck Michael, gilder, cor Lombard and Wolfe 
Beck Peter, engineer, McHenry nr Calhoun 
Beck Philip, huckster, Peuna av nr Clifton 
Beck Philip, whip maker, 542 n Gay 
Beck Robert M. machinist, Bolton Depot 
Beck Rudolph, bookkeeper, 75 Raborg 
BECK THOMAS, Rock Spring lager beer brew- 
ery, Baltimore cor Calverton rd, dw 29 Cal- 
verton rd 
Beck Wm. tinner, 61 n Eden 
Beck Wm. printer, 98 s Caroline 
Beck Wm. R. tinner, 67 n Eden 
Beck Wm. R. fur. wagons, 175 n Paca 
Keck Wm. R. wagoner, 319 Mulberry 
Beckenheimer Abraham, 13 n Edeu 
Becker August, tailor, 238 Barre 
Becker August, tailor, 405 Light 
Becker August, shoemaker, 78 Druid Hill av 
Becker August, shoemaker, 259 Hamburg- 
Becker & Bro. (Francis and Christian Becker,) 

merchant tailors, 229 Eastern av 
BECKEli & BROTHER, (C. F. & L. Becker,) 

dealers in leaf tobacco, 98 w Lombard 
Becker Charles, confectioner, 238 Barre 
Becker Charles, shoemaker, 54 Portland 
Becker Chas. lager beer, 55 Lancaster 
Becker Charles, shoemaker, 35 e Pratt 
Becker Charles, (B. k. Sou,) 102 n Gay 
Becker Charles, (B. & Bro.) 151 Barre 
Becker Charles, cabinetmaker, 381 w Pratt 
Becker Christian, (B. & Bro.) 229 Eastern av 
Becker Chr. piano maker, 511 w Baltimore 
Becker Conrad, cigarmaker, 120 Raborg 
Becker Conrad, huckster, 111 BauK 
Becker Conrad, laborer, 126 Henrietta 
Becker Conrad, carpenter, 309 Mulberry 
Becker Conrad H. liquors, 12 w Lombard 
Becker Emanuel, tinner, 31 Lee 
Becker Francis, (B. & Bro.) 229 Eastern av 
Becker Frank, carpenter, 75 s Chapel 
Becker Frederick, clerk, 199 e Pratt 
Becker Frederick, shoemaker, 49 Albemarle 
Becker Frederick, (B. & Bros.) 162 s Paca 
Becker Frederick, 161 s Paca 
• Becker Frederick, blacksmith, 4 Fell 
Becker Frederick, tailor, 379 w Pratt 
Becker George, snoemaker, 15 e Lombard 
Becker George, butcher, 23 Fell's Point mkt. 

dw Eastern av and Tuird av 
Becker Geu. W. wholesale liq'rs and wines, 302 

w Pratt 
Becker Henry, (Kumincr & B.) Huntingdon av 

nr Charles st av 
Becker Henry, (B. & Wagner,) Conway nr 

Becker Henry T. laborer, 68 Chew 
Becker Henry, lager, 102 n Gay 
Becker Henry, (B. & Son) 102 n Qay 



Flour, Grain beeds, &c. 
No. 21 s :eaes wharf. 


Clover, Timothy Seed, &o. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. ' 

Becker Henry, (B. &. Wagner,) 122 Conway 

Becker Jacob, tailor, 62 Park 

Becker John, grocer, 79 Druid Hill av 

Becker John, shoemaker, 4 Fell 

Becker John, sawyer, 23 Walnut al 

Becker John A. clerk, 303 w Pratt 

Becker John C. beer, 31 Lee 

Becker John G. laborer, 170 Sarah Ann 

Becker John G. clerk, 154 n Exeter 

Becker J. A. H. teller Chesapeake Bank, 154 n 

Becker John P. butcher,Easternavand Third av 
Becker Louis, (B. & Bros.) 151 Barre 
BECKER LUUIS, druggist, Pratt and Ana 
Becker Louis, lab. L. Greene and Wayne 
Becker Louis, shoemaker, 156 Cathedral 
Becker Margaret, grocery, 515 Lexington 
Becker Mrs. Margaret, 126 Henrietta 
Becker Nicholas, tavern. 55 President 
Becker Philip, coachmaker, 212 Preston 
Becker Philip, (B. & Wagner,) 38 Harrison 
Becker Sevzerine, tailor, 85 e Lombard 
Becker & Sou, (H.and C.Becker) tobacconists, 

9 Second 
Becker Valentine, baker, 896 w Pratt 
Becker & Wagner, (Philip B., Wm. Wagner, 

Henry Becker) box makers, 47 n Frederick 
Becker Mrs. Wilhelmina, 154 n Exeter 
Becker Wm. shoemaker, 124 Lee 
Becker Wm. carpenter, rear 239 s Charles 
Becker Wm. driver, 31 Lee 
Becker Wm. locksmith, 710 w Baltimore 
Beckett Adam, laborer, Canton av ext 
Beckett E. A. maciiinist, 52 n Washington 
Beckett Geo. W. driver Adams Exp. 130 Scott 
Beckett John 0." machinist, 214 Lee 
Beckett Lee, of tobacco warehouse, 68 s Sharp 
Beckett Patience, 214 Lee 
Beckett Thomas, engineer, 214 Lee 
Beckett Thomas, engineer, Eastern av & Exeter 
Beckhaua Justus, laborer, 13 Elliott 
Beckholtz Henry, wheelwright, 228 Preston 
BeCKley Albert, engineer, 89 Eastern av 
Beckley Henry, laborer, 174 s Greene 
Beckley James, hostler, 133 Ensor 
Beckley John W. cooper, 2 s Oregon 
Beckley Wm. H. paperhanger, 2u2 n Gay 
Beckmann Adolph, grocery, 36 Bank 
Beckmann F'rederick, gastitter, 151 s Charles 
Beckmeyer Wm. porter, 75 McElderry 
Beckmeyec Wm. jr. carpenter, 75 McElderry 
Beckmeyer Waiter H. wireworker, 75 McEl- 
Beckner Rolandis, laborer, 91 Lee 
Beckum Charles, driver, 188 n Eden 
Beckwith David G. cooper, 183 Gough 
Beckwith Frank B. letter carrier, 228 Gough. 
Beckwith Horace, laborer, 4 L. Gough 
Beckwith James, laborer, 251 s Ann 
Beckwith Mrs. Mary A. trimmings, 183 Gough. 
Beckwith Mrs. tjarah, 251 s Ann 
Becrafi Henry, laborer, 32 s Eden 

Joshua Horner. Jr. Mamifac'r and Com. Merchant, 



Becraft Peter, Oathedral extended 
Bede Sister iNlary, boardinj^ school, 341 e Lom- 
Bedecker (Miristian W. cab. niaker,226 w Pratt 
Bedecker Henry, lajrer beer, 243 Frederick av 
.Bedel James H. enirineer, 200 s Ann 
Bedenkopt Marx, shoemaker, 116 s Chapel 
• Bedewoith Mrs. Elizabeth, 73 Columbia 
Bedeworth Mrs. Rachel, 236 e Chase 
Bedford Clias. il. en<;ineer, Bolton depot 
BEDFORD & HOULTOX, (John II. D. Bedford, 
Samuel C. Houlton,) attorneys and coivvey- 
aiicers, n w cor Lexin>;ton and St. Paul 
Bedford John R. D. (B. & Houlton,) 85 Sara- 
Bedford Thomas, conductor, 188 Scott 
Bedjrar Christina, furniture, 65 Penna av 
Bee Henry, paddlemaker, 220 German 
Beebe Clias. S. (L. M. B 4- Bro.) St. Clair 

Beebe Decius, St. Clair hotel 
Beel>e Jas. H. artist, 64 n Eutaw 
BEEBE L.M. & Bro. (L. M. & C. S. Beebe,) 

woodenware and cordage, 94 w Lombard 
Beebe L. M. ( L. M. B. & Bro.) St. Clair hotel 
Beebe Richard, clerk, Bank Baltimore building 
Beebe Mrs. Sarah A. junk, 180 Chesnul al 
Beeber Adam, moulder, 75 Battery av 
Beecher J. Gregg, clerk, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Wm. N. clerk, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Wm. W. druggist, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecraft Nimrod, grocery, 13 n Pine 
Beefelt Edward, cigarmaker, 38 n Schroeder 
Beehee .Mrs. Caroline, 46 Penna av 
Beehl Michael, cutter, 2 Irvine pi 
Beehlee <'has. tobacconist, 73 Columbia 
Beehler Chas. W. shipcarpenter, 31 Hill 
Beeliler David E. clerk, 624 Lexington 
Beehler Mrs. Francis, umbrella, whip and crutch 

manuf, 235 w Baltimore, dw 62A Lexington 
Beehler Francis T. whipiiiaker, 624 Lexington 
Beeliler Wm., U. S. N. 624 Lexington 
Beeks John, laborer, 383 Eastern av 
Beeks Wm. laborer, 383 Eastern av 
Beeler (Jliristian, lab. Ellioit opp distillery 
Beeler Henry S. clerk, B. cj- 0. R. R., 23 Stiles 
Beeler Louis F. agent B. & 0. R.R., European 
whf, Locust Point, and Fell-st station, Fell's 
Point, dw 103 Gough 
Beer Jacob, peddler, 644 w Baltimore 
Beer Joiin, lab. 2 Hammond al 
Beer .Michael, driver, 62 President 
Beer .Michael, shoemaker, 134 Camden 
Beer Patrick, restaurant, 3 w Lombard 
Beer Rev. Robert C. cor George and Ogston 
Beerridge, M. C. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw 

cor Calvert and Franklin 
Beers Capt. Wm. mariner, Pratt nr Patterson 

Park av 
Bees Eliz:ibeth, grocery, 491 w Lombard 
Bees Frederick, shoemaker, 491 w Lombard 
Beeswald Wm. gilder, 219 Bank 
Beesly James, lab. Clinton nr Boston 
Beetley Mrs. Ann, 242 Eastern av 
Beetley Jas. R. carj). 242 Eastern av 
Beetley Jos. L. tobacconist, 161 e Pratt 
Beetley Robert S. architect, 42 n Broadway 
Beeus Theodore, lab. 48 s Regester 
Befelt Wm. [jolicc, 134 Columbia 
Began Philip, lab. 243 Bond 11 of Barnes 
Begnell John H. shoemaker, 32 Anthony 
Behler Andrew, shoemaker, 87 e Lombard 


Behler Antony, laborer, 42 

Behm George, 124 n Regester 

Behm Geo. boot fitter, 124 n Regester 

Behn Frederick, carp. 68 Mullikin , 

Behn Henry, furnishing goods and notions, 127 

n Eutaw 
Behn John, bricklayer, 424 Eastern av 
Behner Joseph, currier, 29 Bradford al, Canton 
BehotiHck John, lab. 6 Barnes 
Behr Christian, lab. 168 s Regester 
Behr Jacob, lab. 6 Curley 
Behr Nicholas, 168 s Regester 
Hehr Nicholas, barber, 241 Canton av 
Hehrend Aaron, butcher, 170 e Baltimore 
Behrend Jacob, ins. agent, over 238 Lexington 
Behrend .Michael, jjrovisions. Chapel and Pratt 
Behrend Philip K. 55 Aisquith 
Behrends August, carpenter, 361 Saratoga 
BEHRENDS LEOPOLD, dry goods, 61 n How- 
Behrens Albert M. tailor, cor Eastern av and 

Behrens Bernard, cabinetmaker, 270 n Gay 
Behrens Charles, bricklayer, 98 s Charles 
Behrens Conrad, boi'erinaker, 295 Hanover 
Behrens Henry sr. machinist, 302 s Charles 
Behiens Henry, lab. 265 s Dallas 
Behrens Herman, lab. 265 s Dallas 
Beherns Henry P. silverplater, 302 s Charles 
Behreiis Jacob, cigarmaker. Eastern av and 

Behrens Jacob, shoe store, '91 J n Gay 
Behrens Jacob, watchmaker, 93 n Gay 
Behrens John, clerk, 186 w Lombard 
Behrens John H. lab. 170 s Wolfe 
Behrens Mantio, tobacconist. Eastern av and 

Behrens .Mrs. Theresa, milliner, 270 n Gay 
Behrens Thos. brewer, Belair av nr vUy limit? 
Behrens Wm. bricklayer. 98 s Charles 
Behriiiger John, candymaker, 193 Barre 
Behringer John G. 370 Saratoga 
Behrns Fredk. porter, 22 Patterson 
Beicherd Gotfried, boxmaker, 60 Camden 
Beienschmidt Andrew, lab. 61 Bank 
Beier Christian, lab, 180 L Hughes 
Beierlein Fredk. driver, 395 n Gay 
Beierlein Jacob, lab. 106 West 
Beierlein John, tobacconist, .395 n Gay 
Beiger Fredk. shoemaker, 20 Boston' 
Beierstedt Charles, shoemaker, 159 s Choptank 
Beig Albert C. bookkeeper, 14 George 
Beiger Frederick, shoemaker, 70 Boston 
Beiker Geo. polisher, 240 .Mulberry 
Beiker Wm. joiner, 198 Ringgold al 
Beikirch A. J. clerk, 104 Peirce 
Beikirch Lawrence, tailor, 104 Peirce 
Beikirch Valentine, cigarmaker, 104 Peirce 

BEIL JOHN, Artificial Flowers, 130 

Bein Chas. watchmaker, 84 Lexington 
Bein Fredk. cabinetmaker, 258 s Eutaw 
Bein Henry, cabinetmaker, 258 Aliceauna 
Beinke llarman, tailor, 115 n Central av 
Beir Frederick C. cabinetmaker, 258 s Eutaw 
Beirman Mrs. Susan, 123 Conway 
Beisheim Nicholas, painter and [laints, 57 Essex 
Beissler Frank, grocery, 294 e I'ratt 
Beissler Nicholas, carpenter, 24 n Wolfe 
Beiswanger John, grocery, 266 s Howard 

O ffices, 54 S. G-ay, and Cor . Chew and Stirling. 
~ BEL 58 BEL 

Beilzel Daniel, sliotniaker, 86 s Howard 
Beitzel Francis, grocery, 116 Henriettii 
Bekner John, laborer, 105sRegester 
Helbin Wm. J laborer. 81 s Caroline 
IJelbin Chas. T. sliipsraith, cor Warren and 

Covington, dw 8.3 Gough 
Hclden James, conveyancer, over Chesapeake 

Bank, cor North and Fayette 
Belger Louis, laborer, 181 e Pratt 
IJelitz Adelbert, bookkeeper, n w cor Walsh 

and Dolphin 
Belitzki Edward, laborer, Forrest nr Low 
Belknap Kvan, 243 n Charles 
IJell Abraham, pla.sterer, 45o e Fayette 
Bell Adelbert T. clerk, 52 Holland 
Bell Alexander, (H. Strau.';, Bro. & B.) North- 
ern av, bet Belair and Harford avs 
Bell Albert, stable boss, 2 s Greene 
licil Dr. Alexander T., 354 Lexington 
Bell Albert, sexton, 26 Scott 
Bell Alfred, butcher, Cumberland ur Penna av 
Bell Alphcus, carpenter, 261 Walsh 
Bell Andrew, carjienter. 233 Dolphin 
Bell Caleb, carpenter, 125 Hollins 
Bell Charles, butcher, York road 
Bell Chas. F. & Co. (Chas. F. and Geo. Bell) 

tinners, 859 w Baltimore 
Bell Chas. F. (C. F. B. & Co ) 859 w Baltimore 
Bell & Co. ( Wm. K. C. Bell) com. merchants, n 

w cor Camden and Light 
Bell Daniel, machinist, 96 e Lombard 
Bell David, manager Clipper Mills 
liell Edward, clerk. 92 Saratoga 
Bell Edward, firmer. Gay and Hoffman 
Bell Edward, collector, V3 n Bond 
Bell Edward E. engineer, 109 s Poppleton 
Bell Edward F. stonecutter, 155 Forrest 
Bell Edward H. wheelwright, 1 s Central av 
Bell Eliza, 162 n Howard 
Bell Mrs. Elizabeth B., 94 Townsend 
Bell 1' mma C. tailoress, 93 Hillen 
Bell Frank, coojier, 30 s Mount 
Bell Franklin, grocery, 63 n Chapel 
Bell George, tin and sheet iron worker, 616 w 

Bell George, machinist, 1 s Central av 
Bell Geo. (C. F. B. & Co.) 859 w Baltimore 
Bell Geo. W. clerk, 123 w Biddle 
Bell Geo. W. wheelwright, 1 s Central av 
Bell Geo. W. laborer, 557 Saratoga 
BELL GEO. W. C. magistrate, 76 w Fayette, 

dw 239 Mnlberrv 
Bell Rev. Henry, 26 Camden 
Bell Henry, apothecary, 113 w Fayette 
Bell Henry, overseer, Hampton 
Bell Henry C. (Weedon & B.) 54 n Republican 
Bell Henry C. tinner, 31 McHenry 
Bell Henry S. apothecary, Fayette and Liberty 
Bell Isaac H, jr. huckster, 301 Columbia 
Bell Isaac H. sr. huckstet, 98 Hollins 
I5ell Jas. stableboss, Belair av nr Chester 
Bell Jas. malt hou.^e.s w cor North and Saratoga 
Bell Jas. B. merchandise broker and accountant, 

40 Commerce, dw Townsend nr Gilmor 
Bell James C. clerk, 179 s Charles 
Bell Janus H. clerk, Poppleton nr Mulberry 
Bell James I. pajierstainer, 40 s Poppleton 
Bell Jehu A. millwright, 46 s Schroeder 
Bell John, gas filter, 140 Williams 
Bell John, carpenter, 248 n Howard 
Bell John, fireman, 5 e Madison 
Bell John H. driver, 172 Franklin 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, <ScC. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Bell John A. porter, 48 Jackson square av 

Bell John E. peddler. 363 Columbia 

Bell John II. insp. weights and measures, 35 n 

Bell John N. conductor, 438 w Lombard 
Bell John R. junk, 86 n Holliday 
Bell John R. blacksmith. 33 n Eden 
Bell John S. grain weigher, 46 Conway 
Bell Mrs. Margaret, 62 Milliman 
Bell Marion, engineer, 63 n Chapel 
Bell Mrs. Mary, 84 Chew 
Bell Mary E., 327 SaratOL'a 
Bell Mattee, gunsmith, Regester n of Chase 
BELL N. II. cj-CO.(N. H. Bell, N.A.Huppman) 

whip manufs. over 300 w Baltimore 
Bell Nelson H. (N. H.Bell ^- Co.) 94 Townsend 
Bell Perry, moulder, 4 McHenry 
Bell Peter, milkman, O'Donnell ext 
Bell Richard H. shipcarpenter, 73 n Bond 
Bell Samuel, salesman, 44 Orleans 
Bell Dr. Samuel A., 161 s Sharp 
Bell Saml. J. K.. Custom House, 450 e Fayette 
Bell Susan R. tailoress, 93 Hillen 
Bell Thomas, stonecutter, Oxford, York rd 
Bell Thos. B. tobacconist, 155 Forrest 
Bell Thomaziin V. tailoress, 93 Hillen 
Bell Walter, gunsmith, Regester ^r Gay 
Bell ^Vm. brakeman, 176 Columbia 
Bell Wm. stonecutter, Poppleton nr Jlulberry 
Bell Wm. H. canmaker, 32 St. Peter 
Bell Wm. H. photographer, 206 Aisquith 
Bell Wm. E. C. (Bell & Co.) 141 Barre 
Bell Wm. H. huckster, 485 w Pratt 
Bell Wm. W. salesman, 225 e Pratt 
Bell Wm. D. carpenter, 43 n Central av 
Bellau Henry, whitewasher, 33 Goodman al 
Belle Francis, tailor, 21 n Spring 
Bellebaum Ingleback, upliolsterer, 46 s Bond 
Bellerman Chas. F. druggist, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellerman Emanuel, tailor, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellerman Wm. cigarmaker, 22 Sarah Ann 
Belleson Thos. N. blacksmith, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Bellis Mrs. John, varieties, 101 s Caroline 
Bellis Wm. laborer, 90 Lancaster 
Bellman John, engineer, 209 n Front 
Bellman John, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Bellman Sarah, saleswoman, 108 e Lombard 
Bellmunt Fanny, 124Raborg 
Bellmont Rachel, 135 Raborg 
BelloSerafin, clerk, 22 Albemarle 
Belschner Geo. laborer, 4 Green's ct 
Belschner John, cigarmaker, 35 York 
Belt Mrs. A. R., 94 Division 
Belt Chas. T. (T. B. & Son) Sweet Air 
Belt Mrs. E. S., 4 s Gilmor 
Belt P>lisha, blacksmith, 32 n Poppleton 
Belt Euoene N. (Cahn, B. ^ Co.) 75 w Centra 
Belt Geo. M. broommaker, 80 n Pine 
Belt Henry S. clerk, 237 Park av 
Belt Hickman, carpenter, 189 e Monument 
Belt John, brakeman, 349 Cathedral 

Coaches and Barouches for Shopping. Weddings. &c. 

Belt Jo.-iephine, dressmaker, 80 n Pine 
Hell Leoiianl, laborer, 105 Li-iidenhall Mrs. Louisa A , 75 w Centre 
Belt Samuel J. clerk, 76 n Hij,'h 
Belt S. Spriorg, (T. Belt &Sons) Balto. Co 
Belt Thos. (T. B. J- Son) Sweet Air 
BeltThos. & Son, (T. B.and C. J. B.)Sweet Air 
Belt Thos. G. P. clerk, 194 w Biddle 
Belt T. H. jr. coal shipper. 72 .McCuUoh 
Belt Thomas II., 260 w Hoffman 
Belt Tnieman tj- Sons (Trueraan Belt, sr. True- 
man Belt jr., S. S. Belt, )^tobacco, grain and 
com. merchants, 1 Ellicott 
Belt Trueman, sr. (T.B. cj- Sons) 194 w Biddle 
Belt Trueman, jr. (T.B. & Sons) 199 w Fayette 
Belt Wm. R. clerk, 80 n Pine 
Belt William, carpenter. Hamjiton 
Belt Wm. hroommaker, 80 n Pine 
Belt Wm. 189 e Monument 
Belt Win. clerk; 191 w Biddle 
Beltz Rlizabeth, seamstress, 200 s Bond 
Beltz Soi)hia, seamstress, 200 s Bond 
Belvidere Nursery, Eagrer nr Constitution 
Belvidere Oil Refinery, Newbold & Sonspropr's, 

cor Chase and North 
Behvin Chas. shipsmitb. 83 Goup-h 
fielz John L. baker, 339 n Central av 
Belz John B. butcher, 21 Richmond mkt, dw 

Penna. av n of Northern av 
Belz Peter, boilermaker, 381 Penna av 
Belzer Adam, plass finisher, 323 s Sharp 
Benard. Wm. fisherman, 159 Cross 
Benbnry Mrs. Annie, 192 ri Fremont 
BenchoffC. bookkeeper, 275 Hollins 
Benchoff John G. bookkeeper, 34 s Calvert 
Bencrofi' .Mrs. .Mildred, 132 n Central av 
Bendall Priscilla. dressmaker, 424 w Favette 
BEND ANN BTIOS. (Daniel and David Ben- 

dann.) ])holographers, 207 \v Baltimore 
Bendann Daniel, (B Bros.) 205 St. Paul 
Bendann David, (B. Bros.) 2o5 St. Paul 
Bendann Fabish, 205 St. Paul 
Benden Thomas, engineer, 74 s Castle 
Bender August, locksmith, 6 Smith 
Bender Christian, beer, 142 Easte n av 
Bender Mrs. Christiana, confect'y, 4') Henrietta 
Bender Fred'k, ironworker, 56 Bnine 
Bender George, brakesman, 121 Hollins 
Bender Henry, laborer, 6 Emory 
Bender Henry, tailor, 116 Low 
Bender Jacob, carpenter, 332 Aliceanna 
Bender Joseph, harnessn)aker, 45 Henrietta 
Bender Lucas, pa|)er carrier, 21 Parkin 
Bender Samuel, c.irpenter, Hand House 
Bender Wm. stone cutter, 17 L. Gough 
Bender Wm. H. tinner, 17 L. Gough 
Benders Christian, baker, 10 Union 
Bendore Wm. laborer, G Emory 
Bendviih' Thos. laliorer. Swan tavern 
Benedick Henry, laborer, 127 s Central av 
Benedi.\ Joseph, dry goods, n w cor Eden and 

Beneficial Savings Fund Society of Md., Ches- 
apeake Bank cor Fayette and North 
Benesch Isaac, furniture dealer. 285 n Gav 
Benezet (Jeo. W. painter. Division nr Wilson 
Benezei Thos. K. plasterer, Division nr Wilson 
Bengal John, tailor, 53 Sliles 
Ben^el .Mrs. -Mary. 84 Lancaster 
Benhardt Andrew, coppersmith, 169 s Ann 
Benhardt Conrad, laborer, 32 Byrd 
Benhardt John, driver, 227 s Durham 

Benhardt John M. locksmith, 359 Eastern av 

Benhardt , 7 China al 

Beiihiiff Adam, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Benhoff George, machinist, Clinton nr Boston 
Benhoff Geo. jr, machinist, Clinton nr Boston 
Benhoff John Fred'kj collier. Clinton s of Boston 
Benholf'Wtn. engineer, (Jlinton nr Pjlliott 
Benjamin Evan, laborer, Clipper mills 
Benjamin, Evan T., Clipper mills 
Benjamin J. & Co (.1 Benjamin, B. F. Ulinaa) 

gen'l loan office, 22 n Gay 
Benjamin Jacob, (J. Benjamin Sf Co.)22 n.Gay 
Benjamin Samuel. 110 n Caroline 
Benjamin Samuel S. carpenter, 5 Orleans 
Benjamin W^m. express, 110 n Caroline 
Benick Lewis, shoemaker, 170 e Favette 
Benned Charles, laborer. Dillon nr Thiid av 
BeiinedJohn, laborer, Dillon nr Third av 
Benned Martin, laborer, Dillon nr Third av 
Bonn Walter, actor, Ensorand Chesnut 
Bennemen John, butcher, 154 West 
Ik'uner Adam, butcher, 15 Richmond market. 

dw Pennsylvania av extended 
Benner Albert, machinist, 19 Warren 
Benner Benj. D. huckster, 356 e Monument 
Benner Caroline, 147 Aisquith 
Benner Chas. F. bricklayer, 228 Orleans 
Benner Daniel, provisions, 16 Harford av 
Benner Ferdinand C. engineer, 19 Warren 
Benner Geo. laborer, 273 William 
Benner Geo. laborer, 325 Hanover 
Benner Geo. L. stonecutter, 356 e Monument 
Benner (Jeorge, 39 n Amity 
Benner Harrison, potter, 100 n Bond 
Benner Henry, stone mason, 124 s Spring 
Benner John, blacksmith. 409 w Pratt 
Benner John, carpenter, 39 n Amity 
Benner John, shoemaker, 176 Madeira al 
Benner .Mrs .Mary A. board 'g, 356 e Monument 
BENNER OTTO, magistrate, cor Baltimore 

and Paca, dw 92 Pennsylvania avenue 
Benner Samuel, machinist, 19 Warren 
Benner T.S. cj- Co. (T. S. B.) stock and bill 

brokers, 6 Franklin building. North 
Benner Thos. S. (T. S. B. cj- Co.) 147 Aisquith 
Benner Wm. tailor, 5 Leadenhall 
Bennerwitt George, cigarmaker, 37 e Pratt 
Bennet James, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet John M. coal, cor Central avenue and 

Gough, dw 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet Samuel, clerk, 636 vv Baltimore 
Bennett Alexander, boatman, 7 Fell 
Bennett Alfred, bookkeeper, 398 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Alt'rerl, jirovisions, 398 Druid Hill av 
Bennett .Mrs. Andrew. 106 Johnson 
Bennett .Mrs. Ann E. 225 w Hoffman 
Bennett Biiij. F. (Stalling c^- Co.) carpenter 

and builder, 44 s Howard, dw 130 s Sharp 
BENNETT BROTHERS, (G. R. .j- Thomas S. 

Bennett, ) coal and wood, 169 n Howard and 

Cathedral near John 
Bennett Mrs. Catherine, 87 s Sharp 
Bennett Chas. W. printer, 87 s Sharp 
Bennett Chas W. attendant Peabody Institute. 

dw 201 w Biddle 
Bennett Charles, canmaker, 148 n Regester 
Bennett Charles, 23 n Gay 
Bennett Chas.W. printer, 11 Rarre w of Fremont 
Bennett Daniel, canmaker. Division e.\l'd 
Bennett I). Curtis, 25 Harford av 
Bennett Daniel II. carpenter, 415 e Lombard 
Bennett David T. builder, 205 George 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer . 
BEN 0.^ BEN 

Bennett David, lett^^ cKrrier, 165 e Pr.Ut 
Hennett Edward, [dasterer, Swan tavern 
Beniieit Kdward. carpenter, 299 n Dallas 
BENNETT EDWIN, tiiaiiuf. white, yellow and 
Rockinjrham ware, and asent flint plass, 
cor Canton and Central avs and Eden near 
Canton av, dw 273 n Caroline 
Bennett Edward, 126 Lee 
15ENNETT EDWARD W. wood and grocery, 

County wharf, dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett I- dward, jr. salesman, 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Mrs. Eliz'th A. grocery, 321 Piastern av 
Bennett Mrs. Kliza, 361 n Central av 
Bennett Mrs. Ellen, 7 Fell 
Bennett Mrs. Enoch, 134 w Biddle 
Bennett Francis P. canmaker, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett F. W. ^ Co. (F. W. Bennett, A. C. N. 
Matthews.) auctioneers and commission mer- 
chants, 28 and 30 s Charles 
Bennett Francis W. (F. W. B. cj- Co.) 30 Mul- 
Bennett George, 39 n Amity 
Bennett Oeorge. carver, 106 Johnson 
Bennett George, ferryman, 255 s Broadway 
Bennett George, pilot, 332 Hanover 
Bennett G. R. (Bennett Bros.) 175 n Howard 
Bennett Geo. W. pilot, Caroline nr. Biddle 
Bennett George 1. carpenter, 122 n Caroline 
Bennett George M. caulker, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett George A. salesman, 225 w Hoffman 
Bennett George, 52 Division 
Bennett Henry, fisherman. 83 Johnson 
Bennett Henry, real estate agent, 349 Dolphin 
Bennett Henry R. puddler, 21 Cannon 
Bennett Isaac M. carpenter, 415 e Lorab:ird 
Bennett .las. grocer, s e cor Howard and Lee 
Bennett James glassware packer, 126 Lee 
Bennett James, gasfitter, 96 n Bcmd 
Bennett James A. clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett John, grocery, 218 Lexington 
Bennett John, carpenter, 39 n Amity 
Bennett John, carfienter, 45 Fountain 
Bennett John, canmaker, 106 Johnson 
Bennett John H. fireman, il Barre w of Fremont 
Bennett John H. fireman, 87 s Sharp 
Bennett John H. fireman, 327 Eastern av 
BENNETT JOHN I. grocer and wood yard, 263 

s Broadway, dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett John .M. coal, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett John R. wagon cover mkr, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett John Wesley, plasterer, Division nr 

Bennett Joseph, laborer, 24 n Amity 
Bennett Joseph H. sailmaker, 96 n Bond 
Bennett Joshua, machinist, 180 n Front 
Bennett Lewis H plumber and gasfitter, Eutaw 

and Biddle, dw 114 German 
Bennett L. H. tinner, 317 Light 
Bennett Lonis, clerk, 361 n Central av 
Bennett L. S. mariner, 24 Lee 
Bennett Margaret, butter. 6 Orleans 
Bennett Matthew, 121 Saratoga 
Bennett Nicholas, whitewasher. 340 Canton av 
Bennett Pa'rick, huckster, 6 Orleans 
Bennett Peter V. salesman, 65 e Baltimore 
Bennett P. V. clerk. 65 e Baltimore 
Bennett Robert, huckster, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Robert, blacksmith 84 s Republican 
Bennett Robert McL. clerk, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Rnfus, (Growl & Co.) carpenter, 201 w 

Biddle. shop in the rear 
Bennett Samuel, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


Cii.VSTAXTLV FOK S \,,.-; 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Bennett Samuel H. shoemaker, Burgundy al nr 

Bennett S. F. carpenter, 130 s Sharp 
Bennett Mrs. S-irah C. 114 German 
Bennett Mrs. Susm. Ramsay nr Frederick rd 
Bennett Silas B. collector, 142 Lexington 
Bennett Thomas, moulder, 6 Orleans 
Bennett Thomas, jr. hackman, 6 Orleans 
Bennett Thomas S. (B. [?ros.) 407 n Central av 
Bennett Thos. J. bookkeeper, 169 w Lombard 
Bennett Wm. 121 Saratoga 
Benuett Wm. laborer, 11 Patterson av 
Bennett Win. shucker, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett Wm. clotlWng cutter, 38 .Marion 
Bennett Wm. painter, 1 n Poppleton 
Bennett Wm. clerk, 234 Hollius 
Bennett Wm. machinist. Mount nr Monroe 
Bennett Wm. puddler, 42 Essex 
Bennett Wm. D. carpenter, 4 Irvine pi 
Bennett Wm. F. carpenter, Caroline n of Biddle 
Bennett Wm H. carpenter. 415 e Lombard 
Bennett Wm. H. coachmaker, 126 Lee 
BENNETT DR. W. H. apothecary, cor Druid 

Hill av and Townsend 
Bennett Wm. 0. laborer, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett Wm. V. clerk, 212 Madison av 
Bennick S;»muel, barber, 395 s Charles, dw 399 
Bennig G. .^lovsiiis, laborer, 56 Short 
BENNINGHAUS H. & CO. (Herman B., Wm. 
W. Willcens) leaf tobacco and general com- 
mission merchants, 71 s Cliailes 
Benninghaus Herman, (H.B.& Co )Baltiinore co 
Bennis John, laborer, 103 Preston 
Benuis Mrs. Mary, grocery, 108 Preston 
Benuix Louis D. machinist, 21 Elting 
Benny David, brushmaker, 1 1 1 Peach al 
Benny John, shoemaker, 251 Orleans 
Benny Joseph, brushmaker, 378 s Sharp 
Benny Wm. 0. shoemaker. 329 e Monument 
Benoit Mrs Nattila, 112 n Spring 
Bensel Conrad, baker, 137 s Wolfe 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, 233 e Biddle 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, 81 n Srhroeder 
Benseler August, tailor, 289 Columbia 
Benseler Henry, restaurant. 179 Lexington 
Benson Abraham' H. (Murdock & Co.) 162 s 

Ben.son Mrs. Adelaide, 387 Canton av 
BENSON BENJAMIN S. founder and water 
and eas pipe maker, 52 e Monument, dw 132 
St. Paul 
Benson Benj. S. jr. overseer, 132 St. Paul 
Benson Dr. Charles W. 106 n Eutaw 
Benson Mrs. Charlotte, boarding. 179 s Charles 
Benson Edward F. H. clerk, 89 William 
Benson K. F. A. clerk, 208 w Pratt 
Benson Elijah, salesman, 103 n Poppletou 
Benson Francis A. (J. Fussell & Co.)272 Drnid 

Hill av 
Benson Dr. George W. 144 Hanover 
Benson Henry, whipmaker, 387 Cahton av 
Benson Henry T. painter, 188 n Exeter 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco Sustain, 




Benson Isaac, peddler, 201 L. Hughes 

Benson James, laborer, 426 Light 

Henson John, brickmaker. Washington av 

Benson John, fireman, 243 s Broadway 

Benson John P. clerk, (553 w. Fayette 

Benson John S. carpenter, 2,53 s Paca 

Benson Joseph E. painter, 192 e Madison 

lienson Joseph B. painter, 176 Scott 

Benson iMrs. M. H. 55 Hill 

Benson Nicholas, mariner, 46 Castle 

Benson Nicholas, laborer, Clipper mills 

BRNSON OREGON R. attorney, 15 St. Paul, 

dw Anne Arundel co 
Benson P. J. bookkeeper, 653 w Fayette 
ecary s e cor Hollins and Oregon and 55 Hill 
Benson R. P. dressmaker, 67 n Charles 
Benson Thomas J. mariner, 330 Aliceanna 
Benson Walter Wm. mariner, 105 e Fayette 
Benson Capt. Wm. D. 89 s Bond 
Benson Wm. painter, 150 n Howard 
Benson Wm. jr. 150 n Hownrd 

ROOMS. Mason & Hamlin's Cab- 
inet Organs and Steinway & Son's 
Piano Foi'tes, No. 80 w Fayette st. 

Benteen T. C. clerk, 116 Pearl 
Benteen M. 0. dressmaker, 116 Pearl 
Benthall Capt. Robt. mariner, 313 e Baltimore 
Bentball Robert jr. mariner, 313 e Baltimore 
Benthall Wm..McR. bookkeeper, 313 e Baltimore 
Bentimer John, ciirarmaker, 56 e Pratt 
Bentley Charles E. ( W. H. & C. E. B.) stamp- 
ing, 132 Lexington, dw 493i w Baltimore 
BENTLEY C.W. prest. Baltimore Steam Boiler 

Works, 25 s Front, dw Baltimore co 
Bentley Edward R. brickmaker, 269 s Paca 
Bentley George A. (Foster & B.) 54 St. Paul 
Bentley Joseph, 17 n Poppleton 
Bentley John E. 40 n Front 
Bentley Peter, pawnbroker, 493^ w Baltimore 
Bentley Thomas, brickmaker, 269 s Paca 
Bentley Thomas jr. brickmaker, 277 s Paca 
;!entley W. H. & C. E. embroideries and stamp- 
ing, 132 Le.Kiugton 
Bentley Wm. G. salesman, 354 w Lombard 
Bentley W. H. (W. H. & C. E. B.) 493J w 

Benton .Mrs. Charlotta, seamstress, 251 West . 
Benton Chas. S. brass finisher, 464 w Lombard 
Benton Francis, carpenter, 251 West 
Benton Geo. cabinetmaker, 333 e Monument 
Benion Geo. C cabinetmaker,- 333 e Monument 
Benton Mrs. Hester Jane, 464 w Lombard 
Benton Jas. H. brass finisher. 43^ w Loniliard 
Benton John W.shucker, Atlantic whf. Canton 
Benton Julia A., Atlantic whf, Lower Canton 
Benton Newman, telegraphist, 168 n Eden 
Benton Richard, mariner, 46 Williamson al 
Benton .Samuel, cabinetmaker, 333 e .Monument 
Benton Wm. T. shucker, Aiijintic whf, Canton 
Benton Wra. H. shipjoiner, 66 Johnson 
Bentrup Fredk. carter, 143 s Bethel 
Beiitz AUiert, cabinetmaker, 55 Watson 
Beniz George, mariner, 331 s Ann 
Bentz G-o. W. of fire dep't and laundry, 131 

w Baltimore, dw 147 Lexington 
Bentzel Henry J. blacksmith, 125 n Schroeder 
Bentzer Louisa, 145 s Spring 

Benville Thomas, porter, 122 Franklin 
Benyes Henry, baker, 238 Columbia 
Benzel Daniel, tavern, Granby and Gough 
Benzcr Henry, driver, 39 Essex 
Benzing Geo. laborer, 259 n Eden 
Benzinger Fredk. F. attorney, 19 Law Build- 
ings, dw 17 McCulloh 
Benzinger Dr. Joseph C. 5 n Front 
Benzinger Mrs. John S. 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger John, clerk, 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger (Jol. Malhias, 219 Madison &v 
Benzley John, carpenter, 61 L. Montgomery 
Serchols John, ]al)orer, 25 s Burke 
Beolein Frank, laborer, 2 Sjjrnce al 
Bepperling Ludwig, tailor, 28 s Dallas 
Berbas Geo. basket maker, 64 Jasper 
Berberick John, carpenter, 65 Battery av 
Berbrick Joseph, carter, 233 Battery av 
Berklein Josejjh, laborer, 309 Eastern av 
Bereis Geo. tailor, 25d e Chase 
Berenger Z. T. c mmaker, McElderry e of Hos- 
Berckley John, hostler, Monroe nr Lombard 
Berg Albert, carpenter, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Augustus T. bookkeeper, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Mrs. Annie, grocery, 107 Raborg 
Berg Francis, shoemaker, 265 e Eager 
Berg Henry E. clerk, 91 s Ann 
Berg John J. grocery, s e cor Scott & St. Peter 
BERG MRS. LOUISA, tobacconist, 57 Holland 
Berg 0. H. stock and exch. broker, 42 Second, 

dw 91 s Sharp 
Berg Philip, boots and shoes, 60 w Pratt, dw 

45 s Eden 
Berg William stoves, 146 s Fremont 
Berge Henry, (Froehling& B.) Belair av est 
Beige Henry, clerk, Guy's Monument house 
Berge John, tailor, 219 e Fayette 
Berge William, turner, 73 n Chapel 
Berged Geo. (Hoover & Co.) 47 McHenry 
Bergen Charlotte, seamstress, 50 n Caroline 
Bergen Everhard, shoemaker, 907 w Baltimore 
i5ergen George S. Baruum's hotel 
Bergen John G. gen. sec. Y. M. C. A., Bar- 
uum's hotel 
Bergen Michael, clothier, 343 s Charles 
Berger Andrew, harnessmaker, 2 Forrest place 
Berger Andrew, laborer, 71 s Castle 
Berger August, nightman. 114 .Myrtle av 
Berger & Butz, fertilizers, 16 Bowly's whf, 

Benj. B. Snyder, jr. agent 
Berger Christiana, tailoress, 19 Hull la 
Berger Geo. baker, 493 w Lombard 
Berger Geo. H. [)atternmaker, 5 s Exeter 
Berger Henry, cigarmaker, 173 King 
Berger John L. tailor, 156 Stirling 
Berger John, laborer, 22 Port 
Berger John, shucker, 22 Port 
Berger John, machinist, 256 Hanover 
Beruer John, clerk, 5 s Exeter 
Berger Rev. John N., Wolfe nr Lombard 
Berger J. Fredk. nightman. 114 .Myrtle av 
Berger John L. tailor, 156 Stirling 
Berger John F. bookbinder, 10 Russell 
Berger Joseph B. machinist, 148 e Fayette 
Berger Louis, laborer. 19 Hull la 
Berger Martin, baker, 2.33 n Front 
Berger Maurice, laborer, 72 Frederick av 
Berger Moritz, musician, 41 e Lombard 
Berger Philip, tailor, 156 Stirling 
Berger Philip R. police, 33 St. Mary 
Berger Wm. U. cigarmaker, 173 King 

Offices, 54 S . Gay, and Cor ner C he-w and Stirling. 




Berger Z. J. coflFee millinor, 274 Mulberry 
Hergin Arthur, sawyer, 76 Johnson 
Bergin Daniel, barkeejier, 20 Haw 
Bergin Dennis, machinist, 20 Haw 
Bergin Matthew, laborer, 20 Haw 
Bergin Wm. barkeeper, 20 Haw 
Bergman Andrew, brewer, Bi-ck's la 
Bergman Henry, shoem iker, :^33 Cross 
Bergman John, shoemaker, 102 n Dallas 
Bergman Joseph, (Scott & B.) 24 s Greene 
Bergman John C. tavern, 72 Conwav 
Bergman Michael, (P. B. & Son,) 112 8 Sharp 
Bergman Philip. (P. B. & Son,) 112 8 Sharp 
Bergman P. & Son, (Philip and Michael B.) 
curriers and leather dealers, H69 w Baltimore 
Bergman Samuel, butcher, 320 Eastern av 
Bergmann Moses M. boots, shoes and clotmng, 

244 s Charles 
BERGNKR FREDERICK, picture framemaker, 

60 n Gay, dw 143 n Bond 
Bergner Frederick, jr. framemaker, 143 n Bond 
Bergner Lewis. 143 nBond 
Bergund Fredk. lab. Eastern av and Choptank 
Berhold John, tailor, 151 Dover 
Berian J(jseph, engineer, 16 Henrietta 
Berian Joseph R. mariner, 16 Henrietta 
liamson al 
Berknn Otto, photographer, 85 Chew 
Beriiz Ernest, paver, 364 Penna av 
Berk Charles, cigarmaker, 80 n Chapel 
Berkemeyer Henry, grocery, 107 Granby 
Berkeniier, August, saloon, 299 s Bond 
Berkhart Fredk. enginei-r, 18 s Republican 
Berkholt Anton, laborer, 3 Potomac 
Berkley Edris, 225 n Eutaw 
Berkley J inies, clerk, 65 e Baltimore 
Berkley Wm. F. moulder, 3 Ogston 

Berkley , salesman, 156 w Lombard 

Berlau John, hatter, 178 Cross 
Berlin Geo. A. tobacconist, 243 Canton av 
Berliner Emanuel, clerk, 240 s Ann 
Berliner Ravel, shoemaker, 240 s Ann 
Berliner- Mrs. Rosa, 49 Watson 
Berliner Samuel jr. clerk, 49 Watson 
Berliner Samuel, solicitor, 49 Watson 
Berlinicke Chris, cigarmaker. 8 Watson ct 
Berlinicke Henry, cariienter, 8 Watson ct 
Bermann Louis, driver, Third av and Dillon 
Bermler Henry, teacher, 33 n HoUiday 
Bernard James L. painter, over 196 German 
Bernard Richard, gilder, 341 n Broadway 
Bernard Wm. fisherman, 159 Cross 
Berneberg Geo. machinist, 350 w Pratt 
Berneherg John N. pickles. 9 Arch 
Bernei Benj. bookkeeper, 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Ferdinand, (S. B. k Son.) 129 e Balto. 
Bernei Sehgman, (S. B. & Son.) 129 e Balto. 
Bernei S. & Son, (Seligman and Ferd. [5ernei, ) 

wholesale clothiers, 294 w Baltimore 
Bernei Simon, 129 e Baltimore 
Berneke Anthonv, tailor, 337 n Central av 
Berner Charles, foreman, 393 w Pratt 
Berner John, cabinetmaker, 299 Aliceanna 
Berner Louis, bricklayer, 50 s Wolfe 
Berner Wra. rigger, 299 Aliceanna 
Berney Bernard, 109 e Lombard 
Berney Bridget, 99 York 
Berney David, manuf. boots and shoes, 745 w 

iJerney Joseph, clerk, 109 e Lombard 
I'.erney Philip, clerk, 109 e Lombard 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


C().N'.STA.\ri.Y F.ilt SALK 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Berney Samuel, manuf. boots and shoes, cor 

German and Sharp, dw 109 e Lombard 
Bernhard August, tailor, 7 China 
Bernbard's Hotel, L. B. Bernhard, prop. 19 n 

Bernhard John, shoemaker, 149 Penna av 
Bernhard John M. locksmith, 359 Eastern av 
Bernhard Lazarus. Bernhard's hotel 
Bernhardi f'aroline, beer, 306 Lancaster 
Bernhardi Charles, driver, 306 Lancaster 
Bernhardt Casper, laborer, 111 Leaden hall 
Bernhardt Chas. stoves, &c., 167 Eastein av 
Bernhardt Conrad, laborer, 22 Boyd 
Bernhardt Henry, shoemaker, 197 Canton av 
Bernhardt Sarah, dry goods, 197 Canton av 
Bernheimer Abraham, cutter, 313 Saratoga 
Bernheimer Henry, furs. 225 w Baltimore 
Bernheimer Signmnd, tailor, 7l0j w Baltimore 
Berninghan John, ice cart, 142 s Central av 
Bernlein Thos. shipcarpenter, 103 Hamburg 
Bernstein Mrs. Cecelia, midwife, 144 e Lombard 
Bernstein Charley, teacher, 144eLomba!d 
Bernstein Jacob, optician, 93 Aisquith 
Berntheusel Wm. bakery, 397 n Central av 
Beron Frederick, upholste'cr, 94 Franklin 
Berry A. L. (J.B.N. & A.L. Berry) 173 Lanvale 
Berry Agnes, teacher, 216 Aisquith 
Berry Albert W. treas. Md. .Marble Co., John 

and Cathedral, dw 140 Park av 
Berry Albertns D. printer, 37 McElderry 
Berry Alexander, police, 134 Hollins 
Berry Mrs. Ann R. 686 Lexington 
Berry Benj. propr. China Tea Co. 25 w Balti- 
more nud 186 Lexington, dw 23 n Fulton 
Berry Benj. F. moulder, 355 Hamburg 
Berry Benj. W. clerk, 65 Camden 
Berry Charles, blacksmith, 81 s Fremont 
Berry Mrs. Charles, 191 Druid Hill av 
Berry Mrs. D. 64 n Paca 
Berry Edward, mariner, 30 Fell 
Berry Edwin D. brickmaker, s end Clinton 
Berry Mrs. Elizabeth, 71 Somerset 
Berry Frank, 65 Camden 
Berry Mrs. Fanny, 138 s Broadway 
Berry George, moulder, Druidville 
Berry G. Hv. (Armstrong <fe B.) 8 s Greene 
Berry Geo. R. (J.S. & G.R. Berry) 160 s Sharp 
Berry George W. carpenter, 362 n (\'ntral av 
Berry George W. jr. clerk, 216 Aisquith 
Berry George W. printer, 29 n Schroeder 
Berry George W. shoemaker, 216 Aisquith 
Berry Heniy, clerk, 65 Camden 
Berry Henry D. solicitor, 941 w Lombard 
Berry Horatio E. sec'y Patapsco Guano Co. 

624 w Fayette 
Berry James, clerk, 89j Camden 
Berry James, conductor, 782 w Pratt 
Berry James, 188 German 
Berry James <". carpenter, 216 Aisquith 
Berry James W. laborer, Druidville 
Berry James W. clerk, 47 ('on way 
Berry James W. jr. clerk, 47 Conway 

Coaches and Barouches for Shopping, Weddings. &;c. 



Berry Jasinr M. o.vster and fruit packer, 3G and 

38 York, dw 171 Linden nv 
Rcrrv Jesse 1.. C. clerk, K'S Lee 
BKRRV JOHN B. N. & CO. (J. B. N. B. & Co.) 

com. nierchts. 88 s Charles 
Berry Jolin B. N. (J. B. N. B. & Co.) Lan- 

vale and Fremont 
Berry John R. enu;ineer, 216 Aisquitli 
Berry Joiiii, shoemaker, 2.37 w Pratt 
Berry John, sawyer, 9 Patuxent 
Berry John S & Geo. R fire tirick manuflic- 

turws, s w cor Ilambnrg- and \V:irner 
Berry John S (J. S. & G. R. B.) 164 w Fayette 
Berry John W. clerk, 74 Harford av. 
Berry J. Thos. com. merchant 79 Smith's whf. 

dw 'Mil Lexington 
Berry Mrs. Louise Y. 158 McCuIloh 
Berry Mrs. Martraret. 5.34 vv Pratt 
Berry Mrs. Margaret S. 417 n Centra] av 
Berry Mar}-, chambermaid, 186 n Calvert 
Berry Ninirod B moulder, Druidville 
Berry Patrick, laborer, 3 Cotton row 
Berry Mrs. Rebecca, 97 s Washington 
Berry Samuel, mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Berry Thomas, conductor, 83 n K.xeter 
Berry Walter W. com. merchant 96 Light st. 

vvhf. dw 638 w Fayette 
Berry Wm. 81 s Fremont 
Berry Wm. A. |)luml)er, 216 Aisquith 
Berry Wm. B. 64 n Paca 
Berry Wm. H. junk, 18 Bradford al 
Berry Wm. H. grocer, 63 and 65 Camden 
Berry Wm. H. shoemaker, 81 s Fremont 
Berry Wm. J. cooi)er, 355 Hamburg 
Berry Wm. T. tinner, 118 Battery av 
Berry Zachariah, of W. real estate agt. 17 St. 

Paul, dw W\'iverley 
Berryman Mrs. Deborah, 229 Franklin 
Berryman Rliza, 233 n Caroline 
Berrunau Edward, baker, 89 Hanover 
Berryman Joseph H. laborer, 197 Montgomery 
Berryman Julia A. 197 Montgomery 
Berryman Thomas, laborer, 197 Montgomery 
Berryman Wm. II. (Rupley & B.) Tinker house, 

Calvert on rd 
Bersch Christ. (Ehrnian k Bersch) 193 Lanvale 
Bersch II. & Co. (H. Bersch,) com. merchants, 

65 3 Gay 
Bersch Bcnry, (H. B. & Co.) 325 n Broadway 
Bersch Henry A. clerk, 325 n Broadway 
Bersch Philip, barber, 64 s Anu 
Bersick .Michael, 41 Scott 

Bert Chas. hats, caps and furs, 515 w Baltimore 
Bert Edw..rd, driver, 454 w Pratt 
Hert Peter, hatter, 302 vv Pratt 
Bertliold Mrs. Mary, 35 Cross 
Berlhold .Mrs. Mary, 3 Gouhl's la 
Bertling Bernard, store, Waverley, York rd 
Bertram Charles F. butcher, 53 Belair market, 

dw Penna av nr toll gate 
Bertram William, butcher, 102 Centre and 58 

Belair markets, dw Peuua av nr toll gate 
Bertram Wm. E. engraver, 7(i n High 
Bertraud John J. jr. tinner, 115 Chew 
Bertsch Bernhardt, shoemaker, 291 s Bond 
Berisch George, Imrber, 149 s Bond 
Bertsch Ja^oli, .shoemaker, 149 s Bond 
Berwanger Al)raham, pcdiller, 36 Low 
Berwanger, Beuj. (Likes k B.) 107 s Edea 
Berz William, baker, 47 L. McEIderry 
Beshoff Jacob, cabinetmaker, 307 s Bond 
Bessel Henry, carpenter, 246 n Gay 

Bessel Mrs. Magdalena.hats and caps, 246 n Gay 

Besser John, glass cutter, 141 Battery av 

Besser John W. grocery. 267 l\Iulberry 

Besser S;nnuel F. pictures, 300 .Aliceauna 

Besshard Fred'k. ironworker, 252 s Durham 

Besslin Dorothea, 149 Stirling 

Best B. James, clerk, Maltby hou.«e 

Best John, carpenter, 67 n Caroline 

Beste Hanuin, baker, 211 e Lombard 

Bestor J. Rollin, engineer, Baltimore county nr 

Rider's switch 
Bestor Rollin J. gen'l bookkeeper, N. C. R. R. 

Baltimore co 
Beter Wm. shoemaker, 125 s Bond 
Bethany (lud.) Church. Calhoun nr Lexington 
BethlMiem Green, (Welch Ind. Church) Tooue 

e of Clinton, Canton 
Beiner Frederick, shoemaker, 33 Essex 
Betschler John M. leather, 110 s Sharp 
Rctson Stefihen, clerk, 108 Hanover 
Betsworth Wm. A. 73 Columbia 
Betsworth Wm. (E. B. Mallory & Co.) Pratt 

nr Patterson Park av 
Bettinger Geo. coojier, 226 Frederick av 
Belton Mrs. Thomas W. 35 n Eutaw 
Betton \\''m. H. cignrmaker, Conwaj' & Eutiiw 
Betts Albert A. printer, 60 Jefferson 
Belts Alexander P. siilmaker, 178 s .Ann 
Betts Charles II. trader, 79 Milliman 
Betts Chas W. laborer, 708 w Pratt 
Betts Geo. E. blacksmith, 708 w Pratt 
Betts John H. millwright, 57 n Poppleton 
Betts Mary S. 12 Walsh 
Betts Robert, lumber inspector, 37 Jackson 
Betts Robert, jr. saddler, 273 n Dallas 
Betts Wm. tinner, 311 Ooss 
Betz k Brude, (Cliristopf Betz, Gustav Brude) 

importers wines and liquors, 240 w Pratt 
Betz Andrew, engineer, 50 s Caroline 
Betz .August, moulder, 145 William 
Betz Mrs. (Catherine, grocery, 145 William 
Betz Charles, bootfitter, 41 Lewis 
Beiz Chri.^toiiher, fancv hardware, 23 German, 

(B. k Brude,) dw 7"Pearl 
Betz Conrad, porter, 1()4 n Spring 
Betz Elizabeth, shirt store, 245 Canton av 
Betz George, sr. laborer. 86 .Eastern av 
Betz Gustavus, coachmaker, 224 n Central av 
Betz Jacob, carpenter, 131 Chesapeake 
Bet/, .lacob, tailor, 64 s (.'aroline 
Belz John, shoe stitcher, 41 Lewis 
Betz John, tailor, 53 Harrison 
Betz John, jr. laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Betz John, cabinetmaker, 213 s Regestcr 
Betz John L. tailor, 50 s Caroline 
Betz John, laborer, 166 Madeira al 
Betz Johu, tjrcwer, Trappe rd nr Third av 
Betz John, framemaker, 104 n Spring 
Hetz Nicholas, milkuuin, Trappe rd nr Thirdav 
Betz Payston, clerk, 84 Hanover 
Betz Thomas, shoemaker, 245 Canton av 
Belz Wm. laborer, 158 (Chesapeake 
Betzcnbergcr Joiin, barber, 29 n Greene 
Betzenhauser Joseph, laborer, 24 Port 
Betzaka Franz, laborer, 20 Barnes 
Betzold Mrs. Caroline, 8 .Mince's al 
Betzold Fred, peddler, 61 s Regester 
Betzold John, butcher, 41 Abbot 
Bencke ('has. L. cutter, 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke Mrs. Elizaiieth .A. 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke Felix, painter, 37 n Gilmor 
Beuclce George W. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer 
BEU 59 B ID 

Beucke Henrj. laborer, Leadenball and West 
Beucke John H. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 
Beudika Fred, watchman, 1T3 Columbia 
Heutiiler Ausrust, cigars, 205 e Lunih;ird 
Heuniler John H. cicrarmaker, 205 e Lombard 
Beurrier John, laborer, 433 Hambiiro: 
Beurrier Julius, dyer and scourer. 79 Mulberry 
Beurrier Louise, bleacher, 79 Mulberry 
Beush isen Fnd. bookkeeper, 58 Ridjely 
Beutelspacher Mrs. Elizah. boarding. 179 HoUins 
Beutelsi<aclK-r Geo. E. moulder, 461 w Lombard 
BEVAX vfc CO. (Nicholas K. Bevan, J. H. Gor- 
don, ) manufs silver plated and white metal, 

42 n IlollidMV 
Bevan & Basiaijle. (W. C. Bevan, A N. Bas- 

table. ) imp'rs fruits, 3 Exchange pi 
Bevan Chas. F. (Bevan & Sons,) Linden av 

and Lanvale 
Bevan Charles, clerk. 133 Conway 
Bevan C. M. clerk. Howard house 
Bevan David, blacksmith, Clinton s of Boston 
Kevan George, 100 s Paca 
Bevun Mrs. H. L. 397 Eutaw pi 
Bevan John. 380 Eutaw pi 
Bevan John, stonecutter, 206 n Central* av 
Bevan Mrs. C. F., Eutaw sq nr Mosher 
Bevan Mrs. Mary Eliza, 254 n Howard 
Bevan Nicholas K. (Bevan &Co.) Waverly 
Bevan S.iml (S. Bevan & Co. and Perkins & Co.) 

380 Kutaw place 
Bevan Samuel & Co. (Saml. Bevan, Wra. A. 

Williar, E. G. Miller, ) imports, and jobrs. in 

drv grods. 279 w Baltimore 
BEVA.S ic.SONS, (C. F. and \Vm. F. Bevan,) 

marble workers, 140 Saratoga and 70 n 

Bevan Thos. copper smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bevan Thos H. (Waters & B.) attornej, 13 

Courtland, dw 44 Lanvale 
Bevan Thomas N. stonecutter, 5 Hamilton 
BEVAN WARREN C. (B. & Bastable,) 70 

Bevan Wm. smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bevan Wm. F. (Bevan & Sons.) 155 Lanvale 
Bevan Wni. E. stonecutter, 206 n Central av 
Be vans C. M. clerk, Howard bouse 
Bevaus David, 121 n Paca 
Bevans & Hannah, (Wm. J. Bevans, Samuel 

Hannah,) marble yard, 200 e Monument 
Bevans Henry, watchman, 90 e MMdison 
Bevans John C. bricklayer, 461 n Fremont 
Bevans Joshua .S. scroll sawyer. 374 e Fayette 
Bevans .Mrs. .Mary Jane, huckstress. 117 n Paca 
Bevans Reuben A. L. furniture. 281 e Ballimore 
Bevans Richd. .M. 205 e Baltimore 
Bevans Roberr, mariner, 13G .Montgomery 
Bevans Wm. laborer, 431 Aliceanna, Cantou 
Bevans Wm. laborer, 429 Aliceanna 
Bevans Wm. A. tinner, 316 n Regester 
Bevans Wm. J. (Bevans & Hannah) 206 n Cen- 
tral av 
Beveriilge Mrs. Agnes,dry goods. 146 wMadison 
Beveridge John, harness, &c. 279 w Pratt 
Beveridge Oliver, wire worker, 31 Park, dw 

52 n Bond 
Beveridge .Mrs. Mary A. 52 n Bond 
Beveridge Robert, florist, 146 w Madison 
Beveridge Thomas, clerk, 124 w Baltimore 
Bewig Frederick, shoemaker, 129 Hudson 
Bewig Henrv, confectionery, 362 Canton av 
Bewley Mrs.' Elizabeth D. 276 e Lombard 
iBeyer Annie, grocery, 407 Aliceanna, Canton 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &.c. 

No. 21 wharf. 


Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Beyer August, laborer, 12 Poultney 
Beyer Balthaiser, driver, 407 Aliceanna, Canton 
Beyer Catherine E. grocery, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer Christian, butcher, 13 Hollins inarket. 

and provisions, 9 s Poppleton, dw 9 s Pop- 

Beyer Fred'k. beer, 78 n Eden 
Beyer Fred'k A. musician, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer Fred, brewer, Lancaster and Third av 
Beyer Gustav, cigarmaker, 296 Cross 
Beyer Henry, painter, 37 James la 
Beyer Hemes, laborer, 20 s Wolfe 
Beyer John shoemaker, 102 s Eden 
Beyer John, brickmoulder, 37 James la 
Beyer Justus, citrarmaker, 196 Cross 
Beyer Louis, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 78 

s Broadway 
Bexi'T Martin, butcher, Hudson ext. Canton 
Beyer Martir. jr. butcher. Dillon nr Third aT 
Beyer Mrs. Mena, cigar factory, 296 Cross 
Beyersetorf Chas. A. tailor 60 St. Peter 
Beynon Wm. copper smelter, 32 Clinton s of 

Bezeck John L. (Isaac Coale, jr. & Bro.) 377 

Petina av 
Beziat John M. cigarmaker, 48 Pine 
Bialla Hugo, French millinery, ]44 Lexington 
Bialla Moritz, real estate broker, 16 Law build- 

in<iS, dw 144 Lexington 
Biankuuatz Rickert, laborer, 224 Fred'k av 
iJians Martin, hatter, 11 9 Montgomery 
Bibb Beutley C. (Bibb & Co.) 256 Linden av 
Bibb Bently S., 256 Linden av 
BIBB fi CO. (B. C. Bibbj stove wharehouse, 39 

and 41 Light 
Bibb Wm. K. bookkeeper, 47 n Paca 
Bibelheiser .Mrs. Eilen, tailoress, 115 Peirce 
Bilielheiser Francis, tinner, 115 Peirce 
BIBLE HOUSE, Wra. H.Coie,ag't, 75 w Fayette 
Bice, shoemaker, 813 w Baltimore 
Biche Frederick, laborer, Belair av 
Bichman Geo. shoemaker, 47 Conway, dw 80 

Bichy Herman, tailor, 113 Lexington 
Bichy John, bakery, 117 William 
Bickel Fred, shoemaker, 232 Preston 
Bickel John, clerk, 102 w Fayette 
Bickel Joseph, laborer, 96 s Chapel 
Bickerman John, carter, 217 s Ann 
Bickerstatf John, blacksmith, 55 Tyson 
Bickford & Huffman, (L. Bickford ) manufs. 

agricul. implements. 59^ s Charles 
Bickford Lyman, ( B. & HufiFmai.) N. Y. 
Bickley .Miss, music teacher, 99 e Pratt 
Bickman Michael, painter, 57 s Durham 
Biddison James A. plasterer, 211 Orleans 
Biddison James L. plutnber, 211 Orleans 
Biddison .Mrs. Mary, grocery, 504 Penna av 
Biddison Saml. laborer, 135 n Bethel 
Biddison Wm. paper hanger, 504 Penna av 
Biddle Mrs. Anna E. boarding, 61 n High 
Biddlc Baltus. beer, 182 s Bond 



Dust and 





Biddle Jonathans. (Isaac A. Sheppard & Co.) 

G7 s Hroadwav 
Hiddle JdIifi. laborer, 1 Kaufman's al 
IJiddle M.iry M. B. luir-e, 23 Henrietta 
Middle Richard, mariner, 2:^5 s Eiitaw 
iJiddlo Wm. H. moulder, 129 L lireene 
I'.iddle Wm. H. moulder, 148 Ramsey 
liiddleman Ferdinand, laborer, 60 Albemarle 
liiddorf Christian, liborer, 269 Henrietta 
Bidel Chas. W. laliorer, 49 Walker 
Hiden Edward, huckster, 60 s Carey 
Kidenkopf Geo. confectionery, ,57 e Lombard 
Bidleman Edward, lumber marker, 160 n Bond 
Bieaer Andrew, beer. .Monument e of Castle 
liiebelhiser C. G. liquors, 1.3.5 Druid Hill av 
Bieber Au<rust, mariner 68 s Refjester 
Biedeb.ick John, shoemaker. 393 Cross 
Biedell C. \V. laborer, 49 Walker 
Biedier Charles 1']. salesman, 273 w Baltimore 
Biedler Wm. T. clerk, 103 w Fayette 
Bieger Jacob, tailor, 29 Essex 
Biejier Margaret, confectionery, 29 Essex 
Bielefeld Jos. lager beer, Eager and Central av 
Bielsteiti Henry, pianomaker, 346 Cross 
Biemiller Mrs. Annie, confectioner, 3 L Paca 
Biemiller J. Henry, flour and feed, 282^ w Pratt, 

dw 4 Jasper 
Biemiller John, teamster, 3 L Paca 
Bien Henry, merchant tailor, 390 Penna av 
Bien John, laborer, 263 s Dallas 
Bien John, tinner, 247 s Ann 
Bien John, restaurant, 492 Penna av 
Bier Charles. co|)i)ersmilh, 226 Lee 
Bier Christian, cal)inet maker, 226 Lee 
Bier Fred'k, haruessinaker, 356 Light 
Bier Geo. H., 129 w Biddle 
Bier .Mrs. Jane, 129 w Biddle 
Bier .M irgaret, laundress, 40 Diamond al 
Hierluiwer (Jollin R. cigar boxmaker, 117 Wel- 

conu- al, dw 92 Barre 
Bierbower Lemuel, boxmaker, 117 Welcome al, 

dw 92 Barre 
Bieren Conrad, rags, 215 Mnllikin 
Bierman Gustav, driver, 62 Stiles 
Biernnnii George, engineer, 484 w Lombard 
Bies i'hrisiian, laborer, 17.5 s Caroline 
Bieskanter Fred, locksmith, 114 Raborg 
Bieslaw Wm. locksmith, 76 Rus.sell 
Biess^vanger Wm. G. butcher, 234 n Caroline 
Hieskman August, laborer, 258 s Durham 
Bigelow l':dMiundD.(E.D.B.cVCo.)218 Linden av 
BIGELOW E. 1). k CO. (Edmund B.D.) com. 

merchl's and ship brokers, cor Pratt and 

Smith's wharf 
Bigar Jo'.in, carver, 124 n Howard 
iSiuerman John, cartel-, 217 s Ann 
ISiggar. R.H. grocer, 12 w Biddle, dw 104 n 

Biggar Wezel. wheelwright, 32 Barnes 
Bigger Adam, lal)orer, 29 n Chapel 
Biggrr I{ol)t. H. grocer, 104 n Broadway 
Biggerman Lewis, laborer, 217 s .^nn 
Biggins CMtherine F. grocery, 90 Ensor 
Biggins .Mary C. dressmaker, 90 Ensor 
Bigiritis Wm. H. police, 93 Ensor 
Biggs James M. bookkeciier, 12 s Calhoun 
Biggs John A. i)Utclier, 179 e Fayette 
Biggs Joseph, watchman, 272 e .Madison 
Bigg.s Joi»eph J. com. merchant and cotton fac- 
tor, lol South, dw 12 s Calhoun 
Biggs .Martha .\. tailoress, 4 Baker ct 
Biggs Zachariah, fireman, 53 s Poppletou 

Biggs Richard J. ins. agt. 4 P. 0. av, dw 12 

s Calhoun 
Bighani k Bradford, (M. M. Bigham, G. W. 

BradfonL ) com. merchants, flour, &c., n w 

cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Biiiham John L. clerk, 181 n Calvert 
Bigham M^irshall M. (Bigham & Bradford) 

Georire w of Brune 
Bigley Dennis, hostler. Dolphin and Grundy 
Biglow Geo. watchmaker, 152 Stirling 
Bihl John, 13 Anthony 
Bihnsack Adam, driver, Belair av ext 
Biles Wm. carpenter, 493 w Pratt 
Bill Fred'k, laborer, 297 s Sharp 
Bilius Charles, shucker, Lancaster nrBond 
Billings Edwin E. clerk, 114 Burgundy al 
Billings John, potter, 89 s Chester 
Billingslea James, clerk, 71 n Bond 
Billin.'slev Sanil. W. carpenter, 579 n Fremont 
Billingsley Thomas A. (T. A. B. & Co.) n w 

cor Gilmor and Hollins 
Billingsley Thomas A. & Co. (T. A. B., W. M. 

Vickers and W. J.Parren) bags, Cheapside nr 

Billingsley Thomas B., Gilmor and Hollins 
Billington Gover, laborer, 28 I..aurel 
Billington Jas. P. huckster, 17.5 Orleans 
Billington John J. broommaker, 28 Laurel 
Billington Wm. L. tinner, 77 n Broadway 
Billman Geo. grocery, 2')9 William 
Billman Geo. provisions. 1 s Poppleton 
Billman John. 343 Franklin 
Billman Michael J. shoemaker. 206 Mulberry 
Billman .Mrs. Sarah J. dressmaker, 206 Mulberry 
Billmeyer Joseph, shoe store, 142 w Pratt, dw 

100 Townsend 
Billmire Geo. A. clerk, 100 s E.\eter 
BillmireW.H.O., 4 Postofficeav, dw Balto. Co 
Billmyer i has. conductor. 297 Li^'ht 
Billniyer Chas. E. costumer, 129 Division 
Billmyer Ella, dressmaker, lou Ramsay 
Billmyer Mrs. Emily J. A., 150 Ramsay 
Billmyer John, wheelwright, 323 e Madison 
Billner Wm. laborer, 195 s Chester 
Billuiis .Alfred D. currier. 292 Aisquilh 
Billu[)S Celia, 106 Henrietta 
Billups John, mariner, 34 Warren 
Billups John, s.tilmaker, 5 L. Church 
Billups .Mrs. Lavinia, 228 w Pratt 
Billupps B. F. wholesale liquors, 25 Cheapside, 

dw Mulberry nr Gilmor 
Billupps .los. R. clerk, 21(i (ieorge 
Bilson Andrew J. jr., 175 P:esiou 
Bilson Mrs. .And. J. dressmaker, 175 Preston 
Bilson Ann M. boarding, 438 w Lombard 
Bilson Daniel, plasterer, 196 w Kayelle 
Bilson Elizabeth, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Henry, machinist, 438 w Lombard 
Bilson Henry, jr. plasterer, 175 Presion 
15ilsoii John E. i)lasterer, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Samuel, plain and ornamental plasterer 

151 n Howard, dw 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Wm. jr. machinist, 561 Boyd 
Biltz .lohn, laborer, 5 .Monincmier ct 
Bimsdorler John A. tailor. 260 s Duihim 
Binnu John .M. shoemaker. 333 n Central av 
Binder Fiederick, cutter, 14(i s Howard 
Binder (ieo. hairworker, 57 n Charles 
Binder Gotleib, saddler, 67 n Central av 
Bindi r Jcdin F. iron railingmaker, 242 w Bid- 
dle, dw 56 Brune 
Binder Lewis, jr. cigarmakcr, 34 n Fremont 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay, and Corner Chew and Stirling. 

15 IN 


Binder Lewis, liquor dealer. 34 n Fremont 

Bindewitld August, shoemaker, 50 Riborg 

Bindewiild rhas. jrilder, 152 Lee 

Bindewald Louis, li(4nors. 152 Lee 

Bindintr lleury. grocery, 265 s Ann 

Biiie.> Elizii, grocery, ii w cor Randall and Boyd 

Bines Fiank, huckster, n w cor Randall and Boyd 

Bines John A. hrakeman, 311 s Charles 

Bines John, distiller. 311 s Charles 

Bines Wm. conductor, 203 Light 

Bing ICIleanora, grocery, 24(5 Hamburg 

Bing Geo. porter, 73 Portland 

Bing John H. salesman, 24G Hamburg 

Bingel Frederick barber, 419^ Saratoga 

Bingel Henry, tobacconist, 873 w Baltimore, 

dw 419j Saratoga 
Bingel J>icob, re.-;iaurant, 177 Franklin 
Bingel .Mary. 41f».'i Saratoga 
Bingham Benj. T. wood ind coil, Chatsworth 

and Chesnutal. dvv 291 Franklin 
Bingham John, carpenter, 116 n Bond 
Bingham John, fancy store, 853 w Baltimore 
Biijghum John, 54 e Fayette 
Bingham John L. cUrk, 171 n Calvert 
Bingham Marshal, grocery, cor Franklin and 

Eutaw. dw George nr Brune 
Bingham Robert, stouecutter, 106 Cathedral 
Bingham .Mrs Sarah J.boarding,158w Lombard 
Bingham Mrs. W., 158 w Lombard 
IJinne Auyusl. helper, 390 Canton av 
Binneftaldt Henry, laborer, 13 Stockholm 
Binnewaldt John, ^lassblower, 13 Stockholm 
Binney James, coal oil, 9 s Bond 
Binney Capt. Joshua, marine surve^ or, s w cor 

Gay and Lombard, dw 30 Spring row 
Binnie Robert, coal oil, 9 s Boiid 
Binning Henry, cigarmaker, 61s Oregon 
Binnix Alice, millinery, 85 n Eutaw. dw 90 

Binnix Mrs. Elizabeth, 63 n Fremont . 
Binnix Geo. blacksmith, 174 Ramsay 
Binnix .Mrs. L., IO.t w Fayette 
Binnix Louis D. machinist, 21 Etting 
Binnix .Mrs. Martha, 57 Chew 
Binnix .Martha M. saleswoman, 57 Chew 
Binstine Frederick, laborer, 35 Lewis 
Binswangei David, (D. B. & Co.) 69 n Exeter 
Binswanger D. & Co. (D. Binswanger)printers, 

over 1 7 s Gay 
Biuswanf;er Emanuel, second hand furniture, 

727 w Baltimore 
Binswanger Simon, bookkeeper, 168 Mulberry 
Binyon &; Audoun, (W. W. Binyou, 0. Au- 

doun) builders, 137 s Ann 
Binyon Benj. F. carpenter, 106 n Gilmer 
Hinyon Thos. W. of C. H., 120 Gough 
Binyon Thomas jr. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm. H. H. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm. W. (B. & Audoun) 130 Bank 
Binz Casper, huckster, 443 e Fayette 
Binz Geo. VV. hackdriver, 473 Saratoga 
Binz John, hackdriver, 443 e Fayette 
Binz John, baker, 473 .Saratoga 
Binz John jr. tinner, 473 Saratoga 
Birch Chas. (Haugh ^ Birch) 30 n Strieker 
Birch Charles, junk, 198 East 
Birch Clinton S. printer, 650 w Baltimore 
Birch Wm. R. salesman, 80 s Bond 
Birch Wm. R. clerk, 80 s Bond 
Bircheti Rubt. D. salesman, 290 Saratoga 
Birckenbach Lorenz, shoemaker, 46 Oxford 
.Birckhead Christopher C. tailor, 22 Penn 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


Cii.V>r.\XTI,Y F.iP. .SaLK 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

I Birckhead Henry J. claim agent. 77 Granby 
Birckhead James, brakeman, 22 Penn 

! Birckhead James jr., 30 South, dw 87 Park 

I Birckhead Jane E., 231 St. Paul 

I Birckhead .Mrs. John W., 82 Ensor 

I Birckhead Juliet .M., 231 St. Paul 

I BIRCKHEAD LENNuX, real estate agent and 

I collector, 33 St. Paul, dw York road 

I Birckhead .N'athaiiiel, painter, 82 Ensor 

>: Birckhead P. M. clerk, 87 P:trk 
Bird Mr.s. Edgeworth, 40 .Mount Vernon pi 

i BIRD J. EDWARD, dry goods, 213 w Balti- 

I more, dw 243 Linden av 

! Bird .Mrs. Emily, 445 Saratoga 

j Bird Empson C. tobacconist, 28 w Pratt, dw 23 

I Jackson 

I Bird Jacob W . jr. salesman, 110 w Fayette 

I Bird John, machinist, 9 Hill 

I Bird Stephen L. & Co (S. L. Bird)59 n Howar<l 
Bird Stephen L. (S. L. B. & Co.) 345 n Eutaw 
Bird W. E. clerk, 40 Mount Vernon pi 
Birdsall Samuel, paver, 162 East 
Birely Mrs. Evelina H.. 93 Mc'''unoh 
Birely Lewis A. (W"m. Ohler & Co.) ice, 247 w 

Birely Wm. cabinetmaker, 35 Camden 
Birkenstock Henry, tailor, 141 n Bond 
Birkett Thos. A. carpenter, 59 s Gilmor 
Birkey Edward H. clerk, 219 Druid Hill av 
Birke> Thomas. 219 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thomas H. builder, 166 Division 
Birkholz ('harles A. clerk, 15(j Mulberry 
Birkholz Mrs. Doris, music teacher, 156 Mul- 
Birkmaier Julius, baker, 33 n Frederick 
Birkmeyer J. F. farn. goods, 644 w Baltimore 
Birkmire Geor^ie, cooper, 78 Bank 
Biiley George W. engineer, 503 w Lombard 
Birmingham Andrew, carpenter, 4 Miller 
Birmingham .Andrew, jr. canraaker, 4 Miller 
Birmingham D.aniel, puddler. 103 s Castle 
Birmingham .Mrs. Ellen, 32 Miller 
Birmingham Jas. E. plasterer, 227 Henrietta 
Birmingham Jas. L. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham John. 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham John, carpenter, 239 n Eden 
Birmingham -Miss L. shoefitter, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham Miir}*. 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham Miss S. shoefitter, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham Wm. stonecutter, 32 n Amity 
Birmingham Wm. laborer, 463 Canton av 
Birmingham Wm. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham Wm. T. tailor, 3 .Miller 
Birney (Jharles. stonecutter, 34 Oxford 
Bisbee Mrs. Catherine, stationery, 78 Camden 
Bisbee Samuel, shoemaker, 78 Camden 
BischofF .Mrs. Catherine, liquors, 6 China 
Bischoff Chas. cigarpacker, 39 German 
Bischoff Chas. F. cigarmaker, 169 Columbia 
Bischoff Chris, cabinetmaker, 239 s Charles 
Bischoff Franz, shoemaker, 33 s Wolfe 
Bischoff Geo. brewer, Belair av eit 

Co aclies and Barouches for Shopping, Weddings, &c. 

Bischotf Mrs. Msiry, 34 Fountain 
Biscoe Chiirlts M.'clerk, 24G Kiistern av 
Biscoe .I;unps, com merchant, over 149 w Pratt, 

d\v 3'Mi w Lombard 
Biscou Wm. M. shipjoiner, 296 Eastern av [ 

Biser Uaiiicl G. grocer, ooO vv Fayette 
Bishop Caleb, lightning rods, 81 n High 1 

Bishop Chas. A. deputy U. S. uiarshal, n w cor 

Fayette and North, dw Starr hotel 
Bishop Chas. H. actor, Mansion house 
Bishop Chas. E. n e cor Fayette and Castle 
Bishop ('has. cal)inetinaker, 307 s Bond 
Bishop David J. 51 Harford av 
Bishop David E. 339 e Pratt 
Bishop David E. jr. bookkeeper, 417 e Lombard 
Bisiiop Elijah, car|)enter, 75 Harford av 
Bishop Elizabeth, 214 e Pratt 
J}ishoi> Mrs. [';iizal)eth, lOG Low 
Bishop Frank, caiimaker, 75 Harford av 
Bishop Geo. machinist, 364 Canton av 
Bishop Geo. C. milk dealer, 93 n Caroline 
Bishop Geo. A. laborer, 202 s Durham 
Bishop Geo. W. judge orphans' court, (Geo. 

W. 15. cj- Co.) 47 s Washington 
Bishop Geo.VV. & Co. (Geo W. Bishop, ) tob«c- 

conists, 102 w Pratt 
Bishop Geo. W. carp. 64 Greentuount av 
Bishop Geo. W. clerk, Mosher nr Myrtle av 
Bishop Mrs. Harriet A. Mount nr Le.xington 
Bisho)) James B. tinner, 94 n Caroline 
Bishop John, cooper, 35 e Monument 
Bishop John, police, 269 s Chester 
Bishop John L. carpenter, Mount and Pratt 
Bishop John L. jr. clerk, 173 McCulloh 
Bishop John B. (Levi Cromwell, Son & Co.) 

1 18 Thames 
Bishop John, police, 19 s Choptank 
Bishop John H. lightning rods, 81 n High 
Bishop John T. stonemason, 173 McCulloh 
Bishop L. li. (Emmerson & Co.) 14 n Gilmor 
Bishoi) Mrs. Mary C, Division nr Hoffman 
Bishoi) Mrs. Mary M. 162 s Wolfe 
Bishop .Molly, 2.') Urleans 
Bishop Patrick, laborer, 435 \v Lombard 
Bishop Mrs. Priscilla, St. Peter's Home (P. E.) 

192 Penna av 
Bishoji Mrs. Rebecca, seamstress, 74 Aisquith 
Bishop Mrs. Rebecca, 179 Aisquith 
Bishop Robert F. bricklayer, 87 u Poppleton 
Bishop Samuel A. gaslilter. Mount nr Le.xington 
Bishoi) .Mrs. T. F. dressmkr, 413 n Central av 
Bishoii VV. (iraham, bookk'r, 443 n Central av 
Bishop Wui. D. builder, Mount and Pratt 
B)shop Wm. J. copper lightning rod manufac- 
turer, 7 s Eden 
Bishop Wm. T. bacon, 74 Aisquith 
Bishop Wm. H. rigger, 10 Cross, dw 364 Can- 
ton av 
JJishop Wm. H. tinner, 94 u Caroline 
•Bishop Wm. shipjoiner, 364 Canton av 
Bishop Wm. R. clerk, 222 e Madison 
JBishop Wm. R. clerk, 190 Aisquith 

iJishop Wm. R. cleric, 443 n Ceutral av 
iishop Winfield S. clerk, 443 n Central av 
JBisley James, coppersmelter, Clinton s of Boston 
iiidley Root, coppersmelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bissell Benjamin, clerk, 25 Hollins 
Bissell .Mrs. .Margaret, 25 Hollins 
liisser Jacob, lal)orer, 141 Battery av 
Bisser John, gbisscutter, 141 Battery av 
Bisser Joseph, carver, 106 Johnson 
Bissett Henry C. clerk, 185 Franklin 

BISSING W. ¥., Watchmaker, 280 
w Baltimore, dw 169 German. 

Bissett Thomas, jr. stonecutter, 63 McHeiiry 
Bisson Mrs. Martha, grocery, 70 s Chester 
Bi.sson Wm. mariner, 70 s I'hester 
Bisson Wm. jr. mariner, 70 s Chester 
Bittarty John, shoemaker, 29 Barnes 
BittiHiliacher Andrew, laborer, 240 s Durham 
Bitter Christ'n, boarding ag't, 46 s Washington 
Bitter Conrad Geo. coppersmith, 69 Forrest 
Bitter D. lithographer, over II South, dw 380 

w Fayette 
Bitter Henry, pianomaker, 218 Barre 
Bitter Hester A. 1 Webb 
Bitter's Hotel, L. Bitter, proprietor, cor Pratt 

and Oincord 
Bitter .lolm George, laborer, 216 e Eager 
iiitter Justus, 41 n Eutaw 
Bitter L., Bitter's hotel, cor Pratt and Concord 
Bitters Comley, engineer, 201 William 
Bitter.son Susan, 328 n Regestcr 
Bittiger August, grocery, 65 Orleans 
Bittigcr Mrs. Mary, boarding, 227 German 
Bittinger Dan. N. carpenter, 547 w Lombard 
Biitinger John D. shoe store, 7 Penna av 
Bittler Casper, shoemaker, 388 Eastern av 
Bitimeyer John, butcher, 400 Harford av 
liittle Hezekiah, furn. wagon, 21 O.xford 
Bittner Adam, baker, 66 Granby 
Bittner Casper, shoemaker, 266 Canton av 
Bittner Edward, barber, 52 Elliott 
Bittner Frederick, sugar boiler, 36 s Castle 
Bittner George, tailor, Hope nr Point la 
Bittner John, laborer, 167 s Eden 
' Bittner John, laborer, 40 Lancaster 
Bittner John, tailor, 252 e Chase 
Bittner Louis F. clerk. Northern Central hotel 
Bittner Nicholas, tailor, 383 Aliceanna ext 
Bittner Peter, shoemaker, 26G Canton av 
Bittorf Frederick, barkeeper, 57 vv Fayette 
Bittorf Geo. C. tailor, 501 u Gay 
Bittorf Wilhelmina, confectionery, 501 n Gay 
Bitirolf John, tailor, 109 Urleans 
Bitz John, porter, 6 Chesnut al 
Bitz Joha R. barber, 6 Chesnut al 
Bitzel Adam, confectionery, 204 h Broadway 
Bitzer Franklin, driver, 27 e Eager 
Bixby H. ('. fireman, 43 Leadenhall 
Bixler Daniel, jr. bookkeeper, 73 Courtland 
Bixler Daniel, clerk, Franklin house 
Bixler Mrs. Eva, laundress, 126 West 
Bixler Louis A. tobacconist, 102 n Howard 
Bixler Wm. H. H. ship chandler, Hughes nr 

basin, dw Strieker nr Mulberry 
Bixler Wm. T. clerk to commr's for opening 

streets, 53 n Gilmor 
Black Adam, clerk, 148 Myrtle av 
Black Andrew L., Belvidere Nursery, e Eager 

nr Constitution 
Black A. Campbell, (Black & Son) 325 Madi- 
son av 
Black Benj. F. (B. & Co.) 178 Barre 
Black k. Co. (B. F. B.) sign painters, 79 Ex- 
change place 
Black Bernard, i)ainter, 16 n Wolfe 
Black Dr. Calvin, 668 w Fayette 
Black Charles H. collector, 293 e Pratt 
Black Charles II. clerk, 63 St. Paul 
Black Daniel, wagoner, 187 William 
Black D. Henry, yeastmaker, 96 Aisquith 
Black Edward, cooper, 170 Bank 

At Central S tab les, 1 11 Lexingtoii,_C. H. Bredemeyer. 
BLA 63^ BLA ^ 

Black George, clerk, 53 n Exeter 

Black Geo. flour aud feed, cor Albemarle and 

Lombard, dvv 93 e Pratt 
Black .Mrs. Harriet, Mount ^'ernon Mills 
Black Hattie, 296 Lexin^i^ton 
Black Horse Hotel, lliu High, T. Burton, 

Black Horse Tavern, M. Carling, proprietor, G3 

Peuua av 
Black Isaac P. C. carpenter, 299 Saratoga 
Black Airs. Isabella, Loiiiljard nr Castle 
Black James B. carpenter, 148 Myrtle av 
Black J.imes, marble yard cor Cathedral and 

Biddle, dw 258 Myrile av 
Black James F. messenger Adams Express Co. 

2o8 Columbia 
Black James H. engineer, 230 Bank 
Black John, laborer, 75 L Hampstead 
Black John jr. (Black k Son) 325 Madison av 
Black John ti. teacher, 176 Bank 
Black John, 270 Mulberry 
Black John, [B. & Krebs") "296 Lexington 
Black John, cooper, Patterson and Cable, dw 

176 Bank 
Black Jwlui R. carp. 18 Marion, dw 299 Saratoga 
Black Kate, teacher, 214 Bank 
BLACK & KRb^BS, (J. Black, G. L. Krebs,) 

JacoL) E. Krebs) pork packers and provisions, 

51 South and 53 u. Caroline 
Black Lewis W. painter, 169 Preston 
Black Margaret, seamstress, Druidville 
Black Mrs. Mary, 118 s Castle 
Black Mrs. Mary, yeast, Orleans and Castle 
Black Michael, ahip. carp. 118 s Castle 
Black Millard S. clerk, 374 Madison av 
Black Morris, conductor, 314 Alice Anna 
Black Mrs. N. E. (Mrs. Butt aud Mrs. Black) 

169 Preston 
Black Robert, cattle, 761 vv Lombard 
Black R. P. cattle, Calverton hotel 
Black Rev. R. \V. 643 w Lombard 
Black Samuel, builder, 374 Madison av 
Black & Son, (J.B. jr., A. C. Black, ) hardware, 

16u u Gay 
Black \Vm. K. carp. 133 Pearl 
Black Wm. scalemaker, 270 Mulberry 
Black \Vm. E. cooper, 63 s Chester 
Blackburn Cyrus, (C. B. & Bro.) 132 a Eutaw 
Blackburn C. <fc Bro. (Cyrus & Edwin Black- 

bui-u) flour, gram aud com. merclis. a e cur 

r raiiKliu anil Eut.iw 
Blackburn Edwin, (C. B. & Bro.) 68 Bolton 
Blackburn .Jouu, miller, Frederick av and 

nson la 
Blackburu Lizzie, teacher, 132 u Eutaw 
Blackburn Samuel, lab. 157 West 
Blackburn Samut-I, barkeeper, 243 Light 
Bliiciveby Joseph, machinist, 9 Russell 
KLACKFURU .i: CLARK, (W.H.Blackford and 

F. f. Clark) gen. maugr, Wid.and Urph.Beu. 

Life Ins. Co., Consulid. bldg. cor Souih aud 

BiacKtor.l Wm. H. (B. & Clark) 390 Eutaw pi 
Bliickislon Albert C. clerk, 138 s Sharp 
Blackistou John B. clerk, 352 Aisquilh 
BlacHistou John B. cab maker and undertaker, 

562 vv Baltimore, dvv Lombard nr Fulton 
Blackistou Johu B. jr. moulder, Lombard nr 

Blackisiono John H. clerk, 352 Aisquith 
Hiackiston Walter, receiving teller Bank ofCom- 

iiierue, 240 Carey 

J. H-'NRY aiESE, 
Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Scod, &c, 

Rosenda lejCement and Plaster. 

Blackiston Wm. C. lumber inspector, Concord 

nr Pratt, dvv 138 s Sharp 
Blackisloue Mrs. Eliza B. 82 Ilunover 
Blackistone Taylor, clerk, «4 Hanover 
Bhicklar Alcx.C.( Elliott & B.)I41 u Broadway 
Blacklar Chas. R. salesman, 42 Jackson sq av 
Blacklock Allen R. salesman, 413 w Lombard 
Blacklock Frank, clerk, 76 s Sharp 
Blacklock Nicholas F. paper slock, metals, bags, 
iVc. 116 Light-st whf, dw Anne Arundel co 
Blackwell Mrs. Elizabeth S. children's clothing, 

184 Madison 
Blackwell Ernest C. engineer, 148 Madison av 
Blackwood Mrs. Dr. 99 St. Paul 
Blackwood E. S. 50 u Liberty 
Blades k Co. (W. P. Blades, M. W. Gladding) 

•com. merchts. 100 w Pratt 
Blades Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 157 n Exeter, 

dvv 148 
Blades John J. paperhauger, 148 n Exeter 
Blades Johu L. livery stablies and night carts, 
114 s Washington, dw s w cor Pratt and Gist 
Blades John M. clerk, 344 e Baltimore 
Blades Mollie E. 259 Saratoga 
Blades Samuel, ctiairmaker, 148 u Exeter 
i Blades Thos. VV. insurance ageul, 103 s Bond 
! Blades Wm. P. (B. k Co.) Carey nr Cooke 
I Blaha Frank, laborer, 370 e Fayette 
I Blaich Johu, teacher, 113 Caroline 
I Blair CUas. E. accountant, 381 Lexington 
[ Blair & Co. (Llewellyn P. Blair) gas titters and 
I plumbers, 455 w Baltimore 
I Blair Jas. A. (Jos. Harris <i: Co.) clerk P. U. 
! 188 Hanover 

I Blair John, tailor, 412 w Lombard 
Blair Johu, shoemaker, 37u e Fayette 
Blair Mrs. Laura V. 39 Preston 
Blair Liewellyu P. (B. c)- Co.) 47 n Paca 
i Blair Mrs. M. school, 2loHollins 
j Blair Montague, clerk, Genl. Wayne hotel 
I Blair Samuel S. div. supt. N. C. R. 78 Park ay 
j BUtke Albert C. cigarmaker, 36 vv Biddle 

Blake Mrs. Ann, 174 n Calvert 
I blake Mrs. Amelia, Park av and Tovvnsend 
I Blake Benson, (Blake, Cooper & Co.)168 Mosher 
Blake, Cooper .K Co. (B.Blake, Hugh W. Cooper, 

flour ana feed, 574 Penna av 
Blaive Chas. B. builder, 225 e Baltimore 
iilake CUas. W. clerk, 86 Hanover 

BLAKE CHARLES W., Dealer in 
Watches, Jewelry, Silver and 
Plated Ware, 205 w Baltimore, 
dw Baltimore County 

Blake Eugene, clerk, 145 Hanover 
Blake George, grocery, 151 Vork 
Blake Geo. A. carpenter, 428 e Baltimore 
Blake Geo. R. clerk, 112 u Caroline 
Blake Henrietta M. 145 Hanover 


For Cotton, Corn & Tobacco, Horner's. Fartilizors, 




Blake Henry, carpenter, 305 n Central av 

Blake Henry S. teacher, 145 Hanover 

BhiUe Henry Wni. 54 Valley 

Blake James, 54 Valley 

Blake Juel N. machinist and founder, s e cor 

Franklin and North, d\v 931 w Baltimore 
Blaki.' John A. patternmaker, 36 n Biddle 
Blake John H. cl« rk, U7 s Fremont 
Bhike John L. clerk, 67 e Baltimore 
Blake John R. builder, 112 n Caroline 
Blake John W. engineer, 54 Valley 
Blake Joseph, messenger C. H. 36 w Biddle 
Blake Lawrence, painter, 54 Valley 
Blake Mrs. Margaret, 54 Valley 
Blake Mrs. .Mary, 36 w Biddle 
Blake Martin, 305 n Central av 
Blake Sallie, dressmaker, 36 w Biddle 
Blake Samuel F. carpenter, 330 Mulberry 
Blake Tliomas, laborer, Hare nr Lancaster 
Blak.ley Belle, 119 w Momiraent 
Blakeley Mrs. Elizabeth, Homestead 
Blakelev Wm. A. stonecutter, 485 Aisquith 
Blakeslee Ahram. cloth cutter, 434 \v Baltimore 
Blakeney All)ert A. cotton manufac. Woodberry 
Blakeney Sarah, Woodberry 
Blakt-ney Wm. painter, cor John and Spring 
Blakistoiie T. Wallis, attorney, 37 St. Paul, dw 

85 n Charhs 
Blamberg Herman, cab't maker, 75 Milliman 
Blamire Charles, laborer, 127 s Chapel 
Blauiiii' John E. mariner, 127 s Chapel 
Blanch James C. potter, 84 n Bond 
Blanch John T. carpenter, 199 e Lombard 
Blanch Jeremiah, carpenter and builder, 718 

Blanch Jeremiah, brickmaker, Washington av, 

d\v Shipley la 
Blanchaid Bennington G.bookkpr,274 Myrtleav 
Blauchard Catherine, 15 Forrest pi 
Blanchard Han'l H. freight solicitor, 144 Light 

St w iif, dw 124 Bolton 
Blanchard Mrs. E. H. 81 Cathedral 
Blanchard K. Wyatt, attorney, 57 St. Paul, dw 

81 Ciithedral " 
Blanchard George \i. freight agent, 150 Bolton 
Blanchard James A. J. rigger, 148 Battery av 
Blanck C. Henry, clerk, 471 w Baltimore 
Blanck Mrs John, restaurant, 471 w Baltimore 
Bland Joiiii H. brakeman, 50 Barre 
Blandford Wm. H. (B. & Gwynn,)112s Charles 
Blandford & Gwynn, (Wm. H. Blandford, Jas. 

S. G\v\ nn,) com. merchts. 1 12 s Charles 
Blaney Tluis. E. (C. E. B. & Bro.) 198 George 
Blaney Frank, apothecary, cor Pratt and Gilmor 
Blaney Geo. W. stonecutter, 304 Forrest' 
Blaney HenryT. bricklayer, Tov^nsend nrFulton 
Blaney Jas. M. bricklayer, 163 Greenmount av 
Blaney James W. & Son, (J. W. k W. H. Bla- 
ney,) bricklayers, office 20 s Fremont 
Blaney JamesW. (J. W. B. & Son) 20 s Fremont 
Blaney James J. 'bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney Jno. T., Towusend ext 
Blaney Jno. T. carpenter, 161 Greenmount av 
Blaney Mrs. Sarah, huckstress, 266 Green- 
mount av 
Blaney Wm. H. (J. W. B. & Son) 238 George 
Blank Fred'k, baker, 135 Battery av 
Blank George, mariner, 422 Canton av 
Blank John, mariner, 422 Canton av 
Blank Josejih, laborer, 117 Low 
Blank Josej)hine, 120 Thames 
Blank Mrs. Ursula, grocery, 135 Battery av 

Blankenburg Charles, shoemaker, 80 Mullikin 
Blankenburg Jacob, clerk, 80 Mullikin 
Blankenheim John, stone mason, 15f) Burgun- 
dy al 
Blankenstine Nathan, 135 German 
Blankford Jacob, huckster, 361 n Broadway 
Blankensliip Dan. U. engin'r, 3 Williamson al 
Blankiier John, confect'r, .McHenry nr Monroe 
Blase Otto, clerk, 316 Aliceanna 
Blass Rev. Jacob, 234 Eastern av 
Blass Joseph, cabinetmaker, 371 Penna av« 
Blasse Robt., 23 s Chester ' 

Blatter John, laborer, 225 s Wolfe 
Blatchley George, coachman, 141 w Madison 
Blaichley Mrs. Harriet, Waverly, York rd 
Blatchley Mrs. Priscilla, 241 e Chase 
Blaufiiss Lewis, tailor, 267 Franklin 
Blaut Levi, shoemaker, 152 Chesnul 
Blazer Chris, laborer, 122 s Wolfe 
Bleasdale John, engineer, 110 William 
Bleecher John, blacksmith, 237 Lemmon al 
Bledsoe Dr. Albert T. 34 McCulloh 
Bledsoe Dr. A. T. editor Southern Review, 49 

Lexington, dw 34 McCulloh ^ 

Bledsoe Robt, conductor, 455 w Lombard 
Bleemlein Nicholas A. machinist, Eastern av 

nr Chester 
Bleinberger Adam, bootfitter, 21 Walnut al 
Blenkner Henfy, shoemaker, 221 n Bond 
Blenkner Peter, tailor, 221 u Bond 
Blessing Andw. bag cutter, 36 L Hampstead 
Blessing Daniel, carpenter, 47 n High, dw 154 

e Monument 
Blessing .Mrs. Elizabeth, 72 Bank 
Blessing James, carpenter, 241 n Gay 
Blessing John, tobacconist, 241 n Gay 
Blessing Jno. F. tobacconist, 104 w Pratt, dw 

241 n Gay 
Blessing Margaret,* 36 Hampstead 
Blessing Margaret, 154 e .Monument 
Blessing Simon, bag cutler, 36 L Hampstead 
Blessing W. T. clerk, 241 n Gay 
Blesz John C. lager beer, llS s Eutaw 
Bletzer Philip, shoemak'-r, 184 s Bethel 
Bleuber Rudolph, machinist, 299 w Pratt 
Bley Rudolph, sec. hand cloth'g, 121 Eastern av 
Blick Tlu>s. H. bookkeeper, 362 e Baltimore 
Bligh Patrick, laborer, 38 n .Vmity 
Bliniline Andrew, 14 Dawson al 
Blimlime Bernard, clerk, 195 Druid Hill av 
Blimline Henry, cutter, 285 Franklin 
Blimlime J. &, Son, (J. Blimline) manufs. shirts 

and drawers, over 17 and 19 s Sharp 
Blimline Joseph, (J. B.&Son) 195 Druid Hill av 
Blimline Margaret, seamstiess, 65 Park 
Blinn Chas. A. salesman, 648 w Fayette 
Blinsinger Geo. F. carp'r, 143 Druid Hill av 
Bliss Horace, Eutaw house 
Blilzeiiburg Kate, 320 Aliceanna 
Blizzard Caleb H. se.vton, 57 Ktling 
Blizzard Elijah, quarryman, Clipper mills 
Blizzard Geo. W. engineer, 33 n Wolfe 
Blizzard John R. engineer. 166 Battery av 
Blizzard John R. copper refiner, 251 William 
Blocker Daniel, brickmaker, 30 Fulton 
Blocker George, clerk, Hollins and Fulton 
Blocker George, watchman, 49 Preston 
Blocker Henry, match factory, 717 w Lombard, 
Blocker Henry, clerk, Lombard nr Monroe 
Blocker Wm. L. clerk. Wilkens nr Frederick av 
Blocker Wm. L clerk, (Jalverion hotel 
Block Andrew, blacksmith, 111 Saratoga 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 




Block Mrs. Barbara, 118 s Eden 

Block Connid, butcher, Calyerton rd 

Block Chas. wheelwright, 3 n Frederick 

Block Mrs. Elizabeth, 64 McCulloh 

Block Finley, engraver, 99 Orleans 

Block Geo. stonemason, 384 Harford av 

Block Mrs. Harriet, 99 Orleans 

Block John, 44 Franklin 

Block John H. bricklayer, 1 Lemmon 

Block Mrs. Julia, 66 s Poppleton 

Block Lewis, supt. Israelite Hosp., Monument 

nr Broadway 
Block Lewis ji. clerk, Monument nr Broadway 
Block Lonis, peddler, 164 3 Broadway 
Block Margaret, 350 Aliceanna, Canton 
Block .Ma.x, cigarmaker, 121 s Caroline 
Block Myer, clerk, 118 s Eden 
Block Peter, laborer, 19 Albemarle 
Block Solomon S. clothing, 297 w. Baltimore, 

dw 29 s Edeu 
Blogg Rev. E. N. S. salesman, Mulberry and 

Bloice Thos. tinner, 11 Walker 
Blome Mrs Christian, confect'ry, 44 Lancaster 
Bloiiie Fred'k, bricklayer, 44 Lancaster 
BLOMI-^ GEO. confectionery, 445 w Baltimore 
Blome John, confectionery, 911 w Baltimore 
Bloraeier Chris, blks'h, 240 s Caroline, dw 178 
Blomeier Enuis, shoemaker, 30 President 
Blondell Dennis J. inspector, 139 Hollins 
Blondheim Charles, clothing, 93 n Howard 
Blondheiin Heart, clothing, 105 n Howard 
Blondheim Louis, laborer, 149 n Front 
Blondheim Michael, clerk, 105 n Howard 
Blondheim Solomon, clothing, 173i Franklin, 

dw 105 n Howard 
Blood Wm. H. car driver, 968 w Baltimore 
Bloodgood C. Bonsai, (B.& Herbert)263 St.Paul 
good, W. P. Herbert) mdse. brokers, 20 

Bloodgood James L 263 St. Paul 
Bloodworth Capt. Jacob, mariner, 81 s High 
Bloomer Albert, machinist, Hampden 
Bloomer Mrs. John W. sr. 157 n Caroline 
Bloss George, Ijricklaver, 300 Light 
BLOTKAMP WM. hacks, 26o e Lombard 
Bloxhaiu J. W. salesman, Merchunts' hotel 
ULOXHAM JOHN & SOX, (John and John L. 

B.J hardware and stoves, 56 Harrison 
Bloxham John (John B. & Son) 157 n High John L. (John B. & Son) 15V n High 
Bloxham Richard J. telegraphist, 157 n High 
Blucher Albert H. laborer, Hampden 
Blucher Richard T. overseer Clipper mills 
Bluhart Venzel, rarnisher, 189 s Caroline 
Blum Benjamin, cigarmaker, 209 s Wolfe 
Blum Bernard, cigarmaker, 102 Orleans 
Blum Mrs. Catherine, 376 Saratoga 
Blum .Mrs. Catherine E. 20 s Caroline 
Blum Frederick, driver, 96 s Castle 
Blum George, tailor, 147 n Bethel 
Blum Gotleib, laborer, 96 s Castle 
Blum Gumby S. bookkeeper, 294 Lexington 
Blum G. (B., Hechinger ^- Co.) 76 Columbia 
Blum, Hechinger & Co. (G. Blum, F. and D. 

Hechinger) wholesale clothiers, 282^ w Pratt 
Blum Hartwig F. barber, 397 n Gay 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand dealer, 193 e Lombard 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand clothier, 234 s Caroline 
Blum Jacob, cigar manuf. 193 e Lombard 
Bium John, driver, 47 s C;i3tle 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &:c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Blum Joseph, glazier, 153 n Eden 

Blum Joseph, laborer, 98 s Castle 

Blum Philip, boxmaker, 145 s Caroline 

Blum Rachel, huckstress, 721 w Baltimore 

Blum S. H. bookbinder, 69 s Paca 

Blum Solomon, (Hess, Blum & Co.) 294 Le.x- 

Blum Wm. jeweler, 538 w Baltimore 
Blum Wm. laborer, 85 Stiles 
Blumauer Louis, boots and shoes. 275 s Charles 
Blume Mrs. Amelia, trimmings, 513^ w Baltimore 
Blume Albert, fanc\- goods, 136 s Broadway 
Blume Frederick, artist, 28 n Frederick 
Blume Henry, carpenter, 74 Leadenhall 
Blume Henry, barber, 62 s Eutaw 
BLUME HERMAN, looking glass and picture 

frame manuf. 26 n Gay 
Blume Philip, (Taylor & B.) 236 Hanover 
Blumehardt Charles G. butcher, 157 Lexington 

market, dw Wilkens nr Frederick av 
Blumenburg Julius J. 122 w Fayette 
Blumenburg L. agent North American Life Ins. 

Co. 74 w Baltimore, dw 37 n Exeter 
Blumenburg Rudolph, 208 e Baltimore 
Blumenour Henry, baker, 152 Hamburg 
Blumenraiher John, tailor, 263 Preston 
Blumenthal Abraham, sec. hand goods, 180 

Light St whf and 271 s Charles 
Blumenthal Isaac, tobacconist, 48 Lee 
Blumenthal Lewis, (M. B. & Bro.) Hollins and 

Blumenthal M. & Bro. (M. & L. B.)dry goods, 

Hollins and Republican 
Blumenthal .Max (M. B. & Bro.) Hollins and 

Blumhoff Catherine, grocery, 43 Jackson 
BlumhofF Henry, carpenter, 42 Jackson 
Blundell Dennis collector, 173 Myrtle av 
Blundell Dennis, collector, Hollins and Schroe- 

Blundell Malachi, coachmkr. 248 n Howard 
Blundell .Mrs. Margaret, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Teresa, music teacher, 258 n Eutaw 
Blunt Nelson, laborer, 21 Walker 
Blute Mary, dressmaker, 127 w Madison 
Boacker Wm. tailor, 3si w Pratt 

SluNDRS, n e cor Hollidav and Favette 
BOARD OF TRADE, office New Exchange 

Buildings, George U. Porter, secretary 
Board of Health, office old City Hall, n Holliday 
Boarman A. J. (B. & Gardiner,) 241 Hanover 
Boarman & Gardiner,( A.J.B., J. X.Gardiner,) 

grocers, n e cor Hanover and Montgomery 
Boarman Robert I. carpenter, 215 e Fayette 
Bobart Carroll, huckster, 33 Stiles 
Bobart Charles, clerk, 33 Stiles 
BOBART THOMAS W. restaurant, 242 s 

Bobb Conrad, Hampden 
Bobee James, laborer, 20" Light, 
Bobeth Charles, 429 w Fayette 

Carriages of all descriptions, Slei ghs, Saddle Horses, & c,. 
BOB &e, BOH 

Bobeth Luuis E. pianoiiiaker, 77 St. Peter 

Bobie James, blaeksinith, 207 Light 

Bobie Joseph F. 207 Light 

Bobie Joseph jr. cigarmaker, 207 Light 

Boljlilz Wiu. II. purapuiaker, 15 PoiiUja 

Bocliareit Alex, liquors, 162 Eastern av, d\v 99 

s E.xeler 
Bock George, shoemaker, 36 L Hampstead 
Bock Heriuan, tobaccouist, n e cor Bond and 

Bock Henry, shoemaker, 1713 Caroline 
Bock Jacob, polisher, 115 Leadenhall 
Bock Julius, painter, .H22 e Monument 
Bockel Charles, shoemaker, Frederick rd nr 

Gwynn's Falls 
Bockelnian Amelia, dressmaker, 140j s Spring 
Bockelman Christian, machinist, 140^ s Spring 
Bockel;iran Conrad, tailor, 125 Barre 
Bocke/man Dietrich, shoemaker, 158 s Fremont 
Bockelman Louisa, millinery, 235 Hanover 
Bockelman Peter, paver and groceries, 116 a 

Bockelman \Vm. P. upholsterer, 11 Painter ct 
Bocklake August, driver, U'Uounell nr Clinton 
Bocklake Mis. Klizabeth. O'Uonnell nr (,'linton 
Bocklake Henry, laborer, O'Dc^nnell nr Clinton 
Bockmiller Wm. tanner, 98 Cliew 
Bockmiller Wm.P.(Bartol & B. )196n Central av 
Boddeuieier Wm. brakeman, 2o7 s Wolfe 
Bode .Mrs. Annie, 19 Conway 
Bode (.'harles, tailor, 216 n Caroline 
Bode Diutrich, shoemaker, 12 Emory 
Bode Louis, drayman, 44 Ridgely 
BodeS. W. clerk, 19 Conway 
Bodein Fred, tailor, 451 Canton av 
Bodeker Chas. butcher. Cross st mkt. dw 194 

Boden James, shoemaker, 109 n High 
Bodeiiburg Charles, capmaker, 384 s (diaries 
Bodenriik .-Andrew, printer, 391 Franklin 
Bodenmeller Henry, laborer, 88 s Bethel 
Bodeushatz John, tavern, 803 w Pratt 
Bodensick Chas. F. bookbinder, over 160 w 

Baltimore, dw 407 Franklin 
Bodensick David, printer, 391 Franklin 
Bodensick Ceo. miller, .Uillington road rear 

Frederick av 
Bodensick Mary, 391 Franklin 
Bodensick Mrs. Sarah, 263 Fianklin 
Bodensick Wm.T. bookbinder, 263 Franklin 
Bodenslein Henry, teamster, 15 New Church 
Boder Herman, carter, 255 s Paca 
Bodine Herman, driver, 20 Jasper 
Bodine John, umbrella maker, 113McElderry 
Bodine Charles, laborer, 389 Aisquith 
Boed'cker Chas. huckster, 194 Cross 
Boedeker Mrs. .\gnes, 84 Park 
Boeget John V. blacksmith, 150 s "Wolf 
Boelil .Mrs. Henry, carpet store, 146 Camden 
Boehlein John, laborer, 254 n Gay 
Boehlein Joseph, laborer, 309 Eastern av 
Boehm Dr. Adolphus, 181 Hanover 
Boehm August, tailor, 126 s Dallas 
Boehm Chas. T. 113 McCulloh 
J!3oehm Chas. E. harness maker, 9 George 
Boehni Henry E. brassmoulder, 9 George 
Boehm Henry, baker, 9 George 
Boehm Herman, clerk, 1035 w Baltimore 
Boehm John, butcher, 49, 190 and 192 Belair, 

and 71 and 72 Centre markets, dw Harford 

AV opp Darley Park 
Boehm John C. shoemaker, 169 Ensor 

Boehm John, tailor, 340 Eastern av 
Boehm John L. bookkeeper, 242 w Fayette 
Boeinn John \V. wheelwright, 1 n Bouvi 
Boehm Margaietta, conf'ecty, 346 Eastern ar 
Boehm .Michael, blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
Boehni S R. coachuiaker, Miller's hotel 
Boehme Augustus, ckrk, 34 Conway 
Boehnie Aug. sr. grocer, 128 Hanover, dw 130 
Boehme Fred'k W. machinist, 95 n Gay 
Boehringcr Ferd. driver, 8 Brannau ct 
Boehringer Louise, seamstress, 8 Bran nan ct 
Boendu George 11. grocery, 248 s Charles 
BdERlCKE FR-ANCIS E" homeopathic drug- 
gist, 19 n Eutaw, dw Philadelphia 
Boerilein John, laborer, Clinton nr Elliott 
Boesche Fred'k, clerk, 6 Fort av 
Boeschc Herman L. patent med. Cotton row 
Boette Theodore, shoemaker, 135 Vine 
Boettig August, shoemaker, 97 Cambridge 
Boetiiuger Peter, shoemaker, 209 n Central av 
Boettinger Wm. cigarn.aker, 209 n Central av 
Boger Henry, basketmaker, 1 L McElderry 
Boggess Wm. B. F. carp'r. Wolf n of Piddle 
Boggs A. G. b(jokkeeper, 56 e Baltiujore 
Boggs A. A. (S. S. B. & Son, ) Baltimore co 
BUGGS .\. L. 4- CO. (A. L. Boggs, jr.) whole- 
sale and retail flour, grain and mill feed, 141 
n Howard 
Boggs, A. L. jr. (A. L. B. & Co. ) 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs F. Henry, (Brown, B.J-Co) 210 wHotlman 
Boggs J. Greer, bookkeeper, 56 e Baltimore 
Boggs Robt. J. B. customhouse, 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs S. S. (S. S. B. & Son,) Baltimore co 
Boggs S. S. ^ Son, (S. S. & A. A. Boggs,) 

oyster and fruit packers, 184 York 
Boggs Wm telegraphist, Franklin house 
Boggs Win 226 n Eutaw 

Boggs Wm.(Kili)atrickiB.)291 Druid Hill av 
Boggs, Wm. H. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Bogin Erust, boxmaker, 15 New Church 
Bogle Matilda, seamstress, Gilmor and Hollins 
Bogue Benson T. 697 w F'aNette 
BUGUE HENRY 4- SON, "(Henry & Rob'i H. 
Bogue,) tailors' trimgs. over226 w Baltimore 
Bogue Henry, (H. Bogue & Son) 71 Cathedral 
Bogue Jas. groceries and liquors, 1 1 Mercer 
Bogue Jos. F. clerk, 697 w Fayette 
Bogue Mrs. John, 697 w Fa^■ette 
Bogue Robert H. (H. B. & Son,) 71 Cathedral 
Bogue Thomas, clerk, 11 Mercer 
Bogue Vincent T. clerk, 263 w Baltimore 
Bohager Francis, 5 Bank , 

Bohager Samuel, jnnk, 5 Bank 
Bohau Ellen, grocery, 34 Rock 
Bohan Jas. gardener, 34 Rock 
Bohanan Dr. Jas. S. 75 n Broadway 
Bohauan Leroy, bricklayer, 28 Warren 
Bohar.nan .Mrs. Martha, 89 e Lombard 
Bold August, cigarmaker, 405 Canton av 
Bohl John, laborer, 405 Canton av 
Bohl John, laborer, 90 Eastern av 
Bohland Philip, painter, 140 Pierce 
Bohle Henry, coachtiimmer, 92 e Pratt 
Bohlkeii Cornelius, tinner, 182 Aisquith 
Bohlman Anton, (Sandmann <j"Co.) 15Green- 

Bohm Dr. Adolph, 131 Hanover 
Bohm FritE, cigarpacker, 40 s Eutaw 
Bohm John G. blacksmith, 212 e Lombard 
Bohn Anton, barber, 24 s Wolf 
Bohn k Co. (H. Bohn, Aug. Schwallenberg, ) 
steam turning and sawing, 5 Swan 

At Central Stables. Ill Lexina:ton. C. H. Bredemeyer- 




Bohn ConsUiitine, iMger beer, 24 s Wolf 
Bolin Frank, laborer, 320 Aliceaim.a 
Boliii Fred'k. mariner. 27.S Canton av 
Bohn Henry, (P.. Jc Co.) 4:5 Holland 
Bohn Mis. Eliz ibeth, 4') w .Monument 
Bohn Jacob, brakcinan, llTel'^ager 
Bohn John, laborer. 17 Cannon 
Bohn John, driver, 117 e Eager 
Bohne Dora, 20 Chatsworth 
Boluie Ferd. cabinetmaker. 9 Chesniit al 
Bohne Henry, s^rocery, 20 Chatsworth 
Bohne Henry, jr. shoemaker, 20 Chatsworth 
Bohnenberg FritE, 1 ib'r, 48 Patterson Park av 
Bohner Joiin, laborer, 29 Fawn 
Bohnlein Joseph, varnisher, .'>0 Durst al 
Bohnert .Michael, shoemaker, 23 .Si. J.imes 
Bohnlofink John, shoemaker, 104 e I.otnbard 
Bohrer Christian, cooper, 190 s IJond 
Bohrer Dr. Frank, Dolphui and Druid Hill av 
Bohrer Win. 0. ffro'y, Dolphin i\: Druid Hill av 
Boice Oeo. M. miller." 240 Hollins 
Boice Marv K. dressmaker. 240 IloUins 
Bokee (ieo. .M. & Bro. (G. .M. and .M. H. Bo- 
kee, ) china, sflass. queensware, 41 n Howard 
Bokee Geo. .M. (G. .M. H. cj- Rro. )'277 L';ton 
Bokee Howard, oil and lamps, 14 n Howard. 

dw Howard house 
Bokee -Mary, dressmaker, <;2 I'.uk 
Bokee Morris H. (Geo. M. B. >v; IJru.) Howard 

Bokee Wm. F. (Win. F. B. ,y Co.) 9.3 n Fiont 
Bokee Win. F. k Co. (Wm. F. IJokee, ) china 

merchants, 1 and 3 Harriiioii 
Bokee Wra. H. assessor tax court, 244 u Eutaw 
Buke! John G. grocery. 283 e Eager 
Bokel Joseph A. clerk, 2H3 Eager 
Bokel Joseph H. clerk, Woodlterry 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery and feed. York nl 

nr citv limits 
iJoken Patrick, laboier, 9 McLearv ct 
BOKER IJKUXAllD B. furniture, Vj7 Pcma av 
Bolack Mrs. Catherine, trrocery, 437 Canton av 
Bolack Peter, cooper, 437 Canton av 
Bolack Peter jr. cooper, 437 Canton av 
Bokman August, shoemaker. 070 w Baltimore 
Boland August, finisher, 137 Battery av 
B.:)land Edward, watchman, 2*5 llillen 
Boland Henry, laborer, 3(5.5 Aliceanna, Canton 
Boland James L. junk, 170, and grocery 108 

Canton av 
Boland James, carter, Hammoad al nr Exeter 
Boland .Margaret E. dressmaker, 8 Bolton 
Boland .Mrs. .M. confectionery, 2(55 Forrest 
Boland Patrick W. bookkeeper, 20.5 Forrest 
Boland Thomas, boilermaker, 20 Constitution 
Boland Thomas, plumber, 8 Bolton 
Bolander David, shoemaker, 195 Cross 
Bolander Wm. watchman, .Mviersav nr Johnsoa 
Boldaf Louis, cabinetmaker, 335 s Sharp 
Boldea James, caulker, 117 Hamburg 
Bolden Lewis, puddler. 27 Port 
Bolden William, machinist, 289 Ramsay 
Bole Charles, grocery, Beason and ("oaksie 
Boldt Wm. tavern, 204 I^e.xington 
Bolenius.MaJ.Adolphus W.,C.H. 25G n Howard 
Boleoius .Mrs. Emma. 19 Etting 
Bolenius Ernest W. (G. H. B. & Co.) Hunting- 
don av nr St Paul 
Bolenius Frederick H. carpenter, 19 Etting 
Bolenius Geo. H. (G. H. B. & Co.) Hunting- 
don av nr Charles 


CoMMISrilDX M Kuril A NT, 

Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 

No. 21 SPE^vRS WHARF. 

i'n\ <rA ■> n.V l-i'i; .^ V i 1% 

Clover, Tim^liy Seod, &g. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

BOLENIUS G. H. & CO. G. H. Bo- 
lenius, E. W. Bolenius,,! dealex'S in 
Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, n w cor 
Charles and Pratt. 

Bolenius Mrs. L. C. upholstery, 19 Etting 
Bolger Patrick; stevedore, 3 Light st wlif 
Bolgiaiio Gilbert C. locksmith and bellhanger, 

127 .Saratoga. d\v 229 Georjre 
Bolgiano Joseph .\. (B a: Sun I 347 n Gay 
Bolgiano John C. carpenter. 8 .Swan.dw 98 Chew 
Bolgiano John ( B. & .Son ) .\kMechin ij- Madison 
Bolgiano k Son, (J. i J. .\. B.) shoe findings 

and irarden seeds, 28 s Calvert 
Boll Christian, sawyer, 90 Eastern av 
Boll .So[ihia, George and Pine 
I5(dl William, barber, 28 Thames 
Bolle Bennett, laborer, 249 s Dallas 
Boiler Henry, musician, 319 .Mulberry 
Boiler Wm. la^'er beer, 639 w Baltimore 
Boiling Wm. X. civil engineer, 22 Pleasant 
Bollinger Chester, conductor, 25.5 Forrest 
Bollinger Christian, caulker, 40 Lancaster 
Bollinger J(jhii, laborer, 40 Lancaster 
Bollinger John, lal)orer, rear 1.55 Clxjplaiik 
Bolliniier John, poi-ter, II Portugal al 
Bollinger Josejih, pianomaker. 18 VV^ashn. av 
Bijilm m August, beer. 259 Aliceanna 
Bo'lman August F. clerk. 197 e Favette 
BOLLMAN & CARL. (Fred. M. Bollman. E. E. 
(Jarl) imps. French wine and vinegar. 03 s (jay 
Bollman Chas, A. machinist, 2ol Conway 
Bollman Ernest, dravman. 217 (^onwav 
Bollman Fredk. M. (B. « Carl) 10<5 Lee 
Bollman Geo. E. machinist, 20l Conway 
Bidhiian Henry, porter. 69 Park 
Bollman Henry, clerk, 197 e Favette 
I'ollman Herman F. drayman. 197 e Fayette 
Bollman Jacob M machinist. 42 3 Chester 
Bollman James, machinist. 55 McHenry 
Bollman James H. finisher, 55 .McHenry 
Bollman John, tailor, 116 s Ann 
Bollman John W. civil and conslructiDg en- 
gineer. Clinton s of Boston, dw 343 e Pratt 
Bollman .Smith, clerk, 112 Penna av 
Bollman Thos .S. draughtsman, 112 Penna av 
BULL.\L\.\ WENDELL, civil and constructing 
engineer, P.itapsco Works, Clinton s of Bos- 
"ton, office 8 s Gay, dw 112 Penna av 
BoUon August, U. S. A.. Fort McHenry 
Bolst Andrew, laborer, 7 Hull's la 
Bolst Frederick, laborer, 19 Hull's la 
Bolst John, shoemaker, 212 e Chase 
Bolst .Mrs. .Margaret, peddler 7 Hull's la 
Bolst .Mary, seamstress, 7 Hull's la 
FJolsier Geo. T. printer, 167 Aisquith 
Bolster Henry, tailor, 390 Aliceanna 
Bolster John, musician, 251 Aliceanna 
Bolster Thos. E. clothing cutter, 167 Aisijuith 
Bolte Christiali, wheelwright, 9 Leadeuhall 

_Joslnia Horn er, Jr. M anufac'r and Com. Merchant, 



Bolte Hannah B. 459 w Baltimore 

Bolte Simon, (Alberti, Prior & Co.) 543 w 

BOLTK SIMON,chinaandglassware,543 w Bal- 
Boltev Aup:ustus, furn. wajron, 7 s Republican 
T.Bolton, )>ilass, oils, paints, 82 & 84 vt Pratt 
Bolton ('h:is. \V . clerk, 1 Jackson 
Bolton Daniel K. (B. Bros.) Harford co 
Bolton Kdwiird I. clerk, 39 Greenmount av 
BOLTON HUGH & Co. (H. Bolton, Glcndy 
Stuart, H. \V. Bolton, W. B. Bolton,) glass, 
oils and paints, 81 and 83 .McElderry's wlif 
Bolton Hugh, (Hugh B. & Co.) 20 n Front 
Bolton Hugh W. (Hugh B. & Co.) 20 n Front 
Bolton Henry W. book agent, 30 s Oarey 
Bolton James K. clerk, 114 s Bond 
Bolton James T. (Bolton Bros.) i Jackson 
Bolton Dr. John H. drugstore, n e cor Bond 

and Gay 
Bolton Wm. asst. engineer, St. Clair hotel 
Bolton Wm. H. fiieman, 114 s Bond 
Bolton Wm. B. (H. B. & Co.) 89 s Broadway 
Bolton Wm. H. (Bolton Bros.) 12Gn Broadway 
Boltz Bertha, chaniherniaid, 77 Lee 
Bolzer Henrv, tailor, 89 Hampstead 
BOMBAUGH DR. CHAS. C. editor Baltimore 
Underwriter, 3 Postoffice av, dw 452 Madi- 
son av cor Laurens 
Boman .Miss Annie, teacher, 256 Bank 
Boinl)erger Mrs. Frances, 4 Prospect la 
Boniberger John H. shoemaker, 259 Light 
Bomberger John W. shoemaker, 399 Lexington 
Bomberger Geo. shoemaker, 4 Prospect la 
Bomgar Jacob, cabinetmaker, 262 Hanover 
Bomgar Kate, confectionery, 262 Hanover 
r.omliard Christoph, laborer, 8 Bradford al 
Bombard Jacob, laborer, 8 Bradford al 
Bomhotf Edward, mariner, 16 Williamson al 
Bomm Henry, U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Bomraer Adam, carpenter, 8 Monnionier ct 
Bomtner .Meynhard, blacksnuth, Waverly 
Bommer 'S'alcntine, blacksmith, Waverly 
liona Bernard, collector, 175 s Charles 
Bona Louis C. bookkeeper, 175 s Ciiarles 
Bonaker John G. butcher, 54 n Spring 
Bonaparte Mrs. Rebecca N. 33 Le.xington 
Bonaparte Mrs. Susan N. 95 Park 
Bonawell Thomas, firenan, 62 Block 
Bond Albert, conductor, 275 Druid Hill av 
Bond Alexander k Co. (A. Bond) produce and 

oysters, 5 Hollingsworth 
Bond Alexander, (Alexankor Bond k Co.) 245 

e Biddle 
Bond .\lex. J. carpenter, 177 Druid Hill av 
Bond Alfred, carpenter, 249 Preston 
Bond Aquilla, iron roller, 70 Rue, Canton 
Bond Barnet, com. merchant, 150 w I'ratt, dw 

313 Aisquith 
]]ond i5eale, (Wilson k B.) Walsh nr lloflFmun 
Bond Caleb J. fish dealer, 69 Granby 
Bond Chas. \V. i:iO e .Madison 
Bond Elizabeth E.J. 348 Mulberry 
Bond Eli, cardriver, li)6 .Moalier 
Bond Geo. constable, 9 s Gilmor 
Bond Gilbert, mariner, 50 Walker 
Bond G. Morris, (B. k Tidy,) 82 Read 
Bond Harrv L 348 e Monument 
Bond Hon." Hugh L., Judge of U. S. Circuit 

(Jourt. 151 Lanvale 
Bond James, (Thos. B. & Son) 365 n Broad v^ay 

Bond James, fruit, produce and fish, 3 Hol- 
lingsworth, dw 258 e Monument 
Bond James H. (J. W. B. k Co.) 389 Eutaw pi 
BOND J. W. & CO. (J. W. and J. H. Bond,) 

booksellers, 8ti w Baltimore 
Bond J. W. (J. W. B. k Co.) 229 e Baltimore 
Bond John 0. machinist, 49 Hamburg 
Bond John, clerk, 311 Aisquith 
Bond John H. car[)enter, 81 n Pine 
Bond John, blacksmith, 32 e Eager 
Bond John W. 266 e Baltimore 
Bond Joseph, huckster, 423 e Fayette 
Bond Leaiider, carpenter, 264 Penna av 
Bond Leonard, driver, 264 Penna av 
Bond Lorenzo D. carpenter, 273 Walsh 
Bond N. Penniniau, 151 Lanvale 
Bond .Mrs. ilary, laundress, 76 Richmond 
Bond Peter, letter carrier, 264 Lacuna av 
Bond Sand, iron roller, 34 s Burke 
Bond Thos. B. restaurant, 211 Lexington, dw 

66 Walsh 
Bond Thos. coachsraith, HO Low 
Bond Thos. J. law stndent, 76 s Sharp 
Bond Thos. B. caulker, 70 Rue, Canton 
Bond Thos. G. barkeeper, 73 s Paca 
Botid Thos. J. stonemason, Woodberry 
Bond Thi.s. J. restaurant, 165 e Baltimore 
Bond Thos. (Thos. B. & Son,) 99 n Bond 
Bond Thos. 4" Son, (T. and J. Bond) produce 

dealers, n w cor Calvert and Pratt 
Bond & Tidy, (G. Morris Bond, John B. Tidy, 

jr. ) attorneys, 8.] St. Paul 
Bond Wm. E. carver, 21 Henrietta 
liond Wm. clerk, 348 e Monument 
Bond .Mrs. Wm. 33u e Baltimore 
Bond Wm. laborer, 49 Hamburg 
Bond \Vm jr. jjyrotechnist, Durham nr Fay- 
ette, dw 33(J e Baltimore 
Bond Wm. C. restaurant, 215 Canton av 
Bond Wm. laborer, 4 Warner 
BOND WM. k CO. [W . Bond.) com. and pro- 
duce merchants, n e cor Pratt and Holliugs- 
Bond Wm. (Wm. B. & Co.) 41 s Washington 
Bond Wm. S. B. clerk, 471 n Fremont 
BON'DAV JA.MES, Jii. wharfinger; Gibson's 

whf, dw 106 s Ciiesier 
Bonday James, wharfinger, 173 Fell, dw 187 

Bonday James, (B. & Thurlow) 187 Gough 
Bonday & Thurlow, (J. Bonday, J. Thurlow) 

oak coopers, 1 1 1 Thames 
Bonday Wm. W. clerk, 187 Gough 


Gas Fitter and Wire Works, 22 
n Liberty, dw 314 w Fayette 

Bone John M. clerk, 265 n Howard 

BONE WILLIAM, justice of the peace, 58 

Camden, dw 9 Warren 
Bouhage & Bro. (Fred, and Philip B.) tailors, 

C)\h w Fa\e*te 
Bonhage Fredk. (B. & Bro.) 36 n High 
Bonhage Henry W. tailor, 12 e Pratt 
Bonhage i'hilip, (B. & Bro.) Lexington and 

Bonheim David, tailor, 52 Druid Hill av 
Bonhcim Henrietta, second hand clothing, 52 

Druid Hill av 
Bonheim Herman, clerk, 150 s Eutaw 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 
BON 69 B00~ 

Bonheim MiUtin. dyer, 150 s Eutaw 
Bonicker Philip, shoemaker, 83 McRlderry 
Bonickle John, carpenter, 280 Wolfe 
Boniiifjer Bros. (E. B., R. Lehr) tobacco com. 

and ship, tnerrhs. over 29 s Charles 
Bonin<rer Edward, (B. Bros.) Guy's hotel 
Boninper Jacob, brakeman, 27 e E.ager 
Bonn .Anthony S. Jj- Co. (A. S. Bonn) tobacco 

manufacturers. 120 s Charles 
Bonn Anthony S. (A. S. Bonn & Co.) 366 w 

Bonn .\nthony, watchman, 27 n Pine 
Bonn .Mrs. .\nthonv. 17 Mnlberrv 
Bonn D. W. & Co" (D. W. and Pachard B.) 

manufs. siiufiF, 3 Perry, and wholesale tobac- 
conists, 21 Licfht * 
Bonn Chas. clerk, 119 n Bond 
Bonn Dan'l W. (D.W. B. & Co.) Eutaw house 
Bonn Seorge, cooper, 119 n Bond 
Bonn John, cooper, 119 n Bond 
Bonn Jos^eph. bookkeeper, 185 w Fayette 
Bonn Lewis V. tinner, 1 19 n Bond 
Bonn Lewis F. barber, 1 Essex 
Bonn Mrs. Marv, 3 Essex 
Bonn Pvich'd, (D. W. B. & Co.) 62 s Paca 
Bonn Wm. carpenter, 1 Essex 
Bonnen John, wheelwright, Clinton nr Elliott 
Bonner Bernard, teacher, 211 Druid Hill av 
Bouner Capt. Elijah, mariner, MGough 
Bonneson, Wm. mariner, 18G s Washington 
Bonnet Jacob, shoemaker, 306 Canton av 
Bounett Jacob, laborer, 138 Bank 
Bonnett John, laborer, 502 Penna av 
Bonnett John, tailor, 143 s Register 
Bonnett Joseph A. clerk, 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Joseph L. currier, 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Wm. painter, 138 Bank 
Bonney Elias, laces, embroider}', fancy and 

millinery goods, 209 w Baltimore, dw 124 

Bonner James E. clerk, 84 Aisquith 
Bonnev John, clerk. Guv's .Monument house 
BOXSAL ^ CO. (Stephen Bonsai, RoberLson 

Taylor) wholesale gi'ocers, 63 Exchange pi 
Bonsil Edmund C jr. clerk, 9 Irvine pi 
Bonsai Edward, clerk, 36 Barre 
Bonsai John, carpenter. 62 n Ann 
Bonsai Robert F. silversmith, 113 s Eden 
Bonsai Robert, brickmaker, cor Eden and John 
Bonsai Robt. F. brickmkr. John nr Haiford av 
Bonsai Stephen, (Bonsai &Co.) n w cor Charles 

and Eager 
Bonsai Mrs. Sarah, 263 St. Paul 
Bonsiil Townsend S. keeper 1st toll gate York 

rd, and postmaster at Waverley. York rd 
Booker H'y C. copperplate printer, Ills Sharp 
Booker Jas. W. painter, 723 Lexington 
Booker John, painter, 222 Scott 
Booker John T. 247 George 
Booker Leonard, cigarmaker, 228 s Sharp 
Booker Thos. L. (Mallonee & B.) Gilmor nr 

Patterson av 
Bookhite Peter, carter, 286 Johnson 
Bookhultz Geo. watchman, 122 Henrietta 
Bookhultz Geo. L. driver, 122 Henrietta 
Bookhultz John F. driver, 122 Henrietta 
Bookman Hannah, Junk, 204 Canton av 
Bookman Henry, peddler, 204 Canton av 
Bookman Joseph, cooper, 28 Willow- 
Bookman Sarah, shoes, 206 Canton av 
Bool, Wm. boilermaker, 427 e Baltimore 
Boon Benjamin T. 24 Lee 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Boon George, shoemaker, 2(i6 Mulberry 

Boon John, shoemaker, 52 Philpot 

Buon Joseph, carpenter, 122 Druid Hill av 

Boon Oliver, machinist, 163 n Fremont 

Boon Wm. moulder, IIaii.pden 

Boone Chas. F. gasfitter, 143 Aisquith 

Boone Chas. H. lumber inspector, 150 e Pratt 

Boone Daniel A. (M. A. Hamilton & Co.) 65 

Boone Rev. Edward D., Loyola College 
Boone Mrs. Elizabeth, 72 s Chester 
Boone Mrs. E. M. 68 Saratoga 
Boone Gideon, helper, Bolton depot 
Boone H. J. jr. clerk, 64 n Charles 
Boone John H. D. jr. broker, 230 Aisquith 
Boone John H. D. 36 Greenmount av 
Boone John W. jr. lumber, 392 e Fayette 
Boone John W. sr. lumber, 392 e Fayette 
Boone Joseph H. shoemaker, 413 e Fayette 
Boone Joshua, mariner, 34 Lewis 
Boone Matthew, moulder, 89 Mound 
Boone .Matthew, police, 89 Oak 
Boone Milton H. lumber, 392 e Fayette 
Boone Nicholas, watchman, 143 Aisquith 
Boone Robert, stonemason, Hamjidea 
Boone Robt W. cabinetmaker, 55 Harford av 
Boone Samuel, bookkeeper, 413 e Fu\ette 
Boone Samuel, junk, 1 West Falls av, dw 386 

e Fayette 
Boone Wm laborer, Hampden 
Boone \Vm. cabinetmaker. 152 n Exeter 
Booue Wm. G. painter, 257 Gough 
Boone Wm. G. oyster packer, 257 Gough 
Boone Wm. H. steam fitter, 166 Aisquith 
Boone Wm. M. vice-prest. Mt. Vernon Co. 26 

Mulberry and York rd, Jenkins la 
Booth, Bandel & Collins, (Chas. Booth, Philip 

H. Bandel, Samuel Collins) Canton steam box 

factorv, Dillon and Patuxent, Canton 
Booth &'Bro. (Geo. \V. and Henry A. Booth) 

house and sign painters, 47 n Holliday 
Booth Chas. (i3ooth, Bandel & Collins) 248 e 

Booth George, laborer, 4 Bureu 
Booth Geo. W. (B. & Bro.) 247 n Eden 
Booth Henry A. (B. k Bro.) 136 s Bond 
Booth Henry E. coachman, 219 Aisquith 
Booth James A. jiainter, 17 Gough 
Booth John, 219 Aisquith 
Booth Capt. John H. mariner, 15 Choptank 
Booth Josejjh,' plasterer, 184 Preston 
Booth Jose]ih, upholsterer, Waverley 
Booth Marshall, tailor, 190 Montgomery 
Booth Robt. agent American Sev\ing Machine 

Co. 34 n Calvert 
Booth Stanislaus L. 47 s Bond 
Booth Mrs. Thos. B. 626 Lexington 
Booth Wm. O. L. painter, Gough and Eden 
Booth Wm. laborer, 22 e Lombard 
Booth Washington, (Fitzgerald, Booth & Co.) 

6 s Gay 
Bootmau John H. mariner, Clinton n of Boston 

Horses taken on Livery by the Day or Month., 
BOO ' 70 BOS 

Booz Mrs. Ann M. dry goods, 205 Gough 
Booz Thomas k Hro. "(T. & U. W. Booz) ship 

biiildeis, Atlantic vvlif, nr Boston, C:iutou 
Booz Clias. \V. ship buihiers, Atlantic whf, dw 

125 s Ann 
Booz Daniel W. ship carpenter, 174 Gough 
Booz Edward G. (John J. Booz & Co.) 42 s 

Booz Eliza S. B., Clipper JMills 
Booz Henry P. ship carpenter, 112 s Regester 
Booz John, ship carj>eiiter, 50 s Burke 
Booz John J. ship carjienter, 205 Gough 
Booz John J. junk, 292 s Caroline, dw 205 

Booz Joseph L. vvood, opp. 102 Light st whf, 

d\T o31 Light 
Booz Rand'ph, cardriver, Chesapeake nr Elliott 
Booz -Mrs. tSusan, 102 Duncan al 
Booz Thos. (T. B. <fc Bro.) 142 Chesapeake 
Booz Win. F. wood, opp 102 Light st whf, dw 

c^8 William 
Booz Wni. B. clerk, 88 s Ann 
Booze Mrs. Elizabeth, 77 William 
Booze Jas. W. oyster packer, 94 n Broadway 
Booze Joseph, wood, 92 Light, dw 331 Light 
Booze Wui. wood, opp 102 Light st whf, dw 88 

Bopp (.'has. L. constable, 11 Courthouse la, dw 

155 s Ciiarles 
Bopp Geo. (B. & Reinhardt) William nr West 
Hopp Geo. laborer, 32 s Burke 
Bopp John, butcher, 11 HoUins market, dw 

Frederick rd nr toll gate 
Bopp Mrs. Mary L. dry goods, 413 Light 
Bopp & Reinhardt, (Geo. B., Melchoir Rein- 
hardt) merchant tailors, 154 Light st whf 
Borara Mrs. Abraham, 39 Abljot 
Boram Thos. J. laborer, 39 Abbot 
Borchardt Alexander, liquors, 102 Eastern ay, 

dw 90 s Kxeter 
Rorchers August, cigarmaker, 31 L. Hampstead 
I5orchers Henry, cigarmaker, 31 L. Hampstead 
Borcherding John II. clerk, 149 s Sharp 
Borcherding John G. restaurant, 13 Dover 
Borckaurd Andrew, carpenter, 46 s Bond 
Borden S. R. CDachuiiiker, Miller's hotel 
Bordley Edward B. tinner. 111 Conway 
Bordley Geo. S. clerk C.H.,Waverley, Balto CO 
Bordley Mrs. 1. E. 39 w Eager 
Bordley Mary E. boarding, 87 n Charles 
Bordley Robt. G. (Dudley & B.) 70 s Sharp 
Bordley Samuel C. tinner, 111 Conway 
Bordley Samuel C. jr. tinner, 111 Conway 
Bordley Wm. C. sr. bookkeeper, Waverley 
Bordley V.'m. C. jr. teller Mechanics' National 

Bank, 197 Dolphin 
Borebitch .Mrs. Louisa, tavern, 16 Grant 
Borgealt Alfred, painter, 91 Beirce 
Borgealt .Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 91 Peirce 
Borged Geo. (Hoover & Co.) 47 Srrllenry 
Borgerding Elizabeth, grocery, C.mton av and 

]?orgerding Henry, wagoner, 317 Canton av 
Borgert John, laborer. Shell rd s of Clinton 
Borginan Henry, cabinetmaker, 45 Clay 
Borgman Henry, wheelwright, 108 e Madison, 

dw 21) Point la 
Borgmeyer Adam, drayman, 92 Somerset 
Boring Elias 11. stonecutter, 300 Franklin 
Boring John T. & Co. (J. T. B.. John H. Ire- 
land) manufacts. cigars, 265 w Pratt and G2 

s Sharp 

Boring John T. (J. T. B. & Co.) 96 s Paca 

Borish Chas. pianomaker, 393 w Pratt 

Borix Henry, rags, 210 s Bethel 

Borkman Mrs. Mary, giocery, 34 Walker 

Borman Chas. laborer, G2 West 

Borman (Jhiistian, spice grinder, 100 n Spring 

Borman Heury, laborer, Ik'lair av ext'd 

Borman John, spice grinder, 100 n Spring 

Born\an John, barber, 100 n Spring 

Borman Mrs. Mary, grocery, 100 n Spring 

Borman Wm. barber, 100 n Spring 

l)orn Au;^nst, liquors, 71 s Paca 

Born Mis. Catherine, grocery, 106 n Scbroeder 

Borrell I'alilo M. 105 Jackson sq av 

Born Henry; turner, 43 Holland 

Born Herman, distiller and essence manuf. IG 

Born Herm.m. (B. & Roth) 37 Waesche , 
Born John, liquors, 104 n Fremont 
Born Joseph, grocer, Lexington and Scbroeder 
Born ^Hchael, turner, 43 Holland 
Born k Roth,' (Herman Born, H. Roth) black- 
smiths and wheelwrights, 37 Waesche 
Born Thos. B. cigarmaker, 7 Dawson al 
Born Tobias, carter, 106 n Scbroeder 
Borneman Wm. tailor, 166 e Fayette 
Bornemann Otto, veneerer, 42 Wagner 
Borner Gotleib, tanner, 198 Forrest 
Borner Henry, beer, 114 Forrest 
Bornhage Mrs. Mary, shoes, 35 Saratoga 
Bornheim Meyer, salesman, 107 Aisquith 
Bornheim Moses, trimmings, 107 Aisquitb 
Bornheim William, 107 Aisquith 
Bonihorn Henry J. carpenter, 40 s Wolfe 
liornicker Anna, 3 Painter's ct 
Bornman Christian, blacksmith, 250 n Bond 
Bornman Wm. baker, 10 Scott 
BornmuUer Gebhardt, lithog'r, 368 Penna av 
Bornscheuer Wm. tailor, 105 Low 
Bornschine Dorette, IG Stirling 
Bornschlagel Geo. laborer, 22 Cross 
Borrell E. M., 46 n Eden 
Borrow Nicholas, (Stevens, McGrew ^- Co.) 

Zanesville, 0. 
Berry Ferdinand, laborer, Wolfe nr Fayette 
Bosch Ch;is. tailor, 164 Columbia 
Bosche (Jeo. H. tanner, 96 n Ann 
Bosche Sibella, groceiy, 96 n Ann 
Boscliert Mai tin, carpenter, 2 ii Durham 
Bose William, 114 St. Paul 
Bosee Henry clerk, 305 Madison av 
Bosein ('has. cooper, 903 w Pratt 
Bosie Josepii, cabinetmaker, 200 s Fremont 
Bosford Charlrs, clerk, 130 n Bond 
Bosliammer August, blackstnith, 225 w Prat; 
dJosking Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 218 Cliesnui 
Bosking Richard, laborer, 218 Chesnut 
Bosley Mrs. Anne, 126 Johnson 
Bosley Chas. C. flagman, 12() w Hoffman 
Bosley Chas. H. police, 126 Johnson 
Bosley Mrs. Eleanor, 120 w Holfman 
Bosley Harry C. clerk, 120 w Hoft'man 
Bosley J. W. restaurant, 50 Montgomery 
Bo.'^ley Mrs. Jane, 382 Aisipiith 
Bosley John, watchman City Hall, dw 2 n Bond 
Bosley John C. restaurant, 183 Lexington 
Bosley Nicholas M. clerk, 412 e Monument 
Bosley Mrs. R. C. boarding, 85 and 87 Saratoga 
Bosley Talbot, carter, Farmer's hotel 
Boslev Washington, of City Pass. R. R. dw 

275 Druid Hill av 
Bosley Wm. machinist, 100 Scott 

At Centr al Stables, 1 11 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 

^ BOU 



Bosley Wm. H. clerk, 72 n Wolfe 

Hosmaii Alex, carpenter, 209 William 

Bosman Rosette, chambermaid, 29 Lee 

Bosnian Sarah, dressmaker, 164 e Pratt 

Bosnian Thos. mariner, 164 e Pratt 

Bosnian Wra. carter, 125 Hamburg 

Bosnian Wm. J. eiiirineir, 16 Hainl)urg 

Boss Adam, laborer, 178 Maderia al 

BoJS Anton, brickmaker, 87 Patterson Park av 

Boss Berkard, tailor, 218 n Caroline 

Boss Francis, cooper, 163 s Eden 

Boss Ueo. L. wines, n w cor South and Water, 

dw 253 w Lombard 
Boss George, mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Heurv, plumber, 109 Thames,dw 139 s Bond 
Boss Henry C.- clerk, 110 n Eden 
Boss Henry, bookkeeper, 87 Patterson Park av 
Boss John D., 76 e Lomb;ird 
Boss Mrs. Martha, 2 n Bond 
Boss Rebecca, 256 n Eden 
Boss Robert D. clerk, 253 \v Lombard 
Boss Wilhelraina, dressmaker, 176 e Lombard 
Bosse Andrew, shoemaker, 139 Henrietta 
Bosse Andrew, (Myers & Bro.) Patterson Park 

ar betw Pratt and Gough 
Bosse Joseph, machine hand, 200 s Fremont 
Bosselle Louis jr. fancy store, 174 s Broadwaj 
Bossinger Frederick, shucker, 453 Canton av 
Bossinger George, shucker, 453 Canton av 
Bossinger Kunigunda, 453 Canton av 
Bosson Alfred W. clerk, 127 Dolphin 
Bossoii Geo. F. upholsterer, 127 Dolphin 
Bosson James W. sr. upholsterer, 127 Dolphin 
FSosson James W. jr. upholsterer, 42 a Eutaw, 

dw ]27 Dolphin 
Bostert Louis, beer, 174 s Caroline 
Bosiick Chas. laborer, 78 Beason 
Bostick Ferdinand, laborer, 15 New 
Boston Chas. G. porter, 56 s High 
Boston Francis A. boilermaker. Sweet Air 
Boston Jacob, messenger, Baltimore City Col- 
lege, n e cor Holliday and Fayette 
Boston James M. canmaker, 285 Gough 
Boston John E. H. (E. L. Parker & Co.) 244 

Boston John T. shipjoiner, 119 s Eden 

agent, office Boston whf ft of Long Dock. 
Boston Mrs. Martha, 119 s Eden 
Boston Robt. H. mariner, Johnson nr Cross 
Boston Mrs. Ruthelia. 429 e Baltimore 
Boston Samuel A. puddler, 161 s Wolfe 
Boston Win. J. canmaker, 33 n Caroline 
B')Stvvick .Fos. inm worker, 124 s Central av 
Boswell Elizabeth, cook, Gilmor nr Townsend 
Boswell M. F. S. (B., Wight & Co.) 4 McCulloh 
Boswell Marriott, clerkPolice Board, 362 nEutaw 
Boswfll Milton A. clerk, 143 Hanover 
BOSWELL, WIGHT & CO. (M. F. Boswell, W. 
H. Wight) com. raerchts., dried fruits and 
canned goods, 57 South 
Boswell Wm. jr. brickmaker, 83 Grindall 
Boswell Wm. jr. bookkeeper, 134 Columbia 
Bosworth Ebenezer C. clerk, 120 HoUins 
Bosworth Jeremiah, messenger Adams Express, 

416 w Lombard 
Bosworth Jeremiah, stonecutter, 728 w Pratt 
Bosworth Jeremiah, (Kelly k B ) 716 w Pratt 
Bosworth John, laborer, 158 Stirling 
Bosworth Lewis, varnisher, 253 s Chester 
Bosworth Thos. collector,McElderry e of Mary- 
land Hospital 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Boteler A. Eugene, machinist, 481 w Fayette 
Boteler Andrew, carpenter, 285 Walsh 
Boteler Barton, 100 n Paca 
Boteler Beverly W. chief clerk, B. & 0. R. R. 

481 w Fayette 
Boteler C. R. dentist, 37 Aisquith 
Boteler Geo. M. shoemaker, 126 s Fremont 
Boteler Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 100 n Paca 
Botenmiller Henry, laborer, 88 s Bethel 
Both Herman, grocery, 174 Raborg 
Both Julius, teacher, 342 e Eager 
Bothe Julius, grocery, Brown and James al 
Bothe Lewis, cigarmaker, 17 Butler 
Bothe Theodore, shoemaker, 249 Montgomery 
Bothmaiin Chas. watcbraaker, 202 Hanover 
Botbniann Ernest F. C. collector, 2o2 Hanover 
Bothmaiin Gustavus, lager beer, 277 w Pratt 
Bothoff Jacob, cooper, 126 s Fulton 
Botson John, 22 Walker 
Botteriil Mrs. Susan, milk, 221 e Madison 
Botthanas John, tailor, 293 n Central av 
Bottler Joseph, 78 n Durham 
Botteriil Geort^e, 179 e Monument 
Botteriil Mrs. Mary, 29 Greenmount av 
Bottinger Andrew, shoemaker, 91 n Spring 
Bottomer Fredk. J. boot and shoemaker 90 

Bottril Isabella, 77 Chew 

Bottrill Francis, furn. wagoner, 44 w Biddle 
Bottrill Isaac, 323 Penna av 
Botts Anna, seamstress, 202 s Charles 
Botts George W. machinist, 12 s Exeter 
Botzler John, moulder, 32 s Burke 
Botzelheim Moses, junk, 63 Forrest 
Bouchat John M. printer, 42 Constitution 
Boucher Francis X. salesman, 232 Lanvale 
Boucher John F. cigarmaker, 52 n Eden 
Boucher Valentine, tailor, 50 Milliman 
Boucher Wm. jr. musical instruments, 38 e 

Baltimore, dw 232 Lanvale 
Bouchet Mrs. Klizab. grocery, 42 Constitution 
Bouchet Joseph A. police, .^.1 Constitution 
Boucsein Lewis, apoth'y, cor Pratt and Eden 
Boudinard Henry, baker, 18") e Pratt 
Boner John, painter, 140 Eastern av 
Bougbman Louis, harnessmaker, 5 Russell 
Boughnian Zach. T. tobacconist, 15(1 Camden, 

dw 241 Conway 
Boughton .Mrs.- Josephine, 114 Hanover 
Boughton Thos. A. clerk, 114 Hanover 
Bouer Fredk. W. liquors, Jackson sq av k Wolf 
Bouis John, tinner, 99 Chew 
Bonis John H. bookkeeper, 156 Mosher 
Bould Joseph, collar maker, 5 8 Eutaw, dw 

199 Dolphin 
Boulden Geo. H. laborer, Hoffman nr Gay 
Boulden Daniel, car driver, Hoffman nr Gay 
Boulden Geo. W. laborer, Elliott nr Clinton 
Boulden John T. foreman, Elliott nr Clinton 
Boulden Dr. J. E. P. 169 w iloffman 
Boulden Michael, laborer, 664 n Pratt 
Boulden Mrs. W. J. 72 s Washington 



Dust and 





Boulder John W. letter carrier, 90 Mulberry 

Bouldin Mrs. Ariana, 215 Aisquith 

Bouidin Augustus, surveyor, over 11 North, 

dw H8 Aisquith 
Bouldin Fanny, teacher, 63 e Fayette 
Bouldin Mary, 215 Aisquith 
Bouldin Owen, surveyor, 9 Norlb, dw 63 e 

BUULDIN RANDOLH J. attorney, 31 n Cal- 
vert, dw 542 Lexington 
Bouldin Riuliard J. surveyor, 9 North, dw 

Fountain hotel 
Bouldin Robert, blacksmith, 33 s Giltnor 
Bouldin tiusauna S. teacher, 215 Aiscjuith 
Bouldin Wni. detective. 221 s Broadway 
Boult Thos. II. pilot, Watson and E.xeter 
Boult Thos. H. jr. Watson and Exeter 
Boult John, cor Watson and Exeter 
Bounce 8aml. machinist, 131 e Eager 
Bounds llezekiah, cariicnter, 25 Woodyear 
Bounds yamuel, carpenter, 190 Montgomery 
Bourbon August, couk, 75 Park 
Bouree Robt. tailor, Friendship, York rd 
IJourguet Francis, 714 Lexington 
Bourke Thos. engraver, 59 Lexington, dw 

Mount nr Lexington 
Bourne A. E. confectionery, 412 Lexington 
Bourne Geo. clerk. 710 Saratoga 
Bourne John, hatter, 60 n Eden 
Bourne Mrs. Mary, grocery, 60 n Eden 
Bourne Sam'l, hatter, 162 e Baltimore, dw 60 

n Eden 
Bourne \Vm. L. clerk, 412 Lexington 
Bouse Ann, 106 (Jooksie 
Bouse Thos. boilermaker, 108 Cooksie 
Bouse Win B. engineer, 106 Cooksie 
Boushel John S.shi[)carpenter, 40 n Washington 
Boutou Alonzo G. dentist, 248 Madison av 
Boutwell .Minson, sailm.iker, 133 Scott 
Bowb Lawrence, restaurant, 177 Eastern av 
15owdle Mis. Sallie, 207 St. Paul 
Bowdoin Charles T. clerk, 52 Saratoga 
Bowdoin Geo. (G. E. B. & Co.) 130 n Charles 
Bowdoin Geo. E.& Co. (Geo. E. Bowdoin, Ueo. 

Frame) com. merchants, over cor Bowly's 

whf and Pratt 
Bowdoin Wm. G. bookkeeper, Alex'r Brown 

& Sons. 130 n Charles 
Bowe Edward, hostler. 309 s Sharp 
Bowe Patrick U. glasscutter, 309 s Sharp 
Bowen .\mos. conductor, 219 Conway 
Bowen Andrew J. editor Baltimore Saturday 

Night, York rd, nr city limits 
Bowen .Mrs. Ann, 189 Hanover 
Bowen Mrs. Annie M. 292 e Monument 
Bowen .Mrs. Ann, 16 s Central av 
Bowen Si Auld, (L. Bowen, J. PL Auld) ship- 
smiths, Covington nr Cross 
Bowen .Mrs. Catherine. 159 Orleans 
Bowen Chas. L. 295 e .Monument 
Bowen Mrs Drusilla C. 101 William 
Bowen 4" Disney (Wm. I5owen, Saml. Disney) 

flour and feed, 51 Pearl 
liowen Edward, car driver, 277 Preston 
liowen Edward, painter. 1()9 Bank 
J5owen Fritz, butcher, Wilkeiis nr Fred'k av 
Bowen Elijah, hostler, 2 Biddle al 
Bowen Geo. A. bricklayer, 87 Mound 
Bowen Geo. W. printer, 109 Bank 
Bowen Geo. D. printer, 230 n Caroline 
Bowen Geo. W. jr. paiuter, 172 Monument nr 


Bowen Geo. W. printer, 17 Chatsworth 
Bowen Geo. W. butcher, 82 Lexington and 42 

Centre mkts, dw 424 Penna av 
Bowen G.S. carpels, oil cloths,&c. 146sBroad- 

way, dw 20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Geo. W.(B. & Mercer and Mercer, Lan- 

nay ,^- Co.) 20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Geo., 236 n Caroline 
Bowen Geo. wagoner, 87 Mound 
Bowen Granville, carpenter. 8 s Fremont 
Bowen Henry, salesman, 94 Warner 
Bowen Isaac, grocery and magistrate, n e cor 

Penna av and Clifton 
Bowen Isabel, 3 Garden 
Bowen James, brassfinisher, 137 Aisquith 
Bowen Jesse N. paints and glass, 194 e Baltimore 
Bowen John, laborer, Cooksie nr Beason 
Bowen John, bricklayer, 87 Mound 
Ho wen John T. butcher, 22 W'oodyear 
Bowen Josiah S. bookkeeper. 66 s Washington 
Bowen John L. salesman, 63 Lexington 
Bowen John McC. clerk, 247 n Carey 
Bowen Joseph L. contractor, Gilnior nr Pat- 
terson av 
Bowen Joseph M. (Dugan & B.) 166 u F^xeter 
Bowen Levi, (B. cj- Auld) 67 William 
Bowen Lewis, hostler, 10 Diamond 
Bowen Lewis F. carfienter, Calverton 
Bowen Mrs. Martha L., 3n Broadway 
Bowen Mrs. .Mary A., 275 Preston 
Bowen Nathaniel M. boot and shoemaker, 11 

Bowen & .Mercer, (Geo. W. Bowen, Chas. H. 

Mercer) phosphates and oils, 65 s Gay 
I5owen Oswald, varnisher, Willow nrMcKim 
Bowen Philander A. ( Adams, B. & Co.) Prince 

George Co 
Bowen Philip, cigarmkr, 275 Preston 
Bowen Richard, 20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Richd S. sailmaker, over sw cor Cam- 
den and Light, dw 189 Hanover 
Bowen Stephen S. oyster packer, 219 Bank 
Bowen Susie, teacher, 292 e Monument 
Bowen Sol. flour and feed, 863 w Baltimore 
Bowen Thomas II, painter, 11 n Sharp, dw 211 

e Baltimore 
B()wenTlios.( Avery&B.)Granby and Central av 
Bowen Webster, miller, Millington lanrFrdkid 
Bowen ^Ym. farmer, 275 Preston 
Bowen Wm. laborer, 3 Bloodgood ct 
Bowen Wm. (B. & Disney) 292 Franklin 
Bowen Wm. I. bookkeeper, 17 Cha'sworth 
Bowen Wm. H. sergeant police. 55 William 
Bowen Wm. P. l)ricRlayer, Hudson al nr Falls 
Bowen Wm. H. brassfinisher, 23 e .Madison 
Bower Andrew, clerk, 95 n Calvert 
Bower ( harles, moulder, 205 Conway 
Bower Charles, machinist, 73 n Gay 
Bower Charle.«, moulder, 8 Sterrett 
15ower Mrs. Cornelia, 510 Saratoga 
Bower I'>ederick, cabinetmaker, 379 w Pratt 
Bower Francis G. clerk, 28 n Liberty 
Bower Geo. clerk, 140 n Eden 
Bower Geo. blacksmith, 21 s Stockton al 
Bower Henry, tailor, 127 Barre 
Bower Jacob, laborer, 21 S Spring 
Bower John A. shoemaker, 67 s Chapel 
Bower John, shoenuiker, 95 n Calvert 
Bower John, tinner. 156 n Eden 
Bower Lewis M. provisions. 566 Saratoga 
Bower T. C. clerk, 156 n Eden 
Bower Wm. sr., laborer, 205 Conway 

Offices, 54 S. G-a y, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 

73 now 


Bower Wni. moulder. SSlcrreit 

Boweruiiui Jas. 1!. (KJwd. Siiiall ^t ]>ro.) 6G4 

\v FiiM'tte llieliavd X. 7-; ii Carcy 
Bowerj Adam. lal:orer. 'ifi;! llaiiiliur^ 
l?o\ve:.s .Mrs. Ann, 14 Davis 
Bowers Chas. B. l)ookkee[)er, ;!S1 w rayette 
Bowers Charle.-! W . liiK-ksIer, 2 11 u av 
Bowers ('hristi.iii, mattress maker. 'A liarrisuti 
]5owers Mrs Clirisiiiia, ;i()l I'euna av 
Bowers Klizaheth, 338 ii CJay 
Bowers Eliz'h. eoal oil, lamps, >tc. 05 c Fa\ette 
Bowers Krnest. cahtmkr, 3!) .MilliiDan 
Bowers Frank, clerk. Belair av exl 
Bowers Frank, elerk, 14 Davis 
Bowers Frederick J. painiei-. '244 (.'onway 
Bowers Geo. candy makn-, 4'.ri Lcxinuton 
Bowers Geo. W. clerk, 20;', Frederick av 
Bowers Geo. M. stovemoulder. 102 s ]>roadway 
Bowers Geo. W . lalioier. 2."i.'i llamlmrg 
Bowers (Ti'o. E., 130 e .Madison 
Bowers Geo. eonper. ITo West 
Bowers Gotleib. milk, 3!)3 s Sharp 
Bowers Ili-iiry A.(^\'m.B.& Sons)3S4 w Fayette 
Bowers Henry, Laborer. 53 llarniony la 
l?owers Henry C. furniture wagon, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Henry, 159 e Monument 
Bowers James, shoemaker, 4'J5 n FreuKint 
Bowers Jas. \V . apotliecary, 705 vv Baltimore, 

dw 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers John K. canmaKer. 253 Hamliurg 
Bowers John, butcher, \\'al5h nr Fremont 
Bowers John E. (Win. B. & Sons) 122 ilosher 
Bowers John, wheelwright, 527 Light 
Bowers John M. shoemaker, 03 Burke, Canton 
Bowers John, machinist, 27 Brown 
Bowers Mrs. John, queensware, 27 Brown 
Bowers John, moulder, 108 Patterson av 
Bowers John, ship carpenter. 321 Canton av 
Bowers Josiah IJ. machinisL, Friendsliip. York rd 
Bowers Josiah, machinist, 1 1 n Frederick 
Bowers Kate, 175 e Fjager 
Bowers Louis, hatter, 4r'4 w Baltimore 
Bowers .Mathias, carpenter, 15'j e .Monument 
Bower^ Maria L. 7 s Choptank 
Bowers .Martin H. jilumiier, l(;!:i Baire 
Bowers Mrs. .Margaret, 175 e Kager 
Bowers Roswell X. bookkeeper, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers SamM, gri^cer, !5elair av e.xt 
Bowers Samuel C. (Fitzsimins, Eden, B. & 

Gerhold, ) lo s Front 
Bowers Thus. M. tobacco com. I'.ierclit, 70 w 

Pratt, dw 176 e Fayette 
Bowers Wu.. laborer, (538 w Pratt 
l5owers Win., 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Wm. boilernikr, lU James la 
Bowers Wm. A Sons, (H. A. Bowers,) coach- 
makers, 406 w Baltimore 
Bowers Wm. collar maker, n w cor Commerce 

and Pratt, dw 65 e Fayette 
Bowers Wm. T. farmer, Baltimore co 
Bowerslie d Wm. baker, 23 1 \v lloll'in.m 
Bowersoek .Austin, telegraphisi, 224 German 
Bowersock Geo. W. tailor. 116 n Pine 
Bowersoek . J. W. telegraph operator. Chase nr 

Bowersocks Charles, drover, Franklin e.xt 
Bowersocks David, carjienter, Fianklin e.Kt 
Bowersocks George, drover, Franklin e.xl 
Bowersox Chas. C. cig.-irmaker, Woodberry 
Bowersox Daniel, laborer, 8 Walker 
Bowersox George, laborer, 8 Walker 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 

No. 21 S'^E^ES WHARF. 

CnN-ST.\.\i I.V ini: ,< \i,!.; 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

BdWERSttX DAVID M. carpenter,317 Pal^org, 

dw Franklin nr Fult<in 
Bowersox James, fire de|).-irt. 217 w Diddle 
Bowersox .Mrs. .^Lir>-, 8 \\'al]<er 
Bowersox Mrs. Rachel, 8 Walker 
BowersdX 'I'lieo. King, sales'n. 403 w I'ayette 
JHiwcrsnx \\'m. baker. 834 w Baltinioi'e 
BOWKS .^ STARR. (J. i;i.wes, J. J, Starr,) 

imjis. of worsted gowds. iVc. .3 s Charles 
Bowie Bernard, lalioier, 43 e Monument 
Bowie B. II. clerk. 80 s Sharp 
Bowie Clias. W. pliOtographer. 6.'! w Baltimore, 

dw (J.'i n ISroadway 
Louie .Mis. Charity, dressm'ki'. 514 n l''n-:uout 
Bowie (ieo. W. painter, 53 n Ivleii 
Bowie H. B. sampler Toiiacco ^\■arehouse Xo. 1, 

97 s Sharp 
Bow ie su|it. court house. O:! n Broadway 
Bowie .Martin, carpenter, 8 Division 

P. R. 1!. 70 n Calvert 
68 s Sharp 

Bowie ()den. pri'St. B. & 
Bowie Robt. of W. clerk 
Bowie Wni. J. tailor, lo tJourthoiise la. dw46ri 

e .Monument 
Bowin^r Leopold, Mirehants hotel 
Bowitch Klias, tailor, 245 s Ciiarles 
iiowles James, engineer, 29 w Baliimore 
Bowles Mrs. Jane. l)oardiug. 281 w Fa\ ette 
i'.owles Mrs. X. A., 13 I!yrd 
Bowling .Vlexander, clerk, 217 S.iratoLia 
Bowling Chas. 0. shijismith, 30 s Eden 
liowling Georce H. shoemaker. 11 s AVashington 
llowling James C clerk. 11 s Washington 
Bowling Jas. T. (T. H. Hamilton .^ Co) 277 n 

Broad wav 
Bowling John L. shipsmilh, 57 s (,'htster 
BowliuL' Joseph, mariner, 10 s Ann 
Bowling Lewis, sheetirou worker, 207 Gough 
Bowlinu- Mrs. Marv J. 106 Saratoga 
Bowlinl: Mrs. Marv IL 11 s Washington 
Bowling!!. R.tfeCo. (R.Rob't Bow ling, )wines, 

li(|uors. ci(iars, 5 s Charles 
Bowling R. Robt. (R. Ii. Bowling .t Co.j 23 

15owling R. Q. farmer. 318 w Lombard 
Bowling Thomas, pilot, 56 s Ann 
liowling Thomas, hostler, 24 Conway 
Bowling Wni. E. shipcarpenter, 5t> s Ann 
liowling Wm. I. detective, 221 s Broailwuy 
Bowly D. clerk, s e cor Pratt and Hanover 
Bowly Samuel, clerk, 38 St. Paul 
Bowman Chas. laborer, .Monument ext Henrv C. plumber. 104 n Howard, dw 

09 Walsh 
Bow tnan Henry, shucker, 28 F(dl 
Bowman John, mariner, 28 Fell 
Bowman John, 99 Walsh 
P>owinan J(din D. drngizist, 97 w Bidtlle 
Bowman John, carpenter, 17 Dover 
BOW.MAX JUHX W. restaurant, basement s w 

cor Saratoga and St. Paul 
Bowman Wm. (Wm. B. ij- Son,) 4.J utiles on 

Harford rd 

Horses Bought and Sold on Commission, 



BOWAfAN WM. & SON. (Wm. and Wm. E. 

Bowman, ) old iron and nit-tal, 1 16 Eastern av 

and s w cor Eastern av and lOden, and nian- 

ufac'rs cl\eniicals, cor Eden and Ilaniinond al 
Bowman Wm. {jflassblower, 141 .Monti^uiiiery 
Bowman Wm. E. ( Wm. B. & >Son, ) 4A miles on 

Harford rd 
Bowne Dr. A. T. 32:^ Madison av 
Bowne Uhas. S. cifrarmaker, .58 s Bond 
Bowne Edward 8. wholesale boots and shoes, 

over 2 s Howard, dw^ 142 n ('Imrles 
Bowness Joseph, jiiiik, 271 s Fremont, dw 4>) 

Bowjrer David, laborer, 112 Ramsaj 
Boyoe .James, laborer, 19 Randall 
BOYOE JA.MES, hittnuinoiis coal office, .3 Ger- 
man, whfs Locu>t Point, dw 291 Madison av 
Boyce James, pres't Franklin Coal (Jo. and 

American Gas Coal Co. 291 Madison av 
Boyce James jr. clerk, 291 Madison av 
Boyce John D. mariner, 41s Casile 
Boyce .Mar«:aret, .36 ("hatsworth 
Boyce Mrs. Rosina, 30 Warner 
Boyce Wm. currier, 2-! Sarah Ann 
Boyce Wm. laborer, 149 West 
BOVD & CO. (A. McK. Boyd, J. R. Dryden, 

C. Wolf,) wholesale dry goods, 17 and 19 

s Sharp 
Boyd Mrs. Anna, 60 Henrietta 
Boyd And. J. ciiiarmak. 3,58 n Reoester 
Boyd A. McK. (B. k Co.) 43 n Carey 
Boyd Mrs. Anna, 63 w Biddle 
Boyd Benjamin F. sho'-maker. 52 n Oreiron 
Boyd Ellen, cook, 272 Holland ct 
Boyd Mrs. Frsincis A. 13 Goodman al 
Boyd Goo. S. & Co. (Geo. S. Boyd, Wm. 

Reese, ) clothiers, 33 w Baltimore 
Boyd Francis H. B. measurer, 1 German, and 

car])t'r, Bradenbangh al, dw cor Orejjon atid 

Lafayette sq 
Boyd Fredei-ick, detective, 2'il Columbia 
Boyd Frederick E. bricklayer, 201 Columbia 
Boyd Geo. S. (G.S.Boyd k Co.) 608 Lexington 
Boyd Harry L. clerk, 110 Le.xinpton 
Boyd Hugh S. ])ropertv airent, S4 n Caroline 
Boyd Capt. Isaac L. 74 William 
Boyd Jtmes, 74 William 
Boyd James, engineer, Gay nr Front 
Boyd James, pedler, 220 Gongh 
Boyd J.imes, clerk, 140 Columliia 
Boyd James D. mariner, 203 ]5auk 
Boyd James H. saddler, Charles and Le.xing- 

toii, dw 1 10 Lexington 
Boyd Jeremiah L. machinist, 325 s Ciiarles 
Boyd John, clerk, Fremont afid Columbia 
Boyd J(din, huckster, 8 Scott 
Boyd .lohn L. clerk, Gihr.or and Liberty rd 
Boyd John C. clerk, Associated Firemen's Ins. 

Co. 317 e Eager 
Boyd John E. prov'ns, Fremont and Columbia 
Boyd John W. police. 107 s Ann 
Boyd John J. (Meixsel & Boyd) 5 n Carey 
Boyd .Imo. jr.(l?oyd k Ricketis) 362 n Fremont 
Bovd John L. carpenler, 126 Cliew 
Boyd Joseph B. conductor. 70 Walsh 
Boyd Joseph C. student, 63 w Biddle 
Boyd Josejih C. i)lastercr, 9 Rock 
Boyd .Mrs. Joseph H. 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Lewia J. N. enu'iueer, 74 William 
l5oyd .Malcolm, l.iborcr, Potomac ur (t'Donnell 
Bovd Matthew, paperhaujjer, 12 Mcl'lMerrv 
Boyd Philip i). clerk P. 0. 2G0 e Baltimore 

BOYD & EICKETTS, successors to 
John Boyd, Maltsters and Dealers 
in Hops, Malt House foot of Eutaw 
street, Office 14 s Gay street. 

[_See A dfert tseineid . ] 

Bo\d Robert E. clerk P. 0. 160 Jefferson 

Boyd Sallie, 144 Division 

Boyd Samuel, shoemaker, 690 w Pratt 

Boyd Samuel C. shoemaker, 67 n Ann 

Boyd Samuel R. 270 e Baltimore 

Boyd Thos. S. W. saddler, 741 w Baltimore 

Boyd Wm. A.(Wm. A. B. & Co.) 271 e Biddle 

Boyd Wm. A. jr. (W.A.B. <|- Co.) 94 Hanover 

Boyd Wm. A. k Co. (Wm. A., Wm. A B. jr. 

and T. W. Cromer,) tobacco com. merchts. 

33 South 
Boyd Wm. B. rtsfnurant, 8 n High 
B(jyd Wm. II. puddler. 220 Gough 
Boyd "Wm. J. clerk, 242 Lanvale 
Boyden Wm. patternmaker, 5r> e Fayette 
Boyer .Alfred, shoemaker, 3 Jenkins al 
Boyer Charles H. machinist, 115 n Bond 
Boyer George E. salesman, 242 Mulberry 
Boyer Mrs Marg. A. 64 Greenmount av 
Boyer .Mrs. Marg. A. seamstress, 57 Lancaster 
Boyer John W. clerk. 9 Jefferson 
Boyer Tlieodore, wheelw. 64 Greenmount av 
Bover Thomas H. carpenter and builder, 402 e 

Boyer Win. A. clerk, 64 Greenmount av 
Bo\er Win. H. sashnmker, 180 s Eden 





No, 27 Blcck Street, 

Reside-- ce, 54 S Eden Street 

Boykin Dr. Tlios. J. (Wade. B. k Co.) 334 n 

Boy Ian Geo. liuckster, 24 Dewberry al 
Boylan James, 35 Ryan 
Boylan James, mariner, 37 Harford av 
Boylan James, hackman, 5 L. Paca 
Boylan Thomas, clerk, Guy's hotel 
Boylan Wm. cleik, 37 Harford av 
Boyland John, roller, 180 Canton av 
Boyle Austin, clerk, 328 Myrtle av 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 53 s Dewberry al 
Boyle Charlotie, 714 w Lombard 
Boyle David, dmynian. Hunter al nr John 
Boyle Mrs. Edward, 328 Myrtle av 
Boyle (Jeorge W. engineer. 911 w Baltimore 
Boyle II. W. iin|). wines, 4 Exchange pi, dw 

72 McCulloh 
Boyle .l.W.(Chas Darrell k Co.) 72 McCulloh 
Boyle James, laborer, 73 East 
Boyle James, laborer, 195 Knst 
Boyle James, grocery. lic|nor and feed store, 

n w cor llillen ami Chesnut 
Boyle Dr. John Brooke, 174 e Eacer 
Boyle John, laborer, 475 Aisquilh 
Boyle Jcdin, clerk, >^'8 Hillen 
Boyle John, mariner, 217 s Bethel 
Boyle J. 'i'ouug, firinter, over cor Baltimore 

and St. Paul 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer 

Boyle Joshua T. clerk, Pennsylvania av and 

Boundary av 
Boyle Llewellyn, attorney, 657 w Fayette 
Boyle Martin, shoemaker, 130 Greenraount av 
Buyle Mrs Mnry, (rrocery, 130 Greenmount av 
Boyle Mrs. Mary, 1 s Schroeder 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 44 s Dewberry al 
Boyle Michael, porter, 140 Harford av 
Boyle Patrick, baker, Fort av and Hull 
Boyle Patrick, stonecutter. Farmers hotel 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, G9 Buren 
Boyle Thomas, mariner, 2 Patterson Park av 
Boyle Wm. H. carver, 77 n Broadway 
Bovle Wm. K. hook- and job printer, over cor 

Baltimore and St. Paul, dw 166 s Charles 
Boyle Rev. W. K. 338 Lexinfrton 
Boylston Wm. Cloud, attorney, 87 w Fayette, 

dw 48 Saratoga 
Boys Home of the Friendless, Mrs. Hannah 

Atkinson, pres't, Druid Hill av nrTownsend 
Boys Home Association of Baltimore, n w cor 

Pleasant and Calvert, S. J. Lincoln, supt 
Bozatichy Joseph, shoemaker, 189 n Dallas 
Bozman Edward, helper, 53 Preston 
Bozman James, patternmaker, 1 Bolton 
Braby Mary, copyist, 7 McHenry 
Brach Sebastian, "tailor, 149 n Bethel 
Brack Albert, machinist, 28 e Baltimore 
Brack Mrs. Ann M. confectionery, 399 n Gay 
Brack Charles E. apothecary, n w cor Ensor 

and Forrest 
Brack Christian, carpenter, 399 n Gay 
Brack Mrs. Wilhelinina, stationer^', 28 e Bal- 
Bracken John, laborer, 106 Harford av 
Bracken John F. tinner, 57 Hillen 
Bracken John J. coachsmith, 106 Harford av 
Bracken Jno. tin andsheetiron worker, 57 Hillen 
Bracket John, shoecutter, 350 Mulberry 
Brackett John T. baker, 274 w Biddle' 
Bracklaud Bernard, watchmaker, 1 8 w Pratt 
Brackncy Francis I. fireman, 10 s Fremont 
Bradberry Sarah, teacher, 121 e Baltimore 
Bradburn Isaac, jr. painter, 341 Franklin 
Bradburn Isaac, sr. painter, 341 Franklin 
Bradburn Isaac, sr. blacksmith. Falls rd beyond 

toll gate 
Bradburn Joshua H. painter, 341 Franklin 
Bradburn Lewis T. mariner, 238 Aisquith 
Bradbury Robert R. mariner. 108 S Wolfe 
Bradbury Capt. Suii'l B. shipcarp. 190 Bank 
Bradekauip E. A. teacher, 316 s Sharp 
Bradekamp John A. type founder, 103 West 
Bradekamp John H. grocery, cor Hamburg and 

Braden James, oysters, 93 s Caroline 
Braden James C. carpenter. 93 s Caroline 
Braden John C. (Bond & Braden) 175 Vine 
Braden Lemuel, plumber. 93 s Caroline 
Braden Lemuel, helper. Bolton depot 
Braden Robt. A. moulder, 93 s Caroline 
Braden Robt. moulder, Bolton depot 
Braden Robt. J. salesman, 218 n Front 
Braden Wm. 276 n Howard 
Bradenbauiih Chas.H. bookkeeper, 61 ii Liberty 
Biadeiibaugh Jacob, watchmaker. 61 n Liberty 
Bradenbaugh J. Oliver, clerk, 5 Hollins 
Bradford Dr. Charles H. 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Mrs. Delia, dressmaker, 3 Cotton row 
Bradford F. G. H. roofing. 341 w Baltimore 
Bradford George W. (Bingham k B.) 282 n 

Bradford James, laborer, 172 Dolphin 
Bradford John A. blacksmith, 8 Frederick av, 

dw 452 Lexington 
Bradford Johanna, variety goods, 61. > n Eutaw, 

dw 165 
Bradford John, expressman, 241 Dolphin 
Bradford John L. grain and gen. com. mercht. 

90 s Eutaw, dw 83 n Strieker 
Bradford Lemuel S. mariner, 53 York 
Bradford Mrs. Mary, grocery, John and Spring 
Bradford Mary, millinery goods, 165 n Eutaw 
Bradford Mrs. Mary J. 8 Barnet 
Bradford Mrs. Rachel, grocery, 172 Dolphin 
Bradford Mrs. Sarah J. tiiiloress, 86 Richmond 
Bradford Samuel D. groceries, 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Sam'l J. tobacconist, 184 Light-st whf 
Bradford Thomas, clerk, John and Spring 
Bradford Wm. blacksmith, Frederick av nr 

Mount, dw Calverton 
Bradford Wm. laborer, 3 Cotton row 
Bradley Alexander, police, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Mrs. Amelia, grocery, 137 Ridgely 
Bradley Andrew J. carpenter, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Bartholomew, laborer, 170 Wayne 
Bradley E. B. bookkeeper, 253 Druid Hill av 
Bradley Edward, clerk, 341 Madison av 
Bradley Francis W. driver, 152 s Charles 
Bradley Francis W. lab. Adams Express, 22 

Bradley Mrs. Isabella, 23 Lexington 
Bradley Mrs. Isabella, junk, 170 Wayne 
Bradley Hugh, hacks, 23 n Fremont 
Bradley Hugh, tailor, 765- n Calvert 
Bradley Jacob, carter, 137 Ridgely 
Bradley James, laborer, 208 Raborg 
Bradley James, laborer, 85 North 
Bradley James, laborer, 94 e Madison 
Bradley James, brakeman, 79 s Gilmor 
Branley James, laborer, 160 s Choptank 
Bradley James H. cigarmaker, 22 Conway 
Bradley Jeremiah, conductor, 113 Si. Paul 
Bradley John, shoemaker, 13 Walker al 
Bradley John, gasfittrr, 23 Parkin 
Bradley John C. caulker, 23 Henrietta 
Bradley John H. tailor, 130 s Howard 
Bradley Mrs. Keziah, 287 Hanover 
Bradley Louis J. cigarmaker, 84 s Caroline 
Bradley Mrs. Nancy, varieties, 208 Raborg 
Bradley Nicholas, harnessmaker, 6 Diamond 
Br.idley Patrick, hacks, Baltimore nr Carey, 

.dw 823 w Baltimore 
Bradley Patrick E. grocer, 168 e Pratt 
Bradley Patrick F. fire department, 12 s Front 
Bradley Peter W. salesman, 130 n Howard 
Bradley Robert H. painter, 84 s Caroline 
Bradley Sam. shipjuiner, 60 Jackson sq av 
Bradley Susan, confectionery, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Thomas, clerk, 74 Walnut al 
Bradley Thomas B. cigarmaker, 22 Conway 
Bradley Virginia, dressmaker, 22 Conway 
Bradley Wm. E. book finisher, 8 Maccubin 
Bradley Wm. 49 Cambridge 
Brads Rev. James, Eutaw pi nr McMechin 
Bradshaw Mrs. Helen A. music teacher, 348 

Penna av 
Bradshaw James, clerk, 35 Camden 
BRADSHAW J. J. 348 Penna av 
Bradshaw Julian, clerk, 35 Camden 
Bradshaw Mrs. Mary, boarding. 35 Camden 
BRADSTREET J.' M. & SON, mercantile 

agency, over 30 South, G. K. Clark, jr. supt 
Brady Andrew, laborer, 8 Fish Market sp 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco Sustain, 




Brady Mrs. Annie, 481 w Lombard 

Brady Mrs. Bridget. 8 Fishniarket sp 

Brady Cliarles II. varnisluT, 283 n Frunt 

Bradv Daniel, clerk, 3 Hillen 

Brady Kdward, 3 Hillen 

Brady Kdward, laliorcr, 133 llndson 

Brady Edward, moulder, 15 s Caroline 

Brady Edwd. ciirpr. and builder, Harjirove al 

nr Mulberry, dw Howard and Madisoa 
Brady Edward, laborer, 9 Sfjruee al 
Brady Edwin S. niacliinist, IIG Aisquith 
Bradj' Ernest, carpenter, 4S1 w Lombard 
Brady Francis X. clerk, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady Frederick, carpenter, 42 e Etiger 
]5rady Geo. W. sailniaker, 32 s Spring 
Brady Henry, lalmrcr, 155 Canton av 
Brady Hugh, contractor, 31 w liiildle 
Brady Hugh A. bookkeeper, 39 s Washington 
Brady Hugh A. com. merchant, 43 Valley 
Brady Jacob, laborer, 94 Boyd 
Brady Jas. boots and shoes, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady James U. stonecutter, 12 Valley 
Brady James H. carpenter, 161 Scott 
Brady James, laborer, 45 Fawn 
Brady James II. salesman, 103 s Broadway 
Brady James VV. (Griffith & Co.) Catonsville 
Brady Jeremiah, Frederick av nr Fulton 
Brady John, stonecutter, 218 n Howard 
Brady John, clerk, 15 Hill 
Brady John, gilder, 14 Mulberry 
Brady John, machinist, Bolton depot 
Brady John C. confectioner, 112 Franklin 
Brady John F. clerk, 23 s Poppleton 
Brady John H. machinist, 248 w Hoffmau 
Brady Jolin H. contractor, 31 w Biddle 
Bradv John K. stationery, 112 Franklin 
Brady John W. S. (J. Parkhurst jr. & Co.) 34 

Bri)dy Joseph huckster, 283 n Front 
Brady Mrs. Kate, dressmaker, 89 Albemarle 
Brady Mrs. Kate, grocery, 133 Hudson 
Brady Lawrence K. groceries and dry goods, 

218 Harford av 
Brady Mrs. Marv, dressmaker, 57 George 
Brady Mrs. Mary, 12 Valley 
Brady Mrs. Mary, dairy, 248 w Hoffmsin 
Brady Michael, Unner.S Hillen 
Brady Michael, boilermaker, 173 e Caroline 
B,ady Michael, laborer, 10 U.\ford 
Brady .Michael, boilermkr. Washington nrBauk 
Brady Michael, boatbuilder, 38 Lancaster 
Brady Patrick, laborer, lO McIIenry 
Brady Patrick jr. laborer, 10 McHenry 
Brady Patrick, grocery, 345 Mulberry 
Brady Patrick, shoecutler, 3 Hillen 
Brady Patrick, laborer, Mclleiiry nr Monroe 
Brady Patrick, fireman, 129 lluilson 
Brady Patrick, shoecutter, Gibbons hotel 
Brady Peter, helper, Bolton depot 
Brady Robert, laborer, 4 Spruce al 
Brady Robert H. painter, 15 Maccubbin 
Brady Robert S. clerk, 112 Franklin 
Bradv Samuel, cooper, 204 n Eden 
Brady Thus. (Keith .j- Bradv) 31 w Biddle 
Brady Thos. E. (Keith & I!.") 31 w 15iddle 
Brady 'i'hos. carter, 11 Bank 
Brady Thos. coachman, 158.] n Calvert 
Brady Thos. F. engineer, 248 w Hoffman 
Brady \Vm. Frank, clerk, 31 w Biddle 
Brady Wm. J. S. clerk, 472 w Baliimore 
Brady W. H. plumber, 325 n Eutaw 
Brady house Chas.U. foundry man, 312 Eastern av 

Bradyhouse Chas. C. boatbuilder, 95 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Jas. E. boatlmilder, 95 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Richard, boatbuilder, 361 s Bond, 

dw 273 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Richard jr. lioatbuilder, 273 e Bal- 
Bradyhouse Tlios. bua'builder, 344 s Caroline, 

dw^ 95 s A nn 
Bradyhouse Washington C. 273 e Baltimore 
I?rady house Wm. watchman, 110 s Wolfe 
Bradykamp Herman, boxmaker, 244 Hamburg 
Brafman Abraham, clothier, 30 and 32 Centre 

Market space, dw 20 Aisquith 
Brafman Samuel, clothier, 238 w Pratt 
Brag Aaron, (S. B. & Son) 45 Penna av 
Brag Simon, (S. B. <fe Son) 45 Penna av 
Brag Simon ,j- Son, (S. & A. B.) furniture, 43 

and 45 Penna av 
Bragaw John G. (T. M. Robinson & Co.) Wash- 
ington, N. C. 
Bragdon James, 53 n Carey 
Hrag2: Capt. 'Wm. F. carpenter, 228 Hollins 
Braid James, carpenter, 462 e Monument 

Braidons , salcsmiin, 156 w Lombard 

Brainard Edward, stevedore, 53 Thames 
Brainard Rufus A. clerk, 15 s Caroline 
Braklein Louis, cigarinaker, 20 Frederick 
Braller Francis, shoemaker, 20 New Church 
Bramble Chas. H. (Daiger &. B.) 82 s Exeter 
Bramble Chas. H. oysters, 82 s Exeter 
Bramble Gr;ison, stilesman, 108 s Exeter 
Bramble Capt. Henry T. 54 Hamburg 
Bramble Mary, 230 e Monument 
Bramble Thos. mariner, 226 Barre 
Bramble Tyson, hostler, 139Ensor 
Bramble Wm. butcher. Rising Sun hotel 
Bramble Zorab, 590 Penna av 
Bramham Ada, teacher, W^alsh nr Smith 
Bramicr Henry, filecutter, 154 East 
Bramwell Mrs. Amanda, dry goods, 143 Co- 
Bramwell Geo. stonecutter, 143 C'olumbia 
Branagan James, coachman, 28 Druid Hill av 
Branan Geo. laborer, 174 n Fremont 
Branan Fredk. C.harnessmaker. 174 n Fremont 
Brand Alexr. J. wholesale tea, over 113 Frank- 
lin, dw Mosher and Etting 
Brand Geo. drayman, 173 s Eden 
Brand John, blacksmith, 111 Saratoga 
Brand Joseph, grocery, 457 Lexington 
Brand John, carpenter, 301 Harford av 
Brand Louis A. (B. & Rex, ^ Mosher and Etting 
Brand Thos. J. attorney, Mosher and Etting 
Brand & Rex, (L. A. Brand, J. R. Rex,) rock 

candy works. 6 Second 
Brandiiu Barbara, laundress, 216 e Eager 
Brandau Fredk, lager lieer, 79 Thames 
]?randau Henry, carpenter, 463 n Fremont 
Brandau Jacob, shoemaker, 12 s Republican 
Brandau John J. bookkeei)er, 343 Lexington 
Brandau John P. butcher, 66 Ikdair and 71 
Centre mkts. and D Lexington mkt. dw Jen- 
kins la 
Brandau Mrs. Sophia, confectionery, 12 s Re- 

Brandel Chas. tavern, 955 w Baltimore 
Brandel Fred. 339 Harford av 
Brandel Geo. coach trimmer, 339 Harford av 
Brandel John, hackman, 179 L. C'onstitution 
Brandel Mrs. Mary, 179 L. Constitiniou 
Brandel Thos. M. 955 w Baltimore 
Branden Francis, gas litter, 233 w Pratt 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 




Bninden Lydia, dressmaker, 233 w Pratt 
Brander Adam, 186 Prestou 
Brandes Fred'k F. cabmetmnker, 27 e Pratt 
Biandes Mrs. Susanna, notions, 27 e Pratt 
Brandler J. N. M. salesman, Three Tuns hotel 
Brandt Anthonj', laborer, 4 Baker's ct 
Brandt August, shoemaker, 123 Thames 
Brandt Bernard, (H.B. & Bro.) 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Ghas. pictures, 231 Canton av 
Brandt (Jhas. laborer, 41 Brown 
Brandt Elizabeth, 125 Saratoga 
Brandt Emil, shoenniker, 63 s Regester 
Brandt txeo. carter, 280 Johnson 
Brandt Henrietta, laundress, 73 s Dallas 
Brandt Henry, laborer, 237 William 
Brandt Henry, shoemaker, 255 s Sharp 
Brandt H. & Bro. (H. and B.Brandt,) morocco 

dressers, 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Herman, (H. B. & Bro.) 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Jacob, jr. pres't Powhatan Steamboat 

Co. 90 Light-st whf, dw 48 Mt Vernon pi 
Brandt John, cooper, 33 Goodman al 
Brandt John, glover, 65 Centre Market sp 
Brandt John H. driver, 125 Camden 
Brandt John L. baker, 177 e Lombard 
Brandt Jolin H. cigarmaker, 43 Short 
Brandt Julius, tobacconist, 72 e Fayette 
Brandt Louis, shoemaker, 69 n Caroline 
Brandt Louis, tobacconist, 142 e Pratt 
Brandt Mrs. Margaret A. 56 n Etitaw 
Brandt Martin, laborer, 145 s Chapel 
Brandt .Mrs. Mary A. grocery, 193 Hudson 
iirandt Rebecca, confectionery, 7 n Pine 
Brandt VVm. asst. emigrant agt, Penna Central 

R. R. 97 Thames 
Brandt Wm. shoemaker, 50 s Wolfe 
Brandy John A. blacksmith, 104 s Eutaw 
Brandy .Michael, horseshoer, 138 Camden, dvv 

104 s Eutaw 
Brandy Patrick, blacksmith, 104 s Eutaw 
Brangle .James, 232 Linden av 
Branuig John, laborer, 255 s Sharp 
Brannan Bridget, grocery, 168 Vine 
Brannan .Mrs. Catherine, 144 s Regester 
Brannan Catherine, groceries, 31o Johnson 
Brannan Chas. S. H. clerk, 29 e Baltimore 
Brannan Mrs. Eliza, variety store, 15 Hill 
Brannan Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 40 Jackson 
Brannan Francis, clerk. 2U7 St. Paul 
Brannan Geo. A. shirt house and gents' fur- 
nishing goods, 68 n Eutaw 
Brannan Geo. A., Pearl and JIulberry 
Brannan James, wagoner, 16 Maccubbin 
Brannan James H. laborer, 54 Essex 
Brannan James, barkeeper, 34 e Baltimore 
Brannan James, laborer, 40 Patterson Park av 
Brannan James, laborer, 230 Leinmon al 
Brannan James, laborer, 3lO Johnson 
Brannan .James, laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Brannan James A. grocery, 93 s Exeter 
Brannan James, engineer, 17 Hill 
Brannan James R. 14 n P^utaw 
Brannan John, grocery, Chew and Harford av 
Brannan John, carpenter, Farmers' hotel 
Brannan John, laborer, 37 Stirling 
Brannan John, laborer, 235 s Wolfe 
Brannan John, laboier, 48 Boyd 
Brannan John McLeod, machinist, 17 Hill 
Brannan Mrs. Maggie, trimmings, 29 e Balto 
Brannan Mrs. Matilda, 326 Eas tem-a-g— -— — ^_ 
Brannan Michael, carpenter. Farmers hotel 
Brannan Pat. laborer, 3 Spring ct 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Brannan Peter, steam fitter, 81 n Amity 
Brannan Peter, wheelwright, 9 Mulberry 
Brannan Robert, carpenter, 445 Saratoga 
Brannan Thomas, tailor, 19 Elizabeth la 
Brannan Thomas, laborer, 137 s Washington 
Brannan Wm. T. laborer, 54 Essex 
Brannan Wm. grocery, 16 Douglass 
Brannan Wm. 20 Ogston 
Brannan Wm. laborer, 54 Essex 
Brannan Wm. helper, 16 Douglass 
Brannen John, laborer, 100 s Chapel 
Brarmen Wm. cigarmaker, 174 n Fremont 
Brannen Wm. laborer, 397 w Baltimore 
Brannock John H. (John R. Carroll, B. k Co.) 

12 Warren 
Brannock Willis, mariner, 184 William 
Brannon Chas. clerk, 15 Hill 
Bransby John C. shoemaker, 39 n Caroline 
Branscombe Mrs, Sarah A. dress maker, 343 n 

Branson Joseph, ornamental plasterer, 145 Vine 
Brant Adam, clerk Franklin house 
Brant Ferdinand, builder, 38 s Mount 
Brant Fred'k, fisherman, 72 Battery av 
Brant Geo. laborer, 271 Canton av . 
Brant John, laborer, 86 Boston 
Brant Mary, laundress, 65 s Howard 
Branthof Henry, shoemaker, 375 s Eutaw 
Brantley Rev. W. T. 104 w Jlonument 
Brantmiller Nicholas, watchman, 251 Preston 
Brascher Thonoas, tavern, 66 President 
Brasco Charles, cigarmaker, 299 William 
Brashear Geo. W. coachmak. 20 Constituton 
Brashears Eli, coachtrimmer, 873 w Baltimore 
Brashears Mrs. Cornelia, grocery, 44 Chesnut 
Brashears John B. cabinetmaker, 162 German 
Brashears John, 200 Lanvale 
Brashears John W. clerk, 14 n Exeter 
Brashears John T. jr. cigarmaker, 38 Gough 
Brashears John T. shoemak. 38 Gough 
Brashears Joseph R. 155 Orleans 
Brashears Robt. J. 44 Chesnut 
Brashears Samuel, laborer, 14 n Exeter 
Brashears Mrs. Susan, boarding, 162 German 
Brashears Wm. G. salesman, 63 Jefferson 
Brashears Z. D. sec'y Baltimore Association 

for Imp. Condition of the Poor, 11 n Exeter 
Brass John, laborer, 10 Snyder al 
Brass Joseph, 89 Barre 
Bratt James E. firemnn, 41 McHenry 
Bratt Noah, engineer, 53 Warren 
Bratt Thomas, machinist, 151 Hollins 
Bratton James, painter, 38 Harrison 
Bratzell & Co. (Jacob Bratzell, R. Voyce, ) 

brickmakers, Washington av 
Bratzell Jacob, (B. & Co.) 608 Light 
Bratzell Wm. H. brickmaker, Light nr Heath 
Brandigan John, spinner, Fred' k av and Milling- 
ton rd 
Brandigam Adam, shoemaker, 3G L. Hampstead 
Braner David, butcher, 29 Belair and 75 Cen- 
tre mkts, dvv Harford av ext 

Coaches and for Shopping, 'Weddings. &c. 

Breedeiibach F. 141 s Shiirp 
Breeii Edward, hlacksmitli, 49 e Baltimore 
]5reen John, Sihoenniker, 314 n Gay 
Breen Michael, laborer, 31 Haw 
Bregel lluiiry, harnessinaker, 48 Greenmoun.t av 
BregelJohu J. carpenter, 112 McElderry 
Bregel Jos. F. confectioner, 48 Greenmount av 
Brehni Jacob, baker, 163 Mosher 
Brehib John, tailor, 3^5 Aliceanna 
Brehin John A. beer, Hamburg and Scott 
Brehm John P. iron moulder, 205 s Baca 
Brehni Michael, moulder, 179 Lemmon 
Brehm Paul, laborer, 259 s Bond 
Breiiiu Sebastian, shoemaker, 5 New 
Brehm Valentine, tailor, 383 Aliceanna ext 
BRFllME 0. & CO. (0. Brehme, L. J. Keidtl,) 
importers and dry goods com. merchants, 
over 25 German 
Brehme Uttouiar, (O.B. & Co.) 297 Madison av 
Briedensteiu August, butcher, 32 Centre and 87 

Belair mkts., d\v Harford rd nr city limits 
Breidenstein Mrs. Mary, confect'y, 94 Aisquith 
Breil Jno, butcher, Cross-stmkt. dw Frederick rd 
BreinigJohn, painter, 199 Lee 
Breiner. John cab't niak. 34 Biddle al 
Breinflick George, cooper, 91 Granliy 
Brietschvverd Conrad, blacksmith and wheel- 
wright, 263 Aliceanna 
Brietschwerd Geo. blacksmith, 263 Aliceanna 
Brietschwerd John, blacksmith, 263 Aliceanna 
Brietschwerd \Vm. wheelwright, 263 Aliceanna 
Breivogel Jacob, beer, 124 n Howard 
Breker Joseph, tailor, 50 Milliraan 
Breller John, laborer, 28 s Durham 
Brenier Catherine, 17 Comet 
Bremer Charles, bookkeei)er, ;0 Ensor 
Bremer Christian, tailor, 10 Ensor 
Bremer Geo. H. shoemak. Garrison la no Fred- 
erick av 
Biemer John, laborer, 44 Millinian 
Bremer John W. cigarmaker, 56 n Eden 
Brenimer Henry, mariner, 226 S Ann 
Bremmer Mrs. Nellie, beer, 135 Camden 
Bremmer Peter, carpenter, 135 Canideu 
Brenainan Chas. H. clerk, 59 George 
Breuan Francis X. salesman, 2o7 ISt. Paul 
Brenan Mrs. Harriet, 93 w Middle 
.Brenan Peter E. lumber, 21 n Gay, dw 35 
Brenberg John E. carpenter, 42 n Paca 
Brend Win. clerk, 345 Lexington 
Brendel Christina, midwife, 208 s Bond 
Brendel Francis, shoemaker, 79 Grindall 
Brendel Henry, milk. Third av and Dillon 
Brendel John G. bakery, 110 e .Madison 
Brendel .Michael, laborer, 706 Light 
Brendel Nicholas, tailor, 43 Union 
Brendel \Vm. driver, Third av and Dillon 
Brendes Henry, mariner, 232 s Ann 
Brengle James S. cashier New York and Phila- 
delphia steamers, dw 232 Linden av 
Brennan Edward, cooper, 189 Gougli 
Brernan Michael, porter, rear 161 North 
Brennan f'eter, wood and coal, 106 North, dw 

9 .Mulberry 
Breiineis Chas. shoemaker, 73 Somerset 
Brenneis Philip, locksmith, 256 e Eager 
Breniien Daniel, laborer, 81 Elliott 
Brennen James, tailor, 82 n Amity 
Brennen James H. driver, 16 Maccubbin 
Brenner Al)ram, clerk, 114 n Broadway 
Brenner Adam, driver, 250 Aliceanna 
Brenner Geo. canmaker, 170 s Chapel 

Brauer Henry, tailor, 245 w Pratt 
Brauer Henry, butcher, 34 Belair and 86 Cen- 
tre markets, dw Belair av nr Balto Cemetery 
Brauer Henry J. butcher, Belair a v nr Baltimore 

Brauer Henry, laborer, 189 S Washington 
Brauer Henry, ( Depkin & B.) 145 s Sharp 
Brauer John, butcher, Belair av nr Balto Cem'y 
Brauer John, prov. dealer, 11 n Oregon 
Brauer John, beer, 182 e .Madison 
Brauer Peter, painter, 178 e Madison 
Brauer Tobias, cabinetmaker, 245.W Pratt 
Braun Christian, shoemaker, 311 Mulberry 
Braun John, confectioner, 10 Jasper 
Brann John, baker, lo7 n High 
Braun John B. (B. & Mateling,) 335 w Pratt 
Braun John J. (B. & Schulz, ) 178 Columbia 
Braun & Mateling, (John B. Braun, Rudolph 

.Mateling.) tobacco works, 335 w Pratt 
Braun Philip, shoemak. Strieker n of Presstman 
Braun .Michael, lithographer, 10 Jasper 
Braun & Schulz, (J. J. B., C. L. Shulz, ) com. 

merchants, 443 w Pratt 
Brauuer Mrs. Kate, 38 n High 
Braumlein John, laborer, 84 n Amity 
Braumlein Mrs. .Mary, grocery, 84 n Amity 
Brauninger Chas. grocery, 85 Eastern av 
Brauns F. L. ^- Co. (J. D. Kreraelberg, W. 
Dressel, ) general shipping and commission 
merchants, 37 s Gay 
Brauns Ferdinand L. clerk, 336 Lexington 
BRAUNS HENRY, architect, se cor Charles 

and Fayette, dw 198 Saratoga 
Braunsch wager Joseph, laborer, 102 Lancaster 
Brause August, blacksmith, 62 Portland 
Brawder Jacob, laborer, 181 s Caroline 
Brawner Mrs. Elizaj 78 Ensor 
Brawner Elizabeth,- 78 Ensor 
Brawner James H. clerk, 72 n Chester 
Brawner Rob' t G. butcher, 1 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw Penna av ext 
Bray Geo. W. clerk, 50 n Calvert 
Bray den Mrs. Catherine, 137 Preston 
Brayden Lemuel, blacksmith, 137 Preston 
Brayden Wm. W. carpenter, 137 Preston 
Brazel Dennis, laborer, t'athedral ext 
Brazier Geo W. plumber and gasfitter, Han- 
over and Lombard, dw 66 s Sharp 
Brazier James, laborer, 4 Bank 
Brazier John, laborer, 129 s Exeter 
Breader Curtis B. salesman, 8 e Baltimore 
Bready David F. S. laborer, 3 Cuba 
Bready (jeo. C. conductor, 605 w Lombard 
Breal Christian, butcher, 7 HoUins market, dw 

16 Calverton rd 
Brecht Louis, finisher, 2 Wyetb 
Brechtel Geo. cooper, 217 Hamburg 
Breck Ernest, watchmaker, 252 n Caroline 
Breckinridge John C. (Wm. H. Howard & Co.) 

185 n Fremont 
Breckinridge .Mission Sunday School, Forrest 

nr Kager 
Brede Andrew, tailor, 34 n Greene 
Brede (Jeo. boilermaker, 128 Boyd 
Brede John, laborer, 316 Cross 
Bredehoeft Gustav. teacher, 139 n Bond 
Bredekamj) Harman, tailor, 316 s Sharj) 
Bredekamp .Mrs. Mary, grocerv, 316 s Sharp 
Co.^ [)roprietor central stables. 111 Lexing- 
ton, dw 214 Linden av. [See lines tops pages."] 
Breedlove John W. clerk, 165 w Baltimore 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexing^ton, C. H. Bredemeyer 


Brenner Geo. laborer, 170 s Cliapel 
Brenner James, helper, 409 w Pratt 
Brenner Joseph, woo(is.i\v\er, 172 3 Durham 
Brenner Jost-pli, 22 Jackson sq av 
Brenner Joseph, solicitor, r):-!2 \v Fayette 
Brenner Moses, clothier, 304 s Bond, dw r):i2 w 

Brenner I'liilip, laborer, 225 s Wolfe 
Brenner riolomon, 114 n Brouluay 
Brenner Wm. clerk, 114 n Broadway 
Brenners Louis, shucker, 1 Portugal al 
Brenniss August, baker, 27."> e Kuger 
Brent Judge George, t34 w Madison 
Brent Henry J. driver, 1 L. Constitution 
Brent John" clerk, rear l(i8 w P)rtlliniore 
Brent Joseph, car driver, JG llart'ord av 
iirent Kola. J. attorney, 2'J Li'xiugton, dw 43 

Brent II. F. attorney, 21' Le.viugton, d\v 43 

Brent \Vm. A. salesman, n w cor Howard and 

Brent Win. C. brakeinan, 170 Preston 
Brentiiie Aepiillino, fruit stand, i2U n High 
Bienton .Mrs. .Mary, 4u George 
Breoniug C.tllierine, lanudiess, 22 Cove al 
Brereton John J. canmaker, 28 Scott 
iiresee Alfred A. clerk, 130 .McCulloh 
BRFSl'JF O.F. agent Mutual Life Lisnrance Co. 

ofi\. V. 15 f5(juth, d\v 130 .McCulhdi 
Bresite Joseph, tin and sheet iron uoiker, 451 

Bressler Henry L. conductor, 243 Franklin 
J5ressner John, lalior'-r, Huntei- al iir John 
Brethoiier Clias. carver, 120 Battery av 
Brethouer Mrs. Llizb.lriiuniings, 122 Ijattery av 
BretthoU Wm. grocery, 253 Eastern av 
Breuniug John, lal)0rer, ]40s Spring 
Breuniug .\lari:us, cabinetnikr. 101* Harford av 
Breuniiiger W'm. gas fitter, luli Kasteiii av 
Breuning .Mrs. »Margaiet, 4j Camion 
Brevilt ,\lrs. C. S., 2S2 w Holfman 
]5revitt Jos.\V.( ll.Lawson &Co.)282\v Hoirman 
Brewer Cecelia, OH Harford av 
Brewer Chas. K. P. weigh master, 053 w Pratt, 

dw 739 w Lombard 
Brewer Cnas. P. magistrate, 31 Lexington 
Brewer Clelland,380 Franklin 
Brewer, 49 n Eden 
IJrewer Geo. ( Aldridge & B.) Aniiap(jris 
Brewer Dr. Geo. G., 70 n Gieene 
BREWER, IlEISKELL & CO. (J. R. Brewer, 
• J. M. and IL L. Heiskell) .French /jStarch 
Enamel Manuf'g Co., 39 s Liberty. 
jDcv-nci iienrieua J. teaclier, 34 Granby 
Brewer Jas. R.(i5. Heiskell & Co.) clerk Circuit 

Cl. dw 30 .Mulberry 
Brewer Jolm, butcher, 88 and 104 Belair mkt, 

dw York rd nr toUgaie 
Brewer John .M. attorney, 140 Division 
Brewer Dr. Marbury, 245 w Biddle 
Brewer Mrs. Matilda, 386 Franklin 
Brewer Nicholas, pension and jiroperty agent, 2 

s Front, dw 9 JeHerson 
Brewer M. C, 380 Franklin 
Brewer Philip, carpenter, 432 w Fayette 
Brewer Richard, carpenter, 239 n I'.den 
Brewer Win. R. clerk, 50 Cohinittia 
Brewington Chas. fireman, 105 3 Chester 
Brewster John, laborer, Hope ur Point la 
Brewington Jas. .M. clerk, 305 e Lombard 
Brewster John .M. laborer, 138 e Lombard 

79 I'.Rl 



i Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


(ON-r.W 11, V F.ill S.vl.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Brewster Win. R., U. S. A.. Fort .McHcnry 
Bieyr Geo. laborer, 247 sBioadway 
Breyer George, polisher, 50 Leadenhall 
Breycr (Jutlcib. grocery. 101 ti i'"nnionl 
Brczell CleiiieiiS. tailor, 72 s Chapel 
Brezer Dennis, laborer, 41 .Miiliikin 
Biezer .Mrs. .Mary, grocery. 41 .MuUikin 
Bre\\ster H. P. manager Louisiana Iviuilable 
Life Ins. Cd. of .\i-w Orleans, 5 Postoflice av 
Bihns .luhn 11., 171 s Eden 
Brian k l>uiitinLr.( W. E. Iiiiaii W.H. Hui 

liiiilik-i's. I 'aiev nr Pr.itt 

>riaii (.'■ McK. clerk. L:0 n (iav 


!rian Edward A. salesman, 287 e Fayette 
Brian lOmil} , r[) I^isor 
Brian (reo. carpenter, 89 Ensor 
Brian James, clerk, 187 n High 
Brian .Mis Jane L.. 130 n Gay 

Brian Joseph, 89 iMisor ^ 

Biiaii .M. .\. hardware, 130n (iay,dwl31 ii E.veter 

Brian Patrick, tavern, .Monument and Harford av 

Brian 'i'hos. P. currier. Starr hotel 

Brian Wm. 11. carter, 2 Russell 

l'>iian Wm. laborer, 102 Bank 

IJrian Wm. E. (B. & Bunting) 217 Hollins 

P.rice .Mrs. Barbara, seamstress, 28s Bethel 

Brice Cordelia, dressmaker, 173 n Eutaw 

Brice Eliza, 02 St. Paul 

Brice Geo. F. coal, 350 n Howard, dw 29 Stiles 

Brice James R. car|)enter, lo n Washington 

Brice .Mrs. .Mary, 108 n Pac:'. 

Jjrice .Mis. S. A. dressmaker. 173 ti Eutaw 

Brice .Mrs. Susan, dressmakei-. 173 n Eutaw 

Brice Thos. carpenter, lo n Washington 

Brickerd Emanuel, carji'r, Tyson nr Franklin. 

dw 925 w iJaltiinore 
Brickbousc E. L. lamps and oil, 250 Canton av, 

dw 468 e Lombard 
Brickhouse -Mary E., Woodberry 
Brickley R. T. salesman. Gibbons hotel 
Brickm.ui Rev. A. ()., 281 e Fayette 
Brickman John 10. clerk, 281 e Fayette 
Brickner Bernard, grocery, 227 w Fayette 
Brickner John, milk, Penna av nr .Mosher 
15riddell Thos. S. tailor, 3 Whatcoat 
Bride Cotter, rustic furn.s w corMc.Mechin and 

i'ark av, dw Druid Hill av nr .McMechin 
Bride Daniel, justice of the peace, lu5 u Paca, 

dw 107 
Bride John 11. watchnian (,'. H. 139 w .Madison 
Briile Gnstav, rustic worker, 29 Stockton 
Bridel .Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Biddle al 
Biidel Louis, driver, 22 Biddle al 
Bridel Wm. laborer, 22 Biddle al 
Briden John, musician, 224 Haml)urg 
Bridenbaugh Casper, cooper, 55 s Rcgester 
Biidener Geo. .NL clerk, 139 a Paea 
Bridener Jacob, clerk, 32 u Fremont 
Bridener John, chair i)ainter. 32 n Fremont 
Bridener .Mrs. Philip. 139 n Pac.i 
Bridge .Mrs. C. W. children's clothing, 63 e 

For Cotton, Corn & Tobacco, Horner's Fertilizers, 




Brid<ie Richard S. (R.S.B.& Co.) sign painter, 

371 n Gay 
Bridge II. S. & Co. (Richard S. and Stephen 

Bridge) paints, oils, glass, &o., 371 n Gay 
Bridge Stephen, (R.S.H. & Co.) 63 e Baltimore 
Bridge Stephen L. clerk, 29 Gough 
Bridges Jdlin C. (J. C. B. & Co.) s e cor Eu- 

taw anil .Monument 
HRH'GES J. C. & CO. (J. C. Bridges, J. B. 

Waidncr) wholes, grocers, G Commerce 
BRIDGES WM. foreign fruits, candies, &c., 

wholes. 313 w Baltimore, d\v 207 n Howard 


Wll(tl,E8kLK DKALEll IS 

Fox^eign Fruits^ 

)iuls, (andies, l)eriiictifa!iY i^ealed Fruits, 

Oysters, Vegetables, etc. 
No. 313 ¥. BALTIMOKE ST. 

Briel Christian, butcher, 7 Ilollins-st market, 

dw IG Caivertou rd 
Briel Emanuel, clerk, 1G6 George 
Briel Geo. carpenter, 166 George 
Briel Geo. .M.. flour and feed, 147 Camden, dw 

67G Lexington 
Briel George M. carpenter, 676 Le.xington 
Briel Henry, baker, 250 Light 
Briel Jolin, butcher, Cro'ss-st market, dw Fred- 
erick av nr tollgate 
Briel John jr. painter, 166 George 
Briel John, carpenter, 14 McClellan, dw 166 

Briel Juhn, laboier, e of Clinton s of Boston 
Briele Henry, sr. cabinetmaker, 81 Henrietta 
Briele Henry jr. (Hopkins & B.) 81 Henrietta 
Briemaii Mrs. Margaret, nurse, 137 Dover 
Brierly Jacob, canmaker, 28 n Oregon 
Brierly James, carpenter, b3 s Gilmor 
Brierly Mrs. John, boarding, Hampden 
BrierlV .Mrs. -Mary, 52 s Chester 
Brierly \Vm, C. canmaker, 28 n Oregon 
Briers John E. plumber, 50 Barre 
Brigel .Margaret, laundress, 167 s Caroline 
Briggeman August, currier, 366 Saratoga 
Briggemnn Mrs. Chas. A. 366 Saratoga 
Briggeman Chas. tailor, 164 n Central av 
Briggeman Geo. bricklayer, 220 e Fayette 
Briggen^an Louis, clerk, 366 Saratoga 
Briggeman W. F. carpenter, 366 Saratoga 
Briggs Geo. G. clerk, 28 s Carey 
Briggs James, butcher, 75 Booth 
Briggs J, lines, l)Utcher, 424 i'enna av 
Briggs James -M. clerk, 28 s Carey 
Briggs Mary, nurse, 290 e Madison 
Brig-s Oliver C. F. machinist, 28 s Carey 
Briggs \Vm. E. measurer, 41 Bradford al 

Brigg.s \Vm. H. salesmiiU, 39 Courtland 
Brighani John C. paym'r clerk U. S. i\. 3 Ann 
Brigliatn John C. cleik, 3 n Ann 
Brigham Wm. T. (Cole, Brigham & Co.) 236 n 

Bright Alonzo,lock3m'h,9 Wolfe n of Monument 
Bright Henry, jjlasterer, 47 Harford av 

Bri;;ht Richard A. grainer, 402 Lexington 
Bright Tiioraas, paperhauger, 11 Williamson al 
Bright Thomas, jjlasterer, 47 Harford av 
Bright Wm. farmhand, Belair av ext 
J5right Wni. T. plasterer, 276 e Munun)ent 
Briley Charles, car|»enter, 35 Camden 
Brill Philip, barber, 72 Thames 
Brill Wiliielni, tailor, llOsE.xeter 
Brimmer John, tobacconist. 186 s Sharp 
Briunnex Simon, stonecutter, Belair av e.xt 
Brinckmeyer Chas. tobacconist, 45 w Baltimore 
Bringman Josiah T. 11. bookkeeper, 177 German 
Bringmann Julius, tobacconist, 29 s Oregon, 
dw 507 w Lombard 

BRINGMANN WM., Cigar Manu- 
facturer, 666 w Baltimore street, 
dw 936 

Brink Anton, musician, 37 s Durham 
Brink Anton, laborer, 309 Eastern av 
Jirink Henry C. tailor, 1 Jefferson 
Brink Peter, grocery, 296 Harford av 
Brinkley Jos. B. (J.B.B. & Son) 569 Lexington 
Brinkley Jos. E. (J.B.B. & Son) 5G9 Lexington 
Brinkley J. B. & Son, (J.B. and J.E. Brinkley) 

fruit and oyster packers, 176 s Charles 
Brinkman August H. trav. agt. 30 n Greene 
Brinkman Charles, china and glass ware, 77 

Penna av, dw 138 
Brinkman Mrs. Anna Maria, seamstress, 28 Lee 
Brinkman Bernard, clerk, 136 s Howard 
Brinkman Chas. II. grocery, 138 S Howard 
Brinkmeyer Henry, carpenter, 172 s Bond 
Brinton Albiu H. produce, 165 Forrest, dw 167 
Brinton & Sagle, (Wm. Brinton, Wm.T.Sagle) 

stationery, &c., 3l7 n Gay 
Brinton Wilmer, (B. ^ Sagle) 167 Forrest 
Brintslield Wm. mariner, s e cor Montgomery 

and William 
Briscoe Alex M. constable, 228 Hollins 
Briscoe Charles A. cigarmaker, 294 e Lombard 
Briscoe Chapman B. gen'l agent Government 

Security Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., 8 Post OfKce 

av, dw 171 w John 
Briscoe Geo. E. cigarmaker, 303 s Charles 
Briscoe Rev. James, 243 w Hoffman 
Briscoe John H. clerk B.iJ- O.R.R., 135 Hanover 
Briscoe Mrs. .Mary, boarding, 64 n Charles 
Briscoe Richard, police, 25 Pearl 
Briscoe Samuel N. Ciupenter, 459 e Lombard 
Briscoe Wm. D. cigarmaker, 143 Orleans 
Briscoe Wm. T. laborer, 26 Williamson al 
Bristor Charles E. bookkeei)er, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor Mrs. Margaret, 140 u Exeter 
Bristor Mrs. Susan, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor Wm. B. claim agent, over 4 s Gay, dw 

140 n Exeter 
Bristow Columbus, engineer, 39 Hamburg 
Bristow Geo. card writer, 1^ a Charles, dw 563 

n Fremont 
Bristow John T. card writer, Eutaw house, dw 

563 n Fremont 
Bristow Mrs. Rebecca, 563 n Fremont 
Bristow Thomas, engineer, 20 s Eden 
British Consulate, oflice 6 Exchange building, 

Dennis Donohoe, consul 
Biittain John, butter. G49 Penna av 
Brittingham Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 60 

Brittingham John, mariner, 60 Hamburg 
Brittingham Saml. mariner, 60 Hamburg 


Offices, 64 S. Gay, and Corner Chew and Stirling. 




,;iittiii<il!:ui) Saint. J. iiiiiiiiier tJO numt)Uf^ 
liritloii Ricliarii, cotton saiiiplcr, 73 n Aim 

Britzfelder , ck-rk. lUb w i^i.iiihar.l 

Bi'oudheck .laiiies A. jjaiiilcr. L'J(> e .Moiiuiueiit 
Broadbeck Afis. Ileniietia; 22U e Motiuiiieiit 
Brodbell John H. t( achi r, 210 v .Madison 
Bra.dbent A. G. (!5. & Co.l 72 n Cliarles 
BR0AD13KNT ^c to. (A. G. ]!ro:idbenl) dry 

goodj;, 2G n Charles 
Broadbeiit & Co. (.Sicjihen 1! jr.) dry goods 

com. merch'ts, -I'.i u (Jharlcs 
Broadbcnt Clias. F., 1(JX> n Cahert 
Broadbetit, (Jen^honi, 72 n Charles 
Bi'oadbeal J. F., '!:;■:> Linden av 
Broadbent Louis 1!. .<tock broker, ofiice No. 3, 

87 yecoud, d\v liJ.H n (lalvert 
Broadbent Stephen, sr., 1<;.':! n Cahc-rt 
Broadbent Steidi. jr. (15. A: Co.) I2i) Catlu-dral 
Broadbent Dr. Wni., 81 n E.xeier 
Broaders Henry R. salesiinui. 273 e IJiddle 
Broaders John, laborer, ,"i32 w I'ratt 
Broadnian .Matthias, tanner, J51 s Bond 
Broadwater Chas. shift carj). 112 JJattery av 
Broadwater Leviu J. shij) carji. 112 DallcrN- av 
Broadwater Richard, {)u!i<'e, 112 Hatti ry av 
Broadwiitei T.IJ. k Co. (T.JI.lJroadua.ter^coni. 

merchts, !^t^> s Clnirle.-^ 
Broadwater Tlios. II. (T. IJ. Lroad water <.t Co.) 

162 s Chailes 
.Broadway Institute Hall, over Fells Pt. market 
Broadway and Locust Point .Sleani Ferry, :ooi 

of iJroadway, Jiunes Hrown, supt 
Broadway .M . Iv. Church, Hro.idway, betw Pratt 

and Goui^h 
Broadway Savini^s Bank, basenu-ut Trinity 

Church, cor Pratt and Broadway 
Brobits Frank, laborer, is Abbott 
Bi-ochnieyer .Jose[)h, ciirarmaker, 184 Sliriing 
Broeluiieyer JJichard. laborer, 184 Sliriing 
Brock John .M. lau;er beer, l;i7 Forrest 
J5rockenstein Hannah. <J Bank la 
Jirockel Frnest, tailor, 3 s Frederick 
Brockelnner Fred'k. latuHer, H\i) H iiond 
Blocker Christ, tailorcss. rearof41»J Saratoga 
Broeketi Dr. Clinton T. dentist, 247 n Futaw 
. Brockhagau Diedriek, 2 Josephine 
Brocknian Frederick, fireman, 33.") Aliceauna 
Brockniau Philip, enuineer, 33,'j .-Vliceanna 
Brocknian Win. firema.n 335 Aliceauna 
J5rocknieyer Rich.(l}., W'alz >t Co.)l,S4 Stirling 
Brockmeyer, Waiz tj- Co. (R. Brockmeyer, J. 
VValz.F. Fisher) founders, lly Grcenmount av 
Brockner Daniel, shoemaker, Dover nr Fulton 
Brockschiuidt Henry, wheelwrij;ht, 233 s Ann 
Brockway Ciias. IF bookkeeper, i n GreeiiC 
Broderick Mrs. .\nn, 47 Greenuiouulav 
Broderick Catherine, 191 Vine 
Broderick Daniel, clerk, 4G Greeumount av 
Broderick Dennis, plumber, Rising Sun hotel 
Broderick James, clerk, 47 Greennlouut av 
Broderick Joseph, clerk, 47 Gieeiimount av 
BRUDFRICK .JGILV T. paper stock and iron. | 
GO and 8G Greeniiiounl av, dw 182 Harford av 1 
Broderick John, laljorer, 19 .Vrbel al | 

Broderick John, clerk, 47 Greenmount av 1 

Broderick .Mrs. .Mary, 47 Greenniount av j 

Broderick Win. clerk, 47 Greenniount av 
Broderick Wm.F. sale.smuii, 31 Greenmount av I 
BRUDHKAD HENRY H.reiit'ant, 38 w Fayette I 
Brodie Basil .M. sec. Potomac Fire His. Co. 3. ! 
Postoffice av. dw 8G n Charles I 

Brodi Henry, blacksmith, rear 2G Bevaa 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


(■<>S>T.\Sri.Y i-iK S \I.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Uroenier Wm. laboicr, 148 s Wolf 

Broening .Mrs. Klizabeih, yrcc'cry. 22 Willian.- 

son al 
Broening Henry. 22 Williani.-oii al 
Broening John, wheelwri'i. 22 Williamson al 
Rrcening WiHielmina, 2.') Hevan 
]>r(jessel Christiana. taiUu'. 7 Waesehe 
P>roessel Justus, eabinelmaker. 38 Josephine 
Broessel Wigand. tailor, 38 Josephine 
liroessel Wm. tailor. :;8 Jose[iliine 
P)roes.-el Wm. tailor, 219 n Caroline 
Brogau J:{iues. canmaker. 12G (,'onwav 
Hrogaii .Mrs. H^-nrieUa. tailoress, 12G Conway 
IJrogan Patrii-k. laborer. IG s Front 
Progan Philip, hacks. 1)G s Howard 
Progdy .Martin, carpenter. 3 Arcade al 
liroggman Wm. C. grocery. G Dawxin al 
Brog<lni Wm. rejiorier. 12G w Baltimore 
BroiiTunier John, walchmaii, 1 4(j Holliiis 
Brokall Zaeli. fireman, lias Poppleton 
Broiler Ferdinand, c.-irj.enier. 191 n Caroline 
Hvnll Henry, locksmith, 24r.l (iough 
Br'oll Louis, jiolice, 241 A Gouuji 
Brome (ieo. W. laiiorer, 324 l-^asteni av 
Brome Wm. H. \n]vl. 13 I Jeil'ersoii 
Bromley Thomas LmiJler, 17 Patterson Park .av 
Briimley Wm. T. carp nter, 81 Division 
BrommeLick Henry, i' .igoner. 17.") s -Vnii 
Brommel.-iek Henry jr. clerk. 17:j s .Vnn 
Broniuier .lolin, laborer, 2.')3 West 
Bromwell A L. cai|)en!er, i2GUambtirg 
Bromwell .-Vifred T. iailoi-, 24.") n Bond 
P.romwell lirus. (W. T. and J. T. Bromweli i 

com. nieichts. 4 Bowlys whf 
Bixnuwell (jeo. W. .-hoemaker, 10") s Wolfe 
Bromwell (ieo. \V. jr. shoemaker, lo.o s Woii'e 
Bromwell John A. silesman, 321 e Chase 
Bromwell John K. sale.^lnall, 141 .Sai-atogii 
Bromwell John K. carjienter, 9 Poultney 
Bromwell John H. I)riikla>er, 24") n Bond 
Bromwtll John T. (B. Bros.) 14 Saratoga 
Bronnvell Jose[)h, l.iborer, Sweet .Air 
IJromwel! Joseph, clerk, 141 Saratoga 
Bromwell Susan E. seamstress, 12G llambur'-'' 
Bromwell Wesley, carpenter, 59 Columbia 
Bromwell Wm. R. carpenter, 141 Saratoga 
Bromwell Wm. bricklayer, 245 n Bond 
Bromwell Wm. T. (B. Bros.) 141 Saratoga 
Bromwell Win. W . caijienter, 59 Columbia 
Bronet .Vugust, wheelwright, 14 Anthony 
Bronetski Frederick, shoemaker, 70 Boston 
Bronson Ivlwin, machinist, 143 Greenmouatav 
Broocks J.,ewis, sweeijmaster, 192 n Central av 
Broock.s l.,ewis, jr. canmaker. 192 n Central av 
Brook Mrs. Bertha, 241 St. Paul 
Brook Geo. E. carpenter, 13G n Fremont 
Brooke Chas. baker, 413 Li<,'lit 
Brooke Frank, conductor, 58 s .\nn 
Brooke Franklin E. P. tiltorney, 2 Courtlan i. 

dw 48 .Mc.Mechin 
Brooke Rev. Geo. G., 299 Walsh 

Coaches and Barouches for Shopping. Weddings, &c. 

Brooke Heurj L.(B.& .McLaughlin )98 Saratoga 
Brooke Horace L. (B. Kraber & Nes) Bar- 

niiiu's hotel 
Brooke, Kraber & Nes, (II. L, Brooke, H. Kra- 

ber, 0. il. Nes) Cedar Point furnaces, cor 

Boston and Putu-xcnt 
Brooke & .McLaughlin, (IL L. Brooke, J. F. 

.McLaughlin) attorneys, U St. Paul 
Brooke liobert, ])aintcr, lou Warner 
Brookes .Mrs. y. V . boarding, 62 Barre 
Brookes Tbos. B. clerk, 62 Barre 
Brooker I^enj. C. jr. (B. & Lewis) Homestead • 
Brooker & J^evvis, (B. C. Brooker, jr., W. B. 

Lewis) auctioneers and com. mercliants, 236 

w Baltimore 
Brookhart .Mrs.Elizab.confec'y,188 n Central av 
Brookhart W'm. H. huckster, 188 u Central av 
iirooklieiser George, tailor, 190 Preston 
Brooklaud .Mrs. liubecca, 61 Eastern av 
Brooklyn Laud Co. 37 Le.xingtou 
Brooklyn Life Ins. Co. of N. V., F. Mi'dcalfc, 

Consolidated build'g, cor South and Germun 
lirooks Albert D. canmaker, 5p Cough 
Brooks Alice, 233 w llottinan 
Brooks Allen, coachniaker, 47 n Paca 
Brooks Ambrose, stonemason, 259 Walsh 
Brooks Benj. T. brakeman, 30 Jjemniou 
Brooks Benj. cannjaker, Lenimon nr Poppleton 
Brooks .Mrs. B. 84 e Baltimore 
Brooks Benedict J. sr. engineer, 118 Chesapeake 
Brooks C. E. painter, 211 w Biddle 
Brooks Charles, baker, 413 Light 
Brooks Charles W. bookbinder, 59 Chew 
Brooks (Jhauncy, pres't Westtru Nat. Bank,dvv 

Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Chauncy, jr. (Cole, B. & Co.) Madison 

av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Chauncy, (Harrynian, Nipc & Co.] 

.Madison av nr Druid llill Park 
Brooks Chauncy, (B., Rogers & Co.) Madison 

av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Chauncy, (B. k Thrasher) Madison av 

nr Druid Hill I'ark 
Brooks Christopher, restaurant, 106 s Eutavv 
Brooks Chns. J. (R. B. & Sons) 168 n Higii 
lirooks Cliristopher, laborer. Canton av ext 
Brooks Christo|)h. > . bookkeeper, 165 Hanover 
Brooks Dudley, clerk, 293 Aisquith 
BROOKS ED'W'IN 1<'. plumber and gasfitter, 

17 n Eutaw', dw Oregon and Edmondson av 
Brooks liduard W. dairy, 165 Townsend 
Brooks Edwin, catimaker, 234 e Fayette 
Brooks Edwin R. clerk, Druid llillav and Biddle 
Brooks Eliza, 19 Foundry 

Biooks Eliza .■Viin, confectionery, 16 Courtland 
Brooks Mrs. Elizaljeth, 103 u Bond 
Brot)ks Elmus, laborer, 280 Division ' 
BROOKS CEO. \V. & CO. (Geo. W.Brooks) 

lumber, cor ICasl Falls and Eastern ava 
Brooks Geo. confectionery, 26 \v Fayette 
lirooks Geo. machinist, Wooilberry 
Brooks Geo. Ji. clerk, 53 St. Paul 
itiooks Geo. W. (G. W. B. & Co.) 99 w Mon- 
I'.rooks Geo. B. press feeder, 183 e Madison 
lirooks Geo. W. clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Geo. W. 89 L. .Montgomery 
Jtrooks Geo. W. clerk, 68 s Chester 
BK(.)OKS GEO. D. oyster and fruit can manuf. 

142 and 144 Camden, dw 126 w Favette 
Brooks Geo. J. canmaker, 68 s Chester 
Brooks Geo. laborer, 22 \v Lombard 

Brooks Geo. E. canmaker, 3 Swan, dw 234 e 

Brooks Geo. W. carpenter, &9 Chew 
Brooks Grcenbury E. canmaker, 234 e Fayette 
Brooks Hannibal. U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Biooks Henry, cigarmaker, 227 s Paca 
Brooks Henry P. attorney, 9 n Calvert, dw 

Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Mrs. Hester A. fish, 35 Shakspeare 
Brooks .Mrs. Hester, 89 L. Montgroraery 
Brooks Col. Horace, U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Brooks Isaac, jr. attorney and U. S. Commis- 
sioner, 37 Le.Kington, dw 230 n Charles 
Brooks Jackson, clerk, 9S n Gilmor 
Brooks James W. painter, 315 Harford av 
Brooks Isaiah C. shipsmith, 44 West 
Brooks James, hostler, lrf8 Vine 
Brooks James, laborer, 310 Canton av 
Brooks James, bricklayer, 32 McHeniy 
Brooks James .M. mariner, 386 William 
Brooks Jesse, Woodberry 
Brooks Jesse, tobacconist, 100 Preston 
Brooks John, laborer, 331 Canton av 
BiK)oks John, wheelwright, 30 n Amity 
Biooks J<;hn L. laborer, 285 Canton av 
Brooks John, hacks, 106 Barre 
Brooks John T. brickmuker, 285 Canton av 
Brooks John, painter. Hand house 
Brooks John II. marblecutter, 104 Hollins 
Brooks J. Thos. driver. Garrison la nr lollgate 
Brooks John T. bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Brooks John T. engineer, 118 Chesapeake 
Brooks John T. jr. bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Biooks Capt. John W. 157 Cross 
Brooks Mrs. John, birdstulfer, 26 w Fayette 
Biooks Dr. Joseph D. 127 n Broadway 
Brooks Joseph B. eugineir, 117 s Regester 
Brooks Joseph L. clerk, Sweet Air 
Brooks Joshua, ^B. & Smith) 41 Park av 
Brooks Lewis, tinner, 208 s Paca 
Brooks Lewis, tinner, 237 n Central av 
Brooks Mrs. Louisa, 187 .Mulberr}' 
Brooks Laura J. saleswoman, 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Louis, jr. cauner, 192 n Central av 
Biooks Louis, hat and capmaker, 192 n Cen- 
tral av 
Ikooks Mrs. Mary, 7G s Fremont 
yrooks Mary, 368 e .Monument 
Brooks Mrs' Mary, 129 s Eden 
Brooks Mrs. Margaret, boarding and restaurant, 

94 s Eutaw 
Brooks Maurice, bird fancier, 26 \v Fayette 
Brooks Michael, blacksmith, 30 n Amity 
Brooks N. C. jirincipul Baltimore Female Col- 
lege, 53 St. Paul 
Brooks Peter B. watchman, 146 West 
Brooks Rachel, 233 w Hoffman 
Brooks .Mrs. Rel)ecca, 12 Clinton 
Brooks Richard .M. bricklayer, McElderrv e of 

Md. hospital 
Brooks Richard, laborer, 50 Portland 
ISrooks Richard, huckster, 41 Jackson 
Brooks Rich'd, (Rich'd B. & Sons) 168 n High 
Brooks Rich'd, of Eutaw house, 169 Vine 
Brooks Rich'd 0. carpenter, 91 Penna av 
Brooks Rich'd k Sons, (Rich'd, Robert <fe C. J. 
Brooks) wholes, boots and shoes, 254 w Bal- 
Brooks Robert, cigariukr, 76 s Fremont 
Brooks RoV)'t, (Rich'd B.& Sons) 122 w Biddle 
l'>rooks Thos. D. tinner, 196 Ramsey 
Brooks Thos. laborer, 280 Division 

At Central Stables, 1 11 Lex ington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 

Brooks, Rogers & Co. (Chninicy Brooks, Diivid 
G. Rogers, Adonuii Phelps, "Win. Clautice) 
wholes, boots, shoes and liats,.';4G w Baltimore 
Brooks Thus, clerk, i;ii Barre 
Brooks yamson. bricklayei-. 2S0 Division 
Brooks Samuel .M. tohaeeouist, 4;! e Baltimore, 

d\v 103 a Howard 
Brooks Samuel, machinist, IIam[)den 
BROOKS SxV.MUEL 1)., (Jautoii Can Works, 
oyster and t'ruil 0^11 manufacturer, 11 Burke, 
Canton, dw 68 s Chester 
Brooks Samuel D. canworks, cor Ch()[)tanlv and 

Eastern av. dw G8 s Chester 
Brooks Samuel .M. tobacconists, s w cor Balti- 
more and High, dw 113 n High 
Brooks Stephen, barkee[)er, 34 n Amity 
Brooks Samuel \l. papirhanger, 290 Orleans 
Brooks .Mrs. Sarah, 2o.o Gough 
Brook.s Shadrach, tailor, 3,5 Jackson 
Brooks -Mrs. Sophia, 22 n Front 
Brooks & Smith, (J. Brooks, C. Smith) black- 
smiths, cor Biddle and Decker 
Brooks -Mrs. Susan, 138 .Johnson 
Brooks ii, Thrasher, ((^Miauucy ]>rooks, Isaac 
Tl)rasher) jobbers in clothing aud drygouds, 
346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Thos. jr. carter, 202 Lee 
Brooks Thomas E. stonecutter, 249 Lee 
Brooks Thos. porter, 2U2 Lee 
Brooks Waller i>. assignee of Howard Cole k. 
Co., office over 357 w Baltimore, dw Bal- 
timore CO 
Brooks \Vm. lal'Orer, 323 Cathedral 
Brooks \Vm. D. agent, canworks. Arch and 

Lexington, dw 342 Le.xinglon 
Brooks \Vm. H. laborer, U Hillen 
Brooks W'm. brakeman, 30 Lemmon 
Bfoo.vs W'lU. firmer, .Su'eet, Air 
Brooks W'm. mariner, 84 e Baltimore 
Brooks Win. J. collector, 26 n Front 
Bioolis W'm. [). tinner, 27 n Pine 
Brooks Win. H. stonecutter, 164 L. Greene 
Brooks Wm. sr. inspector C. II., 2;i3 Ai;quitli 
Brooks Wm. 11. clerk N. C. R., HH vv Fayette 
Brooks Wm. F. printer, 5d (Jhew 
Brooks Wm caij)enter, 132 n Exeter 
Brooks Wm. S. 126 Harnliurg 
Brooks Wm. H. bricklayer, 'j McHenry 
Brooks Wm. T., Sherwood house 
Broom Chas. D. grocery, l.'rj B ink 
Broom .Mrs. FUen, 152 Bank 
Broom Fanny, 6 Josephine 
Broom John, shipcarpenter, 152 Bank 
BROOM GKORGF, grocery, s e cor Bank and 

W'olfe, dw 152 Bank 
Brooin .Mary J. 175 Kastein av 
BroomficLl Nathan, laborer, 157 Elliott 
Bropf Philip, l()3 e Pratt 
Bropf Eogelhurdt, laborer, 277 s Sharp 
Brophy .Mary, Druid ville 
Brophey James, laborer, 360 William 
Broring Henry, shoemaker, 530 n Gay 
Broseker Chas. butcher, 6 market, dw 

5u6 Light 
Broseker Geo. shoemaker, Sarah Ann nr Oregon 
Broseker Henry, upholsterer, 299 W^illiam 
Brosker W'm. cigarmaker, 3o3 William 
Brosenhand Cornelius, bricklayer, 115 Dolphin 
Brosius Jacob, huckster, 26 Patterson av 
Brosius Samuel U. (B. ^t Co.) 336 Myrtle fiv 
Brosius Silas, (B. & Co.) 247 Walsh" 


CO?.rM]SSltiX Mi:i;r!{.\NT, 

Flour, Grain Seeds. &c. 


mvsTANTI.V l-i'i; SAI.K 

Clover, Timorhy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

BROSIUS & CO. (S. IT. Brosius, Silas Brosius ) 
iiniiorters and jobiiers of notions, fancy 
goods, kc, 315 w Baliimoie 
Brusius Ste[)heu H. engineer, 218 Lee 
Brosius Wm. salesman, 25 s Howard 
Brosnaham Daniel, lab. Chappell nr Libertv rd 
BROSNAX J(H1X. restanrant, 61 n (\ilvert 

BEOSS EDWARD, Lithographer, 
Engraver and Printer. Keeps on 
Hand a large assortment of Wine, 
Liquor and Cigar Labels. Edging 
Paper and Brands executed in 
the best style, 151 w Lombard. 

Brot .\nton, shoemaker. 316 Cross 
Brothers Thos. watchman, Cli]iper .Mills 
Brothertou David H .cigarmak.594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Jno. P. carpenter, 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Morris C. harnmker, 594 w Balti- 
Brott Ferd. coojier, 41 Bank 
Brotzel Wm. II. brickmaker, 019 Light 
Brotzman An ton, cabinet maker, 102 s Central as 
Brotzmati .Mrs. .Mary, 12 Walker 
Brotzman Peter, carpenter, 282 n Bond 
Brough John, silversmith, 22 Camden 
Brougham Isaac, potter, lo5 Eastern av 
Broughton (Marke, com.inercht. Mansion house 
Broughton Fillmore, clerk, 126 n Eden 
Broughton Harry C. 171 E.-isteru av 
Broughton Isaac, printer, 192 w Fayette 
Broughton Jas. C. clerk, 148 w Biddle 
Broughton Joseph, driver, 126 n Eden 
Broughton John, plasterer, 193 w Fayette 
Broughton (Jajit. Jose[)h I), mariner, 82 s Ann 
Broughtou Joseph jr. painter, 82 s .\nn 
Broughton .Mrs. Mary J. 71 n Caroline 
Brouuicl James W. conveyancer, 2 law build- 
ings, dw 18 s Strieker 
Broun John, cabinetmaker, 77 s W^olfe 
Brower .Mrs. Catherine, boarding, 131 German 
Brower Benj. R. conductor, 11 Randall 
Brower David, hostler, 11 Randall 
Brower II. T. laljorer, 167 s Chester 
Brower Wm. hostler, 131 German 
Brown A. K. clerk, 163 George 
Brown .\bcl, huckster, 21 Carlton 
Brown Abner C. stair builder, 82 n Pine 
Brown Abraham, bricklayer, 111 Ridgely 
Brown Adam, shoemaker, 246 s Charles 
Brown .VlbertS. carpenter, Starr hotel 
Brown Albert L. bricklayer, 629 Belair av 
BROW.N ALEX. & SONS,(G. S. Brown, Wm. 
II. (jiaham) bankers ami dealers in foreign 
e.Kchaiige, s w cor Baltimore and Calvert 
Brown Ale.\'. bricklayer, 71 .McHenry 
Brown Ale.x. moulder, 149 Elliott 
Brown Alex. D. farmer, 70 Mt. Vernon pi 

Joslma Horner. Jr. Maniifac'r and Com. Merchant, ' 




Brown Alex. E. ("Wm. H. B. <fe Bro.) Linden 

av and Townsend 
Brown Alex. P. tailor, 125 Orleans 
Brown Alex. W. carpenter. 156 Druid Hill av 
Brown A. K. salesman, 103 Geor<;e 
Brown A. E. & Co. (A. K. Brown) grocers, 

214 w Lombard 
Browai A. J. jr. dentist, 88 n Charles 
Browa Dr A. J. dentist. 88 n Charles 
Brown .Mfred, huckster, 51 n Aniitj 
Brown Alfred C. carpenter, 88 w Centre 
Brown Allison A. 80 w Chase 
Brown Ambrose S. teacher, 258 n Caroline 
Brown Amanda A. 373 Franklin 
Brown Ann, 53 Burke, Cauton 
Brown Ann, W ood berry 
Brown Mrs. Ann R. 2o5 s Chester 
Brown Annie M. tailoress, 92 Ensor 
Brown Andrew, architect and tavern, Broad- 
way and Canton av 
Brown Arthur, carpenter. 216 e Baltimore 
Brown .Vrtluir, hackman, 204 Chesnut 
Brown Arthur G. (B. & Brune) 89 w Chase 
Brown Augustus W. 9.') n Ann 
Brown Aulay, produce, 174 w Pratt, dw 298 

Brown Basil, dept. insp. tobacco, 231 Barre 
Brown Belle, 91 Raborg 
Brown Rev. B. F., HoUins and Gilmor 
Brown Benj. F. michinist, 122 Mosher 
Brown Betsy A. 41 Perry 
Brown .Mrs. Bridget, 10 Windsor 
BRUWN, BOGGS & CO. (J. T. Brown, F. H. 
Bojiirs, J.W. Corbin) wholes. liquors, 33 s Gay 
BROWN & BRUNK, (Geo.Wm. Brown, F. W. 
Brune, Stewart Brown, A. G. Brown) attor- 
neys, 40 iSt. Paul 
BroNVii Caroline, school, 20 u High 
Brown Caroline, Clipper Mills 
Brown Mrs. Cassandra, grocery, 269 Orleans 
Brown Mrs. Catherine, t'liloress, 153 Orleans 
Brown Mrs. Catherine, 24 Fell 
Brown Chas. furn. wapfon, 45 Fountain 
Brown Chas. blacksmith, 26 Burke 
Brown Chas. bMsketmaker, 6 s Central av 
Brown Chas. brickmaker, 53 s Burke 
Brown Chas. mariner, 26 Fell 
Brown Chas. laborer, 78 s Chester 
Brown (Jhas. tinner, 581 Penna av 
Brown Chas. C. canniaker, 107 s Broadway 
Brown Cajit. Chas. mariner, 124 Gough 
Brown Chas. shoemaker, 116 Lancaster 
Brown Chas. IL blacksmith, 26 s Burke 
Brown Chas. D. clerk, 231 Barre 
Ikown ChMs. E. clerk, Townsend nr John 
Brown Chas. K. tobacco, 95 s Charles, dw Lin- 
den av and Townsend 
Brown Capt. Chas. H. 148 s Ann 
Brown Chas. H. H. 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Chas. T.(Jobn B.&Son) 87 n Broadway 
Brown Chas. W. stairbuilder, 359 Lexinptoa 
Brown Chas. W. attorney, 303 e Eagrer 
BROWN & CO. (Geo. P.' Brown and Marion C. 
Mordecai) groceries, liquors and Havana ci- 
gars, cor Cathedral and Richmond 
Brown & Co. (M. E. & J. H. Brown, ) groceries, 

Brown Chauncy P. conductor, 55 3 Poppleton 
Brown Mrs. Christiana, 78 s Chester 
IJrown Conrad, helper, 118 Low 
Brown Cornelius, sr. tobacconist, 269 Saratoga 
Brown Cornelius, jr. musical instrs. 321 n Gay 

Brown Cornelius A. miller, Frederick rd be 

yond toll gate 
Brown Daniel, laborer, 21 e Madison 
Brown Daniel C. carpenter. Belair av ext 
Brown David P. teacher. 258 n Crtroline 
Brown David R. attorney. 617 w Fayette 
Brown David 0. (Stewart k Co.) 14 n Eutan 
Brown .Mrs. Deborah, 476 Lexington 
Brown (J- DePnepe, (II. Brown, J. DePaepe 

riggers, 16 I'hilpot 
Brown Ehenezer, laliorer, 116 Boyd 
Brown Kdw. liquors and wines, 181 sBroadwai 
Brown Edward, laborer, 268 s Ann 
Brown lulward, huckster, 7 Camden la 
Brown Edward, clerk, 179 s Broadway 
Brown Edw. .M. clerk, 85 Thames 
Brown Edw. W. junk, 386 s Charles 
Brown Edwin, chairmaker, 35 Elliott 
Brown Elias, jr. car[)enter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Elias, carpenter and builder, 17 Pleas 

ant, dw 186 S iratoga 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 367 Lexington 
Brown .Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 3 Randall 
Brown Elizabeth, 96 w Jlonument 
Brown .Mrs. Ellen, boarding, 68 Thames 
Brown Euimett, ticket agt. BaUo. Steampacke 

Co. over 8 South, dw 266 Linden av 
Brown Fannie S. teacher, 305 Walsh 
Brown Dr. Felix E. dentist, 61 Lexington 
Brown Francis A. coachpainter, York rd 
Brown Frank H. 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Frank, carpenter, 202 s Charles 
Blown Frank, cleik tobacco warehouse No. ■ 
Brown Franklin, produce, 373 Franklin 
Brown Fred, mariner, 116s Regester 
Brown Fred, basketmaker, 224 Penna av 
Brown Fred. J. attorney, 33 St. Paul, dw 89 v 

Brown Fred. S. clerk, 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Garry W. (Jas. M., Gariy W. B.) to- 
bacconist, Front St Theatre, dw 625 w FayetK 
Brown (ieo. clerk. Gen. Wayne hotel 
Brown Geo. carpenter, 216 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. machinist, 51 Pearl 
Brown Geo. stovemoulder, 460 Light 
Brown (Jeo. blacksmith, 23 Wast 
Brown Geo. boilermaker, 73 n High 
Brown Geo. blacksmith, 82 Gree:imount av 
Brown Geo. printer, 128 Orleans 
Brown Geo. shipcarpenter, 207 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. plumber, 8 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. laborer, 275 Canton av 
Brown Geo. wholes, candy mauufs. 65 s Charles 
Brown Geo. A Jj- Son, (G. A. Brown. John U 
Brown) lime, cement, &c. Howard nr Ca- 
Brown Geo. A. (Geo. A. B. & Son) Balto. Co. 
Brown Geo. C. carpenter, 513 Saratoga 
BROWN GEORGE F. wharfinger, Baltimore 

vvhf, dw 3.'i s Chop tank 
Brown Geo. C. photi'gra[iher, 329 Franklin 
Brown Geo. F. niarbkculter, 175 n Exeter 
Brown Geo. L. porter, 21 Rock 
Brown (ieo. N. carpenter, 367 Lexington 
Brown Geo. P. (Brown & Co.) 136 St. Paul 
Brown Geo. S. (Alex. B. & Sons) Cathedral 

and Madison 
Brown Geo. W. engineer, Castle nr Orleans 
Brown Geo. W. laborer, 257 Lee 
Brown Geo. Wm (B. & Brune) 89 w Chafe 
BR(tWN GEO. W. fancy articles, (and B. & 
Saulsbury) 217 e Baltimore 

Offices, 54 S. G-a y, an d .Co rner C hew and Stirling. 
BRO 85 ' ~BRO 

Brown Gto. W. carpenter, 241 w HoflFinan 
ilkown Geo. W. csirpenter, Pennsylvjinia house 
?1{R0WN GRAVJilS & CO.' (W. Judson Brown, 
,| Win. 15. Graves. S. P. Rjiand,) commission 
* mercb;iuts. 24 Commerce 
(I Brown Mrs. Gertrude E. 208 n Central av 
fi Brown Gustavus, (A. Seemuller & Suns) Balti- 
! more co 

"Brown Harman, conductor, 462 w Lorab^ird 
I' Brown Harrv, hackman, 2i9 n Front 
Brown Ihirry P clk.B. k O.R.R.395 w Favette 
Brown Henry, enj^ineer, 2.'!6 8 Sharp 
(Jirown Henry sr. clerk. 395 w Fayette 
j Brown Henry G. salesman, 24 n Strieker 
j Brown Henrv,(B. & DePaepe)3T s Washington 
JBKOWiN HKXRY C. & CO. (A. C. Brown, J. 
1 Palters(m) saw manuts. Uhler'sal nr Charles 
Brown Henrv. butcher, 203 Frederick av 
Brnwn Henry C. (H. C. B. k Co.) 14 Watson 
iJ5rown lienry P. clerk, 39.5 w Fayette 
Brown Henry, cooper. 286 s Ann 
Brown Henry G. confectionery, IGO s Bond 
Brown Henry, tailor, 329 e Madison 
Browp Mrs. Hester, 121 Chew 
BrowR Hiram L. shipcarpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Brown's Hotel, 119 n Hicrh, L. Brown, prop'r 
B.rown Hugrh, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Brown Ira B. clerk, 68 Lexincrton 
Brown fsaac W. engineer, 27 Elliott 
Brown Mrs. Isabella, 54 Cathedral 
lirowH Isaiah, woodturner. 118 n Schroeder 
Brown J. B. k Co. (N. S. Hill) wholes, liquors, 

6 Bowly's whf 
Brown J. W. bookkeeper. 100 Saratoga 
BROWX J. WILSOX, house fnrn. goods, 47 

n Howaid. dw n e cor Mulberiv and Paca 
Brown Jacob C. 4' Co. (J. J. Brown, W. C. 

Carter.) sailraakers, 85 Smith s whf 
Brown Jacob, carpenter, 177 n High 
Brown Jacob C.(J.C.B. & Co.)370 e Baltimore 
Brown Jacob, boots and shoes, 280 Aliceanna 
Brown Jacob jr. shoemaker, 280 Aliceanna 
Brown James, stonecutter, 2'<0 Greenraountav 
Brown James A. can maker, 219 Milliraau 
Brown James G. clerk, 12i n Eden 
Brown James H. collector, 26 n Calvert 
Brown James, laborer, 56 Buren 
Brown James S. engineer, 35 Elliott 
Brown James, huckster, 116 Boyd 
Brown .las. J. stonecutter, 280 Greenraount av 
iirown James, bacon, Ann nr Jefferson 
Brown Jas. M. (J. M. & Garry W. B.) 625 w 

Brown Jas. laborer, 108 Bovd 
Brown Jas. H, (Brown k Quell) 131 s High 
Brown Jas.H. inspecir. of lumber, 29 s Schroeder 
Brown Jiis. R. (B. k Kirby) 211 Saratoga 
Brown Jas. L. carpenter. 40 n Broadway 
Brown Jas. M. clerk, 273 Saratoga 
Brown Jas. T. machinist. 60 s Ann 
Brown Jas. S. puddler, Hudson nr Canton st, 

Brown Rev. James IT. 38 n Broadway 
Brown James, restaurant, and supt. Broadway 

and Locust Point Ferry, 8') Thames 
Brown .Jas. V. watchmaker. 201 n Exeter 
BROWX JAS M, 4" GARRY W, cigar.s and 

soda water saloon, 89 Second 
BROWN JAS R. & CO. (J. R, Brown, T. Par- 
sons) wholesale (jueensware, 1 n Howard 
Brown Jas. R. (J. R. B & CO.) 158 w Madison 
Brown James, U. S. Xavy, 270 e Riddle 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


CoNST.WTl.Y K')K .SAl.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Brown J. Frank, brickmaker, Washington av, 

dw 606 w Fayette 
Brown J. B. & E. (X.S.Hill) wholes, liquors, 6 

Bowly's whf 
Brown James, repairer, Druidville 
Brown James, cabinetmaker, 365 w Pratt 
Brov.n James S. warjier, Druidville 
Brown James, carjjenter, 230 West 
Brown James E. blacksmith. 316 n Hoffman 
Brown .lames, painter, 74 n Broadway 
Brown James A. engineer, 85 Thames 
Brown James E. saloon, 89 vSecond and 161 J w 

Baltimore, dw 30 Aisquith 
Brown Jas. B. 90 Light 
Brow n James, brewer, Claggett's brewery 
Brown James F. clerk, 120 Mosher 
Brown James H. laborer, 215 Cross 
Brown James A. can maker, 49 Milliman 
Brown James R. conductor, 29 Greenmountav 
Brown James H. jr. 38 n Broadway 
Brown James F. clerk, 146 Division 
Brown J. Wilcox, (B., Lancaster & Co.) 83 w 

Brown Jane, millinery, 319 Light 
Brown Jane, 162 n Howard 
Brown .Mrs. Jane, stationery, 479 Penna av 
Brown Jasper R. carpenter, 104 s Charles, dw 

319 Light 
Brown Jas. X. saloon, 89 Second and 166| w 

Baltimore, dw 30 Aisquith 
Brown John W. agt. Commonwealth Life Ins. 

Co. of X. Y. over Union Bank, dw Franklin 

rd nr city limits 
Brown John, brakeman, 118 n Schroeder 
Brown John, mariner, 69 Cambridge 
Brown John, fireman. 49 Oxford 
Brown J. H. (B. k Co.) Waverley 
Brown John, Regester nr Pratt 
Brown Dr. John L. 617 w Faj-ette 
Brown John W. clerk, 209 n Carey 
Brown John J. carpenter, 8 Stockton al 
Brown John T. conductor, 701 w Lombard 
Brown John T. cigars, Biddle and Eutaw, dw 

156 Druid Hill av 
Brown John J. carpenter, 111 n Pine 
Brown John T. conductor, 701 w Lombard 
Brown Joiin R. bricklayer, 247 Lee 
Brown John T. cabinetmaker, 109 s Strieker 
Brown John F. cigarmaker, 156 Druid Hill av 
Brown John T. shucker, 2i)5 s Chester 
Brown Rev. John W. 209 n Carey 
Brown John P. laborer, 24 Biddle e of Ann 
Brown John, conductor, 120 s Eden 
Brown .lohn, grocery, 98 n Ann 
Brown John, laborer, Caroline nr Biddle 
Brown John A. messenger Circuit Court, 150 

Brown John B. (Geo. A. B. <fc Son)264 Hollins 
Brown John, 16 Holland 
Brown John B. 47 Cathedral 
Brown John H. rigger, 70 Johnson 
Brown John, miller, 187 n Bethel 

Carriages of all description. Sleiglis^Saddle Horses. &c. 




Brown John N. treus. Peojile's Gas Co. 1G2 w 

lirown C'iipt. John H. mariner, 337 Canton av 
Brown John J. hrakeman, 174 Ranis;iy 
Brown John, (John B. <|- Son) 87 n Broadway 
Brown John & Son, (John & Chas. T. Brown) 

hardware, 10 w Pratt 
Brown John, lal)orer, 231 s Broadway 
Brown John J. butcher, 20 Ilollius market, dw 

217 Frederick av 
Brown John il. carpenter, 257 Lee 
Brown John F. S. tinner, 581 Penna av 
Brown John T. painter, 30 n Oregon 
Brown John T. ^B., Boggs & Co.) -Mt. Vernon 

Brown Jolin, lahorcr, 45 James la 
Brown Jolni F. painter, 60 Battery av 
Brown John C. canniuker, 99 s Bond, dw Jack- 
son square av nr Washington 
Brown John, engineer, s end Clinton 
Brown John T. packer, 216 e Pratt 
Brown John S. tobacconist, 260 n Eutaw , dw 

156 Druid Hill av 
Brown Jonathan, tin plate and sheet iron 

worker, 58 Norlli 
BROWN J. HARMAN, Register of Wills and 

treas. Ass'n Imp. Cond. Poor, 67 Courtland 
Brown Joseph, cIitIc, 121 Chew 
Brown Joseph, sec. and trea.s. Balto. Gas Light 

Co. 617 w Fayette 
Brown Joseph, manner, 41 West 
Brown'Joseph K., Waverley 
Brown Joseph B. police, 7 Russell 
Brown Rev. Joseph E. 617 W. Fayette 
Brown Joseph, 84 Hanover 
Brown Joseph W. 273 Saratoga 
Brown Joseph A. mariner, 28 s Caroline 
Brown Joseph, chairmaker, 224 Chesapeake 
Brown Joseph M. carp'r, 6 n Oregon 
iirow n Joshua J., Swann tavern 
Brown Josh, coachmak. 347 Saratoga, dw 320 
Brown Josh. L. (Brown & Sou,) tin and sheet- 
iron worker, 477 Penna av 
Brown Joshua V. (Brown & Son,) tinner, 477 

Penna av 
Brown Julius, shoemaker, 52 n Fden 
Brown Julius, restaurant, 213 Canton av 
Brown Kate, 99 Raborg 
Brown Kirk, teacher. 180 e Baltimore 
Brown .t Kirhy, (J. R. Brown, E. J. Kirby, ) 

car])cnters and builders, 30 n Frederick 
BROWN, L.ANCASTER & CO. (J. W. Brown, 

R. A. Lancaster, P. J. Wright, J. L. VVil- 

liam.-i, C. D. Lowndes,) bankers and brokers, 

30 Sou til 
Brown Laura A. tailoress, 209 n Dallas 
Brown .Mrs. Laura, dre.ssmak'r, 97 n Durham 
Brown Lewis, prop. Brown's hotel, 119 n High 
Brown Lewis, carpenter, 118 n Schroeder . 
Brown Lewis, cooper, 406 Cross 
Brown Lewis, butcher, 5 Arniistead la 
Brown Lewis B. bookkeeper, 337 Myrtle av 
Brown Lewis P. shoeinaker, 294 Mcllenry 
BROWN LORIN, elastic sjionge goods, '34j n 

Howard, dw 179 t»regon 
JJrown iM. millinery, fancy and dry goods, 153 

s Broadway 
Brown Mrs. .Slary, grocery, 118 Low 
Brown .Mack, laborer. 16 Parkin 
Brown .Magness, hostler, 233 Canton av 
Brown .M aria, chain bcrm'd. Cent re a ndCathedral 
Brown Margaret A., 395 Franklin 

Brown Mrs. Martha, confect'y, 4 Bank 
Brown Martin B. clerk, 14 n Entaw 
Brown Mary A. chambermaid, 40 n High 
Brown M. Harold, engraver, over 169 w Balti- 

tiniore, dw 233 Walsh 
Brown Manheini, toys and confectionery, 16 w 

Brown .Margaret, dressmaker, 179 Madeira al 
Brown Mary. 38 w Biddle 
Brown .Mrs. .Mary, confictionery, 23 East 
Brown Mrs. MarV, 239 s Wolfe 
Brown Mrs. Mary, confect'y, 123 n Central uv 
Brown Mrs. Mary, janitress, 53 Cambridge 
Brown Mrs. Mary restaurant, 155 Eastern av 
Brown Mary A. 41 Woodyear 
Brown Mary A. tailoress, 269 Orleans 
Brown Mary C. 312 e Chase 
Brown M. E. (B. <fe Co.) Waverly 
Brown Mrs. Matilda R. 76 n Carey 
Brown .Mary M. 148 w Lombard 
Brown Mrs. M. J. boys clothing, 12 Garden 
Brown Martin S. engraver, 195 w Baltimore, 

dw 44 Walsh 
Brown Matthew, watchman, 12 Garden 
Brown Memorial Church, (Presbyterian,) cor 

Park av and Townsend 
Brown Matthew G., 201 n Exeter 
Brown Matthew J. (M. J. & W. A. Brown.) 18 

Greenmount av 
Brown M. J. & W. A. flour and feed commis- 
sion merch.ints. 11 w Pratt 
Brown Michael laborer, 34 Eiting 
Brown Michael, laborer, 21 e Madison 
Brown Moses, painter, 65 Granby 
Brown .M. Harold, engraver, 169 w Baltimore, 

dw 233 Walsh 
Brown Nathaniel, ironworker, 205 s Chester 
Brown \Vin. T. coal and wood, s ^ cor Fremont 

and .Mulberrv, dw 247 Lee 
BROWN k QUELL. (Jas. H. Brown, Wm. F. 

Quell.) junk, 131 McElderry's vvhf 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 21 e Madison 
Brown Paul, shoemaker, 217 Hamburg 
Brown Peter, laborer, 2u8 Bank 
Brown Peter, bricklayer, 235 Chesnut al 
Brown Philip, shoemaker, 23 Brown 
Brown Philip H. 76 n Care}' 
Brown P. M. coojier. 286 s Ann 
Brown Rachel E. 93 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. Rachel P. 193 n Howard 
Brown Randolph, l)ricklayer, 316 w Hoffman 
Brown Rebecca, seamstress, 3 R.mdall 
Brown Richd. (V. J. B. & Bros.) Thompson, 

3 doors w of Oregon 
Brown Richard, laborer, 346 Harford av 
Brown Richard, laborer, 240 Lemmon al 
Brown liinehait, baker, 777 w Baltimore 
Blown Robt. watches and jewelry, 158 w Bal- 
timore, dw 628 Lexington 
Brown Robert, 628 Lexington, 
Brown Robt. jr. oil broker, 97 w Lombari, dw 

Decker nr Oliver 
BROWN ROBT. I), treasurer Susq. Canal Co. 

13 Lcxitiglon, dw Howard co 
Brown Robert T. book agent, Sarah Ann ur 

Brown Robt. P., 163 St. Paul 
15rown Robt. P. clerk, 266 Linden av 
Brown Mrs. Rose, 3 Ensor ct 
Brown Reuben T. huckster. 316 w Hoffman 
Brown Samuel, rigger, 14 Warren 
Brown Samuel, bricklayer, 56 Brune 

.vt Central Stables, 111 Lexington, C. H . Bredemeyer 
BRO 87 BRCT " 

. J wn Samuel, laborer, 127 Division 
Brown Smniiel B. clerk, 14 Warren 
Brown Samuel C, 95 Saratoga 
Brown Samuel M., bricklayer. 257 Lee 
Bi'own Saiiiufcl M. carpenter, 71 M( Henry 
Brown Samuel M. of John, 257 Lee 
Browu Samuel R. huckster, 179 s Paca 
Brown Samuel R. carpenter, 29 Greenmountav 
Brown Sarah, 121 Chew 
Browu Sarah, waitress, 15 Cathedral 
Brown Mi-s. Sarah, boirdino:, 118 n Schroeder 
Brown Mrs. Sirah R L^rocerv. Castle nr Orleans 
BROWN Jj- SAULSBURY/(Geo. W. Brown,, ) dollar store, 191 w Baltimore 
Brown Sebastian, (B. & Smith.) 171 Druil 

Hill av 
BRO\VX& S.MITH, (Sebastian Brown, Rob't 

H. Smith,) attorneys, 5a St. Paul 
Brown J. L. & Son, (J. L. Brown, Joshua V. 

Brown.) tin and sheet iron workers, 477 

Penna av 
Brown Solomon, millinerv and straw goods, 

257 w Baltimore, dw 261 Lexiuirton 
Browu Mrs. So[>hia, seamstress, York rd 
Brown So()hia, dressmaker, ,^12 Hoffman 
Brown Stewart. (B. &Brune, ) Riddle nr Charles 
Brown Stewart B. carjif-nter, 367 n Gay 
Brown Dr. Septimus, office 503 wBaltimore, dw 

Townsend and Garden 
Brown Theodore, laborer, 84 .Johnson 
Brown T. W. bird fancier, 65 n Greene, dw 10 

n Pme 
Brown Mrs. Theresa, crrocery, 27 Elliott 
Brown Thos. H. S. police. 356 e Monument 
Brown Thos. C. painter, 242 Light 
Brown Thomas, police, 30 Jackson Square ar 
Brown Thos H. sec'y Great Falls Iron Co. 95 

s Charles, dw Howard co 
Brown Thos. M. (T. Matthews & Son, ) 437 

.Madison av 
Brown Dr. Thomas R., Park av and Lanvale, 

dw 129 Lanvale 
Brown Thos. R. 304 .Madison av 
Brown Thos. laborer, 10 Windsor 
Brown Thos. brass moulder, 8 Brune 
Brown Thos. A. ( V. J. R & Bros.) 661 w Fayette 
Brown Thos. J. (T. J. R. & Son,) 303 e Hager 
Brown Thos. J. jr. (T.J. B. ^-Son.) 303 e Eager 
Brown Thos. P. shoemaker, 17 Perry 
Brown Thos. S. moulder, 724 w Pratt 
Brown Thos. H. S. (Harri^on &B.) 401 e Eager 
Brown Thos. J. & Son, (Thos. J. and T. J. 

Brown, jr.) gold & silvers' hs, 146 wBaltimore 
Brown Thos. shijijoiuer, 26 s Reirester 
Brown Thos. boilermaker, 73 n High 
Brown Thos. patternmaker, 21 George 
Blown Thos. currier. 280 Aliceanna 
Brown Th.js. W. laborer. 16 Parkin 
Brown Thos. W. blacksmith. 30 Jackson sq av 
Brown Thos. W. fruit, 65 n 10 n Pine 
Brown Timothy, com. merchant, 477 Aisquith 
Brown Virgil D. moulder, 112 n Pine 
BROWN V. J. Jj- BROS. (Y. J., T. A. and 

Rich'd Brown, ) whol. grocers and liquors, 

66 Exchange pi 
Brown V. J. (V. J. B. & Rros.) 14 Hollins 
Brown Wilson, house furnishing, Howard nr 

Lexington, dw 117 Mulberry 
Brown Walter, brakeman, 235 Chesnut al 
Brown Walter S. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Washintjton, 193 Hanover 
Brown Wm. [Keppel & B.) 615 Pennaav 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


CtiN.-r.A.Vli.V I'-.iK S.Vi.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Brown Wm. E. (Cole. Brooks & Co.) 4 Camden 
Brown Wra. & Co. (Wni. Brown.) watches and 

jewelry, s e cor Baltimore and Charles 
Brown Win. laborer, Clifton nr Park 
Brown Wm., Orleans and Ann 
Brown Wm. blacksmith, 219 Dolphin 
Rrowu Wm. clerk. Guy's Monument house 
Rrown Wm. H. firemen, 9 s Ann 
Brown Wm. H. i Wm. B. ^ Co.) 266 Linden av 
Brown Wm. 149 Dolplfin 

Brown Wm. 0. miller. Young's lanr Fred'krd 
Brown Wm. clerk, Calverton 
Brown W. Judson, (R .Graves & Co) 4 n Carey 
l^rovvn Wm. H. rigger. 37 s Washington 
Brown Wm. J. laborer, 292 Orleans 
Rrown Wm. H. carjjenter, 68 Thames 
Rrown Wm. E. caipenter, 32 Brnne 
Brown Wm. H.(W.H.B. & Bro. ) 226 Linden av 
Rrown Wm. A. (M.J & W. A. R.) 121 n Eden 
BROWN WM. H. & RRO. (Wm. H. Brown, 

Alex. E. Brown, John E. Morrison,) drug- 
gists, 25 s Sharp 
Rrown Dr. Wtn. G. 303 Eager 
Rrown Wra. (•.bricklay.Whatcoatnr Presstmau 
Brown Wm. H. carpenter, 12.^ n Eden 
Rrown Wm. W. carpenter. 14 s Ann 
Biown Wm. T. 42 .Mulberry 
Brown Wm. H. blacksmith, Millington la nr 

Frederick av 
Rrown Wm. S. laborer, 137 Chesapeake 
Brown Wm. L. carpenter, Chesnut nr Low, dw 

216 e Baltimore 
Brown Wm. T. 617 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. G. clerk, 32 s Pop|>leton 
Brown Wm. H. (Murdock, B. & Hill,) 166 w 

Brown Wm. M. printer, 42 n Fremont 
Brown Wm. H. bricklayer. 395 Franklin 
Brown Wm. shoemakr, 280 Aliceanna 
Brown Wm. R. carpenter, 114 Townsend 
Brown Wm. R. painter, 129 Preston 
Brown Wm. laborer, Clifton nr the Park 
Brownback Walton, stovemoulder, 219 Bank 
Browne Chas. C 123 McCulloh 
BROWNE DR. B. BERNARD, 123 McCulloh 
Browne Wiza, 22 Adams 
Browne Eujeiie H. salesman, 143 s Paca 
Browne Lucy. 22 Adams 
Browne .Mrs. Nicholas Y. 310 n Caroline 
Browne P. Arrc-U, attorney, 65 w Fayette, dw 
. 243 n Calvert 

Browne Thos. merchant tailor. 213 e Baltimore 
Browne Wm.H. (Murdoch. B. & Hill. ) York rd 
Browne Wm. salesman, Calverton rd 
Brownf\eld Nathan, turner, 157 Elliott 
Browning Arthur, att'y, law building, 36 Le.x- 

ington, dw 51 
Browning Basil C. conductor, B. & 0. R. R., 

26 n Oregon 
BROWNING E. B. ticket agent B. & 0. R. R., 

s e cor Baltimoreand Calvert 

Horner's Bone Dns t and P hosphates, 




drowning Edw. iron moulder, 75 Hillen 
JJrowning Frederick, brickiuaker, 708 Light 
Browniiifj Geor^e'G. police, 13 Etting 
JJi'ownino' Jacob, hlacksruilh, 93 Lee 
drowning; Joseph D. brickiDaker, 650 Light 
Hrownitig Lewis, laborer. 66 e Fayette 
Browning Mrs. Mary A. 77 Eden 
Browning Richard C. laborer, 6.')0 Light 
Browning Sani'l D. driver. 21,^) s Ann 
Browning Sarah A. P. loi Lee 
Browning Su.=an. teiicher, 75 s i'Men 
BROWNING WARFIELD T. attorney, hnv 

building, 3G Le.xinglon, dw 40 Mnlbrrry 
Browning Wm. W. ticket a^ent B. & O. R. R. 

S e cor Baltimore and Calvert, dw Greeneand 

Browning Wm. painter, 103 w Biddlc 
Browning Wm. E. (Hughes & B.) 371 n Cen- 
tral av 
Browning AVm. H. cardfiver, 520 n Fremont 
Browning Wm. S. bookkeeper, 138 Preston 
Brownley Daniel, carpenter, 3 Whatcoat 
Brownley Mrs. Hetty. 43 Garden 
Brownley Hiram L. shi|)carpenter, 365 Light 
Brownley John W. shipcarpenter, 211 e Pratt 
Brownley Larkin C. shipcarp. 40 Jackson Sq av 
Brownley Louisa, confec'ry, 419 vv Lombard 
Brownley Tlios. J. engineer, 63 Hill 
Brownold Moses, salesman, Jll German 
Broznian Peter, tailor, 17 Orchard 
Bruce Edward M. (J. M. B. fe Son,) 100 e 

Bruce Granville, 44 West 
Bruce John M. (J. M. B. & Son,) 160 Aisquilh 
Bruce John M. & Son, J. .M. and E. M. Bruce,) 

coppersmiths, 91 n Holliday 
Bruce Mrs. Louisa, 6 Hill 
Bruce Mary, boarding, 38j w Baltimore 
Bruce Oliver H. harnessniaker, G Hill 
Bruce Thomas, 38j w Baltimore 
BruceThos. J. salesman. 38j w Baltimore 
Bruce Wm. junk, 145 e .Madfson, dw 153 
Bruce Rev. Willian), 138i w Biddle 
Bruce Wm. W. machinist, 153 e .Madison 
Brnchey David H. police, 230 Columbia 
Bruck Henry M tailor, 27s Hanover 
BriK-kmann Wm. shoemaker. 154 Henrietta 
Bruckner John F. pianom ilcer, 7 Sterrett 
Hrude Gustav, ( Betz it Brude) 226 s Sharp 
Brudeing Geo. barkeeper, 71 s Regester 
Bruder .Michael, confectioner, 33 u Ch.ifiel 
Bruebach Chas. pianomaker, 251 Franklin 
15rnel)ach Jacob, cabinetmaker, 68 Barro 
Brueck Amor, tailor. 237 Orleans 
Brueckner Andrew, beer, 1 Dover 
15ruehl John, laborer, 9 Centre Market sp 
Bruehl Wra. cigarpacker, 583 Penna av 
Brutl'John K. bricklaver, 264 e Pratt 
BrurtJohn W., St. Clair hotel 

Bruif , silversmith. 22 Camden 

Bruff Jos. E. (Baker, 15. it Co.) 283 .Madison av. 

Bruff Joshua O. tinner, 58 Hami)Stead 

BruflF Thomas, student, 264 e Pratt 

Bruff Thos. A. shi|)carpenter, 5.S Jackson sq av 

Brugniens Louis, painter, 17 Barnet 

Bruggman Mrs. Amelia, variety store, 360 

Canton av 
Bruggman Henry, carpenter, 360 Canton av 
Bruhn Jacob, wines and liquors, 75 s Sliarp 
Bruit Thomas, butcher, 252 Cross 
Brummer Henry, labor^ r, 153s Dallas 
Brun Edward, machinist, 116 a Paca 

Brun Mad, F. child's dressmaker, 116 n Paca 
Brun Henry, carpetwe iver, 85 n Ann 
Brun Victor H. clerk, 116 n Paca 
Brundige Chas.H.(Saiierberg & B.) 185 Town- 
Brundige Mrs. Rebecca, 146 Division 
Brundige Rudolph, cop. smelter, 34 Fountain 
Brundige Thos. V., Mine bank la nr Baltimore 

Brundige Thos. W. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

Mine bank la nr Baltimore cemetery 
Brnne A]l)ert, 18 New 
Brune Chas, tailor, 74 Hanover 
Bruue Mrs. D. midwife, 114 Battery av 
Brune F. \V. if- Sons, ( W, H. Brune) merch'ts 
and agentf Md Steam Sugar Refining Co. 89 
and 91 Smith's whf 
Brune Fred'k W. (IJrownife B.) Northern avnr 

Charlcs-st. av 
Brune Franz, boxmaker. 107 [jancaster 
Brune John, laborer, .Vlbeniarle nr Pratt 
Brune Lewis E. carpenter, 152 Bank 
Brune Peter, boxmaker, 107 Lancaster 
Brune Wm. F. lamj)s and oil, 72 s Bond 
Bruno Wm. H. (F. W. B. k Sons)157 St. Paul 
Bruner Hamilton, huckster, 7 Hollins 
Bruner Hannah, machine teacher, 146 Henrietta 
Bruner Jacob, laborer, 8 C.illendar al 
Bruner Jacob, carpenter, 127 s Sliarp 
Bruner John, butcher, 110 n Bond 
Bruner John L. clothing cutter, 104wBaltimore 
Bruner John, blacksmith, 291 n Central iiv 
Bruner .Mrs. Mary, 146 Henrietta 
Bruner Rufus P. brakeman, 726 w Pratt 
Bruner Wra. huckster, 146 Henrietta 
Bruneschniidt Joseph, laborer, 140 Lancaster 
Bruning George, undertaker, 120 York 
Bruning Louis W. clerk, 185 e Lombard 
Bruuker James H, conductor, 06 n Caroline 
Brunner Abel, (Rawlings & B.) 77 Aisquilh 
Brunner .\ndrew, 143 w Fayette 
Brunner Joseph, currier, 29 n Greene 
Brunner Louis, laborer, 5 Dover ext 
Brunner .Mrs. Louisa, pat. medicines, 76 sEiitaw 
Brunner Wm. T. collector, 143 w Fayette 
Bruus Bernard, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Frederick, cutter, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Henry, clerk, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Henry, huckster, 44 e Biddle e of Ann 
Briins John, (Heise k Co.) 164 Mulberry 
Bruns John, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Lawrence, cutter, 281 n Gay 
Brnns Wm. barber, 26 e Lombard 
Brunt Chas. A. clerk, 2 Walsh 
Brunt James, agent Calf Hide Association, . 

and 4 Neighbor, dw 2 
Brunt .Mrs, .Marv A. sdcsladv, 2 s Poppleton 
Brunt Mrs. .M. E , 2 Walsh 
Brunt Ralph, 487 Penna av 
Brunt Richard, clerk, 2 Walsh 
Brunt Richard, sr., 2 Walsh 
Bruntsch Anthony B tobacconist, 14 Ridgely 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscuji Columlius, carpenter, 125 e Fayette 
Bruscnj) Geo. tinner, 11 i n Candine 
Bruscup Thos, (Audoun & B,) 76 n Bond 
Bruscup Wm, fire depi. 225 e Fayette 
Bruse John, 255 Eastern av 
Brush Chas. W. attorney, 35 Lexington, dw 

cor John and Wilson 
Brnshmiller Elizabeth, 67 Mound 
Brushmiller Lemuel D., 67 Mound 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay. and Cor. Chew and Stirling:. 

Bnishmiller Theo. officr. Penitent'y, 67 Mound 
I5ruslnvil]er Jolin, macliinist. 67 Jloiind 
Hrubliwiller Mrs. Mary, grocery. ISBnren 
Bru?sel Joseph, cabinetmaker, 38 Jose])liine 
Brussell JIrs Amelia, tailoress, 5ri Gough 
BRUSSTAR HENRY, .shipyard, Boston nr 

Chesapeake, dw 144 Chesapeake 
Bmsstar Henry jr. shipcarp. 144 Chesapeake 
Brusstar \A'm. S. shipcarpenter, 144 Chesapeake 
Bnist John J. teacher. H'd Henrietta 
Bruster Mrs. Eleanor, 77 Walsh 
Bruster Louis C. clerk, 77 Walsh 
Bniton Mrs. Emma, millinery, 70 n Charles 
]{rulon Wni. attorney, 70 n Charles 
Bryan Alfred, farmer. 245 n Caroline 
Bryan Arthur L. huckster, 18.^ Orleans 
Bryan Christopher, stove factor}-, 61 s Calvert 

and 36 Cheapside, dw 173 Lee 
Bryan Edw. A. salesman. 287 e Fayette 
Brvan Mrs.Emilv.(B. & Moonev)245 n Caroline 
Bryan Frederick G. (Griffith, Baker & B.) 27 n 

Bryan Frederick T. clerk, 27 n Gilmor 
Brvan Frederick W. clerk, 144 s Regester 
Bryan Mrs. H. E. 44 n Charles 
Bryan Henry, laborer, Philadelphia rd . 
Bryan Henry T. printer, 287 e Fayette 
Bryan John, laborer, 40 Patterson Park av 
Bryan John S. 144 s Reo;ester 
Bryan Juhn W. mariner, 205 Montgomery 
Bryan John, bricklaj-er, 485 Saratoga 
Bryan John, farmer, 9 Armistead la 
Bryan & Mooney, (E. Bryan, M. E. Mooney) 

ladies' shoes, 72 n Charles 
Bryan Mrs. R. H. 287 e Fayette 
Bryan Richard T. clerk, 1G4 s Sharp 
Bryan Samuel L. clerk. 154 .Myrtle av 
Bryan Thomas A. farmer. 245 p Caroline 
Bryan Thomas J. huckster. 485 Saratoga 
Bryan Thomas J. huckster and grocer, 24 s 

Bryan Thomas, shoemaker, 195 n Dallas 
Bryan Wm. laborer, 9 Armistead la 
Bryan Wm. Hhepaid, attornev, 52 n Calvert, 

dw 87 St. Paul 
Bryan Wm. H. gasfitter, 29 n Bond 
Bryant Charles C. carpenter, Druidville 
Bryant Eliza, Druidville 
Bryant George A. clerk, 277 Mulberry 
Bryant Isaac, shoemaker 24 Preston 
Bryant J. Y. attorney, 277 .Mulberry 
Bryant Mrs. Pauline, notions. 375 w Lombard 
Bryant, Stratton & Sadler. Business College, 

8 u Charles, W. H. Sadler, pres't, E. Bur- 
nett, , secretary 
Bryant Thomas, canmaker, 375 w Louibard 
Bryant Wm.A. patented articles, 3 n Holliday, 

dw 3 Franklin 
Bryant Wm. S. salesman, 277 Mulberry 
Bryarly .Mrs.Caroline. tailoress, 140 e Monument 
Bryarly Mary, 140 e .Monument 
Bryen Mrs. A. W. 14 McHenry 
Bryson Al x. shoemaker, 479 n Gay 
Bryson .Andrew, police. 479 n Gay 
Bryson Mrs. Catherine, boardinui 623 w Pratt 
Bryson Daniel M. clerk, 2 n Eden 
BRYSON GILBERT E. real estate broker, over 

26^ Second, dw 59 Aisquith 
BRY'SOX GILBERT H. real estate broker, over 

26j S^cund, dw 59 Aisquith 
Bryson Mary A . 479 n Gay 
Bryson Wm". J. inspector C. II.. 2 n Eden 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


CiiX<T.A.\"TI.Y roli .S.U.K 

Clover, Tijuotliy Seed, &;c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Bnberl John, shoemaker, 69 Dover 

Bubert John W. clerk, 99 s Charles 

Bubert J. D. grocery and feed, 99 s Charles 

and 16 Camden, dw 99 s Charles 
Bubert Herman, drayman, 173 s Eden 
Buch August, laborer. 65 President 
Buchaly Robert, tailor, 307 n Central av 
Buchan.'in Alex, carver, 127 n Front 
Buchanan Andrew E. distiller, Howard house 
Buchanan Charles, mariner, 283 e Pratt 
Buchanan Charles A. painter, Rives house 
Buchanan E. Key, (B. & S.ichse) over IIO w 

Buchanan Mrs. Ellen, Biddle nr Charles 
BUCHANAN JAMES A. attorney, 41 St. Paul, 

dw 83 Preston 
Buchanan James H. attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 

30 w Kager 
BUCHANAN JAMES M. attorney, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw Barnum's hotel 
Buchanan Jas. M. jr. clerk city tax office, 110 

w Fayette 
Buchanan John Rowan, attorney, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw 132 n Charles 
Buchanan Richard, mariner, 59 Holland 
Buchanan & Sachse, (K. R. Buchanan, Charles 

Sachse) attorneys, 1 Lexington 
Buchanan S. Smith, Biddle nr Charles 
Buchanan AYm. M clerk, 83 Preston 
Buchanan Wm. Jefferson, attorney, 29 St. Paul, 

(Marshal building) dw 63 Courtland 
Buchard Matthew, marble polisher, 413 w Pratt 
Bueher Charlotte, grocery, 226 Canton av 
Bucheimer Fred, oysters, 27 Eastern av 
Bncheimer Geo. shoensaker, 10 Henry 
Bucheimer Peter, merchant tailor, 20 w Pratt 
Bucheimer Wm. tinner, 20 w Pratt 
Bucheister John, laborer, 38 Barnes 
Buchell Mary. 273 e Eager 
Bueher Abraham, carpenter, Wavcrley, York rd 
Bueher Chas. T. grocery, York rd nr tollgate 
Bueher George, carpenter, Waverley 
Bueher George, porter, 123 L. Greene 
Bueher Jacob, cabinetmaker, 224 Canton av 
Bueher John, jr. bricklayer, 85 n Poppleton 
Bueher John, [laver, 85 n Poppletcm 
Bueher Julia, Clii>[ier Mills 
Buchet Rebecca, 177 e Lombard 
Buehlieit Adam, laborer, Lowman nr railroad 
Buchholtz Wm. clerk, 105 Hanover 
Buchholz Henry, shoenqaker, 30 Seott 
Buehholz Mrs. Mary, 230 Lee 
Buchman Jacob, capmaker, 86 s E.xefer 
Buchnie_\er Frederick, wheelwright, 107 Hen- 
Buehner Adam, shoemaker, 120 n Regester 
Buchner Conrad, shoemaker, 235 s Eutaw 
Buehner George, woodsawyer, 378 Aisquith 
BUCHSBAUM BERNARD, restaurant, 88 n 

Buchsbaum Henry, beer, 4 Centre Market sp 

Coaclies and Barouches for Shopping. 'Weddings, &:c. 




Tailoi% 18 s Sharp street. 

BuclisliMuin John 11. liiger beer, Central av and 

IJudistein \\m. laborer, 265 West 
Buclita F. C. P. W. blacksmith. 2.5 Hilleii 
IJuchta Gforge P. blacksmith. 25 Millen 
Hiichta Will. ('. blacksmith, 25 Hillfn 
Biichwald Michael, butcher, 7 Behur and 11.3 

Centre markets, dw Belair av nr citv limits 
Buck i5enj. C. (Wellener & B.) 2G8 w Hoffman 
Buck Bcnj. G. plasterer, 75 s Greene 
Buck Mis. B. J. 396 Franklin 
Buck Catherine M. 2.'j5 n Caroline 
Buck Charles II. p.icker, 24 Patterson Park av 
Buck Chas. H. skimmer. 42 Patterson Park at 
Buck C. W. jr. clerk, Adams E.xpiess office 
Buck Charles \V. police, 84 llanorer 
Buck Edward D. carria<;;e jroods, iron and steel, 

86 \v Pratt, dw Baltimore co 
Buck Geo. H. clerk, 238 Linden av 
Buck Geo.W. brickinaker,42 Patterson Parkav 
Buck Geo. W. clerk. 75 e Pratt 
Buck Geo. W. 332 Penna av 
Buck Geo. A. bricklayer. 69 Hill 


« ,» ♦ t « » f*'* 

t * . » . I . » . ». 

. 4 . f. 1 . . ,. » , . J ♦ ) , 
1 . » ) » ♦ t « t J 

^ \ '.' '('( , '«'♦ 'rl T t «' 'V 

>»«•♦()'■>(' Ml, vv *,,*«( 
♦ ♦♦♦t », M ♦''•,»♦ '»»»; 4 
»♦',,;♦♦♦ 1 »> ^ I '.»<».<« I 

.♦, • 1, • » t ■, . ( : . t » , t ; ' t ; ♦ ♦ 

M «:;■ I ; j M ♦ 4 ♦♦>♦♦«♦«(«♦ t « M ♦»♦»♦♦ • 

.♦.v.* t « T i i ) . I • ' / •■ '■ ■»•*«,. t, I ■•«♦»',» t f » 7 - I 

U «» f »<<» t ' M «»♦♦♦• t ♦♦*♦)««» t «,•« M •: t »•• » 

s XjXf #«*♦♦'♦»« n •».« t »\« «♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ \Jy J \ 

ox Tin; Kllloi'KA.N I'LA.X. 

Meals served at All Hours Day & Niglit. 

Buck Irvin;.' A. (Adams & B.) 44 s Sharp 

Buck Irving, clerk, 332 Penna av 

Buck James A. dep'v harbor master, 69 Hill 

Buck .lohu F. lirickiiiakcr, 42 Patterson Park av 

Buck John, jr. 75 e Pratt 

Buck John H. k Co. (J. H. and W. B. Buck,) 

hardware, 88 w Pratt 
Buck Jno.Ii.(J.H.B.& Co.)()reKon nr Mulberry 
Buck Joiin M. 394 Druid Hill av 
Buck Julin C. bricklayer, 235 n Caroline 
J{uck .loseiili A. metals, furs and paper stock, 

loo l>i^'ht st whf, dw 69 Hill 
Buck Joseph T. clerk, 69 Hill 
Buck Leander W. brick ni.aker, 42 Patterson 

Park av 

Buck Leander W.jr. police, 55 Essex 

BUCK JAMES, prop'r Buck's hotd, 34 w Pratt 

Buck Lewis F. bookkeeper, 56 n Liberty 

Buck .Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 192 Vine 

Buck Orville M. clerk. 44 s Sharp 

Buck Richard B. (Goldsborough, B. & Co.) 

Eutaw house 
Buck Saml D. (Shriver, B. & Co.) IGS Walsh 
Buck Susanna, 9 New Church 
Buck T. A. salesman, 69 Hill 
Buck Weslev B. (J. H. B. & Co.) 75 e Pratt 
Buck \Vm. G. police, 24 s Gist 
Buck Wm. H. clerk. 238 Linden av 
Buck Wm. H. jr. 238 Limlen av 
Buck Win. H. F. student, 394 Druid Hill av 
Buck Win. shoemaker, 293 \v Pratt 
Buck Win. carpenter, 297 Le-xington 
Buckey Annie, servant, Mt. Vernon hotel 
Buckey Geo. A. enjiineer, 108 Warner 
Buckey James H. cncjineer, 218 Lee 
Buckerman .lacol), brakeman. 548 \v Pratt 
Buckliart .John, Initcher, Hudson and Clinton 
Buckliart Wm. clerk, 105 Hanover 
Buckheimer Matthias, laborer, 60 AValnut al 
Buckheister John, machinist, 221 Frederick av 
Buckholf Wm. huckster, 20 Thoinsen 
Bnckholtz Henry, clerk, 495 w Baltimore 
Buckholiz John N. 11. turner, 24 Jasner 
Buckholtz Win. A. salesman, Three Tuns hotel 
Buckholtz Win. cabinetmaker, 3 Columbia 
Buckino: Francis, baker, 393 Franklin 
Buckiiiirham Catherine, grocery, cor Strieker 

<uid .Mclleiirv 
Buckingham C. W.. R. R. afft. 15 n Strieker 
I>uckin.uham Cordi-lia, 322 Saratoga 
Buckingham Geo. B. carjienter. 232 Franklin 
Buckingham Henry F.T. (J. W. C.Seitz&(\.. 

164 La n vale 
Buckingham Isaiah F. music teacher, 35 n 

Buckingham .Jesse P. lab'r, Fulton nr McHonry 
Buckingham John E. regulator,. Strieker ur 

.Mc Henry 
Buckingham John AV. car[). Strieker nr Mc- 

Buckingham Mrs. Mary, 60 Lancaster 
Biickiiigliam Mrs. Jl.try .1. tailoress, 230 w Pratt 
Buckingham Nehemiah, fireman, 30 s Oregon 
Buckinirhara 0. P. clerk, tol)acco warehouse 

No. 4^^ 
Buckingham I'rof. P. G. young ladies acade- 

mv, :-i01 .Madison av 

Bickford & Huffman, 59j s Charles, dw 3.5 

Buckingham Win. G. butter, 558 Saratoga 
Buckler Chas. W. mariner, 101 s Chester 
Buckler .Mrs. Clara, Eaoer nr St. Paul 
Buckler Dr. Riggin, i:-!5 n Charles 
Buckler Samuel, mariner, 144 s Wolfe 
Buckler Win. 11. ferryman, lol s Chester 
Buckless Henry, pilot. 411 e Fayette 
Buckless Henry S. officer Penit'y, 34 Laiiril 
Buckless .Marion, mariner, 411 e Fayette 
Buckless Thomas, mariner, 411 e Fayette 
Buckley Charles R. boot and shoe mauufa'- 

lurer, lol Hanover 
Buckley Daniel, laborer. 60 Eastern av 
Buckle^' Daniel, jr. laborer, 60 Eastern av 
Bucklev Daniel, laborer. 109 Dover 
Buckley Daniel B. tinner, 60 Eastern av 
1 Buckley Daniel IL laborer, 22 Callendur al 

At C entral Stables. Ill Lexington, C H. Bredemeyer 

Hucklt-v Dennis, laborer, s end Clinton 
Buclilev -Mrs. Eliza, confect'y, 190 West Falls av 
Buckley Harry F. clerk, TSFurrest 
Buckle_y James, laborer, Hatiipdea 
Buckley James T. canmkr, fiO Thames 
Buckley John J. enoineer, 91 e Fayette 
Buckley John, farmer. 90 s Republican 
Buckley John, clerk. 240 n Eden 
Buckley John B. driver, 7r4 Eastern av 
Buckley .Martin, ice, 49 McKim, dw 14 Arbelal 
Buckley Mrs. .^lary A. 60 Thames 
Buckley Samuel, 310 Greenmount av 
Buckley \Vm'., Loyola Colleiie 
Buckley Wm. mariner, 60 Thames 
Buckman (Mias tinner. 123 Bittery av Sam'l J. banker, 9 North, dw Bait, co 
Buckmasier H. C. 91 Saraioga 
Buckmaster Hillarv, caulker, 147 Johnsou 
Buckmiller Roht. S. tanner, 229 n Calvert 
Buckner Dr. ('has. S. 46 McCuUoh 
Bucksbaum Chas. cabinetmaker. 332 w Pratt 
Bucksbaum Henry, cle:k, 232 s Broadway 
Bucksbaum Jul. us, dry goods, 232 s Broadway 
Bucksbaum Meyer, clerk, 232 s Broadway 
Bucksbaum Mi;.ses, clerk, 232 s Broadway 
Budeke Geo. H.(B. & Grothaus) 277 e Baltimore 
Budeke cSr Grothaus, (Geo. H. Budeke, D. B. 

Grothaus) oils, paints, &c. 133 s Broadway 
Budeke Geo. millinery, 241 e Baltimore 
Budeme.ver Henry, laborer, 11 Patuxent 
Buderer John, woodturner, 24 Jasper 
Budd Chas. A. tobacconist, 230 Harford av 
Budd John R. carpenter, 2"i7 Gougb 
Budde Wm. blacksmith, 58 President, dw 104 

Eastern av 
Buddemeyer Sarah. 52 Patterson Park av 
Budenbaum Aujiust. carpenter, 281 n Dallas 
Budgden, Frank, bricklayer, 307 e Fayette 
Buehler Henry L. tailor, 73 s Greene 
Buehler Tlios. carpenter, 165 German 
Buehler Wm. jr. clerk, l.-'2 Franklin 
Buehler Wm. tobacconist, 159 Franklin, dw 182 
Buehner Otto, teacher, Wilkens ur HoUins 
Buenger Albert S. huckster. 89 s Spring 
Buenger John. booi6tter, 126 s Spring 
Buenger John H. shoemaker, 89 s Spring 
Buenger Sebasiian, bricklayer, 126 s Spring 
Buetncr Conrad, tailor, 5 New 
Buelsheim Henry, helper, Bolton depot 
Buffalo Wm. laborer, 7 .Byrd 
BuflSngtcm Hickman E. bookkeeiier, 100 w 

Bufflow John, laborer, 104 L;»ncaster 
B'ifier Edwaid, bricklayer, 128 s Washington 
Buf'.er Elijah, stable boss, 128 s Washington 
Bufier Juhn, laborer, 30« Canton av 
Bugel John, helper, 150 s Wolfe 
Buhifrock Dominick, laborer, 411 Aliceanna 
Buhl B ilthaser, tailor, 2 Newman ct 
Buhl Henry, cabinetmaker, 258 s Sharp 
Buhler Christian, (Kraft & B.) Highland av and 

Buhlman Frank, carpenter, 243 Frederick av 
Buhlier V^^Ientii'ie, 411 n Gay 
Buhmau Christopher, engineer, 14 Diamond 
Buhman Daniel, shoemaker, 269 s Charles 
Buhmau Henry, shoemaker, 269 s Charles 
Buhman Wm. laborer, 383 s Charles 
Buhsy Chas. teacher, 234 n Central av 
Building Committee New City Hall, office cor 

HoUidav and Lexington 
Buim Richard, paiuier, 53 Portland 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, cScc. 


I CO.V.-T.AXri.Y F.iR S.\LE 

I Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

i Kosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Bujac Alfred, teacher, 236 w Holiuiau 

Bujac Mrs. A. 138 St. Paul 

Buker Thos. blacksmith, Mt. Vernon Mills 

Bukoffskey Geo.H. puddler, Potomac nr Hudson 

Bulack Frank, shoemaker, 81 n Ann 

Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 244 w Pratt 

Bulack Michael, shoemaker, 195 Lee 

Buley Jlrs. Elizabeth, 324 e Madison 

Bnlgan H. Henry, paver, 336 Mulberry 

Bulger James, stonecutter. Bulls Head hotel 

Bulger John, Avheehvright, Hampden 

Bulger John B. stonecutter, 24 e Baltimore 

Bull Alfred S. salesman, 130 Townsend 

Bull Amelia, 210 n Bond 

Bull Asahel H. carpenter, 72 Block 

Bull Dr. Benj. H. D. 79 n Paca 

Bull Elijah, carpenter. 171 German 

Bull Edmund. 127 n Eutaw 

Bull Frank, laborer, 323 Cathedral 

Bull Francis M. clerk. 130 Townsend 

Bull Geo. W. carp. 29 Wolfe n of Monument 

Bull Rev. John W. 41 s Sharp 

Bull John, switch tender, 18 Bolton 

Bull Joseph L. provisions, 91 n Caroline 

Bull Mary A. 210 n Bond 

Bull Milton, carpenter, 696 w Baltimore 

Bull Nicholas H. carpenter, Drnidville 

Bull Nicholas S. weaver. Drnidville 

Bull Wm. C. clerk, 234 n Charles 

Bull Wm. K. teamster, lf)3 Greenmount av 

Bullen Henrv. fireman. 181 s Paca 

Bullen Mrs. Mary, 181 s Paca 

Bullen Wm. conductor, Adams nr Fremont 

BuUinger Barliara. 2 Young 

Bullinger Catherine, huckstress, 2 Young 

Bullock C. K. salesman, Fountain hotel 

Bullock Daniel, potter, 287 e Lombard 

Bullock .Mrs. Ella, 382 vv Fayette 

Bullock Francis S. (Loud, Claridge & Co.) 326 

c Pratt 
Bullock H. C. sewing machines, 600 w Balti- 
more, dw 398 
Bullock John & Son,(Kazwell J. and Joseph L. 
Bullock) glue, neats foot oil and ground bone 
manufs. Washington rd nr city limits 
Bullock John S. (Denson, B. & Quincy) 653 w 

Bullock Jos. L. (J. B. & Son) 247 Columbia 
Bullock Kaswell J. (J. B. & Son) 339 Columbia 
Bullock Mrs. Rhoda, 243 Columbia 
Bull's Head Hotel, 130 n Front, Stephen Gill, 

Buman Christ, blacksmith, 14 Diamond 
Bump Geo C. & Co. (G. C. & J. L. Bump) gro- 
ceries and provisions, Eutaw and Preston 
Bump Geo. C. (J. L. B. 8c Co. and G. C. Bump 

& Co.) 206 Linden av 
Bump Jesse E. carpenter, Madeira al nr Pratt, 

dw 88 s Caroline 
Bump Josepluis L. & Co. '{J. L. and Geo. C. 

Bump) provisions, 206 Linden av 
Bump Samuel C. carpenter, 468 Chester 

For Cotton, Corn & Tobacco. Horner's Fertilizers, 




Bump Jos. L. (J. L. B. k Co. and G. C. B. & 

Co.) 228 Franklin 
BU.MP ORLANDO F. attorney and register in 

iiankruptcv, 15 St. Paul, dw 60 
Bumsiarten, Adam, shoemaker, 91 Johnson 
Bunce Andrew J. sergeant police, 2G2 Green- 
mount av 
Bunce Charles, laborer, 130 Harford av 
Bunce David, coarlitriinmcr. Oxford, York rd 
Bunce Hannah E., Jlonnnicnt and Harford av 
Bunce John, blacksmith, 139 e .Madison 
Bunce John, coachpainter, 232 e Chase 
Bunce Mrs. Mary, coufiction'y, 318 Harford av 
Bunce Maroraret, beer, 36 Prt-sident 
Bunce Richard, bricklayer, 318 Harford av 
15nnce John, painter. 232 c Chase 
Bunce Thos. lal)orer. 021 Peiina av 
Bunce \Vm. H, teamster, Hampden 
Bunch Joshua J. fisherman, 1,58 Johnson 
Bundle John, ra<rs, 221 Frederick av 
Bundschu Sophie, 182 William 
Bundschue Louis, cooper, 189 e liombard 
Bunger Charles, lab. 297 s Bond 
Bunn Nicholas, 3.")5 s Charles 
Bunn Pliilip, well digocer, 42 Abey al 
liunnecke Geo. (J. Stratmeyer, G. B.) 44 s 

Bunnell Geo. S. ovster packer, 208 Gougrh 
Bunnell Lucas P. oyster jjacker, Gough nr 

Buntintr Edward, printer, lu3 n Poppleton 
Buntinj; Chas. H. music teacher,348 vv Lombard 
Bunting C. L. (T. C. B. ^- Sons) 87 s Sharp 
Bunting Geo. (T. C. B. 4- Sons) 87 s Sharp 
Bunting Geo. butter, 404 e .Monument 
Bunting Geo. R. clerk, 8(i e Pratt 
Bunting J.J. & Co. (J.J. Bunting, G. R. Daw- 
son) merchant tailors, 10 St. Paul 
Bunting J. J. & Co. (J. J. Bunting, E. F. Na- 

muth) merchant tailors. 3 and 4 North 
Bunting John, fireman, 202 s .Ann 
Bunting John IL police, 214 William 
Bunting John, police, 214 William 
Bunting John C. gas works. 348 w Lombard 
Bunting John J. (J.J.B. & Co.) .365 w Fayette 
Bunting J. O. dancing acsidemy, Le.xington 

and St. Paul, dw 189 e Baltimore 
Bunting Mrs. Mar^raret. 103 n Po|iplcton 
Bunting Cai)t. Roliert W. 76 William 
Jiunting Smith, packer, 103 n Poppleton 
Bunting T. C. & Sons, (T. C, G. T., & C. L. 

BuntinuO com. trerchants, 194 w Pratt 
Bunting Thomas G.(T.C.B. & Sons)87 s Sharp 
Jiuntiiig Wesley, 404 e Monument 
Bunting Wm. H. (Bri;in k B.) 418 w Fayette 
Bunting Wm. J. 34S w Lombard 
Bunizinthal Franklin, grocery, 37 Rose 
Bupii Wm. H. shocfitier, 293 w Pratt 
Burbage Mrs. Anna .M. 190 .-Msquith 
Burbage John E. silesman, 196 .Aisquith 
Burbank l^eouard, salesman, 207 w Fayette 
Burch Francis A. shipjoiner. 3 s Caroline 
Burcli lleton, salesman, 30 Mulberry 
Burch James, mariner, 41 llamliurg 
Burch Jas. A. salesman, 30 .Mulberry 
Burch Luc\ E. 148 e Lombard 
Burch Dr. Jas. C. 141 Hanover 
Burch .Marion K.(Kleine k B.) 212 n Broadway 
Burch .Mrs. .Mary A. confect'ry, 314 Mulberry 
Burch Wm. .^^ dep. inspec. tobacco, 99 s Paca 
Burchinal W. D. asst. cashier C. H. 148 w 

Burch Thos. B. clerk C. H. 212 n Broadway 

Burchstead Sojihia, 220 Aisquith 

Burck Martin, brassfini.^her, 55 s Central av 

Burdick John, 153Raborg 

Bureau James, shoemaker, 97 Lancaster 

Bu'-di'ii r>enedick B. laborer, 83 s S])ring 

Burdelt Edwin, cop..plate maker, 304 Lexington 

Burfford P. F. bruslimaker. 23 n Paca 

Burg Carl 0. prof, of languages. 3><0 Aisquith 

Burgan Mrs. Ann J. teacher, 101 e Baltimore 

Burgan John, huckster, 317 Greenmount av 

Burgan Matthew, -laboicr, 12Buren 

Burgan Philip, bliicksmith. Belair av est 

Burgan Thos. painter. 92 McElderry 

Burgard Geo. carpenter, 2()5 s Wolfe 

Burgee Elizibctli. Hampden 

Burgee Howard F., Hampden 

Burgee Wm. H. carpenter, Hampden 

Burger Chas. baker. 30 Leadenhall 

Burger Christian, lab. 41 Bank 

Burger Mrs, Carolin*^, 202 E islern av 

Burger (\)nrad, sr. cattle driver, Payson 

Burger Conrad, salesman, Lombard nr Payson 

Burger Frank J. glassblower, Stockholm bet 

Eutaw and Russell 
Burger Fredk. carpenter. 10 Shakespeare 
Burger Gotleib, laborer, 393^ Canton av 
Burger Gustav, florist, 208 Greenmount av 
Burger Heniy, dry goods and varieties, 206 S 

Burger John, blacksmith. 114Hambnrg 
Bnrsfer John, manuf. Weiss beer, 22 Thames, 
■ dw 82 Block 

Burger Simon, cabinetmaker, 40 Harrison 
Bnrgert John, shoemaker, 155 s Chester 
Burgess Amos, 231 n Fremont 
Burgess Barnev, huckster, 405 s Eutaw 
Burgess B. T. '(C.JY.B. & Sons) and treas. Old 

TownSavingInst.lG2n Gay,dw 190 e Fayette 
Burgess Benj patternmaker, 45 s Poppleton 
Buiiiess Caleb H. and John, silverplaters, rear 

143 w Fayette 
Burgess Cal'b H.(C.n.& J.Burgcss)450 Le.xingn 
Burgess Chas. R. merchant tailor, 169 w Lom- 
bard, dw n e cor .Mulberrv and Greene 
Burgess C. W. cj- Sous (B. T. & S. 0. Burgess) 

grocers, 166 n Gay 
Burgess David, laborer, 3 China 
Burgess -Mrs. Elizabeth, 303 Aisquith 
Burgess Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 Pearl 
BURGESS & EVANS, (T. H. Burgess. C. H. 

ICvans) wholesale produce, 152 w Pratt 
Burgess Edwin K.'231 n Fremont 
Burgess Geo. R. clerk, 328 w Fayette 
Burgess Isaiah P. (Andrews & Co. J247 Saratoga 
Burgess James R. carpenter. lOo (^hesnut 
Burgess John, (Caleb H. & John B.) 13 Rock 
Burgess Jolin H. machinist, 5 Parrish 
Burgess Joseph, cabinetmaker, 11 Sterrett 
Burgess Leander, wheelwright, 699 w Ldinbnrd 
Burgess LiOMii, uplmlsterer, 26 n Liberty 
Burgess Mrs. JIary, 51 s Gilmor 
Burgess & Mercier, (Rebecca Burgess, Rachel 

Mercier) dressmakers, 39 Pearl 
Burgess Millard F. clerk, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Oweti D. silverplater, 95 n Schroeder 
Burgess Rebecca. (Burffe.«s k .Mercier) 39 Pearl 
Burgess Saml. 0.(C. W. B. & Soiis)165nExeter 
Burgess Spencer, stonecutter, 18 n Schroeder 
Burgess Steidien F. agrcl.implts. 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Theodore H. clerk, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Thos. brickmaker. 24 Washington av 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay, and Cor. Chew and Stirlinc:. 



Bui'(re?sT. li. (Burgess & Kvaiis) Patteiion ;iv 

Burge:iS Win., n \v corfSretiie and .MuIIjcrry 
Burj^esS '\ in. iijr:.itr, !.")0 liank 
Burgess Win. c:U()enter, iOt) Chesnut 
Burgess Win. lilauksmilli, 4Tu \v Lonih.ud 
Burgess Win. S. iiouUkei-jier, 150 w Towusend 
Burgess Wm. salesmmi, 2'J n Liberty 
Buri:ess Win. G. clerk, i^G n LUierty 
Bnr:_'css \Vni. Iiookkeeiier, 354 ii Central av 
Burgejs Win. jr. (Uolladay & B.)4t)5 vv Fayette 
Burgess Wni. T. patternmaker. 429 \v l>(jiiil>aid 
Burgesser II. y. freight agent, 100 Xoitli, dw 

41 Bruiie 
Burgett Gt-o. 47 .Mcllenry 
Burgetl Ninnud, driver, TOj ii Foppleton 
Burghoff Anthony, hiborer. lu'i s Howard 
Burgmeier Ballhasar, sawyer, l.'AJ Bank 
Burguiider A. halter. Howard house 
Buigunder, Ainl)acli ifc (Jo.) B. IJurgiuider, .M. 

Ainhacli, D. Ambach) wiiulesale elotliiers, 5 

Burguiider Binj. (B., Ambach k Co.)42sSharp 
Burguuder 6c, Greenliaum, (.J. liurgunder, W. 

Greeiiljaum) wholes, clothiers. 255 w Baltimore 
Bur-^uniler Henry, bookkee[ier, 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder Jos.(B.A: Greenl^auin)239wLomb.ird 
Burguuder .Meyer, (.M. B. i Bro. |55wB!tltim()re 
Buigunder Moses, (.M. B. it Bro. j55wBaltiiii(jre 
Burguuder .M. & Bro. (.Meyer B., Moses B.J 

batters, 112 w Ball in. ore 
Burguuder Siimuel, clerk, 42 s .Sharp 
BurgunderSiiiiC II. boots and s hoes, 55 w Hall imore 
Buigwyii Wui. 11. S. utlorney, cor Calvert and 

S.ii-titoga, dw 118 St. Paul 
Burg^v W. C'tjrwin, importer and wholesale 

gioceis' articles, teas. &c. 79 n Charles 
Burk Augusta, 28 Aitqiiith 
Burk Coruelius, tavern, ;i5(i s liond 
Burk iiliza, servant, Mt. \'eruon hotel 
Burk -Mrs. Ellen, 132 s Washington 
Buik John, laborer. 85 ^'ork 
Burk J(dni, laborer, ;-;y4 s Charles 
Burk .John, labou-r, 132 s Washington 
Burk .Joiin, hariiessumker. 147 Forrest 
Burk John, grocery, Hull iir Xiciiolsou 
Burk .Margaret, nurse, 37 Mci ulloh 
Burk Patrick, laborer, 59 Portland 
Burk Wm. Hour and feed, 55 s Central av 
Burkaiiip Frmcis, 2o3 Uruid Hill av 
Burkard Joseph, saddler, 27 3 Regester 
Burkart Ernest, cabiuetinaker, Harford av ur 

city limits 
Burkart Frederick, laborer, 80 Snmer.set 
Burkart Jacob, milk, 80 Somerset 
Buikart Philip, giinsmiili, 506 w Baltimore 
Burke Adam, shucker, Burke iir( anion av 
Burke Dr. Alouzo J. deniisi,over49w Baltimore, 

dw lol s Gilnior 
Burke Mrs. Alice, tavern, 93 Elliott 
Burke Mrs. Anna, varieties, 354 Mulberry 
Burke Bridget, grocer.\, 74 York 
Burke Mrs. Catherine, 9 Cornet 
Buike Chas. E. stonecutter, 69 O.xford 
Burke Donduick, patternmaker, 37 s Carey 
Burke I-^dward, laborer, 40 Lee 
Burke Edward A. plumber, 2 Albemarle 
Burke Edward, laborer, 26 s U'ashiugton 
Burke Elizabeth, 193 Vine 
Burke Elizai.eth, tavern, 143 e Pratt 
Burke Elizabeth, laundress, 178 L. Hughes 
Burke Edward A. plumber, 2 Albemarle 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 


C()\ST.\.\ri,V KOK S\I.K 

Clover, Timothy Soad, &e. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Burke Ezekiel. plasterer. 127 n Kdeii 

Hiirke (Jeo. machinist, 162 German 

Burke (!eo. II. laborer, 409 s Charles 

Burke Geo. T. clerk, Brown's hotel 

Burke Henry, shoemaker. 92 Low 

Burke lienry, tavern. How.-ird and Barre 

Burke Henry, bricklayer, 70 Eastern av 

Burke Henry jr. clerk, 249 s Charles 

Burke Henry, jiajier hanger, 249 s Charles 

Burke Jacob W. ciuarniaker, 165 Preston 

Burke Jacob W., 69 O.Ktbrd ' 

Burke James, laborer, 81 Luzerne 

Burke James, laborer, 124 s Durham 

Burke James, laborer, 38 n Chajjcl 

Burke James, 11 Carllon 

l»urke .Mrs Joanna, grocery. 7 .lenkin? al 

Burke John, laborer, 132 s Washington 

Burke .Inlin, fireman, 30 s Oregon 

Burke John, laborer, 350 sBoiid 

liurke Juhii, porter, 132 s Washington 

Burke John, blacksmilli. 32G s Bond 

Burke Jcdin. shij)smiih, Wolfe nr Shakspear 

Buike John, laliorer, 22 s Front 

Burke John H. II. feed and liq'rs, 580 w Pratt 

Burke John, tavern, Howard and Barre 

Burke John, blucksniiih, 223 s Ann 

liurke Juhn 11. clerk, 58<i w Pratt 

Burke John (.).i»atterianaker,('lint(iii ,iinl Bostoir 

liurke Jordan .M. teller, 76 n Liberty 

Burke Mrs. Julia, confect'y, 126 s Washington 

Burke Lewis, clerk, 11 n Spring 

Buike .Mrs. .Margaret, 545 w Lombard 

Burke .Margaret, grocery, 22 s Caroline 

Burke .Mrs. Margaret, 160 German 

Burke .Mrs. .Mutha, 545 w Lomljaid 

Burke .Mrs. .Mary, laundress, 3 Jenkins al 

Burke Mrs. Mary, 144 German 

Burke -Michael, fireman, .McIIeiiry nr .Monroe 

Burke .Michael, laborer, 37 Foslvr al 

liurke .Michael, clerk, 354 .Mulberry 

Burke .Michael, laborer, 74 York 

Burke .Michael, laborer, 5 .-\bbot 

Burke .Michael, luoulder, 193 Vine 

Burke Uliver S. constable and collector, 47 a 

iMiiaw. dw 215 Mulberry 
]5urke Owen, laborer, 7 Jenkins al 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 78 Towson 
Burke Patrick H. restaurant, 85i n Gay 
Burke liachel, 168 Stirling 
Burke Richard, laborer, 14 Gould la 
Burke Richard, hacks, 28 n Poppleton, dw 13 

n Amity 
Burke Kichard, tinner, 101 Mullikin 
Buike Bichard, tinner, 14 L'nion al 
Burke Robert, laborer, 93 Elliott 
Burke Mrs. Sarah, 127 n Eden 
Burke St. (.M. E.) Chapel, Burke nr Canton av 
Burke .Mrs. Susan, 218 Raljorg 
Burke Tlios. L. salesman, 106 Bond 
Burke Thos. shoemaker, 218 Scott 
Burke Tho3. laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 

Hors3s Bonsrlit and Sold on Commission. 




liurke Thos. painter, 525 Lexington 
Burke Thus, caulker, 178 L. Hughes 
Burke Thos. bricklayer, 13 Arbel al 
]}urke Tluis. E. constable, 2 Albeuiaile 
Burke Tobias, cooper, 11 n Spring 
Burke Win. laborer, 97 s Wolfe 
Burke Win. laborer, 1)2 Block 
Burke Wni. engineer, 3G2 Ramsay 
Burke Wm. clerk, II n Spring 
J)Urke Will. R. butcher, 1 Anthony 
Jiurke Win. inarimr, (J7 Albemarle 
Burke Win. patternmaker, I GO German 
Burke Andrew J. police, 202 Greeninount av 
Burke .Mrs. E., 256 Greeninouul av 
BuikeJas.B.niorocco dresser, 256Greentnountav 
Burke James II. laborer, Mt. Vernon mills 
Burke Joseph 8. bricklayer, Giluior iir Mosher 
Buike .Mrs. .Mary J. dressmaker, 297 Aisquilh 
Burke \\ in. J. laborer, 15 I'arkin 
Burke William, laboier, 73 s Chapel 
Burker .Mary, 80 Abbot 

Burker Thos. engraver, Mount nr Lexington 
Burkert (Jlias. tailor, 216 u Eden 
Burkert Jos. laborer, 217 William 
BurketlFied. laborer, 126.Mclienry 
Burlveli Mrs. .Mary, 420 \v Lombard 
J5urkhard .-Vlbert, cout'eclionery, 197 Conway 
JJiirkhard Alexander, tailor, 24S n Bond 
iturkhurd .-Vlfred, clerk, 197 Conway 
Buriiliard Conrad, stevedore, 57 s Jiegester 
Burkhard David, cigarmuker, 53 s Baca 
Burkhard Geo. laborer, 34 Port 
Burkliard .\lrs. Meiia, confect'y 197 Conway 
Burkhard Peter, china and glass,2ll Eastern av 
Jjurkluudl Frederick, laborer, 8u tiomerset 
Burkliardl Jacob, milk, 80 Somerset 
BurkhardL Conrad, butcher.Balto. Cemeterj la 

ur A'oriliern av 
Biakiiardi John, laborer, 80 Somerset 
J5urkhardL Michael, laborer, 56 Battel son Park ar 
Burkhardt Philip, gunsmith, 566 w Baltimore 
Burkliarl Jacob, gardener, Vork rd n of North- 
ern av 
Burkhai t Mary H. dressmaker, 107 Lee 
iiuikliarl Theodore S. laborer, 107 Lee 
Burkhart W^in. liquoi', Fayette and Caroline 
Biirklieinier & Bro. (L. <5t B. Burkheiiner) bak- 
ery 4 n High 
Biirkheimer Balthaser, (Burkheiiner & Bro) 4 

n High 
Burkheiiner Leonard, (Burkheiiner & Bro.) 4 

n High 
Burkins Chas. H., C. IL, Hampden 
Burkius Joseph, waichmaii, Woodberry 
Burkins Win. police, 498 w Lombard 
Burkley CLias. manner, ^93 Canton av 
Burkiey Geo. hodcarrier, 38.J Canton av 
Bnrley James, agent, 369 e Eager 
Burkinan Chas. U. carpenter, 33 Haubert 
liurkman John, tailor, 261 Hanover 
Jiurknicyer Wm. grocery, 550 w Pratt 
Burlage Geo. laUortr, Warerly, York rd 
Burla^e John, laborer, Waverly, York rd 
Bnrleigh Fred, shoemaker, 43 s Wolfe 
Burleigh Joseph B. jr. oyster packer, Mount nr 

Burley Geo. helper, Bolton depot 
Biirley Henry W. shoemaker, 350 n Regester 
Burley Wm. machinist, Schroeder nr Lombard 
IJurlock, Philip, laborer, 447 Canton av 
Burinan Erut'sl H. coufec'y, 612 w Fayette 

Biirman Geo. L. (B. & SvHi) 56 s Republican 
Burman Jeremiah, (B. & Son) 56 s Republican 
Bnrmaii John H. confec'r, 612 w Fayette 
Burman .Mrs. ilarg't dressmkr, 56 s Republican 
Burman & Son, (Jeremiah & Geo. L. B.) pain- 
ters, 56 s Republican 
Burmeisier Chas. mariner, 114 Thames 
Buruieisler Fred'k, laborer, 89^ Thames 
Burmeister Fred'k, restaurant, 114 Thames 
Burn Ellen A. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
! Burn Geo. W. ouster siiueker, 226 Bank 
Burn Hannah E. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
JUiru Henry, barrels, 173 e I'ratt 
Burn Jas. .W. shipcarp, 326 Eastern av 
Burn Mary, cook, 672 Lexington 
Burn Bobt. shipcarp. 226 Bank 
Burn Wm. 11. S. oyster packer, 226 Gough 
Burn Wm. H. 11. shipcarp. 226 iiank 
Buriiap Mrs. Geo. W. 45 n Calvert 
Buriiell Eli, clerk, 106 w Fiiyette 
Burnes Chas. H. laborer, 98 Stiles 
Burneston Franklin, fisherman, 58 .Alberniarle 
Biirneston Joseph, carpenter, 58 Albermarle 
Burneston Wm. carpenter, 269 Eastern av 
lUirneit Edgar R. clerk, cor Strieker and 

Patterson av 
Burnett Elijah, (sec. of the Bryant, Stratton & 

Sadler college) 944 w Baltimore 
Burnett Geo.G. timekeeper B. & 0. R. R.,557 

vv Lombard 
BurnetiGeo.U.driver, Laudwebr'sIanrFredk rd 
Burnett Geo, H. carpenter, 30 Gough 
Burnett Geo. R. clerk, Strieker ur Patterson av 
Burnett Jlrs. Jane, confec'y, 188 e Baltimore 
Burnett Mrs. Jane, 58 n Eden 
Burnett Joliii, driver, 25 L. Gough 
Burnett John, laborer, 182 Gougli 
Burnett Joseph P. jr. police, 202 Aisquitb 
Burnett Joseph sr. clerk, 202 Aisquita 
Burnett Luciiida A. 58 n Eden 
Burnett .M. D. clerk, 77 n Central av 
Burnett iiaria A., Republican and Adams 
Burnett .Madame, ladies doctor, over 12 Edward 
Buriieti Maria L. teacher,- 58 n Eden 
Burnett .Mary I'i. teacher, 58 n Eden 
Burnett Michael D. watchman, 77 n Central av 
Burnett ^Mrs. -Nannie, board'g, 176 w Lomliard 
Burnett Nelson P. carp. Mcllenry nr Muiiroe 
Burnett O. P. com. merchi. 3 Holliugsworth, 

dw 176 w Lombard 
Burnett Philiii, mariner, 188 e Baltimore 
Burnett Samuel, (S. iiurnett & Co.) Anne 

Arundel co 
Burnett Samuel & Co. (S. liurnelt, S. S. Lin- 

thicumj lumber cor. Greene and Pratt 
Burnett S. Rowe & Co.,(S. R.Burnett, JohnR. 

Larus) com. mcrehts, 15 Patterson 
Burnett S. Rowe, (S. R. B. ^- Co.) Park av nr 

BuriK-tt Washington, clerk, 75 Frederick av 
Burnett Win. A. 58 n Eden 
Burnliam Capt. Enoch, mariner, 356 e Baltimore 
Burnhaiu Emory, clerk, 16 I'earl 
Burnhani Geo. jr. (E. .M. Lang & Co.) Maine 
Buriihaiu John VV. Hiinraiiigs, &c., 114 Lex- 
ington, dvv 356 e Baltimore 
Burnliam Jesse, ( W. J. B. Ji* Bro.) 74 n Pme 
Burnham John, shoemaker, 167 Cliesnut 
Burnliam John F. milk, 189 n Caroline 
Burnliam .Mrs. .Mary E. 3.">6 e Baltimore 
Buriihaiii .Mrs. KeLiLCca, 15 Chatsworth 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 
BUR ~95 BUR 

Burnbtim Wm. Joshua, {\\m. J. B. k Bro.) 74 

n Pine 
Bui'nhara \Ym. J. (Wra. J. Biirnliam & Bro.) 

74 Pine 
Burnham Wm. J. & Bro, (W.J. ^ J. B.) black- 

smitlis and shoers. 48 n Paca 
Burnham Wilson, 27.3 n Eutaw 
Burninghani John, piasrterer, 128 Mosher 
Burns Adam, huckster, 232 Franklin 
Burns Allen, moulder, ]02 Scott 
Burns Andrew, carter, 172 s Central av 
Burns Andrew, shoefitter, 83 n Eutaw 
Burns Bartley, grocer}', 39 Biddle al 
Burns Bernard, laborer, 14 Stirling 
Burns Bridget, 177 Aliceanna 
Burns Mrs. Bridget, grocery-, 36 Harford av 
Burns Chas.W.H. glass stainer,333e Jlonument 
Burns Chas. W. medical student, 333 e Mon- 

Burus Daniel, laborer, 5.54 Division 
Burns Daniel, laborer, 274 Batter}' av 
Burns Daniel, carter, 9 Armistead la 
Burns Dennis, police, 99 Granby 
Burns Edward, painter, lo] n Schroeder 
Burns Edward, hats and caps, 40 and 42 Cen- 
tre Market space 
Burns Edward, (Creuej& B.) 33 Orleans 
Burns Edward, clerk, 85 s Exeter 
Burns Elizabeth, 79 Somerset 
Burus Eliza L. 6 Adams 
Burns Ellen, 274 Batiery av 
Burns Findley H. (Wilson, B. & Co.) 250 

Druid Hill av 
Burns Francis jr. (Wilson, B. & Co.) 168 w 

Burns Francis sr. 168 w Fayette 
Burns Fredk. coachmaker, 69 L. Church 
15urns Geo. W. machinist, 467 w Lombard 
Burns Geo. porter, 17 Bicuk 
Burns Geo. W. (Kugler & B.) 301 Lexington 
Burns Henry, barrels, Pratt nr High, dw 173 e 

Burns Henry, clerk, 281 n Gay 
Burns Henry, l;il)orer, 173 e Pratt 
Burns Henry, police. 111 e Eager 
Burns Horace V. clerk, 156 Pearl 
Burns I. flaleigh, agent, 224 n Central av 
Burns Mrs. Isabella, grocery, 69 L. Cliurcb 
Burns James, laborer, 61 s Castle 
Burns James, cooper, 35 e Pratt 
Burus James, blacksmith, 287 McHenry 
Burns John, laborer, 12 n Poiipleton 
Burns John, grocery, 25 Barnet 
Burns John, laborer, 61 s Castle 
Burns John, laborer, Shields al nr Greenwillow 
Burns John, tailor, 70 Orlciins 
Burns John J. mariner, 88 Granby 
Burns John T. 135 Orleans 
Burns John, bricklayer, 22 Thames 
Burns Joseph, driver, .87 s Spring 
Burns-Joseph, shoemaker, 47 Henrietta 
Burns Kate, chambermaid, Fountain hotel 
Burns Lackey, laborer, 64 Durst al 
Burns .Mrs. M.irtha, 324 n Central av 
Burii8 Mrs. Mary, 61 s Castle 
Burns Mary E. 73 s Si)ring 
Burns Martin E. moulder, 1 Webb 
Burns Mary, 64 Durst al 
Burns Michael, painter, 21 n Paca 
Burns Michael, police, 4o7 w Pratt 
Burns Michael, laborer, 350 William 
Burns Michael, carter, 190 s Bethel 

Burns Michael, laborer, 69 n Schroeder 

Burns Michael, carter, 172 s Central av 

Burns Michael, jr. laborer, 348 William 

Burns Michl. laborer.Shieldsal nr Greenwillow 

Burns Miles, laborer, 79 Union 

Burns Nicholas, plasterer, 104 York 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 39 Stockton al 

Burns Patrick, cooper, 35 e Pratt 

Burns Patrick, coal oil refiner, 133 Battery ar 

Burns Patrick, carter, 2 L. Church 

Burns Patrick, machinist, Union hotel 

Burns Patrick, drayman, 34 St. Mary 

Burns Patrick, tailor, 70 Orleans 

Burus Patrick, laborer, 46 Tj-son 

Burns Patrick, moulder, 117 Harford av 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 292 Johnson 

Burns Paul 0.(Dulaney ^ Co. ) 324 u Caroline 

Burns Peter, porter, 133 Thames 

Burns Peter, drayman, 108 Townsend 

Burns Richard, caulker, 62 William 

Burus Rbt.bak'r,Fountain hot'l.dw 240 Germnn 

Burns Robt. (Snead & Co.) 564 Lexington 

Burns Mrs. R. K. 156 Pearl 

Burrjs Robt. A. saddle and harnessmaker, rear 

Eutaw house, dw 564 Lexington 
Burns Robt. E. B. blacksmith, 443 w Lombard 
Burns Robt. K. student, 156 Pearl 
Burns Samuel S. carpenter, 401 s Charles 
BURNS, RUSSELL & CO. (Wm. F. Burns, A. 
H. Russell) brick manufs. office 30 Columbia 
yard Washington rd nrHarman's long b'dge 


Lumber Dealers, | 

Burns Saml. (B. & aiy-^n) ,33 ^t. Paul 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 36 Harford av 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 24 Washington 

Burns Thomas, hostler, 12 Fall 

Burns Thomas, blacksmith, 10 Willow 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 33 n Dallas 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 120 s av 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 89 North 

Burns Wm. machinist, Druidvillc 

Burns Wra. salesman, s Central av bet Bank 

and Eastern av 
Burns Wm. carpenter, 52 McMechin 
Burns W. E. blacksmith, Clinton nr Boston 
Burns VVm. E. bricklaj-er, 247 Lee 
Burns VVm. F. blacksmiih.Hamburg and Cross, 

dw 467 vf Lombard 
Burns Wm. laborer, McHenry nr Monroe 
Burns Wm. F.(B., Russell & Co. )318 Madison av 
Burns Wm. J. carpenter, 43 Gittings 
Burnstein Mrs. C. notions, 176Raborg 
Burntz Edward, brakeman, Franklin house 
Burrier Christopher, tinner. 247 n Eden 
Burrier Chas. T. butcher, 247 n Eden 
Bnrrier Elizabeth, boarding, Clii>per Mills 
Burrier Esau, miller, Washington av 
Burrier Esau, Mt. Vernon Mills 
liurrier John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco Sustain, 




Burrier Julin R. colLiimnker, 291 e Madison 
Diirrier Ju5eph, wlieehvriglit, 171 Orleans 
liunier llavinond, bricklayer, 247 a Eden 
Burrier Robert K., Ciiiqier Mills 
Burlier Win. clerk, 171 Urleans 
Burrier Wm. H. oveisecrUliiii)er Mills, Calverton 
Burris James H. car driver, 2518 Canton av 
Burris James H. coal oil, ll!l s Cliester 
Burris Jolin, tavern, 7 Centre Market space 
Burris Margaret A. seamstress, Washington av 

nr tollgate 
BURUOUGII BROS. (E. E. & H. Burrough,) 
manufs. fluid and solid extracts, 14 s Charles 
Burrough E. E. (B. Bros.) Reading, Pa 
Bnrrough 11. (B. Bros.) 378 w Lombard 
Burrough Jacob, lumber, 5 PostoflBce av, dw 

G8 .Maryland av 
Burrough Susan, 18 New Church 
Burroughs Capt. James H. M. mariner, Madi- 
son e of Regester 
Burrows Franlc M., 266 e Biddle 
Burrows James, butcher, 19 Centre and 21 Han- 
over mkts.dw 99 Peiina av 
Burruss Henry L. paper car'r, 480 w Lombard 
Burruss John L. laborer, 480 w Lombard 
Burruss Wm. plasterer, Govanstown 
Bursiiall Geo. lal)orer, 43 Edward 
Burt Alfred P. 82 e Baltimore 
Burton Ann, boarding, 50 Barre 
Burton Basil, weaver, Woodberry 
Burton Chas. (Lowe & B.) 254 e Biddle 
Burton C. C. auctioneer, 344 w Lombard 
Burton C. C. horses, 238 w Fayette 
Burton Mrs. Edwin S. 12 Laurel 
Burton IClijah, trimmings, 418 n Gay 
Burton Mrs. Elizabeth J. dressmk'r, 69 n Cen- 
tral av 
Burton Mrs. Ellen, tailoress, 46 e Eager 
Burton Franklin, carpenter, 2() Scott 
Burton F. brukeman, 150 Ramsay 
Burton Geo. laljorer, Belair av ext 
Burton .Mrs. Joinna, coufcct'y, 253 s Eutaw 
Burton John, slipper m iker, 42 Orhans 
Burton John B. clerk, .■)44 w Lombard 
Burton Joseph, clerk, 52 s Sharj) 
Burton ilary F. dressmaker, 54 Preston 
Burton Ur. 0. A. dentist, 17 a Howard 

BURTON Dr. O. A. Dentist, 17 n 

Burton Robert, clerk, Belair av ext 
Burton Robert, collector, 254 George 
Burton Robert C. clerk, 344 w Lombard 
Burton Robert F. clerk, 280 e Baltimore 
Burton Robert H. conductor, 50 Barre 
Burton Sam'l, dollar store, 26 w Pratt, dw 216 

Penna av 
Burlon Thos. C. steam dyer, 121 Lexington 
Burton Thos. painter, 324 e Monument 
BURTUN TIIUM.\S, proi)rietor Black Horse 

hotel, 111 u High 
Burton Wm. gatekeeper, Belair rd 
Burton Wm. .M. mortice cutter, 9 Scott 
Bury Francis, lal)or»ir, 88 St. Peter 
Bury Kiton, 94 St. Peter 
Bury Kitau, flour and feed, 202 Columbia 
Burx Conrad, baker, 3 s Front 
Busby James, 68 n Dallas 
Busby Robert, bakery, 125 e Baltimore 
Busch A. V. bookkeeper, 440 Light 

Biisch Bernard, lager beer, 406 Harford av 
Busch Bernard, caliinettnaker, 39 e Monument 
Biisch Charles, piano maker, 393 w Pratt 
Busch .Mrs. Elizabeth, tailore.^s, 182 Madeira al 
Bu,-ch k. Collins, (G.'W. Busch, Henry Collins) 

brickmakers, Elizabeth la nr Gittings 
Busch George, barkeeper, 231 n Central av 
Busch George E. ropeniaker, 235 n Central av 
Busch Geo. L. cigarmaker, 90 Leadeiihall 
Busch Geo. W. (B. &. Collins,) Ferry Bar house. 
dw 494 Light 

Busch , cabinetmaker, 152 Eastern av 

Busch Henry, carpenter, 7 New Church 

Busch Henry, laborer, 58 West 

Busch Henry, laborer, West nr William 

Busch Henr^', laborer, 66 Towson 

Busch Henry, laborer, 296 Johnson 

Busch Henry, blaiksmith, West nr Hanover 

Busch Henry, carpenter, 7 New Church 

Busch iieinian, hardware, 316 s 15ond 

Busch John H. stonemason, 102 St. Peter 

Busch John sr. carter, 4 Somerset 

Busch John jr. cigarmaker, 6 Somerset 

Busch John, laborer, 120 Johnson 

Busch Jolin M. porter, 83 Moore al 

Busch John P. canmaker, 202 e Madison 

Busch John T. laborer, Philad'a rd nr East av 

Busch Lawrence, restaurant, 279 n Gaj' 

Busch Lon. shucker, 182 .Madeira al 

Busch Mrs. Mary, grocery, Philadelphia rd nr 

East av 
Busch Mary E., 204 e Madison 
Busch Peter, laborer, 395 s P>nta\y 
Busch Theodore, canmaker, Philad'a rd nr East- 
ern av 
Busch Wm. cooper, 106 Lancaster 
Busch Wm. II. engineer, 178 Montgomery" 
Busche Philip, lal)orer, 169 s Washington 
Buschelberger Chas. lu'ewer, Dillon nr Third ar 
Buschman Benj. (B. k Bro.) 220 Lexington 
Buschman Chas. carpenter, 204 s Bond 
Buschman k Bro. (Benj. and John C. Busch- 
man,) merchant tailors, 220 Lexington 
Buschman Francis, merch't lailor, 19 n Eutaw, 
■ dw 128 Barre 
Buschman Freil'k, sugar refiner, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Fred'k, sugar refiner, 158 William 
Buschman Gerhardt, porter, 120 Saratoga 
Buschman llenrv, cigarmaker, 10 i Sjiring 
BUSCHMAN llENRy,merch. tailor,301 w Pralt 
Buschman Hermann, (B. k .Mohlhenrich, ) 137 

Buschman John C. (Buschman & Bro.) 220 

Buschman & Mohlhenrich, (Herman Busch- 
man, Jno. G. Molilhenrich, ) merchant tail 
ors, 137 Lexington 
Buschmann E. k Co. (Ernest Buschniann, Wm 
Heise, ) steam sawing and planing mills, cor 
Caroline and Canton av 
Buschmann Ernest, (E. B.& Co.) 334 n Broad- 
Buschmann John, cigarmaker, 130 e Lombard 
Buschmann Victor, collector, 120 i}ank 
Buschmann Victor H. tailors' trimmings, Ac 

2 Hanover, dw 239 w Fayette 
Bnser .losei)h, shoemaker, 494 w Lombard 
Busey Bettie G. teacher, 169 Lexington 
15usey Chas. E. clerk, 276 Li'xington 
Busey Geo. 0. clerk, 69 n Carey 
Busey James F .screwman, 84 Grindall 
Busey James R jr. 69 n Carey 

Offic es, 54 S. Gray, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 



Biisey Jas. R. brickmaker, Washington av nr 

toll gate, and coin'r opening streets^ dw 69 

n Carey 
Busey & McCurley, (W. M. Biisey, I. McCur- 

ley) attorneys, 71 w Fayette 
Busey Norval JH. photographer, 46 n Charles, 

dw Oregon nr Thompson 
Busey Sarali N. 276 Lexington 
Busey Thos. H. jr. photog'r, 276 Lexington 
Busey Wm. M. (B. & McCurley) Gllmor and 

Bush Albert H. sailtnaker. 268 e Lombard 
Bush Elijah, puddler, 68 Fawn 
Bush Ellen, 186 e Monument , 

Bush Mrs. Fanny, 50 n Ann 
Bush Geo. saw sharpener, Frederick rd nr toll 

Bu-h Geo. H. car-driver, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Geo. W. bricklajt-r, !87 Raborg 
Bush John, tailor, 21f> Orchard 
Bush John P. cigarmaker, 47 Warren 
Bush John M. porter, 83 Moore al 
Bush Mary Ann, notions, 83 Moore al 
Bush Peter, agent, 551 w Baltimore 
Bush Stephen C. messenger, Custom House 
Busheimer Elizabeth, 94 s Regester 
Busheimer Ilenrv, shoemaker, 94 s Regester 
Bushey T. F. (Roelkey & B.) 90 Mulberry 
Bushman Hannah, (O'Connor & Bushman) 97 

Bushman John, jr. carpenter, Waverley 
Bushnell W. A. clerk, 47 s Chester 
Busick Geo. W. painter, 10 Thomsen 
Busick .James H. sergeant police, 217 n Eden 
Busick Joshua W. hatter, 26 Stirling 
Busick Levin, bootfitter. 41 Jlilliman 
Busk C. (Smith & Busk) 52 s Broadway 
BUSK J. A. gen'l agent Cotton States Life Ins. 

Co. 5 Post office av. dw 39 n Carey 
Busk Jacob, varnisher, 15 Leadenhall 
Busk J. S. 39 a Carey 
Busk Mrs. Thos. M. 52 s Broadway 
Buskey John, cardriver, 74 Bank 
Busquat Felix, hats and caps. 692 w Baltimore 
Buss Martin, shoemaker, rear 26 Bevan 
Buslin Beruhart, shoemaker, 26 Byrd 
Bussard Marshall L. engineer, 10 Lemmon 
Bussard Oscar S. machinist, 10 Lemmon 
Busse Bein, boilermaker, 273 a Front 
Busse Geo. blacksmith, Amity nr Fayette 
Busse Ferdinand, clerk, 76 n Eden 
Busse John V. butter, 234 s Broadway 
Bussey Cecil F. clerk, 78 n Eden 
Bust Philip, confectr. Linden av and Riddle 
Busz John, laborer, 34 Clav 
BUTCHER ALEXANDER,, dining and re- 
freshment saloon, 160 w Baltimore, dw cor 

-McCulloh and Townsend , 
Butcher .Mrs. Catherine, 209 Gough 
Butcher John, shoemaker, 236 s Paca 
Butcher Wm. H. shoemaker, 900 w Pratt 
Butchers Hide and Tallow Asso'n, No. 1, s w 

cor Buren and Fall 
Butchers Hide and Tallow Asso'n, No. 3, 28 

Butkan Clias. butcher, 86 d Schroeder 
Butler Abel, machinist, 60 s Republican 
Butler Alberv, teamster, 57 s Schro'^der 
Butler Bc-ckwith, laborer, 19G s Charles 
i^>utler Bettie F. boarding, 94 Camden 
Butler Chas. provisions, 55 s Calvert, dw 216 

w Hoffman 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 

No. 21 S^E \ES WHARF. 


Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Butler Chas. jr. 216 w Hoffman 

Butler Mrs. Catherine C. 144 Mulberry 

Butler Catherine, seamstress, 151 Canton av 

Butler Elijah, merchant tailor, 53 Hanover 

Butler Francis, milkman, Dounell ext 

Builer Francis M. bookkeeper, 221 Lee 

Butler Frederick, canmaker, 325 e Lomb^d 

Butler Geo. ropemaker, 324 Harford av 

Builer Geo. W. blacksmith, Hampden 

Butler James, carpenter, 16 Brune 

Butler James J. grocery, 23 Bank 

BUTLER Or. JAMES H. 144 Mulberry 

Builer James R. clerk, 1 Hanover 

Builer John J. real estate agent, 193 Jefferson 

Butler John, stonemason. Sweet Air 

Butler John, candy maker, 157 Cross 

Butler John, jr. bookkeeper. Gen. Wayne hotel 

Butler John, laborer, 270 s Caroline 

Butler John, laborer, 29 Lemmon 

Butler John, cooper, 13o Cross 

Butler John F. painter, 314^ Mulberry 

Butler John, porter, 134 s Dallas 

Builer J. W. & Co. (J. W. Builer, DeWitt C. 

Morgan, Branson F. Kennard) manufs. of 

fine walnut work, 21 Leadenhall 
Butler Jotiu T. porter, 63 s Caroline 
Butler John T. carpenter, 156 West 
Butler John W. (J. W. B. & Co.) 56 Conway 
Butler Joseph; stonemason, Oxford, York rd 
Builer Joseph, laborer, 78 n Durham 
Butler Joseph S. (Stanton & B.) Mansion house 
Butler Kate, 148 e Lombard 
Builer Louis, laborer, 95 s Dallas 
Butler Lizzie, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Butler Mary, Ml, Vernon Mills 
Butler M. saleswoman, 146 n Howard 
Butler .Martin, porter, 63 s Caroline 
Butler Martin S. nightman, 50 Orleans 
Butler Mary A. milliner, 4 s Poppleton 
Butler Michael, laborer, 38 Liberty al 
Butler iNaiban R. clerk, 216 w HolTman 
Butler Ormand, engineer, 221 Lee 
Butler Patrick J. porter, 125 William 
Butler Patrick, drayman, 63 s Caroline 
Bntler Peter, restaurant, 297 North 
Butler Peier F. carbuilder, 142 Druid Hill av 
Butler Richard, engineer, 52 s Poppleton 
Butler Samuel, Maryland av n of Northern av 
Butler Capt. Sprague J. 199 Jefferson 
Butler Stephen, machinist, 964 w Baltimore 
Butler Ttios. C, Cathedral and Howard 
Butler Thos. E. printer, Gen. Wayne hotel 
Butler Thos. h. fruits, nuts, &c. cor Camden 

and Euiaw 
Butler Thos. N. engraver, 282 Penna av 
Butler TUos. shoemaker, 299 Penna av 
Butler Thos. F. cardriver, 966 w Baltimore 
Butler Wm. A. fireman, 221 Lee 
Butler Mrs. Winifred, 125 William 
Butler Wm. carpenter, 125 William 
Butler Wm. A. clerk, Merchants hotel 

Carriages of al l desc rip tions , Sleighs. Sad dle Horses, &c . 

Butler Will. T. driver, 964 w Baltimore 

Butler Wm. T. police, 56 West 

Butschky Henry, signal man, P.W.&B.R.R.223 

Eastern av 
Butschkv John, nrrocery, 119 E.istern av 
ButselikV ;ohu,huckster,Belair& Northern avs 
Butsclur Mrs. Caroline, 146 s Wolfe 
Butschy Mrs. Margaret, 113 Eastern av 
Butt Ann K. boarding, 26 vv Fayette 
Butt .Mrs. Abigail, 77 sX^hesler 
Butt Fred'U, stonemason, 70 Union 
Butt Ilenrv, tinner, 209 e .Monument 
Butt Mrs. " J. E. & J. E. Black, dressmaking 

and "l)ovs' clothing, 169 Preston 
Butt Mrs." J. E. (Mrs. Butt, Mrs. Black,) 169 

Butt iohn H. liquors, 209 e Monnment 
Butt Louis, 209 e Monument 
Butt Mrs. Maria, 181 Peirce 
Butt Mrs. Mary A. 241 Mulberry 
Butt Samuel, plasterer, 169 Preston 
Butterlield & Co. maltsters, Conway & Hanover 
Butterfield John, (F. Dandelot & Co.) Virginia 
Butlerfield Rodolph, laborer, 270 s Ana 
Butterhoti' Peter, laborer, 86 Somerset 
Butterucg Anton, wheelwright, 16 Calleudar al 
Butlner Charles, liquors, &c. cor Belair av and 

Buttnei John A. baker, 334 e Eager 
Buttuer Leonard, shoemaker, 123 Bank 
Buttner Michael, milk, Washiufiton av ext 
Button Joseph, tinner, 14 s Caroline 
Button Wm. glassblower, 160 Montgomery 
Butts Wm. II. huckster, 46 Etting 
Butts Mrs. William D. boarding, 33 n Calvert 
Butumsky Frederick, laborer, 89 Cambridge 
Buiz Andrew, cooper, 35 Elizabeth la 
Butz John, laborer, 9 Smith al 
Butz John, shoemaker, 346 s Charles 
Butz John, laborer, 95 s Chapel 
Butzler Charles, bookkeeper, 67 Chew 
Butzler John, grocery, 67 Chew 
Butzler Wm. carpenter, 67 Chew 
Buxbaum Benjamin, provisions, 81 n Eden 
Buxl):ium Charles, cabinetmaker, 73 Mullikin 
Buxbaum Herman, peddler, 93 s Durham 
Buxbaum Jacob, canemaker, 2 '. n Poppleton 
Buxton Basil, fireman, 58 s Poppleton 
Buxton John H. insurance agent, 147 e Pratt 
Buvs Henry, rigger, 140 Lancaster 
BUZ15Y DAVID T. & CO. (D. T. and J. F. 
Buzbv, ) gen com. merchs. 6 Exchange place 
Buzl)y David T. (D. T. Buzby & Co.) Eager 

and St. Paul 
Buzby J. Frank, (D. T. B. &Co.)Eutaw house 
Buzby John M. canraaker, 47 Millimaa 
Buzby Way, moulder, Druidville 
Buzby Wm. N. expressman, 47 Milliman 
Buzzi P. D. bookkeeper, 218 Orleans 
Byard John R. ironworker, 34 Bennett 
Byer Clias. A. shoemaker, 205 e Baltimore 
Byer Catherine, 226 Columbia 
Byer Christopher, tinner, 102 s Eden 
Byer D. L. A. restaurant, 105 West 
Byer Daniel, brickmaker, 358 Light 
.Byer Fred, harnessmakcr, 358 Light 
Byer John, sawyer, 10 s Oregou 
Byer John, beer, 41 block 
Byer Lewis, brickmaker, 358 Light 
Byerly Geo. S. clerk, 21 Ensor 
Byerly Michael, labo'rer, Sweet Air 
By-erlj William, laborer, Sweet Air 

Byrd Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 242 e Chase 
Byrd Mrs. E. R. 246 n Eulaw 
Byrd Geo. H. (Wyman, B. & Co.) New York 
Byrd Dr. Harvey L. prof, obstetrics in Wash- 
ington University, 3t)6 n Fremont 
Byrd Henry K. clerk, 89 s Greene 
Byrd .lames, carpenter, 11 Jackson 
Byrd John W. C. wood, Light st whf. dw 33 

Byrd Oden, (Byrd & Robinson,) 197 Johnson 
Byrd & Robinson, (0. Byrd, J. S. Robinson,) 

house car[)enters, Hughes nr Light 
Byrd Sylvester, carpenter, 33 Warren 
Byrd Wm. (Phillips & Co.) 89 s Greene 
Byrn Wm. II. Custom house, 138 McLldcrrj 
Byrn Wm. 76 n Front 
Byrn Wm. M. bookkeeper, 76 n Front 
Byrn Wm. T. (G. W. Orem k Co.) 20 Warren 
Byrne Andrew, wagoner, 83 llampstead 
Byrne Andrew, laborer, 596 Light 
Byrne Annie, dressmaker, 212 Saratoga 
Byrne Mrs Annie M. 425 e Lombard 
Byrne Bridget, variety store, 384 w Eager 
Byrne Bridget, servant, Mt. Vernon hotel 
Byrne .Mrs. CarA)line, 99 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Chas. 92 s Wolfe 
Byrne C. Lee, bookkeeper, 63 s Washington 
Byrne Dennis, police, 99 Granby 
Byrne Daniel, carpenter, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Henry F. inspec. C. H. 63 s Washington 
Byrne James H. carpenter, 92 s Wolfe 
Byrne Jas. J. bookkeeper, 247 n Gay 
Byrne James M. cabinetmaker, 63 n Front 
Byrne James P. cabinetmaker and undertaker. 

63 n Front 
Byrne James P. undertaker, 59 n Liberty 
Byrne John B. (Gittinger, D. & Co.) 363 w 

Byrne John, produce dealer, 141 Franklin, dw 

363 w Fayette 
Byrne Jos. F. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 59 

n Liberty 
Byrne Joseph, shoecutter, 12 Mercer 
Byrne Jos. K. laborer, 92 s Wolfe 
Byrne Kate, notions, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Lawrence, clerk, 113 c Kager 
Byrne Mrs. Lvdia, 92 s Wolfe 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, hats, 212 w Pratt 
Byrne Michael, police, 407 w Pratt 
Byrne Michael, driver, 83 L Ilampstesul 
Byrne Michael, machinist, 167 c Eager 
Byrne Mrs. Owen, 120 s Wolfe 
Bprne Patrick, police, 330 Mulberry 
Byrne Peter, tobacconist, 99 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Rich'd V. perfumer, 94 Harford rv 
Byrne Robert P. tobacconist, 99 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Sam'l E. bookkeeper, 99 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Terrence, carpenter, 17 Brown la 
Byrne Thomas, salesman, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Thos. F. jr. clerk, 373 Lexington 
Byrne Thos. F. carpenter, 373 Lexington 
Byrne Walter, sr. tavern, 63 s Charles 
Byrne Walter, fireman, 63 s Charles 
Byrne .Mrs. Wm. 541 n Gay 
Byrne Wm. II. bookkeeper, 189 Aisquith 
Byrnes Mrs. Ann, grocery, 22 Valley 
Byrnes Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, 48 Counland 
Byrnes Henry, police. 111 e Eiyger 
Byrnes Jas. T. barkeeper, Maltby house 
Byrnes John F. collar maker, 22 Valley 
Byrnes John, laborer, 26 Morris al 
Byrnes John, clerk, 96 Hill 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer 




Byrnes John F. {F. G. Maxwdl & Co.)92 ViUley 
Byrnes Joseph, gihicr and pictuie frame maker, 

66 u Calvert dw 353 e Eager 
Byrnes Michael, fireman, 522 w lioujljard 
Byrnes Michael, clerk, 217 e Pratt 
Byrnes Thomas J. collar maker. 22 Valley 
Byrnes Wm. T, coachniaker, 479 Franklin 
Bvrus John V. entrineer, 110 Battery av 
Byus Joseph 11, 123 s Sharp 

€able Geo: S. plasterer, 209 e Madison 
Cable Geo. S. jr. plasterer, 209 e Madison 
Cabrera Ventura, stripper, 22 Albemarle 
Cachot Mary A. 242 e Chase 
Cadden Daniel, laboier, 135 Chesapeake 
Cadden John jr. laborer, 133 Chesapeake 
Cadden John, laborer, 135 Chesapeake 
Cadden .Michael, laborer, 51 Haubert 
Cadden Patrick, laborer, 394 s Chailes 
Cidden Robert, laborer, Hull and nilroad 
Caddy Charlotte, housekeeper, 80 Peirce 
Cadu Chas. W. mariner, 142 s Ann 
Cade Capt. Nelson, mariner, 142 s Ann 
Cade John, attorney, 103 n E.xeler 
Cade Mrs. .Margaret, lo3 n Exeter 
Cddell Cha.s. driver, 40 Patterson Park av 
Cadell Eliza, milk, 1 Clay 
Cadell Henry J. huckster, 6 McHenry 
Cadell Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 6 .McIIenry 
Cadell Samuel H. watchman, 5 n Bond 
Cademore Hester, tailoress, 233 Gough 
Oiideihore Mary, tailoress, 233 Goii^h 
Cadogan Mrs. Alice, dry goods, 228 Mulberry 
Cadogan Matthew, cabinetmaker. 228 .Mulberry 
Cadogan AValter, moulder, 82 s Repul)lican 
Cadovv & Hook, (Jas. E. Cadow, E. F. Hook, 

jr.) groceries andi)rodnce, 20 & 22 Penna av 
Cadow Jas. E. (C. & Hook,) 348 w Fayette 
Cadwallader A. G. letter carrier, 50 Elting 
Cttdwallader Kdward,co|)persmitli.39G e Fayette 
Cadwallader Harrison C. letter carrier, 30 s 

Cadwallader Mrs. Louisa, 39G e Fayette 
Cadwallader Lewis \V. sergt. police, 32 George 
Cadwallader Sanford K. clerk, 207^ w Biddle 
Cadwell Henry A. coufeciioner, 174 Peirl 
Cadwell Mrs. ".Margaret, dressmaker, 174 Pearl 
Caeney Thos. laborer, 24 Carlton 
Caesar George, clerk, 64 Boston 
CatTerty Tliomas, shoemaker, 87 p. Central av 
Catfrey John, wagoner, 248 n Front 
Caffrey Patrick, wagoner, 243 n Front 
Catfrey Patrick, engineer, 57 Portland 
Caffrey Thomas, porter, 57 Portland 
Cahill Ann .Maria, seamstress, Mt Vernon mills 
Cahill Andrew, laborer, 558 w Lombard 
Cahill Mrs. Catherine, 99 William 
Cahill Daniel, laborer, 100 s Dallas 
Cahill Edmund, laborer, 5 Ulrick al 
Cahill Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmkr.320 w Hoffman 
Cahill Fredeiick J. ins. agent, 99 William 
Cahill John, (J. Clark i.tCo.)ll8 n Broadway 
Cahill Martin, engineer, 170 .McHenry 
Cahill Patrick, lumber, Cathedral nrChase, dw 

105 Cathedral 
Cahill Pearce, liquors, 8 Cuba 
Cahill Timothv. painter, 58 s Choptank 
Cdhn, Belt k Co. (Bernard Cahn, E. N. Belt,) 

wholesale liquor dealers, 32 w Lomliard 
Cahn Bernard, (C. Belt& Co.) 102 n Eutaw 



Flour, Grain beeds. &c. 

No. 21 SPE/iES WHARF, 

roXSTAN'TI.V FOU ,s \|.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Cahn Ftdi.v, notions, 236 w Baltimore, dw 172 

Cain Mrs. Bedelia, 14 Stiles 
Caiti Charles, laborer, 33 \'ork 
Cain Dennis, brakeman, 57 e Eager 
Cain Ellen, grocery, 33 York 
Cain Geo. \V. carter, 12 Washington av 
Cain Geo. laborer, 33 York 
Cain James T. clerk, 543 e Fayette 
Cain John, laborer, 33 York 
Cain John, (C. Spedden & Co.) 32 St. Peter 
C.tin John, sr. (C. Spedden k ('o. ) 32 St. Peter 
Cain John, laborer, 81 Goodman al 
Cain John, Iaburer,'l47 Albemarle 
Cain Jolm \V. brickmaker, 32 St. Peter 
Cain Levi, huckster, 12 Tlionisen 
Cain Matthew, huckster, 320 Forrest 
C'ain .Michael driver, 57 e Eager 
Cain ilichael, laborer. 58 Boyd 
Caiji Mrs. Sarah, 54 Wai.sli 
Cain, Sjiedden & Co. (.John Cain, sr. Rul)ertlf. 
Speddttii, John Cain, jr. "i bricknuikers, Wash- 
ington av t.\t 
Cain Thus, laborer, 57 e Eager 
Cain Wm. carter, 12 Washington av 
Cain Wm. F. painter, 38 St. IVier 
Caine Jo.'^e[(h J. carp. 56 St(jckton al 
Caine Wni. steiimfitler, 116 s Central av 
Cairncross .Mrs. Amanda, seamstress, 2S2 Mul- 
Cairues Dr. Geo. II., Sweet Air 
Cairns J.unes, ( Ellis k Cairns, ) 14 s Gay 
Cairns John, laborer. 122 s Chester 
Cabin Thos.' 19 w Biildle 
Calder John, machinist, 108 s Ann 
Calder liobl. A. paperhanger, 134 Gough 
Caldwell A. k Co. (A. Caldwell) ajjothecary, 
n e cor Baltimore and Calhoun, dw 909 w 
Caldwell Andrea P. bookkeeper, cor Diddle and 

Caldwell Chas, conductor, 164 s Ann 
Caldwell Daniel, carpenter, 631 Light 
(■aldwell Daniel, dyer, 130 Aisquith 
Caldwell Edward, collarmaker, 52 Pine 
(Nldwell Elijah, milkman, 31 Druid Hill av 
Caldwell (liiman, carpenter, 130 .\isquith 
Caldwell John A. clerk, 151 Park 
Caldwell John C. blockraaker, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell John S. clerk, 19 n Fremont 
Caldwell .John S. salesman, 113 Aisquith 
Caldwell .Martin, car[)enter, 631 Li^ht 
Caldwell Martin, jr. laborer, 631 Light 
Caldwell .Mary, grocery, 138 Peirce 
Caldwell llobt. B. huckster, 97 Low 
Caldwell Saml. E. cigarmaker, 17 Hill 
Caldwell Win. tinner, 8 c Baltimore 
Caldwell Wm. machinist, 39 Flliott 
Caldwell Win. M.(Bail v,C..t Co. )209 w Favettc 
Caldwell Wm. ^L clerk, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell Wm. Q. jr. architect and measurer of 
buildings, 326 n Eden 



Dust and 





Calendar Inkstand Co. (Chas. H. Wight,) 51 

Exchange pi and, orer 66 s Charles 
Cvley Cjrn?liu3, driver, 16i3 n Front 
Callaghau Tboiuas, laborer, 18 Sterrett 
Callihm Arthur, slipper maker, 68 e Fa\'ette 
Callahan i5,raard, laborer, 21 Concord 
Callahan Chas. barkeeper, 67 Thames 
Caliah m Daniel, huckster, 77 n Spring 
Callahan Dennis, laborer, 36 Foster al 
Callahan Dennis, (Callaliaa k Lloyd,) 134 w 

Callahan Edward, laborer, 19 Addison 
Callahan Edward, shoemaker, 110 Warren 
Callahan Edward, laborer, lo Williamson al 
Callahan .Mrs. Elizabuth. 21j Raborg 
Callahan James, grocery, 51 Tyson 
Callahan John, lab'r, s end Clinton 
Callahan John T, mariner, 58 Battery av 
Callahan Lawrence, driver, 15 Temple 
Callahan Lawrence, lab'r, 216 R.iborg 
Callahan & Lloyd, ( Dennis Callahan, Edward 

Lloyd,) livery stables, 150 w Fayette 
Callahan .Mrs. Maria, 129 s Ivxeier 
Callahan .Mrs. Mary, 13 Buren 
Callahan .Mary, 18 Slemmer al 
Callahan .Mary, 2ijl Lexington 
Callahan .Michael, driver, 13 Temple 
Callahan .Michael, huckster, 77 n Spring 
Callaliau Patrick, lab'r, 111 Stirling 
Callahan I'atrick, lab,r, 19 Concord 
Callahan I'atrick, lab'r 216 Raborg 
Callahan Philip, drayman, Addison & Lombard 
Callahan Richard, carver, Block and Wills 
Callahan Thos. 60 n HoUiday 
Callahan Timothy, (T. C. k Co.) High and 

Callahan T. & Co. (T. Callahan, Martin Quinn) 

oyster packers, foot of .Mill 
Callahan Timothy, ])la3terer, 12 Price's ct 
Callahan Win. hosiler, Calverton hotel 
Callahan Wm. hostler, 189 Dover 
Callan Andrew, lab. 10 Rose 
Callau Mrs. Ann, 2o9 s Chester 
Callan & Bro.(Uwen T. and Francis J. Callan) 

merchant tailors, 241 e Baltimore 
Callan Bernard, cashier, 203 s Chester 
Callan Francis J. (C. & Bro.) 181 s Chester 
Callan John, lab. Cooksic i;r .Nicholson 
Callan John, carp. 218 w Pratt 
Callan James, lab. 5 Webster al 
Callan Michael, ironworker, 209 s Chester 
Callan ()wen, tailor, 251 e Fayette 
Callan (Mven T. (C. & Bro.) 2,t7 e Fayette 
Callan Peter, charcoal, ClintOQ, Canton, dw 

181 s Chester 
Callan Thomas, lab. 116 Ilarfo'rd av 
Callan Thomas, tavern, 322 Aliceanna 
CallenlH'rger Amos, helper, lOU Hudson 
Callenberger Philip, lal). loO Hudson 
Calleiiberger Wm. pnddler, lou Hudson 
Callenberger Wm. 11. pudriler, 80 Rue, Canton 
Callendcr Edward, plasterer, 100 Aisquith 
Callender Henry, huckster, 196 Hamburg 
Callender John, blacksmith, 487 e Baltimore 
Callender Luther W. bookbinder, loo Aisquith 
Callender Mary E. teacher, 1 00 Aisquith 
Callender Wm. sr. plasterer, 8 Willow 
Callender Wm. jr. plasterer, 8 Willow 
Callighan .Michael, lab. rear of Federal 
C.illinan John, clerk, 43 s Wolfe 
Callinius Dr. Jacob, 116 s High 
Callis Charles II. carp. 1 Irvine pi 

Callis Geo. II. carp. I Irvine pi 

Callis Geo. R. builder, 139 n Broadway 

Callis Geo. R. jr. bookkeeper, 139 n Broadway 

Callis James E. bricklayer, 1 Irvine pi 

Callis James II. coal yard. 230 e Baltimore, dw 

1 Irvine pi 
Callis Wm. T. bricklayer, 139 n Broadway 
Callis "Wm. shoemaker, 134 n Gay 
Callow Mis. Susan, 268 n Howard 
Calsman Elizabeth, 310 Johnson 
Calvert .■\ssembly Rooms, cor Calvert and Sar- 
atoga, Geo. M. Harris, proprietor 
Calvert I5enj. F. machinist, 22 s Exeter 
Calvert Hall, St. Joseph's Academy, 79 Saratoga 
Calvert John H. huckster, 22 s Exeter 
Calvert Win. T. fire departm't, 108 n Schroeder 
Calverton Carpet Co., ilugh Gelstou, president, 

ofliee 1 e Ualtimoie 
nMivprt .lohii, stonecutter. 168 Scott 

Calvert John G. granite yard, cor Hamburg 
_^ ntw) niii,. Mv (Uv 178 Scott 
Calvert Joseph B. stonecutter, 23 Hill 

CALVEirr STATION, Northern Central Rail- 
way, n e cor Franklin and Calvert 
Calvert Steam Sugar Refining Co., Wm. Stir- 
ling, pies' t, C. B. Stillman, sup't, Block nr 
Calvert Wm. N. 147 u Calvert 
Calvert Wm. .M. machinist, 108 u Schroeder 
Calverton Hotel, Baugher ^ Co. proprietors, 

Calverton rd 
Calwell ( has. H. clerk, 104 n Greene 
Calwell Geo. W. lab. 200 6 Chase 
Calwell John R. storekeei)er, Custom House 
Calwell John K. salesman, 628 w Fayette 
Calwell Mrs. Mary, millinery, 3 w Baltimore 
Calwell Mrs. Rose, 104 n Greene 
Camacho Lewis J. 138 n Schroeder 
Camalicr Geo. A. clerk, 241 Hanover 
Camden John H. bootfitier, 560 Lexington 
CAMDEN STATION, B. & O. R. R. fronting 

Howard, Camden, Eutaw and Lee 
Camejo .\ugustin,(Echemendia & Co.)98nGay 
Camel Charles, coachtiiiisher, 162 German 
Cameron Catherine, 89 Jelferson 
Cameron Charles C. brickla^'^r, 30 Stockton 
Cameron Charles C. clerk, 44 .Myrtle av 
.Cameron Daniel, mariner, 89 Jefferson 
Cameron Elizabeth C. boarding, Woodbcrry 
Cameron Hugh, tailor, 344 e Chase 
Cameron John D. president N. C. R., Calvert 

Station, dw Ilarrisbnrg 
Cameron John .M. bookkeeper, 58 n Republican 
Cammwad John, ))olice, 25 s Rt-gester 
Camp Nelson 11. (W. E. & N. H. C.) W. Meri- 

den. Conn. 
CAMP WM. E. 4- N. H. (Wm. E. and Nelson 
II. Camp) ship bread and cracker bakery, 91 
Camp Wm. E.( W.E. and N.H.C.) Philadelphia 
Campaign .Michael, lab. 5 Foster al 
(lampbell A. D. trimmings, s w cor Camden and 

Hanover, dw Merchants hotel 
Campl)ell Mrs. A. D. millinery, s w cor Camden 

and Hanover, dw Merchants hotel 
Campbell Mrs. Ann E. milliner, 131 s Ann 
Campljell -Mis. Ann E. 202 llollins 
Campbell Archibald, clerk, 108 McCulloh 
Campbell Barney, lab. 20 Willow 
Campbell Benj. F. car[). 435 Saratoga 
Campbell Bernard, locksmith, 62 Wilmer al 
Canjpbcll Bernard J. hackman, 1 Mulberry 

Offices, 5 4 S. Gay, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 
CAM 101 CAN 

Caniiibell Bernard, locksmith, 116 n Eutaw,dw 

Moslier nr Penna av 
Campbell Mrs. C;Uberine, 83 Hamburg 
Camj)bL-ll Mrs. Catherine, 58 n Central av 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine, notions, 8 Orleans 
Cam[)bell Mrs. Caroline M. 87 e Baltimore 
Campbell Charles, hostler, 211 w Fayette 
Campbell Charles, finisher. 162 German 
Campbell Charles, agent Thomas Winans, 17 s 

Campbell Charles E. grocery and provision, 217 

Lee, dw 182 
Campbell Charles, finisher, 546 w Lombard 
Campbell Colin, stonecutter. Fanners hotel 
CAMPBELL DUNCAN G. attorney, 31 St. 

Paul, dw 147 n Calvert 
Campbell Elizabeth, grocery, 269 s 'Wolfe 
Campbell Elizabeth, dressmaker. 15 Aisqnith 
Campbell Mrs. Fannv. 54 \v Baltimore 
Cimjibell Felix F. clerk, 20 Willow 
Campbell Frank, lab. 155 Chesa|ieake 
Campbell Geo. A. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell Geo. brassfinisher, 88 n Exeter 
Campbell Geo. L. police, 388 Harford av 
Campbell Geo. W. clerk. 27 s Oregon 
Campbell Henry, lab. 8 Hammond al 
Campbell Henry, lab. 142 Preston 
Campbell James, exjjress, 330 e Chase 
Campbell .lames, lab. 53 n Durham 
Campbell James, car driver, 577 Penaa av 
Campbell James, lab. 20 Grove al 
Campbell James E. police, 147 Chesaj)eake 
Campbell James E. lab. 1^6 Chesa[)eake 
Campbell Jeremiah, U. S. A., Fort JIcHenrv 
CAMPBELL JOHN J. grocer, Oregon and 

Campbell John, machinist, 234 George 
Campbell John. 132 n Eden 
Campbell Mrs. J. Mason, 165 Lanvale 
Campbell John A. 169 St. Paul 
Campbell John, carpenter, 15 Aisqnith 
Campbell John, stonecutter, 150 Forrest 
Campbell John, messenger .Adams express, 294 

n Broadway 
Campbell John, blacksmith, 2':5 s Howard 
Campbell John, engineer, 51 Lee 
Campbell John G. puddler, 504 Aliceanna 
Campbell John F. clerk. 39 Lee 
Campbell John, carpenter, 25 n High 
Campbell .John S. bookkeeper, Nat. Bank of 

Campbell John, painter, 58 n Exeter 
Campbell John W lab. 25 e Lombard 
Campbell John, canvasser. 149 Columbia 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 390 n Gay 
Campbell John, canmaker, 316 e Monument 
Campbell John W. painter, 207 n Front 
Campbell Jos. clerk, 318 w Fayette 
Campliell Kenneth, mariner, 269 s Wolfe 
Campbell .Mrs. Margaret, confec'y, 59 Orleans 
Campbell .Marthi, Mount Vernon" mills 
Campbell .Mrs. Mary A. 251 n Caroline 
Campbell Mrs. Mary A. 155 Chesapeake 
Campbell Mary, confectionery, 19 Abbot 
Campbell Michael, 31 e Monument 
Camjjbell Michael, puddler, 155 Chesapeake 
Campbell Nelson, clerk, 27 s Oregon 
Campbell N. P. president Merchants and Me- 
chanics F. 1. Co. 44 Second, dw 50 Bolton 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 298 e Monument 
Campbell Pat'k, mariner, 2 Patterson Park av 
Campbell Peter, bunstone maker, 8 Orleans 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


CONST.A.Vri.Y Fur s.alk 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

CAMPBELL & RAMSBURG, (R. Campbell jr. 

N. A. Raaisburg) coal, 95 w Lombard 
Camjibell Jlrs. Rebecca, 57 Lee 
Camijbell Resin J. (J. N. Wells & Co.) Mer- 
chants' hotel 
Campbell Robert, cooper, 18 Warren 
Campbell Robert jr. (C. & Ramsburg) 208 w 

Campbell Robt.R. brassfinisher, 312 n Caroline 
Campbell Robert, carpenter, 133 Gough 
CAMPBELL ROSS i CO. (R.. Campbell, ) 
wh(Wes. dry goods com. merch'ts, McCreery 
building. Sharp nr German 
Campbell Ross, (R. C. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Campbell Sarah, 8 Hammond al 
Cam[)bell Sophia, 80 Reade 
Campbell Thomas, tinner, 188 L. Constitution 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 20 Grove al 
Cain[>bell Thomas, driver, 17 Willow 
Campbell Thomas, car driver, 178 Preston 
Campbell Tliomas A', clerk, 39 Lee 
("ampbell Thos.W. deputy elk. Crira. Ct. 39 Lee 
Campbell Wra. indse. broker, Smith's whf, dw 

108 McCulloh 
Campbell Wni. F. law student, 39 Lee 
C.inipbell Wm. chairmaker. 178 Preston 
Camiil)ell Wm. tailor. 38 Camden 
Catnplie!! Wm. H. shoemaker, 789 w Baltimore 
Campbell Wm. L. carpenter. 435 Sarato}.;a 
Campbellite BaptistChurch.Etting and Dolphin 
Cainpeu Helias, (H. C. & Co.) 67 s Ann 
CAMPEN H. & CO. (Helias Campen, Theodore 

Jackson) wholes, flour dealers, 87 Bank 
Campen John, oyster and fruit packer, 266 

Light, dw 264 ' 
Camper John, coachtrimmer, 229 Harford av 
Camper Mrs. .Mary, millinery, 80 Lexington 
Cannier Wra. clerk, 8o Lexington 
Campher T. J. clerk, 108 Hanover 
Camphor Mrs. Matilda. Light and Cross 
Campteda Robert, shucker, 470 Canton av 
Canapp Lewis, laborer, Hampden 
Canajip Wesley, laborer, Hamj.den 
Canapp Wm. L. laborer, Hampden 
Canard John, salesman, 74 Harford av 
Canavan James, grocerv, 42 Woodyear 
CANBV, GILPIN & Cd.(W.Canl)y, B.Gilpin) 
wholes. druggists, n w cor Light and Lombard 
Canbv Samuel, (Wright k C, and Webb, C. 

& Co.) 89 .McCulloh 
Canby Thomas E. watchman C. H. 45 Green- 
mount av 
Canby Thomas V. prest. Third National Bank 
and Washington Fire Ins. Co. 38 Second, 
dw l»i3 Dolphin 
Canby Wm. (C, Gilpin & Co.) Mt. Washing- 
ton, Baltimore co 
Caucelam Sarah, seamstress, 8 e Baltimore 
Candidian Brother, 79 Saratoga 
Candler Oscar, printer, 293 w Pratt 
Caneis Pablo, 232 n Broadway 

Coaches and Barouch es for Shopping, "Weddings. &c> 

CAN ]02 CAR 

Canfield, W. B. Canfield, T. Welsh) 
Watches, Jewelry, Silvei' and 
Plated Ware, Rich Fancy Goods 
and Cutlery, Wholesale and Re- 
tail, 229 w Baltimore street. 

(;:iiifield IraC. (C, Bro. ^ Co.) 95 St. Paul 
Canfield Ira C. jr. clerk. 95 St. Paul 
Cuiifiuld John, 704 \t Lombard 
Canfield \Vn!.B.(C., Bro. & Co.) 246 u Charles 
Cann Benj. B. clerk, 176 s P^ica 
Caun I'ldvvai'd R. painter, .S94 Hanover 
CaHn Mis. Fanny, 354 Aliccanna, Canton 
Cann Henry 0. carpenter, 120 s Central av 
Caiiii J;itnes R. f)rinter, \Gd s Sliari) 
Caimer Levi, laborer, 62 Philppt 
Cannoles Charles, coachsniiih, 19 Park dr 
('annoles Churles. furn. wagon, 223 Preston 
Cannoles Frank, conductor, 22.'^ Preston 
Cannoles Herman, (C. & Murphy) 108 Ensor 
Cannoles .Jdhn, driver, 79 linsor 
Cannoles John W. carpenter, 223 Preston 
Cannoles Mrs. Louisa, grocery, 19 Park av 
Cannoles & Murphy, (II. Cannoles, P. Murphy) 

hack stables, Chew nr Hurford av 
Cannoles Oliver, furn. wagon, 221 Preston 
Cannon Bartine A. (Ryan & Ricketts) 312 

Cannon Charles, Mansion house 
Cannon James, brassfinisher, 74 Boyd 
Cannon J. H. club-room, 3h St. Paul, dw 47 n 

Central av 
Cannon Mrs. Capt. James, 134 n Hij^h 
Cannon Capt. Juines, Starr hotel 
Cannon John, 19 w liiddle 
Cannon Mrs. Louisa II. 19 w Biddle 
Cannon Mary A. 11 Comet 
Cannon Pat'k, laborer, Vincent al nr McIIenry 
Cannon Richard H. pilot, 95 Fort 
Cutinon VVm. trav. agent, 178 n Caroline 
Ciinon Thomas, planer, 25 Slemnier al 
Cano.K Geo.'L). currier, 79 Warner 
Cano.x Joseph, currier, 171 Hanover 
Cano.x Joseph jr. telegraphist, 171 Hanover 
Canox Lydia, shoe findings, ]71 Hanover 
Caater Rev. Isaac W. 226 Walsh 
Canter Levin H. clerk, 114 Lee 
Canion August, carpenter, 35 s Wolfe 
CANTtiN I O'SCFFICE, n w cor Patuxent and 
B(^3ton, J. Baker, pres't, AVm. Dean 
sec. and treasr., office 15 South over Franklin 
Canton Can Works, Burke nr Canton av 
Canton John, laljorer. 521 Franklin 
Canton (.M. E.) Chapel. Clinton n of Boston 
Canton Market, O'Dounell from Potomac to 

Canton Lager Beer Brewery, Geo. Stab, jirop'r, 

n e cor Burke and Lancaster 
Canton .M. E. Church, Chesapeake nr Hudson 
Canton Marine Railway, Atlantic wharf foot of 

Canton Michael A. soa])maker, 521 w Franklin 
Canton Oil Works, Merritt, Jones & Co. propr's, 

office 56 Exchange pi 
Canton Steam Box Factorv, cor Patu.xent and 

Canton White Lead Co., E. W. Robinson & Co. 
pr.'ps, C.imbridge and Burke 

& Co.) Aliceannaand Chester, office 7 Rialto 
bidg. Holliday and Second 
Cant well John, shoemaker, 25 s Wolfe 
Cantwell John, shoemaker, (54 Duncan al 
Canty Jlrs. Ellen, 112 Mullikin 
Canty John, ti-nner, 24 n Amity 
Canty Patrick, plasterer, 112 Mullikin 
Cape .Alexander, distiller, 194 s Caroline 
Cape John C. distiller, Holliday nr Foundry 
Cape John C. sr. distiller, Holliday nr Foundry 
(Jape Wm. H. machinist, Holliday nr Foundry 
Caphart Mrs. Elizaljeth, 459 e Baltimore 
Capito Frederick, butcher, 101 York 
Capito Geo. R. moulder, 101 York 
Caples Mrs. Annie B. boarding, Division nr 

La n vale 
Caples Francis, carpenter, Swan tavern 
Capp Geo. M. potter, 397 Lexington 
Cajipeau Cecelia, trimmings, 822 w Baltimore 
(Jappeau Chas. carpenter, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Frances, tnnunings, 822 w Baltimore 
Ca)>peau Jose[)hine, 822 w Baltimore * 
Cappeler Wm. tinner, 194 Central av 
Ca[)prise Joseph, shipwright, 54 s Washington 
Caraher Alice, dressmaker, 49 e Baltimore 
Carback Elisha, 2G7 Druid Hill av 
Carliack Elisha, painter, 63 s Choptank 
Carback Geo. wagoner, 168 n Caroline 
Carback John, wagoner, 168 n Caroline 
Carback Richard, clerk, 267 Druid Hill av 
Carback Wm. laborer, 193 n Bond 
Cari)allo Rachel, 256 n Ivhui 
Carberry John, butcher, 148 Mullikin 
Carberrv Martin J. paper boxmkr. 138 Mullikin 
Carbis Nicholas, miner, Sweet Air 
Carcaud Gilbert, carpentei', 220 Mulberry 
Card VVm. S. sjiilmaker, 152 n Freyiont 
Cardell Samuel, laborer, Gl Gough 
Cardwell Jackson, bonnet frames, 243 n Gay 

dw 30S e .Monument 
Care Richard, porter, app. off. C. H., Howard co 
Carey A. P. clerk, 588 Penna av 
Carey Alex. G. storage warehouse and public 

weigher, 30 vv Lombard, dw 40 Bolton 
Carey Alex. Y. public weigher, 9 Si)ear's whf, 

dw 40 Bolton 
Carey Chas. hackman, 136 s Eutaw 
Carey David, carpenter, 22 Pay son 
Carey Edward, carter, foot of s Sharp 
Carey Mrs. George, 40 Bolton 
Care}' Geo. (i. teacher, 205 n Eutaw 
(Jarey Henry G. (Carey & Wistar) 222 u Calvert 
Carey Hugh W. laborer, 50 Mulberry 
CARICY JAMES, wholesale boots and shoes. 

266 w Baltimore, dw 28 .Mulberry 
Carey James jr. sec'y Central Savings Bank, 

40 Bolton 
Carey Jeiemiah H. horse shoer, 3 Marion 
Carey John, police, 139 Preston 
Carey John A. clerk, 37 e Eager 
Carey John, (C. k McColgan) Frederick av nr 

(^arey John W. machinist, 94 Chesapeake 
Carey Joseph, fireman, St. Clair hotel 
Carev Mrs. Margaret, 555 n Gay 
CAR'EY k McCOLGAN, (J. Carey, M. McCol- 
gan) carps. and builders, 81 and 83 Fred'kftV 
Carey .Michael, laborer, 102 Richmond 
Carey Patrick, laborer, 366 William 
Carey P. A. clerk, 588 Penna av 
Carey Samuel, trader, 118 Orchard 

At Central Stables. Ill Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer. 




Carey Patrick, plumber and dealer in gas fix- 
tures, 1 Eutaw house, dw 150 Division 
<;arey Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 139 Preston 
Carey T. J., 216 n Howard 
Carey Thos. coal, 926 w Baltimore 
Carey Thus, drayman, 134 Linden uv 
Carev Thos. K. asst manaper Anchor Life Ins. 
Co", of N. J., 3 Johnson bldg. Fayette nr Cal- 
vert, dw 37 e Eager 
Carey Thos. K. salesman, 266 w Baltimore 
Carey Thomas I. |>rest. Pealtody Fire Ins. Co. 

Second, adj. Postoffice, dw 37 McCulloh 
Carey Timothy \V. police, Plum al nr Howard 
Carey Wm. drayman, 53 s Central av 
Carey Win. malts' r. sw cor North and Saratoga 
CAREY & WISTAR, (H. G. Carey, J. B. Wis- 
tar) com. merchants and naval stores, 81 
Smith's whf 
Cariss Mrs. Catherine, 60 w Fayette 
Carl Chas. caliinetmaker, 93 n Amity 
Carl Emil E. (Bollman <j- C.) 165 w Fayette 
Carl Henry, laborer, 218 s Bethel 
Carl Joseph, carpenter, 22 Abbot 
Carl Louis A. clerk, 219 Mulberry 
Carl Mrs. .Mary, Butcher's la nr Frederick- rd 
Caii .Mrs. -Mary, nurse, 93 Battery av 
Carl Moses, laborer, Aliceanna and Eden 
Carl Wni. porter, S L. Paca 
Carland Tlios. grainer, 237 w Biddle 
Carle Ephraim, carpenter, 156 Scott 
Carle Frederick, drayman, 259 Hanover 
Carle Godfiey, drayman, 259 Hanover 
Carle John, plasterer, 259 Hanover 
Carle John H. f >reman, 160 William 
Cirless Mary, 16 Garden 
Carless Wtn. laborer, 84 Eastern av 
Carlile Alfred A. gasfitter, 32 Aisquith 
Carlile David G. conductor, 879 w Baltimore 
Carlile Jas. II. collector and apt. 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Mrs. Jane, laundress, 18 Armistead la 
Carlile Patrick, ferryman, 18 Armistead la 
Carlile Thos. M. shoemaker, 32 .\isquith 
Carlile Wm. H. police, 90 n Central av 
Carlin Enoch, shoemaker, 15 Authonv 
CARLIN & FULTON, (J. F. Carlin, D. C. 
Fulton) importers of hardware, 20 s How- 
ard and 24 s Lil^erty 
Carlin James F. (C. & Fulton) Ale.xaadria, Va 
Carlin James, teamster, 242 Lemmon al 
Carlin .Matthew, porter, 116 Burgundy jil 
Carlin .Michael, engineer. Farmers' hotel 
Carlin Rachel, clerk, 82 Centre Market sp 
C*rlin Tlios. laborer. 36 Lancaster 
(Jarling Mich. Black Horse tavern, 63 Penna av 
(Jarlis John, laborer, 15 Slemmer al 
Carlisle .^nios L. millwright, 509 w Lombard 
Carlisle Joseph, grinder, polisher and grocery, 

366 Hanover 
Carlisle Mrs. Urath C. 68 n Greene 
Carll Henry, taverri, Belair av ext 
t-'arlon Frank, clerk, 36 Oxford 
Carlton Mrs. Annie, dressmaker, 19 Conway 
Carlton John, laborer, 134 Harford av 
Carlton Oliver, plasterer, 175 n Caroline 
Carlton Thos. conductor, 18 Harford av 
Carlyle Joseph, machinist, Hanover nr Cross 
Carmack Hanson, 151 Hanover 
Carmack Theodore, 151 Hanover 
Carman Geo. clerk, 6 China 
Carman John C. sheet iron worker, 7 Hope al 
Carman Jos. D. shipsmith, 168 Hanover 
Carman Thos. boilermaker, 48 Johnson 

Carmelite Convent, 68 Aisquith 

Carmer James W. (Wade, Boy kin & Co.) 50 n 

Carinichael Thos. E. butcher, Penna av ext 
Carmichael Thos. H. capt. watch C. II. 31 Stiles 
Carmichael 'Wm. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 Lex- 
ington and 76 llan mkt's, dw Penna av ext 
Carmichael William, 31 Stiles 
Carmine Chas.G.plumbr & gas fitter. 58 n Ilow'd 
CARMINE & CHRISTIE, (T. H. Carmine, E. 
G. Christie,) oyster and fruit j)ackers, 74 
"Boston, Canton 
Carmine Mrs Eleanor, 23 s Ann 
Carmine Francis H. (C. k Son) 156 s Ann 
Carmine Geo. W. clerk, 417 w Pratt 
Carmine Jas. gas inspector, 321 n Gay 
Carmine Jas. L. (C. ^ Son) 156 s Ann 
Carmine Josiah M. plasterer, 67 Milliman 
Carmine ^ Son (Francis H. & Jas. L Car- 
mine) produce and provisions, 168 s Ann 
Carmine 11 rs. Sarah 51 Granby 
Carmine Thos H. (C. & Christie) 158 s Ann 
Carmine Thos. J. painter, 67 Battery av 
Carmody John, tobacconist, McKim nr Eager 
Carmody John, sr. porter, McKim nr Eager 
Carmody Michael, porter, McKim nr Eager 
Carmody Pt'k, tobacconist, 33 Greeuraount av 
Carnan Bishop, patternmaker, 9 s Eden 
Carnan Elizabeth, 4 Andre 
Carnan Johnson, jr. boilermaker, 18 Somerset 
Carnan Johnson, machinist, 18 Somerset 
Carneal Geo. brickmaker, 38 Woodyear 
Carnes A. G. W. clerk, 72 Pearl 
Carnes Alex. G. W. clerk, 72 Pearl 
Carnes Edwin, engineer, 158 Bank 
Carnes Eliza, servant, Jit. Vernon hotel 
Carnes Mrs. Eliza, 424 Eutaw pi 
Carnes E. salesman. Brown's hotel 
Carnes Elizabeth L. 318 e Chase 
Carnes John, bacon, 318 e Chase 
Carnes Mrs. Joseph, 41 n Gilmor 
Carnes Mrs. Wm. J. 158 Bank 
Carney Geo. E. store, Sweetair 
Carney James, laborer, 48 Preston 
Carney James, laborer, 297 Columbia 
Carney Jas. jr. teamster, 297 Columbia 
Carney Jas. jr. laborer, 355 Hamburg 
Carney John E. teamster, 297 Columbia 
Carney John E. shoemaker, 27 Burea 
Carney John, watchman, 16 Fort av 
Carney John, laborer, 358 s Charles 
Carney Luke, hostler, 4 Addison 
Carney Patrick, laborer, 239 McHenry 
Carney Thos. J. clerk. 90 Doli)hin 
Cams Mrs. Emma, butter, 72 Pearl 



Y Life Insurance Company, 

Hon. Jefferson Davie, Pres't. j 

Cen. Wade Hampton, V. Pres't. 

I). C. TKnlllM:. SiMicliirj. I 

Baltimore Branch Office, J 


Caroline St. (M. E.) Church, 7 s Caroline 
Carow Albert, cigarmaker, 179 s Chester 
Carow Gnstave, carpenter, 179 s Chester 
Carow Mrs. Laura, grocery, 179 s Chester 
Carow William, moulder, 179 s Chester 

Joshua Horn er, Jr. M amifac'r and Com. Merchant, 

• CAR 



Carpenter Alva L. liookkeeper, 527 w Fayette 
Carpenter Geo. R. faNiier, 296 n Eden 
Carpenter Geo. clerk, 3G0 Rastern av 
Carperiti-r Jolin, 437 w Baltimore 
(yarpenter John C. attornej', 25 Lexington, liw 

91 McCulloh 
Carpenter Mrs. M. D. M. «7 e Baltiniore 
Carpenter Thos. U. A. blacksmith, 27 s Eden 
Carpenter Wni. 190 n Eden 
Carpenter Wm. H. blacksmith, 196 Conwav 
Carpenter Wm. H. (Glenn J- Co.) 91 McCull^jh 
Carper .Mrs. Eliza, conFcct'rv, 689 \v Baltimore 
Carper Mazarine J. shoefitter, 689 w Baltimore 
Carpren Moses, boilermaker, 55 s Poppleton 
Carr Alfred J. attorney, 23 Lexington, dw 252 

Linden av 
Carr .Mrs. Annie, 129 Vine 
Carr Benjamin F. triinkmakcr, 41 Penn 
Carr Bros, ij- Co. (Dr. R. W. and John B. 

Carr) wholes, druggists, chemicals, &c., 29 

Carr .Mrs. Catherine, laundr's, 90 Druid Hill av 
Carr Clias. painter, 29 Fawn 
Carr Charles, carter, 21 Bank 
Carr Elisha, grocer}-, L. Ilampstead 
Carr Mrs. Eliza. 238 Madison av 
Carr Elisha, clerk, 124 n Exeter 
Carr Frederick, roofer. Union hotel 
Carr Francis H. currier, 49 s Republican 
Carr Geo. W. bricklayer, 349 Frawklin 
Carr Greenbury, coremaker, 16 s Schroedcr 
Carr Harry, clerk, 2 s Broadway 
Carr Heiiry, tailor and clothier, n e cor Pratt 

and Charles, dw 2 s Broadway 
Carr Hannah, 7 .Mulberry 
Carr Mrs. Isabella, 240 Columbia 
Carr Jas. shii)car;)enter, 131 Henrietta 
(Jair Jas. driver, fire dept. 71 Pearl 
Carr Jas. laborer, 7 .Mulberry 
Carr Jas.E.(treas.) police com'r,252 Linden av 
Carr Jas. boots and sl)oes, 100 n Howard 
Carr Jaue, 264 e Madison 
Carr J. U. clerk, 126 w Fayelte 
Carr John V. laborer, 21 Bank 
Carr John, laborer, 5 Hawk 
{.Jarr John, brassmoulder, 25 Concord 
Carr John, laborer, 161 Orleans 
Carr Mrs. John, grocery, 179 s Caroline 
Carr Jdhn B. (C., Bro. & Co.) 2.^-8 Madison av 
(.'arr John C. carter, 21 Bank 
Carr John, laborer, 179 s Caroline 
Cair John, roofer, Union hutel 
Carr Juhn, boilermaker, 8 L Church 
Carr John \V. clerk, 238 Madison av 
Carr Josfc()h N. clerk, 238 Madison av 
Carr Lewis A. clerk, Lexington nr Paca 
Carr Mary, 71 Pearl 
Carr Ncal, Sweet .-Kir 
Carr .Virhohis J. butcher, Pennaav ext 
(^arr i'.itrick, laborer, 98 s Chapel 
Carr Uobt. H. (R.H. Carr & Son) 1 18 Cathedral 
Carr R. H. k Sou, (R. H. and W. Sanders 

Carr, C. C. Horner,) hardware, agt's Early's 

patent burial caskets, and undertakers' trim- 
mings, 62 s Sharj) 
Carr Uoss, michinist, 24(5 Columbia 
Carr Dr. R. Wilson, coroner, 29 Hanover, dw 

69 n Charles 
Carr Dr. R. Wilson, (C. Bros. & Co.) 69 n 

Carr Samuel, laborer, 45 s Dewberry al 
Carr S.uuuel, brassfinisher, 61 Ililleu 

Carr Tiiomas, 28 Neighbor 

Carr Thomas, shoemaker, 48 Harford ar 

Carr Thos. laborer. 118 Boyd 

Carr W. Sanders, (R.H. C! & Son,) 3o3 e Chase 

('arr Wesley, laborer, Monroe nr Pratt 

Carr Wm. police, 212 Gough 

(^arr Wm. carjxuiter, 11 Anthony 

("arr Wm. laborer, 227 Forrest 

Carr Wm. laborer, 380 s Sharp 

Carr Wilson C. N. deputy clerk Crimiml Court. 

Chase nr Cathedral 
Carre Wm. stevedore. 68 Gough 
Carrere Mrs. Harriet M. 43 n Holliday 
Cairere Mary, clerk, Peabody .Music Academy, 

dw 57 St.' Paul 
Carribes Chas. P. salesman, 100 w F.ayette 
CARRICK A. F. saloon, 44 w Fayette 
Carrick Benjamin, machinist, 53 Garden 
Carrick Edw'd AV. carpenter, 53 Garden 
Cartick James, (Hood & C.) 141 s Fremont 
Carrick Mrs. Mary, 53 Garden 
Carrick Mrs. Mary A. 193 n Howard 
Carrick Thos J. machinist, 129 Scott 
Carrick Wm. L police, 68 Albemarle 
Carriere Chas. jr. baker, 89 n E.veter 
Carriyan James, laborer, 479 w Lombard 
CARRIGAN JAMES, jr. plumber, baseiuent 4ii 

St. Paul, dw 54 n Greene 
Carrigan James, 54 n Greene 
Carrigan Geo. shoemaker, 58 Henrietta 
Carrigan Jane. 46 s Strieker 
Carrigan Patrick, son;) maker, 67 n Front 
Carrigan Wm. J. pattern maker, 46 s Stricktr 
Carrington Eugene, ( E.Carringtou&Co)Balto co 
Carrington Eugene & Co. (E. Carrington, E. 

C Johnson, ) Farmland dairy. 371 Franklin 
Carrington Henrietta, 129 Lanvale 
Carrington ]\Irs. Mary H 129 Lanvale 
tiarriniiton Wm. P. clerk. 129 Lanvale 

Davis, pres't, 1 7 German 
Carrins Sabina, tailoress, 34 Lewis 
Carroll, Adams & Neer, (J. Carroll, J. Q. 

Adams, J. P. Neer, J. F. Staub, ) boots. 

shoes, i^-c. wholesale, 351 w Baltimore 
Carroll AUiert H. manufacturer, Evergreen nr 

.Mt. Vernon factory 
Carroll Andrew S. clerk, 33 n Calvert 
Carroll Andrew, 123 Linden av 
Carroll Mrs. Ann, grocery, 2 Foundry 
Carroll A. J. bookkeeper. 33 n Calvert 
Carroll .Mrs. Bridget, 14 Spruce al 
CrrroU Catherine. 161 Aliceanna 
Carroll Catherine, 4 Tiiomsen 
Carroll Chas. deputy, city jail, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll Chas. A. 169 Lanvale 
Carroll Chas. A. milkman, Rising Sun hotel 
Carroll Chas. C. carpi-nter. 162 e Monument 
Carroll ('harles S. ropemaker, Harford av nr 

Carroll Chas. T. 42 Franklin 
Carroll ('yiithia, grocery, Vork rd 
Carroll Dan'l, laborer, Cooksie nr Beason 
Carroll Rev. D. H., Maryland av nr Shirk 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 287 e Monument 
Carrol! Edwnr.l F. clerk, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll Geo. W hnckst«r, 118 William 
Carroll Geo. W. 251 s Bond 
Carrcdl Grej^ory, bricklayer, 9 Point la 
Carroll Hall, s e cor Baltimore and (Calvert 
Carroll Harry D. G. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Harry D. G. jr. 107 w Monuuient 

Offices, 54 S. Gay, and Cor. Chew an d Stirling. 




Carroll Henry, laborer, 171 Greenmount av 

Carroll Henry, rabinetniaker, 46 Harrison 

Carroll House, C. Swearer, proj-'r, 1 Grant 

Carroll Isaac, stair builder, Hand house 

Carroll Jncob, organ grinder, 521 Light 

Ciu roll James, laborer, 55 Bevan 

Carroll James, salesman, 78 McKim 

Crrroll James, laborer, 261 Forrest 

Carroll James, Fulton nr Franklin 

Carroll James, laborer, 18 Rock 

Carroll James, stonecutter, 231 Conway 

Carroll James, (C, Adams & Neer) 272 Hollins 

Carroll James, laborer, 109 Vine 

Carroll James, jr. 107 w Monument 

Cirroll James, sr. 105 w Monument 

Carroll James, attorney, Charles nr Centre 

CArroU James A. cigarmaker, 247 George 

Carroll J.unes H. police, 250 e Pratt 

Carroll James I. pedler, 459 e Baltimore 

Carroll James P. salesman, 31 s Exeter 

Carroll John C. clerk, 28 n Exeter 

Carroll John P. shipwright, 102 Battery av 

Carroll John, laborer, 5 China 

Carroll Jolin, clerk, 604 w Fayette 

Carroll John, 656 w Fayette 

Carroll John B. ropemaker, Hiirford av and 

John, dw 390 Harford av 
Carroll John B. police. 71 s Caroline 
' Carroll John W. ropemaker, 650 Light ^ 

Carroll John, butter, 109 n Howard 
Carroll John B. clerk, 68 Chew 
Carroll John B. cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll John B. cari)enter, 71 s Caroline 
Carroll John B. cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll John F. printer, 220 n Front 
Carroll John K. cooper, 27 Commerce, dw 84 e 

Carroll John R., Brannock & Co. (J.R.Carroll, 

John H. Brannock, Wm. F. CairoU,) ship 

yard and marine railway, s side of Basin nr 

city VRrd 
Carroll J(diii R. (J. R. C, Brannock & Co.) 

102 Battery av 
Carroll John, laborer, 214 Aliceanna 
Carroll Jdlin^ tailor, 390 West 
Carroll Joseph, sutler. Fort McHenry 
Carroll Joseph, 159 n Carcdine 
Carroll Jo.siah, mariner, 59 Centre Market sp 
Carroll L;irkin, hostler, 493 Saratoga 
Carroll Lewis F. ropemaker, 390 Harford av 
Carroll \!rs. Lucy, 604 w Favetie 
Carroll .Mrs. Marcella A. 112'Sarah Ann 
Carroll Mrs. .Martha, seamstress, 25 Hampstead 
Carroll .Martin, cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll .Martin, laborer, 6S n Durham 
Carroll Mary, tancy store, SO n Fremont 
Carroll .Mary, 2o9 e Baltimore 
Carroll .Mrs. Mary, 28 n Exeter 
Carroll .Mrs. Margaret, 231 Conway 
Carroll .Michael, tinner, 305 Orleans 
Carroll Michael, hackman, 33 L McKlderry 
Carroll Patrick, shoemaker, 2 Foundry 
Carroll Patrick B. 4(J n Exeter 
Carroll Peter, milk, 73 n High 
Carroll P. H. salesman, 28 n Exeter 
Carroll Robt. grocery, Preston and Druid Hill av 
Carroll Robt. B. tinner, 204 e Madison 
Carroll Uobt. V. joiner, 1U2 Battery av 
Carroll Samuel S 74 Conrtlaml 
Carroll Sinclair S. (Wm. H. Johns & Co.) 664 

Carroll Thos. C. boilcrmaker, 377 Light 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendaie Cement and Plaster. 

Carroll Thos. clerk, 295 Walsh 

CARROLL THOMAS G. wholsale wine and 

liquor, 370 w Baltimore, dw 12o McCiilloh 
Carroll Thos. trans. dept.B & 0. R R. 26 Penn 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 19 Wood\ear 
Carroll Thomas, 31 Eastern av 
Carroll Thomas, detective, 186 n Central av 
Carroll Thomas jr. roofer, 31 Eastern av 
Cirroll Thomas, 215 w Hotfraan 
Carroll Timothy, laborer, 80' n Front 
Carroll Timothy A. land agent, 656 w Fayette 
Carroll Wm. J. 61 n Calvert 
Carroll Wm, 656 w Fayette 
Carroll Wm. hostler, 3 Bounty la 
Carroll Wm. carter, 312 Cross 
Carroll Wm. F. (J.R,C., Brannock cj- Co.) 145 

Carroll Wm. L. stonecutter. 215 Forrest 
Carroll Wm, J, (Vickery & C.) 55 n Forrest 
Carroll Wm. Y. veterinarian, 123 Elliott 
Carson Alonzo, varnisher, 176 n Exeter 
Carson Abraham, cab. maker, Exeter and Hillen 
Carson Ambrose, wood turner, 176 n Kxeter 
CARSON k CO. (D.&W.McK. Carson)lumber, 

30 w Bid die 
Carson & Co. (D. Carson) lumber dealers, w 
side Union dock adj. Bay line steamers' whf 
Carson Chas. L. (Dixon & Carson) 448 Madi- 
son av 
Carson David, brickmaker, 7 Walker 
Carson David, cooper. 100 Warner 
Carson David jr. clerk, 330 Lexington 
Carson David, builder, 46 Josephine, dw 330 

Carson David (C. & Co.) 330 Lexington 
Carson Elijah, (J. Whittington & Co.)40 Wyeth 
Carson Elizabeth. Druidville 
Carson Geo. brickmaker. 111 Ridgely 
Carson Geo. M. inspr. C. H. 118 St. Peter 
Carson Henry W. confectioner, 213 Gough 
Carson Henry, baker, 173 Hanover 
Carson James, laborer, 80 s Republican 
Carson John, attorney, 65 w Favette, dw 194 

Carson John W. brickmaker, 118 St. Peter 
Carson Joseph D. bookseller, over 7 South, dw 

356 Aisquith 
Carson Joshua, builder, 480 Franklin 
Caisiin Peter J. confectioncrv, 213 Gough 
CARSON, RI< HARDSON <|-C0. (W. K. C, J. 
A. Richardson, T. E. Caison) jjrocers and 
com. merchts. s w cor Calvert and Lombard 
Carson Thos. E. (Carson, Richardson & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Carson Thos. W. D. brickmaker, 40 Wyeth 
Carson W. K. (Carson, Richardson & Co.) 164 

CARSON W.M. coal and wood, 5 n Republican, 

dw 29 s Calhoun 
Carson Wm T. brickmaker, 287 Columbia 
Carson Wm. McK. (Carson & Co.) 582 w Lex- 

Horses taken on Livery by the Day or M onth. 
^ ' CAR 



Carson William, Dniidville 

Carstens John IT (Kadecke & C.) 1R2 Mnlberrj^ 

Carswell J. S. Jf Son, (J. S. & R. S. Carswcll) 

Risinji Still oil works. North nr Eager 
CarswH'U John S. (J. S. C. & Son) Homestead, 

Uarfurd rd 
Carswell Roht. S. (J. S. C. & Son) Homestead, 

Harford rd 
Carter A<rnos, seamstress, 9 New Church 
Carter Alie.x. M. cashier Third Nat. Bank, 112 

Carter Annie, 126 Lexington 
Carter Mrs. Ann, 287 Canton av 
Carter Mrs. Ana M. 229 n Kden 
Carter Anthony, Hull nr Fort av 
Carter A. Robert, agent Continental Life Ins. 

Co. of N. V. 42 P. 0. av, dw 267 n Caroline 
Carter Bernard^ 83 Si. Paul 
Carter Bernard. 125 Malberrv 
CARTER BERNARD, attorney, 25 Lexington, 

dw 376 Eiitaw jil 
Carter Caroline, dressmaker, 47 Druid Hill av 
Carter Dr. C. Shirley, 68 Franklin 
('arter Clias. brakeman, 77 n Poppleton 
Carter Clias. clerk, 214 w HoSniaii 
('arter Chas. W. clerk, 241 Penna.av 
Carter Chas. C. 214 w Hoffman 
Carter Mrs. Clement, 214 w Hoffman 
C:irter Desmal, bricklayer, 324 n Eden 
Carter Diirus. iniilder, 298 e Chase 
(■arter Eilw.ird, laborer, 104 Henrietta 
("arter Edward F., .Mt. Vernon hotel 
Carter Edwin T clerk, 94 Columbia 
(Jarter Flavins, carp. 152 Aisquith 
(Jarter Mrs. Ella, cor Smith-stand Shields al 
('arter Mrs. Ellen M. niillinerv, 241 Penna av 
CARTER k E.«ORV, (H. C. CMiter, Samuel G. 

Emory) agents Wasliington Life Ins. Co. of 

N. York, 32^ St. Paul 
(^arter Francis, nightman, 47 Druid Hill av 
Carter Geo. R. chief clerk, tobacco warehouse 

No. 4, dw Baltimore co 
Carter Granville H. butcher. Farmers hotel 
Carter Hanson, curpenti-r. Hand house 
Carter llaunah, bakery, 58 s Chapel 
Carter Henr\, engineer, 94 Division 
('arter H. Clay, (Cirter& Emory) 96 Division 
("arter .Mrs. Howard, 212 n Front 
Carter Hill, lab. Elizabeth la nr Heath 
('arter Irwiu. brickla\er, Sarah Ann nr Oregon 
Carter Isaac T. plasterer, 1 12 s Central av 
(!arter James, marble polisher, 212 n Front 
Carter James, carter, 431 Franklin 
Carter J. Wesley, 242 s Broadway 
('arter Dr. Jas M., Exeter and Pratt, dw 385 w 

CARTER JOHX W. family grocer, 61 Camden, 

dw ii4 Colunibiii, 
Carter John A. engineer, 94 Division 
Carter John F. dejiuty warden city jail, Lex- 
ington and ('alvert 
Carter John M. of ('. II. 90 Hollins 
C.irter Joiin P. bookkeeper, 3 s Exeter 
Carter John M. attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 14 

Carter J. H. grocery, 285 Franklin 
Carter Rev. J. P. 385 w F.iyette 
(.'arter Jos. shoemaker, 67.J n Front, dw 30 e 

Carter Josejih, jr. plumber, 39 e Fayette 
Carter Josejih, canmaker, 211 B.>ttlery av 
Carter Joseph, cooper, 121 Hamburg 

Carter Josiah, watchman, Covington and Warren 

Carter Lorenzo, bricklayer, 22 Brune 

Carter .Marion R. carpenter. 63 St. Paul 

Carter ('scar, 169 n C'harles 

Carter Petty, Hull nr Fort av 

Carter Presley, plasterer, 36 n Bond 

Carter .Mrs Rebecca, 58 s Chapel 

Carter Rich'd P. oysters, 44 u Paca, dw 203 

Carter Robert D. clerk, 169 n Charles 
Carter Robert E., 2()7 n Caroline 
Carter Robert, paper carrier, 201 n Caroline 
Carter Sarah P. tailoress, 104 Henrietta 
Carter Thos. H. carpenter, 154 e Baltimore 
Carter Thos. B. sailinaker, 338 n Regester 
Carter Capt. Wm. F. 140 u Schroeder 
t\vrter Wm. H. bricklayer, 233 Barre 
Carter Mrs. Wni., ?8i w Baltimore 
Carter Wm. laborer, 36 n Bond 
(barter Wm. laborer, 176 s Greene 
Carter Wm. brakeman, 89 s Strieker 
Carter Wm. shoemaker, 491 w Prait 
Carter Wm. C. (J. C. Brown & Co.) York rd 

nr Huntington av 
Carter Wm. J. barkeeper, 35 n Front 
Carter Wm. J. 385 w Fayette 
Carter Wm. tailor, 160 s Entaw 
Carter Wm. J clerk. 229 n Eden 
Carter Wm. W. liquid'ting clerk C. H. 214 w 
* Hoffman 

Carthy Andrew, laborer, Biddle nr Ross 
Carvell Harriet, 134 n U'^ih 
CarTcll Mrs. Mary A. 134 n Hi-h 
Carver Francis T. cigars, 52 n Greene, dw 178 

Carver Philip M. machinist, 40 s Poppleton 
Carver Wm. V. bricklayer. 178 .Mulberry 
Cary Dewitt C. agent for ^\'il(•ox & Gibb's sew- 
ing machine, over 8 n Charl«s, dw 35 Fawn 
Cary k Co. (Syd. C. Cary) coal and wood, 1 n 

Charles and Howard and Biddle ' 
Carv .Michael, carpenter, 37 Harford av 
CarV Svd. C (C. k Co.) 197 n Charles 
CARY'MRS. WILSON M. principal Southern 

Home School. 177 and 179 n Charles 
CARY WILSON M. teacher, princijial Southern 

Home School 
Cary Wilson M. jr. attorney, dw 197 n Charles 
Casanova (Jasper, shoemaker, 759 Light 
Casby Andrew, laborer, 15 Arbel al 
Case (ieo W. clerk, 31 s Eden 
Case Nel.'^on B. canmaker, 225 e Baltimore 
Cas-ens Mrs. Dora, 33 e Lombard 
Casey Edwin, (C. & Pluinmer) 84 llillen 
Casey .Mrs. Ellen, 84 n Front 
Casey James, laborer, lOl s Spring 
Casey James F. harnessinaker, 84 n Front 
Casey Jeremiah, marble [lolisher, 159 u Front 
Casey John, laborer, 76 n Durham 
Casey John, laborer, 14 s Durham 
(Jasey John H. shoemaker, 42 Gough 
Casey John, oyster & fruit i)acker and liquors, 

ll'l Ensiir 
Casev Miiliacl .1. haniessmaker, 159 n Hi;;h 
Casey .J- Plummer, (E. C. & J. F. P. jr.) gro- 

.ers, 81 Hillen 
Casey Patrick, shoemaker, 168 s Central av 
("asev Pat'k, laborer. Hare nr Lancaster, Canton 
(.'asey Patrick, coachman, 146 Cathedral 
(Jasev Patrick, laborer, IHO s Washington 
(;AS1';V T. J. & co, (T J.Casey, P H.Phelan) 

niauufs fine harness, 19 ii Gay 


At Central S tables. Ill L exi ngton, C. H. Bredemeyer. 
CAS 107 CAS 

Casey Thos. J. (T. J. C. .J- Co.) 109 n Front 
Casey Tbomas, foreman, Union Hotel 
Ciisey Thomas, Loyola College 
Casey Thomas, engineer, Mt. Vernon hotel, dw 

36" Oxford 
Casey \Vm. E. basketmkr, 92 e Madison 
Casey Wni. moulder, 85 North 
Cash Edward L. (Cash &Son) carpenter, Cum- 
berland ur Penna av 
Cash James, stonecutter, 475 Aisquith 
Casli John, pictures, 52 n Howard 
Cash 0. ^Y. & Son, (Oliver W. & Edward L. 
Cash) carpenters, cor Carey and Cumberland 
Cash Oliver W. (Cash & Son) carpenter, Cum- 
berland ur Penna av 
Cash man Barih, laborer, 26 Smith 
Ca»hman Jeremiabi laborer. 24 Etling 
Cashman Michael, laborer, 24 Etting 
Cashman Michael, laborer, HO Division 
Cashmvcr Henry, magistrate, 114 s Broadway, 

dw \31 Bank 
Cashmyer Philip, restaurant. Is Eden, dw 11 
Cashrayer R. August, liquors, 155 e Baltimore 
Casher Michael, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Cashner Geo. hostler. Bull's Head hotel 
Casidy Thomas, laborer, 166 Lee 
Casino Ciubroom, 216 Harford av 
Caskey Geo. boilermaker, 115 Hamburg 
Caskey John W. shipcarpenter. 133 William 
Caskey Joseph, laborer, 13.^ William 
Caskey Robert, stairbuilder, cor Fremont and 

Penna av, dw 200 n Fremont 
Caskey Samuel H, boilermaker, 115 Hamburg 
Caskey Solomon J. moulder, 115 Hamburg 
Cas[iari Anna R. periodicals, 30 Druid Hill av 
OASPARI CHARLFS, jr. apothecary.44 n Gay 
Caspari Fred'k PI. clerk. 44 n Gay 
Caspari Fritz, tailor, Baker ct 
Caspari Theodore, books, 14 n Poppleton 
Caspari Wm. & Co. (W. Caspari, C. W. Suf- 

fert) anothecaries, n e cor Pratt and Ann 
CASPARI WM. (Wm. Ca.= pari & Co.) apothe- 
cary, 107 s Paca, dw Biddle and Penna av 
Casper Anton, laborer, 30 Abbot 
Casper Ferd, vinegar miinuf. 52 e Lombard 
Casper Joseph, laborer. 6 Barnes 
Casi'er Louis. 52 e Lombard 
Casper Mrs. Sarah, midwife 52 e Lombard 
Cass-idy John, laborer. H.59 n Broadway 
Cassady .Mrs. Ann, 10 Jefferson 
Cas^ady Rev. Francis S., 84 William 
Cassady John, carfienter, 46 -Milliman 
[Cassady Virginia, teacher, lo Jefferson 
[Cassady Wm. H. I'uddler, 297 Aliceanna 

Cassard, John Cassard, F. W, C^s- 
sard,) Pork Packers, Ham Curers, 
and Dealers in Provisions, 61 
South Street, and 212 e Payette 

j Street. 

iCassard Edward, heluer, 143 s Chester 
ll.'ASSARD F. W. (C. Bros.) 57 McCulloh 
r-'assard George, (Geo. C. & Co.)289 w Lombard 
ICassard Geo. & \'o. (Geo. & L. R. Cassard) 

com. merchants and provisions, 46Souih 
Cassard Geo. C. (G.C. k Sou,) s e cor Bolton 

and Townsend 
Cassard Gilbert, 603 w Lombard 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


Cu,\.ST.ANTLY For S.A1,E 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &o. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

CASSARD G. & SON, (Lewis, Geo. 
C. and Jesse L. Cassard,) Pork 
Packers, Ham Curers, and Dealers 
in Provisions, Nos. 407 and 409 
West Baltimore Street. iSS-Prime 
Lard and Lard Oil. 

Cassard Herbert, salesman, Govaustown, Bal- 
timore CO 
Cassard James D. clerk, 603 w Lombard 
Ca.ssard .Te.sse L. rG.C.& Son.H40 Madison aT 

Cassard John. (C. Bros.) 249 Madison av 
Cassard Lewis, (G. C. & Son, ) Charles st av ext 
Cassard Louis R.(Geo. C.^-Co.) 341 Madison av 
Cassard Thomas, (C. Bros.) Baltimore co 
Cassell Charles, musician, 67 President 
Cassell Chas. C. printer, 12 Rock 
CASSELL CHAS. E. architect and civil engi- 
. neer, room 2 Lexington building, dw n e 

cor Calvert and Lexington 
Cissell Daniel, painter, 108 Vine 
Cassell Daniel, paiuter, 640 w Baltimore 
Cassell Geo. N. bricklaver, 41 s Carey 
Cassell Geo. R. bricklayer, 231 w Biddle 
Cassell Henry P. bricklayer, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell Jacob H. clerk, 490 Fianklin 
Cassell John S. assistant U. S. assessor, 3d 

district, 490 Franklin 
Cassell Martha, Boston e of Elliott 
Cassell Mrs. Rebecca, 199 s Paca 
Cassell Rebecca Jane, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell Thos. D. painter, 1 Barranger ct, dw 

56 n Pine 
Cassell Wm. G. bricklaver, 199 s Paca 
Cassell Wm. H. 272 Mulberry 
Casselly James, driver, 136 s Chester 
Cassey John, laborer, 76 n Durham 
Cassev Peter, laborer, 406 Hanover 
Cassidy Bernard, grocery, n e cor Greenmouni 

av and Monument 
Cassidy Charles, clerk, 52 s Frederick 
Cassidy Dennis, laborer, JIO s Charles 
Cassidy Mrs. Elizabeth, 144 n iuitaw 
Cassidy Francis, bricklayer, 2-6 .Mulberry 
Cassidy Francis, laborer, 13 Webster al 
Cassidy Frank, drayman, 28 Harford av 
Cassidy Francis of B. bookkp"r. 102 e Monument 
Cassidy Capt. Francis, manner. 97 s High 
Cassidy Geo. barkee[ier. 286 .Mulberry 
Cassidy Henry, laborer, 42 Wyeth 
Cassidy James, boots and shoes, 33 w Pratt, dw 

21 n Front 
Cassidy Jesse, laborer, 226 Eastern av 
Cassidy John, car builder, 46 .Milliman 
Cassidy John, blacksmith, Bee Hive hotel 
Cassidy John C. currier, 44 Dover 
Cassidy John J. clerk, 87 e Lombard 
Cassidy Capt. John, mariner, 74 s Kxeter 
Cassidy Luke, stonemason, 48 Liberty al 
Cassidy Luke, groc'y, Harford av and Madison 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco Sustain, 




Cassidy Martiu, liquors, Hilleii aud Exeter, dw 

17J» n Exeter 
Cassidy Mrs M:iry,dressniak.Chesnutand Ensor 
Cassidy Michael, huckster, 44 Dover 
Cassidy Owen, drayman, 28G Mulberry 
Cassidy Patrick, plasterer, 57 Valley ' 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 536 w Pratt 
Cassidy Peter, 21 Block 
Cassidy Robt. nmriner, 74 s Exeler 
Cassidy Thomas, laborer, 1(5(5 Lee 
Cassia Johu II. clerk. 69 w Biddle 
Cassiu Mrs. Mary, G9 w Biddle 
Castlcberg Isaac clerk, 1 ii High 
CasiieberL' Jacob, loan ofiice, 1 n Iliph 
Castenda Raphael, cigar nmnuf. 22 Albemarle 
Castiue Emanuel M. cigarmaker, 1 Mullikiu 
Castle Georfje T. clerk, 66 n Paca 
Castle Jiis. L. shoemak. 94 Richmond 
Castle Sjim'l A. (BardwcU, C. & Co.) New York 
Castle Thos. M. shoemaker, 94 Richmond 
Caswell Robt. B. jr. shipbuild. 1G2 Johnson 
Caswell Robt. B. sr. shipbuilder, 68 t Light 
Catchum Joseph, huckster, G6 President 
CATE AMO.V, lumber yard and planing mill, 
n e cor East Falls av and Fawn, dw" 243 n 
Gates George, laborer, Hampden 
Catez John B. painter, .SO.^ Forrest 
Cathcart A. Roszel, bank teiler.Sl^s Broadway 
Calhcart Jno. W . clerk, 5U s Broadway 
Cathcart Mrs. .Margaret, 6l"n Pojipleton 
CATHCART R. & W. H. block and pump mkrs, 
and sdle ag'ts Averill Chemical Paint Co. 
113 Thames 
Cathcart Robt. (R. & W. H. C.) gen'l sujd. 

Citizens' Kail way Co. 51^ s Broadway 
Cathcart Robt. jr. 5\i s Broadway 
Cathciirt Theodore C. stationery, 289 e Baliiiiioie 
Cathcart W'm; II. (R..t W.H.U.) 83 s inroad way 
Cathedral Parochi.d Male Scliool, 62 Ccuirtland 
Cathedra], (Roman Catholic,) cor Cathedral and 

CATtlELL Du. DANIEL W. IJ s Exeter, dw 

Caiherire .Mrs. Annie, dry goods, 82 McElderry 
Cather \Vm. carpenter, 293 Mdlenrv 
CATHOLIC MIRROR, weekly, Kelly, Piet & 

Co. 174 w Baltimore 
Catlett Thos. B. salesman, 84 s Sliaip 
Callett .Mis. Thos. R. 60 s Greene 
Catlin Francis, m:iriner, 242 Light 
Ciuliu Mrs Siiralt, seamstress, 48 n Caroline 
Caton Mrs. Ellen, 7 Grace ct 
Caton James, lilacksmith, 94 s Exeter 
Caton John, lab'r 98 Chesapeake 
Caton Michael, huckster, 320 n Howard 
Caton .Michael, laborer, 98 (Mu-sapeake 
Catoi! Patrick, laborer, 131 West 
Caton Thomas, lal). 3'i9 Light 
Catonsville Car Shop, Frederick av nr Wilkens' 

Cator B. W grocery, Granby and Exeter, dw 

Fawn and Exeter 
Cator Benj. F. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 173 St. 

Cator Levin R. mariner, 113 William 
Cator Robinsoti W. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Cator Wesley D. grocery, Exeler and Granby, 

dw 78 s Exeter 
Cator Wm. E. mariner, 288 Light 
Calor Wm. I), salesman, 2ul St. Paul 

11 ore, 

Catrup Mrs. S. P. children's furnishing store, 

2 s High 
Catrup Saml. P. printer, 2 s High 
Catrup Saml. H. carp. 2 s High 
Catrup Wm. engineer, 63 s Ann 
Catterton Geo. lab. 69 Henrietta 
Catterton Jamws, lab. G9 Henrietta 
Caufield Hugh, lab. 2 Webster ct 
Caughey .Mrs. Benj. 257 Lanvale 
Caughie Mts. Ann, dairy, 82 McKira 
Caughie Charles, 82 McKim 
Caughlin James, tailor, 84 Centre market sp 
Caughy Chas. .M. com. mercht. 103 w Baltiuioi 

dw Eutaw jil and .Mosher 
Cuighy Henry W. clerk, 231 Linden av 
Caughy Mrs. Jane, cont'ection'y, 8 Constitution 
Caughy John II. 231 Linden av 
Caugli}' Mrs. Jolin II. 231 Linden av 
Caughy Mis. Michael, 20^ Ai.<quith 
('aughy Michael, cloth com. mercht. Charles ur 

Lexington, dw 234 Linden av 
Caughy Noah W. (N. Walker & Co.) 31 w Eager 
Caughy S. Hamilton, (N. Walker & Co.) sw 

cor Eutaw pi and Mosiier 
("aulfield James E. clerk, 92 Richmond 
Caulfield Mis. ."^larg. dressmaker, 92 Richmond 
(Jaulfield .Mrs. Mary, grocery. 140 w Biddle 
Caulk Alonzo. painter, 21 Williamson al 
Caulk Charles L. processer, 219 e Madison 
Caulk Mrs. Elizabeth, 219 e Madison 
("aulk Jacob, saihnaker, 125 n Bethel 
Caulk James, lab. 43 Warren 
Caulk Jamts T., U.S. ganger, 71 Exchange ]>1. 

dw 23 Warien 
('aulk Wm. P. canmaker, 219 e Madison 
Caulk Wm. J. shoemaker. Sweet Air 
Caulk Win. H. moulder, 171 Warner 
Causey Charles S. tinner, 53 Henrietta 
Causey Charles, clerk. Sharp and Lombard 
Causey Lewis, clerk, 255 Lexington 
("ausey Wm. carpenter, 255 Lexington 
Cavalier R. II. clerk, 178 w Lombard 
Cavauo Geo. cooper, 3 n Fremont 
("avano Lewis H. cigarmaker, 19 Ogstou 
Cavanangh Bridget, housekeeper, 72 Mount 

Vernon jil 
Cavanangh Mrs Catherine, groc'y, 285 s Eutaw 
("avanaugh Pennis, tavern, Forrest ur Gay 
Cavanaugh Frank, lab. 730 vv Lombard 
Cavanangh James jr. printer, 89 s High 
("avanangh John, dra>man, 12 n Poppleton 
Cavanaugh John, lab. ]2'i u Holliday 
(javanaugh Jos. co|ipersniitli, 89 Albemarle 
Cavanaugh .Mrs. Mary, 118 Ramsay 
Cavanaugh Matthew J. lab. 285 s iCutaw 
Cavanaugh .Michael, lab. 74 n- Durham 
Cavanauiih Michael, jirinter, 8 Holland 
Cavanaugh Miles, carter, 2r) Rank 
Cavanaugh Patrick, sliipcarp. 93 Albeniniir 
Cavamiugh i'airick, lab. 176 Vine 
Cavanangh Peter, baker, 9 e Madison 
Cave Mrs. Eninia E. 9o En>or 
Cave Jidin W. law student, 103 n Exeter 
(havener Patrick, plumber, 10 Ridgely 
Cavy Nathan, carpenter, .36 {..emmou 
Cavy Thomas J. rags, (to Hamburg 
Cawley Mrs. Catherine, 12(1 Ciirley 
Cawl«y Patrick, carter, 9 Pleasant »1 
Cawood Sallie, dressmaker. 61 O.xtord 
Cazier Capt. Robt. W. mariner. 15 s Bond 
Cecil Geo. T. (J. F. Moffett & Co.) 86 William 
Cecil Wm. M. carpenter, 15 Brown la 


Offices, 54 S. G-ay, and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 




Cecil Will. S. carpenter. 15 Brown la 

Cedar Point Furnace, Brooke, Kraber & Nes, 

proprietors, Boston and Patuxent 
Cella Antonio, restaurant, 63 President 
Central Assembly Rooms, Liberty and Lex- 
Central FLill, 28 n Gay 

Central II. E. Cliurch Soutli, Lexington nr Pine 
Central National Bank, James O'Connor, prest. 

5 South 
Central Presbyterian Cburch, Saratoga and 

Central Presbyterian Church Mission, Ridgely 

and Hamburg 

prest. J. Carey, jr. treas. 53 Lexington 
Cipy Robert, lab. 83 s Exeter 
Cerrigho Juhn B. sawyer, 60 President 
Cess Martin, shoemaker, 95 s Durham 
Chabot Dr. Lawrence J. 53 n Eden 
Chadburn Wtu. macliinist, 43 s Scbroeder 
I'Jhaddaston Thos. watchmaker, 29 Chew 
L'hadwick E. Murray, tailor, 273 n Eutaw 
LUiadwick John C. clerk, 313 Linden av 
Chadwick John E. (Hoffman, Stalej & Co.) 

313 Linden av 
Chaffee Caroline W . school, 23 Hamilton, dw 

231 n Charles 
Chaffen Louis, stonemason, Hudson al nr Federal 
("liattVn Mrs. Ruth, Hudson al nr Federal 
Chaffinch Eiisha W. salesman, 59 n Ann 
Chaffinch \Vm. W. carpenter, 110 Jefferson 
Chaffinan Charles, tailor, 525 Saratoga 
Chaillou Augustus, sergt. police, 18 Miller 
Chaillou Frank, brushmaker, 175 Hamburg 
Chaillou Louis, brushmaker, 431 Hamburg 
Chairs Edward, farmer, 367 e Fayette 
'haisty E. J. jr. plumber and gasfitter, 49 n 

Calvert, dw 158 Mulberry 
'haisty Ed. J. jr. crier Criminal Court, 158 

.'haisty Dr. Edward J. 158 Mulberry 
'hiUk Elias, car repairer, Mt. Royal Hill 
,'halk Geo. conductor. Cathedral nr Federal 
Jlialk Geo. brakeman, Mt. Royal Hill 
.'halk James A. engineer, 37 Park av 
Jhalk Jose[ih A. plasterer, 230 w Biddle 
Jhalk Levi, grocer, 123 Dolphin 
Jhalk Mrs. S»piiia, grocery, 37 Park av 
Jhalk Wui. H. painter, Mt. Royal Hill 
'halk Wm. A. clerk, 123 Dolphin 
Jhalk Wni. II. painter, 9 Durham n of Monument 
iJhalmers Mrs. Ellen, 140 e Monument 
jJhalmers James J. furniture, 262 Penna av 
Chalmers John W. carpenter, 396 Saratoga 
Jhaimers Philemon S. jr. clerk, 156 n Eutaw 
'lialmers Philemon S. sr. tailor, 156 u Eutaw 
jJhamberlaiu Ann, seamstress, 54 Milliman 
IJhamberlaiu Kdward B. clerk, 374 w Fayette 
iJhamijerlain P^li, telegraphist, 117 e Monument 
Jhamberlain Klizabeth, 54 Milliman 
Jhamberlaiii G. W. currier, George nr Fremont 
Jhamberlain Jas. clerk, 55j St. Paul 
Jhamberlaiu John C. messenger. Odd Fellows 

hall, dw 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain John C. shoemaker, 7 n Oregon 
Chamberlain John C. ladies' boot and shoema- 
^ ker, 128 n Fremont, dw 374 w Fayette 
Jhamberlain John T. upholsterer, 54 Milliman 
l^'hamberlain Margaret, tailoress. 54 Milliman 
i'hamberlain Philip, tailor, 241 e Monument 
iJhaaiberlain Sarah, 375 e Eager 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


COXSTA.VrLY F.iR S.\l,10 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Chamberlain \Vm. blacksmith, 673 Penna av 
Chamberlain Wm. clerk, 42 Mulberry 
Chaiiibcrlaine Rebecca, 17 Chew 
Chaml)erlaine Richard, student, 4 Franklin 
Chamberlaine Richard H. 168 n Calvert 
Chamberlayne R. C. conductor, Ch?ise nr Bond 
Chamberlin David L. supervisor N.C.R. Park 

av nr Townsend 
Chambers Brown, locksmith, 6 s Oregon 
Chambers Chas. K. laborer, 166 Battery av 
Chambers Mrs. Charlotte, 25 Pearl 
Chambers Elmira, 377 Franklin 
Chambers Geo. M. machinist, 25 Pearl 
Chambers Jas. lal'orer, 186 Burgundy al 
Chambers James, ropemaker, 166 Battery av 
Chambers John T. laborer, Hanover and Ham- 
Chambers John, carp. Hanover and Hamburg 
Chambers John E. blacksmith, 25 Pearl 
Chambers Mrs. Maggie, 181 Madison av 
Chambers Mary E. millinery, 98 s Broadway 
Chambers Mrs. Mary, 377 Franklin 
Chambers Robt. M. carpenter, 104 Henrietta 
Chambers Sanmel, carpenter, 98 s Broadway 
Chambers Thos. W. L. printer, 35 Miller 
Chambers Wm. blacksmith, 39 Eastern av 
Chambers Wm. C. machinist, 90 HoUins 
Charabley David, laborer, 482 n Gay 
Chambley .Mrs. Elizabeth, 482 n Gay 
Champa\ ne Henry R. coachmaker, 84 German, 

dw 23 n Poppleton 
Champayne Wm. K. coachpainter, 84 German 

dw 9 ' hatsworth 
Champayne Wm. R. carpenter, 9 Chatsworth 
Champney Hari J. carpenter, 11 s Schroeder 
Chance Mrs. Anna, 3 Lemmon 
Chance Capt. Elijah, mariner, 104 s Sharp 
Chance Marinas, laborer, 14 McHenry 
Chanceaulme Richard P. bookkpr, 52 e Fayette 
CHANCELLOR DR. CHAS. W., prof. Wash- 
ington University, 174 Walsh 
Chancellor J. J. stockbroker, Eutaw house 
Chandlee H. P. (Barker & 0.) 171 n Oregon 
Chandler Chas. E. (Norris & C.) 334 Myrtle av 
Ciiandler Rev. Chas. N. 334 Myrtle av 
Chandler Daniel T. 2 HoUins 
CHANDLER GEO. H. attorney, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw '^48 Linden av 
Chandler Henry, stevedore, 157 West 
Chandler Irena, 229 n Caroline 
Chandlee J. S. clerk, 171 n Oregon 
Chandler Jacob, laborer, 426 J.ight 
Chandler John K. carpenter, 232 Cough 
Chandler John R. carpenter, 232 Gough 
Chandler John W. mariner, 54 Albemarle 
Chandler Kennard, (George & Jenkins) Eutaw 

pi nr McMechia 
Chandler Peter T. carter, 212 William 
Chandler Thos. M. coachmaker, 365 Saratoga 
Chandler Wm. H. stripper, 232 Guugh 
Chandler Wm. T. carter, 212 William 
Chandley G. Wash'n, salesman, 375 Franklin 

Horses Bouglit and Sold on Commission, 




CUandlej J. H. salesman, 375 Franklin 
(Jliaiidley Joliii 11. crackers, 712 w Ualtiinore 
Chancy Henj. (B. C. & Son) 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Benj. iSt 8on, (B. and C. Cliane}) coal, 

wood, flour and feed, 148 llollins 
Chaney Chas. P. police, 615 Helair av 
Cluiney Chas. W. 133 s Sliarp 
Chaney Chas. (B. C. t|' .Son) 521 \v Lombard 
Chaney Elizabeth, I4t> u Fremont 
Chaney Floyd, dry goods com. merchant, 7 

German, d\v 270 Linden av 
Chaney Geo. tinner, 41 c Monument 
Chaney Geo. carter, 332 William 
Chaney James, tinner, 50 Columbia 
. Chaney James M. police, 42 tit. Peter 
Chaney Jane, seamstress, 50 Columbia 
Chaney John, dyer, 47 n Spring 
Chaney Levi M. blacksmith, 55 e Madison 
Chaney Mary A. 248 n Bond 
Chaney Rev. R. G. school, 262 Lanvale 
Chanej" Sarah A. 615 Belair av 
Chaney Thos. huckster, 19 Diamond 
Chaney \Vm. clerk, 69 n Strieker 
Chaney Viletta S. 55 e Madison 
Chaney \Vm. laborer, 219 Battery av 
Chaney \Vm. 11. conductor, 287 Ramsay 
Channel! Win. F. bricklayer, 12 iMcElderry 
Chajielle Rev. P. L. 93 Marre 
Chapin Charles P. carpenter, 58 Albemarle 
Chapin Lieut. Edw'd S., U.S.A., Ft. McHeary 
Chapman Allen A. (Kirkland, Chase & Co.) 

40 McCulloh 
Chapman Catherine, confectionery, 223 s Bond 
Chapman D. Chase, clerk, 153 Dolphin 
Chapman Elizabeth, seamstress, 21 e Lombard 
Chapman Geo. driver, 196 Lanvale 
Chapman Geo. clerk, (iO Saratoga 
Chapman Geo. R. conductor, 107 Mosher 
Chapman Greenbury, shoemakr,8l n Poppleton 
Clia(inian Henry, milkman, Greeumount av 

opp Point la 
Cliapman Jas. C. jr. machinist, 223 s Bond 
Chapman John Lee, U. S. Naval Officer, office 

over Custom House, dvv 60 Saratoga 
Chapman John, i:lerk, 28 s Poppleton 
Chapman John G. clerk, 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Jonathan J. 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Mrs. Mary L. 19 e Fayette 
Cliapman Minnie, 91 Raborg 
Chapman Nathan A. 40 McCulloh 
Chapujan Nicholas P. bookk'r, 142 Dolphin 
Chapman Dr. Reason, 93 McCulloh 
Chapman Ruth A. 196 Lanvale 
Chapman Samuel, butcher, 186 Penna av 
Cliapman Win. A. shipcarpcnter, 217 Mnllikin 
Chapman Win. J. clerk, Hampden 
Chapman Rev. W'm. H. 178 Penna av 
Chapon Rev. P.P., St. Mary's Seminary 
Ciiappell Ann, 113 Mulberry 
Chappell Anna, teacher, 83 n Howard 
Chappell Bros. (P. S. and F. W. Chappell) 

luanufs. acids, Ci'oss nr Covington 
Chappell Cornelius F. (C. & Webster) 83 n 


pell, John Leary) Manufacturers 
of White Lead, Saltpetre, Varnish- 
es, Lampblack, Putty, Paints, &c., 
No. 100 w Lombard street and 
Cross near Covington 

Chappell Anna E. dressmaker, 101 n Poppleton 
Chappell Francis W.(C.Bros.)283 Druid Hillav 
Chappell Jane E 113 Mulberry 
Chappell [.(Ouisa 0. milliner, 185 Mulberry 
Chappell Mrs. Mary, 283 Druid Hill av 
Chappell P. Edmund, stationery, 97^ Lexing- 
ton, (l\v 78 11 Paca 
Cha[)pell Mrs. P. E. 78 n Paca 
Chappell Philip S.(C. & Leary, Chappell Bros.) 

and pres't Third Nat. Bank, 400 Eutaw pi 
Chappell & Webster, (C. F. Chappell, A. M. 

Webster) notions, S3 n Howard 
Chariton George W. butcher, Waverlcy 
Chariton Wm. II. car driver, Waverley 
Charles Benj. jiroperty agent and conveyancer, 

229j s Broadway, dw 96 S Ann 
Charles Benj. F. hatter, 96 s Ann 
Ciiarlcs Elizabeth, 2 n Gilmor 
Charles Frederick, clerk, 110 e Fayette 
Charles Il'y, coppersmelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Charles John, Clinton s of Boston. 
Charles Mrs. Mary, confectionery, Clinton s of 

Charles Mrs. Jtary L. 324 n Regester 
Charles Street (M. E.) Church, u e cor Charles 

and Fayette 
Charles Thos. J.(Flynn & Co.) 205 s Broadway 
Charleton Thomas, hackman, 140 Vine 
Charlton John P. stationery, over 22 Water, 

dw St. Clair hotel 
Charlton Richard, bricklayer, Philadelphia rd 

nr citv limits 
Charron Claude C. (J. 6. C. & Co.) 194 Druid 

Hill av 
CHARRON J. B. & CO. (C. C. Charron) imps. 

wjnes, liquors and Havana cigars, 128 w 

Charron Stephen, clerk, 194 Druid Hill av 

Hopper, general agent, 4 s Holliday 
Chase Alexander II. cigars, 78 Hanover, dw 

Lexington nr Pine 
Chase Alfred, laliorer, 20 n Amity 
Chase Alice, 31 Clay 

Chase A. (Jh.ipman, clerk, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase A. S (C, Stewart tj- Co.) New York 
Chase Benj. F. jiainter, 6 East 
Chase Benj. F. painter. 205 s Ann 
Chase Benj. F. (B. F. Chase & Co.) 26 s Eden 



B. F. CHASE & CO. ■ 

^iiitthrss unci j^econiion 



ligns. Show Cards, Gilding on Glass, j 
store and Office Painting, Graining, 
CJ-liiziiig, Sec, &c. I 

Chase Charles F. bookkeeper, 99 Townsend 

Chnse Charles F. bookkcepet-, 148 .Montgomery 

Chase Charles W. constable, 40 n Pine 

Chase Danl. (Kirkland, C. J- Co.)253 Madison av 

Ciiase Plla, dressmaker, 50 Barre 

Chase Frank, painter, 205 s Ann 

Chase George B. (John M. Orem, .Son & Co.) 

34 Mosher 
Chase Hannibal H. jr. clerk, 305 w Fayette 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 




Cbase Hacnibal H. brickiDkr. cor Btason and 

Lowman, dw 305 w Favetle 
Chase I. H. 253 n Howard 
Chase J. H. (B. F. C. cj- Co.) 131 w Baltimore 
Chase I. McKim, (Reeder & C.) 263 Lexington 
Chase Jan;es W. cook shop, 81 s Spring 
Chase Jeremiah T. clerk, \32h n Gay 
Chase John H. wagoner, 241 Conway 
Chase John J. shi[)smith, 117 s Washington 
Chase John J. shipsmitli, 59 BIoclv 
Chase J. tiermon, bookkeeper, 57 e Pratt 
Chase Mrs. Mary, ' 291 w Pratt 
i Chase R. M. plumber, Fajette and Pine, dw 50 

i Chase Robert W. 63 Courtland 

Chase Capt. Stephen. (Fick & C.) "-SI ^^' Pratt 
1 Chase, Stewart & Co. (A. S. Chase, Wm. H. 
Stewart, J. M. C. Bartholow) dry goods 
] com. merchants, 27 German 
i Chase Mrs. Thurndyke, 337 e Baltimore 

Chase Wells & Gehrmann, (J. A. Gehrmann) 
I raanutac'rs and machinists' supplies, cotton 
, and woolen machinery, 6 s Howard 
j Chase Wm. H. clerk, 63" Barre 
- Cbase Wm. H. painter, 57 e Pratt 
' Chase Wm. M., Lexington and Eutaw 
I Chason Joseph L. painter, 272 e Pratt 
j Chason P. Ale.\. mariner, 423 n Central av 
! Chasteau Armand. gilder, 69 e Lombard 
:\ Chasteau Mary, teacher, 69 e Lombard 
j Chasteau Mary hJ. 69 e Lombard 
I Chasteau Thomas E. bookkeepei', 273 n Eutaw 
I CHaTARL) dr. F. E. 118 Park 
,j Chatard Dr. F. K. jr. 113 Park 
;] Chatham Francis, blacksmith, 88 Henrietta 
,i Chatsworth Female Institute, 18S Franklin 
,' Chats worth Independent Church (M. E.)cor 
I Franklin and Pine 
I Chaytor tJdmund, purser, 106 n Gilraor 
I Cheatham And. J. salesman, 244 w Baltimore 
Checker George, laborer. 40 Haubert 
Cheegreen Wm. J. police, 231 n Caroline 
Chenoweth Alfred R lamp setter, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth B. T. machinist, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth F. dime restaurant, basement s e 
cor Baltimore and Holliday, dw 40 Aisquitli 
Chenoweth George, machinist, 40 Aisquitli 
Chenoweth George E. feed water regulator, 40 

Chenoweth Horatio, driver, 480 Lexington 
Chenoweth James W. plumber, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth Mrs. Mary J. dressmkr. 85 Garden 
Chenoweth Richard, laborer, 480 Lexington 
Chenoweth Robert, shoemaker, 56 n Poppleton 
Chenoweth Thomas, artist, 166 Barre 
Chenoweth Wm carpenter, 82 n Poppleton 
('henowith Ann Maria, Falls rd nr Boundary av 
('lienowiih James B. stonemason, Falls rd nr 

Boundary av 
Cherbonnicr Dr. P. 0. 72 Saratoga 
Cherry .Mrs. Ann, 420 w ^filtimore 
Cherry Mrs. Barbara, varieties, 683 w Baltimore 
: Cherry Br.idford, druggist, 115 Mulberry 
','herry David H. cigarmaker, 420 w B;Utimore 
• herry Edward, tobacconist, 420 w Baltimore 
I berry James W. printer, 115 Mulberry 
Cherry Mrs. Laura, 45 Hanover 
iCherry Dr. T. F. dentist, s w cor Baltimore and 

("herwitsch John L. laborer, 320 Aliceanna 
CHESAPEAKE BANK, 3 e cor North and 

Chesapeake Bark Mills and Dve Works, (John 
H. Heald k Co ) 2 Block 

Chesapeake Blast Furnace, Clinton, Canton. W. ■ 
F. Panntll, prop'r 

Chesapeake (^hemical Works, (SlinghifF, Wil- 
son & Co.) foot of Leaderihall, office 13 n 

Chesa])eake Guano WorkSj foot Hughes, office 
40 Postoffice av 

agency 19 south Charles 


DRY DOCK CO. foot of Philpot 
Chesapeake Spice Mills. H. W. Combs & Co. 

proprietors, 160 w Lombard 
Chesapeake Sugar Refinery, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 
0' Donnell's whf.Stirling, Ahrens&Co.prop'rs 
Chesebrough Andronicus, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Harrj', clerk, 41 Fawn 
Ch' sebrough Isaac D. clerk, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Capt. Robert, 41 Fawn 
Cheseldine G. R. 252 w^ Fayette 
Chesgreen Wm. J. police, 231 n Caroline 
Chesley J. W. clerk, 20 n Euuiw 
Chesley Dr James Z. 170 w Biddle 
Chesley Nathaniel, clerk, 20 n P^utaw 
Chesley Wm. grocery, 432 \v Lombard 
Chesney Albert L. 88 Gough 
Chesney Benjamin, plasterer, 42 n Paca 
Chesney Benj H. plasterer, 121s Chester 
Chesney Jesse F. printer, 90 s Eden 
Chesney SamueJ, 38 e Eager 
Chesney Samuel, refiner, 135 Elliott 
Chesney Wm. F. carpenter, 88 Gough 
Chesney Winfield, carpenter, 375 e Fayette 
Chesnut Calvin, (C, Townsend & Co.) 303 

Druid Hill av 
Chesnut John, 98 e Baltimore 
Chesnut, Townsend & Co. (C. Chesnut, S. P. 
Townsend, L. W. Townsend) wliol. grocers 
and com. merchs. n w cor Pratt and South 
Chesnut Mrs. William, 98 e Baltimore 
Chesnui Wm. jr. 98 e Baltimore 
Chester Geo. L. blacksmith, 338 n Broadwav 
Foid, prest, A. T. Joynes, agent, pier 7, 
Light St. whf 
Chester Samuel K. actor, 210 n Eden 
Chester Wm. shoeing smith, 9 Pleasant, dw 11 
CHESTNUT S. & CO. (Mrs. Sarah Chestnut, E. 
C. Marshall) importers of corks, 38 s Calvert 
Chestnut Mrs. Sarah, (S.C. & Co. )36 Spring row 
ChestonGalloway,(Jas.C.<|' Son)315^Iadison av 
Cheston James & Son, (G. (Uieston) shipping 

merchants, s w cor Cable and Patterson 
Chevesa Miss P. teacher of French, cor Saratoga 

and Park 
Chew Ann M. 143 s Sharp 
Chew James W. clerk U.S. Court, dw Edmond- 

son av nr Republican 
Chew Joseph, [lainter, 544 Saratoga 
Chew Nathaniel, Thompson nr Republican 
Chew Philemon L. police, 87 Chew 
Chew Robt. B. (Findlay, Roberts & Co.) 282 w 

Chew Samuel P. clerk, 126 w Fayette 
Chew Dr. Samuel C. prof, at University of Ma- 
land, 141 Lanvale 
Chew Wm. bookkeeper, Edmondson av nr Re- 

For Cotton, Corn & Tobacco, Horner's Fertilizers, 




Chew Wm. E. baggage master, 41 Etting 
(JliicUesler Samuel li. clerk, 144 Harford av 
Chichester Mrs. tiusau, 144 Harford uv 
CliiclR'Sier Wm. J. clerk, 144 Harford av 
Chickeriiig EUtridge C. books, &c. 226 w Pratt, 

dw U42 LixiugioQ 
Chickeriug, clerk, 642 Lexington 
ChitiL-lie Judiil), 11 Catiiedral 
Chilcoia Alordecai, faborer, Woodberry 
Chilcoia V\ lu. H. laborer, VVoodlierry 

CHILD SAMUEL & CO. Wholesale 
and E,etail Dealers and Importers 
of CHina, Glass, Table Cutlery, 
Plated Goods, Tin, Wooden and 
Japanned Wares, and House Fur- 
nishing Articles genei-aily. No. 20 
N Charles st. 

Child Geo. F. patent medicines, 5 a HoUiday, 

dw 117 s Exeter 
Child Jas. W. plasterer, Gilmor nr Patterson ar 
Child 11. UeWilt, (fcjaml C. & Co.j231 u Charles 
CtlILD vSAM'L, (tiamlC.& Co.; dt. Clair hotel 
Lhild 8arali D. dressmaker, 241 n Howard 
Child Tlios. C. bookkeeper, 115 s Bond 
Children's Aid yociely, 72 u Calvert, W. C. 

Palmer, agent 
Childress Chas. H. bricklayer, 505 Saratoga 
Childress Caroline, 31 VVaescue 
Childress Jas. E. machinist, Woodberry 
Childress RossB. oyster packer, Pearl >t Saratoga 
Childress Spotwoud, stonecutter, 51)5 S.iraioga 
Childs 13enj. E. (Kmehart .S C.j 343 w Fayette 
Childs Chas. carpenter, ld4 Urleans 
Childs Chas. A. bricklayer, 6a Druid Hill uv 
Childs Capt. Danl. manner, Halto. and liegester 
Childs Edward, laborer, Strieker ur Mciieury 
Childs >lrs. Eiizabeih, 318 w Lombard 
Childs .Mrs. iiiinily, 81 u Eutaw 
ChiWs Geo. T. conlecliouer, 444 w Lombard 
Childs & GriUilh, I John VV. Childs, U. Cyrus 

Grillitli) wholes, confectioners, 52 Light 
Childs Hannah, iMt. Vernon Mills 
Childs James, tinner, 184 Orleans 
(Jhilds John, carpenter, 12U East 
Childs John VV. l,C. i>i GriUitU) 258 Lanvale 
Childs Matthew, carpenter, 179 Hullms 
Childs Uwen, bookkeeper, 258 Lanvale 
Childs Samuel, laborer, \Voodl)eiry 
Childs Samuel, (Jas. Getty <SSonsjo72w Fayette 
Childs Mrs. S. J. iniUiuery, 7iy w lialtimore 
Childs Thomas, bookbinder, 40 htliug 
Childs Wm. laborer, Lemmon and Aujity 
Cbilds Wm. H. clerk, 719 w Baltimore 
Childs ZacUariah, 184 (Jrleaus 
Childs Z.icharian jr. 184 Uileans 
Chiles Mrs. r.liza, 263 s Charles 
(!11L\A HALL, over 543 w Baltimore, Simon 

Bolle, prop'r 
China Tea Co, 25 w Baltimore and Lexington 

nr Eutaw, Benj. Berry, propr 
Chijichase liev. Jas. school, 84 n Greene 
Chi|»chase Thos. D. clerk, 84 n Greene 
(Jliil)chase Wm. E. clerk, 84 n Greene 
Chipley Chas. A. clerk, 84 Hill 
Chipley Saml.N. (C, Spicer & Co.)285 Hollins 
Chipley, Spicer & Co.(S. .N.C. and Airs. Eliza'h 

Spicer,) oysters, 688 w lialtimore 
Chipmau Edward, harnessmaker, 31 Pearl 

Chipman Emanuel, miller, Millington la rear 

Frederick av 
Chipman Geo. (Geo. C.& Co. and Magne & C.) 

88 e Baltimore 
CHIPMAN GEO. & CO. (Geo. and M. M. Chip- 
man,) wood and willow ware, factory 2 
Swan, office n e cor Calvert and Lombard 
Chipman Henry C. clerk, 88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Marcus M. (Geo. C. & Co.) 88 e 

Chipman Washington, clerk, 88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Wm. W. miller, Fred'k av nr tollgate 
Chiseier Kubn, laborer, 39 Slemmer al 
Chisholm Chas. teacher, Hamburg nr Paca 
Chisholin Horsey, clerk, 218 s Charles 
Chisholm Geo. 11. clerk, 218 s Charles 
Chisholm Henry, boilermaker, 218 s Charles 
Chisholm Dr. J. J. prof. University of Md. and 

dean of med. faculty, 64 Franklin 
Chisholm Walter J. niariner, 119 Albemarle 
Chism Richard, salesman, 219 n Fremont 
Chiveral James, mariner, 26 Constitution 
Chiveral James, mariner, 114 West 
Chiveral Wm. D. mariner, 114 West 
Chiveral Wm. D. mariner, 26 Constitution 
Cliivish John, laborer, 213 s Bethel 
Uhivrel Mrs. Alex, dressmaker, 32 Pearl 
Choupin Ambrose, woodfin'r, 101 e Eager 
Chrisntr Joseph, potter, 325 Pennaav 
Chrisner Josejih, laboier, 54 Union 
Clirisner .Mrs. Seulah, seamstress, 242 Gret n- 

mount av 
Chrisner Wm. potter, 265 Orleans 
Chrispin John H. (Wm. A. Padgett & Co.) 167 

n Calvert 
Christ A. John, druggist, cor Essex and Gwynn 
Christ Church, Prot. Epis. cor Gay and Fayette 
Christ Ciiurch Asylum for female children, 27 

Ciirist John, laborer, 9 China 
Christ Philip, train insj)r. 115 AHiemarle 
Christ Wm. undertaker, 262 n Caroline 
Christanz Adam, carpenter, 13 Bevan 
Christen Bridget, giocery, 37 Edward 
(Christen S nnuel, carpenter, 37 Edw;'.rd 
Christhilf Edw. coachniaker, 452 n Fremont 
Ciiristhilf Mrs. Frances, 4r)2 n Fremont 
Christhilf Geo. lithographer, 130 n Pine 
Christhilf Henry B. (J. Myers & Co.) 38 Walsh 
Christhilf Margaret A. 452 n Fremont 
Christian Ciiurch. Paca and Lombard 
Christian Dr. J, Hunt, 102 Walsh 
Christian Jno D.bookkeeiier, Lombard nrGreene 
Christian Mrs. M. J. 356 w Lombard 
Christian Wm. T. salesman, 356 w Lombard 
Christien Levi, lab'r, 202 s Ann 
('liristie Edw. G. (Carmine & Christie,) Hollinf 

nr Gilmor 
Christie Jas. conductor, Frederick av nr tollgatc 
(Christie Otio, porter, 27 s Choptank 
Christie Wm. carman, 79 St. Peter 
Christmaii Edward, sifevedore, 342 Eastern av 
Christmas John, huckster, Woodl)erry 
Christner Joiin, laliorcr, 22 Smith 
Christner Jos. potter, 325 Penna av 
Christophi-r Amos J. police, 14 s Fremont 
Christopher Aquilla B. puddler, 57 Essex 
('hristopher Christian, barkeeper, 48 e Lombanl 
Christopher i: Vo. (H. C. and Nicholas Chris 
toplier, ) Patapsco coal oil refinery, corScuii 
al and Mclleiirv 
Christopher Henry C. (C. & Co.)622 w Fayette 

Offices, 54 S, Gay, and Cor. Che w and Stirling. 

^ CHR 



Christopher Jas. C. oil refiner, 622 w Fayette 
Christopher James F. plasterer, Sarah Ann nr 

Christopher Jane, 86 North 
Christopher John A. police, 14n Fremont 
Christopher Mary C. dressmaker, 97 n Durham 
Christopher Mrs. Mary, 97 n Durham 
Christopher Michael, blacksmith, 158 8 Paca 
Christopher Milton, painter, 4 German, J\v 164 

Harford av 
Christopher Nicholas, (G. & Co.)622 w Fayette 
Christopher Oliver K. chinaware, 1 n Howard, 

dw 115 Conway 
Christopher R. W. clerk, 115 Conway 
Christopher R. W. clerk, 14 s Fremont 
Christopher R. W. salesman, 80 George 
Christopher Thos. B. puddler, 254 e Fayette 
Christopher Wesley, clerk, 80 George 
Christopher \Vm. clerk, 17 s High 
Christopher Wm. jr. merchant tailor, 4 a Gay, 

dw 17 s High 
Christopher Wra. refiner, 622 w Fayette 
Christy Michael, blacksmith, 265 Preston 
ChrystalJohn, grocer, 226 n Gay 
Chrystal John F. painter. 7 L. .McElderry 
Chubb Mrs. (Caroline, 271 St. Paul 
Chuff August, saddler, 15 n Gay 
Chunn .Mrs. Sarah, 244 Park av 
Church Annie W. 505 Lexington 
Church Anthony, fruit stand, cor Baltimore and 

Liberty, dw 5 New Church 
CHURCH EDWARD J. lumber, OTer 28 South, 

dw Park av nr Townseud 
Church Home and Infirmary, (Epis.) Broadway 
bet Baltimore and Fayette, N. H. Howe, agt 
'iuirch James S. bricklayer, 90 n Wolfe 
'liurch of the Holy Innocents, cor Eden and 
i 'Imse 

Lurch of the Holy Martyrs, (German R. C.) 
Mount nr Pratt 
"hurch of the Immaculate Conception, Mosher 

bet. Druid Hill av and Division 
'hurch Levi, carpenter. 246 Aisquith 
"hurch Mrs. -Mary, teacher. 246 Aisquith 
j 'hurch .Nelson S. clerk, 167 e .Madison 
'hurch Press Association, Chas. Harvey <te Co. 
proprs. 5 St. Paul 
hurch Mrs. R. T. 374 w Eager 
hurch Reading Room and office Epis. Diocese 
of Md. 58 Lexington, H. W. Moore, agent 
hurch of the Saviour, John F. Ware, pastor. 
Masonic Tem[)le, n Charles 
"hurch Slep'n D. harnessmaker, 131 Hollins 
hurch Thos. butcher, 246 Aisquith 
hurch of the United Brethren, cor Fulton and 

iiurch Wm.G. boilermkr, Aisquith nr Point la 
urchin Mrs. Lucy, Division nr Lanvale 
rachino Charles, lab. 60 President 
iiachino Mrs. Margaretta, 60 President 
icvarka B. J. beer, 183 n Caroline 
illy Joel, millwright, 77 n Caroline 
iiinamoEd Edward, ironworker, Clioptank nr 

mnauiond Geo. R. jr. attorney, 2 Spurrier ct, 
dw 186 n Carey 

Winemon Robt. collarmkr, 105 w Fayette 
-el Benj. C. hatter, 203 Peirce 
(1 Edward, lab. 30 Leadeuhall 
-f;l -Minnie, 17 s Caroline 
,Z'.-n&' Railway, Jas. S. Hageriy.prest., office 
^ver 31 South 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Citizens' Security and Land Co. Wm. G.Scar- 
lett, prest. 17 South 

W. Pinkuey. judge, J. R. Brewer, clerk, St. 

Paul, cor Courthouse lane 

and Hanover 

hall, cor Favette and Calvert 

3rd floor, cor Favette and Calvert 

City hall, cor Favette and Calvert 

St. Paul and Courthouse lane 
CITY HALL, n w cor Calvert and Fayette, in 

which are the .Mayor's office, City Collector's, 

Register's, Commissioner's, Appeal Ta.N 

Court, Comptroller's and Inspector of Build- 

office s e cor Calvert and Baltimore 
City Passenger Railway Stables, 106 Thames, 

Boundary and Penna avs, Baltimore and 

■Small wood, Harford av opp. Schuetzeu park, 

and Light and Heath 
City Passenger Railway Mill, 155 North 
City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, office 

old City Hall, n Holliday 

Hall, n w cor Fayette and Calvert 
City Solicitor's Office, 75 w Fay«tte 
City Spring, Calvert nr Saratoga 
City Surveyor's Office, 6 South 
CITY YARD, s side of basin 
Clabaugh Albert T. boi.kkjir. 205 w Lombard 
Clabaugh Geo. W. wholesale liquors, 372 w 

Baltimore, dw 6 Waverly terrace, n Carej' 
Clabaugh E. A. liquors and distiller, 38 South, 

dw 8 n Carey 
Clabaugh John, painter, 247 w Biddle 
(Jlabaugh John H. conductor, 440 w Lombard 
Clabaugh Usher, 8 n Carey 
Clabaugh Wm. H. 205 w Lombard 
Clabv -Mrs. Honora, 99 n Front 
Claby Luke F. (Barry <fe C.) 99 n Front nr Gav 
Claby .Mrs. Mary, 2;4 Stirling 
Claby Michael, plumber, 99 n Front 
Clackuer .Mrs. Elizabeth, 3o3 e Baltimore 
Clackner Capt. Joseph, marine surveyor, s w 

cor Gay and Lombard, dw 142 .Mulberry 
Clackner James G. B. sect'y French Lloyds, s 

w cor Gay and Lombard, dw 12 s Gay 
Clackner .Matthew, 12 s Gay 
Clagett Mrs. Eliza, 145 e Lombard 
Clagett Dr. Joseph E. (Drs. C. & Walls) n e 

cor Paca and Fayette 
Clagett Joseph E. & J. Wm. Walls Drs. 18 8 

CLAGETT S. A. & CO. (S. A. Clagett, Wal- 
ter Suyder) gen. com. merchts. 102 3 Charles 
Clagett John T. 145 e Lombard 

Coache s and Barouche s for Sh o pping, Wedding , &c 



Clagett Samuel A. (S. A. Clagett & Co.) 97 s 

CLAGETT LOUIS H. grocery, 398 Franklin 
Clagett Mrs. Mary, 257 Madison av 
Claggett Win. T. carter and dancing master, n 

w cor Fayette and Fredericli, dw 157 e 

Clabarty Martin, lab. 139 Duncan al 
Claiborne Cbarles H. police, 74 n Scbroeder 
Clair Lemuel, conductor, 16 Georjre 
Clampitt Elias, brass finisher, Franklin and 

Carey, dw 496 Franklin 
Clampitt Wra. H. brass finisher, 64 George 
Clancy James, lab. 139 n Front 
(Clancy James, lab. 39 Centre market sp 
Clancy Jeremiah, packer, 207 n Eutaw 
Clancy John 1). carpenter, 7 Etting 
Clancy Mrs. Mary, intelligence office, 207 n 

(.'lancy Matthew, lab. 136 Vine 
Clancy M. furnishing goods, 31 n Eutaw 
Clancy Matthew, painter, 31 n Eutaw 
Clancy Thomas, painter. 207 n Eutaw 
Clancy Thomas, lab. 137 North 
Clapham Ann, 251 n (Charles 
Clapp Charles E. baiter. 6 Jefferson 
Clapp w. (E. C. k (lo.) American hotel 
Clapp George M. hatter, 6 Jetferson 
(Jlapp Geo. C. hats, 110 n High, dw 6 Jefferson 
.Clapp W. C. coach painter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapsaddle & Duffy, (F.M.Clapsaddle, M.Duffy) 

blacksmiths, 12 Tessier 
Clapsaddle Frank M.(C. & Duffy) 148 Mulberry 
Clapsaddle Wm. F. tinner, 76 Hamburg 
Claremont Land Association, R. H. Evans, 

prest. 5 St. Paul 
Claridge Ann, tailoress, 1G4 e Pratt 
Claridge George, lab, 7 Hammond al 
Claridge George 1), clerk, 76 n High 
Claridge Jas. K.(Loud, C. & Co.)19 sBroadway 
Claridge John H. tinner, 30 s Eden 
Clark Adam, painter, 184 Aisquith 
Clark Alfred F. halter, 72i George 
Clark Andrew, lab. 224 Preston 
(,'lark Annie, proprietress Baltimore laundry, 

155 w J>altimore 
Clark Mrs. Ann M. 185 St. Paul 
Clark Asa, canmaker, 253 n Gay 
Clark Augustus, blacksmith, s e cor Ridgely 

and Barre 
Clark Augustus 15. clerk. Decker nr Hoffman 
Clark Benj. F. carpenter, 234 HoUins 
(lark Benj. lab. 7u Greenmount av 
Clark Benj. \V. carpenter, 221 Mulberry 
Clark Benj, F, of C, II, 9 s Schroeder 
''lark Benj. D., Decker nr Hoffman 
Clark Bernard, carpenter, 15 Pleasant, dw 163 

n E.xeter 
Clark ("harles, conductor, 34 Chalsworth 
Clark Cliai-les C. tinner, 184 Aisquith 
Clark Charles E. locksmith, 7 s Front 
(Mark Charles, pilot, 110 s Bond 
Clark Charles, clerk, 83 e Pratt 
(lark (Uiarles B. shipcarpentcr, 194 Bank 
('lark CMiarles II. i>olice, 185 Fort av 
Clark Charleys L. carpenter, 1G3 n Exeter 
CLARK k CG. (S. K. Clark, J. C. Clark) 

liquor and com. merchts. 42 w Lombard 
ClarH D. A. produce dealer, 126 Bolton 
Clark Daniel, attorney, 35 St. Paul 
Clark Daniel, carpenter, 235 Hanover 
C'lark David, caulker, 24 Hamburg 


Clark Dell, 81 n Bethel 

Clark Duncan C (Hough & Co.) 185 St. Paul 
Clark Edwd. D. iron moulder, 80 s Fremont 
(JIark Edward, machinist, 237 Gough 
Clark Edw. 1. law student, 339 n Broadway 
CLARK KDWARD L & CO. (Edwd. L. Clark) 

stoves, furnaces, kc. 367 w Baltimore 
Clark Edwd. L. (Clark k Co.) 322 n Fremont 
Clark Mrs. Eliza, 131 Mulljerry 
Clark Mrs. Eliza. 282 w Fayette 
Clark Mrs. Eliza, 24 s Spring 
Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, 53 u Poppleton 
Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 s Fulton 
Clark Mrs. Eva, 75 w Biddle 
Clark Francis, lab. 33 e Kager 
Clark Francis, shoes, 42 Gough 
Clark Francis, laborer, 704 w Pratt 
Clark Francis P. attorney, (Blackford & Clark) 

dw lis St. Paul 
Clark Frank, (Murray, C. & Co.) 67 Lee 
Clark Fredk. salesman. 38 e Pratt 
CLARK GABRIKL D'. watches and jewelry, 

cor Calvert and Water, dw 50 w Monument 
Clark Gabriel D. jr. clerk, 209 St. Paul 
Clark Gabriel D of E,, Decker nr Hoffman 
Clark Gardner K. jr. supl. J. M, Bradstreet k 

Son, 30 South, dw St. (JIair hotel 
Clark Geo. mariner, 253 e Madison 
Clark Capt. Geo. A, mariner, 50 n Giluior 
Clark Mrs. Geo. 7 n Strieker 
Clark Geo. R. bookkeeper, 83 e Pratt 
Clark Geo. T. (Levin P. C. & Son) Liberty rd 

nr city limits 
(■lark (leo, laborer, 173 West 
Clark Henry, laborer, 340 e Eager 
Clark Dr. Henry, chiroiiodist, over 7 n Charles, 

dw Mansion liouse 
Clark Henry L. 41 Mulberry 
Clark Henry, watchman, 63 Stockton 
Clark Henry, (Perry, C. & Co.) 183 w Madisoa 
Clark Henry T. car|ienter, 219 Hollins 
Clark Henry H. coachmaker, 80 n Hiuh 
Clark H. H. photographer, 147 e Baltimore 
Clark Hugh, huckster, 187 n Front 
Clark James, clerk, Howard house 
Clark James, laborer, 201 Lemmon al 
Clark James, watchman, 121 s Ann 
Clark James, lab. 82 Cambridge 
Clark Jas. locksmith and bellhanger, 7 s Front 

dw Harford av nr city limits 
Clark James, (James C. k Co.) 46 Warren 
Clark James A,'jr, conductor, 339 n Broadway 
Clark James A, clerk, 56 Chats worth 
Clark James A. sr. produce, 339 n Broadway 
Clark James, lab. 276 Battery av 
Clark James B. salesman. Decker nr Hoffman 
CLARK JAS. & CO. (J. Clark, B. Thornton, 

J. ('ahill ) Peoi)le8 machine and boiler works, 

south side Basin 
Clark James D, carpenter, 56 Chatsworth 
(Jlark J. E.( Davidson, Clark &Co.)48 s Howard 
Clark Jaiues G. cooper, 41 s Exeter 
Clark James G. jr. clerk, 41 s Kxeter 
Clark James 11. ship car|). 98 s Washington 
Clark James H. carpenter, 329 e Lombard 
Clark James L. attornev, 31 St. Paul, dw 185 
Clark James R. (M. B. C. & Bro.) 249 n Eutaw 
Clark James S, carpenter, 158 e Pratt 
Clark James M. driver, 3 Morris al 
(■lark James S. carjjenter, 163 u Exeter 
Clark Jas. A. nailcutter. Battery av nr Fort a^ 
Clark Jas. R. coachpainler, 160 German ^;. 

At Central Stables, 11 1 Le xington, C. H. Bredemeyer 
CLA 1 15 CLA 

Clark Jas. T. driver, 461 Canton av 

Clark John, baker, 8 Addison 

Clark John, laborer, 176 Dover 

Clark John, 71 s Fremont 

Clark John A. 191 Barre 

Clark John C. (Clark & Co.) 295 n Caroline 

Clark John E. clerk, 240 Aisquith 

Clark John F. coachpainter, 161) German 

Clark John H. clerk, 459 e Baltimore 

Clark John, laborer, 91 s Gilnior 

Clark John, bricklayer, 166 Peirce 

Clark John, grocery, s w cor Gough and Castle 

Clark John H. tailor, 101 Walsh 

Clark John H. cooper, 328 e Madison 

CLARK JOHN K. restaurant, 17 n Liberty 

Clark John L. furn. wagon, 197 n Bond 

Clark Rev. John L. 3 s Exeter 

Clark John N. nailer, 284 e Monument 
Clark John P. huckster, Jackson square av nr 

Clark John S. machinist, 180 McHenry 

Clark John W. stonecutter, 92 s Ann 

Clark John W. restaurant, 112 Thames 

Clark John W. 237 Gough 

Clai'k John W. carpenter, 31 s Poppleton 

Clark John W. caulker, 24 Hamburg 

Clark John W. driver, 461 Canton av 

Clark John \V. com. mercht. 38 Cheapside, dw 

211 vv Lombard 
Clark Jonathan T. sparmaker, 99 Hamburg 
Clai'k Jos. A. wagoner, 290 Harford av 
Clark Lester S. carp. 38 Biddle e of Ann 
Clark Levi, (Melcalf & Co.) 687 \v Baltimore 
Clark Levin P. & tSon, (L. P. & Geo. T.Clark) 
patent hydrants and pump manufs. over 44 
u Holliday 
Clark Levin P. (L. P. C. & Son) 184 Aisquith 
Clark Lewis, auctioneer, 272 Park av 
Clark M. VV. portrait painter, 20 Mulberry, dw 

Baltimore co 
I'lark Margaret A. dressmaker, 40 n Liberty, 

dw 42 w Madison 
Chirk Martin, peddler, 92 s Ann 
Clark Martin, pedaler, 160 German 
Clark Martin, jr. shirt cutter, 160 German 
Clark Mary, 228 u Caroline 
Clark Mary A. 240 Aisquith 
Claik Matilda, 2'J3 n Dallas 
Clark Matthew B. (M. B. Clark & Bro.) 372 

Madison av 
Clark Matthew B. & Bro.(M. B. & J. R. Clark) 

flour merclits. 40 u Howard 
Clark Matthew, j)roperly agt. and collector, 54 

n Front 
Clark .Michael, shoemaker, 42 Gough 
Clark Michael, lauorer, Hudson al s of Federal 
Clark Michael, carter, 13 L Montgomery- 
Clark Mrs. Nelrion .U. 67 tit. Paul 
Clark Noah, 184 Aisquith 

Clark Uwen, swilchtender, Eutaw and Ostend 
Clark PatricK, shoemaker, 42 Gough 
Ciafk Pcitrick, lab. Nicliolson ur Towson 
, Clark Philip P. agt. Eastern Shore Steamboat 

Co. 105 tiouth, dw 5 n Strieker 
Clark Phoebe A. bookfolder, 28 n Bond 
Clark Rebecca, 34 Chatsworth 
Clark Mrs. Reoecca, seamstress, 2 Hammond al 
Clark Richard N. coachpainter, 160 German 
Wark Richard J. (Thos. C. Jf- Bro.)263 e Pratt 
Clark Robert H. mariner, Uu Hamburg 
Clark Robert Y. machinist, Decker ur Hoffman 
''lark Samuel, bricklayer, 98 s Fulton 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Clark Samuel, patternmaker, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Samuel, clerk, 5 n Strieker 
Clark Mrs. Sarah, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Mrs.Sidney E. (Clark J(- Co.l295nCaroline 
Clark Silas G. moulder, 35 Elliott 
Clark Spencer, screwman. 112 s Fremont 
Clark Stephen, (Hyatt & C.) New York 
Clark Stephen N. carpenter, 163 n Exeter 
Clark Stephen N. carpenter, 342 e Fayette 
Clark Susan S. bookfolder, 228 n Bond 
Clark Sylvester, moulder, 148 e Eager 
Clark Temperance G. 280 w Fayette 
Clark Thomas, laborer, Willinger ct 
Clark Thorn, IS, laborer, 106 Preston 
Clark Thos. J. clerk, 185 St. Paul 
Clark Thos. bricklayer, 633 w Pratt 
Clark Thos. & Bro. (T. & Richard J. C.) cop- 
persmiths, 231 s Wolfe 
Clark Thos. (T. C. k Bro.) 263 e Pratt 
Clark Thos. C. clerk, 295 n Caroline 
Clark Tlios. J. law student, 92 s Ann 
Clark Thomas, 704 w Pratt 
Clark Thos. F. finisher, 555 w Lombard 
Clark Thos. S. & Son, (Thos. S and W. H. 

Clark) sailmakers, 90 Dugan's whf 
Clark Thos. S.(Thos. S. C. & Son) flour, grain 

and genl. com. merchant, 57 s Gay, dw 83 e 

Clark Thos.S. jr. disc't clerk Third Nat. Bank, 

272 Myrtle av 
Clark Thomas, laborer, 33 e Eager 
Clariv Thomas, tinner, 110 Boyd 
Clark Thos. J. clerk, 185 St. Paul 
Clark Timothy, laborer, 67 James la 
Clark Waller S. glasscutler, 334 William 
Cli^rk Mrs. Wilhelmina, confect'y, 59 Lancaster 
Clark Wm. awningmaker. Homestead 
Clark Wm. carpenter, 292 d Eutaw 
Clark Wm. A. huckster, 253 e .Madison 
Clark Wm. F. conductor, 44 Greenmount av 
Clark Wm. F. grocery, 432 n Gay 
Clark Wm. clerk, 34 Chatsworth 
Clarli Wm. B. clerk, 34 Chatsworth 
Clark Wm. H. carpenter, 23 s Republican 
Clark Wm. H. horses, 75 w Biddle 
Clark Wm. T. shipbuilder, s side basin, dw 93 

s Washington 
Clark Wm. T. clerk, 291 n Bond 
Clark Wm. driver, 144 German 
Clark Wm. clerk, 104 McCuUoh 
Clark Wm. H. laborer, 461 Canton av 
Clark Wm. silversmith. 24 Centre .Market sp 
Clark Wm. A. machinist, 219 HoUins 
Clark Wm. H. (Thos. S. C. & Son) 220 Druid 

Hill av 
Clark Wm. H. driver, 902 w Baltimore 
Clark Zach.iry T. laborer. 56 Chatsworth 
Clark Zechariah, pilot, 135 s Ann 
CLARKE AUDltiUN, iron and steel, 5 Water, 

dw 85 Saratoga 
Clarke Ashur, ladieg' seminary, 61 Saratoga, 
dw 2 McCuUoh ^ 



Dnst and 





Clarke Allen U. clerk, 156 vv Lombard 
(Jlivrke Anthony, grocery, 191 Gough 
Clarke Mrs. Ciitherine, 314 Aisquith 
Clarke Chas. J. caumaker, 184 Aisquith 
(Jlarke Dr. Uavid M. Gl Greeiiuiouut av 
Clarke E. teacher, 41 Mulberry 
Clarke Edward H. 41 Mulberry 
Clarke Elizabeth, teacher, 112 Greenmonnt av 
Clarke Einma, principal Fair View Academy, 

687 w Fayette 
Clarke G. K., St. Clair hotel 
Clarke Geo. B. carpenter, 96 e Lombard 
Clarke Geo. W. (C. it Son) 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Ur. Henry, dentist, 87 McCulloh 
Clarke Henry E. clerk, 56 w Biddle 
Clarke James B. salesman, 289 .McHenry 
(Uarke James 1'. clerk, 191 Gough 
Clarke James, furniture, 224 Lexington 
Clarke John, rijiger, 66 Block 
tjlarke John E. clerk, 240 Aisquith 
Clarke John G. (C. & Jones) 391 vv Lombard 
(Jlarke John S. jr. oyster packer, 94 s Wolfe 
Clarke John S. bricklayer, 94 s Wolfe 
Clarke John W. clerk, "l91 Gough 
Clarke Jos. H. prof, of languages, Fayette nr 

CLARKE & JONES, (J. G. Clarke, W. H. 

Jones) candy raanufs. and fruits, 15 Light 
CLARKE JOS. A. P. grocery, 647 w Fayette 
Clarke Joseph W. clerk, 87 .McCulloh 
Clarke Martin, laborer, 57 Haubert 
Clarke Mrs. Mary P. 112 Greenmount av 
Clarke Robt.A.(C.& Son) grocer, 30 e Lombard 
Clarke S. Emory, teacher, 41 Mulberry 
Clarke Mrs. Sarah, 94 s Wolfe 
Clarke j- Son, (Robt. A. and Geo. W. Clarke) 

provisions, cor High and Lombard and cor 

High and Fayette 
Clarke Mrs. Sophia, boarding, 41 Mulberrj' 
Clarke Thos. J. attorney, 19 Lexington, dw 92 

s Ann 
Clarke Thos. contractor, Franklin nr Republican 
Clarke W. E. bookkeejier, 156 w Lombard 
ClarkuW.E.(A.P. Woods 4' Co.) l04 McCulloh 
Clarke Wra. H. undertaker, 1 10 e Fayette 
Clarke Wm. H. shucker. Canton av nr Burke 
Clarke Wm. II. sailmaker, 227 Diuid Hill av 
Clarke Wm. H. clerk, 156 w l^ombard 
Clarke Wm. S carpenter, 226 (ierman 
Clarke Rev. Wm. F., Loyola College 
Clarke Wm. W. flour com. mercht. rear 61 s 

Gay, dw 56 w Biddle 
darken Mrs. Alice, dressmaker, 582 w Pratt 
Clarken EpgeneC. machinist, 21 Forrest 
Clarkin .Mrs. Catherine, 25 Jefferson 
Clarkin Henry, salesman, 25 Jetfersou 
Clarkson Edward H. N. (Jos. C. & Son) 135 n 

Clarkson Eugene, 135 n Calvert 
Clarkson Eugene C. machinist, 21 Forrest pi 
Clarkson Rev. Franklin, 479 e 15altimore 
Clarkson Franklin S. machinist, 175 e Madison 
Clarkson Geo. E. clerk, 89 n Central av 
Clarkson Geo. L. shoemaker, 89 n Central av 
Clarkson Jos. (Jos. C. & Son) 135 n Calvert 
Clarkson Jos. A. 172 w Lombard 
CLARKSON JOS. cj- SON, (Jos. and Edward 

H. Clarkson) machinists, 75 and 77 n Front 
Clarvoe Clarence W. telegraphist, 289 w Pratt 
Clary John H. machinist, 108 Druid Hill av 
Clas Henry, porter, 54 Stiles 
Claspj John, iron finisher, 79 n Poppleton 

Classen Benj.H. (H.Classen & Sons)148 s Sharp 
Classen 11. & Sons, (H., B.IL and F.W. Clas- 
sen) flour and feed, 145 s Sharp 
Classen Fred'k W. (H. Classen & Sons) 83 Lee 
Classen H. W. (Henry W. C. & Co.)ir.5s Sharp 
Classen Herman, (H.Classen k Sons)147s Sharp 
Classen Henry W. ^ Co. (H. W. Classen, D. 

Snyder) brickyard. Light st ext, office 145 s 

Classen John, mariner, 199 s Washington 
Claus Chas. C. calligrapher and teacher, 12 n 

Claus Edward, tailor, 91 n Eden 
Claus Edward C. bookkeeper, 91 n Eden 
Claus Philip, baker, 122 s Bond 
Claus Emanuel, carpenter, 64 s Bethel 
Claus Joseph, brewer. Third av and Dillon 
Clausen Peter, rigger, 205 s Washingti)n 
Claussen Henry, shucker, 215 s Washington 
Clautice Mrs. Ann, dry goods. 111 Ptnna av 
Clautice Edwin, (C. & Mitchell) 110 s P.ica 
C'lautice Edward, plumber, 17 carlion 
Clautice Elizabeth, cor Aisquith and Lanvale 
Clautice Elizabeth, 111 Peuua av 
Clautice Francis, huckster, Aisquith and Lanvale 
Clautice George (C. & Moore) 36 Valley 
Clautice George, 141 Penna av 
Clautice George jr. car builder, 141 Penna av 
Clautice Henry, huckster, 142 Jefferson 
Clautice Henry C. shipsniith, 189 n Caroline 
Clautice Jno.W. liuckster, Aisfjuilh nr Pointla 
Clautice Joseph, tailor, 295 e .Madison 
Clautice Joseph jr. 295 e JJadison 
Clautice .Mary A. Ill Penna av 
Clautice Mary E. 14] Penna av 
CLAUTICE & MITCHELL, (E. Clautice, Jos. 

C. Mitchell )plumbers and gasfilters, 12.} Light 
Clautice & Moore, (G. Clautice, 11. F. Moore) 

coui. merch'ls, cor IloUings worth and Pratt 
Clautice Wm. coachmaker, 220 w Biddle 
Clautice Wm. F. (Brooks, Rogers it Co.) 209 

Clavell Mrs. Caroline, 301 e Lombard 
Clavell Geo. 3ol e Lombard 
Clay James W. agent, 10 n Wolfe 
Clay Oliver W. clerk, 174 Mosher 
CLaV wm. A. manager Staten Island fancy 

dyeing establishment, Ho w Baltimore, dvr 

9 Jackson 
Clay Wm. C. morticer, 790 w Baltimore 
Claybeaid Henry, laborer, 3 Russell 
Cla\ land Thomas, car driver, 30 Thomsen 
Claypole Ferdinand, clerk, 26 n Kulaw 
Clay pole George W. clerk, 80 n Fremont 
Claypool James, clerk, 50 n Republican 
Claypoole Geo. VV. clerk, Biddle e of Regester 
Claypoole Capt. James V. court clerk, 427 n 

Central av 
Claypoole Capt. John, 427 n Central av 
Clayton Alfi\ed S. butter depot, 82 Hanover, 

dw Giliuor nr Baker 
Clayton Augustus L.carp'r, York rd nr Camp av 
Clayton Charles E. machinist, 6ii Lee 
Clayton Charles H. police, 406 e Fayette 
Clayton Edward, bookkeeper, 37 w Fayette 
Clayton George W. mariner, 9 s Front 
Clayton Hezekiah B. porter, 98 Druid Hill ar 
Clayton James, 70 George 
Clayton James, carpenter, 225 Dolphin 
Clayton James W. conductor, 248 Harford av 
Clayton John P. inspector Custom house 
Clayton John R. M. silversmith, 53 w Centr« 

Offices, 54 S. Gay, and Corner Chew and Stirling. 
" ^ CLl 



Clavton John T. carpenter, 165 e Madison 

(Jlayton Mrs. Josephine, conf'ec'y, 53 w Centre 

Clayton Julius, 73 Courtland 

Clayton I'liilip V. printer, 165 e Madison 

Clayton Samuel. 53 (.'onway 

Clayton S.S.over 12 South, dw Green S()g?, 

Clayton Theo. ass't assessor, 288 Madison av 

Clayton Thomas, 96 n Durham 

Clayton Wells, carpenter, Eagle hotel 

Clayton W'm. E. clerk, 165 e Madison 

Clayton Wm. S. bricklayer. 225 Dolpliin 

Clazey George, laborer, 177 Colunibia 

Clazey James, machinist. 256 Hanover 

Cleary Douglas M. 96- Hanover 

Cleary Edw. M. clerk, 17 s Wolfe 

Cleary Ilonora, 120 Curley 

Cleaiy Mary, nurse, 678 Lexington 

Cleary Thomas, mariner, 158 s Washington 

Cleary Wm. H. iron hooker, 366 Eastern av 

Cleaveland Atuos J. clerk, Saratoga and St. Paul 

Cleaveland Charles P. clerk, 144 n Exeter 

Cleaveland Edwin R. (E. R. C. & Co.) 426 e 

Cleaveland E. R. & Co. (E. R. and S. Cleave- 
land) dry goods and notions, 157 n Gay 
Cleaveland" Sylvester, (E. R. C. & Co.) 144 n 

Cleer George, laborer, 265 n Front 
Clegg James, grocery, 60 Davis 
Clellen Wm. huckster, 217 Lexington 
Clemens Ann, Clinton s of Boston 
Clemens Augustus D. real estate, 49 Lexing- 
ton, dvv York rd nr Huntingdon av 
Clemens A. D. jr. real estate, 49 Lexington, 

dw York rd nr Huntingdon av 
Clemens James D. well digger. Homestead 
Clemens John D. cooper. Homestead 
Clemens John G. clerk, Homestead 
Clemens John G. clerk, 3 s Exeter 
Clemens Louis, porter, 54 s Central av 
Clemens Wm. H. carpenter. Homestead 
Clemens Wm. H. porter, 4 Spear's whf 
■"'■ment James, ( Adler, C.& Weil)r20 Hanover 

uient Otis, shoemaker, 154 w Lombard 
■ laments k Co. (W. D. Sburiz. J. J. Kromer) 

propr's Rosadalis, 5 Cornmeice 
Clements John, machinist, 318 Harford av 
Clements John jr. brickmaker. 5 Randall 
Clements John B. mariner, IGO e Pratt 
Clements John F. mariner, 25 Gittings 
Clements John S. bailiff City Circuit Court, dw 

6 Aisquilh 
Clements John W. mariner, 124 (Chesapeake 
Clements Capt. John W. mariner,, 160 Pratt 
Clements Lotta, 162 n Howard 
Clements P. P. 57 Exchange pi, dw 446 Madi- 
son av 
I iL-raents Theodore, machinist, 179 HoUins 
'lements Walter, clerk, 106 Lexington 
Clements Wm. K. carter, 42 Lemmon 
Clements Wm. .M. brickn)aker, 27 Gittings 
Clemm John, brass moulder, 28 Harford av 
Clemm Wm. E. rigger, 206 e .Monument 
Clemm Wm. E. jr. i)urser, 206 e Monument 
Clemmt-ns Ann, 245 n Caroline 
Clemmens Philip J. gatekeeper Schuetzen park 
Clemmens Rachel, 245 n Caroline 
Clemmons Geo. carpenter, Division nr Wilson 
Clemmons John, clerk, 85 n High 
Clemmons John R. cigarmaker. 290 Franklin 
Clemsen Joseph, carpenter, 259 Gough 
Clemsen Rich nd mariner, 259 Gough 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


(MX-TAMI.V l-n:i SAI.i; 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Pla.ster. 

Clemsen Samuel, mariner, 259 Gough 
Clemsen Wm. watchman, 259 Gongh 
Clendenin Arthur A. miller, 73 Park av 
Clendenin .Margaret, teacher, 73 Park av 
Clendenin Mrs. Susan, 73 Park av 
Clendenin Wm. R. moulder and gilder, 73 

Park av 
Clendening & Roberts, (T. R. Clendening, W. 

H. Roberts) provisions. 2 n Pine 
Clendening Thos. R. (C.k Roberts) 186 Walsh 

nr Smith 
Clendincn Joseph, clerk, 13 s Bond 
Clendinen T.R.(C. ^- Wilson) 39 Mt. Vernon pi 
Clendinen Wm. J. clerk. 13 s Bond 
Clendinen W. T. clerk, 218 w Fayette 
Clendinen Dr. Wm. II. 93 n Broadway 
CLEXDLVEN & WILSOX, (T. R. Clendinen. 

C. G. Wilson) attorneys, 49 Lexington 
Clennv John, gunsmith, 229 n Eden 

w cor Calvert and Lexington 

(':ilvert and Lexington 

Paul and Lexington 
Cleveland Mrs. Joseph S. 477 n Fremont 
Clewell A. A. printer, 34 e Baltimore 
Clewell E. A. boot and shoemaker, 296 e Pratt 
Click Christian, coach trimmer, 14 u Liberty 
Clickner .Samuel A. (R. Hults & Co.) 191 Lee 
Cliffe John F. mariner, 126 s Eden 
Clifford Bernard, teacher, 293 Eastern av 
Clilford Charles, police, 633 Belair av 
(Mitiord Edward, laborer, 270 Division 
Clifford Mrs. Ellen, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Mrs. Hannah A. 148 German 
Clifford Mrs. Harriet, notions, 519 w Baltimore 
Clifford James, blacksmith, 168 e .Monument 
(Mifford James, blacksmith, 17 Arbel al 
Clifford John, painter, 35 .McHenry 
Clifford John C. tinner. 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Mrs. Margaret, 421 w Pratt 
Clifford Svlvester, printer, 396 e Fayette 
Clifford Thos. clerk, 156 n Eden 
Clifford Thos. E. packer, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Wm. carter, 180 Greenmount av 
CI i fiord Wm. II. 22 Pearl 
('lift Ann .M. dressmaker, 8i Hill 
Clift Mrs. Catherine, 273 e .Madison 
("lift Harriet A. 70 William 
Clift Mark A. G. clerk, 80 Hamburg 
('lift .Mrs. Mary V. 80 Hamburg 
('lift Mrs. Sarah E. 70 William 
('lift Wm. V. clerk, 70 William 
Clifton ('has. machinist. Farmers' hotel 
Clifton Francis E. 13 Josejdiine 
(;iifton Robert D. clerk, 238 w Baltimore 
(Jline Anthony, clerk, Pratt nr Choptank 
Cline Anthony, brickmaker, s end Clinton, dw 

Pratt nr Choptank 
(Jline David L. salesman, 95 n Bond 
Cline Eli, moulder, 625 w Pratt 

Horses Bought and Sold on Commission. 
CLl ri8 COB 

("line Geo. H. patternmaker, 298 e Madison 

Cline Jacob C. [latternuiaker, 73 McHenry 

('line John, laborer, Hampden 

Cline Joseph, beer, 76 Frederick av 

Cline Moritz, glazier, 196 s Caroline 

Cline Sarah, sec. hand clothing, 196 s Caroline 

Clinton David, mariner, 2.'?9 s Ann 

Clinton Henry DeW. bailiff Criminal Court, 242 

Penna av 
Clinton Henry, laborer, 108 Boston 
Clinton John", laborer, 54 P^rt av 
('linton Margaret, Druidville 
Clipper Cotton Duck mills, 2f miles N. C. R. 
Clipper Mrs. Catherine, 71 Johnson 
Clipper Geo. shipcarpenter, 71 Johnson 
('Upper Lewis, police, 71 Johnson 
(^lijiper Louis, caulker, 71 Johnson 
(flipper Wrn. serg't police, 319 s Shsirp 
Clisham Mrs. Catherine, 186 n Front 
Clisham Martin laborer, 15 Buren 
Cloak John, roofer, 96 Albemarle 
Cloartv John T. brickmaker, 648 Light 
Clocke'r cj- Co. (H. Clocker.Sam'l Smith) stoves 

and tinware, 61 Centre Market sp 
(Jlocker Hezekiah, (C. 4" Co.) 279 n Broadway 
CLOGG GEORGE S. bootmaker, 2 s Calvert, 

dw 93 Hanover 
Clogg Geo. H. clerk, 93 Hanover 
Cloke & Bro. (Jas. and Jno. Cloke) kindling 

wood, 194 s Caroline 
Cloke James, ((,'loke 4- Bro.) 151s Eden 
Cloke John, (Cloke & Bro.) 153 s Eden 
Cloman Edward, 114 Cooksie 
Cloraan Geo. laborer, 114 Cooksie 
Cloonan Timothy, laborer, 50 Cooksie 
('lose Alex., Mt. Washington, Baltimore co 
Close Mrs. Barbara, 376 Lexington 
Close Margaret, huckstress, 317 Franklin 
(]!lose Robert, shoemaker, 317 Franklin 
('lotworthy Alex, furniture. 76 n Howard 

merch. 219 w Pratt, dw 119 Mulberry 
Clotworthy Geo. W. salesman, 76 n Howard 
Cloiworthy Samuel, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Wra. P. clerk, 102 McCuHoh 
(Jlotworthy Wm. dairy, 156 Penna av 
Cloud Benj. C. laborer, 103 XhiUikin 
CLOUD CHARLES F. 415 w Baltimore 
("loud Daniel, (Shipe, C. & Co.) 365 Kutaw pi 
Cloud Wm. shipcarpenter, 103 Mullikin 
Clough Martin V. B. (Sears, Clough & Co.) 40 

Clouse Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 301 n Central av 
(Jlouse Philip, laborer, 301 n Central av 
Clowes Armistead V. clerk, 49 s Ann 
(^loyes Henry, shoemaker, 49 n Front 
Club Wm. butcher, 77 Belair market, dw York 

rd beyond to II gate 
Cluney Patrick, laborer, 128 Harford av 
(.'luney Robert, tailor, 92 York 
Clunet Victor, sec'y American Fire Ins. Co., 

234 n Howard 
(Jlunet Victor S. clerk, 549 n Gay 
Cluny Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 202 Raborg 
Cluskey Julia, laundress, 74 w Monument 
Cluskcy Patrick, laborer, 190 Lemmon al 
Clute Frank, laborer, 19 Woodyear 
(Myde James, agent, 143 s Fremont 
Coad Elizabeth R. 129 Hanover 
Coail J. Edwin, flour inspector, 129 Hanover 
Coady Thomas, tavern, 35 w Lombard 
Coaklev Daniel, (C. Bros.) 183 Saratoga 

COAKLEY BROS. (M. and D.Coakley) leather 

and shoe findings, 14 s Calvert 
Co.ikley Michael, (C. Bros.) Harford co 
Coiikley P. H. bill broker, 5 German, dw n e 

cor Dolphin and Druid Hill av 
Coakley Thos. II. laborer, 190 Montgomery 
Coalbourn Ann M. notions, 438 Lexington 
Coale Alfred, gatekeeper Camden station, 37 

Coale Mrs. Cassandra A. 53 Mc(]ulloh 
Coale Catherine A. 15 McCulloh 
Coale E. H. dry goods, 190 Saratoga 
Coale E. P. principal Melrose school, dw 53 

COALE GEO. B.(G. B. C. & Morris) and pres't 
Merchants' Mutual Ins. Co., office 58 Ex- 
change place, dw 215 Madison av. [See Ad- 
vertisement front cover. 1 
COALE GE(3. B. & MORRIS, (Geo. B. Coale, 
Wm. E. Morris,) insurance agents and bro- 
kers. 58 Exchange place 
Coale Mrs. Hetty, 39 n Gay 
COALE ISAAC, Jr. & BRO. (I. Coale, jr. T. R. 
Coale, 'J. L. Beseck) gents' furnishing goods, 
14 Hanover 
Coale Isaac, jr. (I.C. jr. & Bro.) BaltimoreCo. 
COALE JAMES CAREY, agt. for N. Y. Board 
of Underwriters and Lloyd's, 56 Exchange 
pi, dw cor .Madison av and Lanvale 
Coale Joseph M. foreman, 47 w Biddle 
Coale Lewis P. miller, Calverton 
Coale Mary A. school, 328 n Fremont 
Coale Miss S. D. principal Melrose school 79 

Coale S. H. clerk, 53 McCulloh 
Coale S. Robinson, (Alvey, Coale & Co.) 185 

Linden av 
Coale Thos. E.( Isaac C.jr. & Bro.)Baltimore co. 
Coale Rev. Wm. A., Mulberry nr Gilmor 
Coale AVm. E. jr. treasurer Central Savings 

Bank, dw Catonsville, Baltimore co 
('dale Wm. J. H. miller, ('alverton 
Coale Wiu. G. plumber, 126 s Bond 
Coarts Jas. L. machinist, 118 n Poppleton 
Coates cj- Bro. (Geo. W. P. and Dr.C.E.Coates) 

props. Locust Pt. Rolling mills 
Coates Dr. C. E. (C. ^ Bro.) 76 St. Paul 
Coates Mrs. Geo. A. huckstress, 71 n Oregon 
Coates Geo. W. P. (C. k Bro.) 33 Cathedral 
(■oates Mrs. Jane, 4 Henrietta 
('oates Jas. A. confectioner, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates Jas. J. clerk, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates Mrs. John, 262 w Lombard 
Cofttli Mrs. .Maria, 44 e Loiubard 
Coath Wm. (Allen & Upton) 44 e Lombard 
Cobb (Mias. H. dep. collector and cashier int. 

rev. 109 Mulberry 
Cobb Edward R. E. (Higgins, Cobb & Co.) 31 

n Liberty 
Cobb (Jeo.'F. (Conradt k C.) 359 w Fayette 
Cobb Jas. M. bricklayer, 14 Parrish 
('obb Josiah, 31 n Liberty • 
Cobb Josiah N. clerk, 109 Mulberry 
Coberg P. G. apothec'y, Sharp and Henrietta 
Cobcrth Lloyd H. engineer. 73 St. Peter 
('oblens Daniel, clerk. 130 German 
COBLENS DANIEL & SON, (D. &L. Coblens) 

horses, 3 n E'aca 
Coblens Daniel, H). Coblens & Son)87 Columbia 
Coblens & Kaufman, ( Saml. Coblens, Jas. Kauf- 
man) horses, 1 n 
Coblens Lazarus, horses, 130 German 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer. 

COO " 



Coblens & Keyser,(L. Coblens,H. Keyser) boots 

iind shoes, 180 Lexitiiiton and 37 n Kutiiw 
Coblens Lewis. (C. & Keyser) 250 w Fayette 
Coblens Saml. (('. & Kaufman) 114 German 
Coblens Samuel, 141 German 
Coburn Amos, scale builder, 39 e Pratt 
Cobuj-ti Cornelius, stonemason, 40 Alberinarle 
Coburn Danl. hackdriver, 102 n Chapel 
Cobuin Mrs. E. F. variety store, 101 n Eutaw 
Coburn Geo. attor'y, 31 St. Paul, dw 58 Burea 
Coburn Henry, 101 n Eutaw 
Coburn J. H. fire dept, 176 n Edeii 
Coburn Mis. James, 19 a Gay 
Cobura Jno. stoBeniason, 419 e Baltiaiore 
Coburn Solomon, lime. 30 Concord, dw Eden 

and Baltimore 
Coburn Jlrs. Susan A. 118 Park av 
Coburn Thomas, jr. brass finisher, 58 Burea 
Coburn Thomas, stonemason, 58 Burea 
Cochran Alonzo A. F. (Hand & C.)253 n Bond 
Cochran Andrew, shoemaker, 16 Cathedral 
Cochran Andrew, sexton, cor Hamilton aod 

Cochran Chas. 327 Druid Hill av 
COCHRAN 4- CO. (J. E. Cochran, W, Abra- 
hams) ice dealers. 138 s Exeter, 200 West 
Falls av and 206 w Fayette » 

Cochran Emma L. 13 Aisquith 
Cochran Geo. F. clerk, 301 Madi-sou av 
Cochraa Harry W. 238 w Hotfiiian 
Cochran James, boilermaker, 24Q e Eager 
Cochran Jas. E. (C. •& Co.) 301 Madison a v 
Cochran John, moulder, 241 Aliceanna 
Cochran J. Thomas, clerk, 13 Aisquith 
Cochran John E. (Johnson <|- C.) 20 Holland 
Cochran John, (Kaufmaa & C.) 117 Green- 
mo uni, av 
Cochran Michael, blacksmith, 121 West 
Cochran Presley N. clerk, '3 Aisquith 
Cochran Rebecca H. 160 e Monument 
Cochran Rich'd M. boots and shoes, 45 s Carey 
Cochran Stephen, grocery and liquors, 95 Mc- 

Elderry whf 
Cochran Thos. A. (Snydf-r Bros. & C.) 400 

Druid Hill av 
Cochran Walter, clerk, 321 Madison av 
Cochran Wm. F. de[>ty. naval officer, dw a w 

cor Park av and Townsend 
Cochran Wm. clerk, Druid Hill av nr Wilson 
(Jochrau Wm. H. bookkeeper, 301 Madison av 
Cochran Win. J. (Baltimore car wheel Co.) 6 

s Gilmor 
Cochran Wm, T. printer, 11 e Monuiaent 
Cochran Wm, student, 165 Saratoga 
COCKEY & CO. (John G.,Wm. H.and Geo. B. 
Cockey ) lumber cotu, merchs, a e cor Caaton 
and East Falls avs 
Cockey Dr. Chas. H. teacher, 495 Aisquith 
Cockey Chas. 0. cardriver, 382 e Monument 
Cockey C. W, 26 Franklin 
Cockey Geo. B,(C.& Co.)Lutherville,, 
Cockey John C. police, 188 George 
Cockey John G.(C.& Co.)Lutherville, 
Cockey Dr. Joseph C. 2 s Exeter 
Cockey Joseph D. clerk, 382 e Mouunient 
Cockey Mrs. Mary, 188 George 
Cockey Mary, 202 a Eutaw 
Cockey Richard, clerk, 188 George 
Oockey Wm. H. stairbuilder, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. H. jr. bookkeeper, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wra.H.(C. & Co.) Lutherville, 
Cockey Wn), P. C. glerk, St. Clair hotel 



Flour, Grain beeds, &c. 

No. 21 S"E\RS WHARF. 


Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Cockrill Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway 
Cockrill Dr. Joseph M. 23 s Broadway 
Codd Edward J. & Co.(E. J. C.,Wm- S.Cowp- 
laiid)engineers and machinists, 259 sCaroline 
Codd Benjamin, butcher, 18 n Gist 
Codd Edward J. (E. J. C. & Co.) 77 s Bond 
Codd John F. clerk, 69 e Madi.son 
Codd Mrs. Matilda, 399 e Lombard 
Codd Simon, laborer, 69 e Madison 
Codd Wm. H. bookkeeper, 283 e Lombard 
Codd Wm. J. butcher, 183 Orleans 
Codet Joseph R. dancing master, hall Calvert 

Assembly room, dw 26 Spring row 
Codey Martin, shoennker, 19 New Church 
Codey Michael, grocery, 78 East 
Codey Peter, laborer, 53 Goodman al 
Codo'ri John A. butcher, 123 Centre and 48 

Belair markets, dw 89 Greenraount av 
Cody Andrew, laborer. Cathedral ext 
Coe Andrew, super phosph. liiae, 370 w Pratt 

dw 554 w Fayette 
Coe Edward, coachranker, G5 Orleans 
Coe Mrs. Laura, 107 Elliott 
Coe Roderick D. attorney, 21 Lexington, dw 

554 w Fayette 
Coffay John, laborer, 92 s Sharp 
CofFay John, laborer. Cathedral ext 
Coffay John, hackman, 102 Cathedral 
Cottay Maria, servant, Thompson & Kirby's 14 
Coffay Thos. keeper of hacks, 40 w Eager 
Coffay Wm. hackman, 2 Tyson 
Coffey John, hackman, 278 Aisquith 
Cotfev Patrick, hacktaan, 278 Aisquith 
Coffield George, 281 w Hoffiaaa 
Coffield John, laborer, 871 w Pratt 
Coffield Lewis, baker, 210 n Eutaw 
Coffin Chas. jr. engineer, 97 s Anrf 
Coffin Chas. C. mariner, 346 Harford av 
Coffin Capt. Chas. E. mariner, 97 s Ann 
Cotfroth Geo. R. (Geo. R. C. & Co.) Howard 

COFFROTII GEO. R. & CO. (G. R. Coffroth) 
coia. laerchts- and dealers in tobacco, cigar.s 
and snuff, 330 w Baltimore 
Coffhen James, laborer, 56 s Schroeder 
Cofran James H. machinist, 77 St. Peter 
Coggeshall W. H. 42 a Paca 
Coggins Chas. ice cream aad confectionery, 14<5 

e Monument 
Coggins David A. paper carrier, 173 Cheanut 
Coggins Edward R. paper carrier, 87 Green- 
mount av 
Coggins Geo. 87 Greenmount av 
{'Oggins John W. paper carrier, 216 e Fayette 
Coggins John, hay dealer, 3 McKim, dw 39 

Greeamount av 
Coggins John H. paper carrier, 53 George 
Coggins Lewis, paper carrier, 87 Greenmount av 
Coggins Wm. driver, Harford rd opp Darley 

Coghlan Edward, clerk, 39 Hillen 
Coghlan Jane, 39 Hillep 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco Sustain, 




Coghlan Richard, clerk, 39 Hillen 
('ofrley Peter, sexton, Johnson and (^^lement 
Cogswell Geo. A. carpenter, 63 n Poppleton 
Cogswell .lames, 279 e Monument 
Cogswell Sarah, matron Balto. Orjjhan-As^hini 
Cogswell Sophia, f;3 n Poppleton 
Cohee & Bro. (L. W. Cohee, M. H. Cohee) pro- 
prietors Rives house, n e cor Howard and 

COHEE L. W. & CO. (L. W. Cohee, Ira Jo- 

ralemon) restaurant, 80 Light st whf , 
Cohee Levin W. (C. & Bro. and L. W. C. # 

Co.) Rives house 
Cohee Mitchell H. (Cohee & Bro.) Rives house 
Cohee Nancy, 48 n Front 
t'ohen Abraham, salesman, 8 Harrison 
Cohen Benj. furs and shawls, 25 n Eutaw, dw 

172 w Lombard 
Cohen Benj. L, St. Paul and Read 
Cohen Bernard, 5 n Exeter 
(^ohen Darby, saloon, 19G Montgomery 
Cohen David, 5 n Exetei 
Cohen Mis. David 1. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Eleazer, (M. d. & Sous) 29 a Entaw 
Cohen Emanuel, clothing, 5 and 7 Second 
Cohen Mrs. Francis G. clothing, 6 and 8 Har- 
Cohen Herman, merchant tailor, 6 Harrison 
Cohen Herman, manuf. lace goods, 36 n Liberty 

dw 43 u Liberty 
COHEN LSRAEL, stock broker, 1 South, dw 

s e cor St. Paul and Read 
COHEN JACOB L attorney, 51^ St. Paul, dw 

79 w Townsend 
Cohen Julius, tailor, 25 e Baltimore 
(..'ohen Lewis, salesman, 6 Harrison 
Cohen Lewis J. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Louis, clothing, 170 Light 
(^ohen Louis, tailor, 221 Light 
Cohen Louis, 120 s High 
Cohen Col. M. L 115 n Charles 
Cohen Margaret, nurse, 30 St. Mary 
Cohen Mendel, clerk, 29 Hill 
Cohen Mendez, 169 u Charles 
Cohen Moses, (M. C. ^- Sons) 157 Lexington 
Cohen Moses & Sons, (M., E.and S. Cohen, A 

1. Oppenheim) dry goods, 269 w Baltimore 
Cohen Rachel, rags, 57 Union 
Cohen Raphael, clothing, 108 Light st whf, dw 

227 s Charles 
Cohen S. (Joel Gutman & Cp.) 214 w Fayette 
Cohen Mrs. Salena, midwife, 116 Conway 
Cohen Salena, saleswtmian, 116 Conway 
Cohen Samuel, jr. tailor, 237 s Charles 
Cohen Samuel, tailor, 237 s Charles 
Cohen Simon, dry goods, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Solomon, salesman, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Solomon, (M. C. & Sons) 157 Lexington 
Cohen \Vm. tailor, 317 s Charles 
Colin Josiah, dry goods, 37 Brown 
('ohti Ilenrv P. "dry goods, 201 s Bond 
COHN MORITZ G. genl. agt. Germania Life 

Ins. Co. 14 Rostofifice av, dw 183 Franklin 
Coin Michael, laborer, Cooksienr Reason 
Coker Geo. T. carpenter. 320 Mulberry 
Cokcr John, laborer, 156 Reirce 
Colbert Annanias, timekeeper, 149 Saratoga 
COLBKRT AUG. F. com. and flour, 103 Mc- 

Elderry's whf. dw 25 n Exeter 
Colbert Chas. shoemaker, 125 a I5ond 
Colbert James, carpenter, Franklin house 
Colbert James A. shipsniith, 295 e Lombard 

Colbert James E. stairbuilder, 286 w Fayette 
Colbert Lcwin A. architect, 2S6 w Fayette 
Colbert Lewin R. sec'y and treas. Balto. Cem. 

etery Co. 28G w Fayette 
Colbert ('apt. Levin, mariner, 31 Jackson sqar 
Colbert Matthias,machinist, 5T Portland 
Colburn Dr. Augustus W. 166 s Paca 
Colbuni Dr. Edward W. 166 s Paca 
Colburn Harvey, laborer. Falls rd nr toll gate 
Colburn Solomon, 344 e Baltimore 
Colby Chas. A. weigher C. H. 285 e Diddle 
Cokock Joseph W. clerk, 91 Saratoga 
Colder Edward, engineer, 96 s "Wolfe 
Coldewy Geo. m.arint'r, 452 Canton av 
Cole A. C. bookkeeper, 119 e Baltimore 
Cole Abraham, plumber, 241 e Pratt 
Cole Alan, clerk, 75 Cathedral 
Cole Alexander, moulder, 204 n Front 
Cole Benj. porter pub. store, 122 Mullikia 
Cole Benj. salesman, 155 Mosher 
Cole, Br'igham & Co. (Wm. P. Cole, J. Brig- 
ham, ) wholesale, fur, wool and straw hats, 

30 s Sharp 
COLE, BROOKS & CO. (John H Cole, Chaur- 

cy Brooks, jr., Wm. E. Brown,) com. mei- 

chants, 4 Camden 
Cole Catherine A. 370 e Monument 
Cole Chas. 212 w Fayette 
Cole»Chas. B. carpenter, 62 Jackson sq av 
Cole Chas. E. 95 n Eden 
Cole Conrad, carter, 125 Peirce 
Cole David, carpenter, 79 n Poppleton 
Cole Edward*!, miller, 103 Johnson 
Cole Mrs. Elizabeth, 77 Hollins 
Cole Eleanora Sophia, Woodberry 
Cole Emily, teacher, 77 Hollins 
Cole Fannv, 51 Josephine 
Cole F. O.'clerk, 243 n Eutaw 
Cole F. Carter, collector. G2 n Greene 
Cole G. A. car[)enter, 212 w Fayette 
Cole Geo. B. (Pope & C.) 243 n"Eutaw 
Cole & Gilpin, (L. H. Cole, A. G. Gilpin, 

John .Merchant,) wholesale fruiterers and 

confectioners, 30 Hanover 
Cole Geo. carpenter, 132 n Exeter 
Cole Geo. W. junk, 66 Harfoid av 
Cole Henry A. carpenter, 212 w Fayette 
Cole Henry C. clerk, 172 s Howard 
Cole Henry, ovstcrs, 252 e Monument 
Cole Henry C' clerk, 77 Hollins 
Cole Henry, junk, 66 Harford av 
Cole Hiram, confectioner, 33 Courtland 
Cole James, huckster, 22 s Oregon 
Cole James H. painter, 100 Battery av 
Cole James II. painter, 8 Clement 
Cole James W . clerk Sun otfice. 73 St. Paul 
Cole Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 89 Hanover 
Cole Jarrett, 80 s P^xeter 

Cole Jesse C. watchman B.&O.R.R.58G w Pratt 
Cole John laborer, 672 w Baltimore 
Cole John, laborer, 2 Bolton al 
Cole John, shcetiron worker, 40 Jackson 
Cole John, carpenter, 132 n Exeter 
Cole John A. clerk, 627 w Lombard 
Cole John A. clerk, 62 n Greene 
Cole John E. provisions, 703 Lexington 
Cole John H. (C, lirooks & Co.) Ill w Mon- ' 

Cole John R. carpenter, Strieker nr McHenry* 
Cole John R. salesman, 62 n (ireene 
Cole John H. nightman, 87 Mullikin 
Cole Joseph, carpenter, 123 Druid Hill 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay. and Cor. Cliew and Stirling:. 




Cole Joseph, jr. clerk, 1 12 Druid Hill av 

Cole Joseph, stonemason. 55 Stockton 

(■ole Joshua, biicklaver, 62 s Greene 

Cole & Laffan, (Wm! R. Cole, W. M. LaEFan,) 

editors proprietors Sunday Bulletin, 127 w 

Cole Le^inder, reporter, 62 n Greene 
Cole Lewis Hiram. (C. k Gilpin) 3H Courtland 
Cole Lewis M. general ticket agt. B. 0. R. R. 

Co. dw 201 w Lombard 
Cole Mrs. Marv, 103 n Broadway 
Cole Mrs. Mary E. 204 n Front 
Cole Marion A. bricklayer, 370 e Monument 
Cole I'r. Merrvman, office 86 n Exeter, dw 102 
Cole Patrick, 'laborer, 39 Jew al, 0. T. 
Cole Philip, blacksmith, 98 n Schroeder 
Cole Philip, (Wallace & Cole,) 144 s Bond 
Cole Robert C. 166 e Monument 
Cole Robert E. agent, 17 s Schroeder 
Cole Robert F. 107 n Broadway 
Cole Robert, potter, 103 n Broad wav 
Cole Sam'l C. sheet iron worker, 166 n Bond 
Cole Sam'l H. bookkeeper, Mount Vernon hotel 
Cole Sam'l H. tinner, 303 Orleans 
Cole Mrs. Sarah, 23 s Carey 
Cole Selah, carpenter, 132 n Exeter 
Cole Thomas B. machinist, 345 Saratoga 
Cole Wm. engineer, 204 n Front 
Cole Wm. laborer, 30 Morton al 
Cole AVm. shoemaker, 27 Haw 
Cole Wm. blacksmith, 151 Walsh 
(Jole Wm. C. clerk, 318 n Eutaw 
Cole Wm. H. tinner, 431 w Lombard 
Cole Wm. H. agent Md. State Bible Society, 

Bible house 75 w Fayette, dw 318 n Eutaw 
Cole Wm. B. laborer, Bolion depot 
ColeWm. G. blacksmith. 151 Walsh 
Cole Dr. Wm. H. editor Evening Journal, 187 

w Lombard 
Cole Wra. L. plasterer, 409 e Madison 
Cole Wm. G. fiiledriver, 75 Aisquith 
Cole Wm. P. produce, 131 Columbia 
Cole Wm. R (Cole & LafiFan,) 362 n Eutaw 
Cole Wm. P. (C, Brigham & Co,) 243 n Eutaw 
COLE WM. H. hardware com. merchant, 17 

S Charles, dw 75 Cathedral 
Cole Wm. R. 27 Mosher 

Colehour Fred'k A. blacksmith, 1 n Republican 
Colehouse John H. canmTi'r, Canton av nr Wolfe 
l/olehouse Randolph R. canniaker, 17 s Bethel 
^^oleliouse Mrs. Susan A. 87 L Montgomery 
ill John, carpenter, 487 w Pratt 
• in John F. engineer, 160 Battery av 
-olein Thomas R. clerk, 489 iv Pratt 
i^olein Wm. H. shipcarpenter, 160 Battery av 
Coleman Alex, stonecutter, 40 Wyeth 
Joieman Mrs. Chapman, 131 n Charles 
Coleman Mrs. Barbara, grocery, 97 s Regester 
i^oleman Chas. C. wood. 732 w Baltimore 
"oleman Chas. M. 94 n Paca 
■oleman Chas. R. butcher, 224 William 
'oleman Chas. R. cashier National Mechanics 

Bank, 58 w Biddle 
"oleman Chas. R. shoemaker, 334 Hanover 
"oleman ('has. L. police. 49 Block 
■oleman Chas. R. shipjoiner, 24 s Eutaw 
"oleman ('has. R. jr. accountant, 58 w Biddle 
"oleman Chas. salesman, 97 s Regester 
oleman & Co. (M. Coleman, ) grocers and com. 

merchants, s w cor Franklin and Paca 
Coleman ('lara, boarding, 5) n Frederick 
oleman Mrs. Dora, 57 Eastern av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


CO.V.ST.AXn.Y F.iK rf.U.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &;e. 

Bosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Coleman Capt. Edward, 170 n High 
Coleman Edw. pumpmaker, 129 Gough 
Coleman Edw. B. watchman, Hull nr R. R. 
Coleman Mrs.Eliz'th A.trimngs. 153e Pratt 
Coleman Mrs. Elizabeth, 30 s Paca 
Coleman Elizabeth, grocery, 366 e Monument 
Coleman Elizabeth. 149 Canton av 
Coleman Mrs. Ellen, 366 e Monument 
Coleman Eugene D. variety, 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Frank, painter, 114 Mosher 
Coleman Fred, bundler, 149 Canton av 
Coleman Geo. E. bacon, 23 s Gilmor 
Coleman Geo. A. 307 e Baltimore 
Coleman Gesina, 259 n Eden 
Coleman Henry, shoemaker, 606 w Pratt 
Coleman Henry C. painter, 6 Stockholm 
Coleman Henry, laborer, 2 Spring st ct 
Coleman Herman, blacksmith, 45 Walsh 
Coleman J.J. plasterer, 60 Barre 
Coleman James F. clerk, 114 Mosher 
Coleman James H. jr. tinner, 7.5 Forrest 
Coleman H. 55 S Poppleton 
Coleman James, ironworker, 122 Curley 
Coleman James P. butcher, 218 Battery av 
Coleman Jas. T. brushmaker, 9 s Schroeder 
Coleman Jas. H. cigarmaker, 84 McElderry 
Coleman Jas. hackman, 32 n High 
Coleman John A. trunkmaker. 111 n High 
Coleman Capt. John W. 145 n Eden 
Coleman John T. (C. k Taylor) 16 McElderry 
Coleman John S. carpenter, 24 Laurel 
Coleman John T. 16 McElderry 
Coleman John T. jr. 16 .McElderry 
Coleman John W. carpenter, 114 Mosher 
COLEMAX JOSEPH B. veterinary surgeon, 

116 German. [<See Advertisement .'\ 
Coleman Joseph, bricklaver, 29 n Wolfe 
Coleman Lewis, driver, 286 Canton av 
Coleman Lewis W. bookbinder, 62 s Regester 
Coleman Luke, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Coleman Martha, books and newspapers, 127 3 

Coleman Mrs. Martha, 451 e Lombard 
Coleman Mrs. Martha A. 179 Aisquith 
Coleman Mary, laundress, 298 Harford av 
Coleman Mrs. .Mary F. dressmaker, 732 w Bal- 
Coleman .Michael, carter, 366 e Monurhent 
Coleman Morgan. (C. & Co.) 94 n Paca 
Coleman Patrick, harnessmaker, 21 Scott 
Coleman Rich:'rd, blacksmith, 672 w Pratt 
Coleman Rich'd, shipsmith, Choptank nr Pratt 
COLEMAN & ROGERS, (J. C. Rogers) chem- 
ists and druggists, 17.S w Baltimore 
Coleman Mrs. Surah A. 24 Laurel 
Coleman Mrs. S. 247 w Hoffman 
Coleman Saml. clerk, 319 e Lombard 
Coleman Saml. shipsmith, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Saml. jr. potter, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Saml. clerk, 150 w Pratt 
Coleman Silas, mariner, 324 William 
COLEMAN Dk. S. K. 142 Chesapeake 

Carriages of all description. Sleighs, Saddle Horses &c. 




Coleman Thom:is, blacksmith, 366 e Monumeut 
('olemau Thoiiiiis jr. 451 e Lomiiard 
Coleman Thomas, shipcarp. 226 Montgomery 
COLEMAN <fc TAYLOR, (John T. Coleman, 

Sam'l G. Taylor) boiler makers, S e cor ilol- 

liday and Pleasant 
Coleman Mrs. Virginia F. 61 Courtland 
Coleman Warner, mariner, 145 n Eden 
Coleman Win. mariner. 145 n Eden 
Coleman Wm. W. teller, Nat. Farmers and 

Planters Bank, 186 McCiiUoh 
Coleman Wm. Thos. 451 e Lombard 
Coleman Uriah, paperlianger, 18 s Spring 
Coles John A. Kirk, 111 e Fayette 
Coles Mary E. Ill e Fayette 
Colestock John H. carpenter, 562 Saratoga 
Colet Ephraim, lab. Cathedral nr Holfman 
Colter John, carpenter, 360 e Monument 
Colflesh Mrs. Catherine, 172 s Paca 
Colflesh GeorLic B. coachmaker, 101 German, 

dw 364 w Fayette 
Colford Patrick, lab. 134 Harford av 
Colhafer Adam, boilerraaker, 35 Goodman al 
Colhouer Mahala, nurse, 234 George 
Coll Bernard, canmaker, 62 e Lombard 
Coll Daniel, clerk. 108 .Mulberry 
Coll .Mrs. Ellen, 108 Mulberry 
Coll John, carpenter. Decker nr Hoffman 
CoUaday & Burgess, (Jos. S. CoUaday, Wm. 

Burgess, jr.). grocers and provision dealers, 

461 \v Fayette 
CoUaday Charles R., provisions, produce and 

butter, s e cor Fayette and Republican 
CoUaday Jos. S. (C". & Burgess) 461 w Fayette 
Collars .Andrew J. cigarmaker, 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. (C. C. & Son) :35 Penna av 
Collars Chas. A. (C. C. & Son) 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. & Son, (Chas. and Chas. A. Col- 
lars) tobacconists, 135 Penna av 
Collectors Baltimore County, office 19 Lexington 
(/olienberg Anton, shoemaker, 89 Gough 
Collenberg Christian, shoemaker, 1U4 s Bond 
(JoUenbrrg J. Henry, clerk, 89 Gough 
Collenberg Theodore, grocery, 89 Gough 
Collett Geo. W. huckster, 67 s High 
CoUett Thos. carpenter, 1 Holland al 
Collett Thos. E. boxmuker, 44 e Lombard 
Collett Wm. carpenter, 440 Penna av 
CoUey AltVed, carpenter, Chappell nr Penna av 
CoUey John W. carpenter and builder, rear 324 
■ HoUins, dw n w cor Strieker and lloUins 
Collier Donald R. (C. & Riordon) 23 Barre 
Collier Frank .M. storekr. C. H. dw 54 Pearl 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 410 w Lombard 
(Jollier John E. mariner, 223 Bank 
Collier k Riordon, (D. R. Collier, T. Riordon) 

liquors, 202 Light 
Collier Walter, |)ainter and tavern, 22 William 
Collier Wm. Jas. blksmith, Orleans nr Durham 
Coliings Henry C. butcher. 9o Beiair and 109 

Centre markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
Coliings Wm. R. butcher, 115 Centre and 91 

Beiair markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
Collins Albert .M. clerk, 62 s Exeter 
('oUins Alfred, mariner, 120 s Central av 
(Jollins Mrs. Ann R. 22 s Chester 
Collins Barnard, hostler, 6 Diamond 
Collins Bartholomew, wood and coal, 63Mulli- 

kin, dw 41 e Pratt 
Collins -Mrs. Bridget, 11 Abbot 
Collins Ikidget, 190 L. Hughes 
Collins Catherine, grocery, 109 Elliott 

Collins Chas. H. cl.rk, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Chas. H. gunsmith, 22 s Chester 
Collins Chas. H. S. laborer, 19 s Burke 
Collins Chas. S. (C. & Heath) 385 w Lombard 
Collins Dennis, laborer, 1()9 Elliott 
Collins .Mr. Ellen, 4 Gould la 
Collins Emily, Biddle e of Ann 
Collins Mrs. Eveline, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Francis, carter, s Charles ext 
Collins Francis, brickmaker, rear of 500 Light 
Collins Geo. wagoner, 86 n Durham 
Collins Geo. machinist, 223 Barre 
Collins Geo. huckster, 180 Gough 
Collins Geo. T. D. jr. 19 s Burke 
Collins Geo. W. tinner, 80 Frederick av 
Collins Geo. W. huckster, 28 Oxford 
Collins G. T. D. puddler, 19 s Burke 
Collins Geo. H. huckster, 311 Eastern av 
Collins Henry, (Busch & C.) 490 Light 
Collins Henry, painter, 135 s Bond 
Collins Henry, carpenter, 261 Druid Hill av 
Collins Henry, laborer, 85 Johnson 
COLLINS &■ HEATH, (C. S. Collins, E. S. 

Heath) furnace manufs. 22 Light 
Collins Henry, livestock, Calhoun nr Ramsay 
CoUins Honora, confectionery, 150 Chesapeake 
Collins Isaac, carpenter, 134 Druid Hill av 
Collins James W. shucker, 101 Cambridge 
Collins James, laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
Collins James, tinner, 5 w Fayette 
Collins James, miller, Frederick av beyond 

Collins James W. carpenter, 188 Chesnut 
Collins Capt. James, mariner, 241 Bank 
Collins James, laborer, Hudson al nr Federal 
Collins James, laborer, 25 Foster al 
Collins James J , Friends' grave yard, Harford 

rd nr Homestead 
Collins Jeremiah, bricklayer, 7 Oxford 
Collins Jeremiah, porter, 2 Smith 
Collins John, 67 llilleii 
Collins John, laborer, 157 Ensor 
Collins John, laborer, 345 Penna av 
CoUins John, laborer, 26 Hillen 
Collins John, laborer, 124 Harford av 
Collins John, laborer, 2 Foundry 
Collins Jno. W . bookkeeper, Carey nr Cooke 
Collins John II. laborer, Sweet Air 
Collins John N. drover, 698 w Pratt 
Collins John O. brooramaker, 54 Chalsworlh 
Collins Jno. W. clerk, 22 Patterson av 
Collins Joseph B. canmaker, 67 Henrietta 
Collins Joseph B. police, 490 Light 
Collins L. H. med. student, 33 n Calvert 
Collins Rev. Joseph S. 324 w Lombard 
Collins Levi, cooper, 89 Warner 
Collins Mrs. .Margaret, 29 Harrison 
Collins .Mrs. .Martha, 94 HoUins 
Collins .Margaret, laundress, 1 George al 
Collins Michael, canmaker, 19 Harrison 
Collins .Michai'l, foreman, 18 Woodyear 
Collins Patrick, 157 s Chester 
Collins Patrick, grocery, 53 President 
Collins Patrick J. laborer, 330 Raborg 
Collins Patrick, wheelwright, 13 Raborg 
CoUins Peter, furniture, 15 Harrison 
Collins Philip J. puddler, 16 Patuxent 
Collins Mrs. Rebecca, oysters, 311 Eastern av 
Collins Robert, cari)enter, 355 Franklin 
Collins Mrs. Rose, 84 Ensor 
Collins Samuel, (Booth, Bandel & Collins,]_24i 

e Pratt 


At Central Stables^U ^Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 

" ^ COL 1:^-> (^OX 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


riiX.ST.WTI.Y KiiK SAl.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Collins Mrs. Sarah A. '.0 n ("liailes 


Collins Tliomas, en<.'incer, f».". s Ciicster 

Collins Thomas, laburc-r, 89 Warner 

Collins Thomas J. carpenter, 3G9 Saratoga 

("ollins Wm. .-^9 Warner 

("oUins Wm. .-\. mariner, 334 Hanover 

Collins Wm. K. pviddler, 71 Camhrid^'e 

Collins Wm. H. watchman. Fort av ur Light 

Collins Wm. H. carter, 89 Warner 

Collins Wm. II. altorney, 34 St. Paul, d\v 3G 

n Calvert 
Collins Wm. H. clerk, 423 Franklin 
Collinson J. ('. paints, oils, glass, &c. 230 Lex- 
ington. d\v 2V8 
Collis Lewis, laborer. Chnrch ct nr IJiddle al 
CoUison Edward, well digger. Cathedral e.xt 
Collison Eliza, bookfolder. 2 Buren 
CoUison Lydia, 141 Stirling 
Collison Jas. II. swj.mas'r. McKlderry nr Bethel 
Collison Jno. pai)erhanT, McElderry nr Bethel 
Collison Mrs. Sarah A. corsets, 34 ? Ann 
Collison Thos. W. carpenter, 34 s Ann 
Collison Wm. 9 s Fulton 
CoUmus Robert S. saddler, 123 n High 
Collmus Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
CoUopy Michael, laborer, 24 Booth 
CoUopy Wm. laborer, 7 a Amitv 
Colluiii George \V. driver, 28G Canton av 
Collyer Wm. laborer, Waverley 
Colmaa Alverta, (Jurney & Colman, ) GO Barre 
Colmary Capt. Abraham L. 212 w Lombard 
Colonization office, James Hall ag'f. 87 Second 
Colston F. .M, (Wilson, C. & Co.) 72 Courtland 
Colston .Joseph H. cigarinaker. 2G.5 Walsh 
Colston Mary 0. teacher, 79 Walsh 
Colston Oliver, clerk, 79 Walsh 
Julter James, painter, 1 12 Stirling 
Jolter John H. street snpt. G7 McElderry 
Colter Mary, 112 Stirling 
:OLTOX i; BAETJFR, (John Colton. J. Geo. 

Baetjer,) hosiery manufs. 140 Lexington 
Joltou Dental Association, 81 w Fayette 
Jolton Edw. C. hosiery and notions, 204 n Gay, 

dw 329 n Broadway 
Jolion Fred'k, express wagon, 100 Hillen 
ollon Geo. prop'r.Md. Republican, 73 n Care}' 
Jolton Henry H. hose weaver, 278 n Regester 
Jolton Mrs. Janet, confectioner v, 100 Hillen 
Jolton John, (C. it Baetjer,) 22-< Druid Hill av 
.-'olton John H. clerk, 24 Barnet 
Jolton Jo.seph S. grocery, 217 Light 
Jolton Thecjdore, house furn. goods, 14G n Gay 
(JOLTON WM. real estate broker and claim ag't, 
ofiBce 1 1 law building, .St. Pau!,dvv 23 n'Paca 
Jolton Wm. jr. 23 n I'aca 
iJolumbia .Street (.M. E.) Church. Columbia 
' betw Greene and Fremont 
'ColverWm.J. coo[ier,.')n Sharp, dw .'54 .Saratoga 
Colviii Henry, 77 e Baltimore 
Colvin Institute fur girls, 39^ Courtland 
Colvin James, moulder, 32 s Schroeder 
Colvin Richard, 77 e Baltimore 
Col well Mrs. Ann E. 90 Johnson 
Colwell Geo. boilermaker, 90 Johnson 
Colwell John, caulker, 192 Johnson 
Colwell .Mary E. tailoress, 32 n Oregon 
(Jolwell Wm. jr. ciulker, 90 Johnson 
Combe Chas. laborer, 348 Cross 
Comber Bernard, boilermaker, 89 Elliott 
Comber Georgianna, saleswoman, 62 Druid 
Hill av 

Comber Howard, stonecutter, G2 n Pine 

Comber John P. 89 Elliott 

Combs (ieo. M. agent, 175 e Pratt 

Combs Henrv W. fC. &Co.) 440 w Favette 

Combs & Co. (H. W. C. Geo. W. Morgan,) 

wholesale tea, 160 w Lombard 
Combs Philip F. grocery. 129 Hanover 
Comegys Benj, sec'ry Harford Fire Ins. Co. of 

Bait. 87 Second, dw cor Bolton and Lanvale 
Comegys Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoresi, 91 Hillen 
Comegvs Henrv C. geif 1 agent .N'ational Life 

Ins. Co. of U.S.A. 12 Postoffice av, dw 209 

n Howard 
Comegys John W. painter, 91 Hillen 
Comegys Thos. 2G9 n Howard 
Comegys Wm. machinist, 12 Potomac 
ComegVs Wm. machinist, Lancaster ext. Canton 
Comegys AVrn. T. pilot, 22G Bank 
Comegys Wilbur, carpenter. 91 Ililh-n 
Comman Michael, lab'r Orleans and Castle 
Cotnmand John,, moulder, 2.5 s Regester 
Command John, j'olice, 2.5 s Regester 
Commans Francis, grocery, 50 Davis 
Commans John, horseshoer, 50 Uavis 
Commercial Building. n ecorCiavand Lombard 
COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE lunch and read- 
ing rooms, cor Baltimore and Charles 
Commerce Fire Ins. Cj. of Albiiny, N. V., 83 


B.A.NK. s w cor Howard and German 
Commercial Fiie Ins. C'o. of N. Y.. agency 4 3 

Commercial Trave'er, office i: w cor Baltimore 

and North 

n e cor of Fayette and Holliday. [See Ap- 


25 n Calvert, 3d floor. (See Ai'p'mdiz.) 
(Jommons John, eggs, G6 Eastern av 
Commonwealth Fire Ins. Co. of Baltimore, 6 

North, C. Howell Johnson, president 
Comolie Fredk. stonecutter, 226 s Ann 
Compton John A. bookkeeper, .Merchants' Na- 
tional Bank, dw Baltimore co 
Compton Thos. B. 132 n Gay 

.Maccultbin, comptroller 
Conant .Mrs. Sarah, 258 n Eden 
Conaway Chas. (Duncan, Rhein & Conaway) 

149 nBond 
Conaway Chas. Wm. coachpainter, 149 n Bond 
Conaway Chas. R. jr., coachpainter. 149 n Bond 
Conaway, machinist, 241 IloUins 
Conaway John, laborer, 188 L. Hughes 
Conaway J(jhu .M.L.drover,McHenry nr Fulton 
Conaway .Maggie, servant, Mt. Vernon hotel 
Conaway Sol. watchman, McHenry nr Fulton 
Conaway Wm. (lolice. 241 Hoilins 
Conaway Wm. E. cigarmaker, 150 Orleans 
Conaway Wm. W. laborer, McHenry nr Fulton 

For Cotton, Corn & Tobacco. Horner's Fertilizers, 




Concannon Martin, laborer. 347 s Charles ■ 

Condell Mrs. Susan, seamstresi?, 84 s Spring 
Condon Edward, caliiiietniuk. 150 East 
Condon Jas. caljinetnmk. 150 East 
Condon Levi Z. grocery, 47 n Gilnior 
Condon W'ra. J. wagoner, 35 A bey al 
Condon Win. H. silverplater, 150 East 
Condor Wm. laborer, 72 Mound 
Condray Tljos. clerk, 131 German 
('one Herman, (Guggenheiiuer, Cone & Co.) 

645 w Tayette 
Cone Joseph M. & Co. (J. M. Cone) tin roof- 
ing, pluniliing, &c., Morse building 
Coney Joseph M. (J. .M. Cone & Co.) Waver- 

ley, York rd 
Conebaugli Dennis, laborer, 11 Booth 
Conestogo Cork Co., Burrough Bros, agents, 

14 s Charles 
Coney Thos. laborer. 29 Centre Market pi 
Conich Henry, fire dept. Swan tavern 
Conine .Mrs. Mary M. 234 n Charles 
Conklin Clinton, mariner. 108 William 
Conkiin Daniel E. (C, Willis & Co.) n e cor 

Park and Madison 
Conklin Julius, laborer, 200 e Chase 
Conklin John, shucker. 203 s Washington 
Conklin John A. skimmer, 203 s W'ashington 
('onklin .Mary, 69 n Amity 
Conklin Mrs. Marv. 203 s Washington 
Conklin Capt Michael. 108 William 
CONKLIX, WILLIS k CU. (D. E. Conklin, Z. 

L. C. Willis) stoves and tinware, 2s Hanover 
Conklin Wm. H. jr. bo(ikkee[ier. Savings Bank 

of Baltimore, 2G3 Madi.«on av 
Conklin Wm. H. tobacco broker, Strieker n of 

Press t man 
Conlan .Michael, blacksmith, Reynolds et 
Conlan Mrs. Sarah, 223 Saratoga 
Conley Elizabeth, 318 Mulberry 
Conley James, laborer, Aliceanna and Eden 
Conley Jas. F. tinner, 439 w Lombard 
Conley James, plasterer, 21ij n Eutaw 
Conley Lawr'ce. chand'r, 1 8 Front n of Foundry 
Conley Martin, laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
(Jonley ( diver, laborer. Falls rd nr Boundary av 
Conlev Thos. chandler, 230 .Madison av 
(bnley Thos. clerk, B.&O.R R., 64 s Strieker 
(■onley Thos. J. plasterer, 216 n Eutaw 
Conlon Andrew J. printer, 530 w Pratt 
('onion John, i)ainter. 84 Battery av 
Conlon .Mary A. grocery, 12 Foundry 
Conn Daniel, painter, 183 n High 
Conn George, laborer. Hanifiden 
Conn John W. carpenter, 17 Wasehe 
CONN WM. grocery, 101 Franklin 
(.'onn Wm. R. coal oil, 88 n Poppleton 
Connabaugh James, hacks. 20 Tyson 
Connaugliton James, drayman, 8 Fall 
Connecticut (General Life" Ins. Co. of Hartford, 

Conn., ngencv 83 Second 
OF H.aRTFuRD. CONN., a. H. Dillon, jr. 

general agent, office 8 South 
Connell Francis A. bookkeeper, 204 n Howard 
(lonnell .Miirgaret, nurse, 25 Ringgold 
Connell Timothy, laborer. 208 Cross 
('onnell Patrick, laborer, 13 Ilollins al 
Connellee .Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 38 n Calvert 
Coiinellee Thornton, (D. Wilson & Co.) 417 e 


Connelley Andrew J. moulder, 83 St. Peter 
Connelley Ann, restaurant, 9 Fish .Market sp / 
Connelly .Mrs. Eliza J. boarding, 159 Bank 
Connellv Francis, laborer, 142 Lancaster 
("onnelly Henry, tinner, 22 Ramsay 
Connelly Isaac, fireman, 22 Ramsay 
Connelly James, police, 215 Cross 
Connelly James, moulder, 102 Aisquith 
Connelly James, laborer, 3^2 Bank 
Connelly John, laborer, 9 Carlton 
Connelly John, laborer, 29 s Stockton al 
Connelly John, quarryman, F.ills rd nr gate 
Connelly .John, boilerm^dver. 79 n E.xeter 
Connelly John, laborer, 53 King 
Connelly John C. plumber, 12 Prosjiect la 
Cdunelly Martin, fireman, 45 President 
Connelly Martin, shoemaker, 2 Walker 
Connelly Mrs. Mary, grocery, 9 Carlton 
('onni'lly Mrs. Mary, confec'y, 8 New Church 
Connelly Michael, laborer, 1 n Fulton 
Connelly .Michael, coaclqiainter, 164 Leadenhall 
Connelly Michael, police, 336 Hamburg 
Connelly Patrick, tailor, 9 Hillen 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, P'^ront nr Foundry 
Connelly Mrs Rosa, 300 e ]\lonnment 
Connelly Stephen, laborer, 79 n Oregon 
Connelly Thomas, moulder, 219 Bank 
Connelly Wm. police, 201 s Castle 
Connelly Wm. shipcarpenter, 225 Bank 
Connelly Wm. H. caniuaker, 22 s Ramsay 
Conner Daniel, laborer, 9 Fountain 
Conner Elizai)eth, grocery, 71 Hillen 
Conner Mrs. Elizab. jewelry, 46 vv Baltimore 
Conner Francis P. laborer, 87 Patuxent 
Conner Frank, stonecutter, 360 Eastern av 
Conner Frank J. telegraph operat. 17 e .Madison 
Conner Frank, stilhnan. 3 Truxton 
Conner Gilbert W. clerk, 80 n Poppleton 
Conner Hugh, police, 153 Chesapeake 
Conner James, stonecutter, 163 Bank 
Conner James, hackman, 225 e Baltimore 
Conner James, mariner, 9 McDonongh ct 
Conner James, tanner, 296 e Madison 
Conner James, canmaker, 263 s Dallas 
Conner James E. clerk, 789 w Baltimore 
Conner James F. stonecutter, 103 Bank 
Conner James AV. 46 s Calhoun 
Conner James Z. clerk, 296 e Madison 
Conner John, laborer, 99 s Castle 
Conner John, stonemason, Philadelphia rd 
Conner John, laborer, Clinton s of Boston 
Conner John, laborer, 71 Hillen 
(Conner John, laborer, 163 Bank 
Conner John, distiller, 19 e Madison 
Connw John T. engineer, 47 Boyd 
Conner John W . laborer, 50 Portland 
Conner Dr. John A. 202 e Baltimore 
Conner Joshua, carjienter, 86 n Popi)Ietoa 
Conner Mrs. Mary, midwife, 163 BanK 
Conner Mrs. Mary A. 144 Henrietta 
Conner Michael, train despatclicr, 167 King 
Conner Michael, clerk, 112 Raborg 
Conner Patrick, laborer, 9 McDonough ct 
Conner Roger, canmuker, 1(!3 B;ink 
Conner Thomas, porter, 122 s Spring 
Conner Thoni is, painter, 637 Belair av 
Conner Thomas, laborer, 89 n Paca 
Conner Thomas W. clerk. 789 w Baltimore 
Conner Wm. shucker, 9 McDonough ct 
Conner Wm. H. flour mercht. K9 n Paca 
Conner Wm. ^\'. carpentei-, 5.')8 Lexington 
Conners John, stonecutter, Eusor nr Chase 

Offices, 54 S, Gay, and^Corner Chew and Stirling. 
CON^ 7V25 CON 

onners Sarah, shucker, 66 President 
oniiers Thomas, laborer, 31 s Front 
onners Thomas, laborer, !61 n Front 
onnery John, laborer, 76 n Amity 
onnery John, laborer, Cathedral ext 
onnery Mary, seamstress, 30 Granby 
onnery Mary, Morton al nr John 
oniiolly Aloysius, clerk, l(i9 Saratoo:a 
onuolly Andrew, marble polisher,289 Forrest 
onnolly Andrew, stone polisher, 20 Grove al 
oni.olly Andrew \V. clerk, 289 Forrest 
oiinolly Catherine, grocery, 116 w Townsend 
onuolh Charles C. tailor, 34 n Hi^h 
onnolly Christopht-r, laborer, 2G3 Forrest 
onuully Daniel, currier, 29 Somerset 
onnolly Daniel, laborer, 54 Biireu 
onnolly Daniel, marble polisher, 5 Grove al 
ounolly Edw. laborer, 14 Essex 
onnolly Edward, tavern, 25 Brown la 
ounolly Edw. hats and furs, 305 w Baltimore, 
dw 356 n Eutaw 

onnolly Edward, saddler, Swan tavern 
onnolly Edward E. clerk, 356 n Eutaw 
onnolly Francis, 369 w Lombard 
onnolly Georye, canmaker, 22 s Fremont 
juuolly James, rigger, 24 Goiigh 
uuuolly James jr. currier, 159 n Front 
jQuoUy .lames, police, 2 15 Cross 
junoUy James, laborer, 159 n Front 
junoliy John, tavern, 193 Boston 
jnnolly John, laborer, 99 s Castle 
jnuoUy John, laborer, 5 .McDonough ct 
jnuolly John, coulee 3', 241 Aliceaniia 
jDUoUy John, plumber, 12 Prospect la 
junoUy John sr. laborer, 14 Armistead la 
juuoliy John jr. moulder, 14 Arruistead la 
jnnoUy John, carter, 19U Ramsay 
junoUy John, laborer, 25 Brown la 
junolly John, butcher, 289 Forrest 
junolly John B. ujarble dealer, n w cor Mon- 
ument and Constiimion, dw York rd nr 1st 

junully John T. laborer, 93 s Charles 
jnnolly John T. paperhanger, 229 s Paca 
;nnoliy Lawrence, laborer, 5 McDonough ct 
)nnolly Lawrence, tallow cluind. 159 n Frout 
jnnolly Martin, laboier, 49 Vork 
jnuolly .Marim, shoemaker, 127 n Bond 
Jnuolly Matthew, blacksmith, 67 n Amity 
jnuoliy Michael, laborer, 244 n Front 
jnnoUy Michael, miller, 24u s Paca 
junolly Michael, teacher, 169 Saratoga 
jnnoUy Michael, driver, Mt. Vernon mills 
junolly Pat. laborer, Eutaw and Osteud 
jnnolly Pat. laborer, 138 Vine 
Jnnolly Pat. blcksmh.Lemmon w of Schroeder 
JunoUy Patrick, laborer, 74 Creek al 
jnnolly Patrick, fireman, 10 e Lombard 
junolfy Patrick, laborer, 22 St. Mary 
jnnolly Patrick, marble polisher, 289 Forrest 
jnnolly Patrick, stevedore, 158 e Lombard 
jnnolly Patrick J 2 Lemmon al ' 
jnnolly Peter, lamplighter,9 Centre Market sp 
jnuolly Mrs. Sarah, 22 s Fremont 
jnnolly Thos. soap maker, 230 Madison av 
junolly Thos. laborer, Eutaw and Ustend 
jnnolly Thos. laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
jnnolly Thos. tinuer, 283 Forrest 
jnnolly Thos. tinner, 15 Price's ct 
jnnolly Timothy, huckster, 125 Hill 
onnolly Timothy, laborer, 202 Cathedral 
annoUy Wm. police, 121 s Castle 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Connolly Wm. canmaker. Swan tavern 
Connolly Wm. porter, 4 Fall 
Connor Ann, dressmaker, 22 n Poppleton 
Connor Annie M. boarding, 217 e Pratt 
Connor Bernard, laborer, 464 Canton av 
Connor Bernard, laborer, 69 York 
Connor Bernard, fireman, 22 Block 
Connor Capt. F. mariner, 166 s Charles 
Connor Francis L. 22 Block 
Connor Francis, distiller, 87 Patuxent 
Connor Francis, jr. laborer, 87 Patuxent 
Connor Francis J. telegraphist, 17 e Madison 
Connor Geo. W. supt. at .Maryland Hospital 
Connor Geo. carpenter, 17 e Madison 
Connor Geo. W. laborer, 94 Aisquith 
Connor Geo. W. tin and sheet iron worker, 217 

e Pratt 
Connor James, moulder, 263 s Dallas 
Connor John, laborer, 38 Ryan 
Connor John, laborer, 558 w Lombard 
.Connor John, distiller, 19 e .\hidison 
Connor John, laborer, 396 Hanover 
Connor John, laborer, 390 Aliceanna 
Connor .Matthew, liquors, cor Cathedral and 

Connor Martin, laborer, 11 s Burke 
Connor .Mrs. Mary, grocery, cor McKim and 

Connor Michl J. lettercar'r, 28 Jackson sq av 
Connor Mich'l F. telegraphist, 17 e Madison 
Connor Morris, moulder, 100 n Schroeder 
Connoi' Mrs. N. dressmaker, 194^ Lexington 
Connor Peier, laborer, 189 Forrest 
Connor Rogers, laborer, 122 s Castle 
Connor Thos. laborer, cor .McKim and Eager 
Connor Thos. laborer, 316 Cross 
Connor Thos. chairniaker, 87 Patuxent 
Conor Julia, 21 Durham n of Wolfe 
Conoles Chas. 148 Ensor 
Conoles Mrs. Elizabeth, 148 Ensor 
Conoles Thos. hackman, 148 Ensor 
Conoles Win. bookbinder, 148 Ensor 
Conoway Wm. E. cigarmaker, 150 Orleans 
Conrad Anton, laborer, 82 Henrietta 
Conrad August, blacksmith, 177 n Bethel 
Conrad Chas. plumber, 69 George 
Conrad Christ'n, paperhang. Cottage la Y'ork rd 
LONRAD & CO. (J. M. M. Conrad,) wholes. 

liquors, 19 Light 
Conrad Francis M. bookp'r, 124 w Fayette 
Conrad Frank, musician, 20 Barnes 
Conrad Frederick, blacksmith and hardware, 

503 n Gay 
Conrad Jas. .M. M. (C. & Co.) 508 w Fayette 
Conrad John, huckster, 216 Division 
Conrad John, laborer, 150 West 
Conrad John F. confectioner, 253 Franklin 
Conrad Dr. J. S., Baltimore Infirmary, 3 w 

cor Lombard and Greene 
Conrad John, laborer, Second av nr Boston 
I Conrad Julius, inspector customs, 76 s High 
Conrad Lewis F. cooper, 10 Clement 

Coaches and Barouches for Shopping, Weddings, &c. 
CON 126 COO 

CONRAD L. LEWIS, attorney, 29 Lexington, 

dvv cor Eager and Charles 
Conrad Keilson, 124 w Fayette 
Conrad Mrs. Philip, 108 Hill 
Conrad Peter L. tailor, 223 u Bond 
Conrad -Mrs. ISarah, boarding, 09 George 
Conrad Susan M. teacher, 341 Mulberry 
Conrad T. N. bookkeeper, 127 w Fayette 
Conrad Wm. ice driver, 113 s Exeter 
Conrades August, shoeujaker, 422 Saratoga 
Conrades August, boxuiaker, 140 s Central av 
Conradt .S,- Cobb, (G. F. Conradt, G. F. Cobb) 
carpets and oil cloths, s e cor Howard and 
Conradt Geo. F. (C. & Cobb, ) York rd near 

Huntingdon av 
Conron Fenton, driver. Bank nr Central av 
Couroy Andrew, mariner, 124 s Chester 
Conroy i5eruard, police, 114 Preston 
Couroy Jas. baker, 108 Stirling 
Conroy John, laborer, 76 n Amity 
Conroy John, jr. ropeuiaker, 466 Harford av 
Conroy John, porter, 29 Cambridge 
Conroy John, carter, 466 Harford av 
Conroy Mrs. Mary, liquors, rear 186 Lexington 
Conroy Michael, manner 261 Bank 
Conroy Michael, moulder, Willinger ct 
Couroy Uvven, laborer, i90Lemmonal 
Couroy Patrick, laborer, 4 Arbel al 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, 95 Elliott 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, 130 s uhester 
Conroy Patrick, distiller, 105 Peach al 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, 168 Stirling 
Conroy Peier, laborer, 13 Pleasant al 
Couroy Thos. oysterman, 130 s Chester 
Couroy Thos. laborer, Walsh ur Cooke 
Couroy Thos. huckster, 9 Jasper 
Conroy Thos. huckster, rear 186 Lexington 
Conroy Thos. laborer, Willinger ct 
Conry Cornelius, laborer, 15 Goodman al 
Conry John, laborer, 356 s Charles 
Conry Mary, 14 George 
Conry Rebecca, 14 George 
Conser i'loreuz, cigarmaker 62 Albemarle 
Couser Rev. Solomon L. M. 190 u Oregon 
Considiue Patrick, huckster, 5 Smith ct 
Consolidated Building, s w cor German and 

South and German, Isaac Cox pres't 
Corsham Aaron, 4 s Bond 
Constance Geo. shoemaker, 255 n Caroline 
Constance Harman, tailor, 372 n Gay 
Coustautine Charles, carpenter, 371 Hamburg 
Constantino Dan'l shipcarp. 95 s Washington 
Constaiitiue Henry, shipcarp. 95 s Washington 
Constanliue John W. boiler maker. Falls rd 

nr gale 
Constantine Richard, laborer. Falls rd nr gate 
Constaiitiue Richard, miller, Calverton 
Coustautine V\ m. 11. quarrymau, Hampden 
Constauzer Joseph, clothculter, 1 Anthouy 
Coustino Elku, 1 uollingsworth 
Constine John, barkeeper, 1 Uollingsworth 

W. Langley, manager, 42 Posloffice av 
Continental Life Ins. Co of Hartford, Conn, 
office Chesapeake Bank, cor North k Fayette i 

Continental Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. 73 Second 
Convent of the Good S^iepherd, Sisters of the 

Good Shepherd, se cor Mount and Hollins 
Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Sisters 

of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 
Convent de Notre Dame, Aisquith nr Eager 
Convent of the Visitation, n w cor Park and 

Converse Mrs. Emily, 219 n Eutaw 
Converse Holmes, 219 n Eutaw 
Conway Alfred, pa|iercarrier, 221 Mulberry 
Conway Mrs. Ann, 25 Fawn 
Conway Anthony, shipcarp. 131 Battery av 
Conwaj & Bro. (J. H. and Patrick Conway) 

groceries, Ensor and Chesnut 
t^onway Charles, lab. 18 Durst al 
Conway Chas.H. carpenter, 172 Druid Hill av 
Conway Domiuic C. clerk, 195 Forrest 
Conway Dominic T. clerk, American hotel 
Conway Edward, lab. 133 s Exeter 
Conway Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 29 Buren 
Conway Mrs. Elizabeth V. proprietress Albion 

house, Cathedral and Richmond 
Conway Francis F. police, 30 Stockton al 
Convvaj Geo. W. shucker, 40 Thames 
CONWAY, HORTON & CO. (J. Conway, J. 
M. Horton, R.L.W4iiteford)linen and mourn- 
ing goods, 28 u Charles 
Conway James, shipcarp. 72 Johnson 
Conway James R. keeper Patterson Park 
Couway Jas.(C., Hortou & Co.) 18sBroadway 
Conway Mrs. Jane, 157 Hughes 
Couway Mrs. Jane R. 56 s Exeter 
Conway John, pipemaker, Plum al nr Howard 
Conway John, hshermau, 131 Battery av 
Conway John R. & Sou (Mrs. J. R. and R. H. 

Couway) wholes, liquors, 31 Cheapside 
Conway Mrs. John R. (J. R. C. & Sou) 154 St. 

Conway John F. blacksmith, 45 s Republican 
Conway John, sheelirou worker, 29 Buren 
Couway Johu II. (C. it Bro.) 107 e I'ayette 
Conwap John N. moulder, 56S w Lomljard 
Couway John, clerk, American hotel 
Couway Johu, laborer, 210 e Chase 
Couway Joseph B. engineer, 168 Hughes 
Couway Joseph, lab. 72 Johnson 
Conway Mary, 84 Ensor 
Conway Lawrence, lab. 132 s Eden 
Conway Michl. bartender, 270 Bond n of Gay 
Conway Michael, fireiuan, Ramsay ur Calhoun 
Conway Patrick, lab. 2LI2 Light 
Couway Patrick, (C. & Bro.) I07 e Fayette 
Conway Patrick M. grocery, 376 Osleud 
Conway P. D. V. clerk, 91 Saratoga 
Conway Patrick, laborer, 3o Addison 
Conway Patrick, stonemason, 322 w Lombard 
Conway Perry, shipcarp. 27 Burrough 
Conway Rich. ll. (J. R. C. & Souj 9J St. Paul 
Conway Robert T. J. carpenter, 84 Ensor 
Couway Samuel, hsherinan, 374 William 
Conway Wm. II. plumber, 22i -Mulberry 
Conway Wm. lishermau, 131 Battery av 
Couway Wm. M. clerk, 154 St. Paul 
Conway Wm. police, 214Holliiis 
Conyers Mrs. Henrietta, 44 Thames 
(Jouyers Walter \V. mariner, 44 Thames 
Convers Walter, books, 44 Thames 
Cooch Z. H. clerK, llo w Fayette 
Coogan James, laborer, 602 w Pratt 
Coogaii Patrick, laborer, 6(12 w Pratt 
Cook Aaron G. shipcarpenler, 27 L Church 

U Central Stables, 111 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer . 

ook Alex. G. A. shoerakr. 288 Bond n of Gay 
■ook Alfd, mail agt. W.M.R.R., 263 Franklin 
ook Mrs. Alice, dressmaker, 121 s Exeter 
ook Allen, roofer, Eliz;ibeth la nr Heath 
ook Anne R. servant. 33 Amity 
ook Anthony, florist. Mulberry opp. Oregon 
'ook Babb, mariner, 258 Light 
ook Babylon, mariner, 207 Hanover 
ook Benj. F. letter carrier, Waverley, York rd 
ook Benj.M. boots & shoes, Waverley, York rd 
ook Benkard, baker, 266 s Eutaw 
ook Catherine, 7 Webb 
'ook Catherine, tailoress, 15 s Durham 
'ook Catherine, grocery, Jefferson and Eden 
,'ook Charles R. clerk, "l6 HoUins 
'ook Charles, shucker, 18 Port 
ook Charles H. varnisher, 379 Hamburg 
ook Columbus E. real estate, 51 n Carey 
ook & Co. (Thos. R. Cook, Edward Randall, 
Edwd.W.Ruark, ) shipbuilders, foot of Henry 

3HEISTIAN COOK, 278 Light-st, 
cor. Henrietta, Manufacturer of 
and Dealer in Ladies, Gent's and 
Children's Fashionable Boots, 
Shoes and Gaiters, made of the 
best Material, in the best manner, 
and at the Lowest Prices. Par- 
ticular attention paid to Custom 
Work, and a good Fit guaranteed. 

ook Daniel, cedar cooper, 209 s Paca 
ook Deitrich, carpenter, 121 Vine 
ook David, shoemaker, 201 n Caroline 
ook E. R. C. teacher, 162 e Monument 
ook Edward, butcher, 24 Hill 
ook Edwd. B. confectr. Pratt and Choptank 
ook Edwd. B. carp. 209 Frederick av 
3ok -Mrs. Elizabeth, 53 Garden 
jokMrs. Elizabeth, 233 Aliceanna 
ook Mrs. Emily J. 162 e Monument 
jok Eugene, tol)acconist, 44 n Caroline 
aok Sf Farson, (J. K. Cook, J. S. Farson) 
block and pumpraakers, 17 Philpot 
!3ok F. F. (J.M.C & Co.) 16 Hollius 
ook Francis, lab. 18 Callendar al 
)ok Francis, nightman, 324 Mulberry 
Dok Francis, law student, 25 Lexington 
)ok Francis R. stevedore, 133 Thames 
jok Frank, shoemaker, 262 e Lombard 
)ok Fredk. butcher, 76 n Amity 
luk Fredk. jr. butcher, 45 Lexington market, 
dw 50 Hill 

:jok Fredk. sr. 620 w Lombard nr Carey 
Jok Fredk. sr. butcher, 45 Lexington and 26 
Hanover mkts. dw" 58 Hill 
uok Fredk. shoemaker, 378 Saratoga 
jok Fredk.C. law student, Waverley, York rd 
Jok Mrs. Flaruigo, 298 Johnson 
jaok Geo. shucker, 18 Port 
|Jok Geo. paperhanger, 21 May 
i)ok Geo. huckster, 233 Aliceanna 
Jok Geo. wheelwright and blacksmith, cor 
Scott and Columbia, dw 198 Scott 
)ok Geo. t;ab. maker, 75 e Monument 
ijok Geo. cigar packer. 21 May 
Jok Geo. B. Waverley, YorkVd 
pok Geo. L. sr. porter, 69 n Pine 
iJok Geo. 1j. carpenter, 65 n Fremont 
X bok Geo. W. engineer,- 61' Frederick av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Cook Geo. W. stonecutter, 69 n Pine 

Cook Geo. W. huckster, Waverley 

Cook Gilbert C. clerk, 128 n Exeter 

Cook Harry M. salesman, 47 n Exeter 

Cook Henry, butcher, Garrison la nr Baltimore 

Cook Henry A. painter, 195 Aliceanna 

Cook Henry, fisherman, 460 Light 

Cook Henry, huckster, 297 Canton av 

Cook Henrv A. painter, 163 Greenmount av 

COOK HENRY F. bookseller and stationer, 76 

w Baltimore, dw 622 Lexington 
Cook Henry W. 16 Hollins 
Cook Ira C. huckster, Waverley, York rd 
Cook Jacob F. clerk, Bayview Asylum 
Cook Jacob, laborer, 7 Webb 
Cook Jacob, laborer, 209 William 
Cook James A. clerk, 192 n Calvert 
Cook James A. fireman, 61 Frederick av 
Cook James E. conductor, 3 Stockholm 
Cook James H. (C. & Spedden) 42 Warren 
Cook John, laborer, 424 Canton av 
Cook John, paper han^r, 104 n Schroeder 
Cook John, 460 Light 
Cook John, painter, 84 Dolphin 
Cook John, shucker, 18 Port 
Cook John, laborer, 186 s Bethel 
Cook John A. tanner, 288 e Pratt 
Cook John T. carpenter. 61 Frederick av 
Cook John, shoefitter, 263^ Hanover 
Cook J. Glenn, bookkeeper, 611 w Fayette 
Cook John K. (C. ^' Farson) 27 Gough 
Cook John laborer, 284 Johnson 
Cook John, laborer, 248 Johnson 
Cook John F. machinist. 611 w Lombard 
Cook John F. detective, 352 n Broadway 
Cook Jno. D. dept. sheriff, 224 Hill 
Cook John H. cabinetmaker, Booth and Amity 
Cook John J. police, 66 n Schroeder 
Cook Jno. papercarrier, Harford rd opDarley prk 
Cook Jos. B. cabinetmaker, 707 w Baltimore 
Cook Joseph, brickmakcr, Washington av ext 
Cook Jos. L. clerk, 148 Mulberrv 
Cook Jos. M. (J. M. C. & Co.) 16 Hollins 
Cook J.M..&Co.(J. M., W. L. and T.F. Cook) 

wholes, grocers, 15 Commerce 
Cook Lewis, clerk, 242 Hollins 
Cook Lewis, porter, 69 n Pir.e 
Cook Lewis J. fan maker, 83 Hamburg 
Cook Lewis G. bookkeeper, 394 Mulberry 
Cook Mrs. .Margaretta, 66 n Front 
Cook Margaret, dressmaker, 53 Garden 
Cook .Martin, huckster, 32 n Schroeder 
Cook Mrs. Mary. 229 n Caroline 
Cook Mrs. M. E. 16 s Chester 
Cook Mrs. Mary, huckstress, 146 n Eden 
•Cook Mrs. -Mary, fancy articles, 44 n Caroline 
Cook Martha, grocery, 334 .Mulberry 
Cook Otto, clerk, 14 n Liberty 
Cook Porter, canmaker, 230 e Fayette 
Cook Porter, tincan factory. Bethel nr Bank, 
contractor Md. Penitentiary, dw 230 e Fay- 

Joslnia Horner, Jr. Mamifac'r and Com. Merchant, 




Cook & Randel, (T. R. Cook, E. Randel) ship- 
yard, fool of Henry 
Cook Robi. .McK. produce, 114 s Exeter 
Cook Robt. A.. clerk, 21 Graiiby 
Cook yaml. G. B. (Barry & C.) 181 Lanvale 
Cook Mrs. Sarah, 128 n Exeter 
Cook Savillou F. baker, 47 ii Exeter 
Cook Ste[>hen J. (Lee it C.) (Jilmor tir Mosher 
Cook Stephen I', oysterinan, 121 s Exeter 
Cook & Speddeii, (J. H. Cook, \V. H.Spedden) 

grocers and coin, mcrch'ts, 1G5 Light st whf 
Cook Sylvester, grocerv, 177 e Eager 
Cook Theodore F. (J. M. C. k Co.) 16 HoUins 
Cook Thos. carpenter, Bi,ddle e of Ann 
Cook Thos. H. clerk, 128 n Exeter 
Cook Tlios. B. carpenter, 17 s Choptank 
Cook Thos. shoemaker, 94 Richmond 
Cook Thos. laborer, North nr the bridge 
Cook Thos. J. clerk, 146 n Eden 
Cook Thos. J. faninaker, 83 Hamburg 
Cook Thos. R. (Cook &Co. and C. & Randel) 

323 Light 
Cook Valentine, printer, 2 1 May 
Cook Wesley, carpenter, 17 s Choptank 
Cook Wm. police, 61 Bank 
Cook Wni. F. confectionery, 231 s Dallas 
Cook Wni. grocery, s e cor Pratt and Caroline 
Cook Wm. potter, 410 Mulberry 
Cook Wm. shucker, 18 Port 
Cook Win. jr. laborer, 18 Port 
Cook Wm. hostler, 250 Franklin 
Cook Wm. editor, 275 Mulberry 
Cook Wm. H. machinist, 611 w Lombard 
Cook Wm. police, 61 Bank 
Cook William, 20 Mulberry 
Cook Win. H. H. carpenter, Hope nr Point la 
CooR Wm. H. brakeinan, 69 Frederick av 
Cook Wm. H. linner, 59 n Strieker 
Cook Wm. I. saloon, Saratoga and Liberty, d\v 

275 Mulberry 
Cook Wm. L. (J. M. C. & Co.) 16 Hollins 
Cook Winifred, paper hanger, 17 Ettiiig 
Cook Zachary, bill poster, 27 n Central av 
Cooke .^dolphus A. (J. Cooke & Sons) 146 

Cooke Euphrasia F. 176 n Calvert 
Cooke Geo. W. cotton bats and wadding, 151 

Linden av 
Cooke Mrs. Helen, 52 Franklin 
Cooke Henry W. real estate broker, 9 Law 

Building, dw 238 n Eutaw 
Cooke J. & Sons, (A. A. Cooke, 0. W. Cooke) 

com. merchts. 223 w Pratt 
Cooke James Addison, clerk, 192 n Calvert 
Cooke John, cotton wadding, 148 Linden av, 

dw 151 oijposite 
Cooke John T. coach painter, 151 Linden av 
Cooke Joseph A. tinner, 49 Hanover 
Cooke Jos. L. clerk, Fountain hotel 
Cooke Dr. 0. A. n w cor Hanover and Lee, dw 

146 Hanover 
Cooke 0. W. (J. Cooke & Sons) 146 Hanover 
Cooke Ur. Theodore, 146 Hanover 
Cooke Warren E.(W.E.C. & Co.)305Linden av 
Cooke Warren E. ij- Co. (W. E. Cooke, J. H. 

Ham) wholes, boots and shoes, 233 w Balti- 
Cooke Wm. H. stonecutter, 153 Aisquith 
Cookes Daniel, Three Tuns livery and sales 

stable, cor Pratt and Paca, dw 28 s Paca 
Cooksey Mrs. Mary G. 284 e Baltimore 
Cooksey Tiios. H. machinist, 71 n Spring 

Cooksey Wm. brakeman, 404 w Lombard 
Cookus .Mrs. Sophia W. 159 Park 
(Joolahan Edward, hacks, 313 n Eutaw 
(Joolahan .Malachi, shoemaker, 609 w Pratt 
(Joolah.'in John T. shoemaker, 609 w Pratt 
Cooley J. R. C. clerk, 256 Penna av 
Cooley Wm. laborer, cor Walsh and Cooke 
Coomes Geo. E. fireman, 453 n Gay 
Coon Gustavus W. clerk, 233 Hanover 
Coon Louis ('. 233 Hanover 
Coonau Mrs. Ann, 445 e Lombard 
Coonan Elizabeth, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan Dr. John, 358 e Madison 
Coonan Daniel, 70 Centre Market sp 
(Joonan John H. blacksmith, 6S Lancaster 
Coonau Joseph V. clerk, 70 Centre Market sp 
Coonan Martin, hiborer, 235 Gough 
Coonan ilichael I. salesman, 35 n Gay 
Cooney Christopher, shoemaker, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Coleman, laborer, 8 Pleasant al 
Cooney Dennis, laborer, 347 s Charles 
Cooney Ellen, grocery, 91 s Spring 
Cooney Geo. carpenter, 337 e Lombard 
Coone^' James, huckster, Aisquith nr Point la 
Cooney John, laborer, 178 s Howard 
Cooney Lawrence, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Mrs. Ellen, 122 Duncan al 
Cooney Michael, tailor, 104 Boyd 
Coonej' Jlichael, laborer, 164 s Central av 
Cooney Thomas J. printer, 174 Columbia 
Cooney Wm. J. T. printer, 339 Mulberry 
Cooper Adderly, stevedore, 35 e Lombard 
Cooper Albert, farmer, 275 Madison av 
Cooper Albert, gold pen maker, 127 w Balti- 
more, dw 63 s High 
Cooper Albert S., of C. H., Franklin hotel 
Cooper Capt. A. G. S. clerk. Record office 
Cooper Beuj. C. (C. & Seltzer) 1 n Castle 
Cooper Catherine, cook, 113 a Gay 
Cooper Chas. lumber. Beech hill, Saratoga ext 
(y'ooper E. C. agent, 191 w Fayette 
Coojier Edward C. agent, (R.D.Wood & Sons) 

5 German, dw cor Fayette and Paca 
Cooper Mrs. Electa, 8 n Bond 
Cooper Capt. Edward K. 73 Cathedral 
Cooper Mrs. Eliza, mantuainaker, 4 s Chester 
Cooper .Mrs. Eliza, 84 e Fayette 
Cooper llev. Geo. W. 92 Columbia 
Cooper Geo. W. shipjoiner, 4 s Chester 
Cooper Geo. W. engineer, 331 Saratoga 
Cooper Geo. laborer, 48 Lancaster 
Cooper Geo. R. 123 Gough 
<"ooper Geo. saloon, 105 e Pratt 
(Jooper Geo. W. salesman, Maltby house 
Cooper Harriet T. 275 Madison av 
(Jooper Harry A. clerk, 275 Madison av 
('ooper Henry J. shipcarpenter, 335 Light 
Cooper Horatio, machinist. Beech hill, Sar- 
atoga ext 
Cooper Hugh W. (Blake,Cooper ^ Co.) Penna 

av nr Dolphin 
Cooper James, bootmaker, 26 n Fremont 
Cooper James, telegraphist, 274 n Eutaw 
COUPEli JA,\!ES,real estate and money broker, 

,29 St. Paul, dw Beech hill, Saratoga ext 
Cooper James J. F. genl. ag't Merchanfs' Life 
Ins. Co. of N. Y. oflice 40 Postoffice av, dw 
Lombard nr Mount 
Cooper Jas. H. huckster, 6 Russell 
Cooper Jas. B. shipcarpenter, 123 Gough 
Cooper John, driver, 275 n Front 
Cooper John, cooper, 35 Brown 

Offices, 54 S. G-a y, and Cor. C hew and Stirling. 
COO 129 ^COeT 

Cooper John Hawker, drayman, 126 s Chapel 
(/Ooper John, tavern, n w cor Lombard and 

Concord, dw 8 w Lombard 
Cooper John \l. laborer, 117 n High 
Cooper John A. huckster, 271 I'^MStern av 
Cooper John H. pilot, and prcs't Pilots' Asso- 
ciation, and Port \Yarden, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper John W. shipjuiner, 33 s Chester 
Cooper Mrs. Julia, tailores.s, 275 n Front 
Cooper Laura G. 275 Madison av 
Cooper Louisa. 18 s Broadway 
(hooper Mary, seamstress, 112 s Exeter 
('ooper Mary, Hiinipden 
('ooper Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 56 Jefferson 
Cooper Philip G. huckster, 6 Russell 
Cooper Robt. E. laborer, 52 Ridgely 
Cooper .Mis. Ruth, 123 Gough 
Cooper Sauil. bookkp'r,Fieech Hill, Saratoga ext 
Cooper Haml. letter carrier, 327 Light 
Cooper Sarah E. 185 Ensor 
Cooper k Seltzer, (B. C. Cooper, A. H. Selt- 
zer) butchers, 20 Fell's Point market 
Cooper Stephen, canmaker, 250 Light 
Cooper Thos. N. (Wright & C.) 277 Druid 

Hill av 
Cooper Thos. carpenter, 151 Preston 
Cooper Wm. 9 Cuba 
Cooper Wm. clerk, 56 Jefferson 
Cooper Wm. laborer, Hampden 
Cooi)er Wra. Geo. driver, 6 s Chapel 
Coopperd (ieo. turn, wagon, 4ti8 Penna av 
Cooves Saml. \V. salesman, 275 Mulberry 
Copeland Philip D. carpenter, .Milton av rear 

^""rederick av 
Copenhaver Augustus, paperhangings, 150 s 

Copenhaver John H. paperh'r, 150 s Broadway 
Copenhaver Saml. clerk, 319 w Fayette 
Copenhaver Susie, teacher, 15u s Broadway 
Cope Chas. harnessmaker. Falls rd nr toll gate 
Copes Benj. F. dentist, 27 n Poppleton 
Copes Geo. lumber, 165 e Pratt 
Copes Miles, shoemaker. 87 Warner 
Copp Freilerick, tuilor, 289 Canton av 
Coppage Mis. Josephine, boarding, 134 n High 
Coi)i)en S. N. shoemaker, 32 Aisquitli 
Coppenhoefer John, cooper, 89 Eastern av 
Copper Jas. H. Ladies' shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Coppinger John D. clerk, Calvert station, dw 

Baku. Co 
Coram Edgar, shoemaker, 453 w Lombard 
Coram Joseph V. moulder, 453 w Lombard 
Coram Wm. butcher, 45 Holland 
Coram Wm.-H. shoemaker, 453 w Lombard 
Corbell Peter, shoemaker, 41 s High 
Corbett Emanuel, umbrellas and india rubber, 

93 w Baltimore, dw 180 Aisquith 
Corbett Isaac, umbrellas and iudia rubber, s e 
cor liolliday and Baltimore and 1 sHoUiday, 
dw Carey nr Patterson av 
Corbett John, blacksmith, 107 York 
Corbett John W. clerk, 180 Aisquith 
Corbett Patrick, porter, Calverton hotel 
Corbin John W. (Brown, Boggs & Co.) 40 Lex- 
Corbitt Edward, carter, 59 York 
('orbitl Jacob L.drug clerk, Hollins and Oregon 
(3orbilt Pdtr'k, grocery, Hughes and William 
('orbitt Rev. Wm. P. 296 w Fayette 
(!orbu3 J. M. civil engineer, 70 n Calvert 
('orcoran John, laborer, 5."> e Monument 
Corcoran Martin, laborer, 1 Griffiss ct 



Flour, Grain iSeeds, &c. 


C().V.-^T.\NTi.Y KOK S.AI.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, <Sz;c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Corcoran Michael, hostler, 9 w Biddle 
Corcoran Michael, drayman, 167 e Eager 
Corcoran Michael J. clerk, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Patrick, shoemaker, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Thomns, blacksmith, 8 Clinton 
Corcoran Thos. foreman at tunnel, 284 Walsh 
Cord Franklin P. brakeman, 330 Orleans 
Cord Henry, tailor, 198 e Eager 
Cord Henry, lab. 181 Lee 
Cord John T. die and model maker, Uhler's al, 

dw 308 s Sharp 
Cord Mrs. Rosetta, 181 Lee 
Cordell Dr. E. F. 26 n Calvert 
Cordes Edward, shoemaker, 4 Second 
Cordery Mrs. Sarah R. boarding, 109 Bank 
Cordery Wm. H. 64 w Fayette, dw 318 n Eden 
Cording Herman, carpenter, 186 Preston 
Cord ray Adolphus M. clerk, 542 w Fayette 
Cordray Henry, scroll sawyer, 542 w Fayette 
Cordray Philip, lab. 22 Ryan 
Cordray Wm. (Ridgaway & Co.) 288 Mulberry 
Cordray Wm. H. clerk, 542 w Fayette 
Core John, clerk, 213 Lanvale 
Core Moses, lab. 6 Rose 
Corey Benj. J. saddler, 176 Pearl 
Coriell Alvin, clerk, Fulton nr Lombard 
Coriell Isaac, contractor, Fulton nr Lombard 
Corigan Daniel, shoemaker, 107 Harford av 
Corigau Michael, huckster, 112 n Bond 
Corkran Benj. W. paj'ing teller, 165 n Oregon 
Corkran Wm. dep'ty naval officer, cor Park av 

and Townsend 
Corkrin John A. lab. 9 n Durham 
Corman Stephen A. shoemkr, 49 n Poppleton 
Corn and Flour Exchange, cor South and 

Wood, Wm. F. Wheatley, sect'y 
Cornelius C. officer at Penitentiary, 164 Har- 
ford av 
Cornelius & Co. (N. A. and Geo. Cornelius) 

provisions, 147 e Monument 
Cornelius Mrs. Charlotte,dressmkr, 95 n Charles 
Cornelius Eleanor, tailoress, 152 Ensor 
Cornelius Geo. (Cornelius & Co.) 147 e Mon- 
Cornelius Geo. G. engineer, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Cornelius Geo. W. lab. Mt. Vernon Mills 
Cornelius Horace, printer, 44 Saratoga 
Cornelius John, 152 Ensor 
Cornelius John, lab. Mt. Vernon Mills 
Cornelius John E. machinist, .Mt. Vernon Mills 
Cornelius John W. carpenter, 95 n Charles 
Cornelius Nicholas, grocery, 165 Forrest.dw 163 
Cornelius Nicholas A. (Cornelius & Co.) 147- e 

Cornelius Nicholas A. peddler, 164 Harford av 
Cornelius Priscilla, 152 Ensor 
Corneljus Mrs. Rebecca, 143 Cross 
(Jornelius Richard, cashier Nat. Farmers and 

Planters' Bank, dw 448 Madison av 
Cornelius Thomas, clerk, 143 Cross 
Cornelius Winfield, stonecutter, 164 Harford av 

Carriages of all descriptions, S leighs, Saddle Horses. & c 

Cornell Clias. R. carp. 242 Madison av 
Cornell John H. carp. 242 Madisou av 
(.'ornell Mark J. bookkeeper, 688 w Lombard 
Cornell .Michael, carjieuier and builder, 13 Mor- 
ris al, d\v 242 Madisun av 
Corner B. Mezick, (Jus. C. & Sons) New York 
Corner Geo.W.{Jas. C. & Sons) 20 n Broadway 
Corner Henry C. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
CURNHU 11. W. agent Baltimore and Freder- 
icksburg steamers, 34 w Pratt 
Corner James J. bookkeei)er, 122 St. Paul 
CORNER JAMES & SONS, (Thomas, G. W., 
B. M., and Thomas Corner, jr. )«hippingand 
com. merchts, foot Frederick-st. dock, office 
18 Second 
Corner Solomon F. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
Corner Sol. 122 St. Paul 

Corner Thos. jr. (Jas. 0. & Sons) 90 Saratoga 
Corner Thomas, cleik, 90 Saratoga 
Corner Thomas, (James C. & Sons) s e cor 

Monument and Park 
Corner Wm. E. (Jas. J. Lacy & Co.) 90 s Ann 
Corner Wra. H. flour and com. merchant, 54 

South, dw 89 n Paca 
Corner Wm. W. carp. .'i.'iS Lexington 
Corning Albion, chemist, 41 Mulberry 
Cornick Richard D. bricklayer, 291 Orleans 
Corns Aiinanias, foundryman, 59 Luzerae 
Corns Jacob F. messenger, 947 w Baltimore 
Corns Jacob S. machinist, 947 w Baltimore 
Corns Job, timekeeper, 9'47 w Baltimore 
Corns John, quarryman, Falls rd 
Corns John,, ironworker, 57 Luzerne 
Corns Ruth A. 59 Luzerne 
Corns Mrs. Sephronia, 43 s Burke 
Corns /^echariah, lab. 87 Cambridge 
Cornthwait John, carpenter, 152 Scott 
"Cornthwait John M. machinist, 24 St. Peter 
Cornthwait John Oliver, watchman C. H. 170 

e Lombard 
Cornthwait Otho W. carp. 152 Scott 
Cornthwait Robt. H. carpenter, 24 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Robert, wood and coal, 249 L. 

Hughes, dw 24 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Wm. P. clerk, 25 n Gilmor 
Cornwall John, teas, 186 Lexington, dw 90 Pearl 
Cornwall John S. clerk, 90 Pearl 
Corprew Thos. boilerinkr, 2ii0 Bank 
Correa Wm. J. plasterer, ?;{i8 Orleans 
Correck Geo. maci^inist, 113 Lexington 
Correll James M. clerk, 245 George 
Correll John, grocery, Calverton 
Correll Stewart D. clerk, 127 w Townsend 
Corrie Dr. James, (Gill & C.) 237 Saratoga 
Corrigan Edward, grocery, 138 Mullikin 
Corrigan Francis, engineer, 147 s Washington 
Corrigan John, lab. 2 Fort av 
Corrigan Patrick, porter, 31 O.xford 
Corrij^an Philip, hackman, 158i u Calvert 
•Corse Henry, boxmaker, 86 s Central av 
■Corse John, shoemaker, lOS.J e Lombard 
Corsey Frederick, lab. 186 s Spring 
Corsey John, mariner, 184 William 
Corson Henry, rigger, Is Fell 
(Jortlan James, sr. (J5 St. Paul 
Corwine Elizalieth, upholstress, 19 Greenm't av 
Cory James O. mariner, 218 Gough 
• (."oryell E. E. civil engineer, 86 n Calvert 
Coryell George, civil engineer, 86 n Calvert 
Coryell Robert S. civil engineer, 86 n Calvert 
1 Cosby Wm. H. salesman, 332 w Baltimore 
iOosgrove Edward, laborer, 22 Hudson al 

Cosgrove H. G. & Co. (H. G. Cosgrove) 54 i 

Centre .Market sp 
Cosgrove Horatio G.(H.G.C.^ Co)8eBaltimore 
Cosgrove James, drayman, 15 Ringgold al 
Cosgrove James H. bailiff, 69 n Pine 
Cosgrove John, dredger, 7 3 Front 
Cosgrove John, canmkr. 291 Aliceamia, Canton 
Cosgrove John, shipjoiner, 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove John, machinist. 77 Mount 
Cosgrove John P. lire dep't, 307 s Charles 
Cosgrove J. Henry, grocer, 82 Richmond and 

218 n Howard, dw 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove Joseph, laborer, 222 Mulberry 
Cosgrove Mary A. seamstress, 1 1 -Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Michael, laborer, 291 Aliceanna 
Cosgrove Patrick, laborer, 1 1 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Patrick jr. laborer, 11 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Patrick, grocery, 397 Lexington 
Cosgrove Thomas, laborer, 11 Pleasant al 
Coskery Felix F. 188 n Calvert 
Coskery Rev. Henry B. 106 n Charles 
Coskery Dr. Oscar J. 188 n Calvert 
Coskery Mrs. R. D. 161 n Calvert 
Cosmopolitan Publishing Co. 166 w Baltiiliore 
Coss George, 237 w Pratt 
Cost George, clerk, 138 Gough 
Cost John L. mail agent, Howard house 
('ost Rebecca, 138 Gough 
Costageen A. artist, 88 n Charles 
Costello Andrew, laborer, 9 .Mcllenry al 
Costello Mrs. Ann, 90 \t Centre 
Costello Dennis, .moulder, 179 Stirling 
Costello Edward, laborer, 49 s Republican 
("ostello Henry, limeburner, 362 e Fayette 
Costello James, coachman, 45 Uureo 
Costello John, laborer, 14 n Amity 
Costello John, lime kilns, Fayette e of Burke, 

dw 181 Orleans 
Costello John jr carpenter, 181 Orleans 
Costello Maurice, laborer, 46 s Dewberry al 
Costello Patrick, police, 83 Garden 
Costello Patrick, laborer, Scott nr Columbia 
Costello Patrick H. laborer, 90 Ramsay 
Costello Patrick H. foundryman, 179 Stirling 

Coster Mrs. , dressmkr. I'Jagcr and Forrest 

Coster Mrs. Elizabeth, 330 e Madison 

Cosier James H. stairbuilder, 1 s Calhoun, dw 

21 s Calhoun 
Coster James Z. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Coster Joseph, laborer, 46 Guilford al 
Coster Joseph, bookkeeper, 400 Hanover 
Coster Capt. Somerville, mariner, 310 William 
Coster Wm. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Costes Augustus, cook, 131 Leadenhall 
Costigan Wm. jr. laborer, 297 e Pratt 
Costigaii Wm. 297 e Pratt 
Costigan Wm. laborer, 105 s Spring 
Costin .Mrs. Harriet C. 177 William 
Costin James, moulder, 177 William 
Costin Lemuel C. conductor, 364 William 
Costolay Pat'k J. cedarwareand broom manuf. , 

118, 120 Franklin, dw 189 Druid Hill av 
Cott Mrs. Ellen, 44 Boyd 
Cott James, trunkmaker, 44 Boyd 
Gotten George A. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Gotten Levi, huckster, 140 s Broadway 
Colter J. & Co. (John Cotter, J. Nunan, J. 
Wall)wholesale li(iuors,40 and 42 s Frederick 
Cotter James, bodymaker, Gij Decker 
Cotter Mrs. Jane, 182 n Exeter 
Cotter John, marble polisher, 75 East 
Cotter John, (J. C. & Co.) 53 s Exeter 

At Central Stables. Ill Lexington. C. H. Eredemeye r. 
COT 131 COU 

Cotter Mary, grocery, 75 East 
Cotter Nicholas, carpenter. 66 Decker 
Cotter Xicholas jr. cigarraaker, 66 Decker 
Cotter Richard, fireman, 66 Decker 
Cotterill Edvvd. H. stencil en<;raver,488Siiratoga 
Cottiaghaui Henry, clerk, 58 8t. Paul 
Cottingham James T. clerk, 98 Barre 
Cottiugham Samuel sr. blacksmith, 38 Grant, 

dw Anne Arundel co 
Cottingham Samuel jr. oyster-dredgemaker, 38 

Grant, dw 58 St. Paul 
Cottingham Samuel st. farmer, 58 St. Paul 
Cottingham Thos. blacksmith 222 Montgomery 
Cottman J. Hough, com.mercht. over 59 s Gay, 

dw 203 n Howard 
Cotton Adolplius, salesman, 296 "Walsh 
Cotton Augustus, salesman, 296 Walsh 
Cotton L. clothing, 169 Franklin 

J. A. Busk, anient, 5 Postoffice av 
Colirell Daniel G. engineer, 46 Hamburg 
Cottreli Mrs. Margaret, ladies' nurse, 89 Garden 
Cottringer Ann, school, 168 n Howard 
Cottringer Cornelia, 168 n Howard 
Couch John, carpenter, 197 Ramsay 
Coucheurider John, carpenter, 15 s Wolfe 
Couchman George, caipenier, 561 e Fayette 
Couchaian Jost-ph, paper, 32 n Gist 
Couchman Wm. H. carp. 561 e Fayette 
Couchran Savilla, 87 s Fremont 
Coues Elliott, ass'isurgeon U.S.A.. Ft.McHenry 
Coughlan David, stonecutter, 189 Chesnut 
Coughlan Mrs. Johanna, 189 Chesnut 
Coughlan Patrick, grocery, 322 Eastern av 
Coughlan Thomas F. clerk, 64 s Exeter 
Coughlan Wm. bottler, 69 and 71 s Central av, 

dw 34 s Exeter 
Cougblin Cornelius, laborer. 60 Cooksie 
Cougblin James, laborer, 62 Cooksie 
Coughlin John T. painter, 2 Rock 
Coughlin John T. clerk, 45 n Gay 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, tavern, 62 Cooksie 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, 2 Ruck 
Couglar John, butcher, 52 Belair market, dw 

Cougle Thos. W. dispatcher, 34 Fawn 
' iilbourn Robert M. clerk, 80 n Carey 

I i bourn Stephen D. com. mercht. over 79 
-juth, dw 8o n Carey 
Coulson Mrs. Amelia, grocery, 359 Columbia 
Coulson Andrew J. painter, 115 s Regester 
'' ;j!50n Chas. E. mariner, 115 s Regester 
.!son E. k Bro. (E. and G. Coulson) manufs. 
jiiue, bone dust and phosphates, Patterson la, 
office 9 s Liberty 
Coulson Edward, (E. C. & Bro.) Patterson la, 

betw York rd and Harford av 
'oulson Eliza, 115 s Regester 
Coulson Geo. (E.C. & Bro.) Patterson la, betw 
^ York rd and Harford av 
' Coulson Henry B. clerk, 292 Hollins 
ulson Mis. .Mary H. 292 Hollins 
-ilson Robert, clerk, 29 n Calvert 
Coulson Thos. F. carpenter, 359 Columbia 
Coulter Alex, teller Mercb. Nat. Bank, 64wBiddle 
1 Coulter Alex, tinner, 8 e Baltimore 
I Coulter Andrew J. laborer, 82 Mound 
Coulter Archibald B. clerk, 226 w Hoffman 
liter Benj. farmer. Mulberry nr Schroeder 
'CLTER & CO. (H. Coulter) provisions, 53 
''uulter Henry, (C. & Co.) 570 w Fayette 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


CO.N>TA.\ ri.V F.iR .SALE 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Coulter Geo. T. broker, 2 Exchange Ouildings, 

dw 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Henry C. clerk, 570 w Fayette 
Coulter James M. 16 Water 
Coulter James J. pilot, 171 Bank 
Coulter John, shoemaker, 33 s Bond 
Coulter John C. 570 w Fayette 
Coulter John H. co[)persmi[h, 139 William 
Coulter John H. street supt. 67 McElderry 
Coulter John P. collector, 87 Preston 
Coulter MiSiin, disc't clerk Nat. Bank of Balti- 
more, 9 Cathedral 
Coulter Noah B. laborer, 144 Johnson 
Coulter Robt. A. carpenter, 277 s Charles 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113 n Eutaw 
Coulter Samuel, metre inspector. 113 n Eutaw 
Coulter Wm. laborer, rear 9 Low 
Councell Ruth T. tailort-ss, 48 n Front 
Councilman Chas. A. (Maynard, C. & Co.) Eu- 
taw house 
Councilman Wm. J. clerk, 285 Saratoga 
Counselman Geo. L.canmaker,. 152 Jefferson 
Counselmau Geo. laborer, 105 s Strieker 
Counselman Geo. H. machinist, 105 s Strieker 
Counselman Jacob, Hollins betw Mount and 

Counielman John J. barber, 19 n Washington, 

dw 5 
Counselman Lawrence W.{H. S.Lanfair & Co.) 

152 Jefferson 
Counselman Wm. H. painter, 348 Hollins 
Countess James C. conductor, 837 w Pratt 
Countess Joseph, brickinaker, 837 w Pratt 
Countess Joseph VV. firemiin, 837 w Pratt 
Countess San Francisco, brickmkr. 837 w Pratt 
Coupland Richard, hatter, 60 s Charles, dw 242 

n Bond 
County Wharf, foot of Broadway 
Courcelle Augusiin V. S. prof. French, 276 Di- 
Courcelle Augusta, prof. French, 276 Division 
Courleander Bernald, music teacher Peabody 

Institute, dw 238 n Calvert 
Coursey Benj. F. shoemaker, 390 West 
Coursey Chas. fireman, 81 s Strieker 
Coursey Jas. E. machinist, 24 St. Peter 
COURT HOUSE, Baltimore city, cor Calvert 

and Lexington 
2d floor, Henry F. Carey, judge, I. Freeman 
Rasin, chief clerk, office basement Court House 
Conrienay A. D. R. clerk, 203 Franklin 
Courtenay David S. 2o3 Franklin 
Courtenay David S. jr. clerk, 203 Franklin 
Courtenay Emily, cor Caroline and .Milliman 
Courtenay Henry, clerk, 203 Franklin 
(,'ouitenay Wm. .shipping and commission, over 

25 s Gay, dw New York 
Courtnay Claypool, tinner, 466 n Gay 
Courtnay Henry, carpenter, 466 n Gay 
Courtnay Winfield, clerk, 466 n Gay 
Courtney Mrs. Catherine, 67 e Monument 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco Sustain, 




Courtney Geo. W. bookkeeper, 231 Walsh 
Courtney Geo. (Gilmore&O.) i) liank 
(Jourtney James, laborer, 63 n Schroeder 
Courtney Jas. A. painter, 327 Saratof^a 
Courtney James T. (R. C. & Bro. )lii7\v Fayette 
(Jourtney John, fireman, 101 Jolmson 
Courtney John, Ijlaclismith, 9 Bank 
(loiiriney .Mary L. (MtNally & C.) 101 e Eager 
Courtney Patrick, driver, 513 n Gay 
Courtney Mrs Rachel, 9 Bank 
Courtney Richard, (R.C. & Bro.) 64 Courtland 
Courtney R. <te Bro. ^R. and J. T. Courtney) 

wine dealers and grocers, 14 n Charles 
Courtney Theresa, dressmaker, 101 e P^ager 
Cuurlney \Vm. laborer, 2 Thomsen 
(Courtney \Vm. T. plasterer, 175 Vine 
Courtney Wm. T. butcher, 38 Centre and 44 

Belair markets, dvv York rd nr city limits 
Courtney Wm. P. clerk, 64 (^Jourtland 
Courts Geo. VV. butcher, 57 Lafayette market, 

dw Penna av nr the Park 
Courts J. Kdvvard, butcher. 53 Le.xington mar- 
ket, dw Penna av nr the Park 
Courts Mary, tailoress, 86 Richmond 
Courts James, machinist, 118 n Poppleton 
Cousins Edward, moulder, 129 e Kagei- 
Cousins George W. cooper, cor Baltimore and 

Cousins Jas. cooper, Baltimore and Washington 
Cousins Jaiues M. cooper, Baltimore and Wash- 
Cousins John, cor Baltimore and Washington 
Cousins John K. cooper, 293 e Fayette 
Cousins Tlios. C. boilermaker, 53 Lee 
Cuusins Wm.J. (Huntemuller <^ C.)55 sEdeii 
(.ousmell John A. produce, 263 n Eden 
Covell JohnC.(r'eshield & Covell) Govanstown 
Covell J. Edward, enjiineer, .t84 w Lombard 
Covell Wm. engineer, 588 w Lombard 
Covenant Hall, Lexingtt)n and Howard 
C!i)ver Francis, laborer, 54 ii Bond 
t/\)ver Wm. L. photographer, 56(J w Baltimore, 

dw 252 w Fayette 
Covington Henry. c:irpenter, 169 .•Visquith 
Clovington Jas. H. clerk, Cho[itank ur Pratt 
Covington John E. clerk, 9 Hill 
Covington Philip, mariner, 56 s Castle 
Covington Thos. R. carbuilder, 5S6 w Jyombard 
Cowan Uavid, bookkt;eper, 284 n Howard 
Cowan J. helper, 32 New Church 
Cowan Wm. stonemason, 190 L Hughes 
Cowan Wm. 11. attorney', 5 Courtland, dw 9 n 

Coward Mrs. Margaret, 239 St. Paul 
Coward Thos. U. com. merchant, 2 Camden, 

dw 1(j5 n Charles 
Coward Wra. carpenter, 220 Aliceanna 
Cowen Abraham, scourer, 54^ w Fayette 
C/uwen Edward, hacks, 819 w Baltimore 
Cowen Wm. mariner, 157 William 
Cowen Wm. A. glassblower, 321 Light 
Cowick Mary, nurse, 30 St. Mary 
CCWLES HENRY M. secretary board pub. 

school comm'rs, 67 n Bond 
('owley James, laborer, 134 s Chester 
Cowman AHicrt. clerk, 61 w Riddle 
Cowman Albert, plasieier, 336 e Chase 
Cowman Chas. clerk, 14 s Greene 
Cowman Chas. H. (Snowden & C.) 120 Bolton 
Cowman Edward, clerk, 61 w Biddle 
Cowman Emily, (M. C. k Co.) 200 w Biddle 
Cowman Jas. clerk, 61 w Biddle 

Cowman James, boilermaker, 32 New Church 
Cowman John G. clerk, 91 Mulberry 
Cowman J. Henrv, (Russells & C.) 197 Druid 

Hill av 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 14 s Greene 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 318 w Fayette 
Cowman Joseph jr. clerk. 91 Mullierrv 
COWMAN M. &C0. (M., Wm T. and E. Cow- 
man,) hosiery nnd trimmings, 71 Le.xingtoa 
Cowman Martha, (M. C. & Co.) 200 w Biddle 
Cowman Nicholas, boilermaker, 34 Barre 
Cowman Philips. clectrotyper,214 w Baltimore, 

dw 292 e .Madison 
Cowman Samuel S. jr. clerk, 287 w Hoffman 
COWMAN" WM. T. (M. C. & Co.) grocery, 208 

iMadison av, dw 200 w Biddle 
Cowpland Capt. Wm. S. (Edward J. Codd ,5,- 

Co.) 92 s Bond 
Coi Amos A. surveyor, 132 Dolphin 
Cox Arthur, carpenter. 320 Aisquiih 
(^ox Benjamin W. speculator, Hampden 
Cox Carrie, 104 Barre 
Cox Chas. upholsterer, 195 Mulberry 
Cox Chas. 0. clerk, 58 n Greene 
Cox Collin, cabinetmaker, 9 Lemmon 
Cox Dr. E.Grover-, n w cor Baltimore and Pine 
Cox Elisha, coach atid livery stables, n e cor 

Bank and Bethel, dw 88 Bank 
Cox Esau L. police, .336 e Pratt 
Cox Esau jr. police, 336 e Pratt 
Cox Eugene, clerk, 606 w Baltimore 
Cox Geo. A. prop'r Miller's hotel, dw 196 w 

Cox Geo. W. clerk, 375 w Baltimore 
Cox Harry, carpenter, 30 Patterson av 
Cox Harry C. clerk, 606 w Baltimore 
Cox Henry, bookkeeper, 70 Bolton 
Cox Henry N. clerk, 70 Bolton 
(^ox Isaac, hats, 208 w Baltimore, and prest. 

Consolidated Estate and Fire his. Co. 

dw Mulberry nr Snicker 
Cox Isaac, bricklayer, 18 9 Carey 
Cox James, laborer, 12 Clinton 
Cox James, laborer, 77 s Carey 
Cox James E. painter, 229 e Monument 
Cox Jas. H. sr. bookkeeper, 58 n Greene 
Cox James H. jr. sec'y Mutual Life lus. Co. 1". 

South, dw llnmcstead 
Cox Jas. machinist, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Cox J.uncs L. cigarmaker. Homestead 
Cox John, carj)enter, 336 e Pratt 
Cox John, printer and stationer, n e cor Gay 

and liomliard, dw 2'^4 n Eden 
Cox John F. bricklayer, 37 Etting 
Cox John T. police, 226 n Bond 

COX JOHN R. & POPE, (J. E. Cox, 
D. F. Pope,) Produce and Commis- 
sion Merchants, s w cor Fayette' 
and Howard. j 

COX JOHN R.(J.R. C. <5- Pope )31 6 w Lombard 

Cox Joseph, clerk, 257 Harford av I 

Cox Joseph, (Freeland, Hall & Co.) 45 So:;*'- 
Cox Lawrence N. bookkeeficr, 70 Bolton 
Cox Luther J. jr. (Cox, Warden & Mcrrit 

Baltimore co 
Cox Jlrs. Louis R. boarding, 196 w Lomhar' 
Cox Mrs. .Margaret, Indian vegetable medi< i' 

158 e Baltimore 

Offices. 54 S. G- ay, and 

Cor. Chew and Stirling. 
133 ('I:a 

; Cox Mary, 104 Barre 

;' Gox Mrs". Mary,, 91 JeO'crson 

* Cox Mclchoir, stonemason. 2 .s (jilinor 

; Cox Michael jr. currier, 4(> IliUen 
Cox Micluu-l, lnhorer, 4i] llillcn 

■ Cox Perry, upholsterer. .");)7 \v ].,()nil)aril 
Cox Mrs. Rachel, hoardiiijr. 34 n Ciilvert 

j Cox Richard \V.(R,\\'.t'. A: Co. 1310 Sarato<;a 

i COX RICHARD W. k C(».(R. W. Cox)lmnk.'r3 

j and brokers, n w cor IJaltiniore and Charles 

I Cox Sarah, Druidville 
Cox Siephen G. brickl.iycr. 161 n Caroline 

I Cox Susan, dressmaker, 91 Jefferscju 

j Cox Thomas, j^-rocery, li;9 Dover 
Cox Thomas, currier, 4tJ Hillen 
Cox, Warden & .Merritt. ( L. J, Cox,, jr. Jas. 
Warden, .Jas. A. Merrilt. ) com. merchts. 72 
South and 8 Bowlv's whf 
Cox Wm. H. (Freeland, Hall & Co.) liariium's 

Cox & Ward, (W. A. Cox, Joseph W. Ward.) 

photographers, .56 n Cluirles 
Cox W. A (C. & Ward) 5G n Charles 
Cox Wm. A. S. silversmith, 169 Hanover 
Cox Wm. teacher, n w cor Pine and Baltimore 
Cox Win. H. merchant tailor, 6ot) w Baltiuiore 
Cox Wm. F. bookkee[)er. 33 s Bond 
Cox Wm. laborer, 12 Clinton 
Coxon Francis, [lotter, 197 Kastern av 
Coy Byron F. dentist, 141 n Charles 
Coy James, m.ariner, 60 Hanibiiri^ 
Coy John H. machinist, 4 Williamson al 
Coyle Bernard F. (C. iS; Marrow) Strieker nr 

Patterson av 
Coyle Fred, machinist, 6.") Hamburg 
Coyle Henry H. clerk, 38 Fawn 
Coyle .John F. locksmith. .55 Burcn 
Coyle John, (J Coyle & Bros.) 57 Lee 
Coyle Joiin, shif)carpeuter, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle John. jr. caulker, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle John T. gilder, 25 Pleasant 
Coyle John <f 15ros. (John, Wm. and Richaiil 
Coyle) inarbleized slate mantles, Pratt and 
Coyle <fe Marrow, (B. F. Coyle, C. C. Marrow) 

real estate agents, Strieker nr Preston 
Coyle Maggie, teacher, Penna av nr tollgate 
Coyle Patrick II. currier, 61 Short 
Coyle Patrick, Mosher bet Division and Druid 

ilill av 
Coyle Richard, (J. G. k Bros.) Troy, \. V 
Coyle Dr. T. P. dentist. 140 Lexington 
Coyle Dr. Teirence W. demist, 105 Lexington 
Coyle Thos. J. carpenter, 292 n Howard 
Coyle F. A. M.mager American Advertising 

agencv, 67 Woodvear 
Coyle Wm. (J. C. .f Bros) Troy. X. Y 
Coyle Wm. H. machinist, 65 Hamburg 
Coyne LUen, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Cqyne John, sr. 181 s Charles 
Coyne John, jr (J. C. k Co.) 181 s Charles 

I Coyne John, grocery, 215 Raborg 

I Coyne John <k Co. (John Coyne, jr.) lighters 

I and tug Ijoats, office Boyce's whf, Locust 

! Point, and 95 w Lombard 

! Coyne Mary, 92 s Sharp 
Coyne Michael, laborer, 96 Chesapeake 
Coyne Michael, laborer, 9 s Bethel 
Coyne Patrick, shipcarper.ter, 5o4 Canton av 
Coyne Patrick, laborer, 115 s Poppletou 
Coyne Patrick, laborer, 558 w Lomljard 

' Coyne Timothy, laborer, 96 Chesapeake 

G., Central house, 
& Wm. G. C.) 43 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Coyner Dr. Samuel F. 128 n (Jay 

Cozine James W . (J. \V . i Um. G. C.) 43 

Centre .Market sp 
Cozine Jas. W. it Wm. 

43 Centre Market s[> 
Cozine Wm. 6. (J. ^V 

Centre Market sp 
Crabbe Lugene, clerk, 253 w Fa\ettc 
Crabbe Mr.s. Jane F. 253 w Fayette 
Crabbe John K. R. (Jolmson, Sutton & Co.) 

30 n Strieker 
Craiibe Wm. 11. clerk, 253 w Fayette 
Crabson .lohn. laliorer. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Crabtree ("has. C. carpenter, e end O'Donnell 
Craljtree Leonidas C. 859 w [{altimoie 
Craddick Jos. X. carpenter, 373 e Lombard 
Craft Chas. painter, 259 Greenmounl av 
("raft Jacob, hiborer, Pratt and Price al 
(j-aft Jacob, ji'. 38 S Eutaw 
Craft John Crew, (C. .t lloselhj) 296 llollins 
Craft Parker, hatter. 259 Greenmount av 
Craft i liosello. (J. C. Craft, A. Rosello) up- 
holsterers, 264 w BallitiMire 
Ciaft .Mrs. Sarah K. Ill n Front 
Craft Wm. G. hatter, 10 n Fuiaw 
Craftsman's Life .Assur. Co., South opj) (krimui 
Crager Janjes C. litjuor dealer, 374 n Kegesltr 
Cragg Geo. R. clerk, 306 n F.dc n 
Cragg James, finisher, 370 Cstend 
Cragg John, jr. glassblower, 370 Gstend 
Cragg Joseph, laborer, 352 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, consulting engineer, 18 Second, 

dw 306 n Kden 
Cragg Robert, glassblower. 352 Osiend 
Cragg Wm. laborer. 352 Ostend 
Craggs Wm. car[ieiiter', 139 n Fremont 
Craggs Wm. cracker baker, 87 n .\nu 
Craig Alex, marinei', 13 George 
Craig Bernard, laborer, 42 n .\mity 
Craig Daniel, caipenter, Ct) .Mulberry 
Craig David B. finisher, .Milton av nr Freder- 

i<-k av 
Craig .Mrs.Fliza.confec'y, rear 395 n Central av 
Craig ICliz.i J. confectionery. 175 Huglies 
Craig Francis, musician, 74 Henrietta 
Craig Francis, clerk, cor Front and Exeter 
Craig (Jeo. K. 226 Lanv;ile 
Craig (ieo. huckster, 9 Ponltney 
Craig Geo. W. plumber. 395 n Central av 
Craig Hugh, m.inager telegraph B. it O. R. R., 

350 w Lomb.ird 
Craig John, laborer, 164 West 
Craig John W. laborer. 197 .Montgomery 
Craig John, tvoe founder, 395 n Central av 
! Craig J. Morreil, clerk, 98 s Paca 
Craig John .M. huckster, 360 e Monument 
Craig Josiah, watchmaker, 175 Hughes 
Craig Levin, mariner, 197 .Montgomery 
Craig k La Porte, (U. B. Craig, II. La Porte, 

jr. ) wholes, notions and trimmings, 259 w 

Craig Robert, porter, 236 a Bond 

Coaches and Baronches for Shopping, Wedding's, &c. 




Craie Oliver B. (C. & La Porte) 187 Druid 

Hill av 
Craig Robt. saddles, harness, ^c, 151 w Fay- 
ette, dw 109 
Craig Robt.R. moulder, Milton av nr Fred'k av 
Craig Mis. Sarah, grocery, c-or Front and Exeter 
('raig Seidell F. clerk, 375 n Central av 
Craig Theodore W. farn)er, 148 n High 
Craig Thos. boilennaker, 31 L. Church 
('raig Wui. laborer, Ann nr Eastern av 
Craig Wni. clerk, 226 Lanvalc 
Craighill Wm. N. clerk. 139 Bolton 
tniAlGHlLL COL. WM. P., U. S. A., office 

3d floor Union Ijank, dw 139 Bolton 
Craiu Peter \V. attorney, 6 a Calvert, dw Bar- 

nuars hotel 
Cralle .Mrs. Frances I. teacher, 7 s Choptank 
('ralle .Mrs. Rebecca, seamstress, 171 Townsend 
Cramblitt Benj. bricklaver, cor Belair av and 

Cramblitt Chas. T. carpenter, 37 Waesche 
('rainblitt Edwd. A. engineer, 370 Aliceanna, 

Cramblitt Geo. H. bricklayer, 134 n Pine 
Cramblitt Geo. W. coal and wood, 37 Waesche, 

dw 79 Sarah Ann 
Cramblitt John, brickl'r, Second ay nr Boston 
Cramblitt Sophia, 21 Waesche 
Cramblitt Stej'hen, i)aperhanger, 85 Penna av 
Cramblitt Thos. A. carpenter, 37 Waesche 
('rauiljlitt Wni. F. fiirn. wagon, 70 n Fremont 
Cramblitt Stephen, paper hangings and window 

shades, 85 Penna av 
Cramer .Mrs. Elizabeth, 182 Orleans 
Cramer Francis, cabinetmaker, 219 Canton av 
Cramer John, barber, 182 Orleans 
Cramer Wm. cigarmaker, 182 Orleans 
Cran Geo. shoemaker, 21 Wyelh 
Craudali Robert, carpenter. 21 Greemnountav 

dw 95 n Bond 
Crandel Milton, printer, 84 Centre Market sp 
Crane A. Fuller, (W. C. & Sons) 235 n Eutaw 
Ciane A. Fuller jr. 235 n Eutaw 
Crane A. P. harnessniaker, 21 Brune -Mrs. Catherine, h;;ts, 209 n Gay 
Crane Charles, 181 .McCuUoh 
Crane Chas. bricklayer, 40 Centre Market sp 
Crane Chas. C. salesman, 244| n. Howard 
Crane Chas. T. (Pearson, Lawrence & Co) 255 

n Eutaw 
Crane Geo. T. clerk, 134 n High 
. Crane Henry K. 239 St. Paul 
Crane .las. C. (W. C. & Sons) 159 Dolphin 
Crane Mrs. Jean N. 159 Dolphin 
Crane Jennie, tailoress, 134 n High 
Crane Jeremiah, laborer, 213 Lemmon al 
Crane Jolm G. clerk, 50 n Greene 
Crane Joseph, shoemaker, basement Mansion 

house, dw 53 Pearl 
Crane Lizzie, dressmaker, 134 n High 
Crane Patrick H. blacksmith, 322 n Ilowaid, 

dw Biddle nr Richmond 
Crane Philip >L cabinetmaker, 150 n Front 
Ciane S. .M. clerk. 238 Saratoga 
Crane W. W. 159 Dolphin 
CRANE W. & SUNS, (A. F., J. D. and J. C. 

Crane, A. J. Lowndes) hides and leather, s e 

cor Chca[)side and Water 
Crangle James, laborer, 140 Conway 
Crangle James, carpenter, 81 s Greene 
Crangle James B. chemist, 3 Orleans 
Crangle James E. tbremau, 372 Hollins 

Crangle Mrs. John, 81 s Greene 
Cranmer Capt. Thos. (?. mariner, 38 s Chester 
Cranwell Geo. W. cabinetmaker, 7 s Oregon 
Crasser Christian, capmaker, 330 w Pratt 
Crate Fred'k. carjicnter. 196 n Caroline 
Crate Henry, labore-r. Homestead 
Cratty Clotilda, vestmaker. 60 Goueh 
Cranmer Frank M. clerk, N. C. R., Rider's Sta- 
tion, Baliimore co 
Craven A. Clayton, engineer, Bolton depot 
Craven Clayton, engineer, Bolton depot 
Craven Thos. roofer, 127 L. Greene 
Craver Geo. 0. clerk, 225 Henrietta 
Craver John L. confectionery, and machinist, 

•89 Hollins 
Craver John S. clerk, 225 Henrietta 
Cravode Aiigelo, sioneinason, 220 Harford av 
CRAWFORD A. A. freight agent P. W. & B. 

R R. 36 Fawn 
Crawford Ann, 291 Canton av 
Crawford Celia, cook, 96 w Monument 
Crawford Chas. cooper, 10 Fountain 
Crawford Dixon, livery stable, 295 n Eutaw 
Crawford Edward A. clerk, Fountain hotel 
Crawford Geo. W. driver', 236 William 
Crawford Horatio, laborer, 236 William 
Crawford Jacob, car[ienter, 57 s Paea 
Crawford James A. ironworker, 235 Bank 
Crawford Jas. B.(W.H.C. & Co.) 347 n Eutaw 
Crawford Jas.W. chair ornam'r, 107 McElderry 
Crawford John, engineer, 291 Canton av 
Crawford John, sliipcarpeuter, 235 Bank 
Crawford Capt. John A. mariner, 389 Canton av 
Ciawford John C. druggist, 20 Jackson sq av 
Crawford John F. carpenter, 235 Bank 
Crawford John D. printer, 13 n Bond 
Crawford John W. printer, 94 n Exeter 
Crawford Levi C. brickmaker, 236 William 
Crawford ilrs. Mary, boarding, 15 Lexington 
Crawford .Mary, teacher, 57 s Paca 
Crawford Nathan H. solicitor, over cor Balti- 
more and South, dw Carey nr Baltimore 
Crawford Patrick, grocery, 849 w Pratt 
Crawford .Mrs. Rachel D."34 Cathedral 
Crawford Rich'd I. machinist, 70 Henrietta 
Crawford Rich'd M. clerk, 301 n Broadway 
Crawford Robt. carpenter, 530 n Gay 
Crawford Robt. H. shipcarpenter, 235 Bank 
Crawford Robt. H. Ijacon, Carey nr Presstman 
Csawford Robt. N. bookkeeper, 163 Forrest 
Crawford .Mrs. Sarah \. 391 n Gay 
Crawford Thos. A. salesman, 322 e Chase 
CRAWFORD W.M. H. & CO (Wm. H. and J. 
B.Crawford) spice mills,warehouse 62 South, 
mills n w cor Union al and Dallas 
CRAWFORD WM. general agent P. W. k B. 

R. R. s e cor High and Trinity 
Crawford Wm. M. 414 Orleans " 
Crawford Wm. slincker, 10 Fountain 
Crawford Wm. IL (Wm. H. C. & Co.) 199 w 

Crawford Wm. H. carpenter, 49 s Carey 
Crawford Wm. IL jr. laborer, 49 s Carey 
Crawford Wm. T. laborer 10 Fountain 
Crawley Mrs. Catherine, rear 121 Elliott 
Crawley Edward, laborer, rear 121 Elliott 
Crawley Peter, laborer, rear 221 Elliott 
Crazei- Barbara, seamstress, 188 William 
Crazer Mrs. Margaret, 188 William 
Crazer Rachel, shoebinder, 188 William 
Creager Bernard, tailor, 23 East 
Creager Frank, 30 n Poppletoa 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer. 


iger Geo. 'W . carpenter, +2 n Pac-a 
, , ceiger Mrs. .Margiiret Ann, Winans' place, nr 
'' Spring: Gardens 

'Creager .Mr.'?. .Matilda, dressmaker, 05 Park 
■ -_'er .X'.hlc 11. deputy U. .S. .M.irsliul, 1»;3 \v 
in hard 
I re;igli .Mrs. Bridget, OS s Strieker 
Creagii .Mr^ Dora, 224 liattery av 
< 'ri-agh Mrs. Elizabeth. ]S'A Gough 

ill Henry A. wharfand bridge builder, 30 s 
Creagh John, 173 Linden av 
Creagh Michael, carpenter. !)8 s Strieker 
Oreagh Peter, driver, 251 Hai;k 
Creagh Thomas, laborer, 251 Bank 
('reagh Thoiuas, jr. stoveinoulder, 251 Bank 
i-h Win. drover, 251 Bank 
iin John, laborer, High and Trinity 
Creaui John, laborer, 43 Eastern ;iv 
Creamer .\le.x. saddier. 130 Chew 
Creamer Alex. V. saddler, 248 Harford av 
Creamer .Andrew, paper hangar. 3 O.xt'ord 
Creamer .Annie, grocery, 226 s Enlaw 
iCreamer Anne, rear 210 .Vliceanna 
Creamer .Mrs. Annie, seamstress, 42 Harford av 
Creamer Anthony, police. 228 Scott 
Creamer Casper, shipcarpenter, 185 s Chester 
Creamer .Mrs. Catherine, 154 Harford av 
Creamer Clias. engineer, Hamburg nr Hanover 
Creamer Clias. II. brakcman, 144 Columbia 
[Creamer Christian, painter, 8 Greenmonul av 
ICreamer .Mrs. Cornelia, 144 e .Monument 
Creamer C. Cookmau, clerk, 127 e .Monument 
Creamer Chri.>topher. mariner, 00 PhiliJot 
.Creamer David, lumber, cor Monument' and 
j Ensor 

jCreamer David Smith, lumber inspec. -i'J Hilleii 
'Creamer Eliza, tailoress, 2o Laurel 
Creamer F. rags, 159 Sarah Ann 
Creamer Fred, lager beer, 382 Eastern av 
Creamer Geo. blacksmith, 22G s Eutaw 
Creamer Geo. B. clerk, 131 n E.xeter 
Creamer Henry, tailor. 52 Stiles 
Creamer Jacob, shoemaker, \'J0 s Eutaw 
Creamer Jacob, coach spring iimk. 298 s Paca 
Creamer John, tailor, 8 Greenmounl av 
Creamer John, brickmaker, 290 s Sharp 
Creamer John F. helper, 298 s Paca 
Creamer John, grocery, 40 Phil pot 
Creamer John, cigar maker, 125 Harford av 
Creamer John, carpenter, rear 210 Aliceanna 
Creamer Joseph, wheelwright, 3 Harmony la 
Creamer Jos. F. clerk to sheriff, 175 .McCulloh 
Creamer Josejih, milkman, 340 s Sharp 
Creamer .Mrs. Lottie, confec'y, 8 GreenHiount av 
Creamer Louis, tailor, 52 n Howard 
Creamer Nicholas, paperhanger, 26 St. .Mary 
Creamer Solomon,- carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Creamer Thos. bookkeeper, 131 n E.xeter 
Creamer Wni. brickmaker, 1 Walker 
Creamer Wm. lumber inspect*;!-, cor Eastern av 

and Concord, dw 212 n Eden 
Creamer Wm. tailor, 52 n Howard 
Creery Wm. R., Sup't Public Scliools, 295 w 

Creery Wm. T. clerk, 295 w Biddle 
Creig John, drayman, 10 Stockton 
Creig Wm. laborer, 184 s Ann 
Creiger (Jeo. carpenter, Franklin house 
Creitfh Thos. stovecleauer, 251 Bank 
Creightou Chas. A. painter, 379 Light 
Creighton Mrs. Elmira, 225 Montgomery 

135^ OKI 



Flour, Grain Seeds. &c. 

No. 21 S'^EAES WHARF. 

en v-1 AN I I.V Vnn s.w.K 

Clover, Tim^'iiy Seacl, &c. 

Roscndale Cemeut and Plaster. 

Creighton Geo. W. cigarmaker, 361 s Sharp 
Creighton lli-nry, 90 Jefferson 
Creiiihton Henry T. painter. 379 Lit;ht 
(Creighton James, \vatclim\:n, 71 William 
Creighton John T. cigarmsik. 225 .Montgomery 
Creighton .Margaret, grocery, 28 .Morris al 
( reightoii .Mrs. .Mary A. 197 Hanover 
Creighton .Mrs. .Mary (;. 357 Lexington 
Creighton .Michael, laborer, 159 s (Miester 
Crei^htoa .MilU-r, salesman, 329 w I'altimore 
Creighton I'l-ter, tailor, 39 Portland 
Creighton I'obt. H. fisherman, 9 Stockholm 
Creighton Mrs. .Sarah, 49 n Front 
Creighton Wm. II. mariner, 379 Liijht 
Cremiu.< Pat'k, stonemason, Quakei la. York rd 
('resmer Ivhvaid, shoemak. Fulion nr .Mcllt-nry 
Cieny Wm. T. painter, 185 n High 
Cress .Mrs. Eliza, grocery, rear 143 Hudson 
Ciess Henry, lab'r and store, rear 143 Hudson 
Cress Philij), laborer, 9 Harris al 
Cressy Geo. X. missionary, 190 Saratoga 
Creutz Peter, cabinetmaker, 234 s Euiaw 
Crew Mrs. L.ivinia, Vincent al nr RMUisay 
Crew Richard, driver, \'incent al nr Ramsay 
Crew Wm. J, carpenter, 1 s Oregon 
Crey .A. L. salesman, 70 Buren 
C'lvy .Mrs. Elizabeth Mary, 70 Buren 
Crey Henry J. restaurant, 3 e Madison, dw 5 
Crey John B. moulder, 70 Buren 
Creydt Herman, furn. wagon, 490 w Lombard 
Creydt .Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 49o w Lombard 
Crichton Malccdui, (Wm. C. if Son,) distiller, 
136 n Ilolliday, dw 70 Cathedral , 

Crichton Wm. k Son, ( W. and .Malcolm Crich- 
ton,) grain, flair, guano, and com. merchts. 
1 \\'ood, cor Bowly's- wharf 
Crichton Wm. (Wm. C. .t Son.) 45 .Mt. Ver- 
non ])\ 
Cridlin Eugene, coachtrimmer, 489 Aisquith 
Cridlin Jac. H. blacksmith, 489 Aijquith 
Cridlin Linwood, painter, 489 Aisquith 
Cridlin Thos. L. coachmaker, 38.] w Baltimore 
Crim Dr. Wm. H n e cor Paca and Favette 
first floor Courthouse, Robert Gilmor, jr. 
judge. Wm. F. \icKewen, clerk. 
Ciimmings. Cornelius watchman, 204 Cliesnut 
Crimmings Daniel, tobac. packer, 204 Chesnut 
Crimmins Patrick, stonemason, Quaker la near 

York nl 
Grilles .M laborer, 27 fllizalicth la 
Crippo Rebecca, butter, 10 Thomscn 
Cripjjs Richard, furn. wagon, 10 Thomsen 
Cripps Richard, laborer, 425 n Gay 
Crip)«s Thomas, sr. laborer, 10 Tiiomsen 
Cripiis Thomas J. of planing mill, 171 Eastern 

av, dw 10 Thomsen 
Cripps John T. nightman, 425 n Gay 
Criseback Chas. tailor, 20 w Lombard 
Crisham Peter, laborer, 47 Chesnut 
Crisp Beuj. police, 152 s Caroline 
Crisp Chas. jr. police, 207 Gough 


s Bone 

Dust and Phosphates, 


i:s6 CRO 

Crisp Clius. E. jr. police, 207 Gough 
Crisp Cliiis. F. sr. cif^arm iker, 2:)3 Gough 
Crisp Clias. (>. bricklayer. 275 Saratoga 
Crisp Elijah, painter," 102 n Paca, dw 275 

Crisp John R. clerk, 275 Saratoga 
Crisf) Joseph, tobacconist, 42 Thames 
Crispin (Jeorge, canmaker, Wasbinston hotel 
Crispin John II. [W . A. Padgett ^^ Co.) 21 n 

Crispin Wni. agent, 829 w Baltimore 
Crispins Henry, fisherman, 53 Fort av 
Crispins Henry, fisherman, 224 Battery av 
Criss Aaron, wbol. grocer and com. merchant, 

.378 w Baltimore, dw 2(57 Lunvale 
Criss Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmak. 3i>8 n Howard 
Crist George, fireman, Fulton nr Dover 
Crist Henry, driver, 169 Hollins 
Crist Henry, cabinetmaker, 113 Chew 
Crist Jacob, drayman, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Jacob, iMilier's hotel 
Crist John, cabinetmaker, 96 Eastern av 
Crist John, laborer, 9 China 
Crist Philip, marker C. H. 169 Hollins 
Cristal Harry, engineer, 80 Albemarle 
Cristie James, conductor, Fred'k av nr tollgate 
('ristie James, grocery, 156 Eastern av 
Cristzmau Wm. driver, Canton av nr Wash- 
Criswell John W. salesman, 329 w Baltimore 
Critcher Florence, 104 Barre 
Crittenden Andw. C. produce. 173 Montgomery 
Crockard John, stonecutter, 77 n Poppleton 
Crockard John jr. papeihanger, 77 n Poppleton 
Crockard W. J. express wagon, 77 n Poppleton 
Crocken Nelson, painter, 27 Ryan 
Crocken Theodore, locksmith, 1 Grace ct 
Crocker James, laborer, 108 Ramsay 
Crocker Samuel G. (Robert Hughes & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Crockett Mrs. A. E. 683 Mulberry 
i'rockett Andrew J. patternmaker, Clinton s of 

Cnockett Mrs. Annie, seamst's, 13 Goodman al 
Crockett C. A.J. patternmk'r,Chester nr Boston 
Crockett Chas. W. barkeeper. Fountain hotel 
Crockett Daniel, McHenry and Fulton 
Crockett Neheriiiaii, shoemaker, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Mrs. Sarah, 22 Greenmount av 
Crockett Theodore S. letter carrier, 22 Green- 
mount av 
Crockett Walter C shoefitter, 31 Forrest pi 
Crocket! Wm. II. turner, 201 n Bond 
Crofoot Mrs. Mary, grocery, 55 Fort ay 
Crofoot Wm. H. H. foreman, 174 Johnson 
Crogan .Mrs. Ann, 141 Harford av 
Crogan John, currier, 182 Ramsay 
Crogan Patrick, saddler, 141 Harford av 
Crogan Thos. moulder, 141 Haiford av 
Croggon Albert, brick maker, 244 Lemmon al 
('roggon Wm. E. huckster, 176 Ramsay 
(^roghan Mrs. Mary, 2 Sleminer al 
Croghan Michael, laborer, 2 Slemmer al 
Croghan Patrick, laborer, 2 Slemmer al 
Croghan Peter, laborer, 3 Slemmer al 
Croghan Timothy, laborer, 35 Centre Market sp 
Crohn August, lat)orer, 190 William 
Cromer Andrew, carter, 1 14 Warner 
Cromer Catherine, tailoress, 16 s Eutaw 
Cromer Charles, helper, 239 Columbia 
Cromer Daniel, wagoner, 94 St. Peter 
Cromer John 11. laborer, 239 Henrietta 

Cromer Margaret, tailoress, 16 s Eutaw 

Cromer Marv, 16 s Eutaw 

Cromer Thomas W. (Wm. A. Bovd & Co.) 305 

Cromis Wm. shoemaker, 39 O.xford 
Cromwell Albert, (Slater Jj- Co.) 39 Chew 
Cromwell Alex, canmaker, 39 Ciiew 
Cromwell Andw. J. blacksmith, 202 s Paca 
Cromwell Carrie W. teacher, 138 Mosher 
Cromwell Mrs. Catherine, 138 Mosher 
Cromwell Edward, printer, 26 n Rejniblican 
Cromwell Mrs. Elizalieth, notions, 130 Penuaav 
Cromwell Frank, silversmith, 257 Walsh 
Cromwell Geo. roadmaster, 82 n Poppleton 
Cromwell Geo. R. artist, 590 Lexington 
Cromwell Geo. W. sailmaker, 144 Bank 
Cromwell Hamilton C. attornev, 8 Spurrier ct. 

dw 257 Walsh 
Cromwell Jacob G. cabinetmaker, 257 Walsh 
Cromwell Jacob G. bricklayer, 24 Brune 
Cromwell Jerome, gilder, 257 Walsh 
Ciomwell John, ])atternniaker, 31 Scott 
Cromwell John E. sailmaker, 547 e Fayette 
Cromwell Capt. John G. mariner, 183 Conway 
Cromwell J. Oliver, moulder, 167 Hollins 
Cromwell Joseph, insurance agent, 10 s Holli- 

day, dw 126 Park av 
Cromwell Joseph, sailmaker, 115 Bank 
Cromwell Joshua, (J. C. & Son.) 136 s Ann 
(homwell Joshua cj- Son, (Joshua and John E. 

Cromwell, ) sailmakers, foot of Ann 
Cromwell Lambert, sailmaker, 136 s Ann 

Elvin Cromwell, John E. Eishop,) 
Manufacturers of Guns, Deck 
Plugs and Wedges, and Dealers 
in Hardware, 118 Thames street 
and 271 s Ann street. 

Cromwell Michael, carpenter, 126 n High 
Cromwell Oliver H. salesman, 384 e .Monument 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmaker, 39 Chew 
Cromwell Randolph S. salesman, 938 w Bulii- 

Cromwell Richard, farmer, 89 n Paca 
Cromwell Richard, agricult. and horticullural 

inip.manuf., and nurseryman and seedsman, 

35 South, dw Anne Arundel co 
Cromwell Richard, (C. Sydney Norris & Co.) 

York road n of Northern av 
Cromwell T. Elvin, (L. C, Son & Co.1 US 

Cromwell Wallace. (Parlett & Co.) 58s Greene 
Cronan Chas. P. painter, 4 Humes 
Cronan James, l.iborer, 2(i Calletidar al 
Cronan .Martin, laborer, 15 Parkin 
Cronan Michael, laborer, Hudson al nr Federal 
Crone August, laborer, 108 William 
Crone Edward, beer, 24 Centre Market sp 
(;rone F. A. laborer, 217 Henrietta 
Crone Jacob, grocery, s end Clinton 
Crone Wm. C. chief detective, 23 n High 
('ronelley Mrs. Mary, 224 ii Front 
Croner John, cari)ets, 216 e Chase 
Cronev Chas. W. K. sailmaker, 42 Conway 
Croney Philip H. cigarmaker, 164 Orleans 
Cronhardt Albert, clerk, 172 n Exeter 
Cronhardt Chas. vice-prest. German Bank. 172 

n Exeter 

Offices. 54 S. Gay, and Cor. Cliew and Stirling. 


1 "'It 


Cronhardt John, clerk, 29 Knsor 
Crouliiinll John, shoein:iker, 29 Ensor 
Cronhardt John H. grocery, u e cor Douglass 

and East 
Cronig Michael, laborer, 64 Park 
Croniri Cornelius, hostler. 150 w Fajetle 
Cronin Rev. C. 295 McHenry 
Cronise G. Proctor. 13 Mulberrv 
Cronise .Mrs. M. 0.0. 13 Mulberry 
Crook Aug. coal and wood, 19 Lexington, dvv 

267 w Fayette 
Crook Mrs. Caroline, 404 Saratoga 
Crook Chas. C. cabinetmaker, 404 Saratoga 
Crook Mrs. Charlotte, s w cor Madison av and 

Crook Columbus S. (Sinclair & Co.) York rd 

nr citv limits 
Crook Daniel, (Fowler & Crook) 267 e Biddle 
Crook Edward, engineer. 81 Division 
Crook Francis M. jr. clerk, 689 w Fayette 
Crook Francis A. treas. Balto Equitable So- 
ciety, 19 South, dw s w cor Madison av and 
Crook Geo. A. jr. clerk, 4 n Washington 
Crook Geo. A. ins. agt. 4 n Washington 
Crook Geo. W. M. boots, shoes and gaiters, 

69 w Biiltimore. dw 43 n Eutaw 
Crook Harry. 22 Camden 
Crook Henry, 51 Harford av 
Crook James, engineer, 195 Dolphin 
Crook John I. police, 54 Jackson sq av 
Crook M irion, clerk. Fayette nr Fulton 
Crook Rufus, celhirdigger, 504 Franklin 
Crook Thos. W. clerk, 404 Saratoga 
Crook Walter G. clerk. 689 w Fayette 
CROUK WALTER, JR. upholstery and cur- 
tain materials, 220 w Baltimore, dw 172 
Crook Wm H. finisher, 463 w Lombard 
Crook Wm. J)rovi^ions, cor Biddle and Central 

av, dw 267 c Biddle 
Crook Capt. Wm. S. 338 e Baltimore 
rroiiks Ximrod .\. butcher, Le.vington mar- 
: t, A dw Penna av ext 
jks Rezin H. blacks' th, 128 Druid Hill av 
Crooks Thos. E. police, 15 Ogston 
Crookshanks Chas. (Lynch & Co.) Jefferson nr 

Croper Reuben, boilermak'r, 34 Williamson al 
Croper Stephen, tinner, 1 Willirtmson al 
Cropper Stejihen, canmaker, 250 Light 
Cropper Wm. shoemaker, 247 s Charles 
Crosby Mrs. C, Cathedral nr Federal 
•'roiby Chas. laborer, 76 Mound 
Crosbj' Capt Chas. 68 n Ciroline 
Crosby Eager, carver, 126 Ensor 
Crosby Francis, fireman, 76 .Mound 
Crosby Geo. W. fireman, 369 t'athedral 
Crosby James, sr. carpenter, 16 St. Peter 
Crosby Joseph, 571 w Fayette 
Crosby Lewis, engineer, 149 n Central av 
Crosby Lewis, painter, 46 Essex 
Crosby .Miles, laborer, 93 York 
Crosby Samuel, mariner, 17 n Caroline 
Crosby Thos. engineer, 273 .Mulberry 
Crosby Thos. H. jiolice, 18 Willow 
Crosby Virginia, 139 n Central av 
Crosby Wm. C. 571 w Fayette 
Croshan Fanny, 154 German 
Cr.ishaw John, messenger, 23 n Gay 
Crosliaw Wm. driver, 23 n Gay 
Crosley Thos, H. salesman, 199 Druid Hill av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &.c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Cross Amelia, dressmaker, 429 Lexington 

Cross Andrew, clerk. 429 Lexington 

Cross Rev. And'w. B. cor St. Paul and Chase 

Cross Caleb, overseer Mt. Vernon .Mills 

Cross Chas. E. carpenter, 41 Valley 

Cross Mrs. Columbia, dressmaker, 52 George 

Cross Cyril, tinner, 227 e Lomliard 

Cross C}rus, chair factory, 147 n High, dw 52 

Cross David, wheelwright, L55 s Paca 
Cross Edwaid, rigger, 168 s Wolfe 
CROSS E. D., St. Paul and Chase 

CROSS E. D. Commission Merchant 
and dealer in Roofing Felt, Coal 
Tar, &e.. Eastern av nr President 

Cross E. J. D. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw s w 

cor St. Paul and Chase 
Cross F. T. jr. carpenter, 10 Forrest pi 
Cross Friincis. tailor, 267 s Ann 
Cross Geo. R. clerk, 155 s Paca 
Cross Geo. T. 45 Jackson 
Cross Geo. W. laborer, 40 Bovd 
Cross Geo. D. laborer, 16S s Wolfe 
Cross Geo. W , St. Clair hotel 
Cross Henon S. overseer Mt. Vernon Mills 
Cross Henry, shoemaker, 99 Eastern av 
Cross Henry, shoemaker, 625 Belair av 
Cross Israel, carpenter, 43 Millimau 
Cross James, 6 Stockton al 
Cross James W. clerk, 137 n Broadway 
Cross James A. painter, 6 Stockton al 
Cross John, screwman. 543 e Fayette 
Cross John E. boilermaker, 174 e Lombard 
Cross John T. clerk, 45 Columbia 
Cross Richard J. blacksmith, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Cross Joseph, labon-r, 2 Foundry 
Cross J. H. clerk, 52 George 
Cross .M. F. shoefitter, 126 Barre 
Cross Mrs: Mary, 2 Foundry 
Cross Philemon, carpenter, 41 Valley 
Cross Richard K. (Wm. S. C. k Bru.) s w cor 

St. Paul and Chase 
Cross Samuel B. & Son, (S. B. and S. J. Cross) 

coachmakers, cor Dover and Floward 
Cross Saml. B. (Saml.B.C. & Son) 139 Camdea 
Cross Saml. J. (Saml. B.C. & Son) 139 Camdeu 
Cross-st. Chapel, s e cor Cross and Warner 
Cross Thomas, gardener, 67 Watson 
Cross Thos. W. bri(-klayer, 489 Le.xingtou 
Cross Trueman, cash'r Commercial and Farm- 
ers X^t. Bank, 9 s Howard 
Cross Wm. S. & Bro. (W. S. and Richard K. 

Cross) lumber com. merchts, n e cor. East 

Falls and Eastern avs 
Cross Wm. II. sergt. police, 139 Camden 
Cross Wm. H. engineer, 42 Park av 
Cross Wm. S. (W. S. C. & Bro.) St. Paul and 

Cross Wm. D. jr. laborer, 271 s Bond 

Horses taken on Liver y hy the D ay o r Month, 




Cross Win. D. njaiiner, 271 s Bond 

Cross Win. T. mariner, lC8s Wolfe 

Cross Wm. encrinefr, 42 Park av 

Crossley Geo. W. 27 n Liberty 

Crossley J. P. clerk, 288 Orleans 

Crossley Mrs. Mary C. 288 Orlciins 

Cro.ssley Wm. W. 27 n Liberty 

Cros.swell George, 71 (iarden 

CVossvvell ("apt. .John W.mariner.G') s Chojjtank 

Crosswell .Mis. Matilda, dressmaker, 71 Garden 

Croiliers David, car[ieiiter, 28 Spring row 

Crothers David jr. carpenter, 23 Spring- ruw 

Crothers Emma, 2 Chester ct 

Crotliers Jas. W. carpenter, 28 Sprin;r row 

Crothers John M. carpenter, 28 Spring row 

Crothers Dr. Ransom, Miller's hotel 

Crothers Rans, med. student, 33 n Calvert 

Crothers Robt. carpenter, 02 Courtland, d\v 28 

Sprinor row 
Crotty David, grocery, P'^ Mullikin 
Cronch Alex, plasterer, 1G2 s Fremont 
Crouch Ann, teacher, 320 e Madison 
Crouch (has. coachsmith, 1 2Lt e Monument 
Crouch David, U. S. N:ivy yard, Washington, 

192 Montgomery 
Cronch K. b. machinist, 228 Light 
Crouch Fred'k N. music teacher, 208 s Chailes 
Crouch Geo. W. mariner, 2G2 e Pratt 
Crouch James T. shoemaker, 134 Canideii 
Crouch John, laborer, 57 Buren 
Crouch John W. boilernuiker, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch Joseph, glassjjacker, 59 L Montgnmery 
Crouch Levi, stonecutter, 46 s Calhoun 
Crouch Matthias, laborer, 34 Henrietta 
Crouch Stewart, glasspackcr, 59 L Montgomery 
Crouch Thos. D. blacksmith, 206 Montgomery 
Crouch Wm. J. printer, 204 Greenuiount av 
Croucher Geo. mariner, 1 Wills 
Crough Jas. lasimaker, 18 n Chester 
Crouse Mrs. Ann M. 185 Battery av 
Crouse Geo. F. la-akeman, 119 Peiina av 
Crouse Henry, paper carrier, 89 Low 
Crouse J. J}. (Stansbury & C.) Western Mary- 
land hotel 
Crouse John, tailor, 16 n Charles 
Crouse Joseph A. shoemaker, 15S n Fremont 
Crouse Michael, shoemaker, 15 Elizaljeth la 
Crouse Philip, jiainter, 40 Poppleton 
Crouse Mrs. Rebecca, varieties, l!f> Penna av 
Crout Bent(ni, salesman, cor Fremont and Pat- 
terson av 
Crout llezekiah, tin and sheet iron worker, cor 

Fremont iind Patterson av 
Crout Paul G. tinner, 20 Stockton al 
Crout SmuiucI. tinner, cor Fremont and Pat- 
terson av 
Crout \Vm. F. tinner, cor Fremont and I'atter- 

son av 
Crovo Francis, shoemaker, 43 Low 
Crow Bridj^ret, Ham|)den 
Crow Cornelius, boilermaker, Hampden 
Crow Emma, principal St. Luke's Hall, 272 w 

Crow Geo. L. paper dealer, 41 s Broad wny 
Crow Mrs. Jane, grocery, 123 Aisfiuith 
("row John, laborer, 12.'! .\isquilh 
Crow John laborer, Hampden 
Crow John T. managing editor Baltimore Sun, 

188 Franklin 
Crow Sylvester L. clerk, 41 s Broadway 
Crow Wm. M. J. tailor, 511 Saratoga 
Crow Wm. 123 Aisquith 

CROWDER ALEX. N. grocer, cor Fremont 

and Patterson av 
Crowder Fh mining, coach trim. 246 e !\Iadison 
Crowe ("ornelius J. grocery, Fort av nr Hull 
Crowe John sr. 47 Vallej^ 
Crowe John jr. clerk, N.C.R. 4 7 Valley 
Crowell John 0. mate, S5o e Pratt 
Crowl & Co. (E Waugh Crowl. Rufus Bennett) 

real estate brokers, 13 and 14 Law building. 

St Paul 
Crowl Edwiud W. (C. k Co.) 313 w Hoffman 
Crowl David H. clerk, 1G6 e Eager 
I'rowl John, carter, rear 318 William 
Crowl Martha G. ICG n Calvert 
Crowl Mary L. 1 GO n Calvert 
Crowle John D. ch rk, 169 w Lombard 
Crowley Aderia, lG4Chesnut 
(hov\ley Brian, lab. 10 Curley, Canton 
Crowley ("lara J. teacher, ("aroline nr Chase 
Crowley Daniel, finisher. 17G L Constitution 
Crowley Dennis, lob. 17() L Const itution 
Crowley Mrs. Ilonora, 406 e Baltimore 
Crowley James, l)ooks and periodifals, n w cor 

Baltimore and North, dw 203 n Caroline 
Crowley Jas.jr. clerk, 263 n (Caroline 
Crowley Mrs Jane, nurse. 164 Chesnut 
Crowli'v John, jjolice, 598 Penna av 
Crowley John, carpetweaver, 84 s Spring 
Crowley John W. clerk, 406 e Baltimore 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, 126 Harford av 
Crowley Robert A. (John Glenn & Co.) 69 n 

Crowley R. 0. bookkeeper, 138 Townscnd 
Crowley Samuel, lab. 64 McRlderry 
Crowley Thos. H. ])olice, 7 Pleasant 
Crowlc'v Wm. saddler. 44 Hill 
Crown'& Howell. (J. R. Crown, D. M. Howell) 

wholesale tobacconists, 341 w Baltimore 
Crown JoshuaR. (Crown k Howell)39 Mulberry 
Crown Marum A. stationery and cigais, 12 w 

Fayette, dvv 252 George 
Crown Mrs. .Matilda, 252 George 
(,'rowntield Mrs. Annie, 10!^ e Fayette 
Crowniicld Herman F. V. K. attorney, 8j St. 

Paul, dvv 127 Aisquith 
Crowther Benj. stonemason, Hampden 
Crowlher Dr. David W., l.'il n Eutaw, 

dvv 12ft Townsend 
Crowther Henry, cleik, 16'i Lanvale 
Crowther Isaac, stoiieinason, Hampden 
Crowther James, stonemason. 573 n Fremont 
Crowther John, carpenter, 218 n Eutaw 
Crowther Joshua, stonemason, 221 w Hoffnian 
Crowthi'r Dr Llewellyn, dentist, 131 n Eutaw, 

dvv 100 Lanvale 
Crowther Rodney, med. student, 131 n Eul&vv 
Crowther Samuel S. stonemason, Hampden 
Croyeau Augusiin, 3 n Calhoun 
('royeau (Jhas. H. clerk, 3 n Ciilhoun 
Cro.xnll Morris L. clerk, 2'i5 Lexington 
Cro.xall Sarah A. 161 n Ore;;on 
Crozer Thomas, bricklayer, 09 n .\nn 
Crozier James, moulder, 46 .Mcl';iderry 
Crozier John R. sailmaker, 121 n Broadway 
Crozier Wm. sailmaker, 121 n Mroadway 
("rozier Win. W. clerk, 121 n liroadway 
Crucible The, spiritualistic journal, published 

weekly, KSO w Baltimore 
Cruddi'ii .Joseph, driver, 353 Saratoga 
Criideii Edward, lab. 95 McElderry 
Cruger Lewis, boarding. 59 ("ourtland 
Cruler Richard M. 279 Linden av 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. 


C. H. Bredemeyer. 



Crum James, fireman, 562 w Lombard 
Crum John W. shoemkr, 206 Mullikin 
'Crumbackcr Charles W. telegraphist, 253 \v 

Criimbacker Emma V. teacher. 253 tv Hoffman 
•Crumliacker Ephraim, clerk, 253 w Hoffman 
Cnimliie John, huckster, 271 e Monument 
Crummel Edward, mariner, 3 Thames 
Crummer Alexander, clerk, 126 e Madison 
Crnmmer Armstrong, draughtsman, 126 e 

Crummer Mrs. Eliza A. 126 e Madison 
Crummer Edward, clerk, 126 e Madison 
Crummer John, painter, 126 e Madison 
jCrummle Edward, engineer, 3 Thames 
Crump Geo. T. clerk, 84 s Sharp 
Crump John G. salesman, 84 s Sharp 
Crump J. Southall, telegraphist, 156 w Lombard 
Crump .Mrs. Mar\-, boarding, 84 s Sharp 
Crump Robt. machinist, Chester nr Hampstead 
'Crump Sylvanus G. clerk. 84 s Sharjf 
Crum well J. & Sou, (J. C. and J. E. Crum well) 

sailmakers, Fell nr Thames 
Crumweil John E. (J. Crumwell & Son) 547 e 

Crnnawell Joshua, (J. Crumwell & Son) Ann 

nr Gough 
Cruse .-Xndrew, cigarmaker, 257 n Dallas 
t;ruse Elias T. leaf tobacco, 39 e Fayette 
Cruse Mrs. Elizabeth, 35 Cambridge 
Cruse Geo. W. tobacconist, 70 Jefferson 
Cruse Henry, police, 180 Bank 
Cruse Henry, warehouseman, 180 Bank 
Cruse J. Charles, engineer, 69 s Schroeder 
(ruse John H. cigarmkr, 77 Holland 
Cruse John, sweepmaster, 9 Essex 
Cruse John A. finisher, 61 s Schroeder 
Cruse .Matilda, 199 e Madison 
Crascr Isaac, clerk. 168 Hanover 
iCruser Obadiah, clerk, 168 Hanover 
Crusey AYm. produce, 129 Penna av 
Crutchfield Andrew F. mauager Sunday Tele- 
gram, 5u3 n Fremont 
Crutchfield Andrew J. printer, 503 n Fremont 
Crutchfield Chas. D. reporter, 503 n Fremont 
Crutchfield David A., U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Crutchfield Henry, printer, 503 n Fremont 
Cruz Ramon, 232 n Broadway 
Cruzen Fldward, machinist, 523 w Lombard 
Cryer Joseph, carp. 537 e Fayette 
Cuba Lewis, manner, 119 Thames 
Cuddy Mrs. Eliza, 15 Oxford 
Cuddy Isaac, police, 319 e .Monument 
Cuddy J. W. 319 e .Monument 
Cuddy Dr. J. W. C. 359 Franklin 
Cuddy Michael, lab. 58 Fort av 
CuffPairick, grocery, 38 City Block 
Cugle Chas. (Baldwin & C.)"l91 St. Paul 
Cugle Edwin, clerk, 191 St. Paul 
Cugle Geo. clerk, 191 St. Paul 
Cugle John, liquors, 69 s Charles, dw 191 St. 
j Paul 

Cugle Johnjr. bookkeeper, 122 n Greene 
Cugler .John, butcher, 52 Belair and 60 Centre 

markets, dw Homestead 
Cullan Jane, I. -55 Ai>quith 
Cullander Geo. mariner. 67 Albemarle 
Cullan .Mrs. Kate, (Thomas & C) 173 Hanover 
CuUen .Mrs. Catherine, 7 L. McElderry 
Cullen Mrs. Catherine, trimmings, 17 Penna av 
Cullen Daniel, 247 n Gay 
Cullen Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 100 Harford av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Cullen Edward, lab. 163 Ensor 

Cullen Frank, tinner. 7 L. McElderry 

Cullen Mrs. Isabella, 334 e Lombard 

Cullen James, laborer, 125 Pms'ir 

Cullen John, laborer, 100 Harford av 

Cullen May, 163 Ensor 

Cullen Mrs. Mary E. cupper and leecher, 10 s 

Cullen Michael, lab. 229 Battery av 
Cullen Patrick, lab. 28 Fort av 
Cullen Simon, lab. 7 L. McElderry 
Cullen Thos. bootmaker, 173 Hanover 
Cullen ^Vm. P. shipcarpenter, 331 e Lombard 
Culleton James, printer, 165 Ensor 
Culleton John L. marb. polisher, 134 Harford av 
Cullimore .Mrs. Horner, 45 n Eden 
CuUimore John E. bricklayer. 45 n Eden 
Cullimore John T.(C. & Townsend) 24 Jackson 

sq av 
Cullimore & Townsend, (John T. Cullimore, 
Francis H. Townsend) shipsmiths, I and 3 
Cullington Daniel, cigarmltr, 162 Forrest 
Cullington Mrs. Margaret, 162 Forrest 
Cullington Thos. jr. cigarmkr, 1G2 Forrest 
Cullington Wm. sign painter, 162 Forrest 
Cullison Eli T. (Frazier, Forrester k Co.) 170 

Cullison Enoch, moulder. Federal nr Hudson al 
Cullison Geo. A. stonemason, Hampden 
Cullison Jas. A. stonecutter, Federal nr Decker 
Cullison Jas. M. millwright, 89 Mosher 
Cullison Jesse .M. (Alband & C.) 263 w Biddle 
Cullison John, lab. 134 Harford av 
Cullison Joseph, mtriner, 229 Light 
Cullison Noah, flour and feed. 87 Penna av 
Cullison Mrs. Susanna. Federal nr Hudson al 
Cnllum Henry, harnessmkr, 298 n Eden 
Cullum J. W. police, 178 Greenmouut av 
CuUum Melville, carp. 27 U'Donnell 
Cullum Nelson, carp 298 n Eden 
Cullum Nelson E. tailor, 298 n Eden 
Cullv Elizabeth, huckstress, 263 s Paca 
Cully Thomas, laborer, 326 n Howard 
Culnann Mrs. Isabella, 172 Aisquiih 
Culiiann Mollie. teachi-r, 172 Ai-Kjuith 
Culp .Micliael blacksmith. 4 n 'Jregou 
Culver Chas. engineer, 132 n Itond 
Culver Mrs. Roda E. 58 Mullikin 
Culver Mrs. Sarah A. 58 Mullikin 
Culver Wm. T. cooper, 5 n Sharp, dw 554 Sar- 
Culvner Samuel, carpenter, 145 Bank 
Cumberland Chas. jr. laborer, 184 Chesapeake 
Cumberlaud Isaac, laborer, 274 s Dallas 
Gumming Bruce,- clerk, 164 Linden av 
Cumming Jas. shipjoiner, 94 s Washington 
Gumming Robert B. clerk, 164 Linden av 
Cumming W. Augustus, (Kefauver, C. & Co.) 

164 Linden av 
Camming Wm. survevor, 94 s Washington 
Curamings A. B. (C. 'Sf Co.) lol u Charles 

For Cotton, Corn & Tobacco, Horner's Fertilizers, 




Cummings AnnM confectionery, 753 Pennaav 

f/uniniinps Benj. driver, 2 Mott 

CUMMINCiS k CO. (John Cumminus. Wm. P. 

Zollinger) inercluuidise brokers, 01 Kxcliange 

Cuinmings Daniel J. tenclu-r, 352 Harford av 
Cnnnuini^s David, liaiknian, 5 Ettinir 
Cununiujrs Francis, laborer, 58 Davis 
Cumiuiu^'s Grace, nnrse, Lanvale and Oregon 
Cumniings J. S. & Co. (J. S. and A. B. Cum- 

niiugs. Hancock) manufs. gents neck- 
ties. 283 \v Baltimore 
Cnmmings J. S. (J. S. C. & Co.) Philadelphia 
Ouiuuiing.s James, laborer, 119 Peirce 
Cunimings John, porter, GO Eastern av 
Cummings John, clerk, 92 n Charles 
Cummings John, (C. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Cumniings John L., Penna and Northern avs 
Cummings Lewis H. s e cor Entaw and Pose 
Cummings Luke,boilermaker,81 L. Hami)Stoad 
Cummings.Mrs. Margaret, s e cor Eutaw andRose 
Cummings yinry A. clerk. 46 n PoppJeton 
Cummings Mrs. .Marv, 119 Peirce 
Cummings Mary, dressmaker, 180 Park 
Cummings .Michael, painter, 191 s Castle 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 109 s Castle 
Cummings Mrs. liosanna, seamstress, 117 n 

Cumniings JIrs.Rose,seamstress. 46 n Poppleton 
Cummings Rev. Samuel H. Gilmor nr Mosher 
('ummings Wm. fireman, 17 s Central av 
Cummings Wm. J. clerk, 75 s Eden 
Cumu'ins Daniel G. confectioner, 188 n Exeter 
Cummins Edward, carpenter, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins John G. 64 n Exeter 
Cummins John W. fruiterer, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Jos.G., Br. consular clerk, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Mrs. Margaret M. grocery, u e cor 

Madison and Caroline 
Cummins Patrick, laborer, 29 Booth 
Cummins Robt. K. clerk, n e cor Madison and 

Cummins Robt. P. bricklayer, 265 n Broadway 
Cummins Robt. K. grocer. Chew and Caroline 
Cumor John T. salesmjui, 221 Dolphin 
Cunditf Capt, Wnj. mariner, 705 Lexiugtoi 
Cunnane Henry L. gasfitter. 6 New 
Cunningham Alex, switchman, P. W. and B. 

R. R. depot, dvv 15 0"Donnell 
Cunningham Mrs. Ann, 350 e i[onunienl 
Cunningham B. printer, 50 s Shar[) 
Cunningham Barney, laborer, Reynold's ct 
Cunningham Bernard, cb'rk, 56 Penna av 
CUNNINGHAM CHAS. R. harbor master, 105 

South, dw 333 e Baltimore 
Cunningham Chas. broommaker, 385 Franklin 
Cunningham Mrs. Charlotte B. 54 n Exeter 
Cunningham Dr. Cluis. T. D. 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Clinton W. 320 e Piatt 
Cunningham Daniel, plumber, 193 I'last 
Cunningham Daniel, butcher. Rising Sun hotel David, clerk, Franklin hotel 
Cunningham Dwight, oyster packer, 16 Warren 
Cunningham K. H. 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Edmond H. clerk, 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Edw. bricklayer, 164 n ("aroliiie 
Cunningham Edward, peddler, 5 .McLeary ct 
Cunningham I'ilizabeth A. 60 n Fremont 
Cunningham Ellen, laundress, 95 s Dallas 
Cunningham Erastus K. watchmaker, 468 vv 

Cunningham Mrs. Francis, boarding, 52 e Pratt 

CUNNINGHAM GEO. S. oyster packer, 219 

CU.VNINGHAM GEO "W. apothecary, s e cor 

Pratt and Spring 
Cunningham Geo. A. (Robinson & Co. and N. 

W. Slade & Co.) 320 e Pratt 
Cunningham Geo. W. carp'r, 53 Ettinpr 
Cunningham Henry, shoemaker, 53 Etting 
Cunnitigham Howard, tinner, 42 Milliman 
Cunningham IsiUic H. mariner, 29 Randall 
Cunningham James, 78 e Favette 
Cunningham James B. 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Jas. M. salesman, 54 n Ivxeter 
Cunninnham James, gasfitter, 99 n Caroline 
CUNNINGHAM JOHN E. A. wholesale and re- 
tail stoves, ifec. 53 and 55 s Calvert and 
Cheapside, dw 153 w Biddle 
Cuiningham John L. 385 Franklin 
Cunninixham John B. 266 n Front 
Cunningham John C. clerk, 320 e Pratt 
Cunningham John J.sho<'maker,22 n PoppletOD 
Cunningham John, laborer, 189 n Holliday 
Cunningham John, laborer, 111 Peach al 
Cunningham John, (Samuel Wilhelra cj* Co.) 

953 w Pratt 
Cunningham John, laborer, 72 Boyd 
Cunningham John, canmaker, 9 Hill 
Cunningham John D. hackman,288 Harford av 
Cunningham John W. conductor, 287 e Pratt 
Cunnint;ham J. A. watchman, 15 O'Donnell 
Cunningham Jos. J. oysters, 52 e Pratt 
Cunningham ]\Iary A. 204 George 
Cunningham Michael, drayman, 262 s Caroline 
Cunningham Michael, laborer, 630 w Pratt 
Cunningham Mortimer, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Nicholas, laborer, 146 Saratoga 
Cunningham Patrick, moulder, 102 s Chapel 
Cunningham Peter, laborer, 304 Cross 
Cunningham .Mrs. Rosena, 55 Columbia 
Cunningham Samuel, watchman, 180 East 
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, confec. 304 Cross 
Cunningham Sarah V. 335 Franklin 
Cunningham Thos. i)Otter, Street's hotel 
Cunninnham Thos. J. 15 Goodman al 
CUNNINGHAM THOMAS A. coal agent, 31 

South, dw n w cor Madison and ('alvert 
Cunningham Wm. 181 n Front 
Cunnillgllam^Vm.R.jr. bookkee[)er, 276 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. 56 Exchange pi, dw 248 

Linden av 
Cunningham Wm. C clerk, 316 e Chase 
CuniiiiiiihamWrn. E.watclimkr,46S \v Baltimore 
CCNNINGllAM WM. R. wholesale liquors, 48 

w Lomliard, dw 276 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. H. ( Wm. H. C. & Co.)Eagle 

Cunningham Wm. H. & Co. (Wm. 11. Cun- 
ningham, Thos. .M. Ditman, Wm. A. Cun- 
ningham,) flour, feed aud lime, s w cor 
Knsor and East 
Cunningham Wm. A. ( Wm. II. C. <fe Co.) Eagle 

hotel ' I 

Cunningham Wm. A. bricklayer, 90 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. W. druggist, 136 McEIderry 
Cunzeman J. A. stoves and tinware, 140 s 

Curd Wm. basketmkr, 26 s Rutaw 
C'urlett Mrs. Frances, 364 William 
Curlctl John, (Smith & C.) 185 St. Paul 
Curleit Lewis G. com. mercht, 12 Camden, dw ^ 
120 Lee j 

Curlett Wm. 82 McCulloh ' 

; Offices, 54 S. G-ay. and 


Chew and Stirling:. 

Curlev Albert, clerk, Uruid Hill av est 

Uurley Aun R. 83 Park 

Curley Ann, confectionery. 31 Oxford 

Curley Herniird, engineer, 29 Cmnl.ridge 

Curley Bri;ui, laborer. 9 Woodyear 

Curley r>ridget, 2 Webb 

Curley Chas. bookkeeiier, Clifton nr the Park 

Curley Chas. H. bookkeeper, I Hanover 

Curley Henry R. liiiulier, cor.Julin and Charles 

dvv John nr Wilson 
Curley James, moulder, 212 llollins 
Curley Jauies A. clerk, 167 \v Uidrlle 
CURLKV JAMES W. iniiir hanlware, 17 i 

Hottuid, d\v Baltimore co 
Curley James F. clerk, 348 Lexington 
Curley John U. clerk, 17 u Howard 
Curley John D. clerk, 95 e Madison 
Curley John E. painter, 240 s Kuiavr 
Curley John T. bookkeeper, 143 n Kiitaw 
Curley John, liquors. 4G Park av 
Curley L>r. Joseph 11. (C. .t Roljertson, ) Ca 

Curley .Mrs. Mary, 202 Madison av 
Curlev Nancy, 22 Hilleu 

CURLEY .«i RUBERTtiOX, (Dr. J. H. Curley 
H. W. {{obertsuii, ag'ts .Etna Life Ins. Co 
Hartford, Conn, 3 Postoliice av 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 5 Scoit 
Curley 'J'homas, laiiorer, 2 Webl) 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 37 York 
Curley Wm. builermkr, 24u s Kutaw 
Curley Wm. E. bookkeeper, Druid Hill av ext 
Curley Wm. laborer, 39 Vork 
Curn Michael, drivei;, 9 Stockholm 
Curran Bridget, grocery, 44 Cooksie 
Currau Cliarles, machinist, ii3.") \v Lombard 
Curran Ch-s. A. machinisi, 13,") w Loml)ard 
Curran Daniel, stonecutter, 31 e Fa_\eite 
Currau Edmund, laborer, 3iJS Canton av 
(jurrau Edward, laborer, 79 Watson 
Currau Edward, laborer, 37 Eastern av 
Currau Elizabeth, 138 e -Monumeni 
Currau Francis, laborer, 37 Eastern av 
Currau Francis jr. laborer, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Henry, porter, 39 East 
Curran James, laborer, 121 Dover 
Curran James, porter, St. Clair hotel 
Currau J as. water engineer, 635 w Lombard 
Curran John, sexton Loyola College 
Curran Mrs. Johanna, boarding, 310 Light 
Currau Joiin .M. carpenter, 153 s Chapel 
Curran Jo.sepii, canmltr, 49 Cjtiles 
Currau Kuhu, 275 W illiam 
Curran Lewis C. machinist. 6.''5 w Lomlwrd 
Curran Mrs. Mary A. 278 n Regester 
Curran Mrs. Mary, 16 Scott 
Curran Mary, dresssmkr, 1(I9 Saratoga 
Curran .Matthew, carter, Eden nr Aliceimna 
Curran Michael, peddler, 79 Watson 
Curran .Michael, 3l0 Light 
Curran Nicholas F. salesman, 133 Bank 
Curran Patrick, laborer, 44 Cooksie 
Curran Sarah, dresmkr, 109 Saratoga 
Curran Thcnnas, laborer, 5 Littel al 
Curran Thomas, foundryman, 37 Eastern av 
Currell Samuel B. shoemkr, 8 Siockhoim 
Currej Dr. James H. 78 s Paca 
('urry Chas. E. dentist, 84 Hanover 
Curry Frank, laborer, s end of Clinton ' 
Curry James, watchman, St. Clair hotel 
Curry Mrs. Jane, boarding. 84 Hanover 
Currv John T. shoecutter, l6-< n Eden 

Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


(■|>\ST.\.\TI.V KoI{ .SAI.K 

Clover. Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eo.sendale Cement and Plaster. 

Ciirry John, laborer, lo5 s Castle 
' Curry .loliu. driver. lo2 (Ireennionnt av 

Curry , loan, ciiuiin-er. 42 Park av 
I Curry .Inliu }v. carjuiiter, 42 1 EiistiM'ii av 

Curry Jno. \\' . driver, ('eiitra! av nr Bank 
', Curry .lo.-^i'ph, luirksier, 278 n Eutaw 
I Curry Mr,-^. Mary N, 82 s ('hoi)taiik 

Curry Newman B. telegrapiiist, H',s n VA^n 

Curry Patrick, laborer, s end Clinton 
: Curry Richard, carpenter, 177 Penna av 

Curry Thomas, coppersmith. 62 w I'ratt 
' Curry Thoimis. lab. s end of (Minion 

Curry Thos. P. clerk, 19 s Schroeder 
I Curry Wm. carpenter, 10 Parrish 
I Curry Wm. mariner, 82 s ('hoi)tank 

Cuiiy Wm. sionecntier, 506 Catiton av 
' Curry Dr. Wm. H. 143 n Eut^w, dw l,-,2 
I Curtain Henry C. (F. H. Cnipy .t Co.) 5 w cor 
' Caroline and .iohn 

Curtain Henry, butcher, 16 Centre, 20 Le.King- 
ton and 10 Ri<4jmond miirkels, dw Harford 
av nr rity limits 

Curtain .kiine.-., luitcher. 11 Centre. 25 Lexing- 
! t(jn and 16 Richmond markets, dw Harford 

av nr city limits 
: Curtain James D. cooper, 22.3 e Monument 

Curtain James T. butcher, 5 P.irluiioiid nwr- 
ket, dw Harfonl av nr city limits 
j Curtain Johanna, huckstre.-;s, 17 Diamond 
! Curtain (.)liver, cooper, 22.3 e Monument 
' Curtain Samui'l, cnuiier, rear 37 Light, dw 204 
n Ed. II 

Curtain Wm. 17 Diamond 

Cnrth Wiegaud. lager beer, s e cor Wa^hingtoT^ 
and .Jarkson sf] av 

Curtin .Mary, ilressmaker. 88 Saratoga 

Curtin Patrick. barkce{)er, 220 (Jerman 

Curtin .Susan, dressmaker. 88 .Sarato-a 

Curtis Rev. Alfred A. 194 .Madison av 
I Curtis Edward, tailor, 137 w Pratt 
' Curtis Emma, 31 Clay 

Curtis George R. cleik. Miller's hotel 

Curtis (ieorge R. bookkeeper. 3;'. n C.ilvert 

Curtis II. Albert, clothin'z cutter, 230 German 
' Curtis James, wagoner, 102 Dolphin 
1 Curtis John, huckster, 163 Ensor 

Curtis John A (WoUfA C) 381 Saratoga 

Curtis .Mrs. .Mary A. 230German 
1 ('nrtis Peter, iai»orer, 526 w Pratt 
I (Jurvel Charles, bri(d<layer, 237 w HofTman 
i Curvill Rob't A. jdaslerer, 167 (Jreenmount aT 
! Curvill Samuel, i)lasterer, 167 GrecnmoUHt aT 

Curvill Wm. sailmaker, 227 s Eden 

Cury Edward, carpenter, 38 Etting 
■ Cusaek Laiighlin, laborer, 27 e .Monument 

Cushaw Edward L. stonecutter, 217 .Muliierry 

Cushaw John, cigarmaker, 217 Mulberry 
' Cushiag David, salesman, 50 McCtilloli 
I Cushiiig David jr. 50 McCnlloh 
I Cushiug Mrs. Ellen, 54 w Biddlc 
I Gushing Francis C. 17.3 M.idison av 

Gushing Capt. Henry C, U,S..-\,, Ft. McHenrv 

Horses Bonglit and Sold on Commission, 
CUS 142 " DAI 

Gushing Henrj-, bookkeeper, 23 George 
Cusliing Ueary M. clerk, 23 George 
Cushing James, bhicksniith, 259 Canton av 
Gushing Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, 28 n Re^jublican 
Cusiiing J. P., Mansion house 
Cushing John, (C & Medairy) 173 Madison av 
Gushing John jr. cashier, 23 George 
Cushing Joseph jr. (C. & Bailey) 134 Park 
Cushing Joseiih M. (C. Jj- Bailey) 13+ Park 
GUSHING & MEDAIRY, (Jno. Cushing, Jacob 

H. .Medairy) booksellers and stationers, ti n 

Gushing Richard C. 173 Madison av 
Gushing Wiley E. (W. Miller &. Co.) 134 Park 
CUSHINGS # BAILEY, (J. Cushing jr., L. E. 

Bailey, J. .M. Cushiug) booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 2G2 w Baltimore 
Cushley John A. printer, 10 s Bond 
GusickMrs. Mary, seamstress, IGl Aliceanna 
lusporl \Vm. laborer, Belair av ext 
Custis Revil, bricklayer, Division nr Wilson 
GUSTGM HOUSE (U. S.) u w cor Lombard 

and Gay 
Guston Dietrich, shoemaker, 169 e Baltimore 
Gusty Mrs. Mary, grocery, 208 Cross 
Gusty Mary, 7 Rock 
Gusty Michael, laborer, 208 Gross 
Gusty Patrick, carpenter. 7 Rock 
Gutaiar P'rancis, tobacconist and liquors, 7000 

w Baltimore 
Catcher Francis, bricklayer, 44 n Schroeder 
Gutcher Henry, bricklayer, 44 n Schroeder 
Cutcher Joseph, bricklayer, 44 n Schroeder 
Cutino Alexander, barber, 47 e Baltimore 
Gutino Fortune, lailoress, 132i n Gay 
Cutino Frances, tailoiess, 1322 n Gay 
Cutino Jusejih, barber, 132^ n Gay 
Cutler Mrs. Smith, 388 William 
Guttle George, Howard house 
Gutts Thos.W. gas pipe iiisp'r, 277 Aisquith 
Gzarnowsky Francis, jiaints and oils, GtJ2 and 

664 w Baltimore 

Dabour John, artist, 490 w Fayette 
Dabrasky George, cigars, 2^36 Franklin 
Dabrasky John, finislvr, 236 Franklin 
Dade k Davis, (R. Dade, G. H. Davis) tobacco 

com. merchants, 105 s Gbarles 
Dade Roliert, clerk, Hollins and Jlount 
Dade Robert T. clerk, 271 w Lombard 
Dadmun Nath'l W. mach'st, 102 s Washington 
Daearliug Erhart, tailor, 91 Ensor 
Daesenroth Frederick, blacksmith, 130 Barre 
Dafet David, peddler, 126 e Lombard 
Daflin Mrs. Ann, 258 I5ank 
Daffin Mrs. B. 60 n E.xeter 
DaflBn Benj. cutler, 15 n Gay, dw 60 n Exeter 
Dttflfin ("has. C. D. engineer, 229 w Fayetie 
Daflin Francis D. printer, 229 w Fayette 
DrtHV Jane, 116 n Scbroi-der 
Dagan George, laborer, 220 Penna av 
Dagenhart Andrew, tailor, 5 Tyson 
Dagenhart Joseph, musician, 225 n Bond 
Dagon Barney, barber, 12 Cotton row 
Dagon John, laborer, 12 Coiloii row 
Dahaven Jesse, laborer, 100 .Mullikin 
Dahonny Michael, laborer, 235 Gough 
Dahl George, huckster, 31 Union 
Dahl George, stove polisher, 123 Boyd 
Dahl Henry, blacksniilb, 87 Stockton al 

Dahl Jacob, grocery, 31 Union 

Dahl Jacob jr. wool, 33 Biddle al 

Dahl Louis, tinner, 123 Boyd 

Dahle Chas. express messenger, 107 n Front 

Dahle Conrad H. mercht. tailor, 57^ n Gay, dw 

Gay nr Exeter 
Dahle Henry, goldsmith, 70 McElderry 
Dahler .Matthias, milk, Clinton nr Elliott 
Dahme Peter, messenger Adams Exp. 209 Barre 
Daicker Robert J. druggist, 444 w Lombard 
Daiger Chas. H. (D. & Bramble) 169 Cathedral 
DAIGER & BRAMBLE, (Chas. H. Daiger, Chas. 

H. Bramble, J. V. and Edw. Daiger, com. 

merchants, 4 HoUingsworlh. [See Adver- 

Daiger Edward, (D. & Bramble) 333 w Pratt 
Daiger Francis A. 138 Divisiou 
Daiger Fred, hardware, 324 w Pratt 
Daiger J. Thos. printer, 74 s Broad wav 
Daiger Jas V. (D. k Bramble, ) 258 w Hoffman 
Daiger Lewis, gilder, 105 Lexington 
DAIGER M. A. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 

74 s Broadway 
Daiger Wm. H. teacher, 129 Orleans 
Dail T. Howard, salesman, 161 n Charles 
DA1LT.J.& Co.(T.J.Dail,Jno.L.Hebb)wholes. 

grocers and com. merchts. 27 Cheapside 
Dail T. J. (T. J. D. & Co.) 161 n Charles 
Dail Wm. L. carpenter, 512 n Lombard 
Daile}' Andrew, tinsmith, 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey Mrs. Bridget, beer, 154 s Washington 
Dailey Edward H. brushraaker, 630 Lexington 
Dailey Jlrs. Eleanor, varieties, 213 Hollins 
Dailey Francis, laborer, Vl^ Battery av 
Dailey Francis, laborer, 83 Goodman al 
Dailey Geo. H. salesman, 98 n High 
Dailey Henry, clerk, 146 e Fayette 
Dailey Mrs. Houora, grocery, 128 Battery av 
Dailey Hugh, 9 Willow 
Dailey Mrs. Isabella, 29 n Bond 
Dalle}' Jacob, laborer, Winan's depot 
Dailey James, salesman. Fountain hotel 
Dailey John laborer, Fulton nr .McHenry 
Dailey Joseph, mariner, 229 Aliceaunu 
Dailey Martin, tailor, 99 Hillen 
Dailey Jlichael, laborer, 154 s Washington 
Dailey Michael, blacksmith, 45 Harford av 
Dailey Michael, porter, 146 Druid Hill av 
Dailey Michael, laborer, 8 Woodyear 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 47 s Dewberry al 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 239 Hamburg 
Dailey Samuel, carpenter, 24 Orleans 
Dailey Samuel J. carpenter, 24 Orleans 
Dailey S. clerk, Miller's hotel 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 9 Willow 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 77 Cambridge 
Dailey Thomas, U. S. A., Fori .McHenry 
Dailey Thomas, cigarmaker, 73 Oxford' 
Dailey Wm. laborer, 47 s Dewberry al 
Daily Ephraim V. surgical insts. 98 n High 
Daily Frank Y. clerk, 146 e Fayette 
Daily Henry C. clerk, 140 e Fayette 
Daily .Mark, grocery, 109 Cathedral 
Daily Owen, laborer, 85 s Dallas 
Daily Thos. magistrate, 125 Forrest, dw 353 n 

Central av 
Daily Tinnithy, hackman, 43 L. Pleasant 
D.\ILY W.\l. F. surgical instrument maker, 

234 W. Baltimore, dw 46 w .Monument 
Daily Wm H. clerk, 46 w Monument 
Daingerfield Ann E. 29 Pleasant 
Dairing Geo. cabinetmaker, 9 n Bethel 

At C entral St ables. Il l Lex in gton. C. H . Bredemeyer. 
DAL 143 DAN 

Dale Dnvid E. 70 n Calvert 

Dale Robert, carpenter. 244 Mnlherry 

Dale Samuel laborer, 515 Saratoga 

Dale Samuel, jr. Rdinondson av nr Republican 

Dale William. 208 Forrest 

Daley Bernhard. tailor 2 Donnelly's ct 

Daley Edward, brushmakL-r, G.30 Le.vington 

Daley Klijah, plasterer, 52 n Front 

Daley Mrs. Elizabeth, 251 n Caroline 

Daley Kate, (D. & Gutman,) 147 Conway 

Dalev Henry R. cabinetmaker, 295 Saratoga 

Daley Jacob, clerk Water dep't, 58 n Caroline 

Daley Jacob, jr. clerk, 58 n Caroline 

Daley John, hackman, 29 Constituiioa 

Daley John, laborer, 8 Foundry 

Daley Joseph W. furniture, 8 Penna av 

Daley Joseph, furniture, 8 Pcnua av, dw 24 

Daley & Gutman Misses, (Kate Daley, Rina 

Gutman,) ladies' hairdress. 530 w Baltimore 
Daley Maria, seamstress, 41 Hillen 
Daley Martin, laborer, 227 Hamburg 
Daley Mrs. Mary, 5o s Chester 
Dalev Jlrs. Mary, grocery, 85 n Dallas 
Daley Mrs. Mary A. dressmaker, 295 Saratoga 
Daley Mary, tai'loress, 36 Brune 
Daley Michael, blacksmith, 45 Harford av 
Daley Owen, laborer, 85 n Dallas 
Daley Patrick, laborer, 355 s Charles 
Daley Patrick, laborer, 40 Penn 
Daley Philip, carpenter, 52 n Front 
Daley Tiiomas, laborer, 227 Hamburg 
Daley Thos. S. painter, 71 Gough 
Daiey Wm. J. carpenter, DivLsion nr Wilson 
Daley Wm. huckster, 206 Chesnut 
Dall Austin. Waverley, York rd 
DALL EUGENE M. prop'r German St. Hall, 

2G German 
Dall H. McP. clerk, 154 w B.iltimore 
Dall John W. i-rakeman, 367 Le.xington 
Dall Joseph E. dry goods com. merch. 19 Ger- 
man, dw 201 n Howard 
Dallam Charles F. 41 w Biddle 
Dallam Edward B. secy Md. Ins. and Security 

Co. 57 Secood, dw Harford co 
Dallam H. Clay, attorney, cor St. Paul and 

Saratoga, dw 269 u Kutaw 
Dallam Josepli W. clerk, 49 s Exeter 
Dallaiu Mrs. Sarah S. 83 Bolton 
Dallam Wm. L. attorney, 7 Courtland, dw 55 

Dallam W. W. (Herbert, Hairstou & Co.) 83 

Dallery J. B. beer, 232 Lexington 
Dallwig Conrad, pianomaker, 100 n Pine 
Dallwig Mrs. F. milliner, 100 n Pine 
D'Almaiue Geo. 520 w Fayette 
D'Almaine Geo. M. bookkeeper, 520 w Fayette 
DalmonProf. H. 192 n Calvert 
Dalrymple .Mrs. Alex. P. coal agent. 442 n Gay 
Dalrymple Mrs. Agnes, 270 e Monument 
Dalrymple Agnes, dressmk. 270 e Monument 
Dalrymple Dr. Augustine J. 330 e Pratt 
Dalrymple Rev. Edwin A. pres't University of 

Md. 32 Mulberry, dw 195 vv Lombard 
Dalrymple Mrs. Emily J. 143 n Eutaw 
Dalrymple George, clerk, 143 n Eutaw 
Dalrymple Geo. W. police, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple James A. clerk, 442 n Gay 
Dalrvmple Janet, dressmaker, 270 e Monument 
Dalrymple John, machluist, 112 Hill 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Dali-ymple Maggie, dressmak. 270 e Monument 
Dalrymple Robert, clerk, 112 Hill 
Dalr\m[)le Thomas, tinner, lo Somerset 
Dalrymple Thos. tinner, 35 Low 
Dalrvmple Thos sr.boxmak. 181 L. Constitution 
Dalsiieimer D. & Sons, (D., S. L. and H. C. Dal- 

sheimer,) wholesale boots and shoes, 6 n 

Howard and 149 Lexington 
Dalsheimer David, (D. D. & Son,) 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Henry C. (D. D. & Sons)48 s Sharp 
Dals-beimer Leon, (D. D. & Sons.) 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Sylvan. (D. D. & Sons,) 28 n Pine 
Dalton Ellen, grocery, 97 s DaUas 
Dalton John E. police, 132 Harford av 
Dalton Mrs. Margaret, 6 Swan 
Dalton Wm. grocery, 97 s Dallas 
Daly Chas. polisher, 208 n Front 
Daly Henry E. marble polisher. 68 n Holliday 
Daly Henry F. varnisher, 240 Conwaj- 
Daly James, restaurant and board'g, 85 North 
Daly John H. varnisher, 240 Conway 
Daly John A. bookkeper, 71 Holland 
Daly Josiah, varnisher, 240 (^tnway 
Daly Patrick, nurse, 59 Chesnut 
Daly Thomas, varnisher, 240 Conway 
Damast Philip, carpenter, 202 Montgomery 
Dambmann G. F. Ph. (Lorentz & Ritler, ) 51 

n Gilmor 
Damer Andrew, cabinetmaker. 143 Dover 
Darner Frederick, clerk. 242 Ilollins 
Damer John S. clerk, 52 s Sharp 
Damer Joseph, saddler, 139 n Howard 
Damer Martin, clerk, 158 Franklin 
Damer Matthew, tailor, over 150 Franklin 
Dames Charles, butcher, 56 Belair market, dw 

Butcher hill 
Dames Mrs. Christiana, cor Madison and Castle 
Dames John H. police. General Wayne hotel 
Damm August, grocery, 391 Canton av 
Damm Charles, varnisher, 391 Canton av 
Damm Frederick. 391 Canton av 
Damm Henry, laborer, 1 1 1 Le^denhall 
Damm John, laborer, 111 Leadenhall 
Damm Wm. laborer. 111 Leadenh.ill 
Dammann Augusta, 191 Mulberry 
Dammann Chas. L. plasterer, H'i .Mulberrv 
Dammann Ernest, (F. W. k E. D.) 387 Druid 

Hill av 
Dammann F. Wm. (F. W. & E. D.) Lanvale 

bet Fremont and Chaisworth 
Dammann F. W. & E. inip'rs of cloths and 

velvets, 19 Hanover 
Dammann John F. clerk. Lanvale nr Fremont 
Dammann Dr. Lewis U. 191 Mulberry 
Damraatel Geo. F. clerk, 78 n S'hroeder 
Damme Henry, shoemaker, 214 s Broadway 
Damme Sophia, boots and shoes, 214s Broadway 
Dammer Mary, butter, 289 Franklin 
Daramer Sebastian, huckster. 289 Franklin 
Danbieger Geo. confectionery. 362 Frauklin 
Dandefer Anae, veatmaker, 65 Park 

Joslrna Horner, Jr. Manufac'r and Com. Merchant, 



DANDRLET F. & CO. (\Vm. U. English, J. 
l)Uin.'ilii.':d. ) brewers, n e cor Conway and 
I)an(i('let Francis jr. clerk, 29 Conway 
Dandelet F. G. dyer and sconrer,r22 n Howard 
Dmieker David H. engineer, 224 Montsromery 
Daneker Edwin T. snp't C. H. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Frank A. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Geo. C. clei-k, l.s5 s (^liailes 
Daneker John F. millwrifiht, 25 Henrietta 
Daneker .John J. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Ornian A. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Samuel H. clerk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker Thos. 0. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker William, Sweet Air 
Danels !?olivar D., Jiidnje Orphans' Court and 
Consul for Venezuela, 4."? Lexington, dw 192 
n Calvert 
Danels John D. jr. prnp'r (^la<rctt's brewery, e 

Lombard, adj'^^ Falls, dw 254 n Charles 
Danels Joseph, iirewer, 105 n Exeter 
Danels Joseph D. brewer, 254 n Charles 
Danc^erfield Washington I. cigarmnker, 58 

Dangle Theodore, millwright, 15 Wyeth 
Danhart John, tailor, 14 Tiiompson 
Daniel .Andrew, shoemaker. 191 Vine 
Daniel Aug. Tarnisher, 11 Sterrett 
Daniel John H.(Penniman it Bro. )Eutaw house 
Daniel Jo.?eph D. clerk, B. & O. R. R., Camden 

Daniel Michael, 211 s Paca 
Daniel .Moses, clerk. 211s Paca 
Daniel Prof. Robert, 241 n Eutaw 
ItA.MEL W.M. attorney, 7 Courtland, dw 83 

w Centre 
Daniels Chas. mariner, 235 s Eutaw 
D.'iniels Geo. W. eh lirmaker, 240 n Dallas 
D.miels James D. scroll sawyer, 174 s Wash- 
Daniels John C. clerk, 1 s Exeter 
Daniels Joseph D. clerk, 108 Hanover 
Daniels Mrs Julia A. milliner. 1 s Exeter 
Dankmeyer John F. baker, 905 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Theodore, b.iker, 6G1 w Baltimore 
Dannahcr Daniel, laborer, 125 Chesapeake 
Dannalier Michael J. huckster, 76 n .Vmity 
Dannnher Thomas, bottler, 49 n Front 
Dannenl)erg Frederick K. ?,H9 Lexington 
Dannenberg .Mrs. Louisa, 339 Lexington 
Dannenberger Anchel, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenl)erger August, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Danuenbirger Isaac, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger Isaiah, tailor, 24 Douglass 
Dannenbertier Philip, clerk, 24 
Danneiifelser Adam, cooper, 170 s Central av 
Dannenfelser (^nrad, shoemaker, 7 Cotton row 
])annenfelser John, shoem'r, Clinton nr Boston 
])annenfelscr Lewis, cooper, 117 Eastern ar 
Dannenfelser Martin jr. lab. Clinton nr Boston 
Danner Wesley C. Franklin house 
Dannettel & Co. (J. H. Dannettel, F. Schulze, 
J. A. Silberzahn) packing boxmakers, 15 n 
D.iiuiettel John H. ( D. & Co.) Hand house 
Dannettel John H. jr. boxmaker, Hand house 
Dannettel Henry L. cabinetmaker, Scott nr Co- 
Daorr Conrad, laborer, 20 Russell 
Dapprick Emil, teacher, 47 n Gay 

DANSKIX W.ASHINGTONA.shirtmanufac'r. 

and gent's furn. goods, I7G w Baltimore, dw 

Mansion house 
Danson Lewis, mariner, 78 n Poppleton 
Danver Robert, clerk, 129 s Sharp 
Danver Thomas, laborer, 30 O'Donnell 
Danver.s Frank, laborer, 18 Baker ct 
Danz Chas. A. shoemaker, 8 Jew al 
Danz Edward, capmaker. 22 e Pratt 
Danz Henry, bakery, IGG n Eden 
Danzaelch Henry, cab'tmk'r, 154 n Central av 
Danzeglock August, (J. H. & A. D.) barber, 

154 Low 
Danzeglock Henry, shoemaker, 43 n Gay, dw 

123^ n Front ." 
Danzeglock .lohn H. (J. H. & August D.) 154 

Danzeglock J. H. & August D. liquors, 109 

Darbeck Charles, canmaker, 552 Saratoga 
Darher John, machinist, 12 s Lilierty 
Darby Bi'nj. F. clerk, Choptank nr Pratt 
Darby Benj. (D. & Co.) 315 w Fayette 
Darby Benj. F. (D. & Co.) 315 w Fayette 
DARBY & CO. (Benj., Philip, David and Benj. 

F. Darby) steam candy manufacturers, 325 

w Baltimore 
Darliy David, (D. & Co.) 531 w Fayette 
Darby Montiilion, machinist, 456 w Lombard 
DarbV Mrs. Kate, 381 Light 
DarhV N. R. & Co. (N. R. Darby, T. Duvall) 

com. merchants, 101 s Charles 
Darby Nich. R. (N. R. D. & Co.) 101 s Charles 
Darby Philip, (D. & Co.) 634 w Fayette 
Darden Geo. F. watchmaker. 185 w Baltimore, 

dw 61 n Liberty 
Dare Mrs. Carrie, 29G Penna av 
Dare Mrs. Catherine, 71 Barre 
Dare Dr. Geo. H., Frederick av nr Monroe 
Dare (iideon G. (Dare k Edwards) 228 w Lom- 
DARE & EDWARDS, (Gideon G. Dare, S. Ed- 
wards.) gen'l com. merch'ts, 95 s Charles 
Dare James G. clerk, Frederick av nr Monroe 
Dare Wm. H. hardware, 258 w Pratt, dw 183 

s Paca 
Darley John W. 'shoemaker, 1()2 n Bond 
Darlej' Mrs. Sarah, 98 Townsend 
Darling Mrs. Eliza, 129 n High 
Darling F. Taylor, ganger, 58 St. Paul 
Darling Dr. Henrv. 143 .Mullierry 
Darling Isaac, of"C. H. 12!> n H'igh 
Darling James H. tinner, 183 Jelferson 
Darling James T. carpenter, 1 i n Sharp, dw 

5 s Carey 
Darling John sr. police, 97 Aisquith 
Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 
Darmstadt Henry, laborer, 56 e I'ratt 
Darmstadt Philij), miner, 100 s Chapel 
Darnall J. M. patternmakr, Clinton n of Boston 
Darner Joseiih, collar maker, 139 n Howard 
Daro Mrs. Justina. 26 Warner 
Darraugh Wm. police, 504 Harford av 
DARRELL CHAS & CO. (C. Darrell, Jas. W. 

Boyle) im|)rs. wines and liq'rs. 4 Exchange pi 
Darrell Chas. (Chus. D. & Co.) 245 n Calvert 
Darrell Stewart & Co. (S. D:irrell) ship, and 

com. merchants, over 66 s (iay 
Darrell Stewart, (S. D. & Co.) 245 n Calvert 
Darrenberger David, confecti'r, 931 Lexington 
Darrenlierger H. cattle driver, 931 Lexington 

Offices, 54 S. Cray, and Corner Chew and Stirling. 
DAR 145 DAV 

Darsch Conrad, barkeeper, 61 Hanover 
Darsch Philip, gas fitter, 397 s Eutaw 
Diirteln Theodore, tobacco, 83 s Paca 
Dasch Conrad, carpet weaver, 144 Orchard 
Dasch Chas. W. confectionery, 135 e Baltimore 
Dasch Frank, machinist, 144 Orchard 
Dasch Gustina, restaurant, 189Hollins 
Dasch John A. quarrvman, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dasch John N. blacksmith, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dasch Wm. H. grai. cutter,F;ills rd nr tollgate 
Dasel John, brewer, Belair av ext 
Dasey Cornelius, laborer, 43 Haubert 
Dasey Jeremiah, laborer, 43 Haubert 
Dash Adam, silversmith, 59 3 Monroe 
Dash Elwig, blacksmith, rear 26 Bevan 
Dash John, bristle comber, 55 s Monroe 
Dash John, laborer, 87 s Dallas 
Dash Mary, laundiess, 87 s Dallas 
Dash Peter, laborer, 87 s D^illas 
Dash Philip, laborer, 87 s Dallas 
Dash Wm. stonecutter, Falls road nr tollgate 
Dashields Catherine. 37 Cross 
Dashields James, mariner, 242 s Broadway 
.Dashields Thos. grocery, 91 s Exeter 
Dashields Wm. H. caulker, 105 Johnson 
Dashields Wm. W. mariner, 251 William 
DashiellMrs. Ann, 175 Bank 
Dashiell Chas. K. carver, 141 s Washington 
Dashiell Mrs Elizabeth, lis Washington 
Dashiell Mrs. Emily G. E. GO St. Paul 
Dashiell Jno. V. carver, 54 s Choptank 
Dashiell John, caulker, 37 Cross 
Dashiell Mrs. Mary E. 333 e Baltimore 
Dashiell Mrs. Matilda, 27^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Capt. Mitchell, 27^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Nicholas, bricklayer, 64 Lancaster 
.^a shiell Dr. Nicholas Leeke, 20 7 s Broadway 
Dashiell Rich. fi. caamaker, 104 s WasEington 
Dashiell Mrs. Robert, 2 Aisquith 
Dashiell Eufus, student, 80 n Carey 
DASHIELL S. K. real estate broker, 32 St. 

Paul, dw Howard co 
Dashiell Wm. 0. clerk, 44 Spring row 
Dashiell Wm. R. bricklayer. 426 n Eden 
Daub Christian, grocery, 263 n Broadway 
Dauber John, burnisher, 12 s Liberty 
D.iubert Christopher, slater, 237 Lee 
Daubert Frederick, laborer, Clinton nr Hudson 
Daubraan Chris, shoemkr, Payson nr Lombard 
Dnubman Henry, glass blower, 250 West 
Dauch Peter, cigar maker, 244 Hanover 
Dauchert Charles, watchmaker, 66 s Central av 
Dauenhauer Louis, carpenter, 280 e Lombard 
Dauer Mrs. Gracie, grocery, 39 Brown 
Dauer John, shoemaker, 39 Brown 
Daugherty Edward, brakeman, 58 e Fayette 
Daugherty Edwd. heli>er, 148 Dover 
Daugherty Geo. harnessmaker, 298 Cross 
Daugherty James, pa[>er maker, Druidville 
Daugherty James M. printer, 49 Valley 
Da<jgherty John, police, 132 Harford av 
Daugherty John T carpenter, 221 Rollins 
Daugherty Rev. John J. 106 n Charles 
Daugherty J. M. (D., Maguire & Wright) 49 

Daugherty John, nightman, 352 Canton av 
Daugherty, Maguire & Wright, (J. M. Daugh- 
erty, J. F. Maguire, J. N. Wright) job prin- 
ters, s e cor Baltimore and Gay 
Daugherty Mrs. Marv, 50 Chesnut 
Daugherty Mrs. Priscilla A.(Wm. G. D. & Co.) 
16 Jackson sq 




Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


(MNsr.WTIA' FclK .S u,;-. 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement aud Plaster. 

Daugherty Michael, grocery, 50 Chesnut 
Daugherty Rev. Thomas cor Presstman and 

Daugherty Wm. G. & Co. (W. G. and P. A. 
Daugherty) coal, cor Central av and Fayette 
Daugherty Wm. G. (W. G. D. & Co.) 16 jack- 
son sq 
Daugherty R. T. clerk, 21 s Howard 
Daura John, tailor, 155 Welcome al 
Daum John, collector, 71 s Chapel 
Daumann Geo. basket maker, 25 Perry 
Dausch Anthony, stevedore, s e cor Broadway 

and Jackson sq av 
Dausch Charles, lab. Eastern av nr Patterson 

Park av 
Dausch Jacob, lab. Eastern av nr Patterson 

Park av 
Dausch J. P. stevedore, Eastern av nr Patterson 

Park av 
Dausch Dr. Pierre, s e cor Broadway and Jack- 
son sq av 
Dauschmuller Fred'k, joiner, 109 Henrietta 
Daussa John, tailor, 23 s Durham 
Dauterich Charles, carp. 8 n Eden 
Dauterich Henry, tinner, 8 n Eden 
DAUTERICH HENRY, beer, cor Ann and 

Dauterich Henry L. clerk, cor Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich .John, tavern, 8 n Eden 
Dauterweil Sebastian, grocery, 40 Frederick av 
Dauvert Lewis, shoemkr, 54 Ridgely 
Davenport Bartham, agent, 32 s Spring 
Davenport Dr. B. H. R. 125 n Schroeder 
DAVENPORT B. H. R. apothecary, cor Mul- 
berry and Schroeder 
Davenport Francis E. B. sewing machine agt, 

30 Aisquith 
Davenport James, clerk, 17 n Fremont 
Davenport Mrs. Jane, 162 s Wolfe 
DaTenport Joseph B. clerk, 25 Hamilton 
Davids Albert G. 274 Park av 
Davids August, tailor, 91 Harrison 
Davids Garrett B.fDenmead & Son) 274 Park av 
David Margaret, 112 e Lombard 
Davidson And. J. brass finisher. 412 e Madison 
Davidson A. B. 354 n Eutaw 
Davidson Chas. C. shoemkr, 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson C. Falconer, clerk, 46 n Fremont 
DAVIDSON C. Y. gas fixtures, 5 n Liberty, 

dw 201 H Calvert 
Davidson, Clark & Co. (Wm. T. Davidson, J. 
E. Clark) com. merchts. and wholes, liquors, 
48 8 Howard 
Davidson Deborah, 119 n Central av 
Davidson Edward, conductor, 170 Perma av 
DAVIDSON F. H. hardware, 158 Franklin, 

dw Druid Hill av nr McMechin 
Davidson Francis, 119 n Central av 
Davidson Geo. F. gasfitter, 765 w Baltimore 
Davidson Mrs. Helen M. 154 Lanvale 
Davidson James W. huckster, 493 Aisquith 
Davidson James, fireman, McHenry and Monroe 

Carriages of all descripti on. Sl eighs, Sadd le Horses. &c. 

146 DAV 


Davidson John E. (Dietz & D.) 85 s Paca 
Davidson John (). shoefitter, (>\2 w Haltimore 
Davidson John J. butcher, 14 Belair niarket. 

dw Aisquilh ur Point la 
Davidson Joseph E. clerk, 85 s Paca 
Davidson Mrs. P. 257 n -Charles 
Davids'in Robert, roofer, Ss .Mullikin 
Davidson Robert T. bookkeeper, 90 .Mulberry 
Davidson Robert J. crasfitter, V76 w Baltimore 
Davidson .Mrs. Dr. S. .V. 40 Pleasmt 
!)avidson Samuel G. police, cor Point la and 

Harford av 
Davidson Mrs. Sarah J. 82.\ McElderry 
Davidson Thomas M. cooper, 48 Ridgely 
Davidson \V;(llace ( '. clerk, 765 w Baltimore 
Davidson Win. ropemkr. Harford av nr Point la 
Davidson Wm. T. (D., Clark & Co.) 15 Ca- 
Davidson Wm. S. shoefiller, 612 w Baltimore 
Davies Samuel K. agent, 4!t w Biddle 
Davies Wm. H. agent, 205 w Baltimore, dw 49 

w Biddle 
Davies Wm. T. clerk, 21 s Calvert 
Davis Abram, engineer, 5 w Biddle 
Davis Albert, sup't light house, 19 Hill 
Davis Albin P. machinist, 10 s Republican 
Davis Alexander, rags, Hampden 
Davis Alexander, plasterer, 31 Wyeth 
DAVIS ALKXANDER G. barber, 48 Post Of- 
fice av, dw 39 Richmond 
Davis A. T. canmkr, 128 n Bond 
Davis A. G. sui>'l telegraph B.&O.R.R., 429 

.Madison av 
Davis Alice V. teacher, lOG Hillen 
Davis Allen B. farmer, 378 Madison av 
Davis Alpheus, carpenter, 62 s Greene 
Davis Andrew, clerk. 117 n Eden 
Davis Amos M. cooper, 139 Hamburg 
Davis Andrew, stairbuilder, 78 Grtenmount av 
Davis Anne, 71 s Bond 
Davis Mi-s. Annie K. 22G n Eden 
Davis Mrs. Annie K. dressmkr, 39 Richmond 
Davis Archibald M. foreman, Weaver & McSher- 

rv, under Barnum's hotel, dw 74 Barre 
Davis Benj. B. clerk, 34 Columbia 
Davis Benj. M. junk, 30 Henrietta 
Davis Benton C. engineer, 193 Battery av 
Davis Berry B. clerk, 34 Columbia 
Davis Bradford A. conductor, 63 s Bond 
Davis Mrs. Caroline, 175 Druid Hill av 
Davis Catherine, 83 Stiles 
Davis Mrs. Dr. C. S. 122 n Greene 
Davis Charles W. huckster, 261 s Paca 
Davis (!has. M. cigarmkr, 54 Centre Market sp 
Davis Chas. A. inspr. C. H. 30 n Republican 
Davis Chas. junk, 348 Aliceanna, Canton 
Davis Chas. W . bookkeeper, 134 Mulberry 
Davis Chas. H. pilot, 214 Gough 
Davis Chas. M. carp. Towusend nr Fremont 
Davis Chas. J. block and [)umpmaker, foot of 

Montgomery, dw 104 s Exeter 
Davis C. T. shoecutter, 97 s Paca 
Davis Mrs. (Mara, boarding, 60 n Central av 
Davis Chria. C. B. bap. master, 244 w Fayette 
Davis Clinton W. clerk, 31 Jackson 
Davis Conrad, laborer, Washington av ext 
Davis Conrad, laborer, 109 Eastern av 
Davis Custis, of C. H., .Mansion house 
Davis Daniel, smelter, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Daniel, laborer, 4 Abbot 
Davis David W. confec'y, 5 w Biddle 
Davis David, 37 Lexington 

Davis David, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis David O , Clinton s of Boston 
Davis Edward T. clerk, 2(i7 Saratoga 
Davis Edward, millwright, 12 Smith 
Davis Edward. (E. Davis ^ Co.) Baltimore co 
DAVIS EDWARD k CO. (Edward Davis, J. 
Henry Knell, jr.) lumber dealers, cor Fre- 
mont and Prei-stman 
Davis Edward, coachmaker, 179 e Eager 
Davis Edward, driver, 286 Canton av 
Davis Edwin C. clerk, 49 n Charles 
Davis Edwin R. real estate agent, 3 Courtland. 

dw 162 Hanover 
Davis Elijah, hiborer. Chase e of Wolfe 
Davis .Mrs. Elizabeth, Clipper Mills 
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth, 74 s Fremont 

DAVIS FRANK E. Architect, Room 
No. 1, Second Story, over s e 
cor Charles and Fayette, dw 64 
n Greene. 

Davis Franklin P. carter, 74 s Fremont 
Davis Franklin P. stonecutter, Woodberrj 
Davi.s Fredk. liquors, 314 Canton av 
Davis Geo. junk, 292 s Caroline, dw 381 East- 
ern av 
Davis Geo. A. jr. machinist, 87 s Mount 
Davis Geo. T. boilermaker, 195 Johnson 
Davis Geo. W^. upholsterer, 24 c Monument 
Davis Geo. S. plasterer, 230 MuUierrv 
Davis G. H., (Dade & D.) Carroll co" 
Davis Geo. W. shipsmith, Johnson nr Cross 
Davis Geo. W. carp, (^alhoun nr Presstman 
Davis Geo. H. stonecutter, 350 Eastern av 
Davis Geo. A. jr. plasterer, 230 Mulberry 
Davis Geo. A. builder, Townsend, one door w 

of Fremont 
Davis Dr. Geo. W. 361 c Baltimore 
Davis Geo. W. justice of the peace, 15 St. 

Paul, dw 273 Druid Hill av 
Davis Geo. W., Clifton nr Park la 
Davis Geo. W. carpenter, 18 s Schroeder 
Davis Henry R. clerk, 273 Druid Hill av 
Davis Henrv R. carpenter, 64 n Greene 
Davis Mrs Harriet, 106 Hillen 
Davis Henrietta, teacher, 35 Walsh 
Davis Henry C. clerk, 42 Mulberry 
Davis Henry T. coppersmelter, 40 O'Donnell 
Davis Mrs. Henry \V. 56 Franklin 
Davis Hy. moulder, Mt. Royal hill nr reservoir 
Davis Herman, laborer, 109 Eastern av 
Davis Howard, stonecutter, 360 Eastern av 
DAVIS I. THOMAS & CO. (I. Thomas Davis, 

Win. Marbury) salt dealers, 49 South 
Davis I. Thomas, (I. Thos. D. & Co.) George- 
town, D. C 
Davis Jacob C. carpenter, 348 Franklin 
Davis Jacob T. millwright. 348 Franklin 
Davis James, mariner, 5 n ('astle 
Davis James K. carpenter, 59 Walker 
Davis James A. clerk, 669 w Fayette 
Davis .Mrs. Janet, 62 n Ilolliday 
Davis Jetferson, shucker, 99 n Durham 
Davi,s James E. coal, s w cor Bond and Lom- 
bard, dw 6 n Washington 
Davis John, carpenter, 44 Orleans 
Davis John, laborer, Clinton s of Boston 
Davis John, brickmoulder, 99 n Durham 
Davis John G. laborer, 14 Boyd 
Davis John, shipcarp. 43 s Choptank 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 
DAV 147 DAY 

Davis Jijlin, junk, 348 Aliccant)a, Catitoii 
Dtivis John (j.inast. of mailiincrv IJ. k 

(JC'J \v Fayette 
Davis Johii'll. painter, <X', Bovil 
Davis Jolm, tailor, 270 n Uc-ntral av 
Davis .lolin K.cdachtriinnier, 27L; iiruiil Ilillav 
Davis Jolin W. fcc-d, bl Knsor 
Davis John C. jiainttT, D;5 n Kr(j:,t 
Davis John C. painter. .'•> s Oretroii 
Davis John, shipcarpenter, 31 j liitrht 
Davis John E. hrielclayer, 221 s I'aca 
Davis John E. rJL'^^er, 21 ? (dcai^n 
i'avis John F. jr. carpenter, 14 .NIct 'ie'Uin. dw 

'Jl s Puca 
Davis John F. carpenter, 07 s I'ac.i 
i)avis John T. tinner. 2!i l'^ C'iiaileH 
Davis John T. lanon r. 1 .". 1 n P,.-tliel 
Davis John, hacknian, 80 N(;rth 
Davis John H. hrickhu er, I.,inilen av ami Hose 
Davis John C. carjjenter, :;g;i \v l''a\ette 
Davis John, plastei'er. 1(»4 s W'asliiiiirton 
J^avisJohn T. slioeniakei-, 2'i.S (Jerinan 
Davis John W.I.Miiroy x\).} I'avk av nr 


Davis John W . tinner, s.5 Haniluirjr 

Davis John \V. Ijuildcr, lo2 n Uuud 

Davis John T. stonecutter, 78 George 

Davis Jos. E. driver. I Wolfe ii of .>Ionuiiient 

Davis Joseph ciiairmaker. 2.;o n Bond 

Davis Joseph canmaiver, ')'2 .Scotl 

Davis Jose[>h. canniaker, 5 tjcott 

Davis Lawrence 1>. carpenter. 177 Tounsend 

Davis Lawrence C. clerk, 64 Chatsuortii 

Davis Lewis, driver, lo8 Eastern av 

Davis .Mrs. Louisa, hoarding.', -'iiJO Eastern av 

Davis Mis. Lydia, .">(ji Le.\ii)^t(Hi 

Davis Mrs. Marian, (.'liuton tjr Pxi.stoii 

Davis Mrs. -Mar.v E. trrocery. 40 (/DotJiiell 

Davis Mrs. .Mary E. dressmaker, 5.'i s Caroline 

J)avis Mary, 230 e .\Iunun;eat 

Davis -Mrs. .Mary, 18;i s Ann 

Davis .Mrs. Mary A. ll.') e Madison 

Davis .Mrs. .Mary, seamstress, 2 s Front 

J)avis Mrs. M iry ('. I,s4 Lee 

Davis Mrs. .Mary, ctjiifec'y, Clinton s of P.oston 

Davis .Mr.s. Mary, confec'y, .5 w Hi lille 

Davis .Mrs.Melindii.jrroc.,187 I'atterson Park av 

Davis .Mar-zaret, 1 ( 'uba 

Davis .Mary C. serv.mi, 'ji) 3 Exeter 






(•nil- J:iiii;i!i-;i (Jlii-.-r .nil Worm < unf.i-tii.ii^. 


A. J. 1II1.I.KK. - - - >oli- IViipri, 

Davis Orlando S. ojverator, 77 Hanover 
D.tvis Oliver, stonecutter, 113 Ridgely 
Davis .Mrs. Phoetje, l!i3 I'.iitery av 
Davis Piachel, 230 e .M(jnunient 
Davis Ralph, clothing, ?,i] Harrison 
Davis Iteverdy, canniaker, 15G Columbia 
Davis IJiclmrd, carpenter, 53 Scott 
Davis Richard, canvasser, 108 Preston 
Davis Richard, 84 n Charles 
Davis Robt. enjrineer. 77 s Strieker 
Davis liobt. P. pidice. 117 n Eden 



Flour, Grain, beecis, &c. 


I'lN'-l'A.sri.V l-Ji; s \i.,.; 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eoseudalo Ceracut and Plaster. 

Davis Roht. X. painter, 1 Hall al 
Davis Rol>t. T. plasterer. 3.'2 Aisijuith 
Davis Robert Y. plasterer, 3.")2 Ais'inith 
Davis .Sanniel, lab<jrer, Clinton s of Elliott 
Davis Samuel, shurker. .'M-^ .Miceanria, Canton 
Davis Samuel G. jr. laiiorer, 77 s Fr"monl 
Davis Samuel 'r. en;:ineer. 77 s l-'iemonl 
Davis Samuel. i'>i> Thames 

Davis Samuel S. clerk, I'ark av nr Townsend 
Davis Samuel 15. haniessri.iker, 20,S Cerman 
Davis S. iV- Son, (S. it W. D.ivis) jiroduce com . 

tnerchanls. 27 Darn- 
Davis .Mrs. Sarah E. 34;i Franklin 
Davis Slia!maneser.(S. Davis .vSon) 34Coiiwar 
Davis-Silas W. police, 4.31 Lexington 
Davis Mrs. Sophia, clothinjr, 0>j Thames 
D.VVIS STEPHEN, ladies and childrens boot 

and shi;emanuf. l'>U Le.\-in;,"on, dw 207 Sar- 

Davis Thus, boots and shoes, 100^ Lexington. 

dw ooo w Fayette 
Davis Tlios. trunks. .McHenry nr Gilmor 
D.ivis Thomas, drayman, 12 s Huiid 
Davis Thos. stonemason, (Jooksie nr Nicholson 
Davis Thomas, hiborer, llampden 
Davis Thos. B. lighthouse keeper, 28 Wvctli 
Davis Thos. P. huckster, 306 Canton av" 
Davis Thos. G. blacksmitli, 223 Dolphin 
JJavi.- Th'/s. mariner. 203 s Wolfe 
L»avis 'i'hos. manner, 207 s Wolfe 
F'avis Tiios. tailor, 133 e .Monument 
Davis Tlios. B. i>aintsand oils, low B.iLimore. 

dw 12,') i'ark av 
D.ivis Thos. tailor, 17 s Stockton al 
Davis iiios. \V. liunkmaker, 3il .McHenrv 
Davis Thos. J. carpenter, 20 (ireenmount ar 
Davis Tyler, ex[). mess. 08 s .'"^'.ricker 
Davis Rev. Wesley R. 53 n I.,iberty 
Davis L'pton, carp'r, 348 .Aliceanna, Canton 
I>.ivis Vim, moulder, 210 Colnmbi.-i 
l)avis Walter, carpenter, 113 Ridfridy 
Davis Win. peddler, 1 Wolfe n of .Monument 
Davis Win. 11. driver, Calverlon 
Davis \\ . E. W. plasterer, 230 .Mulbrrry 
Davis Will clerk. 84 s Stiarp 
iJavis Wm. (.S. Davis iV Son) 34 Conway 
Davis Wiu. canniaker, 128 u Bond 
I>avis Wm. printer, 100 Hillen 
l>avis Wm. laborer, UIi s Bethel 
Davis Wm. laborer, 54 s Bethel 
I'avis Wm. A. shoemaker, 255 n Eden 
Davis Dr. Wm. H. 1'.I3 n Howard 
l>avis Wm. B. boilermaker,Stricker nr.McHenrj 
l^avis Wm. H. painter, 211 
Davis Wm. tailor, 05 Granby 
Davis Wm. stonecutter, 215 Aliccanmi 
Divis Wm. T. 42 .Mulberry 
Davis Wm. E. (W. E. D.'k Co.) 04 n Greene 
DAVIS WM. E. & CO. (W. E Davis) manuf. 

iron railing, 144 Camden 
Davis Wm. B. cooper, 221 3 I'aca 
Davis Wm. B bricklayer, 221 s I'aca 

Joshua Horner, Jr. Manufac'r and Com. Merchant, 




Diivis Wm. H. printer, 167 Forrest 
Davis Wru. H. boalbuilder, 189 Hudson 
Davis Wm. J. shipcarpenter, 121 Montgomery 
Davis Wm. O. caipenter, 111 n Iligli 
Davis Wm. R. carpenter, tj2 Jefferson 
Davis Wm. hiickman, 1U7 e Eager 
Davis Wm. H. cigarinaker, 184 Lee 
Davis Wm. liquors, 80 Druid Hill av 
Davis Wm. T. cigar manuf. 188 e Monument 
Davis Wilson, mariner, 45 York 
Davison Benj. salesman, 258 Eastern av 
Davison Calvin T. 243 n Republican 
Davison Calvin T. 129 n Republican 
Davison Geo. W. (W. U. & Co.) 76 Bolton 
Davison iMrs. Jennie K. 237 n Eden 
Davison John A. chemist, 463 Conway 
Davison Maiia, seamstress, 157 n Central av 
Davison Robert, bricklayer, 137 n Bond 
Davison yauiuel, mattresses, 9 n Gay, dw 258 

Eastern av 
son, W. S. and T. A. Symington) manuf's. 
acids, over 104 \v Lombard 
Davison Thos. H 350 n Eutaw 
Davison Wm. J. (Wm. D. & Co.)243 n Repub- 
lican, Lafayette sq 
Davison Mrs. William, 101 Hillen 

DAVISON WM. & CO. (Wm., Wm. 
J. and Geo. W. Davison) Manufac- 
turers of Varnishes, White Lead, 
French and American Zincs in 
Oil, Colors, Whiting, Putty, Re- 
fined Saltpetre, Spanish Brown, 
Venetian Red, Epsom Salts, &c., 
104 w Lombard st. 

Davison Wm. (W D. & Co. and D. Syming- 
ton & Co.) and prest. Md. White Lead Co. 
Ilchesier B. k O. R. R. 
Davy .Mrs. Elizabeth, 63 e Monument 
Daw Will. T. bootmaker, 205 n Central av 
Davvalt Wm. II . engineer, 7 Foultuey 
Dawast Mis. Mary, 110 Hamburg 
Dawes Edward 15. tinner, Elliott nr Chesapeake 
Dawes Edward B. sr. engineer, 198 s Fremont 
Dawes Edward B. canmaker, Lancaster nr Po- 
Dawes Francis, cooper. Central al ur w Fay 

ette, dw 159 w Fayette 
Dawes Capt. Geo. R. 37 n Eden 
Dawes John, huckster, 261 s Paca 
Dawes (apt. Jos. D. maiiner, 15 n Bond 
Dawes Mrs. Mary, 15 n Bond 
Dawes Richard, cooper, 229 w Fayette 
Dawes Wm. H. blacksmith, 198s"Freraont 
DawkinsJas. A. shipping clerk, 17 Commerce 
Davviey II S. business manager Weed Sewing 

Machine Co. 53 n Charles, dw 74 McCnllob 
Dawes Henry, cari)enter, 206 George 
Dawson Amanda E. 102 s Sharp 
Dawson Danit-l, porter, 24 Arbel al 
Dawson Edgar G. 70 w Madison 
Dawson Edward, barber, 85 Oxford 
Dawson Gideon R. (J. J. Bunting & Co.)Man- 

sion house 
Dawson Mrs. Helen, 142 Druid Hill av 
Dawson Hiram, blacksmith, 158 Canton av 
Dawson Hugh, currier. Union hotel 
Dawson James, wheelwright, 8 e Baltimore 

Dawson Linsay T. watchman, 30 Cross 
Dawson Mrs. Maria, Wolfe n of Bid die 
Dawson, (Emmert & D.) 60 n Liberty 
Dawson Owen, drayman, Harford av 
Dawson Owen, porter, 1 Willow 
Dawson Philip T. 279 e Baliimore 
Dawson- Samuel, shipcarpenter, 83 s Ann 
Dawson Sarah E. teacher, 83 s Ann 
Dawson Thos (Judge k D.) lol s Faca 
Dawson Thos. shipcarpenter, 217 Bank 
Dawson Thos. T. clerk, 279 e Baltimore 
Dawson Wm. H. jr. attorney, s e cor Fayette 

and North, dw 21 Courtland 
Dawson Wm. H. carp'r, 76 Biddlee of Wolfe 
Dawson Wm. H. IL carpenter, 52 Chatsworth 
Dawson Wm. P. (Thos. R. Matthews & Sons) 

152 McCulloh 
Day Ale.K. H. shipcarpenter, 24 n Washington 
Drty Alex. iM. carpenter, 186 Vine 
Day Alfred G. saddler, harness and trunkma- 

ker, 421 w Baltimore, dw 252 w Fayette 
Day Alfred L. bookkeeper, Rennert's hotel 
Day Asa, cooper, 224 e Lombiird 
Day Chas. S. millwright, 379 e Fayette 
Day Edward H. shipcfirpenter, 58 s Ann 
Day Mrs. Eliza, 310 e Chase 
Day Enoch, laborer, 88 Druid Hill av 
Day Emily, 37 s Schroeder 
Day Franklin P. laborer. 224 e Lombard 
Day Fri'dk. driiynian, 25 Goodman al 
Day Geo W. (Evans, Reeves & Co.) Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. 
Day Rev. Hamilton J. 22 Camden 
Day Mrs. Harriet, trimmings, 379 e Fayette 
Day Hazen, baker, 186 Vine 
Day Ira, cashier N.C.R. 224 Druid Hill av 
Day Ishmacl, inspector C. H. 105 n High 
Day Jacob, (S. G. D. k Bro.) 310 e Chase 
Day Mrs. Jane, 50 n Bond 
Day Jeremiah, labr. Hare nr Lancaster, Canton 
■ Day John W. moulder, 158 s Paca 
Day Lloyd, clerk, 22 Camden 
Day Mark, engineer, 145 Gough 
Day Milton, patent agent, Strieker bet McHenry 

and Ramsay 
Day Norman, (Turner k D.) 261 e Baltimore 
Day 0. F. (R. Lawson & Co.) 280 w Hoffman 
Day Samuel, clerk, 204 e Lombard 
Day Samuel G. (S. G. D. & Bro ) 310 e Chase 
Day Saml. G. & Bro. (S. G. and J. Day) tin- 
ners and house furn. goods, 109 11 Calvert 
Day Sarah L. dressmaker, 21 s Ciroline 
Day Wesley, fireman, 276 McHenry 
Day Rev. Willard G. 255 n Eutaw 
Day Wm. shipcarpenter, 231 Gough 
Day Wm. H. brakeman, 186 Vine 
Daymond Peter, cooper, Charles and .Mont- 
Days John, mariner, 66 n Caroline 
Dayton Geo. E manuf. Hayes Gutter Bar Skj-- 
light. Sheet Iron Metal Works, &c. u w cor 
Howard and Lexington, dw 88 W'alsh 
Dayton Geo. W. carpenter, 208 s Caroline 
Daytoti Joseph, glast^blower, 358 s Sharp 
Deadlier Annie, grocery, 7 Fountain 
Deachler John, carpenter, 7 Fountain 
DEACON CHAS. R. agent Wheeler & Wilson 

sewing machines, 132 n Charles 
Deacon Daniel, brass finisher, 30 Hampstead 
Deacon Daniel S. shoemaker, Oxford, York rd 
Deacon Frederick W. 143 s Regester 
Deacon John, grocery, 30 Hampsteud 

Offices, 54 S. Gay, and Cor. Chew and Stirlin g. 
DEA 149 DEC 

Deacon Wm. J. clerk, 30 Hampstead 

Deacon Wm. laborer, 143 s Chester 

Deadv John L. sailmaker, 69 n Bond 

Deafrau Wm. J. 223 Madison av 

Deakin Bernard, blacksmith, 277 s Ami 

Deal Catherine, 8 Mott 

Deal Chas. S. clerk. 25 Buren 

Deal Geo. W bricklayer, 18 Maccubbia 

Deal James A. clerk, 249 e Monument 

Deal John, tinner. 18 .Maecubbin 

Deal John H. police, 15 Constitution 

Deal Rev. John S. 9G n Broadway 

Deal John T brasstinisher, 170 n Central av 

Deal Wm. C. plumber, 25 Buren 

Deal Wm. N. printer, 25 Buren 

Deal Wm. B. painter, 25 liuren 

Deal Wm. C. plumber, 90 Park, dvv York rd 

nr loll <rate 
Deale James F. inspector C. H. 370 Hollins 
Deale Lemuel, cabinetmaker, 275 e Madison 
Deale Mrs. S. A. 370 Hollins 
Dean Frank W. clerk, Waverley 
Dean Geo. A. police. 273 e Monument 
Dean Mrs. Hannah S. 226 n Central av 
Dean Ira, carpenter, 72 Block 
Dean J. S. storekeeper Custom house 
Dean John H., U. lS. storekeeper, 200 e Pratt 
Dean Michael, carter, 277 e Monument 
Dean Richard, turner, 178 e Fayette 
Dean Tlios. carpenter, 241 Franklin 
Dean W. Frank, clerk, 176 w Baltimore, d\v 

Balto. Co 
DEAN WM. sec y and treas'r Canton Co. cor 

Boston and Patuxent 
Dean Wtu. H. carpenter, 32 s Schroeder 
Dear John T. engineer, 185 Battery av 
Dear Michael, basketraaker, 159 s Washington 
Dear Wm. basketmaker, 159 s Washinc;ion 
Dearborn Oceana, seamstress, 202 n Eutaw 
Deargon Adam, wagoner, 123 Eastern av 
Dearing Geo. Crtbinetmkr, Bethel nr Baltimore 
Dearing Geo. cigarmaker, 267 L. Hughes 
Dearing Henry, sashmaker, 267 L. Hughes 
Dearing Margaret, grocery, 267 L.Hughes 
Dearing Philip, tailor, 213 w Fayette 
Dearing Robt. boilermaker, Druidville 
Deary Michael, laborer, 182 East 
Deason John, 54 Philpot 
Deatel Andrew, butcher, Penna av ext 
Deatel Chas butcher, 16 Cross-st market, dw 

Penna av ext 
Deatel Jacob, butcher, Cross-st market, dw 

Penna av nrtollgate 
Deaver Geo. R. police, 192 Chesnut 
Deaver Henry T.(M. Keefer& Co. )Frederick co 
Deaver James, waterman, 213 n Eden 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist, 172 Chesnut 
Deaver John, canmaker, 177 e Pratt 
Deaver Joseph, painter, 18 Stockton al 
Deaver Margaret A. 177 e Pratt 
Deaver .Margaret R. dressmaker, 110 Hillec 
Deaver Obadiah, canmaker, 172 Chesnut 
Deaver Stephen, brickmaker, 287 s Paca 
Deaver Mrs. Susan, 73 Eislein 
Deaver Wm. R. pointer, Penna av nr Mosher 
Deaver Wm. engineer, 177 e Pratt 
Deaves Geo. T. tinner, 46 n Caroline 
De Baufre James, clerk, 15 n Durham 
De Baufre Mrs. Sarah, boarding, 15 n Durham 
De Baufre Wm. H. 15 n Durham 
Debaun Jesse, laborer, 23 Elizabeth 
De Beet Wm. C. orna'l painter, 23 e Fajette 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

No. 21 PPrilARS V/IIARF. 


Clover, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Debelus Frank, tavern, 300 s Bond 
Debertin Andrew, tavern, 2149 Hollins 
Debes Elizabeth, grocery, 394 Saratoga 
Debes Joseph, brewer, 394 Saratoga 
Debilius Peter, tinner, Luzerne nr Canton roll- 
ing mill 
Deblint: Catherine, 71 Grindall 
Debo Mary, seamstress, 329 Mulberry 
Debo Sarah, 1 lundress, 329 Mulberry 
De Boer Bernard, bookkeeper, 40 s Eutaw 
De Boer Mamme, jeweler, S8 Holland 
Deboist John, laborer, 4 Barnes 
Debon Zaccheus, blacks' h, Saratoga nr Gilmor 
Debore Daniel, peddler, 19 Jasper 
Debow Chas. T. miller, 502 w Lombard 
Debow Christian, tinner, 47 n Durham 
Debow Nicholas, coach painter, 329 McHenrj 
Debring Anthony, florist 158 Druid Hill av 
Debring Anthonj', engineer, 288 n Eutaw 
Debring Gerhard A. shoemkr, 158 Druid Hillav 
Debring John C. boots and shoes, 133 n Eutaw 
Debring John C. clerk, 288 n Eutaw 
Debrow Francis, plasterer, cor Caroline and 

Debruler Edward J. huckster, 57 Milliman 
Debruler Wm. 57 Milliman 
Debse John, tailor, 556 w Pratt 
Debutz Mrs. Mary, 119 n Howard 
De Caindry Augustin, carp'r, 145 Chesapeake 
DeCaindry Daniel, shipjoiner, 140 Chesapeake 
Decamp Mary J. 48 Conway 
De Castro Salvador, 170 w Biddle 
Deck Elizabeth, lager beer, 231 J Mulberry- 
Deck Henry, tobacco waiehouse, 455 Saratoga 
Deck John, boilermaker, 366 Penna av 
Deck John S. bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deck Jos. G. laborer, 124 Hollins 
Deck Lanehart, nightman, 2311 Mulberry 
Deck Martin, cooper, 326 s Sharp 
Deck Wra. sr. lager beer, 455 Saratoga 
Deck Wm. jr. fire dep't, 137 Peirce 
Deckelman Geo. shoemaker, 99 Peirce 
Deckelman John, shoemaker, 42 Chatsworth 
Decker Bulthasar, tobacconist, 447 n Gaj- 
Decker Bern hard, trav. a^eut, 218 s Sharp 
Decker Catherine B. grocery, 59 Carlton 
Decker Charles, butcher, 35 Fell's Point mar- 
ket, dw Hudson nr Clinton 
Decker Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 John 
Decker Everhardt, shoemaker, 8 Callendar al 
Decker Francis, tobacconist, 3192 Penna av, 

dw cor Division and Lanvale 
Decker Francis, tailor, 273 n Central av 
Decker Fred. (Gissel & D.) 241 e Biddle 
Decker George, 149 w Fayette 
Decker Henry, merchant tailor, 2fi4 n Gay 
Decker Jacob F. 149 w Fayette 
Decker Jacob, wagoner, 56 s Chapel 
Decker John, cleik, 103 Ensor 
Decker John, bricklayer, 181 Caroline 
Decker John G. rags, 59 Carlton 
Decker Joseph, cutler, 273 n Central aT 

Coaches and Barouches for Shopping, Weddings, &:c. 




Decker Joseph J. cigannaker, 264 n Gay 
Decker L. N. Wiitchiiiiiii, Franklin Bank 
Decker Lewis, clerk, 149 \v Fayette 
Decker JFrs. Mary A. dry goods, 273 u Central av 
Docker Mrs. Mary A. 4 s Chapel 
Decker Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 221 Bank 
Decker W'ni. H. saloon, 755 Light 
Deckhardt August, huckster, (JG Ridgely 
Deckhardt Chas. drayman, 240 Conway 
Deckhardt Danl. huckster, Ridgely nr Cross 
Deckhart Jacob, tailor, 3!) Orleans' 
Deckmaii Henry, hlacksinilh, 59 Penna av 
Deckuiau Henry, machinist, 110 Ramsay 
Deckman John, confectioner, 2.32 Lee 
Deckniaa John IL porter, 232 Lee 
Deckwar Chas. barber, 144 e Pratt 
DeCtt'niel C. T. music teacher, 265 w Hoffman 
De Corniis & Co. (E.DeC. jr.) whols. liquors, 

21 CheapsiJe 
De Cormis Edward jr.( E. DeC. & Co. )307 Druid 

Hill av 
Decourde Geo. shoemaker, 76 Leadenhall 
De Coiirsay John, contractor, 70 Centre Mar- 
ket Sf) 
De Conrsey Mrs. Eleanor R. 86 Warner 
De Court Julian, French vice consul, 79 E.x- 

chan<:e pi dw 69 n Charles 
Dedenthale Joseph, laborer, 9 n Chapel 
Dederer Christopher F. carpet weaver, 178 

Dedion Peter, brickl'r, Jackson sq av nr Castle 
Dee Mrs. Ann, 25 Leniinon 
Dee James, laborer, 25 Lemmon 
Dee Morris M. machinist, 25 Lemmon 
Dee .Morris, confectioner, 4 Swan 
Dee Richard, porter, 67 Harrison 
Dee Mrs. Sarah, 3 Bloodgood ct 
Deedsman John, provisions, 20 n Eden 
Deeg John, cigars. 243 s Charles, dw 262 
Deeg Margaret, trimmings, 262 s Charles 
Deegan John, laborer, Lemmon nr Oregon 
Deel John, laborer, 38 Haubert 
DEEMER HKNRV, grocery, 341 e Monument 
Deemer Henry, coojjcr, 194 s Bond 
Deemer I'aul, laborer, 221 William 
Deems Adam, huckster, 379 Hamburg 
Deems Adam W. l)lacksmith, 379 Hamburg 
Deems Chas. blacksmith, 379 Haniburg 
Deems Fredk. painter, 12 Sterrett 
Deems Geo. machinist, 158 Columbia 
Deems Mrs. Geo. W. 28 s Calhoun 
Deems Geo. W. jr. clerk, 28 s Calhoun 
Deems Geo. W. machinist, 375 Hamburg 
Deems Jacob, foreman, Mount Royal Hill nr 

Deems Jacob C. painter, 162 Dover 
Deems Jacob jr. redemption clerk U. S. treas- 
ury, 6 Hollins 
Deems moulder, 22 Hudson al 
DEEMS JAS. .M. music school, over n e cor 
Baltimore and Paca, dw 1 Hollins cor Fre- 
Deems J. Harry, music teacher, 1 Hollins 
Deems John, brakeman, 375 Hamburg 
Deems Louis, moulder, Bolton depot 
Deems Mary, huckstress, Waverley 
Deems Mary A., Sarah Ann nr Oregon 
Deems .Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 121 L. Greene 
Deems Thos. moulder, 241 Columbia 
i)eems \Vm. G. moulder, 121 L. (ireene 
Ueemstear Conrad, fireman, 132 s Wolfe 
Deer Conrad, lab. Beluir rd nr toUgate 

Deer Mrs.Conrad, varieties, Belair rd nr tollgate 
Deer John, 178 L. Hughes 
Deer Leonard, diiver, 169 Burgundy al 
Deer Martha, laundress, 1 1 Brannan ct 
Deer .Martin, carpenter, 162 Pearl 
Deer John, laborer, 1S4 s Ann 
Deering Henry, machine hand, 267 Hughes 
Deetjen Tyark, (L. Schulze & Co.) 44 n Broad- 
Deetjen Tyark, machinists supplies, 2 s Gay, 

dw 44 n Broadway 
Deets Eliza, Oregon nr Lanvale 
Deets Fredk. salesman, 67 n Broadway 
Deets (jeo. W. restaurant, 12 n Frederick 
Deets Landrum H. carp. 66 s Broadway 
Deets \Vm. H. clerk, water dept. 162 Aisquith 
Defalco Pasquil, lab. 132 West 
De Fontes Frank, barber, 150 n Gay 
Dcford Benj. F. (D. k Co.) 207 Madison av 
De[ord & Co. (B. F. Deford, J. F. Ely, T. De- 
ford) hides, leather and oil com. merchts. ii 
w cor Calvert and Lombard 
DEFORD, LEONARD & CO. (Geo. T. Dcford. 
Pedro Leonard, Vinient f^ombard) wholesale 
cigar and liquor dealers, German and Calvert 
Deford Geo. T.(Derord k Co.) 388 w Lombard 
Deford Mrs. Isaac, 83 n Greene 
Deford Saml. T. S., Eastern agt. Penna R.R. 9 

n Calvert 
Deford Thos.G. jr.bookkeeper,472 w Baltimore 
Deford Thos. G. messenger, 23 Penn 
Deford Thos. (1). & Co.) 207 Madison av 
De Ford \Vm. Y. 42 Cathedral 
De Ford Wm. clerk, 42 Cathedral 
Deganhardt Anthony, 11 s Poppleton 
Degant Alexander, lab. 8 Chirks al 
Degaw Geo. L. clerk, 444 w ri(jmbard 
Degaw John T. potter, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thos. sr. teamster, 444 w Lombard 
Degen .\lbert, principal Franklin Institute, cor 

Fulton and Lombard, dw 4 Monroe 
Degenan Lawrence, lab. 20 McKim 
Degenhardt August, carp. 6 German, dw 258 

Degenhardt Chas. mariner, 198 s Ana 
Degenhardt Geo. tailor, 141 s Spring 
Degibbin Mrs. Sarah, 115 s Regester 
Degler Gotleib, tailor, 18 Comet 
De Goey Chas. C. wharfinger. Chase's whf, dw 

13 s E.xeter 
De Goey John, carpenter, 53 Ensor 
De Goey John M.dep. sheriff, 160 n Central av 
De (Joey Wm. 416 e Baltimore 
De Goey Wm. 563 Le.xingion 
De Goey Wm. W. jr. clerk, cor B.iltimore and 

De Gournay Paul F. eilitor Catholic Mirror, 

46 Lexington, dw 274 Franklin 
Degraffi John, blacksmith, 7 Binney 
Degraf}"t Lewis jr. blacksmith, 3 Binney 
Degrate Herman, lab. 219 s Wolfe 
Degroy Henry, tailor, 187 w Pratt 
De Haven Mrs. Elizabeth, restaurant, 10 Centre 

Market sj) 
De Haven Samuel, gas fitter, 10 Centre Mkt sp 
De Haven Wm. machinist, Bolton depot 
Dehaven John, lab. 116 St. Peter 
Dehl Heury, beadworker, 255 Aliceanna 
Dchl John, lab. 312 s Charles 
Dehl Wm. lab. 85 Stirling 
Dehler Geo. laborer, 33 Philpot al 
Dehn August, lab. 124 Eislein 

At Central Stables, 111 Lex ington, C. H. Bredemeyer. 
DEH 151 ^DEL 

Dehn Aufr. lab. 41 Perry 

Dehn Fredk. hackiuan, 124 Kisleia 

Dehn Fredk. hackiiian, 55 Conway 

Dehn Louis, hacknian. 252 Hollius 

Dehn Louis, lab. 41 l^erry 

Dehn Dr. Theodore, 55 Conway 

Deiiner .Michael, lab. 199 Eastern av 

Dehnhurdt John, tailor, 61 Rahor{< 

Dehoff Geo. P. clerk, 902 w Baltimore 

Dehoff Jesse, paper cairier, 112 Vine 

Dehuff John H. conductor, 21 Waesche 

Dei Martin, rags, 15 Short 

Deibel Chas. barber, 28 Barre 

•Deibel & Co. (P. Deibel) flour, feed, <f-c. 675 w 

Deibel Peter, (D. & Co.) 1 n Schroeder 
Deice Fred, butcher, Cross-st inkt, dw Wash- 
ington av ext 
Deichbore & Brifrjjer, (Mrs. E. Deichbore, L. 

Brigger) butchers, 49 Fells Point market 
Deichbore Mrs. Elizabeth, (D. & Brigger) Fay- 
ette and Patterson Park av 
Deichelbore Flizabeth, notions, 244 e Eager 
Deichmann August, can maker, 281 s Paca 
Deichrailler Fredk. cab. maker, 139 Henrietta 
Deichmiller Wm. lab. 71 Burke 
Deil .Mrs. Barbara, 144 Lancaster 
Deininger Fredk. brewer, 260 Penna av 
Deinleiu Banchrast, lab. 49 s Chapel 
Deinlein Christopher, lab. 51 s Chapel 
Deist Carl, goldsmith, 129 Low 
Deist John H. tailor, 200 Cross 
Deist John H. bookkeeper, 225 w Fayette 
Deisenroth Jacob, lab. 81 Cambridge 
Deisenroth John, lab. 352 s Bond 
Deist John H. bookkeeper, 225 w Fayette 
Deist .Martin, baker, 225 w Fayette 
Deitch F. clerk, 2 Garden 
Deitch Ferdinand, clerk, 2 Garden 
Deitch Frederick, tailor, 383 w Pratt 
Deitch Philopene, 2 Garden 
Deitch Lewis C. clerk, 2 Garden 
Deitch Mrs. Margaret, 51 s Chester 
Deitch S. W. teacher, 2 Garden 
Deiter August, collarmaker, 156 Raborg 
Deiter Elizabeth, matron Baltimore City Jail 
Deiter George, laborer. 156 Haliorg 
Deiter Jacob, stove fitter, 156 Raborg 
Deiter John H. bookkeeper, 225 vv Faj-ette 
Deiter Peter, paperhanger, 267 Raborg 
Deiter Philip, paperhanger, 156 Raborg 
Deitrichs Charlotte, 195 Couway 
Deitrick Louis, surveyor, 84 Barre 
Deitz George, coaclisraith, 74 Harford av 
Deltz Henry, confectionery, 200 Hollius 
Deitz Jane, dressmaker, 78 Barre 
Deitz John, porter, 134 n Regester 
Deitzell Frederick, huckster, 299 s Sharp 
Deitzell George, laborer, 42 s Central av 
De Kalb Charles E. tailor, 1 18 e Monument 
De Keber Jacob, bricklayer, 34 Washington av 
Delacour Charles F. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
Delacour Kmma, teacher, 24 n Pine 
Delacour Lewis J. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
Delacour Wm. L. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
De la Crus Ramon, 232 n Broadway 
Delahay James H. carpenter, 6 Cumberland 
Delahay Jesse S. carp'r, 74 Dover, dw 112 Lee 
Delahay .Mrs. Mary, 20 George 
Delahay Wm. S. canmaker, 20 George 
Delaney Charles, 26 Harford av 
Delaney Charles, grocery, 29 Scott 



Flour, Grain beeds. &c. 


cn\>r.\.\Ti.v K(m: sai.k 
Clover, Timohy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Delaney Mrs. Elizabeth, 217 Battery av 
Delaney & Griffin. (Kate Delaney, Elizabeth 

Griffin) dressmakers, 24 n Liberty 
Delaney John, tinner, 108 s Howard 
Delaney John, (Ruth & D.) 154 Pearl 
Delaney John T. clerk, 26 Harford av 
Delaney Joseph, clerk, 2 n Greene 
Delaney Kate, (D. ^- Griffin) 108 Cathedral 
Delaney Mrs. Mary, 20 Haw 
Delaney Mrs. Marv, 26 Harford av 
Delaney Randolph, laborer, 217 Battery av 
Delaney Tliomas, weavei-, 47 Haubert 
Delano Wm. H. block and pump maker, 72 w 

Pratt, dw 233 e Pratt 
Delanty Emma V. teacher. 171s Charles 
Delanty Mollie, teacher, 171 s Charles 
Delantv Wm cajit. police. 171 s Charles 
DELA.NY JAMES H. tavern, 75 Thames 
Delany James, laborer, 175 Burgundy al 
Delany J. J. tailor, 2 n Greene 
Delany Jose[ih, clerk, 2 n Greene 
Delaplaue Catherine, provisions. 176 George 
Delaplane Jos. E. produce, 176 George 
De la Reintrie Henry R. prest. Baltimore and 

Texas Steam Trausp'n Co. 34 Postoffice av, 

dw 27 s Chester 
De La Roche Wm. J. F. messgr. Adams Exp. 

215 n Howard 
De la Rue Ann F. 17 Orchard 
De Lat F. H. H. shoemaker, 198 s Sharp 
Delauney Chas. .M. boilermaker, 102 s Caroline 
Delaware & Hudson Canal Co., C. F. Diggs, 

sales agent, 2 South 
Delaware Mutual Life, 16 St. Paul 

H. C. Delcher) produce and com. merch'ts, 

154 w Pratt 
Delcher & Barron, (G. B. Delcher, J. Barron) 

fish, 10 Fish Market sp 
Delcher David, laborer. 59 s Republican 
Delcher E. W. (D. Bros.) 421 n Central av 
Delcher George B. (D. & Barron) 265 Mulberry 
Delcher Henry, laborer, 59 s Republican 
Delcher Howard G. printer, 1^65 Greenm't av 
Delcher H. C. (D. Brus.1 346 n Central av 
Delcher James A. produce, 355 n Broadway 
Delcher John, brewer, 79 Columbia 
Delcher John T. brewer, Calvertoa 
Delcher John T. painter, 165 Greenmount av 
Delcher Louis, mariner, 60 Thames 
Delcher Louisa A. grocery, Calverton 
Delcher Mrs. Margaret, 59 s Republican 
Delcher Thomas B. huckster, 299 n Broadway 
Delcher Wm. carpenter, 75 St. Peter 
Delcher W. J. (D. Bros.) 409 n Central av 
De Lear John D. painter, 211 w Lombard 
De Lege Rosa, 19 Chew 
Delevie Isaac, clothing, 24 Harrison 
Delevie Mrs. Solomon S. gents' furn'g goods, 

2 Harrison, dw 67 e Fayette 
Delevinger Theodore U. barkeeper, 168 e Eager 

For Cotton, Corn & Tobacco, Horner's Fertilizers, 




Delfs Fred'k, ins. agl. 42 P. 0. av, dw 112 e 

Delius Frederick, saloon, 86 n Hollidiij 
Delker .John, laborer, Wiishington av ext 
Dell Mrs. Kliza, 27 n Pine 
Dell (ieo. E. bookbinder, 167 w Hoffman 
Dell Herman, niiiriner, 44H ('unton av 
Dell John K. clerk, SO Miilberrv 
Dell L. Gobright, (ThomHS E. bell k Son) 225 

Dell Josei'h, locksraiUi, 228 s Dallas 
Dell, Knapp & Co. (T E. Dell and Theodore 

Kiiapp) steam bookbinders,84 w Fayette and 

Hiiiik la iir Barnum's 
Uell Thos. R. k Son, (Thos. E. and L. G. Dell) 

bookbinders, over 6 n Howard 
Dell Thos. E. (Thos. E. Dell k Son, and Dell, 

Knapp & Co.) 167 w Hoffman 
Dell Win. A. bookbinder, 8s Pearl 
Delia George W. carter, Hanover and West 

Delia Luther M. brickmakcr. 26 O'Donnell 

Delia Luther M. jr. boxniaker, 26 O'Donnell 

Delia Peter D. nightman, 6 Henrietta 

Delia Mrs. Susannah, 26 O'Donnell 

Dellevie Abraham, clerk, 67 e Fayette 

Dellevie Israel, clerk, 67 e Fayette 

Dellevie Jacob, clerk, 67 e Fayette 

Dellevie John, clerk, 48 Granby 

Dellevie Samuel, tobacconist, 4 w Pratt, dvv 48 

Dellevie Uriah, (Liebman & D.) 14 e Fayette 
Dellman Wm. laborer, 121 Sarah Ann 
Delius Gotleib, tailor, 200 8 Bond 
Delort Alfred H lager beer, 74 s Eutaw 
Deloughery Dr. Edward, 194 n Calvert 
DELPHEY GEO. livery stables, Howard next 

to Delphey house, and Linden av nr Preston, 

dw 178 Linden av 
Delphey Wm. prop'r Penna. house, dw 158 

Dels Christian, lager beer, 60 n Howard 
Delss Jacob, bookkeejicr, 40 s Eutaw 
DeMangin Francis A. 263 w Fayette 
DeMarcel Dr. E. B. 533 w Baltimore 
Demeit James, carpeuter, Division nr Wilson 
Demick Nicholas, stevedore, 213 Battery av 
Deiiiig Sebastian, butcher, 264 Battery av 
Deming E. A. Calhoun nr I'resstman 
Demijack Wezel, laborer. 45 Barnes 
Demmings Capt. M. 288 Penna av 
Demitz Chas. F. cooper, 26 Lee 
Deniitz Henry F. tobacconist, 124 Light-st whf 
Demling Nicholas, biborcr, 23 Perry 
Demnic Christian, car|jeiiter, 115 Leadenhall 
Derame Geo. bark'pr, 4 Centre .Market sp 
Demnie Geo. C. pianomaker, 115 Leadenhall 
Demoss Chas. driver, Starr hotel 
Denioss David O. huckster, 172 Orleans 
DeMoyan Oscar, 86 liarre 
Demphrey Wm. blacksmith. 19 McLeary ct 
Dempsey John B. bookkeeper, 327 n Broadway 
Dempsey John F. foreign fruits and confec'ry, 

112 n Calvert 
Dempsey John .M. moulder, 68 Henrietta 
Dempsey John, drayman, 54 Jefferson 
Dempsey Patrick, laborer, 35 Centre Market sp 
Dempsey Wm. saddler, 5^8 w Baltimore 
Dempster Mrs. Ann A. 89 Cross • 
Demjister Geo. E brickl'yr, Cross and Johnson 
Dempster John T. brickl'yr. Cross and Johnson 
Dempster John, paperhanger, Cross and Johnson 
Dempsy Patrick, tailor, 93 Orleans 

Demuth Adolph, 49 n Gilmor 
Demuth Casper, blacksmith. 1 14 s Washington 
Demuth G Otto, prof, music, 49 n Gilmor 
DEMUTH G. 0. pianos and organs, 122 w Fay- 
ette, and special aet. and manager German 
dep't Mass. Mat. Life Ins. (Jo. 10 s Ilolliday, 
dw 49 n Gilmor 
Demuth Harmon F. laborer, 220 s Paca 
Demuth John H. bricklayer, 417 Franklin 
Denboer Julia A. saleswoman, 255 n Eden 
Denboer Mary A. saleswoman., 255 n Edea 
.Denhy Elizabeth, nurse, 255 Mulberry 
Denby Wm. L. bricklayer, 186 n Eutaw 
Denger Peter, bootmaker, 22 Park 
Denges Henry, beer, 248 Frederick av 
Dengle Sophia I., Druidville 
Dengler George, shucker, 87 Lancaster 
Dengler Sigmund, tinner, 135 Millikin 
Dengler Wni. tailor. 226 n Central av 
Denhardt Conrad, liquors, 344 s Charles 
Denhardt Frederick, brewer, 193 Frederick ar 
Denhardt Henry, lab. 35 Goodman al 
Denhardt John, cutter, 14 Thomsen 
Denhardt Nicholas, varnisher, 16 Penn 
Deninger Chas. J. B. apothecary, s e cor Mc- 

Elderry and Eden 
Deninger John, drayman, foot of Sharp 
Denio Chas. Adams Exp. driver, Starr hotel 
DENISON ANDREW W. postmaster, 249 n 

Deiiison Chas. attorney, 1 St. Paul 
Denison Mrs. Georgie, 152 n Gay 
Denison Mrs. Jane, 186 Penna av 
Denison John .M. treasurer P.O. 54 n Cajhoun 
Denison Marcus, 249 n Charles 
Denison Thos. H. (Fisher & D.) 392 n Eden 
Denk Conrad, Harford av nr Bonndarv av 
DENMEAD .} SON, (Talbolt Denmead, G. B. 
Davids,) Monument foundry, n e cor Monu- 
ment and North. \_See Adi'ertisemenf.^ 
Denmead Edward jr. coal, 259 Linden av 
DENMEAD FRANCIS, proprietor city malt 
house, foot West Falls av. dw 252 n Charles 
Denmead Talbott, (Denmead k Son) Charles 

and Townseud 
Denmead Robt. Wm. rigger, cor Orleans and 

Dennell Capt. Chas. 175 s Ann 
Denncr Henry, tailor, 37 Lancaster 
Denner John, brushraakcr, 212 s Ann 
Dcnner Joseph, brushmaker, 212 s Ann 
Denner Mrs. Rosina, Chesajieake and O'Donnell 
Deniiert Frederick, laborer, 129 n Spring 
Dcnnigan John, lab 114 Harford av 
Dennigan Thos. lab. 1 14 Harf.ird av 
Denning Lawrence, lab. 51 Goodman al 
Denning Mary A. 51 Goodman al 
Dennis Antonio, laborer, 187 Chesnnt 
Dennis Andrew T. salesman, 407 Saratoga 
Dennis Benj. M. sr. of John, paper hanger, 14 

Dennis & Bro, ( Fraory and Geo. W. Dennis,) 
paper hangings and window shades, 51 n 
Dennis Chas. A. clerk, 197 Hanover 
Dennis Emory, (D. & Bro.) 33 n Po|(pleton 
Dennis Francis A. shoemaker, 187 Chesnutal 
Dennis Fred'k, cignrmaker, Charles nr Cross 
Dennis Geo. W. (I). <J- Bro.) 458 Lexington 
Dennis James M. paper hanger, 16 Rock 
Dennis James, tailor, 211 Aisquith 
Dennis John, woodsawyer, 173 n Eden 

Offi ces, 54 S. Gay, and Corner Chew and Stirling. 
DEN lo3 DES 

Dennis J. M. attornej, -iO Lexinjrton 

Dennis. J. Upshur, ( Dennis & Scott, ) If) Franklin 

Dennis Jolui, porter, lO'r ii Oiiaiies 

Dennis .M. of Wni. salesniim, 151') Lcxiiii^ton 

Deniiis Mii-hael, fisliernian, .'i.') .Vbliol 

Dennis it Scolt, (.1. U. D. Minis, John ."^cott, jr. ) 

attorneys., .")! w Fayette 
Dennis Oliver, dver, 4,')4 n i'reiiKJnt 
I)eniiis Peter J. harlier, Walsh nr I'enna av 
iJennis Thomas S. paper han_'er. 10 Rock 
Dennis Valentine, laborer. 1 L. .May 
Dennis \Vm. cooper, 8 Roik 
Dennis Win. tinner, \ \j. .May 
J)eniiis Wni. A. eariienlcr, 'I'M) Conway 
i>eniis Wni. II. phnnUer, 2::!* Conway 
Denuish David, soldier, 184 ISank 
Denni.^h Mrs. Klizabeth, taiUiress, 184 Hank 
Dennish John, lun-k.^ier, 1S4 
Dennison Fiiniore, clerk, 1)4 n F<len 
i>ennison John, driver', 17 l-'ouiidry 
Dennison K(jlit. M. IHT I.indeii av 
Dennison Thos. J. cont'i-cry toot Centre .Mar- 
ket, dw .■{.'> e Lotnhard 
Denny Daniel, mariner, 14 L. (Jon^li 
Denny Mrs. E. T, 'J 1 o (Jiorye 
Denny Frans, machinist, 7.". Patterson Park av 
Denny (4eor^e, carpenter, \'2 L (!oul;1i 
Denny Geo. W. oysteis, liahor;.' and Pine and 

1 n (Jreene 
Dennv Jas. hookkeejter, <;:; I'enna .av 
Denny Jas. W. (Owens it D.) '.W'l .Madison av 
Denny John, painter, 4 Plowman 
Denny Jolin, ( Armstronj.; it I'.j'Jl'J Monts^omery 
Denny .Mt's. Mar^'aret, jirocery 1 17 Pi'ach al 
Denny Owen, tavern and grocery, 161 Lee 
Denny Patrick, collector, 67 e .Madison 
Denny Stephen T. jiilder, G4 \v jtaltirnore 
Denny 'rhomas, {lilder, io.'j w Fayette 
Denny Win. laViorer, 19 Ch itsworili 
Denoe .\iinif , chamhermaid, :M7 Hollins 
Deiioe 'I'hos. i^rocer, Carey and llaliinioic 
Denoe Thos. F. clerk, Carey and H.iltiinore 
Denson Ale.x. bricklayer, 18,':! Lee 
Di-nsoii, Bullock .tQuincy.(l. .M. Denson. J. S. 
I'ullock, J. 1). Quiiiry.) com. ineri'llts. and 
jreneral dealers, (Jl s (;a\ 


COMMi.SSIwX Ml.Kc'll.X S'i, 

Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


cnN-r \.\ 1 i.v y 'i; .- ,,,,. 
Clover, Timothy Seed, &c'. 

Rosendtilc Cemcul and riaster. 

DFPKI.N lIF.NPvV, merch. tailor, s;» w hum- 
hard, dw .")7 n Lilierly 
Dejioll .Marlin, tailor, 7 liarnes 
Deppish .Mex. ])aperhan;;er, '.i4 n av 
Deppish Fdward, tinner, 17'i n Filen 
Deppi.-ili Francis, cooper, iSrowii al nr Low 
Deppish Francis, carpentei', \'.i'.> n Central av 
Deppi.--h Jcihn, tinner, s e Baltimore 
Deppish Win. cooper. ;rl a Ccniral av 
De[)ro A iii;M,stiis. shi]ijoiner. l8.") (ion^li 
Depro .Mrs. Lenora, 18.') (loniih 
Derail .las. L. hiitier. '1\'2 n Cay, dw 1 1 It n High 
D'aan .Jos. D. clerk, Brown's hot<d 
Derh.ich Conrad, carpenter, 171! Prestcjii 
Ihiheck (;eo. tailor, 68 n Chajiel 
Deihert Jidiii, paver, 'i:>>* Lee 
Dei-lircck ('has. tinner, '>:>'! Saratoga 
1 )erenlierper Geo. conl'ect'y, 3(i'J Franklin 
Derenlierger Henry, carp'tr, (J3 Druid Hill av 
Dereiiherger Jacoh, couf'ert. C'.i Druid ILU av 
Derller .Michael, taih.r, 48.- Durham 
Deriiiii .Auy;iist. caulkia', 'Jli 'I'liames 
Derlin Auj^nsl, parasols, umhrellas and canes, 

14(; n I-jitaw 
Derlin Chas. uinlirellas and iiara,<ols, 1 1 ."i Sar- 
De Lonceray Celia. music teacher, l.'il n I'aca 
De Ronceray .Mrs. .Margaret, \'.'A n Paca 
De Roncerav Rosina. inusu' teacher, 131 n Paca 
De Ros.set rir. .M. J. ■-•'Jo Linden av 
Derr Chas. H. liiiner. ,"):' Scoti 
Derr Hairy. Imker, 1 1 Harford av 
Derr .lohn. 'JSl Franklin 

Derr .lolin. ( .MleiiPaine. Son & Co )J81 Franl^iin 
' eii' Lenliaiilt, I'rcuer. O'Doiinell nr Third av 

Densoii Isaac .M. ("Isaar .M . Denson it (^)uincy,) i Derr Wm. R.( ( J iuinger, Co.).'i.'i7w F.uetle 

Fcjuntain hotel 
Dent J. Harvey, sales'.'iau. Fountain hotel 
Denton B. B. com. merchani, 24.') Lee 
Dentiy .Mrs. Catherine, ,'>8 n Front 
Deiitry Geo. R. coilirmaker. I'.M s Sharp 
Deniz August, Idack.-miih, :;:; Low 
Deniz Lewis, clerk, 4 s Giy 
D"nlZ(d Henry, cahinetmakei'. (j'i s liond 
D(mver Thos. soapmaker, 1 Robinson, (Janton 
Denz -Vugust, printer, ,5 n Wolfe 
Denz Rachel, 5 n Wolfe 
DeOtt Gabriel, 10 Somerset 
DePaepe John, (P,rown it I),) 100 s Ann 

CULTURi':, STATR OF Ml)., Dr. W. S. 

.McPheison, su|il. Raine's building, cor Bal- 

limore and 1'. O. av 
Dejiew it Co. ((Jeo. W. Depew, ll.T. Woister) 

agricult. castings, 2o4 s llowaid 
J>epew (ieo. W. (b. it Co.) 2;!t; w Lombard 
Depfer Win. lab. 49 Abbot 
Dejikin k Brauer, (R. A. Depkiii, II. Brauer) 

merchant tailors, 129 w Lomlianl 
Depkin Ernest A. (D. it Brauer) .'>I4 n (iay 
Depk.n Henry, driver, .'^40 C, niton av 

Denell (Jeo. linisher, Edeii nr Oilean.- 
Deriickson David R. lab. .".lo w Fa\elte 
Derrickson Mrs. Elizi, grocery. r)lo w Fayette 
Del-ring Christian, shoemaker. 7.'' Raborg 
Deriing .Martin, shoemkr, I o P.iltersoii P.irk av 

Deriing .-teV(>.lore, l.')l s Cli.nles 

Derrninger John, driver. '.'■':>\ s Sharp 
Del ry Caiherine. iso Canton av 
Deis Fred'k, bmeher, ,';.'>2 Washington av 
Der.-hinger .Martin, laborer, 76 Tow son 
Dery ,\nn. dressmaker. 50 Mnll>eriy 
i)er.\' .Margaret, seamsiress, oO .Mulberry 
Derv Riciiard J. sloiieciit ter, 50 .Miilberrv 
Div^ch C. S. (C. S. D. it Co.) 178 Walsh 
DESCII C. S. if (;o. ((;. S. Desch) com mer- 
chants and feed 128 s Cliarles 
Dcsch (Jeo. shoemaker, 102 n Spring 
Desch (Jeo. billiard saloon and restaurant, 100 

s Broa<lway 
Desch Henry, blacksmith, bi>\ ii Gay 
Desch John, barkeeper, 166 s Broadw.iy 
Desch Jos. 102 11 Spring 
Desch Peter, Idacksmiili, 50 1 u (Jay 
Descliell .bdiii V. w.alchmaker. 51 Orleans 
Descheii Joliii, mariner. 28 Fell 

Horses Bought and Sold on Commission, 
DES 154 DEW 

DES FORGES JOHN P. dealer in old books, 
pictures and curiosities, 3 St. Paul, dw 27 n 
Deshields .Mrs. Ellen, nurse, 76 Mc Klderry 
Dcshields Henry C.(D. & Covell) 18t; n Oregon 
Deshields John L. mariner, 76 McKlderry 
DESIHELUS& COVELL. (H.C. Deshields, John 
C. Covell) genl. aots. Piedmoiit and Arling- 
ton Life Ins. Co. 32 Postoffice av 
Deshinger John, wheelwr't, Easiern av e.xt 
Deshon Christopher M. agent, cor Charles and 

Le.iciiigt()n, dw 18 Marviand av 
Deshon John W . shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Deshon Welsh, clerk, 18 Maryland av 
Desika Matthew, lab. 40 Barnes 
Desmond Timothy, lab. 16 Stiles 
Despard Coal Co. Jos. \V. Jenkins, prest, office 

30 s Fiederick 
Despeanx Anthony, shi[)carp. 33 Stiles 
Despeaux Chas. II. carpenter, 130 n Bond 
Despeaux Elizabeth, fancy store, 197 e Pratt 
Despeaux John, carpenter, 30 n Wolfe 
Despeaux John, laborer, 149 Eastern av 
Despeaux Jos. D. cloth cutter, 191 n Eden 
Desprey Louis, clerk, 196 Cross 
Desprez Fred'k, barber, Elizabeth la nr Heath 
Desprez Louis, clerk, Elizabeth la nr Heath 
Dess Frank, cabinetmaker, 12 Anthony 
Dessel Simon, beer, 32'i Eastern av 
Desvarreux James, shoe findings and garden 

seeds, 164 n Gfty 
Detectives' Otiice, 25 n Calvert 
Detective Police, (Independent) 47 w Fayette 
Detering Frederick, wagonmkr, 600 \v Pratt 
Detken Fred'k W. mariner, 41 Cambridge 
Detrick J. S. fertilizers, 120 s Charles, dw John 

nr Wilson 
DETRICK L. F. fertilizers and com. merchl, 

120 s Charb'S, dw 271 Lanvale 
Detsch John, driver, Easiern av nr Third av 
Deltmer John H. cooper, 169 Lee 
Dettelbachen Elias, clerk, 135 German 
Dettmer Henry, pianomaker, 15 Ridgely 
Deltmer John, cooper, 167 Lee 
Dettmer John H. laborer, 38 Clifford al 
DeUmer George, cooper, 297 William 
Detzel Conrad, laborer, 149 e Pratt 
Detzer John, jr. tinner, 466 Canton av 
Detzer John, grocery, 466 Canton av 
Detzer .Mrs. Margaret, 466 Canton av 
Deuber Conrad, laborer, 21 s Gilmor 
Deuerling Jacob, gardener, Point lane 
Deu|)ert Adam, manufacturer gold leaf, 35 n 

Deupeii John, laborer, 53 Fell 
Deutsch John D. laborer, 67 President 
Deutsch &; Golderman, (S. Deutsch, Jacob 
Golderinan,) book and job printers, over n e 
cor Baltimore and Eutaw 
Deutsch Solomon, (D. & Golderman,) High 

and Prttt 
Deut.sch Rev. Dr. Solonion, 4S e Pratt 
Deutsch Win. law student, 48 e Pratt 
De Valin John II. iron railing maker, 87 Har- 
rison, dw 201 n (Central av 
Devalin Chas. E., U.S.x\. 46 n Front 
Devalin Henry P. bricklayer, 147 Stirling 
Devalin Hugh, 46 n Front 
Devalin James, clerk, 272 Light 
Devalin Wm. B. iron railingmak. 134 L. Greene 
Devall John, (Ecclestou & D.) 162 n Calvert 
Devan John, carpenter, 95 n Fremont 

Devaughn Mrs. Ann M. seamst. 49 Leadenhall 
Devaughn Levin, plasterer, 426 Orleans 
Devaughn Peyton, srlassblower, 49 Leadenhall 
Devaughn Silas, spike cutter, 118 s Ann 
Devaugn Wm. D. spike cutter, cor L. Gough 

and (Jranby 
Devaul Win. barkeei)er, 126 Light st whf 
Devell James, painter, 26 n Gay 
Devenny John, carpenter, 54 Woodyear 
Devenny Robt. J. grocery, 2 Orleans 
Dever Geo. brakeman, Leinmon al nr Calhoun 
Dever John, canmaker, 9 Hill 
Dever Julia. 144 n Central av 
Dever .Mrs. Rebecca, Lemmon al nr Calhoun 
Devere Wm. 238 e Fayette 
Devereux James, shoemaker, 61 Harford av 
Devereux Thomas, laborer, 199 Lemmon al 
Deverick Wm. G. printer, 26 Pearl 
Devers Geo. plasterer, 03 Boyd 
Devillin Mary, 31 Chew 
Devin Lawrence, clerk, 7 Humes 

Deville , Clifton nr the Park 

Devin Mrs. Mary, 7 Humes 

Devin Thos. tinner, 41 Jew al 0. T. 

Devine Mrs. Catherine, confec'y, 8 Hawk 

Devine Chas. machinist, 25 Penn 

Devine .Mrs. Eliza, tailorcss, 40 n Spring 

Devine Francis, engineer, 1 1 Hawk 

Devine Rev. Geo. W., Johnsou and Clement 

Devine John, laborer. 8 Hawk 

Devine John, watchman, 18 Fort av 

Devine .Mrs. .Margaret, 191 Preston 

Devine .Mary, 3 Ulrick al 

Devine Patrick, laborer, 202 n Front 

Devine Patrick, Laborer, 253 Cross - 

Devine Wm. laborer, 35 Centre Market sp 

Devine Wm. shoemaker 40 n Spring 

Devinney Hugh, laborer, 20 Comet 

Devlin James F. laborer, 150 Chesapeake 

Devlin John E. clerk, 150 Chesapeake 

Devlin John, clerk, 85 Saratoga 

Devlin John, huckster, 139 e Madison 

Devlin Patrick, laborer, 150 Chesapeake 

Devlin Sarah .\. grocery, 139 e Madison 

Devlin Terreiice, stonecutter, 98 e .Madison 

Devon .Mrs. I'ilizab. confec'y. 199 Light 

Devon Wm. II. teacher at Business Collegp, 

77 e Pratt 
Devore Geo. sup't Union R.R., John nr Valley 
Devouge .Alphonse, d,\ er, 131 w Madison 
Devouge Mrs. Theresa, ladies' hairdresser, 131 

w .Madison 
Devries C. of S. (Wm. D. & Co.) Eutaw house 
Devries S. K. G. clerk, 74 w .Monument , 
DEVRIES WM. & CO. (Wm., C. of S. and 

Wm. R. Devries, S. Kimmel, G. E. Ducker, ) 

whoUsale dry goods, 312 w Baltimore 
Devries Wm. (Wm. I). & Co. and D., Young 

& Co.) 74 w .Monument 
Devries Wm. R. ( Wm. D. & Co.) 72 Cathedral 
DEVRIES, YOUNG & CO. (Wm. Devries, 

Alex, ^'oung, wholesale boots and shoes, 310 

w Baltimore 
Dew Alb't B. W. bookkeeper, 19s Gilmor 
Dew Geo. R. clerk. 34 w Biddle 
Dew Jabez, niarblecuttcr, 164 e Eager 
Dew James W. clerk, 34 w Biddle 
Dew Dr. James, agent, 34 w Biddle 
Dew Joshua S. salesman, Biddle e of Regester 
Dew Robt. H. teacher, 19 s Gilmor 
Dew Theodore W. letter carrier, 41 Valley 
Dew Wm. pattern maker, 19 s Gilmor 

At Central Stables. Ill Lexington, C H. Bredemeyer. 

DEW _ 15.-, 1)1 1<: 

Dew Win. J. pattetninakcr, on ? Strieker j J, HENRY GIESE 

DewoM riC'orire, furn. \va<;(in. 229 ii I'xmd | , ,^,.. , ^^ ^ ' 

Dewold John, furn. vvii<roii, 2') L. (Jouiili ' ■' -'■'-••' i^ ■•• I, 

Uew.ld Peter, furn. wapon, 22;> ii Hond FlOUT, Grain, SeeciS, &C. 

DK WITT GAHHIF.L, a.-ent. 8 .. Gav j ^O" ^1 J>PEARS WHARF. 

Dewliu Marv L. 32 Henrictia "i\>iaM!.\ h.i: ~,ik 

I)evvlirv_' Geo. \V. hlacksmiih, 137 Cross Clovcr, Timothy Seed, &e. 

Dewliiig Dr. Isaiah, 117 s Chester Eoscudalo Ccmcnt and Plaster 

Dewliiitr Thomas, blacksmith, 13H West. " 

137 Cross Dickev (',. Allen. (Wm. .J. I>. .v S..ii; I' 

DK WOLP^ C. A. ship au'ent and eom. iiiereht. l)ickcy Hohert L. clerk, 4o4 e l.omhard 

cor Shear's whf. iuid I'ratI, dvv G9 1 Saruto^'a Dicke'v Win. ,].i Wm..I. D. & ,<oi, :;e;i w Faviiie 

I)e Wolff Levi, clerk, 22 n Gay Dickinson .\rtliur. iiooksellir aiid stationer, 

De.xter Charles, cantriaker, 131 s I'otid ,M4 w Haliiniore, dw 111 w I, iml.aid 

Dexter Chnries n. foreman, 121 s linrke Dickinson David A. If.l vv TownM-ud 

De Yonntr Elias. provisi(>iis. 140 Mcl'^lderry Dickinson Gideon, carp. 411 w i^omiianl 

DeVonnrr Elias, provi.^ions. 7 s J'.ond • Iiickinson .James A. hookkeepcr, 17;i Lee 

De Younsr Tlios. J. machinist. 220 Orh'ans Dickinson Jno. .S. ^Wlu-dliee ^t D. i Ch.ise ami 

Dhiejivelter Lnglebert, laborer, I're.-idcnl ai.d .<i. Paul 

Central av Dickinson .lolm, clerk. Ibdlins nr .M(iunl 

Dhiele Herman, laborer. 13l{idizclv | Dicl<inson .Nelson, car[). .Strieker nr .Mrjlcnry 

Diamond Anton, carpenter. 31:") e Chase Dickinsnn Wm. oyster dealer. 20l I-^.ist(-:ii av 

Diamond Hugh, laborer, 83 ("ainliridpe Diikinson Wm. H. o;sler dealer, K,'8 s .Sprinj:, 

Diamond .Jas. sr. coop.2o Philpot.dw 14.3 s Auu d\v 2ol La.-tcrn av 

Diamond James, carter. s3 Cambridu'c Dickinson Win. T. rlerk, 77 n Charles 

Diamond James, jr. cooper. ri4 n Wolfe llicksoii .Vnua, confcctiimery, 24 .S:errell 

Diamond John, printer. 87 Camd.'n : Diikson ('has. deik. 21'.i Dolpliiii 

Diamond .Martin, piidiller, ■]'.>] s Chester Dii-kson Dr. John. 2e;i .Madi^^on av 

Diamond Mrs. Mary A. nurse. 44 Valley Dickson John, macliinis'. 12 (_Ti-or>:e 

Diamond Wm. c(joper, 7o s Ann . Di'lc^oii Jolin T. lK>okkee[ier, 122 l;o!t(jii 

Dibb James, engineer, [)'> s Poppletoii Dickson .Mrs. .Margaret, taihness. 2ly Dulphiu 

Diidiell Christopher, laborer. It Donohue ;d Dickson Mis. .Mary E. 122 Holton 

Dibbell David S. 203 Townsend Di-kson Wm. brakeman, 1^2 .McUeury 

Diiiel Geo. carpenter, 403 s Charles I'ickson Wm. lab. I'.i .Monroe 

Dibiis .Martin, shoemaker, 108 Lastern av i Dickson Wm. clerk, 12i.» Montgomery 

Dick .Mrs. Mary. 303 \v Pratt Dickson Wm. J. tinner. 'Ml Fraidvlin 

Dick Oscar, clerk. 303 w Pratt ! Dicus .Mrs. Elizabeth, Federal nr Mound 

Dick Wesley, laborer, 323 Cathedral ' Dicus Jacob U. watchman. Clipper .Mills 

Dicke! Ciiarles, porter. 126 William ' Didic-r Ale.x. H. produce, cor Pratt and Cheap- 

Dickel ('has. Z. clerk, 111 s Ili-li side, d\v .Madison ur Kcgestcr 

Dickel Conrad, carpetweaver. l;» n .Schroeder Didicr Rev. Edmund. 25 n Front 

Dickel (;eo. H. tailor. Ills High Didier Mrs. Edmund. 74 Cathedral 

Dickel (k-o. T. bookbinder, Ills High Didier Eugene L. stenographer, .'.•] George 

Dickel Henry L. (Dro.--te k Dickel) li)!,t s Diilier Henry .\. agent Ins. t'o. N. America, 30 

Broadway ' Po.-t (llliceav. dw 11* Read 
Dickel Jame.< E. gilder. Ills High . Didier .Mrs. Julia. ,'>•; Geoige 
Dickel John, slioi-inaker, 126 William Didier Mrs. .Mary. 236 n Eden 
Dickclman Joseph, crjienler, 78 Somerset Didlake Wilfred, jiuddler. 27 Williainsou al 
Dickelman .Mrs. Vincent, milk. Harford av e.xt Diebiisch .lolianna, teacher, 4 Pearl 
Dicken< Henry, ropemaker. William nr Gittings Dieldlsrji Itu hard, baker. 128 Lou- 
Dickens Johiill. ropemaker, 3o Gittings Dieckmann Henry C. clerk. 3o n Greene 
Dickerson Alfred, moulder. 114 n Car(jline Dieckmann L. trader. 30 n Greene 
Dickersoi) Alfred A. moulder. 114 n Caroline Dieckmann .lolin H. porter, 127 c Lombard 
Dickerson Capt. Geo. W. com. men h. Puchan- Diedriclis Bros, i .M..rtin and John Itieilnchs; 

an's wlif dw Ui4 e Pratt ga>titters and plumbers. 34 n Ibdliday 

DICKERSGX ISAAC W. stevedore, Bmhan- Diedrirhs Jcdm. ( D. P.ros. ) 34 n Holliday 

an's whf. dw 408 e Lombard , Diedriclis John. lali. 433 Hami/Uig 

Dickerson Peter, carp. 631 w Favelte ' Diedriidis .Martin, (P. Bros.) 34 n ilollid.'iy 

Dickerson Wm. clerk, Fi>riner's "hotel Diefenba. h H. hats and caps, 316 w Pratt, dw 

Dickerson Wm. P. ossters. 13 s Washintrton '■;' .-> Eiitaw 

Dickert Michael, lab." 14 Ivy al ' Dieti'eiib.ich ('has. H.l D. & .Moore and .Moore .t 

Dickey .Mrs. A E. 249 w Biddle D. i 2o3 Hanover 

Di'.ke'v Baker & Co.(C. E. Dickev, E. J. Paker, Dielfenbach Henry, butcher, 616 Liglit 

T. tansley) nroprietors Md. ineter works. .03 Dielfenbach i M<.ore,tC. II. DielfenOac h. C. A. 

-Nortli and 22 Saratoga ' Moore ) druggists, n e cor Barre and !■ remont 

Dickev Chas. E. f D., Baker cj- Co., and James Dii-pei Adam. turn, wagon, 128 s IJoiid 

Hazlitt k Co.)' Charles-st. av nr Hunting- Diehl .\, lab. 177 Patterson Park av 

don av Diehl August, lab. 222 Frederick av 

Dickey Wm. J. k Son, (Wm. J. and G. A. Diehl Chas. H. tailor. 24f. e Eager 

Dickev) mauufs. plaids, checks, linsevs, kc. DithI Henry, lab. 1 Hammond al 

16 Hanover ' , Diehl Henrv, sf-'vedore, 32 Sliaksiioar 



Dnst and Pho 





Diehl Herman, mariner, 443 Canton av 
Diehl Juhn Henry, shoemkr, 187 .Montgomcy 
Diehl John, barber, 122 n Euttivv 
Diehl Mrs. Louisa, ladies' hair dressing, 122 n 

Diehl Ludwicr, teacher, 177 Patterson Piirk av 
Diehlman ('hristi;in, [)aperlian<:er, 1S6 Cross 
Diehlman Jncob, paver, 124 Stirliiicr 
Dienisbach l'hili|i, harneisinkr, 12 Gree:ini't av 
Diensthier Georjie. porter. 10 Harnionv la 
DIERING CHRISTOPIIEII, wholesale liquors. 

209 e Loinb.ird 
Diering C. H. carpenter, 14 Warner 
Diering Herman F. baker, 14 Warner 
Diering H. F. 6 Fort av 
Diering Henry L. grocery. 279 Canton av 
Diering Henry L. music teicher, 191 Hudson 
Diering H.L. jr teacher, Hudson nr Canton fort 
Dierr Henry, laborer, 210 s Durham 
Dierken F"reil'k, sh'iemaker, 113 n Spring 
Dicrker Bernard W. clerk, 88 York 
Dierker John H. drayman, 88 York 
Dieschefer John H. tailor, 2 Leadenhall 
Diessel .Andrew, 136 s Spring 
Diesterweg Institute, G. A. Lang principal, 

Granby and Exeter 
Dieter Mrs. Adelaide, grocery, 10 n Poppleton 
Dieter Mrs. Margaret, 96 Saratoga 
Dieter Louis A. paper hangings, 28 n Howard, 

dvv 9G Sari'toga 
Dieter Peter, paper hanger, 267 Raborg 
Dieterich Ferdinand, glass stainer, 77 n Gay 
Dieterich Chas. cabinetmaker 383 Canton av 
Dieterich Leonhardt, second hand goods, 313 

n Gay 
Dieteiich Louis, artist, over s w cor Ciiarles 

and Favette, dw 77 n Gay 
Dieterich Michnel, Liborer, 85 Johnson 
Dieterly Christopher F. liquors, 121 Jefferson 
Dietrich Adam, bai keeper, 20.5 w Fayette 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 198 Hamburg 
Dietricli .\dain, shoemaker. 2'iri w Fayette 
Dietrich .Andrew, cutter, 20 s Regester 
Dietricli (."asper, cooper, 510 Light 
Dietrich Chas. H. sh.)emaker, 365 n Broadway 
Dietrich & Distler, (M. Dietrich, J. K. Distier) 

coal and wood, cor Canton av and Chester 
Dietrich Frank, laborer, 33 Cannon 
Dietrich Frederick, huckster, 273 w Pratt 
Dietrich Gustavus, safemaker, 510 Light 
Dietrich Mrs. Henry, grocery, G2 s Central av 
Dietrich Henry, varnislier, 62 s Central av 
Dietrich Henrv, 41 Walsh 
DIETRICH JOHN, propr. Mechanics' hall, 152 

w Fayeiie 
Dietrich John, cirpenter, 317 s Charles 
Dietrich John, tailor, 60 Durst al 
Dietrich John, tailor, 508 Le.tinsrton 
Dietrich John H. shoemaker, 19 Jackson ct 
DIETRICH MARTIN, restaurant, Ilolliday and 

I'ajtiniore, dw 36 n Hcliiday 
Dietrich .Martin, (D. & Distier) 202 s .Ann 
Dietrich Philip. slK)emaker, 347 w FaAelle 
Dietrich Philip jr. clerk. 351 w Lombard 
Dietrich Wm. baker, 336 s B md 
Diefsch John, tailor, 216 Hollins 
Dietsch John, brewer, Eastern av ext 
Dietsch Ji'seph, tailor, 122 Siirling 
Dietz A. Frank, c'abinetmkr, 122 Barre 
Dietz Adam, barber, 203 s Charles 
Dietz Bernanl, engineer, Bel.iir av e.\t 
Dietz Casper, butcher, 557 e Fayette 

Dietz Bros, (Louis and Frank Dietz)furniture, 

62 n Howard 
Dietz Charles, driver, 236 e Eaeer 
Dietz & Davidson, (S, B. Dietz, J. E, David- 
son) com, merchants, 162 w Pratt 
Dietz Conrad, laborer, 275 s Shar]> 
Dietz <^ Esierday. (K, Dieiz, A. Esterday)rail- 

linery, 4 Druid Hill av 
Dietz Francis X. carpenter, 205 \v Biddle 
Dietz Geo. baker, 157 s Bond 
Dietz Gerhard, watchmkr, Schroeder nr Fayette 
Dietz Guslav, cigarmaker, 157 s Bond 
Dietz Henry, Lcmmon nr Payson 
Dietz Henry, carp. lo7 s Bond, dw Homestead 
Dietz John, laborer, 648 Light 
Dietz John, w.itchmaker, 115 n Eutaw 
Dietz Jolin II. tobacconist, 79 Hanover 
Dietz John, scissors grinder, 498 n Gay 
Dietz John B. clothier, 204 w Pratt 
Dietz John, plasterer, 122 Greenmount av 
Dietz John, jjorier, 134 n Regester 
Dietz Joseph, laborer, 152 .Madeira al 
Dietz Joseph A. cigarmaker, 224 n Dallas 
Dietz Kate, (D. & Esterday) 115 n Eutaw 
Dietz Killian, shoemaker, 12 Anthony 
Dietz Mrs. Kunignnda, 648 Light 
DIETZ J. LAWRENCE, notions and v.-irieiies, 

131 Franklin, dw (iilmor nr Patterson av 
DIETZ L.A WHENCE D. 131 Franklin, dw Gil- 

mor nr Patterson av 
Dietz .Mrs. Lisetta, drj- goods, 200 s Sharp 
Dietz Loui?, cabinetmaker, 203 Lee 
Dietz Mrs. Mary, grocery, 236 e Eager 
Dietz Peter, paver, Lemmon nr Payson 
Dietz Philip, laborer, 254 e Chase 
Dietz Reinhardt. grocery, 115 n Eutaw 
Dietz S. B. (D. & Davidson) 277 Mulberry 
Dietz Sabine. Lemmon nr Payson 
Dietz Wm. II, clerk, 162 Aisquith 
Dietze! Adam, tailor, 31'2 s Bond 
Dietzel Nicholas, laborer, 92 .Mullikin 
DietzwciT Francis, shoemaker, J6 Orleans 
Diewald Fritz C, U. S. A., Fort .McHenry 
Diez John, merciiant, tailor, 224 s Broadway 
Difi-ndall Mrs. Mart:aret, 185 Vine 
Ditfenbach Henry, hats, 324Pratt,dw 59 sEutaw 
Difilenbaujih Christ, shoemaker, 390 n Ga^' 
Ditlendiitfer Jas. C. grocery, cor Division and 

Dilfendall Chas, brickmaker, 96 St. Peter 
Ditfendall Mrs. Emily, dressmkr. 96 St. Peter 
Diffeiiderfer John P. druggist, 197 Barre 
Diffenderffer Edwin, carpenter, 436 Lexington 
Ditfeiuieriler .Mrs, Elizabetli A. IS.i n High 
Dirt'endertfer II. H, cor John and Wilson 
Diffciiderlfer Jas. T. clerk, 255 Linden av 
DitfendeiflVr John A, cooper, 307 Canton av 
Ditfcnderlfer John F'. salesman, 255 Linden av 
Diffenderffer Michael, ins, agent, John nr Mc- 

Diffenderffer Octavius, (Chas. H. Ross & Co.) 

2.")9 n Charles 
Diffenderffer Robt. E. carpenter, rear Pennaav, 

dw 12 Georiie 
Diffenderffer Dr. Win, II. 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Wm. liookkeeper, 183 n High 
Diffev ("has, S. machinist. 58 s Popjileton 
DiffVv .Mrs. Mary, nurse, 218 Lee 
Ditfey Mrs. Mary S. 58 s Poppleton 
Dittiey John, stonemason, 35 Willow 
Diggan James, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Diggan John, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 

O ffices, 54 S. G-ay, and Cor. Chew an d Stirling. 
__ DIG ~~ 



Diggans James, laborer, 3 Elliott 

Diggans Thus, laborer, 3 KUiott 

Diggans Thos. jt. laljorer, 3 Elliott 

Diggs Albert F. mariner, 35 Warren 

Diggs Beverly, dejit. sheriff, 48 Goiigh 

Diggs Clias. F. sales agent Baltimore Coal and 

Union R R. Co. 2 .South. d\v 239 Park av 
Diggs Ch:iS.W.(R.n.D.& Sons) 315 e Baltimore 
Diggs Danl. E. sergt. police, 209 Gough 
Diggs Dudley, clerk, 936 Le.vington 
Diggs .Mrs. Edward G. 173 n Paca 
Diggs Mrs. Eliza A. 106 Saratoga 
Diggs Frank P. clerk, 64 Albemarle 
Diggs Henry, lumber inspector, 64 Albemarle 
Diggs James, 377 Canton av 
Diggs James, agent Baltimore Coal Co. 2 South, 

dw Edmondson av nr Republican 
Diggs J. Wesley, U. S. ganger, 71 Exchange 

pi. dw 98 Hillen 
Diggs John R. fancy goods, tovs, &c., 122 w 

Baltimore, dw 177 w Hoffman 
Diggs Joseph R. mariner, 35 Warren 
Diggs Richard H. & Sons, (R. H., Saml. J. and 
Ch:i3 W. Dijjfgs) lime and feed, 258 s Caroline 
Diggs Richard H. (R. H. D. & Sous) 315 e Bal- 
Diggs Samuel J. (R. H. D. & Sons) 95 s Bond 
Diggs \Vm. B. (J. J. Gray & Co.) 45 s Chester 
Diggs C'Hpt. Win. J. mariner, 35 Warren 
Dignan James, bottler, 2 Comet 
Dignan Jerome, laborer, 2 Comet 
Dignan John, boilermaker, 124 Harford av 
Dignan Lawrence, labort-r, 66 n Durham 
Dignan .Michael, flour and feed, 146 Cathedral 
Dignan Patrick, grocery. Cathedral ext 
Dignan Peter, drayman, 70 York 
Digney Wra. moulder, 196 .Montgomery 
Dike Leonard, blacksmith, G8 Greenmount av 
Dilfelder, Geo. cooper, 174 Eastern av 
Dilfelder John Geo. cooper, 181 s Washington 
Dilfelder .Mrs. Margaret, 181 s Washington 
Dill Adolph, cabinetmaker, 183 Columbia 
Dill Andrew E. clerk, 118 e Lombard 
Dill August, shoetindings, 60 s Sharp 
Dill Charles, Pratt nr Payson 
Dill Conrad, grocery, Pratt and Carey 
Dill Fred'k, cooper, 295 s Sharp 
Dill Fred'k, pianomaker, 297 s Sharp 
Dill Geo. E. bootfitter, 118 e Lombard 
Dill Henry H. clerk, 343 Lexington 
Dill Henry, carpenter, 378 s Sharp 
Dill John, mariner, 150 s Ann 
Dill John, laborer, Wilkens nr Frederick av 
Dill Philip J. cabinetmaker, 183 Columbia 
Dill Robt. P. carpenter. 270 Saratoga 
Dill Mrs. Sarah J. seamstress, 118 e Lombard 
Dill Wm. currier, 84 e Lombard 
Dill Wm. laborer, 16 (."allendar al 
Dill Wm. H. grocery, 289 s Sharp, dw 295 
Dillahay Frank, conductor, 206 Walsh 
Dillaway Dositree, furniture. 82 Harrison 
Dillaway Thos. teacher, 48 Etting 
Dillehunt Cbas. E. huckster, 139 Forrest 
Dillehunt .Mrs. Elizabeth, 171 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt .Mrs. Elizabeth, 67 n Caroline 
Dillehunt Fred'k A. tobacconist, 171 e Balti- 
more, dw 67 n Caroline 
Dillehunt (Jeo. cheese, Friendship, York rd 
DILLEHUNT JOHN G. tobacconist, cor Caro- 
line and Baltimore, dw 380 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Louis P. cigarmaker, Eager and 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


CO.V;iTA.\ri.Y F.iR S.\I,E 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Dillehunt Jno. T. huckster. Friendship, York rd 
Dillehunt Wm. T. dept. warden penitentiary, 

67 n Caroline 
Dillehunt Wm. ice wagon. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dillehunt Wm. cabinetmaker, 212 Harford av 
Dillen Jas. D. conductor, 1 Randall 
Dilley Jamis, mariner, 154 s Choptank 
Dilley Jas. jr. laborer, 154 s Chapel 
Dillfelder John, cooper, 174 Eastern av 
Dillman Frank, laborer, 257 Aitquith 
Dillman .Matthias, laborer, 257 Aisquith 
Dillman Peter, laiiorer, 257 Aisquith 
Dillmore Thos. fireman, Elliott nr Boston 
DILLON A. H. Jr., general agent Connecticut 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. 8 South, dw 293 Madi- 
son av 
Dillon .Mrs. Ann, 6 Addison 
Dillon Edward, laborer, 634 w Pratt 
Dillon James, hostler, 109 Dover 
Dillon Jeremiah, laborer, 70 Hampstead 
Dillon J. grocer, 129 Greenmount av 
Dillon John, drayman, 4 Addison 
Dillon Matthew, laborer, 109 Dover 
Dillon Matthew, lab'r, Vincent al nr McHenry 
Dillon Owen, clerk, 4 Maccubbin 
Dillon Patrick, slippermaker, 68 e Fayette 
Dillon Wm. B. 293 Madison av 
Dillow Wm. tinner, 8 McElderry 
Dillow Wm. jr. carpenter, 8 McElderry 
Dilmor Mrs. Marv, 129 Elliott 
Dilmor Thos. laborer, 125 Elliott 
Dilts Dr. G. S. 1 76 e Pratt 
DILWORTH & KENT, (P. Dilworth, B. G. 

Kent) brass founders, 47 n Holliday 
Dilworth Margaret, 56 Carlton 
Dilworth Oliver, huckster, 27 St. Mary 
Dilworth Peter, (D. & Kent) 306 e Chase 
Dilworth Richard, clerk, 306 e Chase 
Dimling Conrad, butcher, 25 Hollins, 94 Lex- 
ington markets, dw Frederick rd nr tollgate 
Dimling Fred'k, butcher, 258 Light 
Dimling Henry, laborer, 71 Grindall 
Dimling Simon, boots and shoes, 283 n Howard 
Dimmling Chas. F. butcher, 5 and 32 Fell's 

Point market, dw Chester n of Monument 
Dimmling John, tailor, 82 e Lombard 
Dinen James, shucker, 9 Mercer 
Dinges .Mrs. Annie, provisions, Whatcoat nr 

Dinges James, barkeeper, 76 Centre Market sp 
Dinges John, porter, Whatcoat nr Presstman 
Diugfclder Anthony, shoemaker, 143 L.Greene 
Dingle Andrew, laborer, 135 Mnllikin 
Dingle Elizabeth, 18 Armistead la 
Dingle Francis, laborer, 18 Armistead la 
Dingle Henry, mariner, 56 York 
Dingier Geo. carpenter, 158 s Durham 
Dinkelman Henry R. grocery, 80 Penna av 
Dinkelspiel Isaac, liquor, 188 Cross 
Dinmore Walter, (D. & Wilson) lOl Gough 
DINMORE & WILSON, (W. Dinraore, C. A. 
Wilson )photographer8'stock, 125 w Baltimore 

Coaches and Barouches for Shoppin g, Weddings, & c. 




New Gallery of Pholograpl^y, 

No. 125 W. Baltimore Street. 

j Photographic Goods, Frames, Pictures, 
[ Stereoscopic Views, Stereoscopes, «fcc. 
y\ Portraits in Oil, Water Colors, India Ink 
and PIhIu. PorcelKlu Mini itiiren a S|>eciiiHy. 

V ' 

Jljnsniore David, laborer, e end of O'DoiinclI 
l)iiisiiiore John T. moulder, s w cor Albemarle 

and Stiles 
DINSMORK & KYLE, (Geo. H. and S. A. S. 

K\le, L. IIoll}day, S. P. Nelms) wholesale 

grocers and com. merch'ts, 156 w Pratt 
Diusniore Mrs. Hosanna, 21 s Kepublican 
Dinzle George, tnilor, 757 Light 
Dipple Elizabeth, 267 Mulbeiry 
Dipple John, cigarmaker, 267 .Mulberry 
Dipple Sophia, confectionery, 129 Hank 
Dipple \\'endelin, cabinetmaker, 151 s Bond 
Dipples J<jhn, cigarmaker, 3-14 Mulberry 
Dirschner Conrad, shoemaker, 4 Addison al 
Disch Henry, shoemaker, 59 Watson 
Diskin John, drayman, 105 York 
Disney Aaron, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Disney Benj. carpenter, 131 Conway 
Disney Charles H. hatter. 55 Booth 
Disney Mrs. lilizabeth A. 55 Booth 
Disney Edward, laljorer, Hampden 
Disney Henry E. clerk, 1G7 Bank 
Disney Jackson, painter, 256 Hanorer 
Disney James, laborer, 61 Cambridge 
Disney James G. plasterer, 114 n Eden 
Disney John VV^ 114 n Eden 
Disney John \Y. painter, 223 Conway 
Disney Joseph A. huckster, 9 n Oregon 
i>isney Josias, Woodljerry 
Disney Mrs. Mayy A. 55 Booth 
Disnej' Mrs. Mary, 166 s Washington 
Disney Uliver M. painter, 77 Dover, dw 101 L. 

Disney Richard E. painter, 148 Camden, dw 

2u6 Conway 
Disney Richard P. produce, 131 Conway 
Disney Samuel, (Bowen & D.) 292 Franklin 
Disney Wm. painter, 11 Walker 
Disney Wm. bookkeeper, 274 w Baltimore 
Disney Wm. A. clerk, 953 w Pratt 
Disney Wm. A. magistrate, 660 w Baltimore 
Disney Wm. T. bricklayer, 229 Bank 
Disney Wm J. nightman, 166 s Washington 
Dison M. clerk, 33 n Calvert 
Dissez Rev. P. P., St. Mary's seminary 
Distelbart Geo. lock and gunsmith, 159 East 

DISTLEE JOHN C, Dealer in Coal, 
Wood, Lime, Hair, Plaster and 
Cement, office cor Chester and 
Canton av, dw 185 Canton av 

Distler Conrad, tailor, 78 Alljemarle 
Distler John, clerk, 185 Canton av 
Distler John K. 225 Canton av 
Ditch George, cooper, Belair av e.\t 
Ditch John S. milk, 182 George 

Dilchel John, Mt. Vernon mills 

Ditman Thos. M. (Wm. 11. Cunningham & (V).) 

n \\' cgr Ensor and East . 
Ditman Wm. brewer. Eastern av ext 
Ditman Wm. B. clerk, 396 n Eden 
Ditman "\Vm. H. clerk, 396 n Eden 
Ditshler John, cabinetmaker, 7 Fountain 
Ditteniair Joseph, rags, 161 s Durham 
Ditterl Chas. shoemaker, 119 Low 
Dit tert Joiin, cigarmaker, 119 Low 
Ditlnian John, laborer, 181 s Durham 
Dittman John H. jr. assi. assessor, 211 e Pratt 
Dittnian John W. beer, Nicholson nr Towson 
Dittiuann Louisa, 308 Aliceanna 
Dittniar John G. baker, 290 William 
Dittmar Martha, dressmaker, 678 Saratoga 
Dittmar Philopena, grocery, 678 Saratoga 
Dittmer Amelia, saleswoman, 328 Light 
Dittrner Geo. brewer, Eastern av ext 
Dittmer Herman, tobacconist, 328 Light 
Dittmer Margaret, 5o Carlton 
Dittmeyer John, car|)et weaver, 29 Union 
Dittner John, cabinetmaker, 236 Cbnwav 
Dittricli Francis, hat and cap manufac. 178 n 

(iaj, dw 167 n Exeter 
Dittus Chas. L. butcher, 558 Penna av 
Dillus Geo. clerk, Penna av ext 
Dittus Ji)hn F. driver, 6(9 Penna av 
Dittus .Mrs. J. Fredk. butcheress, 87 Centre, 
and 24 Lexington markets, dw Butchers' 
row, Penna av ext 
Dittus Wm. P. butcher, 24 Lexington, and 87 

Centre markets, dw Penna av nr North av 
Ditty C. Irving, attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 234 

Ditzell Mrs. Elizabeth, 207 s Regester 
Ditzell Henry, stovefitter, 134 Eastern av 
Diven Mrs. Anna R. provisions, 45 s Oregon 
Diven Bridget, chambermaid, 136 n High 
Diven Edward R. carpenter, 61 n Popplcton 
Diven Edward C. tinner, 45 s Oregon 
Diven Edvv'd T. conductoi, Strieker nr Rarasaj 
Diven Edward T. 69 Stockton al 
Diven James W. f)ainter, 447 n Fremont 
Diven James W. })ainter, 45 s Oregon 
Diven John L. well digger, 290 n Eutaw 
Diven Wm. H moulder, 560 Lexington 
Diver Henry, laborer, 95 i ross 
Diver John A. sr. cloth cutter, 95 Cross 
Diver John A. jr. machinist, 95 Cross 
Diver Wni. mat^liinist, 173 Hudson 
Diver Wm. engineer, Hudson nr Potomac 
Divers Bridget, Hull nr R. R. 
Divers Jas. laliorer, 127 n llolliday 
Diviny John, laboier, 5 Hill 
Dix Benj. F. laborer, 91 .Mound 
Dix Benj. F. lab. Mt. Vernon Mills, 
Dix Mrs. Ella H. 147 e Fayette 
Dix J. Franklin, (D. & Steiner) 231 n Eutaw 
Dix Geo. lab. .\lt. Vernon Mills 
Dix James L. laborer, 55 s Burke 
Dix Octavins, lab. Ml. Vernon .Mills 
Dix Preston, trader, 37 n Eutaw 
Dix Rebecca. Mt. Vernon mills 
Dix k Steiner, (J. F. Dix, F. B. Steiner, Will- 
ard C. Wilkins) imp. and dealers foreign 
fruits, cigars, kc, 123 w Lomtiard 
Dix William, com. mercht. 37 n Eutaw 
Dix W. H. H.(W.H.II.D. k Co.) Lexington nr 

Dix VV. H. H. & Co. (W. H. H. Dix, Wm. C. 
Hamner, ) produce, 146 Franklin 

At Central ^tables, 11]^ Lexington, C. K. Bredemeyer. 
DIX If)!) Do I) 

Dixon Alonzo, police, 830 w Hiiltiiiiore 
Dixon Auguslus, brickliiyer, 880 \v Baltimore 
Dixon Bradley .S. dry goods, 71G w Haltiniore 
Dixon Clias. 123 Presion 
Dixon Chas. A. bricklaver. P80 w Haltiniorc 
DIXON & CARSUX, (T. Dixon. C. L. ( 'ar^-on ) 

architects and ineasurcis. osit 117 w lialli- 

Dixon Oapt. Cbas.H ..U.S. li.M . :'/.',':> w l-umliaid 
Dixon Francis, sexton, IKJ Barre 
Dixou Isaac, laborer, SO (Jrindall 
Dixon Isaac F. 222 w Fayette 
Di.von Isaac H. (Smith, D. Si Co.)KLitaw Iiou.-^c 
Dixon James, painter, 882 w Baiiinioro 
Dixon John A. machinist, 12 (Jeoive 
DIXON JOlIiV A. J. brickniakcr. Fort road nr 

Furt .McIIeury, div n e cor .Mosher & Ore^^on 
Dixou John, carpet weaver. 371 e Fayetle 
Dixon John B. {William T. D. .j- Bro.) Kutaw 

Dixon John V. Inilclier, 1 Hanover market. d\v 

121 Columbia 
Dixon J. II., Fulaw house 
Dixon John F. brickmaker. 41.") Li^^ht 
Dixon Joseph, lal). 17 Conway 
Dixon Joshua, lab. 502 Franklin 
Dixon -Mrs. Kate, 122 l'arl\ av; 
Dixon (Japt. liolit. K. mariner, 142 Cross 
Dixtm Mrs. Kusanua, 181 Barre 
Dixon U. \V. K. lV Co. 'Jl.W .K.Dixon, Joseph 

.Share, A. >S. Ganieit) com. nierci)ts.9u .spears 

Dixon U. \V. K, (It. \V. K. Dixoti \- Co.) ;•:; 

Dixou Thos. (D. ifc Carson) .Mt. \\'ashiu<.'toti 
Dixon Thos. carpenter, Ion n I'ine 
Dixon Thos. 1) Durham n ul' .M(;tiument 
iJixou W'm. mariner, 219 Bank 
Dixon Wm. seamen's boaniirig-, ;',:m s Bond 
Dixon Wm. A. police, 880 w Baltimore 
Dixon W'm. T, clerk, 92 n Pop|)letou 
DIXOX WM. T. & BRO. (W. T. and J. B. 

I>ixon) whols. boots and shoes, .'-iO'J w l-Jalii- 

Dixon Wm. T.(W.T.D. & Bro. ;4:{5 Madison av 
Dize Wm, mariner, rear 41 Clay 
Doatsch Josepl), lab. 23 Waesi'he 
I'obbiu Eliza, 13 Comet 
Dobbin Geo. W,, Judge Su[K-rior Court, offiee 

44 St, Paul 
Dobbin James, laborer, 98 s Hxeter 
Dubbin Jas. W. clerk, 1.58 n Dallas 
Dubliin John, coach and livery staide. .'it; and 

38 Xorth, d\v 58 n h'ront 
Dobbin John, 13 Comet 
i>ubbin John W, clerk, 58 n Front 
Dobbin Mrs, Mary W. 14G w liiddle 
Dobbin U. A. attorney, 44 St. Paul, dw 97 w 

Dubljin Samuel, 58 n Front 
Dobbin Thos. M. attorney, 44 St. Paul, dw 

Baltimore CO 
l>ol)bs Geo. II. carp. 729 w Baltimore 
Dobbs Thos. carp. 729 w Baltimore 
Dobbs Wm. B. carp. 729 w Baltimore 
Dobbyn Geo. W. harness maker. 111 w Biddle 
Ddbe Christian, porter, 2 West al 
Dobcrer Chas. H. barkeeper, 199 Lexinfrton 
Doberer John C. salesman, 399 w Lombanl 
Dolierer John C. salesman, 199 Lexington 
Doberer J, G. butcher, 7t; Lexington market , 
lUv <}arrison la nr Western cemeter\' ! 


CnMMl.-^sro.X MKI:i'iI.\.\T, 

Flour, Grain, Seeds, <&c. 


'NSTANTl.Y KnK >\l.\: 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 


Doberer Lewis F. goldsmith, 199 LexiiiL'ton 
Doberer .Mrs. Mary, restaurant, 19!' Lexington 
Doberline John, jiiano maker, 19,'; Lee 
Ddliernick John, stevedore, 21,'! Fastern av 
Dobler David, clerk, 287 n Front 
Dol)ler Fred, clerk, 287 n Front 
Di>bler Geo. clerk, 17 Jackson 
Dolder (instavus A. (Wheelwright, Mndge k 

Co. ) 54 n ( 'entral av 
Ddbler John. 289 n Front 
Dijblcr John J. bookkeejier. 15.-^ Front 

Dobler Kate, teacher, 17 Jack.^on 
D(d)ler .Magdalene, 4 Anthony 
Doliler .Mrs. .Margaret, 287 n Front 
l,)ubler Theodore, clerk. 287 n I'ront 
DolJcr Walter, clerk, 287 n Front 
Dolirostavich Xicliolas, fruit, Barre ami Light 
Dobson (ieo. H. (Johnson & D.)14 s liro.-iilwaT 
Doli.-o!i (;eo. \V. watebnuui, 80s Ilegesier 
Dolison Jas. T. letter carrier. 229 e Fayette 
Dob.<on .Iidm, 67 e Baltimore 
Dobson Joiin. huckster. 275 William 
Dobson John A. agent Ivistern and Western 
Glas< Co. 31 s Charles, dw (^'harlesnr Town- 
Dobson Joiin T, police. 403 n Gay 
Dobson Thos. mariner, 53 Cambridge 
Doli.-oti Wm. bricklayer, 108 Jefferson 
Dobson Wm. huckster. 152 West 
Dochtermann Conrad, confectr, 155 Ilnghci" 
Do(;k{iian Ijeniy. porter, 229 w Biddle 
Doekman Mrs. .Mary, grocery, 229 w Biddle 
Dockery Thos. flour, 25C c Pratt 
Docwra Fannie, 239 Franklin 
Doewra .Mrs. Frances. 190 Greenmonnt :\v 
D<jdd Alexander jr. bookkeeper. 270 Walsh 
Dodd Alexander. '270 Walsh 
Dodd Daniel jr. huckster, s Patterson Park av 
Dodd John, I'ab. 7 .McDonongh ct 
Dodd Joseph L. huckster. 99 n Popplefon 
Dodd .Mary J. dressmaker, 314 J >Iulberry 
Dodge A. II. coal agent, 8 Irvine j)l 
Dodge .\saph, 28d e .Madison 
JJodge Dr. Augustus W. 201 Hanover 
Dodge Chas. .■">. shoemaker, 182 Hanover 
Dodge Frank, cutter, 408 e Eager 
Dodge Geo. R. & Co! (Mary A. Dodge. W. H. 
Jillard) artists and jiainters store, 42 w Bal- 
Dodge Mrs. Mary A. (Geo. R. D. k Co.) 2fil n 

Dodge John W. supt. Abbott Iron Works. 2''2 

e Baltimore 
DODGE & WORLEY, (Wm. E. Dodge. W. X. 
Worley) lumber arid genl. com. nuTchants, 
oflice and wharf head of Union dock 
Do.i-e Wm. E. (D. k Worley) 2;iS Penna av 
Dodge Warren, driver, 275 \\'alsli 
Dodson Ann R. dressmaker, 91 Hanover 
Dodsou C. Marion, pharmacist, Linden av and 
Hoffman, dw 232 Barre 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco Sustain. 




Dodson & Co. (Geo. Dodson) grocery, 214 w 

Dodson Edward, upholsterer, 26 Stiles 
Dodson Edwin, clerk, cor Fremont and Pat- 
terson av 
Dodson Geo. (D. ^- Co.) 214 w Lombard 
Dodson Geo. W. wireworker, 23!^ s Broadway 
Dodson Geo. S. clerk, 70 Henrietta 
Dodson Geo. S. wireworker, 32 s Regester 
Dodson John \V. real estate broker, 71 w Fay- 
ette, dw 232 n Carey 
Dodson Melancthon L, Linden av and Hoffman 
DODSON'S PHARMACY, Linden av and 

Dodson Thaddeus C. carpenter, 26 Stiles 
Doebel Casper, shoemaker, 160 s Washington 
Doell Christian, junk, 87 Grindall 
Doell Win. baker, 159 n Central av 
Doell Wm. stonecutter, 361 s Sharp 
Doeller Chas. clerk, 72 Penna av 
Doeller Christopher, organ manuf. 53 Fawn 
Doellinger Lawrence, shocmkr, 101 n Paca 
Doelzil Albert, wheelwright, Belair av exl 
Doemling John, cabinetrakr, 4 n Wolfe 
Doenges Andrew, fuin. wagon, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Ernest, shocmkr, 602 w Baltimore 
Doenges Fred'k, cigarrakr. 333 s Charles 
Doenges Geo. processor, 120 HoUins 
Doenges Henry, baker, 402 e Fayette 
Doenges John, shoemkr, 25 Stirling 
Doenges Mrs. Lena, grocery, 333 s Charles 
Doengis Philip, vinegar depot, 141 King 
Doensch Geo. shoimkr, 8 Miller 
Doeplitz Sol. millinery goods, 78 Lexington 
Doerer John, veterinary surgeon, 243 s Ann 
Doering Henry, plasterer, 9« Henrietta 
Doering Valentine, tailor, 140 s Caroline 
Doerr Charles, cooper, 313 Cross 
Doesenberg Heury, tailor, 123 Stirling 
Doft Ella, saleswoman, 174 Chesnut 
Doft Geo. tin and sheetiron worker, Hillen nr 

Front, dw 174 Chesnut 
Doged James M. 241 e Chase 
Doged Thos. S. gasfilter, 241 e Chase 
Doged Wm. C. farmer, 241 e Chase 
Dogge Albert, tinner, 57 s Oregon 
Dogge Gusdorf, shoemaker, 1292 Saratoga, dw 

57 s Oregon 
Doggett Mary, 36 Towson 
Dohenj' Catherine, 8 Harmony la 
Doheny .Michael, cabiiietmkr, 8 Harmony la 
Doherty Eliza,(M. & E. Doherty )223 Lexington 
Doherty Hermosa, licjuors, 170 Tyson 
Doherty Rev. Joseph, 23 n Front 
Doherty John F. carpenter, 170 Tyson 
Doherty Kate, 223 Lexington 
Doherty .Mrs. Mary, 63 JIcMechin 
Doherty M. & E. dry goods, 223 Lexington 
Doherty Mary,(M. k E. Doherty )223 Lexington 
Doherty Wm. J. salesman. 63 Mc.Mechin 
Dohler Conrad, butcher, Dillon nr Third av 
Dohme Chas. E. (Sharp & D.) 263 w Pratt 
Dohme Lewis, (Sharp & D.) 203 w Lombard 
Dohme Dr. G. C. 86 e Fayette 
Dohmyer Engelhardt, lab. s end (jlinton 
Dohnhe Adolph, cooper, 116 Frederick av 
Dohney .Mrs. Thos. tavern, 202 (kthedral 
Doka() Casper, U. S. A.. P'ort McHenry 
Dolack John, tailor, 66 n Wolfe 
Dolan Mrs. Ann, dressmkr, 323 w Hoffman 
Dolan Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 49 8 Chapel 
Dolan Bridget, York rd nr Kennedy's la 

Dolan Daniel, lab. 19 Centre Market sp 

Dolan Edward, lab. 42 s Dewberry al 

Dolan Edward, shoemkr, 25 e Monument 

Dolan Frank P. collector, 323 w Hoffman 

Dolan Hugh, lab. 331 Aliceanna 

Dolan James, lab. 99 Battery av j 

Dolan James, lab. 10 Cotton row 

Dolan James, bib. nr Mt. Vernon 

Dolan James, lab. Woodberry 

Dolan James, lab. 239 Cross 

Dolan John, lab. 10 Prospect la 

Dolan John, stonecutter, 181 ti Eden 

Dolan John, brickmaker', 65 Frederick av 

Dolan Mrs. Maria, Lombard and Addison al 

Dolan .Mrs. Maria, Frederick av nr Monroe 

Dolan .Mrs. Mary Jane, tavern, Falls rd nr Mt. 

Dolan .Michael, police, 66 e Pratt 
Dolan .Micliael, lab. 12 Cotton row 
Dolan Michael, jiolice, 69 Centre Market sp 
Dolan Patrick, stonemason, 65 Frederick av 
Dolan Patrick, lab. 122 Harford av 
Doliin Patrick, lab. 74 Creek al 
Dolan Patrick F. constable, 31 Lexington, dw 

374 w Hoffman 
Dolan Thomas, blacksmith, 482 n Gay 
Dolan Wm. tinner, 49 s Chapel 
Dolan Win. H. canmkr, 49 s Chapel 
Dolan Wm. P. carpenter, 159 Aliceanna 
Dolby Augustus, 174 Rue 
Dolch John C. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 
Dolch John W. jr. blacksmith. 262 w Biddle 
Dolch Mary, 266 w Biddle 
Dolch WuK H. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 
Dolch Wm. H. jr. porter, 262 w Biddle 
Doleman Matilda, seamstress, 12 President 
Doleman Virginia, seamstress, 12 President 
Dolfield Alex. Y. cashier German Bank, 80 s 

Doll Chas. W. canmkr, 46 s Sharp 
Doll Dan'l, receiver of trains, 367 w Lombard 
Doll Fritz, lab. 94 n Amity 
Doll John H. bookkeeper, 84 Mulberry 
Doll Leander Z. (Fangmeyer & l)oll)"245 Lart- 

Doll Lewis, bristle comber, Frederick av nr 

Wilkens la 
Dollan Anthony, tailor, 23 Slemmer al 
Dollard John, engineer, 18 Buren 
Dolle Lawrence, cabinetmkr, 23 n Pine 
Doller (jhristopher, organ builder. Fawn nr 

Central av 
Dollinger Fred'k, lab. 112 Spring 
Dollinger ('has. butcher. 30 IJelair and 90 Cen- 
tre markets, dw Belair rd 
^)olliver Wm. F. mariner. 43 s A "" ff'TSBJr*^ 

Dolphin Francis, butcher, 3 Stockholm 
Dolphin Francis, sup't western jiottersfield, 

383 s Eutaw 
Dolphin .Mrs. Frances, 201 Mulberry 
Dolphin John B. city yard, 397 s Eutaw 
Dolphin Street Presbyterian Church, Etting 

and Dolphin 
Domabil John, shoemkr, 61 n Ann 
DUMER D. D. chief clerk B. & P. R., Mansion 

Dominie John, plasterer. 56 s Bond 
Domling Geo. beer, 4 n Wolfe 
Domling John, cabinetmkr, 4 n ^\'olfe 
Donagan Bernard, lab. s end (Minton 
Donagan Edward, lab. send Clinton 
Donagan Thomas, lab. 65 Elliott 

Offices, 54 S. Ga y, and Cor. Chew and. Stirling. 



J)onahoo Oliver, porter, 94 Holland 
Uouahue Andrew, tavern, Forrest and Monu- 
Donahue Daniel, lab. 31 Chew 
J)()nahue Dennis, sliipjoiner, 53 s Ana 
Donaliue Henry K. canmaker, 267 u Dallas 
Donahue John H. foreman, 21 (iianljy 
Donahue John T. jr. clerk, Gianby and Slem- 

uier al 
Donahue John, (J. & P. Donahue,) 253 n Gay 
iJonahue J. & P. bleachers, pressers and bon- 
net frames, 253 n Gay . 
Donahue Patrick. (J. <fe P. Donahue, )253 a Gay 
Donald James, millinery goods, 122 Lexing- 
ton, d\v 131) n Eulaw 
Donald Mrs. Margaret, teacher, 87 Preston 
J^onaliJiou I'^lizabeth, tailoress, 144 Peirce 
Donaldson Elizabeth, 122 -McCulloh 
Donaldscm Com. Edw'd, U.rf.N. 105 n Charles 
D()N.\LDrfON DR. FRANK, prof. University 

of Md. office and dw 112 Park 
Donaldson Frank, driver, 146 Cathedral 
l^onaldson Geo. 312 n Caroline 
Donaldson James E. cigarmaker, 90 Ensor 
Donaldson James L. cigarmaker, 90 Ensor 
Donaldson James B. laborer, 121 Peirce 
Donaldson John, 62 Fawn 
Donaldson John, 122 McUulloh 
Donaldson John J. attorney, 33 St. Paul, dw 

Howard co 
Donaldson John M. e-xpress B. &; 0. Pl. R. 62 

Donaldson Mrs. Margaret, 122 ^IcCulloh 
Donaldson Mary, Clipper Mills 
Donaldson Noah I. tinner, 36 Ryan 
J>onaldson Owen, laborer, 212 Lee 
DonaMson Mrs. PrisciUa, 114 West 
DONALDSON MRS. S. 1. 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, 112 s Exeter 
Donaldson Tiieodore Id. carp'r, 568 Lexington 
Donaldson Thos. VV., U.S. storekeeper, 52 I'awn. 
DONaLDSuN THOMAS, attorney, 38 St.Panl, 

dw Howard co 
J)oiialleu Andrew, wheelwright, 382 Light 
Donallen Virginia, teacher, 382 Light 
Donat Ernest, show case maker, 198 s Sharp 
Do'iat Julian, hairdresser, 172 u Gay 
Donat -Mrs. .Mary, ladies' hairdres'r, 172 n Gay 
Donat Peter, 152 Hu-;lies 
IXJNAVIN DR. MATTHEW W. apothecary, 

s e cor Lee and Shaip, dw 102 Lee 
Douov:in Dennis, laborer. 111 Stirling 
Donovan Michael, laborer, 50 s Dewberry al 
Dendero Emanuel, cake stand, cor Charles and 

Kaltimore, dw 6 New Church 
Dondorf Jacob, laborer, rear 214 Canton av 
Done Stephen, laborer, 273 s Dallas 
Donegan Owen, tailor, 11 McLeary ct 
Donelau Eliza, seamstress, 697 w Fayette 
J)oiielson Elijali, cotton manuf. Woodberry 
Donelsou George, cotton manuf. Woodberry 
Donelsou Rotjt. tir'-man, 692 Light 
Donhauser Geo. paints and glass, 318 Aliceanna 
Doiihauser Sebastian, painter, ;il8 Aliceanna 
Donley Mary, restaurant, 161 Eastern av 
Donlon James, driver, 82 Booth 
|)()nn .Mary, cook, 153 n Republican 
Donnefelizer Geo. shoenikr, Boston eof Clinton 
Donnegan Mrs. Jane, eating stall opp Phila. 

depot, dw 29 Sleramer al 
Donnell .Mrs. Emily, 73 s Chester 
Donnell Geo. mariner, 73 s Chester 




Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 

Donnell James, 59i Franklin 

Donnell James .M. machinist, 73 s Chester 

Donnell John, clerk, 62 s Howard 

Donnell John E. mariner, 73 s Chester 

Donnell John S. 59j Franklin 

Donnell Wm. Entaw house 

Donnellfeser Louis, tavern, 117 Eastern ar 

Donnelly Bernard, police, 496 w Pratt 

Donnelly Mrs. Catherine, 226 Light 

Donnelly Chas. grocery, 26 Chesnut 

Donnelly Cornelius A. bailiff, 119 Harford »▼ 

Donnelly Daniel, grocery, 11 Rose 

Donnelly Daniel, laborer. 16 Walnut al 

Donnelly Danl. typefounder, 308 Greenm't av 

Donnelly Danl. brickmaker, Greenwook Park. 

nr .Mine Bank la, dw 304 e Chase 
Donnelly Daniel, bricklayer, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly Edward, laborer, 137 Hudson 
Donnell}- Edw'd, laborer, William and Hughes 
Donnelly Mrs. Ellen, seamstress. 158 s Wash- 
Donnell}- Francis, stonecutter, 213 Dolphin 
Dunnelly Francis, clerk, 105 w Baltimore 
Donnelly Hugh, 147 n Front 
Donnelly J. E. clerk, 37 n Paca 
Donnelly James, 190 n Front 
Donnelly James, laborer, 416 3 Charles 
Donnelly James, laborer, 16 Walnut al 
Donnelly James, cardriver, 156 Chesapeake 
Donnelly James, of water dept. 551 Saratog.t 
Donnelly James, machinist, 149 Burgundy al 
Donnelly James, painter, 250 Canton av 
Donnelly James jr. cigars. Bond and Pratt 
Donnelly John, laborer, 416 s Charles 
Donnelly John, marble polisher, 161 Ensor 
DONNELLY JOHN, wholes, liquors and gro- 
cers, se cor Paca and Le.\ington,dw 432 Lex- 
Donnelly John, laborer, 122 Chesapeake 
Donnelly John, laborer, 579 Peana av 
Donnelly John, porter, 5 Valley 
Donnelly John, plumber, 336 n Howard 
Donnelly John, laborer, 21 P'oundry 
Donnelly John, laborer. Cathedral ext 
Donnelly J ihn, watchmaker, 890 Camden 
Donnelly John P stripper, 158 s Washington 
Donnelly Joseph, carpenter. Swan tavern 
Donnelly Joseph, shoemaker, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly Joseph, plumber, 21 Foundry 
Donnelly .Mrs. Mary, 21 Foundry 
Donnelly .Mrs. .Mary, laundress, 81 Thames 
Donnelly .Michael, drayman, 262 s Caroline 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 511 n Gay 
Donnelly Rev. Peter, 23 u Front 
Donnelly Pi;ier, boxmaker, 122 Chesapeake 
Donnell}' Peter, laborer, 117 West 
Donnelly Thos. cardriver, 42o s Charles 
Donnelly W. J. carpenter. 579 Penna av 
Donner Casper, tailor, 218 e Chase 
Donner Rev. Fred. Wilkens nr Frederick ar 
Donngan Jeremiah, mariner, 72 e Lombard 
Donohue Ann, cook, Gilmor nr Franklin 

Horses tak en on L ivery Jbyjbhe^Da y or Month, 



Donohue Anne, huckstress, 185 n Front 
Donohue Cornelius, hiborer, 1 Collins ct 
Donohue Cornelius, hiborer, 49 Huren 
Donoliue Cornelius jr. hiborer, 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, porter, 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel jr. laborer, 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, carter, 17G s Central av 
Donohue Daniel, carter, 10 Hubbard al 
Donohue Daniel, tailor, 178 L. Constiiution 
Donohue Denis, British consul, 6 Exchange 

bdg. Second, dvv 253 St. Paul 
Donohue Mrs. Elizabeth, 104 n Bond 
Donohue Geo. W. carpenter, Eastern av be- 
yond Patterson Park av 
Donohue Henry K. tinner, 104 n Bond 
Donohue James, police, 21 Sieranier al 
Donohue James, laborer, 21 Hudson al 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 161 Gough 
Donohue James, 45 s .•\nn 
Donohue James II. salesman, 60 e Pratt 
Donohue John, 8 Watson 
Donohue John, (D. & Shea,) 30 Albemarle 
Donohue John, hackman, 80 Greenmount av 
Donohue John, plasterer, 4 Stockton 
Donohue John, bricklayer, 154 West 
Donohue John, bricklayer, 254 West 
Donohue Jno. (Ilolloway, D. & Co.) 60 e Pratt 
Donohue John F. clerk, 8 Watson 
Donohue .Matthew, quarryraan, 17 Rock 
Donohue Michael 0. laborer, 36 s Schroeder 
Donohue Michael 0. hiborer, 21 Hudson ul 
Donohue M. L. 252 Bank 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, 355 Eastern av 
Donohue Patrick, porter, 64 n Dallas 
Donohue Richard, sliirt nianufaci'r over 205 w 

Baltimore, d\v 9 Pearl 
Donohue & Shea (John Donohue, Dennis Shea) 

tavern, 30 Albemarle 
Donohue Samuel, tailor, 178 L. Constitution 
Douohue Thos. blacksmith, 5 Donnolly's ct 
Donohue Thos laborer. Fort av nr Hull 
Donohue Thos. supt. Crescent Coal Oil Works, 

s \v cor Howard and West 
Douohue Wm. J. tailor, 203 Montgomery 
Donovan Angeline, 122 w Hotinian 
Donovan Mrs. Clarissa, 122 w Holfman 
Donovan Cornelia, 122 w Hoffman 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, 106 s Howard 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, 853 w Pratt 
Donovan James, pressman, 31 Hillen 
Donovan John, laborer, 39 Liberty al 
Donovan John, laborer, rear 25 Bank 
Donovan John, shoemaker, 61 Centre Market sp 
Donovan Lloyd, carpenter, Druidville 
Donovan .Maggie, 154 .MuUikin 
Donovan .Michael, paver, 81 .Mosher 
Donovan Michael, printer, 21 n Exeter 
Donovan Mich'l, groc'y, Presstman j- Chappell 
Donovan Timothy, blacksmith, Chappell nr 

Penna av 
Donovan Wm. tavern, 176 s Central av 
Doolan .Maurice, currier, 27 Haw 
Dooley James, grocery, 88 Harford av 
Dooley Mrs. .Margaret, seamstress, 111 n Howard 
Dooley Martin, laborer, 25 Haw 
Dooley Vinton, laborer, 25 Haw 
Door Lewis, baker, 174 w Biddle 
Doory Thomas, laborer, 206 n Fxeter 
Dopman Henry, ironworker, 134 s Wolfe 
Dopman John, lal)orer, 184 s Ann 
Doran James, laborer, 23 Low 
Doraa John, laborer, 23 Low 

Doran Jolin, laViorer, Bank nr Castle 

Dorau John, moulder, 219 Bank 

Doran Louisa, grocery, 11 Cuba 

Doran Michael, laborer, Nicholson nr Towsoo 

Doran Patrick, laborer, 11 Cuba 

Doran Peter J. teacher, 106 n Kutaw 

Dorlicck G'orge, carpenter, 170 Preston 

Dorbert Frank, feed, south of McElderry e of 

Maryland hospital 
Dorbert George, shoemaker, 105 s Dallas 
Dorl)ert Jacob, 105 s Dallas 
Dorenius Peter B. plasterer, 311 Druid Hill av 
Doreng Conrad, laborer, 543 n Gay 
Doreng John, cigar maker, 89 n Poppleloa 
Doreng Valentine, laborer, 89 n Poppleton 
Doresch Joseph, U. S. A., Fort .McIIcnry 
Dorflin Jacol), tailor, 51 McElderry 
Dt)RGAN & CO. (T A.Doigan) stoves, ranges, 

ic, s e cor Lombard and Light 
Dorgan Gustavus A. shipcarp.45 s Washington 
Dorgan Thood. A. (D. & Co.) 109 a Charles 
Dorgett Fritz, cooper, 57 p]astern av 
Dority Wm. laborer, Clipper mills 
Dorm Jacob, laborer, 411 Light 
Dorman Ann, confe^ctionery, 75 s High 
Dorman Catherine, teacher, 7'( s High 
Dorman Fulton P. actor, 56i Harrison 
DORMAN J. F. W. president U. S. Manufac- 
turing Co., 97 w Lombard, dw 38 s High 
Dorman JaneG. 459 n Fremont 
Dorman John, mariner, 381 Hamburg 
Dorman John S. huckster, 25 Gittings 
Dorman Kate E. leacher, 75 s High 
Dorman Mrs. Mary, 195 s Wolfe 
Dorman Mrs. .Matilda E. 12 Patterson Park av. 
Dorman Mrs Ottillia, seamstress, 3.S1 Hamburg 
Dorman Wm. carpenter, 134 Bank 
Doru Anton, laborer, O'Donnell nr Clinton 
Dorn Barbette, shocker. 174 Madeira al 
Dorn Conrad, shucker, 174 Madeira al 
Dorn Charles, laborer, 161 Park 
Dorn Fred, painter, s e cor Park and Richmond 
Dorn Geo. laborer, 174 Madeira al 
Dorn .lohn, laborer, Belair av ext 
Dorn John jr. laborer, O'Donnell nr Clinton 
Dorn John, laborer, 161 Park 
Dorn Jno. groc'y^, s e cor Park and Richmond 
Dorn John, milk, O'Donnell nr Clinton 
Dorn John, beer, s7 e Lombard 
Dorn Joseph, shoemaker, 83 Klbott 
Dorn Julia, 229 .Madison av 
Dorndolf Adam, carpenter, 226 Frederick av 
Dome Phili[), clerk, 97 w Biddle 
Dorner John T. packer, 177 n Fremont 
Dorney .Mrs. Eliza, 174 n Eutaw 
Dorney Jackson, wood, 78 s Exeter 
Dorney Michael, laborei, 2 Point la 
Dorney Tlios. J. salesman, 78 s Exeter 
Dornin Edwin M. clerk, 64 w Centre 
Dorr Casper, printer, 42 Conway 
Dorr Charles, cooper, 2 1 1 Cross 
Dorr Edward, clerk, 42 Conway 
Dorr Lawrence A. printer, 42 Conway 
Dorr Peter, printer, 255 Hanover 
Dorrell Edward, potter, 86 Holland 
Dorrell Geo. coachpainter, 94 n Eden 
Dorrell Wm. potter, 94 n Eden 
Dorrer Fredk, butcher. Point la nr Harford av 
Dorrett Wm. W. tobacconist, 163 e Fayette 
Dorries Chas. tobac't. Constitution and Buren 
Dorrilee C W. bookkeeper, 524 n Gay 
Dorritee Mrs. Ellen, 524 a Gay 

At Ce ntral Stables, 111 Lexin gton. C. H. Bredemeyer. 
DOR 163 DOU 

Dorritee Lorenzo, painter, 173 e Favette 
Dorrilee Wm. S. (Kiiinear ^- D.) Hart'ord av 

opp Darley Park 
Dorry Ferdinand, tinnei', 343 e Baltimore 
Dorsch Geo. cooper, 102 s Howard 
Dorsch Geo. jr. cutter, 102 s Howard 
Dorsch John, wheelwright, 9 Sprittg ct 
Dorsch, laundress, 178 Peirce 
Dorscti Michael, harncssmaker, 102 s Howard 
Dorschel Wm. butcher, 3 Fell's Point market, 

dw 295 Hamburg 
Dorsey Albert, fireraaa, 430 Lexington 
Dorsey Allen, (Walker,D. & Co) 193 ifCharles 
Dorsey A. P. (D. & Lowdenslager, ) 125 C<jurl- 

Dorsey Bartus 0. salesman, 178 Mulberry 
Dorsey Caleb W. watchman, 38 McHenry 
Dorsey Mrs. Catherine, 100 Lexington 
Dorsey Charles H. engineer, 75 s Gilmor 
Dorsey Chas. K. coachpaiuter, 121 Ilillen 
Dorsey Chas. W. agent, 1 n Carey 
Dorsey Comfort W. 36 Pleasant 
Dorsey D., Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Dan'l W. gilder, 63 Stirling 
Dorsey David, marble worker, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey Edw'd, (D. & Spillman,) 479 Saratoga 
Dorsey Edward, carpenter, 32 Woodyear 
Dorsey Elisha N. carpenter, Yord rd near 1st 

Dorsey Emeline, 156 e Lombard 
Dorsey Evan L. paperhanger, 255 Mulberry 
Dorsey Ezekiel S. bookkeeper, 48 s Edea 
Dorsey Frank G. clerk, 35 Conwaj 
Dorsey Geo. E. attorney, 35 Conway 
Dorsey Geo. W . shoemaker, 193 Preston 
Dorsey Geo.W. woodcorder,Toone e of Clinton 
Dorsey James P. wood insp. First av nr Toone 
Dorsey James, marble polisher, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey James, laborer, 279 n Front 
Dorsey James E. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey James L. flour inspe'r, 35 Conway 
Dorsey John, tailor, 305 s Paca 
Dorsey John, (J. D. & Son) t)rleans and Castle 
Dorsey John & Sou, (J: and M. Dorsey,) lime- 
kilns. Eastern av cxt, ofBce cor Urleans and 
Dorsey John B. police, cor Front and Plowman 
Dorsey John, tavern, 9 s Front 
Dorsey Mrs. J. A. 36 n Liberty 
Dorsey John A. (Etchison & D.) Howard co 
Dorsey John, laborer, 384 Hanover 
Dorsey John, stonecutter, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey John, mariner. 50 s Chester 
Dorsey John R. bookkeeper 35 Conway 
Dorsey Dr. J. S. dentist, 142 Lexington, dw 

141 w Fayette 
Dorsey Joseph, Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Joseph I. granite stonecutter, Strieker 

and Saratoga 
Dorsey Mrs. Joseph S. 309 e Eager 
Dorsey Joseph, moulder, 21 n Caroline 
sey, J. W. Lowdenslager, ) agts, Wilson's 
sewing machines, 24 n Eutavv 
Dorsey Mrs. Lucy, 192 n Howard 
Dorsey Mrs. Mary, grocery, Orleans and Castle 
Dorsey Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 116 n Chapel 
Dorsey Mrs. Michael, 31 Conway 
Dorsey Michael, laborer, 80 s Castle 
Dorsey Michael, laborer, 88 s Carey 
Dorsey Michael. (J. D. & Son) Orleans and 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 



Clover, TimDthy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Dorsey Dr. Owen, collector, 106 w Fayette 

Dorsey Mrs. Rachel, 873 w Pratt 

Dorsey Mrs. Rebecca, 92 Lee 

Dorsey llich'd H. shoemaker, 635 Beluir av 

Dorsey Robert, boilermaker, 107 e Eager 

Dorsey Dr. Robert E. 215 .Madison av 

Dorsey Robt.H.boilerm'r, 45 Greenmount av 

Dorsey Robt. H. tinner, 337 Cathedral 

Dorsey Robt, H. jr. cantnaker, 337 Cathedral 

Dorsey Dr. Robea W. 165 St. Paul 

Dorsey Dr. Robert of Edwd. 79 w Monument 

Dorsey Saml. engineer, Lemmon al nr Carey 

Dorsey Saml. Fountain hotel 

Dorsey Saml. A. stonecutter, 638 w Baltimore 

Dorsey Samuel \V. public weigher, over 67 s 

Gay, dw Lexington and St. Paul 
Dorsey Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 92 n Durham 
Dorsey & Spilman , (Edward Dorsey, D, Spil- 

iian, ) carpenters, rear 1 18 n Calvert 
Dorsey Theodore C. agricult'l implements, 425 

Madison av 
Dorsey Thos. clerk, Eutaw house 
Dorsey Thos. B. (Harris & D.) Towsontown 
Dorsey Thos. N. engineer, 377 Eastern av 
Dorsey R. (Morgan & D.) 205 Franklin 
Dorsey Upton W. clerk, St. Clair hotel 
Dorsey Wash. L. canraaker, 401 Le.\ington 
Dorsey W. Alexander, trav.agt. 318 e Baltimore 
Dorsey Wm. baggagemas'r. Gen. Wayne hotel 
Dorsey Wm, tinner, 337 Cathedral 
Dorsey Wm. H. paying teller Western National 

Bank, 413 w Fayette 
Dorsey Wm, Henry, stonecutter, Belair av nr 

Baltimore cemetery 
Dorsey Wm, H. laborer, 315 a Howard 
Dorsey Wm. J. H. clerk, Three Tuns hotel 
Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 156 e Piatt 
Dorsey Wm, R, coachmaker, 121 Ilillen 
Dorsey Wm. laborer, 116 n ('hapel 
Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 156 e Pratt 
Dorsh Rev. Michael, 25 n Front 
Dorsou Washington L. canmk'r, 401 Lexington 
Dorton Anna, 119 Lexington 
Dorton Henry F. conductor, 119 Lexington 
Dorweis Eckhardt, painter, 184 Forrest 
Dorweis Mrs. Eliza, confect'y, 184 Forrest 
Dosh Rev. John 11. C. 253 Harford av 
Dost Theodore, bristle comber, 240 Frederick av 
Doster John, laborer, 72 Milliman 
Dotler Chas. carpenter, 395 Aliceanna, Canton 
Dotterweich Fraiiz, teacher, 67 Somerset 
DOTTERWEICII FRED, tobacconist, Oxford 

and Druid Hill av, dw 182 Druid Hill av 
Dotterweich Lothair, tailor, 27 s Washington 
Doty Caleb, (Valiant, Jones & Ca.)4 8 Howard 
Doul) Ezra, 153 Druid Hill av 
Doubleday Saml. cor Franklin and Stockton al 
Doud Anna, tailoress, 155 s Washington 
Doud George, laborer, 99 a Dallas 
Doud John, laborer, 103 Stirling 
Doud Mary, tailoress, 155 s Washington 
Doud John A, M. police, 277 e Madisoa 

For Cotton, C orn & Tobacco, Horner's Fertilizers, 
DOU 164 

Doud M. L. dressmaker Madison av nr Mosher 
Doud .Michiiel, laborer, 81 s Castle 
Doud Frttrick, laborer, Wilcox nr Kager 
Doud Patrick, lab. 33 L. McElderry 
Doud Thomas, blacksmith, 155 s Washington 
Doud Mrs. V. huckstress. 7 Camden In 
Douder Lorentz, shoeiiiaker, lOSA Knsor 
Douding Francis, laborer. 290 e Loujbard 
Dougherty Mrs. Anna, 215 Jefferson 
Dougherty Catherine, nurse, 75 Courtland 
Dougherty Catherine, huckst's, 17 Goodman al 
Dougherty Chas. hat finisher, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Chas. (ire dejj't. 32 Laurel 
Dougherty Chas. shoen\,iker, 203 \v Pratt 
Dougherty Chas. tinner, 180 s Washington 
Dougherty Charles M. ju-est. Baltimore Oil 

Works, 31 Krankliu 
Dougherty Dan'l.insp. sewers, ISO sWashington 
Dougherty Dan' I, grocery, 48 Forrest 
Douj;her;y Daniel, laborer, Hull and R. R. 
Dougherty Dennis, laborer, 82 s Republican 
Dougherty Kduard, laborer, 1m4 Dover 
Dougherty Klizabeth, 40 Albemarle 
Dougherty Geo. J. stonecutter, 18ij e Monument 
Dougherty Geo. W. finisher, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Hester A. houskeeper, 141 Hanover 
Dougherty James, glassblower, 297 Light 
Dougherty Jas. laborer, 297 North 
Dovgherty Jas. W. shoem'kr, s end of Clinton 
Dougherty Jas. stonemason, Biddlce of Regester 
Dougherty Jas. (D. A yhannon, ) 29 e Eager 
Dougherty .Mrs. Jane, matron Aged Women's 

Dougherty John, laborer, 87 Boyd 
Dougherty John 1). laborer, 180 e Monument 
Dougherty John, oj'sters, 22 s Bond 
Dougherty John W. mariner, 112 s Bond 
Doui;hertj John, peddler, 7G York 
Dougherty Rev. John J. lOG n Charles 
Dougherty John, laborer, 31 Willow 
Dougherty John, broommaker, 135 Mulberry 
Dougherty John, tinner, 8 e Baltimore 
Dougherty J. J. C. clerk, 9 n R.veter 
Dougherty Joseph, steam fitter, 20 n Bond 
Daugherty Mrs. Julia, 12 s Chester 
Dougherty Julius, 183 Townsend 
Dougherty Martin, huckster, 53 L. Church 
Dougherty .Mrs. Mary, Gough and Castle 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary A. 316 c Pratt 
Dougherty .Mrs. Mary, 186 e Monument 
Dougherty .Michael, coachman, 16 Garden 
Dougherty Michael, salesman, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty .Michael, laborer, 8 Buren 
Dougherty .Michael J. (D. & Share,) 326 e 

Dougherty Michael, laborer, 377 s Eutaw 
Dougherty Michael, mariner, 10 e Lombard 
Dougherty Neil, laborer, rear Baltimore white 

lead works, Fort av 
Dougherty Patk. fireman, 10 e Lombard 
Dougherty Piiilip .<r. paper carrier, 20 n Bond 
i)ougheriy Phili|) H. paper carrier, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty & Shannon, (J. Dougherty, M. N. 

Shannon) carp's and builders, 07 s Charles 
Dougherty & Share, (M. J. Dougherty, A. 

Share.) plumbers and gasfit's, 86s I5roadway 
Dougherty Samuel, sionecutter, 43 .Millinian 
Dougherty Thomas, huckster, 12 Lee 
Dougherty Thos. police, 31 .Mbemarle 
Dougherty Thos. B. {)rinter, 119 e Eager 
i»ougherty Thos. 13 n ("aroline 
Dougherty Wni. P. salesman, .Mansion house 


Dougherty Wm. H. (Sands & Co.) 12 s Chester 
Doughney Patrick, laborer, 83 s Castle 
Doughty Georgeana, dressmaker, 439 w Pratt 
Doughty Henry C. clerk, 162 s Charles 
Doughty John C. 75 HoUins 
Doughty Nehemiah, carpenter, 439 w Pratt 
Donglity Thos. P. salesman, 43 Hanover 
Doughty Wm. clerk, 38^ w Baltimore 
Douglas & Co. (A. Douglas, ) wine, liquors and 

cigars, ,57 E.'ichange pi 
Douglas Alfred H., Mansion house 
Douglas August, (D. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Douglass Ambrose, bricklayer, 33 Chew 
Douglass Chas. laborer, 153 e Lombard 
Douglass David, cooper, 7 Vincent al 
Douglass Mrs. Emma, trimmings, 245 e Fayette 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper, 281 Columbia 
Douglass Mrs. Harriet, cakes, <^c. 33 Chew 
Douglass Institute, 11 Lexington 
Douglass James H. painter, 2 Webster al 
Douglass John, hackman, 33 I'hew 
Douglass John, laborer, 202 e Madison 
Douglass Joseph, hacks, 19 Chew 
Douglass Mrs. Mary J. 87 Hamburg 
Douglass Parry, stonecutter, 98 e Madison 
Douglass 'I'homas, shoemaker, 29 Waesche 
Doui;lass Wm. cooper, 8 Walker 
Douglass Wm. R. painter, 245 e Fayette 
Doulongn Conrad, tailor, 273 Canton av 
Douthat Wm. 11. clerk, 65 n Charles 
Douty James F. clerk, Hollins nr Mount ■ 
Dove Benjamin F. watchman, 548 w Pratt 
Dove John R. laborer, 22 McHenry 
Dovell John, Patterson Park av 
Dover John, shoemaker, 54 s Re|)ublican 
Dover Jacob Z. painter, 54 s Republican 
Dow Robert, machinist, Woodberry 
Dowd John, laborer, 37 s Stockton al 
Dowden Francis P. laborer, 290 e Lombard 
Dowell Everitt, carpenter, 29 Jackson sq av 
Dowell Geo. E. auditor C. H. 203 Aisquith 
Dowell Geo. W. inspector C. H. 279.e Baltimore 
Dowell James J. clerk. Park av nr Townsend 
Dowell John, com. mercht. 96 Light st whf, 

dw Park av nr Townsend 
Dowell John T. clerk, 129 s Paca 
Dowling Mrs. Ann, 98 .Mosher 
Dowling John J. teacher, Hudson and Canton 
Dowling Mrs. .Mary, 40 n High 
Dowlmg Michael J. carriagemaker, 153 and 

155 n High, dw Brown's hotel 
Dowling Patrick, laborer, 546 w Lombard 
Dowling Thos. J. printer, H5 Booth 
Dowling Thos. laborer, 85 Booth 
Dowues Thad. L. 7 n Caroline 
Downes Wm. L. of II. grocery, 255 Light 
Downey Edmund, carpenter, 13 L. Gough 
Downey David, tinner, 59 s Dewberry al 
Downey Edwaid, beer, 6 n Eden 
Downey I'ldward, polisher, 293 Johnson 
Downey John, mariner, 237 Henrietta 
Downey John, grocer and com. mercht. 133 

Franklin, dw 154 n Eutaw 
Downey Joseph, laborer, 59 s Dewberry ."xl 
Downey Patrick, laborer, 10 s Chapel 
Downey Pal'k, laborer,Cliniou nr copperworks 
Downey Samuel, clerk, 154 n Eutaw 
Downey Thomas G., Hand house 
Downey Wm. laborer, 237 Henrietta 
Downey Wm. plumber, 13 L. Gough 
Downey Wm. T, watchman, 141 Dover 
Downing Charles, bricklayer, 398 w Fayette 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay. and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 
DOW 165 DRA 

Dowiiinjj Howell, broker, s \v eor Frederick 

and Fayette, d\v 158 w Biddle 
')owniug'Mrs. M. W. 209 w lioniiiar.l 
Dowiiiiij.' Mrs. S. J. grocery, s e eor Saratoga 

and Strieker 
Downing Walter, brieklayer, 107 n I'oiijileton 
Downing Wni. H. brieklayer, s e cor Strieker 

and Saratoga 
Downs (Jliarles G. salejiiian, 194 s Charles 
Downs k Co. (Jos. 15. Downs and Ceo. iJose) 

butchers, 67 HaiKtvcr, ;-!l Centie ami KJ Le.'i- 

ington inarket.s 
Downs Deborah, dressmaker, 7 n ("aroline 
Downs Elizabeth, 1G4 n Dallas 
Downs Harris, police, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs Henry (". butcher. Clioplank nr Fayette 
Downs James H. njiholsterer, :^t)l Frankliti 
Downs James H. printer, 229 Dolphin 
Downs John I. car|ieiiter, 722 Penna av, dw 

cor Carey and Cumberland 
Downs Jos'. B. (J. D. & Co.) 470 Light 
Down* M irion, canniaker, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs .\h's. ^{ar.\ , 125 Montgomery 
Downs Patrick, 21 Perry 
Downs .Mrs. Rachel, seatnstress, 197 East 
Downs Rebecca, dressmaker, UJ4 n Dallas 
Downs Robt. F. millwright, 207 n Central av 
Downs Sally. .50 I5arre 

Downs Samuel A. carpenter, 12.') Montgomery 
Downs Samuel F. moulder, 17G n Fremont 
Downs .Mrs. Susan, seamstress, 159 n Gay 
Downs \Vm. H. carpenter, 75 Hamburg 
Downs Wm. H. insp'r (.'. H. 407 w Fayette 
Downs Rev. VVilford, 202 Eastern av 
Downs Winifred, ?,1 Cambridge 
Dowtil Henry, harnessmaker, H)l s Fremont 
itoxen Kinsey J. carpenter, 09 .MeHenry 
Doxen Wm. plasterer, Boundary av nr Charles 
Doyle Andrew J. grocery, 59 Pearl, dw 189 

Doyle Ann, grocery, 07 Clay 
Doyle Ann', cook, 138 Park 
Doyle Arthur, shipearpeuter, 79 s Castle 
Doyle B., Loyola college 

Doyle Bernard G. hostler, rear Gl Centre .Mar- 
ket sp 
Doyle .Mis. Bettie, dressmkr. ()9 n Schroeder 
Doyle Bridget, cook, Oregon and Tlioiiip!<on 
Doyle Cassie, 22 George 
l^oyle (.'larenee, clerk, 44 .McCulloh 
Doyle Ellen, liuckstress, 12 e Lombard 
Doyle Ellen, 22 George 
Doyle Frank, police, 380 s Charles 
Doyle Gerald, mariner, 100 e .Madi.son 
Doyle Harry, U.S.A.. Fort MeHenry 
Doyle Henry, laborer, Baltimore co 
Do\le Henry, clerk, 44 McCulloh 
Doyle Henry, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, 499 Aiscjuith 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, (Jliiiton and Boston 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, 134 s Castle 
Doyle James, tinner, 49 Etting 
l>oyle James, blacksmith, Eden nr Eastern av, 

dw Eden nr Aliceaima 
Doyle James E. blacksmith. 13 Lloyd 
Doyle James H. printer, 189 Saratoga 
Doyle James M. com. mercht. cor Charles and 

Lombard, dw 353 Franklin 
Doyle .Mrs. Jane, 50 ii Fremont 
Doyle Mrs. Jane G. 32 Camden 
Doyle John, laborer, rear 61 Centre .Market sp 
Doyle John, 134 s Castle 


(;<)MMI,-.SiMX MKi;''il.\.\T, 

Flour, Grain, Seeds, Slc. 


<'o.s>,v F.iK SAi.i'; 
Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Roscndale Cement and Plaster. 

Doyle John, 45 s PiCpul)iican 

Doyle .lohii, carter, Eden nr Aliceanna 

Doyle John, laboriT, 62 n (tiegon 

Doyle John, laborer. 18 Abey al 

Doyle J(din, baker. 67 Clay 

Doyle John, laborer, 23 Ringgold ;il 

Doyle J()lin,nailmaker,l(iO w Pratt, dw 209Vitie 

Doyle John ,\. G. jiaiiittr, 42 Park 

Doyle .lohn I. clerk, l.'iG Hanover 

Doyle Joseph, conductor, 172 Stirling 

Doyle Lawrence, fireman, 2G s Regester 

Dovle .Martin, laborer. Curley nr Lancaster 

Doyle Mrs. .Mary T. 74 Johnson 

Doyle .Margaret, 12(i .Stirling 

Doyle Matthew, laborer, 27 Constitution 

Doyle Michael, laborer, 241 Lee 

Doyle .Michael, ear|ienter, ;i37 .Mulberry 

Doyle .Michael, laborer. 70 s Renulilican 

Doyle .Michael, sawyer, 46 Johnsoti 

Doyle .Michael, ironmoulder, 67 Clay 

Doyle .Michael H. [uinter, 34 e Baltimore 

Doyle .Moiris. engineer, 21 Ban-e 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, 62 s Oregon 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, 202 Cathedral 

Doyle Patrick, drayman, 172 Stirling 

Doyle Pai'k, coreuiaker. Aliceanna and Dalla- 

Doyle Peter, bricklayer, 6S Decker 

Doyle Richard, lab<irer, 56 s Schroeder 

Doyle Samuel, laliorer, 202 Cathedral 

Doyle Saml. B. clerk .\dams E.xp. 401 Franklin 

Doyle Thomas, cooper, 62 Philpot 

Doyle 'I'homas, sawyer, 96 Battery av 

Doyle Thomas, grocery, 143 nenriclta 

Doyle Thomas G. bookseller, 295 n (iay 

Dovle T. Harrie, 207 n Carey 

Doyle Walter, (Odem k D )'207 n Carey 

Doyle Wm. carter, 42 Park 

Doyle Wm. butcher, 70 W.ilnut al 

Doyle Wm. F. police. :!80 s Charles 

Dovle Wm. J. canmaker. 49 Etting 

Dovle Wm. J :'.37 Mulberry 

Doyle Wm. J jr. bookkeeper, 189 Saratoga 

Doyle Wm. H. carpenter, 337 .Mulberry 

Do/Jer Wm. R. clerk, 56 s Greene 

Drager Francis, shipsmith, 5G Henrietta 

Drager Henry, cigarpacker, 14 n Eden 

Drager Jacob, sawyer, 271 Eastern av 

Drager Theodore, cigarmaker, 228 Battery av 

DR.\(;ER wm. shoemaker, 326 s Bond / 

Drake Edward F. blacksmith, 2(i,l Columlua 

Drake lliel, blacksmith, 203 <'oliimbia 

Drake Jas. F. cigarnuiker, 203 (."olunibia 

I)rake Wm. blacksmith, eor Peiin and King, 

dw Sterrett nr St. Peter 
Drakelev Geo. (Tilghman .j- D.) 272 w Fayette 
Drakelev Hv. W. (1). k Fenton) 291 w Fayette 
DRAKFLEV k FENTON, (H. W. Drakeley.A. 

Fenton, Joel Hinnnui) wholes, produce com. 

merchants, 387 w Baltimore 
Drakeley Tlios. (Tilghman .v D.l 291 w Fayelt>- 
i)rane James, laborer, 9 .Neighlior 
Drane James E. jr. machinist, 9 Neiglibor 

Coaches and Barouclies for Shopping", "Weddings, &c. 




Drane John F. moulder, 226 George 
Dniue Joliii M. i-lasterer, 12 n Wolfe 
Drane Mis. Mivrjriiret, grocery, 9 Neighbor 
Drane Ra-liard, boilerinaker, 19 Stirling 
Dnine Robert, monlder, i) Neighbor 
Draper riiester, wagoner, 178 DoTer 
Draper Kate, (i Josei)hine 
Dra\er Ji'hn W. shoecatter, 15Etting 
Dreiicn Mrs. Adeline A. 'if) St. Paul 
Drebiiig Harriet, 13 n Choptank 
Drebing Wrn. A. tinner, IJ n Choptank 
Drechler John, plasterer, 40 n Amity 
Drechsel Louis, beer. 301 l^enna av 
Drechsler Fred'k, tailor, 138 s W.ishington 
Dreisch Joseph sr. pnrter, 45 Clay 
Dreisch Joseph M. clerk. 78 Mulberry 
Dreischbaih Geo. cooper, 125 Hollins 
Drerer John, butcher, 122 Jackson sq av 
Dresbaugh Wm. blacksmith, 1 Baker's ct 
Dresch Adam, laborer, 32o Aliceanna 
Dresel FerdinanJ, clerk, 1 10 Park 
Dresel Werner, (F. L. Brauns & Co.) consul for 
Wurtenliurg. Baden, iiavaria, Hesse Darm- 
stadt and North German Union, 37 s Gay, 
d\v 110 Park 
Dresher Peter, shoemaker, 16 Willow 
Dresse Andrew, carp'r, 333 n Central av 
Dressel Adam, blindmaker, 532 n Gay 
Dress'l Mrs. Catherine, 289 e Monument 
Dressel Conrad, weaver, 50 n Spring 
Dressel Franz, brewer, Eastern av ext 
Dressel Geo. beer, 112 Druid Hill av 
Dressel Henry, roofing and spouting, 289 e Mon- 
Dressel Henry, teacher, Payson nr Lenimon 
Dressel Johnj laborer, 26(3 n Central av 
Dressel John A. varnisher, 57 L Pleasant 
Dressel John G. lab'r, 2G4 n Central av 
Dressel John J. bakery, 141 e Pratt 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 267 n Kden 
Dressel Leonard, blindmaker, 532 n Gay 
Dressel Mrs. .Margaret, tailunss, 50 n Spring 
Dressel Martin, baker, 141 e Pratt 
Dreves Francis, cigar store, 145 w Fayette 
Drew Amanda L. 160 w Madison 
Drew Arthur, laborer, 2 n Poppleton 
Drexel August, tolmcconist, 59 n Gay 
Dre.xel Francis, (Adams & D.) 158 German 
Dre.xel Henry, confectionery, 27 Woodyear 
Dre.\.el Henry, 158 German 
Drexel H. C." 112 n Exeter 
Drexel John, laborer, 23 Smith 
Drexel .Moritz, cor.fectioner, 57 n Gay 
Drexler Ferdinand, lal)orer, 2.'J1 s Bond 
Drexler Fred'k, b\ilcher, Point la nr Harford av 
Drexler Fred'k, tailor, 138 s Washington 
Drey Abraham, (L. Lauer ij- Co.) 64 Cimway 
Drey Elkan, (L. Lauer & Co.) 64 Conway 
Dreycr Chas. ciuarmaker, 44 Frederick av 
Dreyer f^.rnest, fresco painter, 246 w Fayette 
Dreyer Henry, carpenier, 49 McHenry 
Dreyer John F. boxmaker, 49 McHenry 
Dreyer Wm. A. shoes, 168 s Broadway 
Drier Abraham, ra^iS, 70 Harrison 
Driesbach Geo. A. cooper, 125 HoUins 
DRILL JAMES M. gen'l ireightagent N. C. R. 

I'ark av n of Townsend 
Drischler ,Sera[d)in, beer, 303 Canton av 
Drisclimau Geo. carver, 118 Warner 
Drischnian Henry, laborer, 118 Warner 
Driscoll Mrs. Ann. 3 Hollins 
Driscoll Annie E. teacher. 3 Hollins 

Driscoll Mrs. Caroline R. teacher, 42 n Poppleton 
Driscoll Cornelius, Fort av adj. Fort McHeary 
Driscoll Dennis, laborer, EuJaw and Biddle 
Driscoll Dcnni?. laborer, 650 w Pratt 
Driscoll Dennis, stonemason, 82 n Holliday 
Driscoll Emma, teacher, 42 n Poppleton 
Dri.<coll James, 737 Duncan al 
Driscoll James jr. hiborer, 137 Duncan aJ 
Driscoll John, grocery, 143 n Front 
Driscoll Mrs. Mary, 61 Centre Market sp 
Driscoll Richard J. Jailor, 58 & Howard 
Driscoll Timothy, 15>7 n Eden 
Driscoll Thos. laborer, 155 Aliccanna 
Driver Alex, cardriver, 144 s CTiapel 
Driver Chas. F. painter, 113 s Chajiel 
Driver John, moulder, 110 St. Peter 
Driver John T. brickmnker, liO St. Peter 
Driver Josiah, laborer, 110 St. Peter 
Droesbeck John, shoemaker, 48 Harford an 
Droge Frank, blacksmith, 56 Henrietta 
Droge Theodore, blacksmith, 56 Henrietta 
Drohan David, police, Gilmor nr Patterson ar 
Drone Thomas, laborer, 91 n Exeter 
Droney Martin, tailor, 29 New Church 
Droscher Adolph,(J. P. Lubs & Co.)51nGreene 
Drost Chas. elk, Charles-st.and Huntingdon avs 
Drost Gustav. A. (D. ^' Jordan )Charles-st. and 

Huntingdon avs 
Drost John, merchant, 119 n High 
Drost Louis, bookkeeper, 105 Hanover 

DEOST & JOEDAN, { G. A. Drost, E. 
J. Jordan) Importers of Hosiery, 
Zephyr Worsted, Dress Trim- 
mings, &c. 270 w Baltimore 

Drost Michael, shoemaker, 249 Gough 
Droste .J- Dickel, (J. E. Droste, H. L Dickel) 
manufs. brooms and wooden ware, 109 s 
Droste John E. (D. & Dickel) Brown's hotel 
Droste AVm. H. sergeant police, 78 Hill 
Drought (,'arrie A. teacher. 138 Montgomery 
Drought Francis, carp 138 Montgomery 
Drought Geo. wheel Wright. Phila rd nr tollgate 
Drucke August, tailor, 223 s Bond 
Drugan Hugh, 71 Hollins 

Druid Cotton Mills, Druidville N. C. R., Gam- 
brill, Sons & Co. ])rop'r8 
Druid Hall, n e cor Gay and Baltimore 
Druid Hill Assembly Rooms, 126 Druid Hill av 
Druid Hill Park, Madison av ext 
Drum John, laliorer, 143 L. Greene 
Drum Sarah, 91 e Pratt 
Diumgoole Pat'k H. carpenter, 133 n Spring 
Drnmmarder Christian, laborer, 25 Rock 
Drummond Baltimore, clerk, 34 n Front 
Drtimmond .Mrs. Joanna E. 34 n Front 
Drummond .Margaret, teacher, 34 n Front 
Drummond Waverley G. clerk, 42 s Eulatv 
Drummond Wm. lab. 34 n Front 
Drummond Wm.D.S clerk, Choptank nr Pratt 
Drury Frederick, mariner, 254 Bank 
DruryJas. P. clerk, 231 Barre 
Drury John A. stonecutter, 254 Bank 
Drury Mrs. .Marian, 335 e Madison 
Drury Samuel C. iiolice. 15 s Fremont 
Drury Tillyard, clerk, 90 Hanover 
Drury Wm. rigger, 254 Bank 
Drury Wm. carpenter, 254 Bank 
Drury Win. A. mariner, 127 Willjara 

At Central Sta"bles, lll^exin2:ton, C. H. Bredemeyer 




Drusclie Jacob, boxmaker, 3 Ilalfmoon al 
Drusche I'hilip, driver, 3 Halfmoon al 
Drusheiin Jacob, mattressraaker, 4G Raborg 
Druvell Maiy, 201 n Dallas 
Dry Fred'k, cotidiictor, 13 s Republican 
Drydeii Alex. jr. huckster, 64 Clay 
Drvden Ale.K. huckster, 64 I lay 
Drydeii C. O. clerk, 210 Saratoga 
Dryden .Mrs. E. A. 501 Lexia<.'tcin 
Drvden Jas. blacksmith, 276 n Reg:ester 
Dryd.-n J.Meredith, ( J.. \I.D.>%Co.U.'i7 n Charles 
Dryden J. .Meredith k Co. ^J. M. Dryden) dry 

goods com. merchts. 9 German 
Dryden Joshua, 67 n Liberty. 
Dryden Joshua M. agent Continental Life Ins. 

42 Posioffice av. dw 129 s Sharp 
Dryden Joshua R. (A. McK. Boyd & Co.) 254 

w Hoffman 
Dryden Mrs. Rebecca, 90 w Cc-ntre 
Dryden Robt. clerk, 96 Colnmbia ' 
Dryden Robt. J. salesman, 344 \v Baltimore 
Dryden Robt. II. shoemaker. 2.53 n Central av 
Dryden Robt. W. 167 n Charles 
Dryden Samuel, bricklayer. 49 Warren 
Dryden Samuel, shoemaker, 397 w Baltimore, 

dw 11 s Entaw 
Dryden Thomas, huckster, 64 Clay 
Dryden W . Sidney, salesman, 47 s Greene 
Dryden Wm. II. salesman, 342 w Fayette 
Duarken Jas. brickmkr, 588 Light 
Dubarry Ernest, bonnet frame maker, 72 Park 
Dubarry J. N. vice prest. and chief engineer 

N. G. R., Calvert Station, dw Harrisburg 
Dubel Capt. Jas. A. com. mercht, 88 Light-st 

whf, dw 155 Harre 
Dubois Edward S [)rinter 63 Ensor 
Dubois K. C. clerk, 298 Madison av 
Dubois Leo, watchmaker, 165 s Ann 
Dubois Mary, 165 s Ann 
Dubree Geo. W. silversmith, 220 e Madison 
Dubree John B. clerk, 38 w Biddle 
Dubree John H. carpenter, 38 w Biddle 
Dubreuil Armand, marble cutter 29 Camden 
Dubreuil iladame Armanda, teacher. 29 Camden 
Dubreuil Geo. A. teacher, 29 Camden 
Dubreul Rev. J. Paul, St. Mary Seminary 
Ducatel Mrs. Joanna, boarding, 38 Mulberry 
Duchaulte Chiis. G. clerk, 309 .\isquith 
Duchoslove Henry, barber, 116 a Ann 
Duck Dr. Chas. E. dentist, 147 Saratoga, dw 

103 Hanover 
Duck Fred'k, laborer, 314 Eastern av 
Ducker George E.{Wm. Devries & Co.) Maltby 

Duckett Augustus, boilermaker, 22 Clement 
Duckett Jeremiah, laborer, 220 Preston 
Duckett John, oysteis, 14 Clement 
Duckett Mrs. Mary, provisions, 556 Saratoga 
Duckett Richard G. city tax office, 308 Saratoga 
Duckett Robt. L. carter, 556 Saratoga 
Duckett Wm. H. carter, 556 Saratoga 
Ducsh Henry, engineer, 227 n Bond 
Duderweisch Frank, laborer,! Winderling row 
Dudiker John, laborer, Cbappell nr Penna av 
Dudley Mrs. A. E. n e cor Fayette and Gilmor 
Dudley Asa P. carpenter, 135 n Eutaw 
Dudley Mrs. Asa P. 135 n Eutaw 
Dudley & Bordley (Wm. G. Dudley, Robt. G. 

Bordley) restaurant, 70 s Sharp 
Dudley Clias. engineer. 296 B Sharp 
Dudley Chri.stopher, blacksmith, 112 Stirling 
Dudley- Elizabeth, 112 Stirling 



Flour, Grain beecls, &c. 

No. 21 S^'E \RS WHARF. 
CdN-r.wri.v K(<K 
Clover, Timrhy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

D cdley Miss E. M. 41 n Calvert 

Dudley Fred'k M. grocery, 261 Light, dw 166 

Dudlev Mrs. Hannah, 70 s Sharp 
Dudley Hiram G. clerk, 83 St. Paul 
Dudley Mrs. Hester A. boarding 74 llenriet ta 
Dudley Jas. M. stove mounter, 74 Henrietta 
Dudley John, type founder, 86 e Pratt 
Dudley John G. foreman, 37 Columbia 
Dudlev Jos. irotk moulder. 227 e .Madison 
Dudley Marcus L. 312 Light 
Dudley .Milton, 74 Henrietta 
Dudlev Thos. blacksmith, 214 n Front 
Dudlev Rev. Thos. U. 20 Read 
Dudley Wm. G. (D. & Bordley) 70 s Sharp 
Dudrow Chas. conductor, 157 Vine 
Dudrow Chas. E. cigarmaker, 42 s Caroline 
Dudrow Geo. W. laborer, 42 s Caroline 
Dudrow John C. carpenter, 42 s Caroline 
Dudrow Robt. engineer, 157 Vine 
Dudrow Thos. C. police, 42 s Caroline 
Dueberg Hehnuth, (Wedekind & Dueberg) 26 

Biddle e of Ann 
Duer A. Adgate,(J. Duer & Son)147 a Charles 
Duer Chas. 113 Jefferson 
Duer Douglas H. clerk, 147 a Charles 
Duer Frank, 181 Hughes 

DUER JOHN & SON, (John Duer 
and A. A. Duer) Hardware and 
Slate Mantles, 24 S Charles street 

Duer John, (J. D. & Son) 147 n Charles 

Duer Ralph, gauger, 112 Jefferson 

DUER SAMUEL, merchant, miller, 38 and 53 

Commerce, dw 3iil Hollins 
Duering Mrs. David F. huckstress. 122 Orchard 
Duering Geo. bricklayer, 182 Walsh 
Duering Jas. helper, 122 Orchard 
Duering John F. chairmaker, 122 Orchard 
Duering Jos. H. brakeiuan, 122 Orchard 
Duering Julius, cooper. Castle and Pleasant al 
Duerselon HugoH. clerk, 64 n Broadway 
Duey Geo. conductor, 103 McElderry 
Duff Andrew, huckster. 246 n Caroline 
Duff Chas W clerk, 82 Ensor 
Duff Geo. canmaker, 383 n Gay 
Duff Henry, police, 181 e .Monument 
Duff Henry C. clerk, 351 e Baltimore 
Duff Jas. 115 s Broadway 
Duff Jas. stevedore, 82 Ensor 
Duff John, clerk, 91 n Calvert 
Duif J. Luther, bookkeeper, 182 Mosber 
Duff, Mrs. Margaretta, 351 e Baltimore 
DUFF KENNEDY, manager Franklin Tele- 

griph Company, 21 South, dw 66 Chew 
Duff Patrick, draVman, 437 Hamburg 
Duff Wm. E. attorney, 54 w Fayette, dw 115 

s Broadway 
Duffey Mrs. Catherine, confcct'y, 98 s Entaw 
Duffey Daniel, clerk, 98 s Eutaw 

Joshua Horne r, Jr. M anufac'r and Com. Merchant, 



Duffey James, clerk, United States liotel 
Duffev Patrick, lalmrer, 2" s Stockton al 
Duffiii Michael, tailor, 257 e F;ivette 
Duffv Arthur P. glasshlower, 297 Light 
Dutrv Hridtret, groc'.v, Maccuhhin and Regester 
Dutty Mrs. C. actress, 111 n High 
L)uf!V Daniel, driver, 6 I'atterson Park av 
Duffy Mrs. Kllen, 77 Hillen 
Duffy Kdwd. attorney, 15 St. Paul, dw Town- 
send nr John 
Duffy Frank, coachman, 30 Hollins 
Duffy James, 3 Littel al 
Duffy James, laborer, 127 Albemarle 
Duffv James, liquors. .5.5 Holland 
Dufly James (M. & J. Duffv,) 172 Cathedral 
Duffy .Mrs. Jane, IIG n Scliroeder 
Duffy John, mariner. 5 n Durham 
Dufly John, constable, 14 Neighbor 
Duffy John, blacUsmith, 73 Harford av 
Duffy .lohn H. carpenter, Bla*^^k Horse hotel 
Duffy Mrs. Mary, grocery, 137 s Fremont 
Duffy Mrs. Mary, laundress, 15 Willow 
Duffv Mary A. tailoress.Maccubbinand Regester 
Duffy Mrs. Mary J. 62 Union 
Duffy .Mrs. Mattie, 116 n Schroeder 
DuflV M. & J. grocerv and feed, 164 Cathedral 
Duffv Michael, (M. &J. Duifv, ) 67 Cathedral 
Duffy Michael, (Clapsaddle k D.) Preston nr 

Penna av 
Duffy Michael, soldier, 62 Union 
Duffy (). T. printer, Maccubbin and Regester 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, 35 Haw 
Duffy Peter, laborer, 159 s Chester 
DuO'y Rachel, 218 e Monument 
Duffy Thomas, brakcman, 39 Scott 
Duffv Wm. laborer, 127 Albemarle 
DUFUR & CO.(G. J. Dufur,) wire workers, 36 

n Howard 
Dufur Geo. J. (I). & Co.) 201 n Republican 
Dufur Oilando jr. railiiigmaker, 356 Mulberry 
Dufur Orlando sr. railingmaker, 69 Columbia 
Dufur Wm. 11. cigarmnker, 69 Columbia 
Dugaii ("atberiiie, 146 Saratoga 
railrd. and machinists' sujjplies, 26 s Charles 
Dugan Cumberland, (C. D. & Co. )140 Cathedral 
Dugan Daniel, laborer, 36 Morton al 
Dugan Hammond, atl'y.S^ St. Paul, dw 
Dugan Henry, lyoyola College 
Du au J.O.dry go )ds,Gay & iligb,dw 30 n Front 
Dugan James, merchant, 311 n Broadway 
Dugan John jr. laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan .lohn, 93 Harford av 
Dugan John jr. laborer, 87 s Fremont 
Dugan Michael, laborer, 8 Bank 
Dugan Michael, laborer, 56 n Dallas 
Dugan Michael, laborer, 93 Harford av 
DUGAN PIERRR C. real estate and money 

broker, 29 St. Paul, dw 85 Cathedral 
Dugas Lewis C. elk. to Reg'r of Wills, 152 Pearl 
Dugdale & Co. (George and Wm. Dngdale, ) 

wholes, fertilizers, 44 s Fiederick 
Dugdale Geo. (Dugdale k Co.) Baltimore co 
Dngdale Wm. (Dugdale k Co.) 278 Le.vington 
Dugdale Win., Moutit ni- Lexington 
Dujicnt Kli, carpenter, 215 e Pratt 
Dugeiit Francis jr. cari)enter. 125 e Madison 
Dugent Francis, grocery, 215 e Pratt 
Du;,^ent Frank, carpenter, 125 e .Madison 
Dugent Oliver, jeweler, 215 e Pratt 
Dugent Wm. carpenter, 215 e Pratt 
Dugj|an Rev. F. P., Woodberrj 

Duggan James, laborer, 51 Scott 
Duggan Timothy, carpenter, 51 Scott 
Duggou Michael, laborer, Lefferman al 
Duggon Patrick, laborer, Lefferman al 
Duhurst Charles H. druggist, 27 w Pratt, dw 1 

n Front 
Duhurst Mrs. E. boarding, 192 Mulberry 
Duhurst F. G. clerk, 101 s Poppleton 
Duhuist Henry P. jties't Firemen's Ins. Co. I 

n Front 
Duhurst Wm. cooper, 172 n Eden 
Duhurst W^m. clerk, 192 Mulberry 
Dnjarie Rev. J. H., St. Mary's Seminary 
DUKI'j A. W. pharmaceutist, n w cor Harford 

av and Eager 
Duke Dr. James, clerk, 281 n Howard 
Duke James B. restaurant, 175 North 
Duke James S. clerk, 175 North 
Duke Joseph W. clerk, 178 e Kager 
Duke Mrs. Mary, 2 Lewis 
Duke Walter, clerk, 82 Centre Market sp 
Dukehart Adam, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Dukehart E. W. & Son, (K. W. and G. Duke- 
hart, ) snuff man ufs. 29 s Calvert, mil Is 3 Perrv 
Dukehart Fedor, photograjiher,357 w Baltimore 
Dukehart k Forbes, (T. M. Dukehart, M. L. 

Forbes, jilumbers, 12 s Gay 
Dukehart Geo. cardriver, 34 Woodyear 
Dukehart Geo. baker, 94 Albemarle 
Dukehart Graham, (E. W. D. Jf Son,) 164 

Dukehart John, clerk, 109 s Broadway 
Dukehart John, socret'y Associated Firemen's 

Ins. Co. 25 n Gilmor 
Dukehart Cai)t. John M. mariner,248 w Fayette 
Dukehart Capt. John P.conduc'r.5l3 w Fayette 
Dukehart J.& Co (J. Dukehart, )fishing tackle, 

twine, 130 vv Baltimore 
Dukehart Jos. (J. D. & Co.) 201 Aisquith 
Dukehart Robert W. hoseraaker, basement 18 

Water, dw 439 w Fayette 
Dukehart Saml. L. provisions, 183 Townsend 
Dukehart Samuel T. clerk, 83 n High 
Dukehart Thos.M.(D. &{■ Forbes, )21 McElderry 
Dukehart Thos. M. brewer, 205 Townsend 
Dukehart Mrs. William, 83 n High 
Dukehart Wm. B. hosemaker, 439 w Fayette 
Duker Henry, (1). (fe t'o ) 55 Albemarle 
Duker »•« Co. (11. Duker and Otto Duker) bo.\- 

makers and steam sawyers, s \y cor Lombard 

and West Falls av 
Duker Otto, (D. Wilson & Co. and Duker k 

Vo.) 79 s High 
Dukes I.Reyner,(Gould, D. & Co.)73 Courtland 
Dukes James, painter, 48 s Bond 
Dukis James T. brick moulder, s end Clinton 
Dulack Mrs. Martiia, 166 e Madison 
Dulaney Francis J. carpenter, 363 n Gay 
Dulaney G. F. 04 Saratoga 
Dulauey Henry S. bookkeeper, 20 n Eutaw 
Dulaney Rev. Jas. 11., Frederick av nr Milling- 
ton la 
Dulaney James H. 43 n Gilmor 
Dulaney W'm. huckster, 7 Sterrett 
Dulautv Catherine, 14 Fish Market sp 
DULANV J. M. k CO. (J. M. Dulany, P. O. 

Burns) gla.«s, lami>s and oil, 310 w Baltimore 
Dulany & ('o. (W'. Dulany, H.W. Rogers) gen. 

agents Globe .Mutual Life Ins. Co. s w cor 

Charles and Favetle 
Dulany J. M. (J.M. D. k Co.) 97 Division 

Offices, 5 4 S. G-ay, and C or . Ch ew and S tirling. 




DULANY H. R. attorney and com'r of deeds, 

361 St. Paul, dvv 187 n CliarUs 
Dulaliy .loha D. umbrella maker, 90 Camden, 

d\v 108 s Howard 
Dulany John, lab. 9 Fish Market sp 
Dulany .John X. tobacconist, n e cor Baltimore 

and Republican, dw 32() \v Fayette 
Dulany Mrs. Olivia. 187 u Charles 
Dulany Oscar, conductor, 272 n Bond 
Dulany Rozier, attorney, St. Paul nr Lexing- 
ton, dw 187 -1 Charles 
Dulany Mrs. Sarah, (D. & Eichler) Division nr 

Dulany Walter, (H. W. Rogers k Co.) 187 n 

Dulany Wm. lab. 151 Raborg 
Dulanv Wm. jr. mariner, 43 n Gilmor 
DULANY MRS. WM. 43 n Gilmor 
Dulanv Dr. Wm. H. dentist, 102 Lexington 
DULANY WM. J. C. (W. J. C. D. 4- Co.) 

316 Saratoga 
DULANY WM. J. C. & CO. (Wm. J. C. Du- 
lany) publishers, booksellers and stationers, 
332 w Baltimore 
Duley John C. moulder, 5G3 w Lombard 
Duley Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, 269 Orleans 
Duley Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 109 n High 
Duliu Dr. A. F. 83 \v Monument 
Duliu James, shoemaker, 535 e Fayette 
Duliu John H. shoemaker, 535 e Fayette 
Duling Ann, seamstress, 251 s Charles 
Duliug John, fireman, 77 s Ann 
Duling John F. cigarmaker, 77 s Ann 
Dull Geo. sergt. police, 109 West 
Dull Michael, police, 125 West 
Dulus Wm. M. 72 n Eden 
Duujaresq James S. ^' Co. (James S. Dumaresq) 

dry goods, 20 German 
Dumaresq Jas. S.(Jas. S.D. & Co.).\lbiQn house 
Dumas Eliza A. seamstress, 34 n Bond 
Dumax Benj. L. carpentei-, 150 ilulberry 
Duniax l^lizabeth 0. seamstress, 158 Pearl 
DuuuiX Mary E. dressmaker, 148 n Pine 
Duniax Mary E. dressiuaker, 158 Pearl 
Dumax .Martha V. milliner, 158 Pearl 
Dumax Sarah, tailoress, 158 Pearl 
Dumbolton Frank A. clerk, s w cor Charles and 

Dumber Philip, rags, 27 s Washington 
Dumljru^t' Siiii'-n, lab. 84 n Chapel 
Dumtord Catherine, servant, 71 St. Paul 
Dumler Barbara, seamstrtss, 27 s Washington 
Dumler Conrad, rags, 27 s Washington 
Dumler Geo. shoemaker and tobacconist, 253 e 

Dumler John F. coUarmaker, 461 w Baltimore, 

dw 215 w Fayette 
Dumler Joseph, currier, 326 Aisquith 
Dumler Matthias, cooper, 60 n Schroeder 
Diimliug John, baker, 17 Aisquith 
Duuiont Prof. L. F. M., St. Mary's Seminary, 

St. Mary's ct 
Duniphy Edward, painter, 6 Diamond 
DuHiphy John, lab. 7 Wells 
Dumpli,- Patrick, baker, lo Diamond 
DUN R. G. & CO. (R. G. Dun, Wm. G. Scar- 
let) inert^antile agency, over s e cor Baltimore 
and Charh's 
Dun R. G. (R. G. D. ^ Co.) New York 
Dunahue Elizabeth E. dressmaker, 54 n Paca 
Dunan Winfield S. sec'y Navassa Guano Co. 
271 Druid Hill av 



Flour, Grain Seeds, (Sec. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Dunan S. H. auditor B.& O.R.R. 124 McCulloh 

Dunaway Thos. distiller, 361 Hollins 

Dunbar Ann, 66 w Centre 

Dunbar Henry F. com. mercht. 226 s Paca 

Dunbar Henry F. sup't iron furnace, 290 s Paca 

Dunbar Louisa, 66 w Centre 

Dunbar Mary, 66 w Centre 

Dunbar Wm. W. storekeeper export bonded 

warehouse, 56 w Centre 
Dunbracco Mrs.M. M. dressmkr, 14 w Baltimore 
Duubracco Wm. T. clerk, 14 w Baltimore 
Duncan Adam, produce, 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Alexander, asst. surveyor, 1st tollgate 

Frederick rd 
Duncan Cornelia, 156 e Lombard 
Duncan David, weigher C. H. 85 n Calvert 
Duncan Emily, 87 Cathedral 
Duncan Geo. 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Geo. W. brass moulder, 266 Light 
Duncan James, grocery, 289 Saratoga 
Duncan James, tailor, 213 n Eden 
Duncan James B. 38 n Holliday 
Duncan James S. machinist, 156 e Lombard 
Duncan Jesse, brickmaker, 162 .McHenry 
Duncan John F. speculator, 146 s Bond 
Duncan John G. clerk, 953 w Pratt 
Duncan Juhn G. clerk, Calverton hotel 
Duncan John J. bricklayer, 521 Lexington 
Duncan J^<s. W. (D., Rhein & Conaway) 140 

Duncan Mrs. Julian, 498 Franklin 
Duncan Kate, teacher, 498 Franklin 
Duncan Mrs. Mary B. 217 Saratoga 
Duncan, Rhein & Conaway (J. W. Duncan, 

John Rhein, C. Conaway )carriage factory, n 

e cor Frederick and Second 
Duncan Richard M. 87 Cathedral 
Duncan Thos. M. engineer, 142 Hollins 
Duncan Wm. 156 e Lombard 
Duncan Wm. brass finislier, 252 s Charles 
Duncan Wm. C. 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Wm. J. mariner, 149 s Bond 
Duncan Wilson B. mariner, 149 s Bond 
Dnndon James, jr. laborer, 55 Portland 
Dundou Ji.mes, drayman, 55 Portland 
Dundon Jas. R. turner, 55 Portland 
Dundon .Michael, tobacconist and U. S. tobacco 

inspector. 267 Light 
Dundon Thos. drayman, 55 Portland 
Dundon Wm. cooper, 20 St. Peter 
Dundon Wm. wood fniislicr, 20 St. Peter 
Duiiforth Jas. laborer, Yincent a! nr McHenry 
Dunrrey Jas. laborer, 167 Dover 
Dungan A.S.,P.C.# St.L.R.R.149 w Baltimore 
Dungan & Co. (L. Dungan) fish and commis- 
sion merchants, 79 South 
Dungan C. P. clerk, 357 w Fayette 
Dungan David, carpenter, 1 Scott 
Dungan Henry, salesman, 628 Lexington 
Dungan Jesse, machinist, 1 Scott 
Dungan John V. blacksmith, 236 George 
Dungan Louis (D. & Co.) 274 e Baltimore 

Horses Bonglit and Sold on Commission, 




Dungan Mrs. L. L. trirarninfrs, 59 e Baltimore 
Duiigan Mis. Ruth, 2G7 yaratoija 
iJungaii iSteveiisou, (.-kTlc, 2T4 e Baltimore 
Dungan Theodore, salesman, 267 Saratoga 
Duiigau Wm. E. eng'r U. S. N. 337 e Baltimore 
Dunham Rev. Francis H. 23 s Calhoun 
Dunham Samuel K. clerk. 23 s Calhoun 
Dunigan Jas. (J. A. sliipjoiner, 135 Bank 
Duuigau Wm. IHI Bank 
Dunkerly Geo. VV. machinist, 692 \v Pratt 
Diinkerly Joseph. machinist, Ramsay nr Calhoun 
Dunkerly Richard P. Cii2 w Pratt 
Dunkerly Richard, shoemaker, 12 Parrish 
Dunkerly Wm. B. lab. 6!)2 w Pratt 
Dunkers Joseph, lah. 47.S Canton av 
Dunkers .Michael, lab. 478 Canton av 
Duuklee C. A. salesman, 17 s Howard 

DUNLAP A. H. Wholesale and Ee- 
tail Grocer, cor Howard and Lex- 
ington Sts. dw 244 Saratoga. 

DUNLAP C. LEWIS, Wholesale 
and Retail Dealer in Flour, Teas, 
Wines, Groceries, &c., 13 w Bal- 
timore St. dw 3 n Front. 

Dunlap Chas. baggage master B. & O.R.R. dw 

126 w Fayette 
Dunlap Cha'rles, 249 Saratoga 
Dunlap Kliza J. teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap Hugh, sand excavator, 465 Saratoga 
Dnnlai) ''ohn, boiler maker, 49 s Stockton a) 
Dunlap John, sliocmaker, 239 Montgomery 
Dunlap Maggie, music teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap .Mary, teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlaji Tlios. H. conductor, 182 s Eutaw 
Dunlap Wm. book agent, 96 n Central av 
Dunla[) Wm. jr. bookkeeper, 96 n Central av 
Dunlevy John, miller, 1 Perry 
Dunlevy Joiin, snuff maker, 1 Perry 
Dunlevy .Michael, shoemaker, 165 Peirce 
Dunlevy Thos. C. 324 n Eutaw 
Dunlop .Andrew, tailor, 126 n Schroeder 
Dunlop Josepii (). (Rogers k D.) 29 n Calvert 
Dunn Andrew, harness maker, 716 w Pratt, dw 

29 s Carey 
Dunn .Mrs. Ann, 83 s Greene 
Dunn Barney, lab, 853 w Pratt 
Dunn Benj. F. oysters, Parkin and Lombard 
Dunn Mrs. Bridget, 59 n High 
Dunn Chas. carp. 73 Hargrove aj.dw'78 Park av 
Dunn Chas. salesman, 107 Chew 
Dunn Chas. S. P. clerk, l(i7 ('hew 
Dunn C. Irwin, (Habersham k Co.) 234 n 

Dunn Christopher C. trtinkmaker. 16 Stiles 
Dunn Daniel H. bookkeeper, 2J5 Walsh 
Dunn David, carp. Wolfe n of Hiddle 
Dunn Edward, tavern, 116 North 
Dunn Edw.irii, lype founder, 232 n Caroline 
Dunn Dr. Edward, Merchants hotel 
Dunn Edward T. paymaster U. S. N. 234 n 

Dunn Eliza, cook, 75 Couriland 
Dunn .Mrs. Ellen, nurse, 36 n Poppleton 
Dunn .Mrs. Ellen, 163 s ('hester 
Dunn .Mrs. l''rances, 192 Vine 
Dunn Geo. lab. 37 Ral>org 
Dunn Geo. lab. 30 Haw 

Dnnn Geo. W. huckster, 38 Warren 
Dunn Geo. W. conductor, 83 s Greene 
Dunn Henry, lab. 534 w Pratt 
Dunn James, moulder, 403 \v Lombard 
Dunn James, photographer, 59 n High 
Dunn James R carpenter, 150 Mulberry 
Dunn .John, engineer, 88 Russell 
I)unn .loim, engineer. 62 Albemarle 
Dunn John, cattle, 29 s Carey 
Dunn .bdm, shoemaker, lu Booth 
Dunn John J. clerk, 20 Stiles 
l.)unn John C. stove moulder, 3 Scott 
Dunn Joseph, grocery. 87 Chesnut 
Dnnn Josejjh, huckster, Wolfe nr Biddle 
Dunn Jo.-eph, huckster, 81 York 
Dunn Keen, of C. H. 54 s (.>regon 
Dunn Miirshall, engineer, 109 Dolphin 
Dnnn Martiti, shoemaker, 22 n Poppleton 
Dnnn Mrs. Mary, 14 Fish Market sp 
Dunn .Mrs. Mary, 54 s Oregon 
Dunn Mary J. 170 n Eden 
Dunn .Mrs. M. E. boarding, 8S Hanover 
Dunn Michael, lab. 69 s Central av 
Dunn .Michael, hack stables, 156 n Calvert 
Dunn Michael, furn. wagon, 14 n Oregon 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, 45 s Chapel 
Dunn Patrick, lab. Hudson al nr Federal 
Dunn Paul, l.iborer, Truxion and Grove al 
Dunn Peter, laborer, 38 Union 
Dunn Peter, iron worker, 63 Luzerne 
Dunn Peter, tailor, 101 n Front 
Dunn Peyton A. (D., Todd k Co.) 66 n Carej 
Dnnn It. A. salesman, 83 s Greene 
Dnnn .Mis. Rebecca, 220 Light 
Dunn Richard, rigger, 20 Stiles 
Dunn liichard, drayman, 49 Wyeth 
Dunn Richard A. mariner, 163 s Chester 
Dnnn Robert, laborer, 200 Montgomery 
Dunn Rody, ironworker, 14() s t'entral av 
Dunn Rosa, 99 Gongli 
Dunn Samuel T. butcher, 220 Light 
Dunn So|)lii,i, boarding, 99 Goiigh 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 66 n D.tllas 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 3 Garrison la 
Dunn Thomas, cattle, 29 s Carey 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 52 Bovd 
DUi\.\, TODD k CO. (P. A.'Dunn, B.Todd, 
John S. Reese) com. merchts. over 44 South 
Dunn Virginia, dressmaker, 83 s Greene 
Dunn Walti r B. 66 n I'arey 
Dunn Walter F. wagoner, 16 Comet 
Dunn Wm. laborer, 56 n Washington 
Dunn Wm. carpenter, 349 Franklin 
Dunn Wm. C. conductor. 83 s Greene 
Dunn Wm. E. mariner, 10 L. Gough 
Dunnavant Thos. J. canmaker, 203 s Paca 
Dunne Patiick, laborer, Belair av ext 
DUNNETT WM. plumber, 171 n Eutaw, dw 

Strieker nr Patterson av 
Dunnigan .James, shipcarp. 100 s Washington 
Dunnigan John, laborer. Federal nr Decker 
Dunnigan Luke, laborer, Federal nr Decker 
Dunnigan .Michael, laborer. Federal nr Decker 
Dunnigan Patrick, laborer. Federal nr Decker 
Dunnigan .Mrs. Mary, Federal nr ])ecker 
Dunnigan Thos. shi])carp. 100 s Washington 
Dunning Daniel H. carter, 232 n Eden 
Dunning Mrs. H. 269 w Lombard 
Dunning .Miles G. cajiper, 131 s I5ond 
Dnnniiig Wm. E. tinner, 131 s Bond 
Dnnnington Win. A. plaster mill, lower end 
Hughes nr the B.isin, dw 45 .McCulloh 

At Central Stables, 111 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 
DUN 171 DUV 

Dunnock Mrs. E. P. 5G Rnrre 

Dunsin^j; Herman, clerk, 5 s Frederick 

Dunstcr [leiirv, shoemaker, ■2<.)\ s Sharp 

Duntliv Mrs. Fannie. 1 Wills 

Dnnwooily I-ienl., U.S.A., I't. Mdlenry 

Diiran James, luitter. Urowiis hotel 

Duran Joseph, salesman, IJrown's hotel 

Diiraml Dr. Henrv. IDo w Pratt 

DUR.AM) JOHN H. .J- SOX, (J. H. ami T. \V. 

Durand) rope inanuts. eor Ivlen and John 

and 132 w Pratt 
Durand John II. (J. II. !>. .V Son") 'ir..^ e Biddle 
Durand The.-;. \V.( Jno.l 1 . 1 •. c'i: .^on )-jr,o e Middle 
Dnrliorow llammomi. :\y.> Lexin^Moi: 
DURI'.OIIOW JOHN C. Kcii'l 'i;^'- :<"• '•"-■ ''''i'- 

hy reapers ami mowers, 5'J.^ s Charles, d\\ 

II Paca 
Durehhausen Mrs. Snsaiuia, 91 O.xford 
Dnrdiii,<:- Anna I), confec'y, 4 Keehai)ite hall 
Durdin^- John K. clerk, 4t;8 Li>:ht 
Dnrdinp; Jcdni T. grocer and comm'r for open- 

intr streets, 4G4 Lijiht, d\v 168 
Durell Mrs. Sarah, 202 Gough 
Dnrt'ey Mrs. Jani', tJ4 Paik 
Durfey Wm. E. i)aiiiter, 6(3 Park 
Durham Albert, i'lirn. wagoner, 236 Ka.stern av 
Durham Alex, lahorer, 236 Eastern av 
Durham Alex. II. oyster packer. Eastern av nr 

Durham Ann. Ujiliolstress, 3 Gardi-ti 
Durham ('harles, chair painter, U4 llamlmrg 
Durham Charles, hrickmaker, 34 (iittings 
Durham Corhin, cigarmaker, 3 Garden 
Durham Eliza, 84 Centre Market sp 
Durham Elizalieth, 313 Crciss 
I^urliam Elizabeih, servant, 426 Light 
Durham George, lahorei-. Ilain|iden 
Durham James, laliorer. 143 s Chister 
Durham James -M . helper, ',»8 Chesapeake 
Durham Jerome, Patterson Paik pavilion, dw 

78 s ' hester 
Durham John, canmaker. 4:is Light 
Durham John, canmaker. Ill Pidgely 
Durham John. (D. & Sohl) 4'Ji) w iSaltimore 
Durliam .John \\' . engineer, 04 IIaml)nig 
Durham Mrs. .Mar_\ Ann. 36'J w Lomh.ird 
Durham i'olena. 313 Cross 
Durham .Mi's. i\hoda. groeei-y. 1.'. Xrw 
Durham .Samuel, ]iainier, '.M llamlairg 
Durham it Solil, (.lohn jMiihaia, Henry S. 

Sohl) hosiery, gloves, i<;c., w Baltimore 
Durham Walter, ch rk, .TJT n l>utaw Wesley, jiainler, '.'l llamhurg 
Durham Wm. iaboiei-. '.','.< Gittiugs 
Durham Wm. 1)4 Hamburg 
Durham W m. shoemaker, Kil Lancaster 
Durham Wm. .1. Laborer. 12.3 s Chester 
Durigan Ernst, turner, 1 Spring ct 
Durigan Richard, wood lurufr, 1 ."spring cl 
Durkee Henry H. police, .''.l.') e .Monument 
Durkiu Mrs. Ann, so s Castle 
l>uikin James, iirickmaker, (;88 Li^ht 
Durkin Janus, laborer, 72 l)urst al 
Durkin John, laborer, 7S s Choptank 
Durkin John, laboier, 72 Durst al 
Durkin Patrick, laliorer, 78 s Choptank 
Durkin Patrick jr. laliorer, 78 s Choiitank 
Durkin Wm. laborer, 78 s Clmptank 
L>urlau Christ, tailor, 148 s (Jarolinc 
Durnell Mrs. Ann, millinery, 13.7 Saratoga 
Duruey J. T. 5<)4 w Pratt 
Durnev Mrs. M. A. TiiM w Pratt 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

No. 21 SPHARS WilAEF. 

CnVsr.Wri.V KilR SAl.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eoscndale Ccincjit and Plaster. 

r)urning Mary, grocery, i:;7 u I'eiili.u av 
Durocher Augustus 11. 10 Waverly terrace 
Durr Charles L. painter, 6o7 Fenna av 
Diirr Francis, shoemaker, 177 n Eiitaw 
Durpart lleiuy, laboicr, 31 Fell 
7 i Durst (k'orge A. sale.-maii, 3o7 Li^:ht 
Iiurst James I-;, bricklayer, 3o7 Liuhi 
Durst John U. manuf. cottou wadding. Light 

nr Fort av, <Uv 3' 7 Light 
Diisen Franz, carpenter, 2S s WoH'e 
Dushario Mrs. Elizabell;. :'.\:> w Favette 
Dushane Cornelius. ">.") s .Sharji 
Duslianc Mis. K. T. laces, Le.\inglon nr Lib- 
erty, dw 2011 \v l'"a\ eite 
Dushane .Mrs. H. A 8 Calliedral 
Dushane James A. laces and fancy goods, 'J6 

Dushane .lohn T. apothecarv, ri."i',» w Fa\ ette 
Dushane Mrs. Col. X. T. a'.Mi Paca 
Dushane John A. paiicr, 4u s Ch:irles. dw I'.al- 

liniore co 
Dushane VaIriitine.bookkpr.,.3ii6 Druid Hill av 
Dusick Frank, laborer. 3o Abbot 
Dutousch lierna'-d, tailor. 76 Mulberry 
Dutousch Frank, tailor, 76 .Mulberry 
Dutousch Xicholas. 76 .Mulberry 
Dusltii Frank, engineer, 1 11 s High 
Dusiiu Frank, eii;,iinrcr, Tylia's saw mill Henry, shucker, 134 s Wolfe 
Diilor Michael, painter, 161 Sa;atoi:a 
Dutrow .lohn. milk. 20 Washiiii^lon 
Dutiow .1, Monroe, butter, D ;» Pearl 
Diiirow Uobt. 11. engiiifct-r. 1,')7 Vine 
Dutton Fiedk, W, lime inspeeti.r. Regester n of 

1 ('h;i.^e 

1 Dutlon (Jco. II. (John T. Mitdiell i Co.) :>W 

! LexiiiLitoii 

Dutton .lohn W. carpeiilrr, 210 (jough 
Dutton .lohii. lime inspector, 1 s E.xeter 
Dutton .lohn R. lime ins].ector, 163 Jetl'erson 
1 iiiMoii L;;vniia. 1 s E.xeter 
Imilon .Mrs Marv A. 32."i '■ I'l'.i't 

1 Dutton ('apt. Nathan I'.mai iiicr. 1 7 n !'.r<'adway 

i Dult(;n X'.lly J. tobacronisi, 16;i w I'r.ilt, dw 

1 cor Lombard and Sharp 
Dutlon Kobt. J. .■:2:. e Pratt 
Dutton 'I'homas 11. .32.") c Pratt 
l»r V.XLL.IL. (Spear .V: D | agt. Penn Mu- 

I tnal Ins. Co. .63 w Second. dw li;3 w Lombard 
Du \'al (iabriel, clerk. 163 w Lombard 
Diivall Adeline, 3,'i2 Franklin 
Duvall Alj^ernon S.salesnni..iolin nr Townsend 

: Duvall Anna E. teacher. 87 n Pine 

I Duvall .Mrs. .Vnn E. lioarding, Si; n Ch.irles 

I Duvall Henj. lilacksmith, 7'.' s Carey, dw :;3 s 

! (.'alhoun 

1 Duvall C.-lestia \. 1 .')4 .MuUikiii 
Duvall ('has. W. clerk, 7."i n Caroline 
Duvall ('has. mariner, 75 Grindiill 
Duvall Chas. W. clerk, 7J n Caroline 

1 Duvall Chas. (.Mooihead .j- D. i 181 Franklin 

I Duvall Chas. messenger, 12-1 Clreenmount 



Dust and Phosphates, 


172 EAR 

Duvall Edwmd, conductor, 352 Fninklin 

Da vail K. R. 197 n Howard 

Duvall E. Harry, bookkeeper, 324 w Baltimore 

Duvall Elizabeth, 13 n Gilmor 

Duvall Frederick, eiigineer, 186 Lee 

Duvall Geo.W. (WeiRlein & Co.) 81 n Howard 

Duvall Geo. W. clerk, 222 Druid Hill av 

Duvall (Jeo. ^Y. shoeuiaker, 108 Hilleu 

Duvall Henry C. clerk, 73 s Sharp 

Duvall Henry, produce com. mcrcht, G8 South, 

dw 2(J Hoilins 
Duvall Hamlet, patternmaker, 1G3 Elliott 
Duvall Henry C. conductor, 215 Barre 
Duvall H. Rieman, 197 n Howard 
Duvall James E. clerk, John nr Townsend 
Duvall James R. T. foreman pattern makr. 

Clinton nr Boston 
Duvall Jacob S. provisions, 929 w Baltimore 
Duvall John H. carpenter, 79 Boyd 
Duvall John H. i)atternmkr. Clinton nr Boston 
Duvall John H. clerk. 352 Franklin 
Duvall .lohn R. clerk, 197 n Howard 
Duvall John .M. salesman, 86 n Charles 
Duvall J. Ijams, (Wm. T. Haller & Co.) 163 

w Lombard 
Duvall Joseph, (M. A. Hamilton & Co.) 133 n 

Duvall Kemp, salesman, John nr Townsend 
Duvall Lewis .M. cashier, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Luther, plowmkr. 13 n Gilmor 
Duvall Mary, boanlincr. 151 e Fayette 
Duvall Mrs". Mary E. 250 Hoilins 
Duvall Mrs. Martha, boarding. 20 w Eutaw 
Duvall Nicholas C. wheelwright, 13 n Gilmor 
Duvall Richard, cooper, 87 n Pine 
Duvall Ric:hard, cooper, 223 n Fayette 
Duvall Richard C. moulder, 307 Columbia 
Duvall Richard T. paperhanger, 87 n Pine 
Duvall Pidgtfly, liookkeeper, 365 n Charles 
Duvall .Mrs. Ruth A. dressmkr. 108 Hillen 
Duvall .Simuel W. clerk, 108 HiUen 
Duvall S. Turner, clerk, 26 Hoilins 
Duvall Thomas, [lainler, 83 n .Vnn 
Duvall Thos. J. shoemaker, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Trueman, (N. R. Darby k Co.) Mer- 
chants" hotel 
Duvall Wallace, laborer, 35 Centre Market sp 
Duvall Wm. H. clerk, 352 Franklin 
Dwen Mrs. S. (;., 691 w Fayette 
Dwinnelle Ernest, laborer, 45 n Durliani 
Dwinelle Dr. Jas. E. s e cor Broadway and 

Dvvinel.e Dr. Justin, 55 n Broadway 
Dwyer Capt. Albert, 503 Saratoga 
Dwyer Daniel, bricklayer, 311 Franklin 
Dwyer Capt. Fr.mklin, mariner, 98 Preston 
Dwyer Jeremiah, janitor, 10 South 
Dwyer John, helper, Bolton depot 
Dwyer John, basketmaker, 97 n Kutaw 
Dwyer Michael, blacksmith, 65 n High, dw 

Fayette nr Aiscpiith 
Dwyer Patrick, laborer, 88 Ramsay 
Dwyer Peter, i)otter, 41 s Carey 
Dwyer Timothy, laiiorer, 702 w Pratt 
Dwyer Wm. blacksmith, 416 w Lombard 
Dyer Benj. flour and feed, 49 n Paca 
Dver Mrs. Faniiv C. 49 Cathedral 
DYER, HILL k'CL). (J D\er, Clement D. Hill, 

L. Debarth Gardiner) general coin, merchts. 

49 Light 
Dyer H. P. &Co. (II. P. Dyer, A. Martinez) 

ahip and com. meichts. 40 w Pratt 

Dyer H. Page, 49 Cathedral 
Dyer H. P. (H. P. D. & Co.) 122 e Baltimorp 
Dver James, laborer, 55 Buren 
Dyer Jere. (Dyer, Hill & Co.) 227 Walsh 
Dyer John J. clerk, 17 n Howard 
Dyer Levi R. machinist, 159 Columbia 
Dver Thos. J. shoecutier, 118 n Gav 
Dyer T.Baker.(Dver,Hill k Co.) 106 Town.send 
Dyer Walter k Son, (Walter and W. J. L. 
Dyer) groceis, s w cor Le.xington and Paca 
Dyer Walter J. L. photographer, 468 w Balti- 
more, dw !4 Pearl 
Dyer Walter J. L. (Wal'er D. k Son) 14 Pearl 
Dyer Walter, (W D. & S m) Baltimore co 
Dykes John, bookkeeper. 40 s Strieker 
Dyott Mrs. Ann, 532 w Lombard 
Dyott Geo. B. laborer, 161s Chester 
Dyott James A. clerk, 183 s Washington 
Dyott James, clerk, 113 s Chester 
Dyott John C. carbuilder, 131 e Monument 
Dyott Mrs. Laura E. 183 s Washington 
Dyrenfuth Solomon, furs, wool and rags, 27 

Dysart Mrs. Moses A. 150 Aisquith 
Dyson Elias T. carpenter, 236 Columbia 
Dyson Mrs. Mary E. niantuamaker, 92 Lee 


Eachsch Theodore, baker, 397 e Lombard 

Eachus Edwin, Penna av nr Northern av 

Eader Jacob R. 43 n Gilmor 

Eader John W. carp. Frederick av nr tollgate 

Eagan .Mrs. Caroline, 73 n Eden 

Fagan John, laborer, 12 Webster ct 

Eagan John, laborer, !0 Armistead la 

Eagan Johanna, 76 Walsh 

Eagan Mary, grocery, 12 Webster ct 

Eagel Chas. laborer, rear 101 Eastern av 

Ea'.ien William, 76 Walsh 

Eauer Jas. lab'r, lo Durham n of Monument 

Eagle Hotel, 132 Hillen, W. H. Kelly, propr. 

Eagles Mrs. Catherine, J41 Park 

Eagleston Chas. bacon. Castle and Orleans 

Eagleston John T. bacon. Castle and Orleans 

Eagleston Julia A., Druidville 

Eagleston Reuben, laborer, 55 Cambridge 

Eagleston Wm. H. engineer, 55 Cambridge 

Eakle Thomas, conductor, 121 Hoilins 

Ealey Wm. H. shipcarpenter, 118 Bank 

Fames William, 344 e Chase 

Eaines Wm. A. clerk, Gilmor nr Lexington 

Eardley Solomon, potter. 97 Albemarle 



EARECKSON C E. (Successor to E. 
F. Pope,) General Commission 
Merchant and wholesale dealer 
in Mackerel, Herring, Cod Fish, 
Hake, and Salt Fish of all kinds, 
No. 85 South St., dw 286 n Eden. 
Orders thankfully received. 

EARECKSON DR. EDWIN, apothecary, n e 

cor Baltimore and High 
Eareckson Geo. machinist, 338 c Monument 

Offices, 54 S . G-ay, a nd Cor. Chew and Stirling. 




Kareckson Mrs. Henrietta, 388 e Monument 
EARErKSUN V. 0. lumber merchant, 18 West 

Fulls av, dw 80 e Pratt 
Karhardt Fred"k, lilliograpli [)rinter,252sEutaw 
Karliardt Mrs. Margaret, 2r)2 s Kuluw 
Earliart Anton, cooper, 30 Bevan 
Karliait Mrs. Eiizaljeth, gr<jcery, 153 Townsend 
pjurliart Geo. W. 163 Townsend 
iKartuirt Geo. W. jr. sergeant police. 32 Waith 
Karhart Jacob, shoes, 491 Penna av 
•Karhart Tbos. huckster, Cbappell iir Penna av 
iBarl Dr. H. 77 u Central av 
Karl John, restaurant, 80 German, dw 223 w 

.Karl'Wm. (Fish & E.) St. Nicholas hotel 
jHarle John C shoemaker, 46 James la 
Karliug Leonard, glass blower, 51 Hamburg 
Earlougher James P. 324 n Regester 
Earlougher ilrs. Louisa, 324 u Regester 
Kflrlj' Mrs. Ann, 253 n t'harles 
Early Bernard, tailor, 113 n Eden 
Early Chas. agent, 'J6 w Lombard 
Early John D. paying teller Commercial and 

Fanners' Nat'l Bank, 390 Eutaw pi 
Early iL J. teacher, 53 e .Mudison 
']arly Sibby, servant, Guy's .Monument house 
i&r\y Tlios. wiieelwnght, 53 e. Madison 
iarly Thos. jr. patternmaker, 53 e .\ladisou 
Earnest Ann, 180 n Calvert 
'larnest Anthony, laborer, 252 u Central av 
'Jarnshaw John G. clerk, 54 Jackson sq av 
'-arp Edward, brooinmaker. 416 w Lombard 
iarp Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 379 Franklin 
iarp James, peddler, 84 s Choptauk 
'jiirp John, shoemaker. 147 Dmid Hill av 
arp Joseph, broommaker, 416 w Lombard 
Oasley Mrs. Emily, trimmings, 300 Eastern av 
iasley John T. shipcarpenter, 300 Eastern av 
liisiey tjamuel W. huckster, 183 s Ann 
irtSley Thos. boatbuilder, 183 s Ann 
iasley Wiu. H. shipcarpr, 98 s Washington 
Oason Chas. canviisser, 50 n Calvert 
iason Wm. hatter, 100 Harford av 
■lusi Baltimore Association, 49 s Caroline 
.ast Baltimore Perpetual Building and .Savings 

Association, s e cor Eastern av and E.xeter 
last Henry T. milkman, 30 Camden 
last John, laborer, 21 James la 
last Mrs. Mary, 104 Chew 
last Robert, engineer, 32 Fort av 
lasten James, trimmings, 75 .Stirling 
laster Barbara, 111 West 

las ter Chas. E. (Hamilton Easter & Sons) Lib- 
erty road 

aster George, laborer, L'jO West • 

a<ter Hamilton, (H. E. & .Suns) Liberty road 
Easter, Chas. E. Waters) imports, jobbers 
and retailers of dry goods, 199, 20l and 203 
w Baltimore 
lasier Henry, brickmaker, 408 s Charles 
.aster Henry, laborer, 755 \v Lombard 
■aster Henry H. clerk, 266 n Howard 
laster John, brickmaker, 129 Hamburg 
laster Joseph, blacksmith, 150 Burgundy al 
aster Mrs. Mary, 266 n Howard 
faster Peter, brickmaker, 408 s Charles 
MSterley Annie R. dressmakr. 528 w Lombard 
astern Av. M. E. Church, Eastern av near 

astern and Western Glass Cb., John .A. Dob- 
son, agent, 31 s Charles 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Eastern City Spring, bounded by Eden, Lom- 
bard, Pratt and .Spring 
Eastern Dispensary, n e cor Baltimore and Cen- 
tral av 
Eastern Hay Scales, s e cor I'.urcn and Monu- 

Eastern Shore Steamboat Co. office 105 Snuth, 

P. R. Clark, agt 
Eastman Henry W. (E. & Rogers) 15 Col- 
E.ASTMAN k liOGEIiS. (H. W. E., Wm. F. 
Rogers) fiiriulure. 216 w I'ratt, oflioe 4^ 
EASTMAN DR. LEWIS M. 349 Le.xington 
p]astman liobt. laborer, 176 s Durham 
Elision .L T. (E. k McMahon) New York 
EASTON A; McMAlKjN, (J. T. Easton, J. 
.McMahon) shipping and •■om. merchls. over 
45 w Pratt 
Easton .Mrs. Elizabeth, 53 n Front 
Easton R. coachtrimmer, 73 Stir!i::g 
Easton Lewis, mariner, 203 s Dallas 
Easton Mrs. .Margaret, dress .and cloak maker, 

370 w Fayette 
Eastwood Geo. II. sailmakcr. 234 e Madison 
Eaton Albert, mariner, ll9s(.'astle 
EATON BROTHERS k Co. (G.N. and H. C. 
I^aton) dry goods and com. merch'ls, Ger- 
man bet Light and Charles 
Eaton Mrs. Catherine, 51 n Pine 
Eaton Chas. J. .M. 52 .Ml Vernon pi 
Eaton Geo. N. (E. Bros. <j- Co.) 80 Franklin 
Katon Hoo[>er C. (E. Bros. & Co.) 62 Franklin 
Eaton Hester J. boarding, 16 Jackson 
Eaton Mrs. Isham, 199 William 
Eaton Jackson, carpenter, 30 Patterson av 
Eaton John, shoemaker, 142 German 
Eaton John T. boilerm.iker, 289 s Charles 
Eaton Joseph, laborer, Hampden 
Eaton Joseph T. carpenter. 16 .Jackson 
Eaton Mary Ann, 648 w l^ombard 
Eaton Reliecca. Hampden 
Eaton Robinson, driver, 108 s Chester 
Eaton Mrs. .S. F. boarding, 110 w Fayette 
Eaton Thos. oarmaker, lOH s (''hester 
Eaton Wm. II. officer at penitentiary, dw Har- 
ford av e.xt 
Ebardt Raymond, butcher, 34 Hanover, and 8 
HoUins mkt. dw Garrison la nr Frederick rd 
Ebaugh Andrew C. limeburner, 22 s Schroedcr 
libaugh David F. ladies' shoes, 196 n Eutaw 
Ebaugh Francis A. clerk, 230 w Biddle 
El^augh Guly E. dressmaker, 230 w Riddle 
Ebaugh Henry, watchmaker, 1 1 1 n Gay 
Ebaugh Henry H. cigarmaker. 55 1 w Baltimore 
Ebaugh Jacob, huckster, Penna av e.xt 
Ebaugh Josefdi, inspector C. H. 297 Walsh 
Ebaugh Wm. carpenter, Sweet Air 
hbijerts Fr.uik, cigarmaker. 20 s Re[iublican 

Coaches and Barouches for Shopping^ Weddings, ^c. 
EBB 174 ECK 

Ehberts Geo. cigannaker, 20 s Republican 

Ebberts Geo. II. biborer, Fulton iir Pratt 

Ehberts Lemuel, cigannaker, 20 s Republican 

Ebberts Sylvester, laborer, 25 Parrish 

Ebbighausen Henry, tobacco, 25G Canton av 

Ebel Chas. chairmaker, 70 n Caroline 

Ebel Conrad, driver, 187 s Regester 

El)cl Conrad, slioeinaker, 70 n Caroline 

Ebel .Michael, laborer, 331 n Central av 

Ebel Wni. carpenter, 70 n Caroline 

Ebele Christian, tailor, 73 n Spring 

El)ele Ilenrv, tailor, 73 n Spring 

Ebelein .Margaret, dressmaker, 338 Hamburg 

Ebelein .Michael, clerk, 338 Hamburg 

Ebeling Wra. clerk, 240 w Baltimore 

Eben Henry D. cigarmaker, Eager and 

Ebcrt August, brewer, Eastern av ext 
Eberhart .Sirs. Catherine, 229 Aisquitb 
Elierhart Chas. engineer, 1G7 Montgomery 
Eberhart Christian, grocery, s end of Clinton 
Eberhait Geo. F. tinner, lol Cross 
Eberhart Geo. B. tinner, 2 Henrietta 
Eberhart Henry, brickmaker, 8 s Oregon 
Eberhart JohuG. brickmaker, 8 s Oregon 
Eberhart Samuel, canmaker, 251 s Sharp 
Eberle Geo. cooper, 189 s Ann 
Eberle Jos. stoves and tinware, 124 e Eager 
Eberle Philip, tinner, 124 e Eager 
El)erlein Anton, cigarmaker, 97 Albemarle 
Eberlciu August, laborer, 10 w Lombard 
Eberlein Chas. porter, 127 Saratoga 
El)erlein Conrad, laborer, 237 Hamburg 
Eberlein .John, butcher, G3 Gough 
Eberlein John, laborer, 139 s Chapel 
Eberlein .Mrs. Kate, confect'y, 127 Saratoga 
Eberlein -Michael, scroll saw>er, 127 Saratoga 
Ebersmeir Henry, blacksmith, 54 Essex 
Ebert Chas. laborer, lOG Warner 
Ebert Clias. fisherman, Stockholm nr Eutaw 
Ebert Elizabeth, grocery, 30 Cross 
Ebert Mrs. Elizabeth .M. 62 w Centre 
Ebert Fred'k, laborer, 30 Cross 
Ebert Fred'k, tailor, 272 s Sharp 
Ebert John, laborer, 35 Lancaster 
Ebert John V,. pianomaker, 54 Leadenhall 
Ebert Joseuh, musician, 37 n Central av 
Ebert Lewis, glassblower, 352 Ostend 
Ebert 0. A. & Co. (O. A. Ebert) com.mercht>, 

11 Patterson 
Ebert Oclavius A. (0. A. Ebert k Co.) G2 w 

Ebert Peter, tailor, 191 Bethel • 
Ebert Siebert, carpenter, 10 St. Peter 
Ebert Sophia M. dry goods, 272 s Sharp 
Ebert \Vm. F. glassblower, 380 Hanover 
Eberly Burton B. Exeter and Baltimore 
Eberwein Wm. F. constable, Fayette and St. 

Paul, dw 257 n Eden 
Ebling Chas. laborer, 489 Penna av 
Ebner Dr. Fred'k, 214 n Central av 
Ebner Martin, beer, 229 Hollins 
Ebrenz Simon, lager beer, 259 e Eager 
Ebsworth Mrs. Ann, 303 e Lombard 
Kbsworth Daniel, carpenter. 359 e Lombard 
Ebsworth David, carjjcnter, 3G1 e Lombard 
Ebsworth .Mrs. Thos. 3G3 e Lombard 
Kbsworih Zechariah, 363 e Lombard 
Eccles Samuel, jr. (Eccles, Thoms & Co.) 148 

w Bid die 
Eccles Wm. tea, 142 8 Broadway, dw White 

Hall hotel 

ECCLES, THOMS & CO. (S. Eccles, jr J. B. 

Thora.«, E. T. Robb, P. Thoms) Canton 

Steam Sugar Refinery, office cor Second and 


Eccleston Chas. carpenter, 53 Stirling 

Ecdeston & Devall, (Robt. E. Rcdeston, John 

Devall) blacksmiths, Regester n of Chase 
Eccleston (ieo. carpenter, 191 e Monument 
Eccleston Geo. W. carpenter, 191 n Eden 
Eccleston James, shoemaker, 193 n Eden 
Eccleston John A. bricklayer, 193 n Eden 
Eccleston Robt. E. (E. & Devall) 256 Green- 
mount av 
Eccleston Wm. W. coach painter, 193 n Eden 
Echemendia Marian, (E. & Camejo) 98 n Gay 
Echemendia ^ Camejo, (.Marian Echemendia,. 

Augustin Camejo) tobacconists, 98 n Gay 
Echemendia Leondra,(Guillo& Co. )13 n Eutaw 
Echmendia Diego, 232 n Broadway 
Eck Henry, turner, 22 Walker 
Eck August, (H. H. Lucke, Son & Co.) 107 

Eck Chas. shucker, 244 s Durham 
Eck Chas. shoemaker, 237 Lee 
Eck Fred'k. lager beer, 10 n Frederick 
Eck George, barber, 181 s Regester 
Eck Henry, tinner. Gay nr High 
Eck Henry, tobacconist, 203 s Regester 
Eck John, laborer, 244 s Durham 
Eck Mrs. Mary, grocery, 22 Walker 
Eck Priscilla,' 83 Druid Hill av 
Eckard Theodore, butter, 1 Brune 
Eckart John C. beer, 94 n Chapel 
Eckel Conrad, grocery, 55 s Caroline 
Eckell Adam, tailor, 47 Abbot 
Eckell Elizabeth, 47 Abbot 
Eckelman Herman, salesman, 10 w Lombard 
Eckelman Herm. S. grocer,45 Centre Market sp 
Eckelman John, pump maker, 65 Walnut al 
Eckels Alfred, tinner, 108 Warner 
Eckels Louis, carter, 115 Albemarle 
Eckels Wm. A. engineer, 79 n Amity 
Eckelt Edward, carpenter, 21 Elliott" 
Ecker Joseph, tailor, 32 s Castle 
Ecker Simon, tailor, 32 s Castle 
Eckert Adam, oysters, 249 e .Monument 
Eckert ]5althazer, laborer, 25 Neighbor 
Eckert Chas. tailor, 49 Wyetb 
Eckert Christian, restaurant, 17 Dover 
Eckert Edwd. C. marblepolishor, 14 e Monument 
Ecki-rt (Jotleib, cooper, 245 Frederick av 
Eckerl Mrs. Hannah, 173 King 
Eckert Henry, labort-r, 35 China 
Eckert Henry .\. painter, 315 e Eager 
Eckert John, driver, 212 Henrietta 
Eckert Jno. C. engineer, 25 Stockton 
Eckert John, wheelwright, send of Clinton 
Eckert John, engineer, 25 Stockton 
Eckert Lewis, cabinetmaker. 14 e Monument 
Eckerl Lewis, biirkeej)er, 3 Water 
Eckert .Mrs. L. A. 50 w Eager 
Eckert .Martin, laborer, 185 Raborg 
Eckert Robt. brush maker, 191 Peirce 
Eckert .Mrs. Theresa Ann, 83 s High 
Eckert Vint. C.S. ganger customs, 31 5 e Eager 
Eckert Win. cooper, 1G9 King 
Eckert Wm. jr. laborer, 16 Abey al 
Eckert Wm. O. laborer, 16 .-^bey al 
Eckes Conrad, cigarmaker, 141s Exeter 
ECKES HENRY, restaurant, n e cor High and 

ICastern av 
Eckes John, wagoner, 141 s Exeter 

At Central Stabl es, 11 1 Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer. 
ECK 175 EDM 

Eckhardt Andrew, beer, 18 15ank 

Ivkhardt Casper. CMhinetmaker. '1H~ Canton av 

Ivkhardt Mrs. Caroline, 464 e Monunieiit 

Kikhardt Coi.rad L. paperlianger, 5 n High 

Kckhar<U Henry, coo|ier, -iTO Haratotra 

Pi'khardt Henry, hoilermiker, 7 Janie.s 

i; -khardt Heur3-, coa!, 1 n Central av, dw 140 

e Pratt 
Ivkhardt Henry, eutter, 1.3 Poiiltney 
Iv khardt Jacob, liquors, 130 B.irre 
K'l-kliardt Janet, milliner, 387 Lijrlit 
Iv kliardt John, wliipiuaker, 383 Hanilnirf; 
Ivkhardt John, coo[)fr, Wajron al nr Amity 
Ivkhardt John, laborer, 274 Hamburg 
K'khardt John jr. carter. 49 n Spring 
i; khardt John, carter, 49 n Spring 
I,i'.;hardt Louis jr. beer, 176 Cross 
i;ilch:ir<lt Louis, grocery, 264 3 Howard 
i: khardt Louis. iL.K.&Bro.) 464 e Monument 
il khardt Lnnis sr. shoemaker, 387 Liirht 
KiJKHARDT L. & BRO. (L. cj- W. Eckhardt) 

gilders and [licture frames, over 246 w Balti- 
Iv.khardt Mary, dry goods, 464 e Monument 
Kckhardt .Mrs. Sophia, millinery, 260 s Sharp 
Krkhardt W'm. (L. Eckhardt & Bro.) Portland 

and Emory 
Kckhardl Wm. carp., 387 Light 
i; -khart Wm. pict. frames, 39 Portland 
Eckies Christopher, well digger, n Eden 
Eckler John, shoemaker, 27 s Bethel 

•kman Geo. T. drayman, 77 Frederick av 

kman John, laljorer, 64 s Oregon 
:nian John, laborer, 592 w Lombard 
i; ks'ein John, burrstone bldr, 14 President 
Ivkstine Andrew, bricklayer, 207 n Dallas 
Iv kstine George, |)aver, 514 Penna av 
K kstine Geo. J. paver, 514 Penna av 
Iv'kstine (xeorge, carpenter, 207 n Dallas 
Iv kstine John, car[)enter, 494 n Fremont 
Ivkstine Lewis, paver, 496 n Fremont 
Iv kstine Wm. huckster, 8 Shad al 
Ivkslorm H. stovemoulder, i62 s Washington 
!v ksturm Christian, bo.xraaker, 512 Light 
Iv ksturm .M. m'lder. Washington nr Eastern av 
E lectic Life Ins. Co. of New York, Frank A. 

Tormev, manager, 16 Postoffice av 
E'ldy Rev. Thos. M, 195 w Fayette 

i I August, bo.xmaker, 248 Mulberry 

■••I Henry, tailor, 193 Forrest 

; 1 Henry, fire dept. 368 e Eager 

i 1 Henry J. tailor. 363 e Eager 
. :>1 James, saddle-tree maker, 24 Valley 
Iviel Jose[)h, painter, 368 e Eager 
Kdel Josiah, (J. E & Sons) 257 Harford nv 
Hdel Josiah & Sons, (J., S. T. and John W. 

Edel, John Shenpard, ) butter, J[-c., corner 

Charles and (Centre and 257 Harford av 
Kiel John \Y . (Josiah E. k Sons) Baltinjore co 
E i'-l Mrs. Mary, grocery, 24 Valley 
K lei Philip, tailor, 368 e Eager 
Iviel Philip jr. cigarmaker, 368 e Eager 
Iviel Saml. T. butter, 257 Harford av 
Elelen Ale.x. clerk, 66 n Pac.i 
Elelcr Ernest W. harnessmaker, 346 w Pratt 
Edeler Geo. 78 Penna av 
Edell Mary, 347 e Eager 
Ivlelman Adam, Columbia nr Scott 
Kdelraan Chas. moulder, 373 Eastern av 
Kdelman (has. boxmaker, Columbia nr Scott 
Edelman Chas. brewer, Third av and Dillon 
Edelman Francis, baker, 232 n Gay 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


I "\-r.ANTI.V V'W s U.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Edelman George, canmaker, Lancaster nr Can- 
ton park 
Edelman Jacob, carter, 159 s Eden 
Edelman John, canmaker, Lancaster nr Can- 
ton park 
Edelman John, bo.xmaker, 244 Columbia 
Edelman John F. jr. bricklayer, 385 Harford av 
Edelman John F. sr. bricklayer. 385 Harford av 
Edelman John H. butcher, i4 Cross st market, 

dw 108 Jackson Square av 
Edelman Romauld, wheelwright, Fredejick av 

and Pay son 
Edelman Thos. bricklayer. Homestead 
Edelman \'alentine, weaker, 244 e Eager 
Edelnian Valentine, boxmaker, s e cor Water 

and Grant, dw 86 Johnson 
lulelstine I. (H. 0|)j)enlieim k Co.) New York 
Eden .Alexander, butcher, Wilkens la nr Fred- 
erick av 
Eden James, (Fitzsimins & E.) 22 s Front 
Eden .lohn W. butcher, 3 Hollins market, dw 

Wilkens la nr Fredeiick av 
Eden Richard, papercarrier, 79 n Bond 
Eden Robert, laborer, 311 Orleans 
Eden Street Jewish Synagogue, Eden nrBalto. 
Eden Wm. 45 n Strieker 
Eder Casper, canmaker. 177 s Eden 
F-der Francis J. peddler, 130 s Durham 
Eder Francis J. canmaker. 110 s (.'haj)el 
Eder Jcdin, canmaker, lu8 s (.'liapel 
Eder Lawrence, paver, 207 .Aisquith 
Eder .Macarius, laborer, I08s (,'liHpel 
Eder .Mrs. .Mary A. 173 Linden av 
Eder Mrs. .Mary C. grocery, 130 s Durham 
Eder -Michael, cabinetmaker. 46 n Washington 
Eder Teresa, 58 s Wolfe 
Edeson Geo. R. stage manager, 1 !3 n Front 
Edgar (,'harles, Popjjleton nr .Mulberry 
Edgar Geo. H. shipchandler, 73 Smith's wbf, 

dw 76 e Pratt 
Edgar Sarah, dressmaker. 195 Hanover 
Edgar Win. painter, 195 Hanover 
Edgar Wm. H., U. S. X. 247 Hanover 
.Edger Thos. J. shoemaker, 93 .Mullikin 
Edgerton Thos. shipcarp'r. 191 s Washington 
Ivlgworth School, Kumtner & Lefebvre, princi- 
pals. 64 Mount Vernon pl 
Edie Louisa, 141 .Mullikin 
Edie Margaret, 141 .Mullikin 
Edkins .Mrs. Frances, 52 Philpot 

Eilli-man (.'has. stovemoulder, 373 Eastern av 
F].dler Peter, laborer, 135 s Regester 
Edling John, pianomaker, 441 w Fayette 
Edling John, [danomkr, 441 w Fayette 
Edlinger Fred'k, clerk, 20 Granby 
Edmeades Wm. T.(E. & Pilsch V298 n Regester 
Edmeades & Pilsch, ( Wm.T. Edmeades, J. Pilsch 

wholesale liquors, 29 s Gay 
P^dmistcn Saml. R. route agt. 40 s (Jilmor 
Edmonds & Bro. (Saml. and Wm. E. l^dmonds) 

grocers, n w cor Pearl and Lexington 

^., . jO^ 

.-r- / 

A. y-^- 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco^ Sustain^ 




Edmonds Fanny. 48 n Front 
Kiinionds John, agt. IGO n Howard 

cial Florist, Milliner and Small 
Wares, 332 w Pratt 

Edmonds Sauil. (E. & Bro. ) 70 n Care.v 
Edmonds Win. E. (E. & Bro.) 394 Lexington 
Edmondson Albert N. P. Siiilmkr. 163 Lee 
Edmondson Chas. laborer, Hi.'i Forrest 
Edmondsoti J. A. & Son, (J. A. and W. W. 

Edmondson) grocers and com. raercbts. 11 

Edmondson Jas. H. clerk, 197 Hanover 
Edmondson Jos. A. (J. A. E. & Son)Charles-st 

av ext 
Edmondson Mrs. Maria, 36 Mulberry 
Edmondson Sanil. clerk, 197 H;inover 
Edmondson Dr. T. F. Mansion house 
Edmondson Wni. E. clerk, 20 n Republican 
Edmondson W. Winder, (J. A. E. & Son) 165 

n Republican 
Edmondston Mrs. Elizabeth, 220 e Madison 
Edraondstou Thos. L. painter, 220 e Madison 
Ednionston Francis O. clerk, 647 w Fayette 
Edmonston Owen J. c.irpenter. 647 w Fayette 
Edmunds Jas. R. cashier Old Town Nat. Bank, 

230 Lanvale 
Edmundson Dr. W. F. 541 w Fayette 
Edwards Mrs. .A.manda, 203 e Monument 
Edwards -Mrs Ann, 146 Greenmount av 
Edwards Mrs. Avarilla, 432 e .Monument 
Edwards Benj. F. engineer, .31 1 e Pratt 
Edwards Caroline, Townsend and Mount 
Edwards Chas. G. teacher, 432 e Monument 
Edwards Chas. R laborer, 29 Williamson al 
Edwards David, stonecutter, 202 Peirce 
Edwards E. G. agent Whann's raw bone super 

phosphate, 59 s Calvert, d\v 686 Saratoga 
Edwards Edward, shoemkr, 04 e '.Madison 
Edwards Edward J. machinist, 102 .Mulberry 
Edwards Eii P. liarber, 46 s Republican 
Edwards Mrs. Eliza, 5 Oxford 
Edwards .Mrs. Eliza Ann, 242 s Broadway 
Edwards Elizabeth, nurse, 23S e Lombard 
Edwards Emory, engineer, 57 n Ann 
Edwards Fleming, mariner 98 Johnson 
Edwards Frank A. clerk, 108 w Fayette 
Edwards Fred'k, gilder, 57 n Ann 
Edwards Geo. 203 e Monument 
Eilwards Capt. Hiram, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards J. H. mariner, Lombard nr Broadway 
I'idwards Jas. S. actor, 210 n Kden 
EDWARDS JOHN R. bookbinder, over 5h 

North, dw 201 .Mulberry 

EDWARDS JOHN R. Bookbinder 
and Blank Book Manufacturer, 5i 
Nox'th St 

Edwards Jolin S. 24 n Gilnior 

Edwards John T. engineer, 97 Hamburg 

Edwards John T. caulker, 409 s Charles 

Edwards Mrs. .lulia, 570 n Lombard 

Edwards Leroy, 280 Saratoga 

ICdwards Marcellus, engineer, 32 Henrietta 

Edwards Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 30 Druid 

Hill av 
Edwards Montigh, boilermkr, Bolton depot 

Edwards Richard, 18 n Strieker 
Edwards Richard, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edward Ric'd H. asst. asses'r. 442 w Fayette 
Edwards S. R. clerk, 114 s Eutaw 
Edwards Saml. H. huckster, 29 s Front 
Ed wards States, ( Dare & Edwards ) 1 89n Fremont 
Edwards Thos. carjienter, 423 Orleaiis 
Edwards Thos. iron worker, 142 Hudson 
Edwards Thos. labcer, 103 Peach al 
Edwards Thos. B. laborer, 51 O.xford 
Edwards Thos. H. carpenter, 184 Scott 
Edwards Thos. J. teacher, 319 e Baltimore 
I'Mwards Win. A. carjjenter, 16 
Edwards Wm. inspectr. C. H. 250 w Ilotfman 
Edwards Wm. H. laborer. 50 s Calhoun 
E^dwards Wm. .M. clerk, Nat. Mechanics' Bank, 

dw 63 Bar re 
Edwards Rev. W. S. 58 s Broadway 
Edwins David, laborer, 67 Gough 
Eff Hubert, lager beer, 114 e Monument 
Effing Henry, tailor, 206 William 
Effing John, grocery, 107 Lowe 
EfHing Anton, clerk, 52 s Central av 
Ejian Edward B. police, 28 Granby 
Egan Eugene, sawyer, 22 Cross 
Egan John, laborer, 8 Arniistea4 la 
Egan John, laborer, 1 Jew al 
Egan Mrs. Lavinia, china, &c. 54 n Eutaw 
Egan Jlartin, lab. cor Neighbor and Valley 
Egan Michael, laborer, 528 w Pratt 
Egan .Michael, lab. 77 Goodman al 
Egan .Michael, blacksmith, 12 Poultney 
Eizan Mrs. Rosa, grocy, cor Neighbor and Valley 
Egan Thos. shoemaker, 105 w Fayette 
Egan Wm. lab. 26 Elizabeth 
Egan Wm. J. salesman, 280 n Eutaw 
Egan Wm. J. salesman, 76 Walsh 
Ege Geo. C. tailor, 448 w Baltimore 
Kger John, tailor, 138 Cross 
Egerton A .Dnbois,{ A.D E.&Co. )230 n Howard 
Egertou A. D. & Co. (A. Dubois and C. C. 

Egerton) produce com. merchts.174 w Pratt 
Egerton Calvert, jeweler, 251 Franklin 
Egerton Chas. C. (A. D. E. & Co.) Balto. co 
Egerton John B. 143 St. Paul 
Egerton Oscar, butcher, 178 Harford av 
Egertou Saml. E. <fe Co. (.S. E. Egerton, Wm. 

M. Powell)whols. grocers, 37 Chcajiside 
Egerton Saml. E.(S. E. E. ^- Co.)42 Courtland 
Egerton Wm. A. bookkpr, 148 Greenmount aT 
E^gar Henr}', cigarraaker, 33 Waesche 
Eggeling Caroline, boarding, 10 s Dallas 
Eggers Claus, pianomaker, 309 .Mulberry 
Egginsperger Philip, carp, n w cor Mosher and 

Bolton al 
Eggleston i5enj. magistrate, 47 n Eutaw, dw 322 
Eggleston ('has. E. restaurant, 212 Mulberry 
Eggleston Edwin C. plumber and gasfitter, 144 

n Gay 
Eggleston J. carp. 212 Mulberry 
Eggleston Wallace, clerk, 212 .Mulberry 
Eggleston Wm. A. engineer, 55 Cambridge 
Eggleston Rev. Wm. G. 588 Lexington 
Eggling Geo. W. moulder, 25 Scott 
Eggner Chas. drayman, 38 Ridgcly 
Eggner Louis butcher, 91 Lexington market, 

dw 10 Calvcrton rd 
Ehlen George, carpenter, 361 Pennn av 
Ehlen Geo. W. clerk, 185 Saratoga 
Ehlen John H. clerk, 320 Lexington 
Ehlen John F. coal, 320 Lexington 
Ehlen .Mrs. Mary A. 137 n Paca 

Offices, 5 4 S. Gay, and Corner Chew and Stirling. 



Ehleu Tlics. A, express driver, 3t)l Penn.i av 

Ehlendt AHiert, scroll savvvcr. 74 Ciiimleii 

Elilers Aaron, cuiif't'clioiier, 177 c .\[umiriK'iit 

Ehlcrs Bernard, carpenter, 2ii'> Bank 

Khlers Doiotliea, 84 s Central av 

Ehlers Hi iiry. grocery, <>(» Mcj-^lderry 

Killers John U. it Co. (J. I). Ehlers.) job jirin- 

ters and wood ent^ravers, 87 Second 
l-;hler.s .John 1). (J.'i). E. cj- Co.) 56 Chew 
Khlers Lewis, (;rocery and feed. 3~S Light 
Khlert tu-o, painter, 4'; Frederick av 
Khlies Wni. Ilenry, 193 s Paca 
Kiilies Win. Henry, jr. police. 19.'-! s Paca 
Khiu Conrad, laborer, 47'i ('aiiton av 
l-;iiiii Peter. Liper lieer, 2:5s n Kdcii 
Khniann GoifVied, liutcher, 21 Kelair market, 
l\hranraecli Ch.nles, eiyariaukei-. 17(ieK;iger 

dw Castle nr Monuiiunt 
I'.hren Andrew, coiipersinilii, 8.-!l w Baltimore 
Khren Louisa, fiiiicv floods, 831 w Baltimore 
Khrhard Albert, music teacher, 227 .Saraioi,'a 
Khihardi Benj. hilioier, 83 s Exeter 
Kiirhardl Charles, shoemaker, 6 (Jlagett's nl 
lOhrhardl I'red'k, litho;;rapher, 2,52 s Kiiiaw 
Khihai(it Geo. ceilar w.ire, 2r)2 s Eiitaw 
Khrliardt .John F. tavern, 'I'.i Balderstuii 
Klirlein Xichohus. boilennaker, 22 n Dallas 
Klirlich .AlexHiid^-r, peddler. .51 Holland 
l^hrlich Jacoi). i'urnitine, 78 Hillen 
Khrlich .Muses, bookkeeper, 51 Holland 
Kiirlic'li Moses of J. salesman, 537 w Baltimore 
KilRMA.N k BERSCH, iJolin Khrman, Chris- 
tian Bi-rsch.) steam pl.inintr. flooring, door, 
sash and scroll sawing, 210 s Howard and s 
w cor llouard and Heurietia 
Khrman Benj. horse trader, 254 n Bond 
Klirmaii .Mrs. Betiie, 112 n Spring 
KHRMAN .t BRO.(L.and F. Khrman )groccrs, 

coal and wood. 282 s Broadway 
Fhrman (has. H. exjiress agent, 11 .McKMerry 
l-.hrniaa FJdward, cleik, jOfi Franklin 
Khrman Fred'k, (K. k Bro.) 93 Goiigh 
KHRMAN GKU. M. Hour and teed, 47 s How- 
ard, dw 22 s (.rri-ene 
Kill-man Henry, milk, 19') Biirgnmly al 
Khrman Jacol), 22 s (iieenc' 
i;hrm in .John, clerk, 78 s Wolfe 
F^hrman John, ( E. k Beisch) 415 n Carey 
Kliriyaii John, laboier, Kighth av e of Clinton 
lOhrman John, jr. lab. Eighth av e of Clinton 
Ehrman Joseph, laborer, Eighth av e of Clinton 
Khrman Lewis, (E. k Bro.) grocery, cor Nich- 
olson and Towson 
Ehrman Philip, laborer. 279 Aliceanna 
i-;hrmaii Wm. dry goods, Itj'J Franklin 
Eibert Henry, tailor, 2i;l Aiiceanna 
Eibert Simon, tailor, 2i;i .Miceaima 
Kich Aiiani, porter, 329 Aisquith 
Eich Henry, saloon, 98 Greenmount av 
Eichelberger Alb'l G. store, .Mt. Vernon f.ictory 
J'^ichellierger (Jlias. E. painter, 21 Waesche 
]-richelberger Chas. E. jiaititer, 93 n Fremont 
Eichelberger Chas. \V. p.iinter, 93 n Fremont 
Eichelberger Edw. C. apothe'y, 97 J Lexington 
Eichelberger Mrs. Elizabeth, 50« w Fayette 
Eichelberger Frank, 2ij s I'oppletoa 
Eichelberger Henry, dry goods, 240 Penna av 
Eichelberger John M. painter, 473 Franklin 
Eichelberger John W. cigariiiak. 158 Franklin 
Flichelberger John W. painter, 473 Franklin 
Eichelberger Otho W. liquors. 1 s Howard, dw 
181 n Howard 



COM .M I.^SK ix y K 1 1' • K A .N T, 

Flour, Grain ^t-ocls. &c. 

No. 21 S' E\KS WIIAKF. 

Clover, Timohy Scod, ^zc. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

E1CIIELIH-;1;(H:RSAMI:KL K.pnbli.uei-iicr 

5 Sjiears wht', <lw Cold Spring, York nl 
Eichelberger Thos.S. machinist. Sweet Air 
JOichelberiier Wm, W. law studt.50ij w Favi-tte 
Eiciiciianer (.'lirisiian, shoemak. 58 James la 
lOichenberg Henry, taib'f, G5 n E.xeter 
Kichenberg Jacob, clothing, 2)1 L. lluuhc? 
Eichengreeii Havid, clerk, 200 s Broadway 
Kicheiigieen Uaac, 45 (Joiii^h 
Kicliengreen .M. E. <fe Co. (.Moses Eichengreen. 

boots and .«hoes, 200 s Broadway 
Eichengreen .Moses, (.M.E.A:(Joj 2O0s Br(jadwa% 
Kichen;ireeii Win. clerk. 200 s Bioadway 
iMclihorn Deitrich, lager beer, 128 Gcjiigh 
Fichhorn (ieorge, laborer, lo s Wolfe 
Eicliliorn (Jecjrge, laborer, tjo James la 
Fyicliliorii .Martin, butcher, 559 e Fayette 
Kiclihorn Thco. groc'y, cor Watson and Exeter 
Kicliorn John, tailor, 71 s Chapel 
Eichinger x t'o. (G. I'iichinijer, C. K. North. 

restaurant, Commeicial building 
iMchiiiuer Geo. iF;. & Co.) liquors, 29 Brown la 
EicliiiiL'er Henrv. cmuiaker, 77 ri Ann 
ElCHLKIt CHAS. C. F. merchant tailor, .« e 

cor .St. i'aiil and Fayette, dw 157 German 
F]ichler Frederick, ilriver, 134 .McHeiiry 
Eichler (Jeorj^e, sawyer, 81 Urleaiis 
Eichler Henry, driver, 81 (_)rleaii3 
iMchler John, blacksmith, 295 Columbia 
Kirliler Jniiii G. porter, .^1 Orleans 
ivicbier Wm. Idacksmith, 14(i n J'^deii 
Eiciiniaii .!. Charles. (Hopkins k E.; 128 e li.-ti- 

T iclinian John J. cabinetn.aker, 238 ll.uiover 
liichuer Andrew, cooper, 188 Leuiinon al 
Eichner Christiana, laundress, 39 s .Monroe 
Eichner .Jacob, shoemaker. 18 l„loyd 
I^lchiier John, grocer, Frederick id ur toll gate 
Eichner Lewis, laborer, 3ol w Ho.'finan 
l>iclioist Win. laborer, 2ij.; s .Inn 
l-^ickel Henry, dyer and scourer, 185 n luitaw 
Eickhoff Catherine, grocery, OG n HollidaT 
F^ickholf George, shoemaker, 226 Harford ar 
Eickeiiberg August, laborer, G9 Bank 
lOickeiitierg Chas. cigar maiinf. tj9 Bank 
Eidel .John, tailor, .3 L. Gough 
Eidmann Hui'l. huckster, 000 Penna av 
Ividuiann George, tailor, 319 s Charles 
lOidniann Fred'k, dra^-inan, 20 Jasper 
Kidmann Margaret, 2o Jasper 
Kiilinann .Michael, paper carrier, 7 Vincent a' 
Kidi Bernard, brewer, U'Donnell nr Third av 
Eiermanii Paul K. baker, 35 a Regester 
Eifert Harry, lab. 8 Point la 
Eigelberner Thos. F. 409 n i''remont 
Eigeldinger 1 heresa, nurse, 14 Union 
Eigt'iibrodt Henry, tailor, GG .Visquith 
Kigenbrodt Henry, watchman, 55 n .\nu 
Eigenbrol Adam, trunkiuaker, 88 Boston 
Eigeiibrot C. C. grocery, lol s Fremont 
Eigeniirot ('. C. lager beer, 314 s Sharp 
Eigenbrot Eva, grocery, 88 Boston 

Carriages of all description. Slei ghs, Saddle Horses & c. 
^ "^ ELI 



Eipenbrot Henry, machinist, 314 s Sharp 
Eigenbrot Juhn", box niiiVier, 88 Boston 
EigeniMUjz: Fiedk. harness, 142 Foin-st 
Eijiler John G. porter, 81 Orleans 
Eigner Adam, baker, 2:-! s Caroline 
Eifiner John, beer, 168 e Fayetie 
Eigner John, lab. 126 s Dallas 
Eihom Kdw. 149 Townsend 
Eilaii Abraham, ilothing. 225 s Broadway 
Eilau Abraham, (Bamberger & Eilau) 350 Lex- 
Eilau Abraham, laces, millinery and fancy 

goods, 69^ n Howard, dw 350 Lexington 
Eilau Emanuel W. clerk, 225 s Broadway 
Eilau AVni. cabinetmaker, 225 s Broadway 
Eilbacher Geo. blacksmith, 16 Lee 
EilbHclier John V. blacksmith, 16 Lee 

EIIilNGSFELD JOHN, Saddle and 
Harness Maker, 85 Frederick av 

Eilleniian John, grocery, 122 s Howard 
Einbrod ("has. confectioner, 105 s Paca 
Einbrod Charles H. clerk, 105 s Paca 
Einbrod David, 105 s Paia 
Rinolf Chas. baker, Portland and Penn 
Einolf Conrad, shoemaker, 72 Portland 
Einstein Samuel, 182 Cross 
Einwaechter Adam, 255 s Charles 
Einwaechter Alex, blacksniilh, 116 Columbia 
Einwaechter Elizabeth, grocery, 255 s Charles 
Einwaechter Fred. F. salesman, 116 Columbia 
Einwaechter Geo. A. blacksmith, 118 Eislein 
Einwaechter John A. blacksmith, 118 Eisieiu 
Eiring August J. cooper, 65 James la 
Eirken Fredk. shoemaker, 113 n Spring 
Eirly Mrs. Mary, 39 China 
Eirman Isadore, woodsawyer, 1 Pleasant al 
Eisel Geo. butcher, 35 Hanover market, dw 502 

Penna av 
Eisel Geo. brewer, 165 Warner 
Eisel Nicholas, s of Fort av 
Eiseman Anne C.sec.haiui clothing,57 Orchard 
Eiseman Bernard, butcher, 221 Aisqiiith 
Eiseman Elizabeth, buttei dealer, 644 Penna av 
Eiseman Geo. huckster, 644 I'enna av 
Eiseman Jacob, huckster, 644 Peuna av 
Eiseman John, driver, 644 Penr.a av 
Eiseman John, laborer, 496 Peuna av 
Eiseman Mcjses. boots and shoes, 104 n Gay 
Eisenbach Andrew, shoemaker, 13 s Fremont 
Eisenbach John, driver, 44 Patterson Park av 
Eisenberg Andrew, provn's, 152 s Washington 
Eisenlierg Geo. laborer, 152 s Washington 
Eisenberg Henry, lab. 152 s Washington 
Kisenberger Geo. cooper, 162 s Chuptank 
hiscnberger John, 162 s Choptank 
Eisenbrandt Henry 11. musical iustruments, 78 

w Baltimore, dw 39 s Broadwa}- 
Eisenhaner Lewis, carp. 98 Somerset 
Eisenhardt Anton, coal oil, lamps, &C.254 n Gay 
Eisenhardt Christian, shoemak' r, 1 78 Lemnion al 
Eisenhaidt J. August, cignrmaker, 25 St. iMary 
Eisenhardt John, tobacconist, 114 n Eutaw, 

dw 25 St. Mary 
Kisenhut Chas. wheelwright, 58 n Wolfe 
Eisenrich Chas. shoenniker, 142 s Chapel 
Eisenrich Joseph, laborer, 142 s Chapel 
lOiserbeck Ferd. shoenniker, 494 w Lombard 
Eiserman Bernard, baker, 416 w Fayette 
Eisinger Paul, cab. maker, 5 Fountain 

Eisler Mrs. Ellen, 62 e Fayette 
Eisman Albert, whetlwright, 418 Saratoga 
Eitel Fredk. fnrn. wagon. 165 e Lombard 
Eitel Geo. cigarmaker, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitel Gotleib, po:ter, 26 Sarah Ann 
Eitel Jacob, cooper, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitel Mrs. JIary, confectionery, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitemuller (,'hristian, lab. 168 West 
Eitemnller Ferd. drayman, 168 West 
Eitemuller Mary, grocery, 168 West 
Eitman Michael, cun'ier, 7 Vincent al 
Ekeert John, shoemaker. 76 Boyd 
Elbring H. II. salesman, SchiietzenPark,Belairav 
Elder Chas. M. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Elder Francis W. (E. k Lockwood) 80 w Mon- 
Elder Francis, painter, 79 Hillen 
Elder (ieo. W. bricklayer, 79 Hillen 
Elder Henry C. engineer, 93 s Gilmor 
Elder Jas. A. car|ienter. 41 s Ri'iuiblican 
Elder Jeremiah B. shoemkr, 45 e Baltimore 
Elder John T. wheelwright, 197 llollins 
Elder John H. engineer, 281 Ramsay 
Elder & Lockwood (F. W. Elder, W, F. Lock- 
wood) mdse. brokers and purchasing agts. 71 
Exchange pi 
Elder & Maddux (P. L. Elder. H. G. Maddux) 
ins. brokers, and agents for St. Louis Mutual 
Life Ins. Co. 6 s Holliday 
Elder Mrs. Mary Ann, 79 Hillen 
Elder .Michael, blacksmith, 92 s Strieker 
Elder Michael, paver, Homestead 
Elder Philip L.. (Elder ^ Maddux) 165 w John 
Klder Philip L. manager Hope Life Ins. Co. 4 

PostofKce av, dw 39 w Eager 
ELDER SAMUEL & CO. (0. F. Lanfz, Jacob 

F. Lantz) flour merchants, 32 n Howard 
Elder Mrs. Sophia, dressmaker, 237 Orleans 
Elder Wm. B. machinist, 463 Franklin 
Elder Zechariah, miller, 151 e Mudison 
Elderdice Dr. Irvin, 15 Mclleury 
Elderdice Mrs. Louisa, 15 McHenry 
Elderkin Sarah E. 44 n Gilmor 
Elderman Herm.m, driver, 84 n Fremont 
Eldon Hall restaurant, 78 w Favette 
Eldridge Frank R. clerk, 108 -> Pratt 
Eldriilge Geo. clerk, 108 e Piatt 
Eldiidge Melvina D. teacher, 533 n Gay 
Eldridge P. H. tinner, 183 s Washington • 
Eldridge Robert, bakery, 108 e Pratt 
Eldridge Wn). I), baker, 533 n Gay 
Eldridge Wilson, baker, 43 Druid Hill av 
Elgert .lolin A. lager beer, Eastern av ext 
Elgert Geo. H. grocery, Belair av nr Baltinaore 

Elgert John, shoemaker. 37 Hank 
Elgert John, clerk, 63 Holland 
Elgert John, jr. canmaker, 37 Bank 
Elgert Wm. dravman, 121 s Dallas 
Elhart Adolph,(E,, Witz&Co.) 170 Walsh 
Elhart, Witz cj- Co. (Adolph Elhart, Adolph 
Heller, M. II. Heller, Isaac Witz, Levi Witz) 
wholes, notions, 331 and 333 w Baltimore 
Elias Josci)h & Son, (J. and Wm. Elias, )stoveF 

and furniture, 55 Penna av 
FAiws Jos. (J. E. & Son) 55 Penna av 
Elias Samuel, clerk, 55 Penna av 
Elias Wm. (J. E. & Son) 105 Camden 
Eliason E. 12 Division 

Eliel & Mayer, (Solomon Eliel, Elias .Mayer,) 

wholes, boot and shoem'krs, 294 w Baltimore 

Eliel Solomon, (E. & Mayer,) 294 w Baltimore 

At^ Centr al Stable s, 111 Lexington, C. H. Bredemeyer. 
ELI 179 EF.L 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Etine Frunk, buiWer, 13 Whalcoat 

Eline Fiap.cis, ciirpeiiter, 71 Stockton 
Elkin .Samuel D. notions, I s Cnroline 
Elkman Hennsn, laborer, 37 OamIiridp« 
EUenbrok Fied'k, Fred k av and Calverton rd 
Ellender Chas. F. (Lafferty & K.)185 e Madison' 
Kllender Fred'k, bricklayer, 15 Orlt-ans 
Ellender Fied'k. tinner, I8f) e Madison 
Ellender Geo. W. ass't enf^ineer tire dep't, 73 

BUeoder Mary, 11 Orleans 
Ellender Sarah, 1 1 Urleags 
Ellender Susan, 605 Belair ixv 
EJlerbrock A«yust, baker, n w cflr Bank ?.nd 

EUerbrock Frank M. faacy gds,22ij s Broadway 
EJlerbrock Herman, copperswttii/iS n Frederick 
Kllerbrock Lewis, siioeniaker, J 79 Iwe.xington 
EUennan Frank, butcher, <j\6 Lij^ht 
Elleiman Frank, laborer, 753 Light 
EUejfS John T. letter carrier, 169 Vine 
Ellmeyer Chas. A. tailor, 14 Ensor 
EUmeyer Emma, dressmaker, 14 Easor 
Ellett'Frank M. (Larral>ee, Smith & E.) Balti- 
more CO 
E[licott C. Lewis, clerk, 3 Spear's whf 
Eilicott David B. clerk, 3 Spear's whf 
Ell'.cott Mrs. Ean T. 174 w Lombard 
Ellicoll Elias, 183 Lanvaie 
Ellicott Evan P. clerk, 25 s Gay 
EUicott Francis F. clerk. 141 Townsend 
ELLICOTT H. WM. .Maryland Blast Furnaces s 

side Basin, dw 63 Franklin 
Ellicott Mrs. Isabella, 132 u Charles 
Ellicott John, architect and civil engineer, 24 

n Charles, dw 116 St. Paul 
Ellicott Dr. Lindley, 193 n Howard 
EUicotl Mrs. Louisa, oU w .Madison 
Ellicott Samuel. 141 Townsend 
EUicotl Thos. P- (Win, M E. <feSons) Balto <ro 
Ellicott \Vm. M.( Win.. \J.E.<J-Sons) Baltimore co 
ELLICOTT WM, M, & SONS, (Wra. M. and 
Thoi. P. Ellicott, )com. merchts,3 Si)ear's whf 
Ellicott Wm, C. painter, 11 Baruet 
Elligson Julius, tailor, 158 n Caioliae 
Elling Ludwig, laborer, 14 Wilkens av 
Ellinger Benjamio, com, merchl, cor Broadway 

and Jefferson 
EUinger & Co. (J. Ellinger, L. Goldman,) cat- 
tle brokers, Calverton hotel 
Ellinger & Co. (M. and J. Ellinger,) teas, 153 

Ellinger Emanuel, drover, 1070 w Baltimore 
Ellinger George, drover, 1070 w Biiltiuiore 
Ellinger Jacob, (E. & Co.) 1070 w Baltimore 
Ellinger Julius, (E, & Co.) 153 Lexington 
Ellinger Morris, (E, & Co.) 153 Lexington 
Ellinger Sam' I, cor Broadway and Jefferson 
Ellinger Wm. showman, 49 Ensor 
Ellinghaus Chas. mariner, 272 (Janton av 
Ellinghaus Chas. marine engineer, 103sChestec 
Ellinghaus Harmau, boxmaker, 51 Fawn 
EUings worth Wm. engineer, 21') Canton av 
Ellingswurth Wm. H, laborer, 222 Canton av 
Elliot Abraham, peddler, 61 s Paca 
Elliot Augustus F, carpenter, 38 Milliman 
Elliot Margaret, Mount nr Lexington 
Elliot Mary, 38 Milliman 
Elliot Robert 0, canmaker, 38 .Milliman 
Elliott & Blacklar, (N. J. Elliott, A. C. Black- 

lar, ) flour and teed, 15 and 17 w Pratt 
Elliott Charles, (^Elliott Bros.) 18o n Calvert 

Ladies', Gents and Children's un- 
derwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Notions, 
&c., 74 n Charles. 

ELLIOTT BROTHERS, (Win. Elliott, Chas, 
Eliiott, )underwear, hosierv, Ac, 74 n Charles 
Elliott Brothers, (W. L. and J. P. Elliott) cot- 
ton, grain and produce com. merchants, 59 
£ Gay 
Elliott Chas. ironhooker, 358 Eastern ar 
Elliott Chas. over 2.59 e .Monument 
Elliott Chas. H. teacher, 164 n Exeter 
Elliott C. P. canraaker, 259 e .Monument 
Elliott Chas. W, bricJctu'kr, s of Johnson nr 

Fort av 
Elliott Cooper, cabinetmaker, 40 e Baltimore 
Elliott C. H. clerk, 40 e Baltimore 
Elliott Curtis, engineer, 108 Warner 
Elliott Oan'l S, bricktnkr, 6 Clement 
EUioti Edward, notion store, 126 Lexington, 

dw 296 n Howard 
Elliott Edw. T. gas inspector. North nr Joha 
Elliott -Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Grove ul 
Elliott Mis. Elizabeth, 165 e Madison 
Elliott .Mrs, Elisabeth, 259 e .Monument 
Ellioti Franklin P. moulder, 20 Somerset 
Elliott George, laborer, 275 William 
Elliott Geo. G. coachmak. 17 Booth, dw 393 w 

Elliott Geo. T. porter, North nr John 
Elliott Ceo. shoemaker, 123 n Fremont 
Elliott Geo. carpenter, 171 .Aisquith 
Elliott Gideon B. car{»enter, 473 w Pratt 
Elliott Mrs. G. W. 12 s (iilnior 
ELLIOTT llENRV A. & BRO. (Henry .\. El- 
liott. ) apothecaries, 286 Lexington 
Elliott ilenry A. (H, A. E. & Bro.) 2H4 Lex- 
Elliott Herbert, shoemak, 6 Clement 
Elliott James B. paperhanger. .732 P'ranklin 
Elliott James, fireman, 182 .McHenry 
Elliott James T. boxmaker, 41 n Caroline 
Elliott James B. bricklayer, 98 St. Paul, dw 

286 Bund n of Gay 
Elliott James H. moulder, 10 Henry 
Elliott Mrs. Jane, 156 Ensor 
Elliott John, driver, 205 Leinmon al 
Elliott John, clerk, 59 Exchange pi 
Elliott John, mariner, 69 Cambridge 
Elliott John, carp. 284 Bond n of Gay 
Elliott John A. letter carrier, 8 Decker 
Elliott John .S. machinist, Druidville 
Elliott John B. brakeman, 12 Grove al 
Elliott John T. canmaker, 259 e .yotiuinetjt 
Elliott John W. painter, 20 Somerset 
Elliott John W. bricklayer, 293 Orleans 
Elliott John T. laborer, 40 Fort av 
Elliott Joseph, shipcarp. 366 .\IiceHnna,Caolon 
Elliott Joseph, carpenter, 348 n Regester 
Elliott Joseph, 332 Franklin 

Horner's Bone Dn st and Phosphates, 
^ ELL 



Klliott Joseph, diiver, 61 Granb}- 
KUiolt Jos. r. (K. IJros.) 87 n Paca 
KUiolt Lewis A. bookbinder, 20 Somerset 
Elliott Lewis A. boolvbinder, rear 334 William 
Klliott Man' J. tailoress, 20 Somerset 
."illiott Mrs.' Mary, tailoress, 38 Milliinan 
Klliott Mary S. lailoress, 38 Milliniaii 
i'liliott Mis. Mary A., Saratoga iir (iiliiior 
KUioti Mrs. Matilda, grocery, 219 Battery av 
Klliott N. J. (!•:. Jf iJlacklar, ) 6.58 Penna av 
Klliott's Piano Rooms, -122 w Fayette, G. Glto 

Uenuiih, agent 
Klliott Mrs. K. C. boarding, 40 e Baltimore j 

KUiolt Uicliard L. car[ieuter, 7 Maccubbin 
i--lliott Robert, bricklayer, 190 n Central av ! 
Klliott Robert O. carpenter, 14 Mott 
Klliott Robert E gilder, 234 Hollins 
Klliott Samuel V. carpenter, 348 n Regestcr 
Klliott Mrs. Sarah J. tailoress, 57 Harford av 
Klliott Mrs. Sophia, upholstress, Hudsm al i»r 

Klliott Thomas, brushmaker, 36 Milliman 
Klliott Thomas, huckster, 332 Franklin 
Klliott Thomas 11. salesman, Merchants' hotel 
i'JIliott Thomas, mariner, 147 Johnson 
i^ilioit Thomas, clerk, 284 Lexington 
Klliott Thomas F. painter, 332 Franklin 
Klliott Thomas J. butcher, 5 Centre and 55 

Fells Puiiit m.irkels, dw 16 n Choptank 
Klliott Thomas Vj. watchman, 358 Eastern av 
Klliott Walter, s of Fort av nr Battery square 
Klliott Wm. clerk, Eutaw house 
Klliott Wm. U., Saratoga nr Gilmor 
Klliott Wm. H. salesman, 32 s High 
Klliott Prof. Wm. jr. Baltimore City College, 

3o7 n Caroline 
Klliott Wm. B. clerk, 214 w Lombard 
Elliott Wm. H. carpenter, 128 Stirling 
Klliott Wm. H. painter, lu Laurel 
Klliott Wm. H. painter, 379 e Eager 
Klliott Capt. Wm. mariner, 67 Henrietta 
Klliott Wm. (Elliott Bros.) Eutaw house 
.-.lliott Rev. Wm. 3o7 n Caroline 
Klliott Wm. H. salesman, St. Clair hotel 
Klliott Wm. H. of tobac.wareh.214 w Lombard 
Klliott Wm. L. (E. Bros.) 132 n Charles 
Klliott Wm. T. carpenter, 171 Aisquilh 
Klliott Wm. W. clerk. 214 w Lombard 
Kills Alex. B. (Louis' McMurray k Co.) 395 

Druid Hill av nr Wilson 
Ellis Mrs. Ann, 135 n Gay 
KUis Benjamin, watchman, 27 Philpot 
Kills Benjamin, shii)carpenter, 195 Canton av 

ELLIS & CAIRNS, (Thomas EUis, 
James Cairnes) Wholesale and Re- 
tail Dealers iu Foreign and Do- 
mestic Liquors, and Agents for 
Robison's Improved Phosphate of 
Lime, 14 s Gay 

Ellis Catherine, beer, 216 s Caroline 

Ellis Christopher, laborer, Ridgely and West 

!'",ilis .Mrs. I'jiizabelh, seamslicss, 409 Saratoga 

Kllis Mrs. Elizabeth, 54 Rock 

Kllis Ellen, grocery, Ridgely and West 

KUis Emma, teacher, 163 Druid Hill av 

Kllis Geo. carpenter, 387 n Gay 

Kllis Henry, fireman, 27 Philpot 

Kllis Herman, clerk, 395 Druid Hill av 

"".llis Isabella, grocery, 615 Light 

Ellis James, painter, 615 Lijiht 
Ellis James, shipwright, 81 s Caroline 
Ellis John, cooper, 193 s Bethel 
Ellis John, puddler, 191 a Chester 
Kllis John, carpenter, 19 s Washitigtoa 
Ellis John B. capper, 2 Essex 
Ellis John E. clerk, 31 Conway 
Ellis, John T. laborer, 169 Vine 
I'.llis -Mrs. Lucy, 44 Penn 
Kllis Luke, tinner, 615 Light 
Ellis Mrs. Mana, 163 Druid Hill av 
Ellis Mary, 64 s High 
Kllis Mary, 37 Wyeth 

Ellis l'liili|), (Heinz & E.) 20 Centre .Market sp 
Ellis Robert, cutter, 615 Light 
Ellis Samuel H. clerk, McCulloh and Dolphin 
Ellis Thos.(E. k Cairns) McCulloh and Dolphin 
Ellis Thos. laborer, 27 Philpot 
Ellis Wm. L.(W. L. E. & Co.)301 e Baltimore 
ELLIS WM. L. & CO. (Wm. L. Ellis. R. .M. 
Mall(jr\ ) oyster packers, Aliceanna nr Boston 
Elliscamp Henry, carpenter, 200 s Eutaw 
Ellison John, bricklayer, 159 Hollins 
Ellison Wm. laborer, Eastern av ext 
ICIIrick Wm. grocery, 116 Stirling 
Ellsier Henry, bakery, 232 n Gay 
Ellsworth Washington L.bookk'r, 1 13 n ('harles 
Elmer Conrad, laborer, 472 C.inton av 
Elmer Eliza H. 174 Hanover 
Elmer Geo. H. (L. E. & Sons) 174 Hanover 
Elmer Lewis & Sons, (Lewis, Geo. 1). and Wm. 
S. Elmer, )viiiegHr manufs.2 O'Donnell'e whf 
Elmer Lewis, (L. E. k Sons) 174 Hanover 
Elmer Walter F. civil engineer, 174 Hanover 
Elmer Wm. F. civil engineer, 174 Hanover 
Elmer Wm. S. (Lewis E. k Sons) 5 Warren 
Elmerdorf Herman, tailor, 70 Somerset 
Elmhiser Conrad, laborer, 150 Raborg 
Elmore ('arrie, 8 Park 
Elmore James, butcher, 4.30 e Baltimore 
ELMORK WM. imp'r English manufactures, 

over 13 Hanover, dw Mansion house 
Elphring Wm. II. clerk, 66 Hillen 
Elsasser Henry, lager beer. 100 s Wolfe 
Elsasser Levi, teacher, 26i n Exeter 
Eisner Carl, comp. of liquors, 358 e Eager 
Eisner Frederick M. moulder, 358 e Eager 
Eisner Geo. laborer, 376 William 
Eisner Jos. machinist, cor Fortav and Johnsoa 
Elsroad John T. gasfitter, 632 w Baltimore, dw 

11 s Republican 
Elsroad Lewis N. huckster, 245 Conway 
Kisroad Michael G. clerk, 11 s Republican 
Elston Ann D. matron, 162 n Howard 
Elterman Frederick, agent, 163 c Baltimore 
Elton Chas. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Elton ('has. W. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Elton Wm. H. coo.per, 1 s .\nn 
Eltonhead Arnold D. watchmaker, 122 c Fayette 
Eltonhead Mrs. Kliza, 122 e Fayette 
l'>itonhead James H. clerk, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonliead Mrs. Sarah, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Thos. D. laborer, 122 e Fayette 
Eltonhead Wm. clerk, 369 n Central av 
El wood John, cojjpersmith, 44 Bennett 
Elwood Thomas, laborer, 44 Bennett 
VAy t'has. B. fnrn. wagon, 354 Eastern av 
Ely (Mias. B. jr. helper, 354 Eastern av 
Ely (;has. W. (Maynard, E. & Rose) 651 Lex- 
Pjly Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 52 Milliman 
Ely Enoch N. engineer, 46 s '"hoptank 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay, and Corner Chew and Stirling. 
E LY 181 EMM 


Kly Geo. laborer, 363 Aliceanna, Cantoa 

Ely Geo. D. mariner. 63 Granby 

Ely Geo. T. painter, 5 Jopiia la 

E\\ Junics. laborer, 147 s Chester 

Kly Jesse F. (Deford k Co.) 157 Park 

Kly John J. letter carrier. 66 s Bond 

Ely John W. wlieelwrjoht, 60 n High 

EiV J. Menj. boots and shoes, 170 n Gay 

Ely Jiio. b! bridire and whf builder, 203 e Pratt 

Ely Jno. N. bridge and wharf builder, 143 s 

Ely John N. sr. bridge and vs-harf builder, 143 

s Broadway 
Ely Josei)h, wagon, 331 Kaslern av 
Ely Joseph E. clerk, Starr hotel 
KlV Jo»?ji!iine. .seamstiess, 52 Jlilliui&n 
Ely Mahlon S. 170 n Gay 
FAy Samuel, mariner, 76 s Washington 
p]ly Samuel S. shoe dealer, 182 n Gay, dw 205 

e Monument 
Ely Win. printer, 51 n Gay 
Ely Wm. F. porter, 35 e Lombard 
Ely Wni. T. apotheciiry, s e cor Cilvert and 

Saratoga, dw 86 n Calvert 
Elzey Letitia, boarding, 40 n Calvert 
Elzey James C. collector, 40 n Calvert 
Emack C S. chief engineer B. & P.R.R. 70 a 

Emanuel Church of the Evangelical Associat'n, 

cor Greene and Cider al 
F'manue! Ger. Lutheran Church, Caroline nr 

Emanuel M. E. Church South, Mosher nr Myr- 
tle av 
Emanuel P. E. Church, cor Cathedral and Read 
Emerich August, fireman, 36 Towson 
Emerich Barnet, 7.'-! Hanover 
Emerich Conrad, poiter. 9o Henrietta 
Emerich David, musician. 73 Hanover 
Emerich Geo. barber, 37 German .dw 212 Barre 
Emerich Henry, driver, 103 Granb}' 
Emerich John, barkeeper, Eastern av ext 
Emerich John, lab. 14 Poultney 
Emerich John, lab. 327 Hanover 
Emerich Loui.s, watchmaker and jeweler, 319 

n Gay 
Emerich .Marlin, hair and fancy goods, cor Lex- 
ington and Liberty, dw 2U8 Lexington 
Emerich Philip, boois aod shots, 73 Hanover 
Emerick Cath'e V fancy g'ds, 867 w Baltimore 
Eraeison & Co. (Chas.H. Emerson, L. R. Bish- 
op) com. merchls. 128 North 
Emerson Charles H. (Emerson ij- Co.) 499 n 

Emerson Cliarles W. ins. agent. 94 e Baltimore 
Emerson Edwin, tinner, 495 w Pratt 
Emerson Geo. F. clerk, 499 a Fremont 
Emerson John P. clerk, 196 e Fayette 
Emerson John P. broker, 50^ w Pratt, dw 329 

n Caroline 
Emerson Wm. L. jr. mariner, 1 Jefferson 
Emerton T. M. agent, 99 s Fremont 
Emery Caleb J. printer, ICl Harford av 
Emery Frederick, tinner, 72 Penna av 
Emery Capt. Geo. stevedore, 31 s Choptauk 
EMERY John B. granite yard, 329 s Eutaw, 
and marble yard, Madijon and Constitution, 
dw 70 s Paca 
Emery John H. salesman, 378 w Lombard 
Emge Andrew, lab. 58 s Ret:ester 
Emge Elizabeth, tailoress, 214 e Eager 
Emge John, blacksmith, 179 e Eager 


Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


< ii.S.-T.ANTI.Y K.iK S U,E 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster, 

Emge Martin, typefounder, 214 e Eager 
Emge Peter, lithograiiher, 75 s Regester 
Emge Philip, lab. 222 e Chase 
Emich Andrew, cabinetmaker, 48 n Schroeder 
Emich Columbus V. (J. U. Perkins) 136 n* 

Emich Daniel J. clerk, 317 n Broidway 
Emich Geo. cigarmaker, 48 n Schroeder 
Emich John V. salesman, Gilmor nr Franklin 
Emich Rebecca, 650 w Baltimore 
Emig Geo. M. wagoner, Bclair av nr Schuet- 

zen Park 
Ihnine Frederick B. tinner, Bolton depot 
Eminger Josejih, tanner, 132 Eastern av 
Emitt Jacob, blacksmith, 383 w Pratt 
Emmart Adolphus D. (E- & Quartley) cor 

Mc.Mechin and Druid Hill av 
Emmart Charles, painter, 206 Stirling 
P^mmurt David, blacksmilh, 104 n Paca 
Enunart Henry D. conductor, 502 w Lombard 
Emmart John, shoemkr, 145 Ral)org 
Emmart John, blacksmith, 3 n Poppleton 
Emmart John, carpenter, 331 n Eutaw 
Emmart John M. carjienter, 331 n Eutaw 
Emmart P. T. 3() a Liberty 
Emmart <f- Qaartley,( A. D. Emmart, .\. Quart- 
ley) sign painters, over 276 w Baltimore 
Emmart Sarah J. dre5,stiiaker, 168 Pearl 
Emmart Sarah M. boarding, 502 w Lombard 
Enmiart Mrs. Sydney, 185 Mulberry 
Emmart Thomas, canmaker, 137 s Fremont 
Emmart Thomas, bowling saloon, 47 w Fayette, 

dw 30 n Liberty 
EMMART WM. M. flour, feed and fertilizers, 

Frederick av opp. Lombard 
Emmart Wm. lab. 1 n Pop|)leton 
Emmart Vernon S. bookkeeiier, 104 n Paca 
Emmel Henry, mnsici;in, 153 Stirling 
Eiiimerein Joseph, cooper, 180 s Chapel 
Emmerich Christian, slioemaker, 63 w Fayette, 

dw (j57 w Lombard 
Emmerich Conrad, salesman, 90 Henrietta 
Emmerich Geo. W. clerk, G57 w Lombard 
Emmerich J. Edward, clerk, 6j>7 w Lombard 
Eiumericb John, lab. :^39 s Bond 
Emmerich Ludwi^, fruits, 838 w Baltimore 
Einmerson Martha, 96 w Fayette 
Emmerson Mrs. S. 96 w Fayette 
Emmert Elias E. (E. k Dawson) 236 w Fayette 
Emmert & Dawson, (E. Emmert, N. Dawson) 

wholesale liquors, 268 w i'ratt 
Emmert Wm. .M. hayi)acker, 953 w Pratt 
Emmett Andrew, tailor, 189 n Bethel 
Emmett Andrew, lab. 144 Johnson 
Emmett Francis, tailor, 189 n Bethel 
Enmett John, lab. 144 Johnson 
Emmich John, flour, St. Peter nr Paca 
Emmons Mrs. Annie, 198 Conw.ay 
EM.MONS HKRMON L. Jii. attorney and com- 
missioner of deeds for all the States, 3 and 4 
Law buildings, dw Franklin nr Carey 
Emmons Jacob, coachpainter, 20 Penn 

Coaches and^aronches for Shopping, 'Weddings, &c. 



Emmons Wra. Jaborer, 198 Conway 
Kiiiorj Allen, tinner, 92 HampsleHd 
Kmory Ambrose M. (Seim, E k Swinilell) 88J 

Hiiiorv Amo;;, clerk, 203 w Biddle 
KMCtRY ARTHUR, 'wliole?»le hardware, 344 w 

Halliinore. dw 114 I'aik av 
Emory DaiiJel G. (Carter A K.) 552 w FayeUe 
Kmory I). C. H. attorney, 47 St. Paul, dw 

Emory John, tailor, 203 w Biddle 
Phuory Jolin jr. tinner, 2i)3 \v Biddle 
Emory J<iliii H. real estate a!4ent, 47 St. Paul, 
dw L\itherville 
•Emory John W. conductor, 30 s Oregon 
Phnory Dr. J. K. B. prest. Laurel Cemetery Co. 

18 Court land, dw 264 Chats worth 
Emory Joliii K. H. jr. com. merchant, 6 Wood, 

dw 21 n Republican 
Emory Mrs. Juliet, 65 e BtilliiiiDre 
Emory (.M. K.) Church, Penna :iv nr Hoffman 
Emory Philemon B. c]crU, 81 n Howard 
Emory Thos. H. l)ookkecj>ei , 280 e Baltimore 
Emorv Wm. H. con), mercht. ti Wood, dw 260 

Park UT 
Emory Wm. H. jr. clerk, 260 Park av 
Emory Wm. T shipcarpcnter, 38 Rue 
Emory ^^ m. collector, l Franklin 
Emorv W'llmer, law student, 4 Franklin 
OF NEW YORK, Gardner & Rigby, general 
agents, 22 Second 

Cross, agent, 199 North 
Emreine John W. huckster, 364 n Gay 
Enirifh Abraham, clothing, 16 Harrison 
Emrich Conrad, wbeeUvriiiht, 205 Ensor 
Kiiirich Emanuel, dry goods, 256 Penna av 
Emrich Geo. barber, 37 German, dw 212 Barre 
Emrich Henry, blacksmith, 205 Knsor 
Emrich Herman, clerk, 5 s Frederick 
p]iiirich John P. jf. machinist. Bond and Chase 
Emrich .lohn P. (Flynn ^ E.) Bond and Chase 
Emrich Louis, barkeeper, 181 Lexington 
Emrich .Mrs. .Miirgarel, hiundress, 6 Etna la 
Emrich Simon, jewelry, 130 n Gay 
Enirich .Mrs. T. II. dressmaker, 196 n Eutavv 
Kmrich Wm. H. clerk, s e cor Bond and Chase 
r-iUirine Chas. blacksmith, 152 Columbia 
Kmiine Geo. W. coachsmith, 139 Forrest 
Euckhausen Henry, stationery, 1 73^ Lexington, 

dw 502 w Baltimore 
lenders Henry, bakery, Eastern av ext 
Endley Francis, brushmaker, 109 Peach al 
Kndres Mark, laborer, 90 n (y'ha[)el 
Endres Martin, shoemaker, 106 Lancaster 
Kney Bcnj. F. clerk, Pratt iir Gilmor 
Eney Jos. R. (Jos. R. E. & Co.) 62 Hanover 
ENKY JOS. R. k <:0. (Jos. R Eney) boots, 

shoes, hats. &c. 62 Hanover 
Eney Jereini-h, steamfitter, Pratt nr (iilmor 
Kney John K. jilasterer, 602 w Lombard 
Kney Mary,, Calvertoii 
.Eney Oliver N. pai>erhat)ger, 58 s Republican 
Kney Smnmeitield, shoes, 75(i w iialtiniore 
Eney Thos. R. machinist, 14 s Oregon 
Kngee Conrad, baker, 524 w Lombard 
Kngel Casper, laborer, 165 s Washington 
Engel Catherine, tiinimings, 406 n Gay 
Kngel Christina, lager beer, 364 s Eutaw 
Engel Geo. grocery. 224 Harford av 
Engel Geo. alioemaker, 580 w Baltimore 

Engel Geo. ironworker, 184 Bank 
Engel Geo. tailor, .304 s Sharp 
Engel Geo. ironworker, 474 n Gay 
Engel Geo. cigarmaker, 213 s Etitaw 
Engel Geo. cal)(netn)aker, 298 n Centra! av 
Engel Gotfried, coppersmith. 474 n Gaj 
Engel Henry, laborer, 42 Frederick av 
Engel Henry, barkeeper, )7 Harrison 
Engel Heniv. restaurant, 33 n Gav 
ENGEL HKNRY, lager beer, 17 Harrison 
Engel Jacob, steward. 406 n Gay 
Engel John, cooper. 1 Winter's al 
Engel Mrs Mary, tailoress, 184 Bank 
Engel Win. stoneentter, 364 s Eutaw 
Engel Wm. carpet weaver, 42 Frederick ar 
Engelbiuh Frederick. bookkee|ier, 90 s Charles 
Engelbright Martin, driver, 40 Lancaster 
Engelhardt ('has. frescoe pminter, 311 w Pratt 
Kngeliiardt Chas. b.trber, 162 s Poppleton 
Engelhardt Chas. butcher, 1 Cross-st. Mkt, dw 

710 Light 
Engelhardt Francis, barber, Pratt nr Payson, 

dw 101.) w Pratt 
Engelhardt Fred'k, laborer, 136 n Spring 
Engelhardt Geo. laborer, 252 s Durham 
Engelhardt Henry, shoemaker, 311 w Pratt 
Engelhardt Henry C. shoemaker, 311 w Pratt 
Engelhardt Jacob, laborer. 277 s Ann 
Englehardt John J. laborer, 277 s Ann 
Engelhardt John, tailor, 327 n Central av 
Engelhardt Margaret, grocery, L36 n Spring 
Engelhardt Michael, hi borer, 30 Byrd 
Kngelhaiipt Adam, clothier, 46 and 48 w Pratt, 

dw 52 s High 
Rngelhawpt Chas. carpenter, 52 s High 
Kngel haupt Frederick, clerk, 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Fredk W. tailor, 26 Cove al 
Engelhaupt John, salfesman, 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Philip, grocery, 183 Raborg 
Engelking Frederick, tailor, 8 Edward 
p]ngelkin.; John, bar tender. 8 Edward 
Engelking Wn» coachmaker, 8 Edward 
Engelleide Jacob, shncker, 457 Canton av 
Engelleider Madeline, 457 Canton av 
Engclman Chas. T. tailor, 371 e Eivger 
Engelinan Guslav. bootfitter, 328 Raborg 
Engelman John, tailor, 44 Abbot 
Engelm.yer Joseph, tailor, 252 e Chiise 
Engelmyer Solomon, shoes, 283 n Gay 
Engels Henry, cigarmaker, 332 Aliceanna 
Engers Philip, tailor, 12 s Duiham 
Kngland Chas. H. plumber, 3 n Poppleton 
England clerk, 84 MiCnlloh 
England ('hristian. shoemaker, 303 n Howard 
England Francis W.insp.C. H. 124 e Baltimore 
England George, carpenter, 234 s Paca 
Kngland John H. watchman. 14 South 
England Jos. H. clerk, 84 McCulloh 
England Jos. T. gen. freight agent B. k O. R. 

R. 84 McCulloh 
England Julia, 60 Saratoga 
England Mrs. .M. F. dressmaker, 234 s Pnca 
England Peter, gardener. Light nr Ferry bar 
England Thos. salesman. Three Tun's hotel 
Engle Adolph, c;ir|ienter, 33 s Burke 
Engle Thos. tinner, 16 Fountain 
Engle Wm. J. tavern, 191 Boston 
Engleas Win . laborer, 213 Preston 
Engler Augustus, insur. agt. 4 Postofficeav, dw 

6(5 n Broadway 
Engler (Jotleib, cabinetmaker, 4 s Paca 
Engler John, bricklayer, 41 China 

At Central Stables. 

111 Lexington, C H. Bredemeyer- 
183 EllL 

Ennfler Siillie, dress!iiaker, 144 n Pine 
Kiifjleiith Casper J. hlacksiuith, 157 Stirliiijj 
En<!:les Deary, 2 59 Touiisend 
Kiii;les S.itiinel. bricklayer, !2 Holtoti id 
Kntjles Tiuiiiias, ca[t[)('r, \C> Fouittitiii 
Kiii;lisli Jdliii, m\lk, 92 S Pciysoii 
Kiiirlish .hihii, lavern, H7 w Fa\elte 
Kii^lisli, Paul k (,'«. ( E'iikHsIi, J, Paul. 
L). C. Gravsoii, ) wholesale groeecs. 5G Soiitii 
Kii<ilisli Will. D. (F. Daiidelet&Uo.) 107 Han- 
Kii-;lisli Zepii. (Rii-lisli, Paul &C».) Catons- 

ville, Baltimore couiitv 
Kiiis Addl])!), shoemaker, 74 Park 
i'liike ('lias, slioc'iiiaker, 4.") s Ilifili 
Huke Liidwifj, artist, 45 s High 
Knkhausen Fleiirv, stationery, 173.> LexingKjn, 

d\v 5()'2 w Haliimore 
Eniiis Geo. ei-.:annaker, 208 MiiUxrry 
KiHiis Jaiiie.s, tinner, 157 Coliimhia 
luiiiis John A. l)lacksuiitli, 8(5 s Caioy 
Eiiiii.s Joseph T. hlaclvsinilh, 14 s Heiiulilican 
Knnis Lizzie A. teacher, 208 Mulherry 
Eiiiiis R. E. salesman, 24 McCiilloli 
Ennis Thos. laborer, 183 e Lombaid 
Eniiis Thos. II. carpenter, 2i8 Jlulberry 
Ennis Wiu. clerk, 24 McCulioli 
Ennis Win. upholsterer, 3 Biddle al 
Ennis Wni. B. machinist, 14 s Repul»licau 
Eno ('has. E. clerk, 2(i9 Conway 
Emo Edward, clerk, Gibbons' hotel 
Eno Richard, baker, 36 Millituan 
Enright Francis, slater, 50 e Lombard 
Eniight .Michael, grocery, 28 (Jliesnut 
Enright Thomas laborer, 235 Gough 
Ensey Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 McCulloh 
Ensey Richaid F. (Towner & E.) 154 Bolton 
iMisiga Howard B. trea.s. Md Steamboai Co., 

98 Liyht St. whf. dw Bariium's hotel 
I'-nsor Abel, 419 w Lombard 
Elisor Benj. F. currier, 213 n Bond 
Elisor Chas. ro[ieiiiaker, 238 n Bond 
Elisor Chas. laborer, 3 Cotton row 
Hiisor Ch;is. jr. laborer, 3 Cotton row 
Ensor Daniel, carpenter, Strieker nr Patter- 
son av 
Elisor Edward, shipjoiner, 3-15 e Monument 
Ensor Edward, jr. laborer, 345 e Monuti^ent 
Elisor George, laborer, 3 Cotiou row 
Elisor Hiram, snpt. B.&tJ.R.R. 61 Lee 
Elisor Jacob, laborer, .Mt. Vernon nulls 
I'iiisor James, I n Front 

Ensor James, shipcarp. Elliott nr Chesapeake 
I'insor James R. plasterer, 222 n Central av 
Elisor John, wheelwright, 98 n Gilmor 
Elisor Mary, .Mt. Vernon mills 
Hnsor Thaddeus, carj). Strieker nr Patterson av 
Ensor Win. H. tinner, 238 n Bond 
Elisor Win. H. clerk. Franklin hotel 
Enssle Henry, stftnecntter, 2i> Lee 
Knssle .Mrs. John C. harnessmaker, 20 Lee 
Enterline Dr. SamueJ, 582 w Lombard 
Eiiiler Catherine, 24 n Pine 
Entz Andrew, salesman, 120 n Paca 
Eutz Edward, clerk, 120 n Puca 
Entz Edward W. clerk, 120 n Paca 
Enzerger Geo. carpenter, 329 n t'entral av 
Ejiiphaui' House of .Mercy, 185 s Ann 
Mpiscopal Church Bookstore, Geo. Lycett, 44 

Fpisco[)al Reading Ptooms, over 53 Le.xington, 
H. W. Moore, agent 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


(•|>\>T.\N- I'l.V KOK .S \|.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Fpiscopal Methodist, Rev. J(din Poisal, pub- 
lisher, 49 Leiiinglon 
E[ip Mrs. Maiia, hnckstress, 64 James la 
E)'ple Martin, carpenter, 258 e Ciiase 
EPPLE W.M. apothecary, Liiiht& .Moatgoiner) 
Eppler Albert, laborer, 235 Forrest 
Eppler Clias. wheelwright, 235 Forre.'it 
Eppler Ernst, clothing cutter, 68 Mulberry 
Ej)pler Jacob, cooper, Cy|)re.--s al nr Pratt, dw 

67 (Jon way 
Ep[>ler Jidin, cooper, rear oT71 g Sharp 
EPPLKV cf- Co. (Jas. M. Eppley,) ll^ur and 

feed, 126 n Howard 
E[>pley Jas. .M. (E|ipley & Co.) Charles si av nr 

Huntingdon av 
Ejipley Julius A. elk. Sum wait wof .Maryland av 
Epron Annie. 45.'i n Gav 

p:quitable life assuraxci-: society 

OF THE U. S., W. F. Primrose, manager, 

21 Soutii 
Erb Philip, stonecutter, 92 L. Montgomery 
Eibacher Philip, ironhooker, 46 K.sse.v 
Erbach Henrietta, 291 e Eager 
Erbach Josejih, shoemaker, 168 (Jeorge 
Erbach Dr. Sebastian, dentist, 3i) s Exeter 
Erliuch Wiu. shoemaker, 168 George 
Erbe Henry, drayman, 252 .Montgomerj 
Erbe Mrs Lizzie, beer, 252 .Moiilgoiuer/ 
Erben John, shoemaker, 1 Spring st ct 
Erben .Mrs. .Matilda S. dressmaker, 19 Carlton 
Erck Chas. tailor, 81 n Bond 
Erdbrink Mrs. John H. 25 Conway 
Eidnian John C clerk, 233 Harford av 
Krdman John H. laborer, 22 Somerset 
Erdman Mrs. Susan, 23.! Harford av 
Erdman Wm. H. tinner, 374 Ais(iiiith 
Erecks Charles, mariner, 3 Portugal al 
Erek Casper, 190 n Fremont 
Erek Daniel F. police, 357 Franklin 
Frek Henry, cigarmaker. 190 n Fremont 
Erek John J. driver, 357 Franklin 
Erek Mrs. Rosina, 322 Saratosja 
Erek Wm. C. clerk. 322 Saratoga 
Ergood Gabriel S. salesman, 61 n High 
Erhard John H. laborer, 49 Alibot 
ICrhard Wm. slioein tker, 26 Josejihine 
Erliardt Hugh, watchm"r. Point la nr .\isquith 
Erhardt John, shucker, 42 Port 
Erliardt Loreiitz, laborer, 42 Port 
Drill) Dr. Augustus F. 94 s Broadway 
ERICH II NRY C. & CO. ( Henry C. Erich, ) 
pat. self acting pumps and plumbers, and 
gas and steam fitters and smiths in general, 
77 and 79 (iough 
Erich Fred'k, wireworker, 65 Holland 
Erich Henry C. (H. C. E. & Co.) 7o Gough 
Ericson Chas. watchmaker, 22 n Paca 
Erie and Pacific Dispatch, Henry T. Taylor. 

agent, 12 Camden 
Erlbeck John .M. cutter, 40 s Caroline 
Erline Anten, laborer, 120 Somerset 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate «fe Toba cco Sustain, 



Krlinjf Win. of Gcrniiin Correspondent, 152 s 

Ernmn John, lahorrr, Guilford al 
Frnier Christian, laborer, 91 C;inil)rid<ro 
Krmer Henry, toliacconist s w eor Gay and 

Aisquith, d\v ■i'15 e Madison 
Krnicr John, brewtr. Eastern av ext 
Ermold John, dmynian, 54 n Pine 
Ermold John C. cabinetmaker, 155 Mulberry 
Ernst Mrs. Anna, 207 s Bethel 
Ernst Anton, laborer, 277 s Dallas 
Ernst Aiifrnst, nuisician, 67 President 
Ernst f'onrad, laborer, 106 e Pratt 
Ernst Daniel, hostler, 8!) s Mount 
Ernst Henry, shoemaker, 3 May 
Ernst Henry, eifinrmaker, Olinton nr Elliott 
Ernst John, tailor, 275 3 Sharp 
Ernst .(oliii G. iiatternniaker. 14 n Wolfe 
Ernstbcriier Francis. barber, Penna av nr Mosher 
ErnstberL'er Michael, tavern, 156 Lee 
Erpenbeck Henrv,,(E. & Son) 226 Aliceanna 
Erpenbeck John'P. (E. & Son) 226 Aliceanna 
ERPENBECK & SON, (Henry and John F. E.) 

restanrant, 226 .Aliceanna 
Erpenstein Adolph, tailor, 37 n Dallas 
Ertel Henry, laborer, over 196 Canton av 
Ertel Johnj laborer, 13 Cuba 
Erwin Henry, laborer, 31 Valley 
Erstrecker Geo. laborer, 444 Canton av 
Esane Thomas, baker, 185 e Baltimore 
Eschbach Rev. E. R. 208 n Calvert 
Eschbach Francis F.streetpaver.90 n Schroeder 
Eschbach Henry, hostler, 8 Addison al 
Eschbach John, contractor and paver, 46 Rich- 
■ niond 

ESCHBACH JOHN E. Contractor 
for all kinds of Grading, Paving, 
laying of Sewers with Stone, 
Brick, Iron or Tile Pipe, and Con- 
struction of Turnpike and Rail- 
roads. Office, 16V North street, 
opposite Chesapeake Bank, dw 
226 n Howard. 

Eschbach John 11. contractor, 236 n Howard 
Eschbach Dr. Jos. A. ajiothecary, n e cor How- 
ard and Saratoga 

ESCHBACH LEO, Contractor for 
all kinds of Grading, Paving, Lay- 
ing of Sewers with Stone, Brick, 
Iron or Tile Pipe, and Construc- 
tion of Turnpike and Rail Roads. 
Office, 16i Korth street, opposite 
Chesapeake Bank, dw 206 w Bid- 
die street. 

Eschbach Lotiis, paver, 92 n Schroeder 
Eschbach Matthias B. 46 Richmond 
Escheridi Clias. carpenter, 119 e Lombard 
Eschcrick ('liarles, cooper, 190 Cross 
Eschrlch Charles, locksmith, 251 Hamburg 
Esender Charles, huckster, 100 IloUins 
Esender James, jr. elk. F. P. mkt. and livery 

stable, 18 8 Bond 
Esender Dr. James, 1 Pearl 

Esender Theo. carpenter, 146 n Hiirh 

Esender William F. car|ienter, 1 Pearl 

Esenhauer Francis, carpenter. Aisquith nr John 

Eser Henry, laborer, 60 Pliilpot 

Eser John, laborer, 44 Alibot 

Eskridge Beverly B. clerk, Adams express, 7<> 

n ('arey 
Eskri<lge John, clerk. Bull's Head hotel 
Eskridge Wolfred, lab. 169 Patterson Park av 
Esler William, shi])carpenter, 153 s W^asbington 
Eslinger (Jdtleib V. carver, 9 s Chapel 
Eslinger Robert, driver, 168 s (,'entral av 
Esmann Henry, cigarmaker, 25 Graoby, dw 

10 vv Lombard 
Esmann Henry, liqtiors, 10 yv Lombard 
Ksome John H. miiriner, 61 Johnson 
ESPEN k BRO (J., S. and M. Espen) laces. 
. embroidery, &c.. 33 n Charles 
Espen Jacob^ (E. & Bro. ) Philadelphia 
Espen Moses, (E. & Bro.) 166 w Lombard 
Espen Samuel, (E. & Bro.) Philadelphia 
Espey William P. cooper, 3ii9 c 7>ombard 
Esselman Peter, cigarmaker, 46 s Exeter 
Essen Margaret, housekeeper, 20 Adams 
Essender Thos laborer, 18 Parrish 
Essenger Tho"\as, carpenter, Lemmon al ni 

I arey 
Essenger W'illiam, laborer, 15 Lemmon al 
Essens Charles, laborer, 311 Forrest 
Essens Theodore, carpenter, 311 Forrest 
Essenwanger Jacob, laborer, 19 Wyeth 
Essex Charles, stonecutter, 102 Harford av 
Essex John, stonecutter, 102 Harford al 
Essex John H. laborer, 128 Burgundy al 
Essex Josiah, carpenter, 4 5 Stockton 
Essex Richard, brickmaker, 266 Battery av 
Essig Fred. sr. butcher, Penna av ext 
Essig Fred. jr. butcher, Penna av ext 
Essig Louis, butcher, Penna av ext 
Essig Richard, brickmaker, 142 Hudson 
F^sig Wm. butcher, Penna av ext 
ESSLINGER EDWARD, apothecary, n w coi 

Fayette and Harrison 
Estee Frank, engineer, 207 Lemmon al 
Esten Ford, laborer, 25 Valley 
Estep Thomas, 79 St. Paul 
Esterday Anna, (Dietz & E.) 92 Harrison 
Esterley Susan, 79 n Amity 
Esterliiig Fredk. cabinetmaker, 290 Aliceanna 
Estlack Hiram, shoemaker. 95 Jefferson 
Estlack Samuel McL. i)rinier 95 Jefferson 
Etchberger Bros. (C. E. and W^ C. Etchber- 

ger) liook and job printers,, 22 and 24 Md. 

Building, Second opp. P. 0. 
Etchberger ("has. E. (EJiros.) 342 e Baltimore 
I'ltchbeiger Capt.Jas. mariner, 342 e Baltimore 
Etclilierger James S. 284 e Baltimore 
Etchberger Rebecca, 17 Gough 
Etchberger Mrs. Sarah, 17 Gbugh 
Etchberger Wm. C. (K. Bros.^ 342 e Balliniore 
Etchisou k Dorsey, (Perry G. Etcbisoii, John 

A. Dorsey) leaf tobacco and gen. produce 

com. merchs. 104 s Charles 
Etcliison Fredk. saddler, 8 Columbia, dw 401 

w Lombard 
Etcliison John H. tinner, 243 Conway 
Etchisou Mary, 85 Dawson al 
Etcliison Perry G.(E.& Dorsey )Montgomery co 
Estenbeck John, wheelwright. 432 Canton 
Etiieridge Dr. W. H. surgical and mechanical 

dentist, 21 s Broadway 
Ettel Mrs. Susau L. boarding, 234 Hollii.s 

^ffices, 54 S. Gay, and Cor. Che w and St irling. 



Etterson Allen, stonecutter. 939 Lexington 
Rltincr Misi=es, 270 Lexinsiton 
ETTINGRR GKORGE M. teacher and Prin- 
cipal Nipht School at F. Knnpp's Institute, 
162 n Rxeter 
Ettinger James, provisions, Bank and Exeter, 

d\v 114 s High 
Ettinger Rev. Jesse, 1 15 German 
f]twin Benjamin, piledriver, 165 s Chester 
Etzel Eged, tobacconist, 130 Aisquith 
Etzel John, plumber, 19 n Wolfe 
Etzel John L. lager beer, 67 s Eutaw 
Etzel Joseph, porter. 231 e Biddle 
Eizels John, laborer. 3 n Chapel 
Etzler R. H'. (G. D. Klinefelter, Etzler & Co.) 

Hanover. Pa 
Etzler R. F. (G. D. Klinefelter, Etzler k Co.) 

419 n Central av 
Eubank Giles F. (Fallin & E.) 17G w Lombard 
Euler Charles, shoemaker. 99 Conway 
Euler Christian, taiior, 1 Spruce al 
Euler Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Spruce al 
Euler Ernest, shoemaker, 184 e Baltimore - 
Euler Ernest jr. barber. 21 G Liirht 
Euler Jacob, tailor, 28 Druid Hill av 
Eiinick Edmund, carpenter, 68 Perr}- 
Eunick Tliomas, conductor. Baker nr Pennaav 
Eunick Thomas jr. Baker nr Penna av 
Eurich Mrs. Elizabeth, confec'y,405 Canton av 
Eurich Henry, tinner, 407 Canton av 
Eurich Peter, stove and tinware, 407 Canton av 
European Hotel, J. J. Lutts, proiirietor, 26 w 

European Hotel, Tliomas Kelly, prop'r, Eastern 

av and AHiemrirle 
EUTAW HOUSE, n w cor Eiitaw and Balti- 
more, GilmoiTr & Sons, proprietors 
EUTAW SAVLNGS BANK, s e cor Eutaw and 

Eutaw^ Sq. Baptist Church, cor. Dolphin and 

Eutaw St. M. E. Church, Eutaw bet Franklin 

and -Mulberr}' 
Evrtntrelicai Lutheran Church, cor Fremont 

and Saratoga 
Evans Abel, miller, McHenry nr Monroe 
Evans Mrs. Adeline, taili>ress, 334 e Lombard 
Evans AUtert C. carpenter, 96 Lee 
Evans Alfred, glassljlower, 349 s Sharp 
EVANS ALFKED D. gen'l agent, 80 w Fay- 
ette, dw n e cor Aisquith and Chew 
Evans Alouzo, driver, 136 Lancaster 
Evans Andrew, ciiumaker, 28.5 e Fayette 
Eviins Andrew J. pilot, 285 e Pratt 
I'^vans Andrew J. carpenter, 173 Townsend 
Evans Audrew J. jr. 285 e Pratt 
iivans Mrs. Ann E. seamstress, Ccmeterv av nr 

Evans k Bro. (D. G. Evans) pharmaceutists, 

s e Cor Ann and Aliceanna 
Evans B. F. 29 s Kxeter 
Evans Benjamin F. ironworker, 8 s Chester 
Evans Caroline B. teacher, 5 Aisquith 
Evans Citherine. laundress, Pepjier's hotel 
Evans Charles, printer, 54 e Fayette 
EV'ANS t.'HARLES D. shoe and gaiter upper 

manuf. 51 Harrison, dw 159 e Eager 
Evans Charles L. F. 18 Jackson sq 
Evans Mrs. Charlotte, 260 Bank 
Evans <j- Co. (Jos. B. Evans, John R. Evans) 

printers, 51 H.irrison 
Evans Cornelia, 256 a Eden 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cemeut and Plaster. 

Evans C. H. (Burgess & E.) 565 w Fayette 
Evans Daniel E. boilermaker, 106 s Strieker 
Evans Daniel F. mariner. 367 e Lombard 
Evans Rev. David, 18 Jackson sq 
Evans David, copjiersmelter, 14 Clinton 
Evans David G. (E. ^ Bro.) 18 Jackson sq 
Evans I). G., Barnum's hotel 
Evans E. teacher, 332 w Fayette 
Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, 54 s Choptank 
Evans Klizabeth, dressmaker, 191 Hanover 
Evans Emily A. dressmkr. 126 s ('enlral av 
Evans Emily E. teacher. 217 Aisquith 
Evans Mrs. Esther, 157 Jlontgoniery 
Evans Evan, smelter, Clinton nr Boston 
Evans .Mrs. Florence. 46 Chew 
1 Evans Franklin, publisher, 18 n Eden 
Evans Fred'k, bricklayer, Clinton nr Boston 
Evans Rev. French S. 41 1 n Central av 
Evans George, (G. E. ^- Co.) 2i'3 w Hoffman 
Evans George & Co (Geo. Evans, J. C. Sulli- 
van) coopers, 22 Patterson 
Evans Geo. bookkeeper, 191 Hanover 
Evans Geo. laborer, s end Clinton 
Evans Geo. D. salesman, 42 s Eutaw 
Evans George T. coachtrimmcr, 128 e Madison 
Evans Geo. W. gardener, Belair rd nr tollgate 
Evans Geo. W. carpenter, 157 Montgomery 
Evans Geo. W. dairyman, Hand house 
Evans Geo. W. supt. Pikesville dairy, 100^ 

F]vans Geo.W. sr. flour and feed, cor Baltimore 

and Republican 
Evans Geo. W. jr. Baltimore and Republican 
Evans Harrv J. clerk, 211 n Howard 
Exans Henry jr. (E., Reeves & Co.) 100 s High 
Kvans Hy. C., U S. Coast Survey, 132 Cathedral 
Evans Jacob, baker, 285 e Pratt 
Evans Jacob H. machinist, 7 Orleans 
Evans James, jiainter, 879 w Pratt 
Evans James, carpenter, 33 s Rejiublican 
Evans Jerome, laborer, 132 Hambuig 
Evans Jolin, bricklayer, Clinton nr Boston 
Evans John, coppersmelter,2 Clinton nr Boston 
Evans John, carter, 8 s Chester 
Kvans John, plasterer, 3 Cnoke 
Evans .Mrs. John, housekeeping goods, 18 w 

Baltimore, dw 3o3 e Baltimore 
Evans Jno.B. painter, 45 Clay,dw487 Lexington 
Evans Jno.C. carpenter, Spring al nr Anthony, 

dw s \v cor Cential av and Hoffman 
Evans John H. clerk, 157 Montgomery 
Evans John H. conductor, Ramsay nr .Milling- 
ton rd 
Evans John R. (Evans ^ Co.) 159 e Eager 
Evans Joseph, bootmaker, 405 Lijiht 
Evans Joseph H. cardriver, 739 w Baltimore 
Evans Joseph B. (E. & Co.) Chase tir Pa-gester 
Evans Josephine, teacher, 256 n Eden 
Evans Josh. J. carpenter, 31 Parkin 
Kvans Liburn, plasterer, Wooijberry 
Evans .Mabnry, watchman Adams exp. 30.S 

Horses Bought and Sold on Commission. 




Evans Mary, 76 Lexinjiioii 

Kvans Man- 15. dressnwker. McHpnrv nr Carey 

Evans Mitchell, mariner, 134 Lanciister 

Evans Milchdl sr. mariner, 80 Lancaster 

Evans Mrs Mary, seamstress. 23 Constitution 

Evans Randolph, laborer, 207 Ensor 

Kvans R. [I. piest. Clarenmnt Land Assuc'n, 

5 St. Paul, d\v Clarenionl, I5alto fo 
Evans. Reeves & Co. (H. Evans, jr. Jos. F. 

Reeves, jr. Geo. W. Day) oysier and fruit 

packers, cor IJoston and Patu.xent 
Kvans Richard 1?. clerk, 1.52 e .Monument 
Kvans Samuel .M. proprietor ex|)ort bonded 

warehouses. 4 Water and 3G \v Lombard, dw 

422 e Baliimore 
Evans Mrs. Sarah. Clinton s of Boston 
Evans Tavlor, painter, 61 Block 
Evans Thos. H. ^t Co. (Thos. H. Evans) com. 

nierchts. and ])roduce, 82 Li^ht-st wlif 
Evans Tiios. II. (T.H.E. & Co ) 565 w I'ayette 
Evans Thos. cop'r smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Evans TIiks. carpenter, s.s e Madison 
Evans Thos. J. (Ranch & E.)66 s Washintrton 
Evans Dr. Thos. B. secor Ann and Aliceanna, 

d\v 18 jMckson sq 
Evans Thos. G. builder, 17 atul 19 Garden, dw 

21 1 n Howard 
Evans Walter T. painter, 76 n Ann 
Evans Win. cardriver, 9 s .Monroe 
Evans Wni. H. inarblecutter. 78 e Eager 
Evans Wm. V. laborer, 132 Hamburg 
Evans Wm. And. J. cooper, 278 Greenm't av 
Eviins Wm. R. hatter, 8 s Chester 
Evans Wm. 11. H. carpenter, 6n s Republican 
Evans Wm. S. hackman, 88 e Madison 
Evatt Mrs. Airnes C. 291 n Caroline 
Evatt Geo. police, 155 Preston 
Everett Andrew, drayman, 124 Son)erset 
Everett Francis R. shoepolisher, 209 Saratoga 
Everett Fred'k, sr. 50 Holland 
Everett Fred'k, bootfiitcr, 50 Holland 
f]verelt James, lumber wagons, 119 s Chapel 
Everett John T. mariner, 155 s Chapel 
Everett Thos. H. inspector C. H. 119 s Bond 
Everett Wui. 72 n Eden 

Evergreen .\ugust, cigarmaker, 276 s Kutaw 
Everhiirdt Joseph, shoemaker, 10 e Pratt 
Kverh'ut Edward .M. salesman, 92s Howard 
Everhart Elise, laborer, 92 Ilarrison. Canton 
Everhart Geo. machinist, 27 Miller 
Everhart Geo. G. salt-sman, 120 Mulberry 
Everhart Mrs. .Martin, 92 s Howard 
Everhart Muhley, cabinetmaker. 294 Light 
Everhart .Mrs. Nancy, 120 MuU)erry 
Everhart Win. cabinetmaker, 203 s Paca 
Evering Bernard, 91 s Wolfe 
f]verist Mrs. Frances A. seamstress, 49 Granb}- 
Everisl James, ropemaker, 416 Orleans 
Everist John M. cooper, 103 n Hollidav, dw 

74 s High 
Everist Jno.W.carp.9 nSharp,dw iy2Myrtleav 
Everist John, shoemaker. 131 s Bethel 
Everist Josejdi, cooper, 377 e Fayette 
Everit Emma, tailoress, 153 Gou;«li 
Everit .Maii;i, tailoress, 153 Gough 
Everit Robert, laborer, 75 Elliott 
Everit t Francis A. clerk, 177 Bane 
Everitt Peter, huckster, 29 L Church 
Everitt Thos. S. harnessmaker, 17 7 Barre 
Everline Aug. jr. turner, Canton av nr Wolfe 
Everline Sophia, dressmaker, 9 s Greene 
Evers Henry W. shoemaker, 228 B.ittery av 

Eversman Fred'k, 81 s Bond 
Eversman Fred'k. jr. musician, 81 s Bond 
Eversman John F. clerk, 309 s Charles 
Eversman John G. provisions, 3n9 s Charles 
Eversman Lf)uis, confectioner, 309 s Charles 
Eversman Wni. clerk, 309 s Charles 
Eversmeir Fred'k. driver, 52 Patterson Parkav 
Eversnieir Fred. jr. driTer,52 Patterson Park av 
Eversmeir Hy. blacks'h, 52 Patterson Park av 
fiverwine .Mrs. Christiana, nurse, 23 Oxford 
EYITT & RRO. (R. and J. Eviit) wholesale 

shoe nianufs. over 346 w Baltimore 
Evitt Geo. police, 155 Preston 
Evitt Jiimcs. huckster, 103 Hamburg 
Evitt John, (E. k Bro.) 271 w Fayette 
Evitt Robt. (E. & Bro.) 214 n Republican 
Evitt Thos. laborer, 13 H(.lland 
Evoy .Mrs. Ellen. ,m Park av 
Evoy John, huckster. 29 St. Miiry 
Evoy John, (Roller <|- Co.) 29 St. Marv 
Evroin Samuel, laborer, 144 Druid Hill av 
Evvald Louis, canmaker, 189 n Bethel 
Ewald Martin, grinder and polisher, Uhler's al, 

dw 235 w Pratt 
Ewaldt August, (Jas.MyercV Co ) 105 Penna ar 
Ewalt Araminta, 34 n Pop|iletoii 
Evvalt Geo. clerk, 48 u Ann 
Ewalt Geo. clerk, Llod nr Baltimore 
Ewalt Henry, clerk. 48 n Ann 
Ewalt John C. laborer, 195 n Bethel 
Ewalt John E. 32 Stockton al 
Ewalt John H. (Towles Bros & Co.) 13 s Ann 
Ewalt Lewis, canmaker. 186 n Bethel 
Ewalt M. 235 w Pratt 
Ewalt Samuel A. can factory, 56 German, dw 

74 n Poi)pl«-ton 
Ewe Adolph, carpenter. 59 Monroe 
Ewell Edward, machinist, 121 German 
Ewell John, (Jean, E. & Co.) 121 German 
Ewell Rev. John E. F. 400 Light 
Ewell Thos. sliipsniilh, 24 J'oultney 
Ewens John F. Ixiokkeeiier, 142 s Broadway 
Evvers Aug. picture frames, Orleans and Wolf* 
Ewig John, laborer, 88 s Caroline 
Ewig John, restaurant, 869 w Baltimore 
Ewing Elizabeth, 451 Fr^.nklin 
Ewing Doctress Emma C. 352 n Ga}- 
Ewing Saml. T. te.icher, 352 n G ly 
Ewing Thos. S. clerk, 318 .\isquith 
Ewing Thos. W. agent Methodist Protestant 
publications, over 12 n (iay. dw 318 Aiscjuith 
Excelsior Steam Forge Wcuks Watson .<: Otto, 
proprietors, Locust Point [_See Advtrtiseinenl] 
J)xchange Building, 55 Second 
Exchange Readini: Rooms, new Exch. build- 
ings, entrance Second and Lombard, Geo. U. 
Porter, prop'r 
Exchange Salesroom, Exch. buildings. 55 Sec- 
ond, Geo. U. Porter, prop'r 
Exetei-St. .M. E. (jhurch, Exeter nr Gay 
E.xeter Hall, Exeter n of Baltimore 
Exler John, laborer, O'Donnell nr Eastern ht 
Express Freight and Market Line, H. S. Bur- 

gesser, agent, 199 North 
Eye and I']ar Infirmary, L()nibard and Green* 
E,\erly Jacob, canmkr, 39 China 
Eyerly Mary, 75 Dawson al 
Eyerly Win. S. canmkr. 293 McHenry 
Eyler Henry, lab. Hampden 
Evil (Jco. P. machinist, 730 w Baltimore 
Eyrintr Adolph, lali. 83 s Bethel 
Eyte Geo. clerk, 65 s Regesler 

At Centra l Stables, 111 Lexi ngton, C. H. Bredeme yer 

^~~EYT 187 

Eytinge Eli L.(K. & H. Eytinge) 39 n Howard 
Eytinge Henry, (K. & H. Eytinge)39 n Howard 
Evliuge E. & H. dry goods, 165 a Gay 

Faaley Michael, lab. 18 Lemraon 

Faber Bernard, grocery, IGO s Charles 

Faber Ellen, 169 e Lombard 

Faber George, bookbinder and stationer, 342 w 

Faber Henry, jr. tinplate maker. 60 3 Durham 
Faber Henry, laborer, 60 s Durham 
Faber Henry, cook, 2b7 Lee 
Faber Henry, stoves, 275 s Charles 
Faber Henry, tailor, 70 Leadenhall 
Faber John, carpenter, 156 Elliott 
Faber Mrs. Reka, 468 Canton av 
Fabrill Francis J. blacksmith, 394 e Fayette 
Fabrill Henry J. blacksmith, 394 e Fayette 
Face Chas. H. carpenter, 683 w Pratt 
Fach August, pianomaker, 202 Stirling 
Fach Jacob, shoemaker, 155 w Fayette dw 150 

Q Eutaw 
Fach Jacob, shoemaker, 40 Marion 
Fachal Geneva, 209 Hanover 
Fachey Tlios. tailor, 30 Hillen 
FAGIL'S GUSTAVUS, teacher and prest. Ger- 

inan Orphan asylum, 34 s High 
Facius Leopoldine, music teacher, 34 s High 
Fadura Fred'k, machinist, 244 s Sharp 
Faduiu Louis, machinist, 244s Sharp 
Fader ('has. slujeuiaker, 147 e Madison 
Fader Louis, shucker, 244 s D 
Faehsin^ Henry, tailor, 76 s High 
Faethe Gulfrled, cuachmaker. 136 e Lombard 
Fag:iu Hugh, wagoner, 259 e Madison 
Fagan Robt. drayman, 237 Columi)ia 
Fagan Robt. jr. clerk, 237 Columbia 
Fagan Willie U. clerk, 50 n Liberty 
Eager Jos. carpenter, 450 w Loiubard 
Eager Jos. engineer, Elliott nr Robinson 
Fagret Alfred, clerk, 40 n Charles 
Fagret Francis, carpenter, 30 New Church 
Fagret .Madame L. Guillioud, hair dresser 40 n 

Fague John, inspectr. C. H. 152 n Exeter 
f ague Wm. cabinetmaker, 152 n Exeter 
Faliey Jas. laborer, 484 Sarntoga 
Fahey Jas. laborer, 37 Hill 
Fahey Jas. laborer, «3 Goodmin al 
Fahs.-y John, laborer, 2o O.vt'ord 
Fahey John, shipjoiiier, 159 Bank 
Fahey John T. driver, 172 Franklin 
Fahey Jos. carpenter, 63 Frederick av 
Fahey Marcus, laborer 393 s Charles 
Fahey Maiiin, liackman, 4 Oxford 
Fahey .Michael, laborer, 71 York 
Faliey Michael, laborei', 151 Aliceanna 
Fahey iHchael, laltorer, 4 O.xford 
Fahey Patrick, coach[)ainter, 31 Foster al 
Fahey Patrick, laborer, Cathedral e.xt 
Fahey Richard, laborer, 223 Hamburg 
Fahey Thos. clerk, 484 Saratoga 
Fahle John, tailor, 90 n Ann 
Fahlen Chas.H.( F.&Olilendorf )170n Schroeder 
Fahn John, laborer, Eastern av ext 
Fahiier Jacob, cooper, 127 .Mullikin 
Fahner Jos. laborer, 186 s Ann 
I Fahnestock Albert, clerk, Madison av nr Druid 
I Hill Park 
I Fahnestock Edward, clerk, 205 Lanvale 




Flour, Grain, ^^eeds, &c. 


CoXslANTLV f'ln s \;.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Fahnestock Derick, (D.F. & Co.) Madison ar 

nr Druid Hill Park 
FAHNESTOCK D. & CO. (D. Fahnestock, C. 
Brooks )bankers and brokers,6 North, Frank- 
lin building 
Fahnestock Geo. W. wholes, millinery goods, 

over 240 w Baltimore, dw 553 w Fayette 
Fahnestock Helen, 166 w Biddle 
Fahnestock Sevmour, clerk, 94 Saratoga 
Fahnhopp Johii, shosmaker, 169 s Caroline 
Fai Valentine, laborer, 432 Canton av 
Faid Henry, laborer, 420 Light 
Faid John, tinner, 420 Light 
Fair Alexander, shoemaker, 202 L. Hughes . 
Fairall Mrs. At ha. 58 s Ann 
Fairall Mrs. EliZiibeth, 186 German 
Fairall Geo. E. moulder, 237 George 
Fairall Geo. E. jr. machinist, 237 George 
Fairall Geo. E. laborer, 186 German 
Fairall John B. weaver. Mt. Vernon mills 
Fairall Waller .1. laborer, 186 German 
Fairall Wra. E. salesman, 42 St. Peter 
Fairall Wm. H. blacksmith, Pacaand St. Peter, 

dw 42 St. Peter 
Fairall W. H. blacksmith, 354 Mullierry 
Fairbank Andrew J. agent Mt. Clare, 395 w 

Fairbank Chas. A. teacher. 78 s Ann 
Fairbank Charles, agent Md. Soap Stone Co. 

181 German 
Fairbank Mrs. Eliza J. 78 s Ann 
Fairbank Geo. K. bricklay.r, 377 Franklin 
Fairbank Francis M. (Riky & F.) 309 e Balti- 

Fairbank Henry T. carpenter, 325 Franklin 
Fairbank James, 12 s Exeter 
Fairbank John, conductor, 322 Saratoga 
Fairbank John F. clerk, 106 w Fayette 
Fairbank John R. clerk, 322 Saratoga 
Fairbank Martha, 257 e .Madison 
Fairbank Thos. J. bookk'r, 244 Druid Hill nr 
FA1RB.\NKS & CO"S scale warehouse, 166 

w Baltimore. Geo. H. Gillman, agent. [See 

Fairbanks Edward, (F. & Ray,) 20 s Chester 
F'airbanks & Ray, (Edward Fairbanks. Alfred 

Rav,) shipsiniths, cor Point and Block, and 

Mill rear of 115 McElderr^'s \\hf 

Joshua Horner. Jr. Ma nnfac'r and Com. Merchant, 




Fairbanks James H. carpenter, 34 n Wolfe 
Fairbanks Rebecca, 257 e Madison 
Fairbanks Samuel II. shiiijoiner, 34 n Wolfe 
Fairbanks T. J. bookkeeper. 242 Druid Hill av 
Fairbanks Wm. J. police, 8 Russell 
Fairchild Feidinand, cutter, 255 e Biddle 
FAIRCHILD MRS. R. C. proprietress Northern 

Central hotel, s e cor Calvert and Franklin, 

and American hotel, n w cor Franklin and 

Frtirchilds Fanny, 162 n Howard 
Fairfrt.\ A. C. clerk, 60 n Liberty 
Fairfax Mrs. Eliza M. 60 n Liberty 
Fairfax Edward, clerk, 60 n Liberty 
Fairfax Julian, clerk, Co n Liberty 
Fdirley Thtnn;is, moulder, 120 Duncan al 
Fairley Thomas, florist, 220 Druid Hill av 
Fairman Geo. B. machinist, 119 n Eden 
Fairnian Gibson W. machinist, over 77 n Front, 

dw 320 Eden 
Faiinian John H. printer, 40 Ensor 
Faistcnhamer Bernard, tobacconist, 131 Forrest 
Fait John, fancy poods, 78 Park 
Faithful Eduard J. bricklayer, 96 Myrtle av 
Faithful Dr. Joseph, 218 Mulberry 
Faithful II. G. bricklayer, 92 Myrtle av 
Faithful Peter, machinist, 611 \v Louibard 
Faithful Richard, bricklayer, 62 n Pine 
Faitz John, teacher, 354 Canton av 
Falck Adolph, laborer, 30 s Burke 
Falck Casper W. jr. clerk, 32 s Care}' 
Falck Casjier W. sr. porter, 32 s Carey 
Falck Conrad, tailor, 110 s Durham 
Falck Klizaheih, giocery, 78 s Chapel 
Falck Geo. M. watchman, 281 Hanover 
Falck Jacob, carpenter, 78 s Chapel 
Falck John B. clerk, 35 n Eutaw 
Falck Lewis, cigarmaker, 32 s Carey 
Falck Nicholas, salesman, 32 s Carey 
Falck \\ m. C. clerk, 32 s Carey 
Falconer Alex. sr. 3 McCulloh' 
Falconer Alex. jr. clerk, 3 .McCulloh 
Falconer Mrs. John, 3 McCulloh 
Falconers. B. clerk, 66 St. Paul 
Fak-s Albert, wall scraper, 118 n Bond 
Faks lieiij. R. mariner, 134 s Ann 
Fales Chas. R. carpenter, 134 s Ann 
Fales KLenezer C. mariner, 118 s Bond 
Fales Geo. E. moulder, 45 n Central av 
Fales James 11. carpenter, 154 e Baltimore 
Fales James T. mariner, 134 s Ann 
Fales Joseph A. mariner, 134 s Ann 
Fales .Michael, stonemason, 11 Sterrett 
Fales Wm. G. papei hanger, 193 n Caroline 
Falger John, shoemaker, 124 St. Peter 
Falk .Mis. Anna, coniecliouer,s , 483 w Pratt 
Falk .Mrs. Catherine. 483 w Pratt 
Falk Geo. clerk, lu3 Leadenhall 
Falk John G. druggist, lOii Leadenhall 
Falk John .M. sr. 483 vv Pratt 
Falk J'uhn .M. pianomaker, 483 w Pratt 
Falk John P. cooper, 103 Leadenhall 
Falk Utto, watchmaker, 7s Grindall 
Falk U ni. C. salesman, 251 e Monument 
Falke Jacob, carpenter, .88 s Chapel 

Falkenstein & Weinmann, (F. Falk- 
enstein, J. Weinmann,) marble 
cutters and tombstone cutters, 4 
and 6 n Fi'ont. 

Falkenstein Fred'k, (Falkenstein & Weinmann) 

122 (,'onway 
Fall Peter, huckster, 449 Saratoga 
Fallan Patrick, laborer, 69 s Schroeder 
Fallan Wm. mariner, 347 s Sharp 
Fallin & Eubank, (J. H. Fallin, G. F. Eubank) 

genl. com. merch'ts, 17 Patterson 
Fallin J. H. (F. & Eubank) Merchants hotel 
Fallon Annie, teacher, 121 llaifordav 
Fallon Bernard, tavern, Ensor and Forrest 
Fallon Mrs. Bridget, butter, 129 s Regester 
Fallon Mrs. Catherine, 121 Harford av 
FALLUN & HENNEMAN, (J C. Fallan, J. G. 

Heunenian, ) stoves, ranges and furnaces, and 

plumbing, 14Pennaav 
Fallon .lames, carpenter, Franklin ext 
Fallon James, laborer, 18 Valley 
Fallon James, laborer, 28 Guilford al 
Fallon John, tinner, 68 George 
Fallon John C. (F. &Hennenjan,) 68 George 
Fallon John, laborer, 45 Woodyear 
Fallon John, 7 Etting 
Fallon John, laborer, Franklin ext 
Fallon Luke, caipeuter, 86 n Front 
Fallon Malachi, stonecutter, 2o2 Madison av 
P'allon Mary, 86 n Front 
Fallon Michael, grocery, 32 Douglass 
Fallon Thos. J. mess. Adams exp. 329 s Regester 
Fallon V\ m. J. moulder, 86 n Front 
Falls .Moor N. 147 Bolton 
P'alls -M. S. clerk, Adams express office 
Falter John F. morocco finisher, 127 Low 
Falters Mrs. Mary, hucksiress, 127 Low 
Faltuer Louis, laborer, 18 Clements 
Famback Andiew, laborer, 132 McHenry 

Famback Mrs. 63 Bank 

Fancher S. (S. Fancher & Co.) 95 Saratoga 
Fancher S. & Co. (Smith Fancher, Samuel C. 

Brown.) storage and forwarding, Winau's 

oil depot 
Fanghotf Philip, laborer, 136 Duncan al 
Fangnieyer John, (Fangmeyer & Jdoil,) Balti- 
more nr (iilmor 
FANGMhVKR & DOLL, (J. Fangmeyer, L. 

Z. Doll,) flour and com. merchs. 49 and 51 s 

Fankhanel Henry, tobacconist, 198 Lexington 
Fannin Clement, laborer, 166 Chesapeake 
Fannin John, hackman, 30 e Lombard 
Fannon Luke, laborer, 6 Hubbard al 
Fannon Michael, laliorer, 182 East 
Fannon Thos. «atchman, 12 Gould la 
Fanshaw C^ileb W. stonecutter, 148 n Eutaw 
Fansliaw Mrs. Mary A. 148 n Eutaw 
Fanshaw Tully, bricklayer, 148 n Eutaw 
Fantom I'^lizatjeth, 2 Bloodgood ct 
Fantom Margaret, 2 Bloodgood ct 
Fantom Wm. F. watchman, 2 Bloodgood ct 
Faolner Frank, tailor, 2l6Hollins 
Farber George, helper, 231 Bevan 
Farber Henry J. (Stellmann, Hinrichs & Co.) 

Farber House, James B.Duke prop'r, 175 North 
Farber John H. (John H. F. & Co.) s e cor 

North and Pleasant 
FARBEN JOHN H. & CO. (John H. Farber, 

Charles Bajiiman, ) groceries and liquors, s i 

cor North and Pleasant 
Farber Lewis, coojier, l&O s Bethel 
Farber -Martin II. traveling agt. 52 s Eutaw 
Farber Soi)liia M. trimming.*', 173 Aisquith 

Offices. 54 S. Ga y, and Cor 



Cliew and Stirling-. 

Farber Win. clerk, 173 Aiiquiih 

Fardwcll .Mrs. Charlottf, tnilores.?, tri Hciiru' 

Fanlwell .Mrs. Surah; se.uiistress, 'J'i Willia 

son al 
Fardv -Mrs. Emily J.n-'.. vWooiiall i 71 .M.Cull 
Fardy & Wooda'U. ( K. J. Fardy. Win. K.Wc^f 

all) shiphuildera and marine railway?, ft 

.Montgomery and cor llnj:lie< andCovingi' 

and shipchaiidlers. .S3 Hu:j:lie? 
Fardy xMatthew J. I(i8 s Sliar]) 
Farini,' John, l'.i3 e .Monuintni 
Farin^'or Chas. H. 41)7 n Fremont 
Farinjicr Chas. H. jr. 41>7 n Fremont 
Farinholt Eugene, salesman, "JiJ.S .S.traio;_'a 
F-uiaiid Daniel, carter, 74 lleni-ieita 
Farland Daniel \V. carter. 7 4 Henrietta 
Farland John, lab. .Sarah Ann nr ( tret^on 
Farland John F. sailmaker. ^\ .Smith's whf. 

IGl ]>ol[drm 
Farland \Vm. sailmaker, 'Jul e F.iyet'e 
Farley Alice, 23G Lemmon ai 
Farley James, stove niouMer, i'Jo I)iini;aii a 
Farley .Mar^raret, groeery. IJo Dnncan al 
FarleV Mary, nurse, llollins nr .Mount 
Fiirley .Michael, lai). 15 Bank 
Farley .Michael, brickhiyer. :;l Harford av 
F\-irley 'i'honias, stonemason. .'M Haifoni av 
Farley Tliomas, moulder. 1:^0 al 
Farley Thomas jr. moulder, IJo Duncan al 
Farley Wm. tnilor. o.:', n Howard 
Farlow I ugh, tobacconist. 1_'7 s liroadway 
Farlow John T. ma^i.~trate. Hunk and ISro 

way, dw 13 s Broadway 
Farmer IJernard, lab. yj Stirling 
Farmer James, bookkeeper, ".ri .Stirliuir 
Farmer James F. bookkeeper, '.<'! .Stirling 
F.irmer John, lab. 92 Stirling 
Farmer John, mariner, 1' Lane-aster 
Farmer Patrick, brass tinis ler. 'jj vStirling 
Farmer .Mrs. Philip, ehinu. 111 n Ihjwaid 
Farmer Terrence, grocery, 'J2 Stirling 
Farnier in-. Wm. dentist. 37 s Eden 
Farmer Wm. lali. 147 .Albemarle 

1>.\NK, n w eur South and Lomiiard 




arnan Hernard, coope:'. 184 (Ioul'Ii 
artian James 1. clerk, l-o llMiiovei' 
arnan John, lab. 384 s Charles 
iirnan Thomas F. lieut. [lolicc, -Ji;?! Hanorer 
'arnandis Geo. G. clerk, 13 n C.ii-'v 
aniandis Dr. Geo. G. physician at Mayview 
Asylum, 59 w Fayette, dw 13 n C.irev 
arnandis Walter jr. attorney. 59 w- Fayette. 
dw 13 n Carey 

arnchill Mrs. .Margaret E. bnarding. 8 e Bal- 
'arnbacher Mrs. Dora. !S Pe leh al 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

( K.ii: -vi.k 
Clover, Timothy Seed, &o. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

I'arnlKiclier John, cooper, l^ Peaeli .ii 
Farnen (,'. T. cV Co. I C. T. k P. F.uiien j gro- 
cers. 3io .Uiceani;a and 2i Boston 
Farnen Chas. T. (C. T. F. A" Co.j ■J."..') s t'he-ier 
FiLrnen I'eter, ( c! T. F. X Cn.) A\'.) e L'imbard 
l''arns«orih Jo5e|,h H. baggagemaster. i.'alvei-i 
.Station, liw '/eiii n Howard 
l^"'' I'aron Henry, lab. rear !>; <' 
l-'aron .Michael, lab. 33 e .Monument 
Far'iuhar (jeo. A. 'JS ( 'h;it.-worih 
l'ari|uli.a Wm. P. clerk, 4 n Greene 
' Fitrquharson .\lrs. .\nn, 4'.' e Lombard 

Fai'i'iliai-sou Francis L. saddles and liarnesi?, 7 

s (/alvert, dw 184 Saratoga 
Far(iuliar.Mjii John It.i F,.v Pollard i 7 McElderry 
l"ari|uhai-son John F. clerk. 7 .Mei-;iderry 
Farquharson iV PoUaril. .1. D. l-'arqiiharson. C. 
I;. Pollard )^en. vum. merelus. 2 llowly's whf 
I'arr Alexander, lali. 11 Wolfe 11 of Monumenl 
Farr Andrew J. lab. 1 Webb 
l-"ari' Josepii. lire denariment. 370 e Madison 
id- Farr Jos. hiiclxster, 11 Wolfe n <d" .Monument 
i'^arr .Mi's. .Samuel, 11 Wolte 11 of Monuuieut 
Farr.ili .•"•tanislaiis. notions. 170 e Eager 
I l-'arran Amiel. moulder, ls!l .Stirling 
! I'arian Joseph !•'. salesman. i>i P.aire 
1 Fariell Barnev. mariner. 2 West Falls av 
I Farrell Bridget, cook, ls*j 11 Calvert 
I Farrell Catherine. cot;fectioner\', si .Mosher 
I Farrell Edw.ud. lab. 41 s Wolfe 

Farrell Edwin, maehini.^t, 337 (jeorge 

Farrell Ellen. Isij e .Monument 

Farrell Janres. gasfitter. 7 Perry 

Farrell .1 unes. v.atchmari. 13 Winters al 

Farrell .leremiaii. lab. 7 Carlton 

Farrell .lohn, stonecutter, II Hawk 

Far. --ell John, shoenuiker. 113 w Biddle 

Farrell John, lab 112 Cooksie 

F.irrell John, bl.icksmith. 12.-3 s Chester 

Farrell John, collector. 332 e Clia.-e 

Fairell Joseph, iab. 7 7 Vork 

Farrell Julia, 2 West Fall; av 

F.irrell .Matthew, marljie iiilislier, 15S Franklin 

Farrell .Mar:;aret, 104 Preston 

Farrell Michael, lab. :, Oxford 

Farrell .Michael, butcher. 40 Haw 

Farrell .Michael, lab. 3(7 Smith 

Farrell .Michael, mariner. 2 West Falls av 

Farrell Pairiek. mirlile polisher. I04 Preston 

Farrell Patrick II. pidice. I.") Stiles 

Fariell Percy, coaciimaker, Pine nr George 

Farrell Peter, waiter, 13o Vine 

Farrell Peter, lafi. h Hubbard al 

Farrel; Roberl, mariner, 2 We-t Falls av 

Farrell Pose, nurse, 117 w .Madison 

Farrell Wm. re.--t,uirant. s e cor Holliilay an'l 

Fayette, dw 212 Peirce 
F'arrell WinifreiJ, grocery, 7 Carlion 
Farrell Jno.S.( J.S.Farren.vt.'o. ; lo:;s Broadw.aj 
FAUi;E.N J. S. k C(». (J. S. and Wm. Farren) 

oyster packers, cor Aliceanna and Boston 
Farren Wm. [.\. S. Farren .j- Co.) 384 e Pra»t 

C arriages of all descrip tions, Sleigh s. Sa d dle H or ses, & c, 
FAR 190 FEH 

Fdrrinp; Lewis, cloth cutter, 134 w Pratt 
Farringer Mrs. Mary E. dressmaker, 58 s Bond 
Farriiigtun James, laborer, 7 McCleary ct 
Farrinholt Eugene, salesman, "208 Saratoga 
Farrior Henry, salesman, 5 Biilderston 
Farris B. o\ sters, 171 w Pratt 
Farrow Mrs Catherine A. board'g. 15G\v Lom- 
Fafrow Kdward G. jr 156 w Lombard 
Farry Conrad, bsiker, cor Bond and Jefferson 
Farson Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 s Ann 
Fartherly Joseph, clerk, 30 Fawn 
Farson John S.(Cook & Farson )a 14 McDonough 
Faucelt Frank, upholsterer, 44 e Baltimore 
Faul Chas. tinner, 8,3 Albemarle 
Faul Giistav. printer, 82 e Lombard 
Faulac Ella J. teacher, 256 Aisqulth 
Faulac Mrs. .Maria, 256 Aisqiiith 
Fauldrath Christopher, bottler, 32 s Dallas 
Fauldrath Conrad, shoemaker, 32 s Dallas 
Faulkner Alfred B. (Baker, BrufiF & Co.) 321 

Druid Ilillav 
Faulkner Mrs. Angelina, Eager nr Charles 
Faulkner Bascum, salesman, 128 Jefferson 
Faulkner Benj. lab. 70 Rue 
Faulkner Eldridge, clerk, 128 Jefferson 
Faulkner Mrs. II. 14 Hammond al 
Faulkner James, lab. 86 Y'ork 
Faulkner John, lab. 101 Peach al 
Faulkner John, teacher, 100 Penua av 
Faulkner Keuben C. carp. 204 Montgomery 
Faulkner Thos. huckster, 153 s Regester 
Faulkner Thos. M. grocery, 128 Jefferson 
Faulkner Willie G. 38j w'Baltimore 
Faulstich A. tailor, rear 20 Bevan 
Faulstich Mrs. Carrie, hairdresser, 236 e Pratt 
Faulstich Gustave, tailor, 153 Canton av 
Faulstich John, cabinetmaker, 236 e Pratt 
Faulstich Nicholas, wheelwr't, Franklin house 
Fauntleroy Henry H. (Haskell, Lyon & Co.) 

63 Courtland 
Faupel Jacob, tailor, 152 n Caroline 
Faust P'rank, shoemaker, 16 Barnes 
Faust Fredk. grocery, 1.S8 s Bond 
Faust Hy. (J Faust,Bro. & (;o.)651 \v Lombard 
FAU8TJ.BR-U.&C0.(John Faust, H. Faust,H. 

Hohman) boots, shoes, &c. 318 w Baltimore 
Faust John, (J.,Bro.& Cii.)299 Le.\ington 
Faust Joseph, carp. 287 e Eager 
Fauslman Annie .\I. tobacn'st, 40 s Republican 
P'avier John, millwright, 415 Lexington 
Favier Peter A. machinist, Point la nr Aisquith 
Favier Susan, shoes, 415 Lexington 
Fawcet Lucy, school, cor McCulloh and Pres- 
ton, dw 2 Adams 
Fawcet Dr. Chri-stopher, resd't physician Union 

Prot. Infirmary, 93 Mosher 
Fawcus Catherine, huckstress, 28 Anthony 
Fawcus Jolin W. huckster, 28 Anthony 
Fawkes Mrs. Frances, 381 Saratoga 
Fawsett Asbury F. cattle broker, 3 n Carey 
Faxon Mrs. Ambrosia, 156 n Howard 
Fay Chas. J. canmaker, 127 s Central av 
Fay Chas. stoves, tinware, &c. 139j}ank 
Fay Mrs. Elizabetii, 211 n Exeter 
Fay Fordyce, insjj'r ofleather, 369 e Baltimore 
Fay Dr. Geo. W. 283 e Baltimore 
Fay Geo. painter, 37 McHenry 
Fay Geo. VV. clerk, 48 Centre Market sp 
Fay Henry, clothier, 48 and 50 Centre .Mkt sp 
Fay John C. attorney, 75 w Fayette, dw 289 
Hollins i 

I'^ay John T. clerk, 87 s Washington 

Fay J()se])h, carpenter, 1 Race 

Fay Joseph J. clerk, 48 Centre Market sp 

Fay Lawrence, cigarmaker, 19 s Washington 

Fay Scott, gilder, Brown's hotel 

Fay Thos. W. pipemaker, 21 s Washington 

Fay Winficld S. framemaker. Brown's hotel 

Fay Wni. lab. 72 Centre .Market sp 

Faye Jas. R. salesman, 234 Linden av 

Fayette-st M. E. Church, Fayette nr Fremont 

Feast John E. (Samuel Feast & Sons) n e cor 

Franklin and Gilmor 
FEAST JOHN, florist, 295 Lexington 
Feast Linnajus, 327 n Eutaw 
Feast Loudon, 295 Lexington 
Feast Mrs. M. L. music teacher, 327 n Eutaw 
FEAST SAMUEL & SONS, (John E. Feast) 
florists and nurserymen, n w cor Franklin 
and Gilmor, and 55 n Charles 
Feast Mrs. Samuel, u c cor Franklin and Gilmor 
Feather Michael, iron worker, 298 Eastern av 
Fecher Joseph, engineer, Boston e of Clinton 
Fecher Julius, stevedore, 39 s Regester 
Fecher Margaret, Boston e of (Jlinton 
Fecher Philip, hostler, Boston e of Clinton 
Fechtig Geo. F. druggist, n w cor Fayette and 

Central av 
Fedik-man Mrs. Mary A.groc'y,311 e Lombard 
Feddeman Richd.C. painter, 311 e Lombard 
Fedder John, tailor, 1 1 1 e Lombard 
Feddis L. lime. Merchants hotel 
Federleicht Abraham, cloths, &c. 161 Lexing- 
ton, dw 27 s Eutaw 
Federleicht Jacob, clerk, 27 s Eutaw 
Federleicht Lewis, clerk, 27 s Eutaw 
Fedou Francis, tailor, 107 n Calvert 
Fee Caleb, machinist, Clifton nr the Park 
Fee Henry, expressman, 85 Hollins 
Fee Jacob sr. machinist, 134 Stockton 
Fee Jacob jr. express driver, 81 Hollins 
Fee Jas A. conductor, 119 Camden 
Feehan Mrs. Martha, boardinsr, 299 F^astern av 
Feehan Patrick, lab. 3 Willow 
Feeherley Patrick, lab. 119 Elliott 
Feehley Janus, lab. 259 Forrest 
Feehley Wni. lab. ('linton s of Elliott 
Feelemyer Griflith, clrk. Second adj. Postofficc 
Feelemyer Joseph F. clerk, Hookstown rd 
Feenan Kate, dressmaker, 48 Preston 
Feenan Mrs. Margaret, 18 Preston 
Feeney Catherine, laundress, 139 Vine 
Feeney Francis, lab. Clinton s of Boston 
Feeney Geo. carpenter, 1(! Hammond al 
Feeney James, carpenter, 16 Hammond al 
Feeney Jerry, lab. 9 Guilford al 
Feeney Margaret, 16 Hammond al 
Feeney .Michael, laborer, 8 Slemmer al 
Fefel Geo. W. huckster, 154 George 
Fefel John, huckster, 513 w Lombard 
Fifel .Mrs. Joseph jr. restaurant, n e cor Balti- 
more and Strieker 
Fefel Joseph sr. 797 w Baltimore 
Fefill John, coppersmith and plumber, Oregon 

and Edmondson av 
Fefill John jr. coppersmith, Oregon and Ed- 
mondson av 
Fegen Elizabeth, 6 Spring-st ct 
Feglein (Miris. carpenter, 65 L. .McElderry 
Fell Fred, cabinetmaker, 128 e Fayette 
Feheler Geo. bakery, 22 Thomsen 
Fehle (JUas. tailor, 8 Baker's ct 
Fehle John, tailor, 90 n Ann 

AtCentral Stables. Ill Lexington. C. H. Bredemeyer 

Fehleiseii Chris. L. morocco dressiT, 45 Griinby 
Fehrinan Wm. 11. tailor, 218 e Chase 
Feliseiit't'ld Dicdricli, tobacconist, 09 e lialtiiiioie, 

d\v 62 
Fehseiifeld Lewis, tnhaccoiiist, 7 7 Thames 
Fehte Auijust, coach trimmer, H7 .Mhemark- 
Fehte Frederick, tailor, 3ii .Miteniarlt 
Feiclv Frederick, lal/orer, 2">7 s Sharp 
Fcick Henry, furniture, oo.S w Haltimure 
I'L-ick John, pianuniaker, 237 Lee 
I'eidler John, laborer, 19 Port 
I'l iertair Benj. teacher, 489 Saratoga 
Feig Adam, shoemaker, 121 Vine 
Feig Andrew, tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Fi-ig Ferd. tailor, 23 n Car(jline 

iLC George A. clerk t(jbacco wareliousc No. ,'), 
•^9 Light 
Irig Joseph, tailor, 6 n Greene 
I'rige Aui;ust 11. tavern, 49 n Frederick 
Fi-ige ('has. L. barkeeper, 49 n Fi'ederick 
Feige Frederick, restaurant, 3 Water 
Feige Frederick sr. 49 n Frederiik 
Feige Lewis, beer brewer, 49 n Fiederick 
Feij;e \Vni. bakery, 75 Bane 
Feiglein Joseph, potter, 46 s Regester 
Feih John, laOoier, 371 e Eager 
Feindt L. stove mounter, 2 Fountain 
Feindt Louis, blacksmiih, 2 Fonntain 
Feik Frederick, laborer, 2u5 s Sharp 
Feils John, polisher, 237 Lee 
Feinoiir Chas. clerk, 4;ttj \v Fayette 
Feinour Edward, l.')l w Biddle 
Feinour Robert, 082 Saratoga 
Feirhart Frederick, laborei'. 734 w J>ombard 
Feister Mrs. Sophi.i, confec'y, 291 s Bond 
Felber Edward, fancy goods, 193 s Broadway 
l-'cllier Louis, (L. F. iV- (."o.j fancy goods, 1G7 s 

li road way 
Felber Louis k Go, (L. Felber, C. T. Jackson) 

fancy goods and notions, 07 Hanover 
Felber .Simon L. sahsniau, 07 Hanover 
Feld Mary, 284 Aisquith 

Felde Geo. laborer, Wilkens nr Frederick av 
Felder Mrs. Catherine, 412 Eastern nr 
Felder Mis. R.>chel, I3l s Dallas 
Feldhaiis A. J. tobacii'st, 98 Light, dw 87 Lee 
Feldhaus Bernard, shoemaker, 305 Columbia 
KHldhaus Chas, P. restau'nt, 5 Centre -Market sp 
I'.'ldhaus JCberhard, salesman, 170 .Mullierry 
F. Idhaus F<rd. telegraphist, 28 e F'ayette 
I' dhaiis Feid. A. tobacconist, 2ii e Fayette 
i dhaus Fred'k, cigarmaker, 28 e Fayette 
I'eKlhaus Fred'k, restaurant, 31 w Fayette 
Feldhaus Henry, shueii'iaker, 3o5 Columbia 
Feldhaus John 11. clerk, 47 ileiirietta 
FcMhaus Jos. C. resianraut, 12 n High,dw 2G8 

I- Monument 
Iman Bernard, tailor, 239^ Gough 
Iman Bernard, brickmaker, 27 s Cannon 
Iman Christian, laiiorer, 115 Curley 
iman Daniel, musician, 20 Lloyd 
, .ilmaii Henry, laborer, 25 s C.innon 
Feldinan John, laborer, 172 s Regester 
Feldman ^I'S. John, 172 s Regester 
Feldman Joseph, tailor, 239^ Gough 
Feldman -Mrs. Mary, tobacco, 239.;^ Gough 
Feldman -Ma-x, laborer, 211 William 
Feldpusch Adolph, Uiilor, 21 Conway 
FELDPUSCH GEORGE, hair cutting,Bhaving, 

shampooing iind hair dyeing saloon, n e cor 

Howard and Camden 
Feldpusch Henry, (F. Jj- Grirso',.'G2 n Central av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


' "N~T\M I.V K.K SAI.K 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Eosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Feldpusch k Gruss, (H. Feldpuscli, W. Grus7) 

mcich tailors, 11 German 
Felili)usch Henry, tailor, 201 n Central av 
Feldpusch John, tailor, 1 Spring al 
Feldpusch John, liarber, 128 n Central av 
Felger Aloysins, hosiler. 15 Walnut al 
Feigner Edwd.L. elk Madison av nr.Xorihern av 
Feigner Fred. W. m.innf. tobacco. 90 and 92 s 

Charles, dw .Madison av nr Northern av 
Felher Edward laborer, 270 s Caroline 
Feli.x Peter, laborer, 227 Forrest 
Felker John, wheelwright, 22 s Dallas 
Fell Jacob, heljier, Bolton depot 
Fell John, 227 Harford av 
Fell .Mrs. Mary, 227 Harford av 
Fellemeyer Andrew, blacksmith, 127 n E.xeter 
Fellei; Casper, lager beer, 125 .McElderrv 
Feller Chas. cooper, s e cor (iough and Spring. 

dw Ills Caroline 
Feller Charles, canini'ker, 38 B.uik 
Feller Charles, laborer, 58 Gondii 
Feller Charles L. cooper, Ills Caroline 
Feller Geo. H. paperhanger. Homestead 
Feller Geo, restaurant, 38 Bank, and cooper, 

131 s Spring, dw 38 15a nk 
Feller Henr.\, driver, 125 .McElderry 
Feller Valentine, store, Homestead " 
Feller Wm. C. coo;)er. 111 s Caroline 
Fellers James, shoemaker, 04 s Sharp 
Fellheimer Jacob, millinery goods, 352 w I5al- 

timore and 31 n Howard, dw 31 n Howard 
Felling Eruest, filemaker, 121 n Bond 
Felling Henry, tailor, 121 n Bond 
Felling Henry jr. tailor, 121 n Hond 
Fellman John R. examiner ('. II. 92 nBroadwav 
Fells George, carpenter, 154 .Mulberrv 
Fells Point M. E. Chapel, cor Eastern av and 

Fellvock Frederick, mariner, 308 Alireanna 
Pels Lazarus, soap, 341 w Baltimore, dw SnPine 
Felser PhilipD.J .grocer,cor Biddle amlRegester 
Felter John, porter, 32 Bennett 
Felter Henru lai)orer, 5 .Snyder al 
Felter Henry jr. laborer, 5 .Snyder al 
Felth.ius Jos. C. restaurant. High nr F.ayette, 

dw 208 e .Monument 
Felihousen .Mrs. .Margaret, 252 Eastern av 
Feltner Chas. laborer, 40G Hanover 
Feltner Dora, grocery, 93 Fort :iv 
Feltner Frederick, laborer, 93 Fort av 
Feltrow Henry P. conductor. 114 n Bond 
Female Christian Home, Mrs. .Mary R. Cagsel,^, 

matron, 1 14 n Greene 
Femister John, machinist, 70 .Milliman 
Fenby Theodosia, dry goods, 137 n Gay 
Fench Frank, shoemaker, 97 Lancaster" 
Fendrich Chas, 38 n Liberty, dw 2 n Broadwaj 
Fendrich Davis, cooper, 183 Forrest 
Fendrich Francis, (White, F,, Jarboe A Co.)j2 

n Broadway 
Fendt Gustave, butcher, 21 Biddle al 
Fenetty Johanna, grocery, 71 Richmond 

For Cotton, Corn & Tobac co. H orner's Fartilizers, 

i92 FET 


Ftnev James, hackman, 108 J Elisor 

Ffnu;e John, tailor, 231 s Piicit 

Fenhageii Clias. D. bookkerj)er, 318 e Favctte 

Fenhagen Jms. C.(Whitela\v & F.)318e Fnyelte 

Fenhagcn Julm, stonecutter, 60 s Ann 

Fenikol IJenry, laborer, 233 s Ann 

Feniniore Kdw. L. (Wilson k F.) Philadelphia 

Feniniure Frank, (Wilson k F.) Philadeljihia 

Fenker Louis, shoemaker, IG n Pine 

Fennaiir John, laborer, 384 s Charles 

Fenne Bernard, blacksmith, 323 n Central av 

Fi-nncll Maurice, clerk, 85 Culumbia 

I'eunell Thus. F. chair painter, iri9 Jefferson 

l''e:inell ^'esley, lumber agent, Union dock, ilw 

42 Faun 
Feunell Win. clerk, 42 Fawn 
Fennemau Ferdiu'd, giocery, 375 e Baltimore 
Fennemaii Henry, clerk, 36 s Poppleton 
Fennemau John T. 4G4 Lexington 
Fennemau Susanna, grocer}-, 36 s Po[)pleton 
FENNKRUE(J. uoot and shoemkr, 280 w Pratt 
Fenner Henry, shoemaker, 235 Hamburg 
Fenner Henry, shoemaker, 23 Peach al 
Fenner lleury jr. shoemaker, 23 Peach al 
Fenner John 11. shoemaker, 174 u High 
Fenner Philip, shoemaker, 235 Hamburg 
Fenner Wm. H. coachsmilh, 23 Peach al 
Fennon Robert, clerk, 80 Hanover 
Fensley -Mrs. Louisa, boarding, 107 s Broadway 
Fensley Wm. inspector C. H. 107 s Broadway 
Feuion Aaron, (Drakeley & F.) 307 w Fayette 
Fentou Glenn A. clerk, 307 w Fa\ ette 
Fentou Jymes, huckster, 150 ii Caroline 
Fenton James, driver. 111 s Spring 
Fentou John, tailor, 110 Hollins 
Feuion .lohu, lalnorer, 98 L. Montgotuery 
Fenton John J. painter, UO HoUius 
Fentou .\Irs.Mary,seamstiess,;)8 L. Montgomery 
Fentou Wm. laborer, Clinton nr Buslou 
Fentou Wm.H. oil distiller, Boston and Clinton 
Fentress Geo. L. clerk, 219 Montgomery 
Fentress Wm. II. 219 Montgomery 
Fenvvick Henry A. bookkeeper, 44 Franklin 
l'\-iizel Frank, dry goods, 383 Peuna av 
Ferher Geo. laborer, Bolton depot 
Ferciot Emelie P. fluting and lace, 71 n Charles 
Ferdman Annie, confectioner, 223 Canton av 
Fergus W. C. liquors, 19 Light, dw InHJelFcrson 
Ferguson Mrs. Betsy, 284 w Fayette 
Ferguson .Mrs. Caroline, 217 St. Paul 
Ferguson Eliphalet, carp. 190 Greenniount av 
Ferguson Mrs. lOlizaheth, 101 n Fremont 
Ferguson Ferdinand, engineer, Pepper'.'^ hotel 
Ferguson Frank P. coremkr, Clinton nr Boston 
Ferguson C'enlry L. carpenter, 240 n Dallas 
Ferguson Geo. H., U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Ferguson Geo. H. 217 St. Paul 
Ferguson James, brickmaker, 332 William 
Ferguson James D. m iriuer, 54 s Chester 
Ferguson James I. carpenter, 26 Etting 
Ferguson James P. clerb, 356 s Sliarj) 
Ferguson James R. II. lal)orer, 252 e Madison 
Ferguson J. D. attorney, 32 Law Buildings, dw 

70 St. Paul 
FERGUSON J. IIE.VRY, real estate broker. SO 
• w Fayette, dw 168 Park 
Ferguson J. Henry jr. clerk, 168 Park 
Ferguson John, grocer, cor Bruiicand Franklin 
Ferguson John, fireman, 8 Lemmoii 
Ferguson John, shoemaker, 46 James la 
Ferguson Mrs. Lavinia, 56 s Dewberry al 
Ferguson Margaret, 263 e Madison 

Ferguson Mrs. Mary, 356 s Sharp 
Ferguson Matthew, 255 n Ciiarles 
FERGUSON ROBERT, boots and shoes, 314 n 

Ferguson .Mrs. Rhoda, 5-1 s Chester 
Ferguson Robert, freight agt;iit, N. C. R. 425 

Ferguson Samuel, carter, 22 Washington av 
Ferguson T. B. 192 n Charles 
Ferguson Thus, shoemaker, 19 Lexington 
Ferguson Virginia, teacher, Sharp nr Henrietta 
Ferguson Win. tinner, 17 s Re(nililican 
Ferguson Wm. (Hamilton k F.) 112 s Sharp 
Ferguson Wm. J. carpenter. 43 s Carey 
Ferguson VV^n J. papercarrier, 101 n Fremont 
Ferguson Wra. M. boilerinuker, 263 e Madison 
Fergusson Chas. sr. (F.,Tysi)n ifeCo.) 79 Bulton 
Fergusson ('has. jr. clerk, 79 Bolton 
Fergusson Nehemiah, 165 Orleans 
Fergusson, Tyson <^- Co. (C. Fergusson, TI. G. 

Tyson, A. J Palmer) wholesale grocers and 

com. merchants, 121 w Lombard 
Ferley John, laborer, Cathedral ext 
Ferman Louis, tailor, 1 40 e Fayette 
Fernau Ernest, 140 s Entaw 
Fernhaber Elizabeth, 16 Fountain 
Fernheimer Samuel, butcher, 21 Fell's Point 

market, dw 2i)4 Aliceanuii 
Feruing Clement, laborer, 41 Cannon 
Fernsner Frederick, laborer, 58 William 
Fernsner Lewis, glassflattener, 58 William 
Fernstein John, tailor, 67 s Castle 
Ferrandini Cipriano, hairdresser, Cilvert, under 

Barnuin's hotel, dw 250 e Baltimore 
Ferree Alex, shoemaker, 165 s Greene 
Ferrell Mrs. Charity, Clinton nr Boston 
Ferrell Elisha, ironmoulder. Clinton nr Boston 
Ferrey Dr. M. J., Turko-Riissiaii baths, 158 w 

Ferring Augustus, harnessinaker, 38 Milliman 
Ferris Baldus, fruit, Pratt and IloUingsworth, 

dw 171 w Pratt 
Ferris Jose[)li. musician, 87 s Gilmor 
Ferris Thomas, chionometermaker, 96 n Ann 
I<''erris Win. H. clerk, 60 Conway 
Ferry Daniel, carpenter, 191 n Exeter 
Ferry Hugh, stonecutter, 191 ii Exeter 
Ferry John W. carpenter, 709 w Lombard 
I'^crry John, 43 Lee 

Furry Wm. S. clerk, Fayett(> and Republican 
Fersch Elizabeth, grocery, 341 s Howard 
Ferschbeck John, lalairer, 393 Aliceanna 
Feschback Geo. laborer, 2 Hassell>erger ct 
Fessel John, t)rakenian, IW St. Mary 
Fesler Edward, china pacl<er, 135 JefTerson 
Fesliii John, l)lacksmith,301 s Caroline, dw 302 
Fessman Philip, confectionciy, 2 .Miller 
Fester David, coop -r, 80 Henrietta 
Fester John, police, 42 Liberty al 
Fesler Wm. laborer, Madison ur North 
Festerinau (vlias. ice wagon, .Maryland av 
l'\'lhe Herman, shoemaker, !3 Frederick av 
Felsch August, broomiuaker, 206 s Ann . 
Fetsch John M. stonecutter, 337 s Charles 
Felscli John T. stonecutter, 337 s l.'harles 
Fetsch Leonhaid, broommaker, 201 Orleans 
Fetsch Siism, 58 Rue 
Fetsch Valeniine, tanner, 20l Orleans 
Fette Henry, boot and shoem iker, 'Ii a Entaw 
Fetter (Jeu. shoemaker, Forrest and Low 
Fetter John, laborer, 99 Peach al 
Fetter Mrs. Magdalene, boarding, 99 Peach a I 

Offices, 5 4 S. G-ay, and Cor . Chew a nd Stirling. 



Fetter Martin, tiiilor, 44 s Bethel 
Fetter Miirtin, tailor, 113 e Lombard 
Fetters Jcihn F. carpenter, 164 Canton av 
Fetling Anton H. jeweler, 169 e Haltimore 
Feuchter Joseph, shoemaker. 238 s Dallas 
Feudge Mrs. Fanny R. 85 Bolton 
Feuerbaum John, tavern, 55 Centre Market sp 
Feiierbaum John F. cigarmaker, 55 Centre 

Market sp 
Feuerstine Lewis, cooper, 59 Johnson 
Feus Adam, laborer, 150 Choptank 
Feus Theodore, shoemaker, 199 Aliceanna 
Feuss Andrew C. bookkeeper, 162 s Paca 
Feuss Henry 0. bookkeeper, 168 Paca 
Fey Ferdinand, tailor, 8 n Chapel 
Fey Gustave, pianomaker, 26 Jasper 
Fiani Patrick, laborer, 6 James la 
Fichtenbiner Frederick, laborer, 41 Abbot 
Fichtenbiner Rosanna, e Monument ext 
Ficht Achatius, confectioner, 21 n Paca 
Fick August A. music teacher, 73 s Greene 
Fick Charles, porter, 88 s Bethel 
Fick & Chase, (E. Fick, S. Chase) oyster 

packers, 10 Columbia 
Fick Edward, jr. clerk, 128 Barre 
Fick Edward, (F. & Chase) 291 w Pratt 
Fick Erhardt, tailor, 9 n Chapel 
Fick George A. shoemaker, 104 Cross 
Fick George .A. shoemaker, 140 Henrietta 
Fick J. Charles, porter, 88 s Bethel 
Fick William G. rigger, 54 Philpot 
Ficke John H. 182 Pearl 
Fickenscher Chas. C. clerk, 111 Saratoga 
Fickenscher Henry, shoefindings. 111 Saratoga 
Fickenscher John G. laborer, 32 Guilford al 
Fickey A. J. com. mcht. 278 w Baltimore, dw 

83 n Liberty 
Fickey Frederick, sr. 83 n Liberty 
Fickey Fredk jr. adjuster of averages and losses 
by fire, and pres't Baltimore County Marble 
Co., 8 Md. bdng, Second, dw 83 n Liberty 
Fickey W. H. ins. broker, 8 Md. Building, 

Second, dw 83 n Liberty 
Fidgett Andrew, laborer, 14 Armistead la 
Fiedler George, tailor, 173 Sarah Ann 
Fiege Christian, cigarmaker, 114 n Chapel 
Fiege Henry, grocery, cor Boston and Clinton 
Fieher Louis, glassbiower. 250 West 
Field Abiathar, 309 w Lombard 
Field Alex. C. 25 s Bond 
FIELD CHARLES W. general commission 

merchant, 17 Patterson 
Field Lieut. Edward, U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Field John A. jr. dry goods com. 9 German, 

dw Huntingdon av nr Charles st av 
Field Mitchell B. property agent, 25 s Bond 
Field Samuel M. dentist, 117 n Charles, dw cor 

Saratoga and St. Paul 
Field William, mariner, 231 e Pratt 
Fields Capt. A. B. mariner, 243 e Fayette 
fields Alex. H. brassfiuisher, 46 Liberty al 
I'ields Caroline, 5 s Durham 
Fields J; H. moulder, 29 Byrd 
Fields James, moulder, 46 Liberty al 
Fields James, pilot, cor Lombard and Chester 
Fields Jas. W. paperhanger, 305 Orleans 
Fields John, huckster, 2 L. May 
is Mrs. Mary, 5 s Durham 
nis Mrs. Mary, 46 Liberty al 
:"itlds Rebecca, 180 Lemmon al 
:<'ields Robt. brassfinisher, 46 Liberty al 
^ields Mrs. Sarah, 209 e Baltimore 




Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 


COVST.A.Mi.V Koli SAI.|.; 

Clover, Timi*^hy Seod, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Fields Thompson, lieut. police, 150 a Exeter 
Fields Virginia, 26 New Church 
Fields Wm. tinner, 327 e Monument 
Fields Wm. T. carpenter. Fayette nr Bond 
Fields Wm. H. wheelwright, Kislein nr Fre- 
mont, dw Paca and St. Peter 
Fields Wm. T. carpenter, 243 e Fayette 
Fifer Archibald S. engineer, 282 n Eutaw 
Fifer Geo. brewer, 342 Hamburg 
Fifer Geo. F. machinist, John and Dolphin 
Fifer Godfrey, (Fifer & Wix, )357 Cathedral 
Fifer Jacob, (Fifer & McNeil, ) 337 Cathedral 
Fifer John, machinist, 188 n Dallas 
Fifer John, tailor, 31 Butler 
Fifer John, machinist, 82 Dolphin 
Fifer & McNeil, (Jacob Fifer, Thos. McNeil,) 

stone quarries. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Fifer Nicholas S. coachtrimmer, I Hudson al 
Fifer Robt. S. engineer, N.C.R , 157 Preston 
Fifer Rosina, pickler, 2 Harmony la 
Fifer cj- Wix, (G. Fifer, H. A. Wix) coach- 
makers, r)0 German 
Fifer Wm. T. (Bailey & F.) 367 Cathedral 
Fifth German Reformed Church, Canton av nr 

Figg John Q. bricklayer, 99 Ridgely 
Figgat Moncure T. salesman, 245 w Baltimore 
Figgs Ely, laborer, 68 Durst al 
Figgs James B. laborer, 116 William 
Figgs Sarah, 68 Durst al 
Figgs Wm. J. mariner, 288 Johnson 
Filbert Geo. jr. grocery, 210 Hanover 
Filbert Geo. shoemaker, 338 n Gay 
Filbert Henry, clerk, 338 n Gay 
Filbert Michael, grocery and butter, 404 n Gaj 
Filbin Miles, laborer, Hull and R.R. 
Filbin Patrick, laborer, 17 Rock 
Files Chas. shucker, 33 Cambridge 
Files Jos. keeper drawbridge, 137 s High 
Files Wm. H. painter, 14 Bennett 
Files Wm. shi|)carp. 33 Cambridge 
F'illing Edward, boxmaker, 5 Dawson al 
Filling Frederick, laborer, 42 Washington av 
Filling Henr}', laborer. 40 s Dewberry al 
Filling John, laborer, 246 s Sharp 
FILLINGER JAS. L. restaurant, 39 s Paca 
Filliuger Jolin M. collector, 242 n Howard 
Filliuger .Mrs. .Mary M. 242 n Howard 
Fillinger Paul, bootmaker, 606 w Pratt 
Filliuger T. Matthew, 606 w Pratt 
Fillinger Wm. 11. V. clerk, 242 n Howard 
Fillmore Kmily, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Fillmore Louis, cooper, 304 s Sharp . 
Filx Wm. cooper, 51 n Dallas 
Filz John, cutter, 261 n Fremont 
Finch & Co. (J. S. Finch, J.W.Painter,) wholes. 

liquors, 44 w Lombard 
Finch Geo. J. bookbinder, 115 Park av 
Finch Jas. cigarmaker, 122 n Bethel 
Finch John, bricklayer, 65 n Poppleton 
Finch John W. fisherman, 381 s Eutaw 
Fiach Joseph S. (Finch & Co.) Pittsburg, P^ 

Horses Bought and Sold on Commission, 

- FIR " ' 



Finch Mary Ann, shoehinder, 101 Jefferson 
Finch Wm. W. driver, td n I'oppleton 
Finck Henry, tailor, 492 Canton av 
Fincknaur Wiu. "trocery, 85 n Paca 
Findlay Chas, puddler, 40 Patterson Park av 
Findhiy Chas. 79 w Centre 
Findhiy Henry D. A. clerk, 79 w Centre 
Findlay Jiio.'V. L.(l'helps& F.)223 Linden av 
P'indlay Sam'l, puddler, 40 Patterson Park av 
Find lav Sam'l A. barkeeper. 211 Lexington 
FINDLAY, R(:)BKRTS& CO.(Robl. S. Findlay, 

J. B.Robfcrts,R i5.Chi\v)hardware,9 s Calvert 
Findlay Robert S. (F., Roberts*; (Jo ) Albion 

I'^indran John, shoemaker, 154 w Lombard 
Finegan Henry, car driver, 173 llollins 
Finely Michael, laborer, 3J6 s Charles 
Finiiian Mrs. Catherine, 67 Druid Hill av 
Fink Adam, cabinetuiaker, 4G1 n Gay 
f'ink Aeeliiis, tailor, 154 Stirling 
Fink Alf'ied J. carpenter; 173 n Fremont 
Fiidv Bruthers & Co. (Joseph Fink, H. S. Fink, 

R. Woods) grocers and com. merchts, s w 

cor Franklin and liutaw 
Fink Bernard, laborer, G Fountain 
Fink Charles, bark'pr, cor Eutaw and Fayette 
Fink Catherine, chambermaid, 8 s High 
Fink Mrs. Clementine, dressmak. 56 Division 
Fink Geo. shoemaker, 420 Kastern av 
fink Geo. laborer, 148 s Casile 
i*'ink Geo. turner, 154 Raborg 
Fink Geo. tnilor, 18 Walker 0. T. 
Fink Henry, printer, 85 Chew 
Fink Henry, foreman, 265 e Madison 
Kink Henry, laboier, 68 n Wolfe 
Fink Henry, laborer, 72 s Wolfe 
Fink Henry S- (Fink, Bros. ^ Co. and Fink, 

& McSherry) 110 n Greene 
Fink Jacob jr. cigarmaker, 420 Eastern av 
Fink Jacob, laborer. 420 Fastern av 
Fink John G. butcher, 94 n Ann 
Fink Joseph, carpenter, 9 vv Pratt 
Fink Joseph, barber, 265 e Madison 
Fink Jos. (Fink, Bro. & Co.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Julius, cigarmaker, 81 Eastern av 
Fiiik Kunigunda, 148 s t'astle 
Fink Lena, shucker, 151 s (yliapel 
Fink I^evvis, butcher, 8 HoUiusmkt, d\v Wilkens 

la nr Frederick av 
Fink Mrs. Mary, cor Charles and Montgomery 
Fink Margaret, tailoress, 2(i2 e Chase 
'^'ink cj- McSherry, (J. A. McSherry H. S. Fink) 

prop's mer'ts. sugar refinery, Buchanan's whf 
Fink Peter, (Paulas, F. ^ Co.) 244 n Caroline 
Fink Simon, shoemaker, 8 Barnes 
Fink Simon, shoemaker, 127 Saratoga 
Fink W.J. druggist, 110 n Greene 
Fink Wilhelm.(Paulus,F. & Co. )325e Monument 
Fink Wni. tailor, 138 Penna av 
Fink Wni. laborer, 164 s Chapel 
Fink Wm. L. shoemaker, 146 e Lombard 
Fink Wm. laborer, .jli:i Canton av 
Finke Fanny, clerk, 327 w Baltimore 
Finke Fre'd. varnisher, 247 s Paca 
Finkeldey lletuy J. currier, 145 Hamburg 
Finkeldey Henry (,!. currier, 217 e Madison 
Finknauer John, Imtcher, 905 w Pratt 
Finknauer Mary, upholstress, 76J n Calvert 
Finlay Mrs. James, 107 Cathedral 
Finlay John J. liquors, 443 n Gay 
Finlcy Francis H. tobaco'st. Chase and Regester 
Finley George, mariner, 30 Fell 

Finley James, clerk, Franklin house 

Finle}' Jtio. F.V)roker,75 North, dw 240Mad'nav 

Finley Mrs. Mary, 78 n Spring 

Finley Robt. L. clerk, 354 J \v liomhard 

Finley Thos. shoemaker, 18 L» Gough 

Finley Thos. jr. salesman, 9 Centre Market sp 

Finn Mrs Catherine, grocery, 131 s E.xeter 

Finn ('ornelius, foundryman, 192 s Chester 

Finn David, laborer, 66 President 

Finn James, machinist, Union hotel 

Finn Jeremiah, drayman, 6 Bank 

Finn John, laboier. 20 Addison 

Finn John, tailor and scourer, 65 Bank 

Finn Margaret, 197 s Chester 

Finn Michael jr. clerk, 131s Exeter 

Finn Michael, watchman, 131 s Exeter 

Finn Michael, laborer, 139 Peirce 

Finn Morris, laborer, 131 s Exeter 

Finn Patrick, carter, 145 Albennirle 

Finn Patrick jr. laborer, 145 .\lbemarle 

Finn Thomas, drayman, 4 Bank 

Finnan Bernard, grocery, 104 n Calvert 

Finnan Bridget, laundress, 120 Harford av 

Finnan Matthew, blacksmith, 131 Harford av 

Finnan Patrick, grocery, 31 Harford av 

Finnetran Ann, servant, Mt. Vernon hotel 

Finnegan Mrs. .\nn, seamstress, 61 Walnut al 

Finnegan Bernard, laborer, 19 MclA'nry ct 

Finnegan James, coachi,nnn, rear 70 Harrison 

Finnegan James, laborer, 12 Buren 

Finnegan Jos. lineman, 90 Columbia 

Finnegan k Lynch, (O. Finnegan, M. Lynch) 

wheel wg'ts. blacksm's and coal, 88 North 
Finnegan Lawrence, laborer, 89 Hillen 
Finnegan Lawrence, dry goods, 329 n Gav, dw 

42 Valley 
Finnegan Michael, drayman, 164 n Front 
Finnegan Michael, blacksmith, 181 n Front 
Finnegan Owen, (F. & I^ynch ) 4 L. Constitution 
Finnegan Patrick, laljorer, 312 s Sharp 
Finneren John, boilermaker, 22 Concord 
Finnereu Martin, tavern, 39 Centre Market sp 
Finnerty Martin, laborer, Spring ct 
Finnerty Michael, laborer, 109 Ridgely 
F^'innerty Thos. laborer, 19 liillen 
Finnessee David, laborer. 20 Chesnut 
Finnesyse Patrick, lab. Harford av nr Lanvale 
Finney Hugh, plumber, 319 e Madison 
Finney James, carpenter, 14 Wells al 
Finney Mary, seamstress, 19 e Lombard 
Finney Robert, laborer, 88 Eastern av 
Fintling Wm. tailor, Frederick av nr Price al 
Fire Department : 

Relief No. 1, 16 n Paca 

Reliance No. 2, Uarre nr Sharp 

John S. Hogg No. 3, e Lombard nr High 

John Cushing No. 4, 26 North 

Victory No. 5, Ann bet Pratt and Gough 

Hope No. 6, intersection Gay and Ensor 

Baltimore No. 7, corner Eutaw and Druid 

Hill av 
Comet No. 8, Mulberry nr Oregon ■ 

No. 9, Madison and Regester 

Hook and Ladder No. 1, Harrison nr Bal- 
Hook and Ladder No. 2, 18 n Paca 
Hook and Ladder No. 3, Ann bet Pratt and 
Fire Inspector's Office, Chas. T. Holloway, in- 
spector, 8 South 
Firehere Fred'k. laborer, 736 w Lombard 

A t Central Stables, 111 Le xington, C. H. Bredemeyer. 
FIR 195 FIS^ 

MORE, n e cor South and Second, Henry P. 
Duhurst, pres't. — [^e Advertisement.^ 
Fiiman Albert, 7.^ n Gay 
Firman Matthew, boilermaker, 219 Mullikin 
Firnstein Valentine, gent's boot and shoe ma- 
ker, 194 n Ell taw 
Fironsna August, tailor, 351 e Faj'ette 
Firor Uriah S. carpenter and builder, n e cor 

Franklin and Howard, dw 409 Lexington 
Firored A. H. grocery, 55 s Schroeder 
Firoved Benj. K. clerk, 282 Franklin 
Firovcd David, 140 n Fremont 
Firoved John, grocery, 53 s Schroeder 
First Baptist Church, n e cor Sharp & Lombard 
First Congregational Church, Eutawnr Dolphin 
First English Lutheran Church, Lexington nr 

First English Reformed Church, Aisquith nr 

First German United Evangelical Church, East- 
ern av nr Broad wav 
FIRST NATIONAL' BANK, 8 s Gay.— [;S'«e 

First Presbyterian Church, n w cor Park and 

First Reformed Church, Calvert nr Read 
First United Presbyterian Church, cor Madison 

av and Biddle • 

Fischbach Godfried, shoemaker, 186 William 
Fischbach Henry, butcher, Cross-st market, dw 

Frederick rd beyond tollgate 
Fischer Abraham, salesman, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer Abraham II. salesman, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer Andreas, whitewasher, 342 Canton av 
Fischer Andrew, laborer, 4 Winans row 
Fischer Anthony, tinner, 62 n Ann 
Fischer Anthony, (F. & Rossraaessler) Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Fischer Bernard, carter, 44 Clay 
Fischer Benjamin, expressman, 196 s Fremont 
Fischer Casjier, lab. Clinton nr Lazaretto furn. 
Fischer Catherine, 147 Peirce 
Fischer Charles, blacksmith, 83 Henrietta 
Fischer Charles, lager beer, cor Calverton and 

Frederick rds 
Fischer Chas. tailor, 322 Franklin 
Fischer Ciias. pianomaker, 304 s Sharp 
Fischer Chas. lab. 74 Canton av 
Fischer C. Frederick, grocery, 19 Rock 
F.scher Christof, carp. Monument e of Wolfe 
Fischer Christopher, lab. Light nr Brown 
Fischer Conrad, packer, 74 Camden 
Fischer Conrad, shucker, 6 Fountain 
Fischer Conrad, shucker, 342 Canton av 
Fischer Daniel, tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fischer Edward, bricklayer, 196 s Fremont 
Fischer Erhardt, laborer. 309 Aliceanna 
Fischer Francis M. stoves and tinware, 14 w 

Fischer Fred'k, baker, Cove al and Baker ct 
Fischer Fred'k, cooper, 128 s Dallas 
Fischer Fred'k, carpenter, 184 Lee 
Fischer Fred'k, laborer. 44 Clay 
Fsicher Fred'k, laborer, 40 Clay 
Fischer Geo. grocery, 87 n Eden 
Fsicher Geo. lab Clinton nr Lazaretto furn. 
Fischer Geo. wagoner, 847 w Pratt 
Fischer Geo. F. baker, 145 Canton av 
Fischer Godfrey, tailor, 79 Bank 
Fischer Gotleib H. butcher, 46 Hanover m'k't, 
dw cor Eden and Lanvale 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosend ale Cement and Plaster. 

Fischer Gotleib, butcher, 358 Penna av 
Fischer Mrs. H. midwife, 135 Camden 
Fischer H. P. shoemaker, 13 Frederick av 
Fischer H'y, puddings,Second st,Highlandtown 
Fischer Henry, laborer, 134 Hamburg 
Fischer Henry, cabinetmaker, 17 e Lombard 
Fischer Herman, expressman, 152 Barre 
Fischer John, pianomaker, 201 s Paca 
Fisclier John, pianomaker, 365 s Eutaw 
Fischer John, tailor, 5 New Church 
Fischer John, laborer, 21 China 
Fischer John, woodsawyer, 136 s Spring 
Fischer John, lab. Clinton nr Lazaretto furnace 
Fischer John G. laborer, 117 s Eden 
Fischer Jos. barber, 8 s Wolfe, dw 31 s Wolfe 
Fischer Joseph, clerk, 12 McElderry 
Fischer Justus, sausagemaker, 74 Camden 
Fischer Louis, wheelwright. 83 Heurietta 
FISCHER LOUIS C. attorney, 31 Lexington, 

dw 187 St. Paul 
Fischer Louis H. musician, 134 Aisquith 
Fischer Mrs. Margaret A. 196 s Fremont 
Fischer Mrs. Mary, 166 Sarah Ann 
Fischer Michael, laborer, 33 n Durham 
Fischer Nicholas, shoemaker, 445 Lexington 
0. Rossmaessler) German books and station- 
ery, 58 n Gay 
Fischer Wm. laborer, Boston and Clinton 
Fischer Wm.brksmith,25 York,d\v83 Henrietta 
Fischer Wm. clerk, 83 Henrietta 
Fiscus Chas. broommaker, 28 s Wolfe 
Fish Chas. II. millwright, Hampden 
Fish & Ii]ail, (John Fish, Wm. Earl) prop'rs 

St. Nicholas hotel, Holliday opp city hall 
Fish John (F. & Earl) St. Nicholas hotel 
Fish Robert, carpenter, 9 Randall 
Fish Mrs. Sarah, 30 Milliman 
Fishack John, stonecutter, 221 George 
Fishback Ernest, cigars, 198 Cross 

FISHER A. & SON, (6. W. Fisher) 
Grocers and depot for Fisher's 
Mince Meat, 39 Penna av 

Fisher Abraham, clerk, 60 n Front 

Fisher Albert, laborer, Hampden 

Fisher Albert F. salesman, 92 n Gay 

Fisher Alfred J. (F. & Denison) New York 

Fisher Andreas, stonecutter, 120 Low 

Fisher Andrew, butcher, 404 e Fayette 

Fisher Mrs. Annabella, 119 w Monument 

Fisher Annie, grocery, 121 Low 

Fisher Ascel, huckster, 130 s Washington 


R. D. Fisher, B. Wagner) shipping and com. 

merchts. over 25 s Gay 
Fislier Mrs. Catherine, 296 Aisquith 
Fisher Charles, wagoner, 234 Barre 
Fisher Charles, shipcarpenter, 217 Light 

Horner's Maryland Phosphate & Tobacco Sustain, 




Fisher Charles, stoves and tinware, 92 n Gay, 

dw 70 Biddle e of Wolfe 
Kisher Charles, shipcarpeiiter, ltj2 s Bethel 
Fisher Charles, ice driver, 70 Eastern av 
Fisher Chas.D. (Barker & F.)Biddle nr ('harles 
Fisher Chas. E. bricklayer, 38 ii Strieker 
Fisher Chas. II., U.S.A., Fort McHenry 
Fisher Chas. W. laborer, 6 East Falls av 
Fisher Christian, Clipper .Mills 
Fisher Conrad, tinner, 6 Fountain 
Fisher Conrad, cooper, Alouiit and Pratt 
Fisher & Denison, (A J. Fisher, T. H. Deni- 

ison) liooksellers and publishers, G4 and 276 

w Baltimore 
Fisher xMrs. Eliza, 88 e Madison 
Fisher Eliza A., Woodberry 
Fisher Elizabeth, tavern, 200 Canton av 
Fisher Mrs. Elizabeth, 40 Warren 

FISHER EMIL, Dyeing and Scour- 
ing, 139 w Fayette 

Fisher Ferd. shoemaker, 258 s Charles 
Fisher Frank, music teacher, 167 Mulberry 
Fisher Frank, clerk, Maryland and Northern avs 
Fisher Mrs. Fredk. 92 n Gay 
Fisher Fredk. tinner, 293 e Eager 
Fisher Fredk. moulder, 46 s Burke 
Fisher Fredk. cooper, 128 s Dallas 
Fisher Fredk. tailor, 8 Chesnut al 
Fisher Fredk. tinner, 23 Constitution 
Fisher Geo. driver, 21 Henrietta 
Fisher Geo. baker, 171 e Lombard 
Fisher Geo. lager beer, Pratt and Monroe 
Fisher Geo. bricklayer, 38 n Strieker 
Fisher (Jeo. cooper, 138 e Pratt 
Fisher Geo. laborer, 330 Aliceanna 
Fisher Geo. tailor, 213 s Eutaw 
Fisher Geo. shoemaker, 65 North 
Fisher Geo. W. caulker, 40 Warren 
Fisher Geo. W. processor, 56 Aisquith 
Fisher Geo. W. (Fisher & Son) 39 Penna av 
Fisher Geo. W. (G. W. F. & Co.) 55 Columbia 
Fisher Geo. W. & Co. (G. W. Fisher) carpen- 
ters and builders. Grant nr Baltimore 
Fisher Godfrey, laborer, 41 n Chapel 
Fisher Harry, ( Wm. Fisher & Sons) n e cor St. 

Paul and Eager 
Fisher Henry, clerk, 60 n Front 
Fisher Henry, marble dresser, 8 Price's ct 
Fisher Henry, laborer, 224 s Bethel 
Fisher Henry, police, 6 Price's ct 
Fisher Isaac, huckster, 221 s Ann 
Fisher Jas. B. mariner, 46 Montgomery 
Fisher James D. caulker, 40 Warren 
Fisher Jas. I. 32 Pleasant 
Fisher Jas. M. chrk, 11 Barnet 
JFisher J. Harmanus, (Wm. Fisher k Sons) Mt. 

Fisher Jesse, overseer, Clipper Mills 
Fisher John, laborer, 89 Lee 
Pisher Mrs. John, grocery, 140 a Howard 
Fisher John, bottler, 47 Camden 
Fisher John, sawyer, 197 Bethel ct 
Fisher J«hn, engineer, Aliceanna nr Wolfe 
Fisher John, carpenter, 8 Bolton 
Fisher John, laborer, Eagle hotel 
Fisher John, engineer, 294 Aliceanna 
Fisher John, carter, 242 I'ross 
Fisher John, confectionery, 140 8 Howard 
Fisher John A. coremaker, 132 Hillen 
Fisher Mrs. John A. 11 Comet 

Fisher John B. grocery, 329 Harford av 
Fisher John (.'. pai)erhanger, 200 George 
Fisher John C. laborer, 17 Walker 
Fisher John C. painter, 129 n Paca 
Fisher John L. mariner, 16 Stockton al 
Fisher .loiin L. carpenter, 15 Stockton al 
Fisher John .M. 46 Boyd 
Fisher John W. carpenter, rear 27 Lexingtou, 

dw 366 Lexington 
Fisher Josc-ph, cooper, 97 Leadenhall 
Fisher Joseph, laborer. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Fisher Joseph, confectionery, 169 Hughes 
Fisher Joseph, 301 Harford av 
Fisher Joseph, huckster, 63 Orleans 
Fisher Josej)h C. clerk, 12 McElderry 
Fisher Joshua, carpenter, 404 w Lombard 
Fisher Leonard, laborer, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Fisher Lewis, laborer, 262 s Bond 
Fisher Louis, wheelwright, 154 n Pine 
Fisher Louisa, confectionery, 18 e Baltimore 
Fisher Ludwig, tailor, 269 s Bond 
Fisher .Mrs. -Mary, 119 w Monument 
Fisher Mrs. Mary, junk, 262 s Bond 
Fisher Mrs. .Mary, 107 -Mulberry 
Fisher Margaret E. housekeeper, 130 s Sharp 
Fisher Martin, coremaker, 35 Elliott 
Fisher Martin, moulder, 363 e Eager 
Fisher Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 330 n Regester 
Fisher Mary A. cakes, 13 Spring ct 
Fisher Mrs. Mary A. grocery, 42 Williamson al 
Fisher Michael, porter, 259 Preston 
Fisher Otto, hairdresser, 62 s Eutaw 
Fisher Parks, ( W. Fisher & Sons) 259 St. Paul 
Fisher Richard D. (F., Bros. & Co.) consul of 

Ecuador, 25 s Gay, dw 6 Cathedral 
Fisher Robert A. (F. Bros. & Co.) 2 Cathedral 
Fisher Robert E. caulker, 139 Johnson 
Fisher Saml. teamster, Frederick av nr tollgate 
Fisher Dr.. Saml. B. (Walter S. Moore & Co.) 

52 Saratoga 
FISHER & St IN, (G. W. Fisher) grocers, and 

depot for Fisher's mince meat, 39 Penna av 
Fisher Solon, contractor, 91 .Mulberry 
Fisher .Mrs. Sophia, shoe store, 258 s Charles 

MEAT. Its Superiority Estab- 
lished. Principal Depot, No. 39 
Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Fisher Walter A. F. clerk, 39 Penna av 
Fisher Wm. cooper, 230 n Dallas 
Fisher Wm. miller, Fi-ederick rd nr tollgate 
Fisher Win. lab. rear (,'aiiton White house 
Fisher Wm. miller, Washington av ext 
Fisher Wm. tailor, 90 n Caroline 
Fisher Wm. flour and feed, 85 s Caroline 
Fisher Wm. grocery, .Mosher and Penna av 
Fisher Wm. A. (Marshall & F.) n e cor Decker 

and Noi them av 
Fisher Wm. G. clerk, 90 n Caroline 
Fisher Wm. G. cake baker, 18 e Baltimore 
Fisher Wm. H. printer, 238 Park av 
Fisher Wm. H. tobacconist, u w cor Greene 

and Le.xington, dw 31 n I'ine 
Fisher Wm. H. painter, 38 n Strieker 
Fisher Wm. J. sailmkr, 42 Williamson al 
Fisher Wm. L. mariner, 44 .Montgomery 
Fisher Wm. L. salesman, 185 Druid Hill av 
FISHER WM. & SONS, (J. H., H. nnd Parks 

Fisher, W. W. Remington) stock brokers, 

32 South 

OflEices, 54 S. G-ay , and Cor. Chew and Stirling. 




Fisher Wm. T. lab. 85 s Caroline 

Fisher Wm. T. carpenter, 188 Penna av 

Fishlage Geo. irun ore mines, 130 s Fremont 

Fishpaugh John. .Mt. Vernon .Mills 

Fishpaiigh Rebecca, nurse, 14G n Fremont 

Fisk Azariah, saddler, H^ s Oregon 

Fiske A. R. gi-n. sup't N.C.R., Harrisburg 

Fiske CharlfS F. clerk, 417 w Fayette 

Fiske .losepli H. clerk, 417 w Fayette 

Fitcli Geo. H. lab. Woodberry 

Fitch James T. wheehvriglit, Woodberry 

Fitch Mrs. Mary L. 121 Saratoga 

Fitchett Dixon, shipcarpenter, 74 Johnson 

Fitclielt. Johii, tinner. 16 Jackson 

File Conrad R. real estate broker, s w corner 

Charles and Favetie, dw 86 n Charles 
FITIvM.AN (FEICHTMAN) S. housefurnishing 
goods, china, sioves and tinware, 80 n Eutaw 
Fitschen John, shoenikr, 16 Ramsay 
Fitser Mrs. Jennie, milliner, 118 s Poppleton 
Fiiser Jonathan, carpenter, 118 s Poppleton 
Fitton John, salesman, 163 Harford uv 
Fitzberger Fred, locksmith, 116 Linden av . 
Fitzberger Henry, locksmith and bellhanger, 

Park nr Clay, d\v 116 Linden av 
Fitzber;.'er Martin, cooper, 72 liank 
Fitzberger .Mary% 72 Bank 
Fitzenburger Henry, lab. 7 Winter al 
Filzenburger John, lab. 42 Cross 
P'itzgerald Mrs. Adelia, 55 n Gay 

com. and shipping merchants, 6 s Gay 
Fitzgerald (Jhas. H. law student, 190 Franklin 
Fitzgerald David, clerk, 1 7 s R-^gester 
Fitzgerald Delano S. 190 Franklin 
FITZGERALD EDWI.V, agent Va. and Tenn. 
Air-Line Railway, 154 w Baltimore, dw 143 
St. Paul 
Fitzgerald Frank, engim.'er, 500 Light 
Fitzgerald Geo. W. lager beer, Harford av nr 

Fitzgerald James, carpenter, 10 New 
Fitzgerald James, lab. 184 Ramsay 
Fitzgerald James H. clerk, 81 s Fremont 
FITZGERALD J.AMES, manuf. looking glass 

and picture frames, 55 n Gay 
Fitzgerald Jeffrey, restaurant, 25 s Bethel 
Fitzgerald John, tavern, 67 Thames 
Fitzgerald Kate, 55 n Gay 
Fitzgerald .Michael, grocer, s e cor McMechin 

and Division 
FITZGERALD & MOALE, (T. B. Fitzgerald, 
F. L. Moale) bankers and brokers, 23 South 
Fitzgerald Stephen, carpenter, 114 German 
Fitzgerald Thomas, 90 s Spring 
Fitzgerald Thomas, lab. 1 Potomac 
Fitzgerald Thomas, tailor, 53 Valley 
Fitzgerald Thos. A. police. 97 n Fremont 
Fitzgerald Thos. B. (F. & Moale) 86 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Wm. shoemkr, 134 Linden av 
Fitzgerald W.' B. clerk, 358 n Eutaw 
Fitz^ibbons Patrick, lab. 10 Patuxent 
Fitzgivens Gerard, lab. 109 Dover 
Fitzgivens Patrick, lab. 109 Dover 
Fitzhugh A. W. salesman, Howard house 
Fitzhiigh Thos. painter, 44 Henrietta 
Fitzniorris .Martin, lab. 67 Boyd 
Fiizmorris Walter, lab. 41 York 
Fitzpatrick Alice dressmaker, 70 w Biddle 
•Fitzpatrick Bernard, drayman, 277 n Front 
Fitzpatrick Bridget, grocery, 104 Dolphin 
pitzpatrick Bridget, 37 Low 



Flour, Grain Seeds, &c. 


Cf^N'STANTI.Y Ki.'K <\l.F. 

Clover, Timo'^hy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement and Plaster. 

Fitzpatrick Mrs. Cath'e, dressmkr, 15 w Biddle 
Fitzpatrick Chas. J. canmaker, 430 e Monument 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, lab. 7 Jenkins al 
Fitzpatrick Edward, lab. 147 Dover 
Fitzpatrick Edwd, papercarrier, 325 Harford aT 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 30 n Front 
Fitzpatrick F. J. clerk, 237 w Baltimore 
Fitzpatiick Hugh, wagoner, 26 .McKim 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 8o n Front 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 8 Holland 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 4 Wilcox 
Fitzpatrick James, machinist, 297 Light 
Fitzpatrick Jeremiah, laborer. 179 Vine 
Fitzpatrick John, stonecutter, 318 Forrest 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer. Hampden 
Fitzpatrick John, lab. rear \d2^ n Calvert 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, 146 Dover 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, 953 w Pratt 
Fitzpatrick John, bricklayer, 466 Light 
Fitzpatrick Joseph, clerk, 30 n Front 
Fitzpatrick Mary, dressmkr, 22 Forrest pi 
Fitzpatrick Mary, dressmkr, 70 w Biddle 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mary, laundress, Curley nr 

Fitzpatrick Mary E. tailoress, 430 e Monument 
Fitzpatrick Maurice, laborer, Hampden 
Fitzpatrick Nicholas, mariner, 58 n Republican 
Fitzpatrick Patri